The Dazzling Beach Weekend - by TS_PUNK

>"So Anon, how do I look?" Adagio says as she shows off her swimsuit "Oh um, you look really nice." >she raises her eyebrow >"Anon." she says as she giggles, "Is this your first time seeing a real girl in a swimsuit?" "I've seen girls in swimsuits. Like in magazines." >"I said real girls." >... >she laughs >"Oh you are too easy. You're so flustered and confused, it's actually kind of cute." >you remain silent trying to think of the words to say >however Adagio takes your hand and brings you under the umbrella >she lies down on her chest and gives you a bottle of sunscreen >"Here, get my back for me would you? If you do a good job, I may reward you." "W-what is the reward?" >"How about you start rubbing the lotion my back and see?" "O-okay." >... >she moves her fluffy hair aside exposing her back >your heart was pounding >you felt nervous in touching her nearly bare back >you fumbled trying to open the bottle but managed to do it anyways >you get a handful of sunscreen and rubbed your hands together in preparation >slowly you bring your hands down on her back >you start with her shoulders in a circular motion and then slowly going down her back >"Mmm~ not bad." she said, "Not as good like my regular masseuse but it feels just as nice. Keep going." >you did as you were told and put as much sunscreen on her back as best as you can >you can hear Adagio makes mumbles of satisfaction as you continued >you finally finished rubbing her back >Adagio turns her head and eyes at you >"You know, that felt really good." she said, "Why don't you try my legs as well?" "Um, okay." >you got another handful of sunscreen and touched her left thigh until she started kicking up >"Don't start there. Bring your hands higher up." "But that's your-" >"My butt? Yes Anon, start with my butt and then down my legs. You don't mind doing that, do you?" >your heart rate started to increase >is it really okay? >you slowly moved your hands up your thighs and finally on her butt cheeks >it's not as big as Aria's but it is very soft. >you moved your hands in a slow circular motion >you wanted to be safe while applying the sunscreen but the softness of her butt made you want to feel it more >you push your hands deeper on her cheeks as you continued putting the sunscreen on >from the sound of it, Adagio is enjoying it >she giggles >"Does my ass feel nice? You're massaging pretty hard." >you quickly put your hands up "Uh no, I just wanted to make sure I got everything." >she laughs >"I think it's time work on my legs now." "...Okay." >you decide to put some sunscreen on top of her right thigh >you spread the lotion all over her thigh >Adagio raised her leg >"Be sure to get the entire thigh" she said, "And I mean the entire thigh." >you obeyed her orders and rubbed the lotion all over her thigh >"Oooh, you're getting good at this." said Adagio >you grabbed the bottle again and squirted the lotion down the rest of her leg like a hot dog >as you began running the lotion on her calf, Adagio said, "Be sure to get my feet as well." >she wiggled her toes as she said that >you did just that and got put the lotion all over her leg and in between the toes >you did the same for left leg >however Adagio started giggling as you were working on the left leg >"Oh Anon, you have been such a good boy. Are you finished with my legs?" "Yes. I just finished. That's everything." >"Not everything." >"...I'm sorry?" >she sits up and turns around >she gets close to you and gives you the sunscreen bottle >"There's one more spot to need to work on." she says as she puts some lotion on your hands "Which is..?" >"Here." >she places your hands on her stomach and makes your hands move in a circular motion >!!!! "B-but can't you do it?!" >"But I /really/ like how you do it so I wouldn't mind." "But there are parts I might not get because of the swimsuit." >"You can go under it, can't you?" >oh my god >is this happening? >IS THIS SERIOUSLY HAPPENING >she moves your hands up to her breasts under the swimsuit >"Why don't you start here?" >you can't figure out what to say >your hands are on Adagio's bare chest >they aren't as big as Sonata's but they are soft "Is this really okay?" >"Like I said, I don't mind. Now rub that lotion on me." "...Okay." >your heart beats like a thousand drums >you are massaging Adagio's breasts and she's okay with it >however you weren't moving your hands >you were still shocked with what just happened >"Anon?" said a confused Adagio >... >she sighs >"And you were such a good boy too." >she grabs your hands and moves them around her breasts >"This is how you are supposed to do it." >you can feel her nipples trace around your palms >sometimes move across your fingers >you couldn't see them but you can really tell how hard her nipples were >Adagio was making some erotic moans during all this >she moves your hands down to her sides and continued the circular motions on her sides >after all that, she lets go of your hands and you can see she's disappointed >"Sigh, I guess this was too much for someone like you." "...I'm sorry." >"Well, the massage prior to this was nice so I'll forgive you. However, your reward will have to come later. In the meantime.." >she pushes you down and grabs the bottle >she gets close your face >"Why don't I put some lotion on you?" >you were about to respond until.. >"Dagi! Anon!" Where are you?" >it was Sonata's voice >Adagio quickly sat up and look over the umbrella that was covering both of you >"Tch." said an upset Adagio, "Looks like that will have to wait." >you both get up and Sonata sees you and waves >"Over here, you two!" Sonata yelled >"They can clearly see you." said Aria who just arrived >oh, they are all in swimsuits >they all look really sexy in them >...crap >boner is at maximum charge >be glad your bottom half is covered by the umbrella >though Adagio seems to have noticed it >not surprising since she's right next to you.. >she side eyes at the bulge in your pants and then at you >oh crap. >you try to keep a straight face but you aren't sure if you are doing it right >Sonata and Aria seem to be waiting for you two >Adagio smirks >"Sonata, dearie?" said Adagio, "Why don't you go along without us? We still need to apply some sunscreen on Anon." >"You sure?" asked Sonata, "I mean we can help with that." >"Oh no, it's alright. You two go ahead and have some fun. And besides.." >!!! >you can feel her hand rubbing on the tip of your boner >"I feel like this is something I need to do." >"Okay then!" said Sonata, "I'll get some snacks!" >"I swear you better not eat then swim." said Aria >"And what if I am?" >"...You know, why don't you go ahead and do that." >"I will!" >both walked away and headed to the food shack >whew, that was close >although Adagio has been rubbing your dick the whole time >you look at her and she begins to lick her lips >"You naughty boy. Showing something like this. I think you need some punishment." >she grips on your dick >very tight >ow.