Equestria Park: The Indominus Dazzlings - by brzyreader

It was your first week working at Equestria World. The high tech amusement park dedicated to bringing to life dangerous creatures from ancient times. You are Arron Nonimous, Anon to your friends. Your previous career as a specops green beret dog handler has led to you being recruited by a military contractor for a special mission: weaponize and train a pack of Indominous Dazzlings. Cloned from DNA found aboard an ancient Greek shipwreck, little is known about their behavior. They are extremely intelligent tool users, pack hunters, and they looked exactly like cute teenage girls dressed in fuzzy raptor outfits. “Adagio, what the heck is going on?” whined Sonata as she adjusted her hippocampa shaped hoodie. “I don’t know. Last I remember we were on that crazy wooden party boat in a storm after getting kicked out of Equestria by beardo the star weirded. Hey! You! What is all this?” The Dazzlings circled around Anon making strange noises. He made sure to keep them all in sight as he maneuvered. “All right girls, stay calm. Good girls…” “You hear that Aria? We’re good girls!” Sonata smiled. “Yeah, but that doesn’t answer the question. Hey! Dipweed! What’s going on!” Blue made a happy whistling noise. The purple haired Siren made irritated sea horse noises. Were they trying to communicate? That would be amazing! Being able to communicate with another species! He clicked his trainer clicker. Blue’s eyes lit up as she made excited noises. “OHMYGOSH DAGI! He’s got a thing!” *CLICK CLICK* Sonata giggled uncontrollably. Aria and Adagio stood stunned. Blue was clearly the leader of the Siren pack. She was far more alert and seemed to be the most intelligent. Anon nodded his approval. “Ok Blue! Looks like you are the leader of the pack!” Blue made a loud squeeing noise. Could she understand him? “You hear that? I’m the leader now Adagio! The guy said so!” “The hell you are!” and Dagi tackled her to the ground. Sonata’s hoodie flipped forward over her face. Her arms flailed wildly as she lost her balance. Anon stood shocked as Poofy Orange tackled Blue to the ground. Orange squished and stretched Blue’s cheeks as she screeched in her face to assert her dominance. “Yeah, that’s what I thought!” shouted Adagio as she rolled off the crying Sonaynay. Anon was in shock. He found himself walking over to help Blue up. “It’s okay Blue, you’re still my favorite Siren,” he whispered as he helped her up. Sonata blushed. Over the weeks the training went well. It was almost like they could tell what he was saying. They learned small unit tactics and how to track their prey as a cohesive fighting force. Then the fateful day came when everything changed. “I thought he was just fucking with us at first, but I seriously think this dude can’t understand us,” murmured Aria. “Aww, come on Ari, run faster! We almost caught the fluffy thing this time!” shouted Sonata happily as she chased the Pomeranian puppy through the brush. Dagi just shook her head as she jogged after them. This was retarded. This guy was retarded. Why the hell couldn’t he understand them?! It was then that she noticed a guy hanging over the edge of their pen. “Hey! Asshat! Can you understand me?! Get us the fuck out of here!” “WHATTHEFUUU!!!” and he flipped backwards over the sides. “OHMYGOSH! Another person!” shouted Sonata. “Hey mister!!! Whats up?” “WHAT?! You can talk?!” shouted the intern. Anon saw the intern fall into the pen. He rushed bravely in, and sealed the door behind him. He clicked his clicker, getting the Sirens attention. “Get behind me!” he shouted to the intern. “THEY CAN FREAKING TALK,” screamed the intern as he scrambled towards the gate on all fours. Anon could tell he was clearly rattled. The Sirens could only make cute squeaky noises, and the occasional purr when he rubbed Blue’s belly. As the intern ran past he gave him a helpful push on the shoulder, slamming him headfirst into the still closed gate. He fell to the ground unconscious. “There we go, stay calm girls…” he intoned, spreading out his arms to make himself look larger. The Sirens circled around looking for any sign of weakness. “Adagio, he clearly heard you. What the fuck is wrong with this guy?” screamed Aria. "Dammit, I don't know! I'm tired of this! This is all just too stupid!" shouted Dagi. Purple hissed at Orange, clearly challenging her for the right to attack first. Orange hissed back, taking an offensive stance. Blue stared at him with her deep eyes, filled with understanding. “Sonata! Snap out of it and stop staring off into space and start yelling at this guy! I’m tired of being stuck in here!” shouted Adagio. Blue’s eyes drunk him in. He could no longer fight the feeling he had in his soul. The Siren called to him. He walked up to Blue, taking her in his arms, and gave her a deep, love filled kiss. Sonata kissed the obviously disturbed young man back. All the guards up on the walkways gasped in shock. I could say that true love won out that day. That a longing spread over a thousand years in the making broke the barriers between humans and the Indominus Dazzlings. But that would be a lie. Anon was fired for illegally locking up three teenage girls in an animal pen, then sexually harassing a minor. The Sirens were released with heartfelt apologies from the rest of the personnel, who had avoided getting within earshot due to Anon’s tales of how deadly they were. With that, they got bus tickets to Canterlot, where they soon learned about how Equestrian magic was now loose in the world after stopping at a diner to eat. And that’s why the Sirens didn’t show up until a thousand years after being sent through the mirror by StarSperg the Autistic: the original Sirens died, and the Dazzlings were cloned from the DNA found on an ancient wrecked Greek ship.