Adagio for G-Strings - by GiTS_Story_Anon

>Your bedroom door slams open making you nearly jump out of your computer desk. >Doritosâ„¢ scatter as the bag you were devouring is flung across the room "Jesus fuck!" >"ANONYMOUS!" Shouts your eldest sister, Adagio as she strides into the roo." "Fuckin' Christ Dagi, what's your problem?" >The walking cheezypuff you call your sister glares daggers at you. >"Don't you 'Dagi' me you little shit!" She exclaims whilst pulling you from your computer chair. >"Sonata just told me what happened on the train today. How can you be so irresponsible?!" "Hey! It was an accident, I was trying to pull out, it's not my fault the brakes hit that hard." >Adagio stares at you in disbelief before throwing you into your bed. >"It IS your fault! If you hadn't been fucking her on the train it wouldn't have happened!" >Placing her foot on your bed and lowering her face just inches from yours Adagio hisses at you with unheard of levels of venom in her voice. >"I'm not just pissed that you might've just knocked up your little sister, I'm pissed because you could've knocked up your sister, and got caught!" "Fuck Dagi I was-" >"You were what?! Thinking with your dick?" She screeches. >"If anyone saw you, and they find out that you two are brother and sister we're ALL going to get screwed!" >Shit, she's mad. >Like Aria after you deleted her Dancing With the Stars episodes to fill the PVR with that Fist of the North Star marathon. >She's absolutely positively uncompromisingly fuck-ass mad. >She's both scary, and cute when she's mad... >Perhaps there's a way out of this. >"I've got half a mind to let Aria in here to-!" >Before your darling sister can continue her tirade you close the gap between your faces and jam your tongue into her mouth shutting her up. >"..." >So far so good, she hasn't bitten your tongue off, or attempted to strangle you. >Instead of exacting retribution upon you she's... Fighting back with her own tongue?! >Abruptly Adagio breaks your impromptu tonsil hockey session. >"Fuck you Anon, I'm trying to scold you!" "Scold me after." >You say with a wry smile. >"Fuck it." She says with a huff before kissing you again. >The two of you continue to suck face until your sibling can't take it any longer. >"Anon..." She says panting. >"I need you to fuck me!" >Not wanting to keep her waiting you quickly shimmy out of your pants. >By the time your attention is back on Adagio, she's already peeled herself out of her romper. Only her bra and thong remain. >Wait, THONG?! >Nani the fuck? "Does Aria know you've been raiding her underwear drawer?" >Ask with a chuckle >"Shut up and fuck me Anon." Adagio states flatly as she crawls across your bed until her eyes are level with yours. >"Hard!" >You gulp as your sister's soft hand reaches into your boxers and grasps your turgid member delicately in her fingers. >"You didn't shower when you came home did you?" Coos Adagio. "N-no, Sonata had to uhh... Wash herself out." >With each word you speak her fingers tauntingly squeeze and rub at your tender cockflesh. >"So what you're saying..." Begins the siren. >"Is that if I tasted it right now, I'd taste Sonata's love for her big brother?" >Every word in that sentence furthers the growth of your erection. >Without warning Adagio tears your boxers clean off and releases your rock-hard cock to the air. >Slowly Adagio slithers down the length of your body until her lips are barely an inch from your member, her hot breath tickling your shaft. "Dagi..." >With a smirk she swallows your cock down to the base in a single fluid motion and then slowly eases back back up, sucking firmly the whole way until your meat flops out of her mouth with a pop. >Wordlessly your /dazzling/ sister crawls back over you and sits down firmly on your cock facing away from you. >You don't hesitate to grab the string between her cheeks and pull it taut. >In response Adagio's breath hitches. >Satisfied with her response you pull the waistband down, Adagio shifts enough for you to get the garment out of the way and grinds her bare flesh into your needy shaft. >The slow caress of her soft folds only serves to urge you forward. "Fuck, Sis come on." >You hear Adagio chuckle seductively as she lifts her ass from your groin and reaches for your cock. >Gently her fingers align your meat with her opening. >The heat from her flower is immediately obvious as the head of your dick makes contact. >Tantalizingly slowly your big sister impales herself with your aching prick, inch by inch until your pelvis is flush with hers. >Adagio rests for a few seconds after you bottom out within her, the sly smile on her face visible to no one as she looks at the ceiling. >Taking the initiative you buck your hips and bounce your sibling on your cock. >"In a hurry Anon?" She asks dryly. "You told me to fuck you, figured I should listen." >You punctuate your sentence with another thrust. >"Well then, get to it." "Gladly." >With your sister's blessing you proceed to buck into her rhythmically, each thrust pushing her up enough for your your shaft to withdraw before her weight brings her snatch back to rest against your loins. >Adagio gets herself into a rhythm to match your thrusting, each stroke having you meet halfway. >Clearly enjoying herself, she runs a hand over her body and squeezes her breats in turn. >"Fuck me nonny! Fuck me!" She squeals, the sounds your flesh colliding ringing out above her moans. "You want me to fuck you?" >You ask half rhetorically. >"Fuck me!" Is her reply. >With all the tenderness and care of a Schwarzenegger action sequence you sit upright and grab Adagio's arms and hold them against her sides. "You asked for it." >Roughly you pull your sister back down onto the bed with you and roll over, pinning her prone against the matress all while keeping Anon Jr. safely buried within her depths. >You raise a arm and smack a taught yellow-orange buttcheek with the might of a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick. >The result is a loud crack as the firm flesh makes hard contact with your palm, and a loud yelp from your eldest sister. >Without giving Adagio a chance to speak you renew your assault on her dripping honeypot, each forceful drive of your hips rewarding you with a loud slap against her ass and a sultry moan from your sibling as your throbbing rod forces itself as deep as it can reach. >The velvet folds of Adagio's flower grip you firmly, softly trying to keep you out as you push forward, and greedily trying to keep you in as you pull out. >"Ahhnn, fuck Anon more!" Pleads your sister. >If thats what she wants... >Roughly grabbing her by the hips, those wide, seductress hips, you pull yourself and Adagio to the edge of your bed. >With you now standing, and your cock crazed sister's legs dangling off the bed you return to pumping her needy womanhood full of dick. >Your breakneck pace leaves Adagio a panting, moaning mess as she grabs and pulls on your bedsheets as you plunge into her honeypot again and again. >As you continue your incestuous intercourse session you begin to feel the telltale signs in your loins. "Dagi, I'm getting close." >"Flip me over." "What?" >"You heard me, I want to look at you while you fill me up." Coos your sister. >Dick status: Muh >Obliging your sibling's desire you turn her over and look into her eyes. >Adagio bites her lip as she maintains eye contact, each thrust forcing her to rock back and forth across the bedspread. >"Fill me Anon!" She cries out >"Cum inside me like you did to Sonata." "Fuck, Dagi..." >"Come on. Cum for me." >Dear god you can feel it, just one more thrust and you can give her what she wants >With all your might you slam your hips against Adagio's like a madman, the final few thrusts finally pushing you over the edge. "FUCK Dagi, I'm cumming!" >You shout, as you attempt to hilt in your sister. >Just as your seed is about to erupt into her however, you feel a harsh blow to your gut that sends you sprawling backwards onto the floor. >Writhing in ecstasy while gasping for breath you spasm on the floor, Adagio standing above you. >"Next time you and Sonata go out..." She hisses menacingly. >"Don't think with your dick!" >Your sister throws the thong she had worn down onto your stomach where it begins soaking up the seed you had ended up spilling upon yourself. >Unable to speak while you gasp like a dying fish Adagio walks through your open bedroom door, her tight ass taunting you as she goes. >"You might want to clean up quickly. You wouldn't want Aria to catch you cumming on her lingerie now, would you?" >With a laugh she disappears down the hall.