Castration - by Sal Monela

"Oh, you are crossing your legs? Do you feel a pain in your genitals when I say that I'll take them away from you? Are you afraid? It's no use fighting... The anesthesia will soon kick in, and then all your resistance will cease. Just like your manhood." >Adagio makes scissors with her fingers "Snip, snip! Just like that!" >Adagio giggles and then becomes serious "Or so people think. Castration is a very delicate procedure, as I'll demonstrate as soon as your legs go limp." >Adagio grabs a piece of your thigh meat and twists it hard, turning it red >It feels like a tug >You look down >Adagio can tell from your confused expression that the local anesthesia is working >Adagio looks at your thigh in mock surprise before turning her head to face you "Is that-? Did you feel that?" >You are gagged "You didn't! Which means..." >Adagio's arm hovers over a selection of sharp tools the size of paint brushes >She caresses each tool with the tip of her fingers "Too pointy...too flat...overused...oh, the "heavy duty" heh. I think I'm gonna go with the "junior". It's only fitting because your wee lil' weewee is sooo cute!" >Adagio pinches your dick and shakes it like aunts like to do to the cheeks of nephews too cute for their own good >It feels unreal because you can't feel it >It's your body and yet it's like it's happening to someone else >Adagio stops playing "It's also very small, like a kid's. Did you think you could please a woman with this...this pathetic monkey dick? An exceptional woman needs an exceptional penis. Yours is exceptionally small, even for a human." >Adagio picks a "brush" with a small blade on it's end >You start thrashing against your arm restraints >You can't feel or move your legs >Adagio gets angry, but she doesn't lash out >Instead she pinches the bridge of her nose and waits for you to understand that this is happening and there's nothing you can do about it >This makes you despair "You should be thankful I will allow you to keep your penis rather than take it along with those peas you call balls. The contract YOU signed when you applied for the empty roadie position states explicitly that we have free reign to perform or have performed any kind of health-related surgery we deem necessary." >You try to say something, but the gag stops you again >Adagio grips your ballsack and forces the balls against the skin >You feel nothing >She places the scalpel on your scrotum, and again you feel nothing >She presses the tip in, piercing your sack >Then she pushes the scalpel downwards, making an incision on your skin >This time you feel something >A tickling sensation >A thick, colourless liquid spills out from the neat cut >Adagio just lets it spill out on your inner thighs and asshole while she busies herself with your other testicle >Another tickling sensation "You're probably wondering how am I so good at this. Because let's face it, I'm the best. Aria's hands are shaky and Sonata is impatient." >Adagio leans back and places her fingers inside the cuts in order to drain them faster "The custom dates back to our early years. People have always adored us and sought to serve us. But our first servants were...difficult. Possessive. We didn't care about their infighting at first. Seeing how far they'd go for us was entertaining. Aria liked to heavily favour servants that displeased her. It to watch. Until a few of our servants got too cocky and tried to have their way with us." >Adagio's expression darkens as she sits in silence for a few moments >She grips your scrotum again, forming a tight ring with her thumb and index finger as if she's giving an okay >She pulls towards herself, forcing your balls against the incisions "Stupid servants tend to forget their place. This is how the tradition started. Of course we didn't have hands back then, so we used sheep rings. These are very tight rubber bangs that are placed at the base of the sheep's scrotum. They cut the bllod flow, strangling the testicles. Eventually the testicles rot away and fall off. But." >Adagio gives your balls one last, strong tug and they come out of your sack through the incisions >The only thing that connects them to your body is your spermatic cords >They are just hanging there "Now that we have these..." says Adagio while wiggling her fingers "...we decided to replace the faceless sheep rings with corrective surgery to better imprint that we are your masters. I own you, slave. The contract you signed even gives me right over your soul." >Adagio laughs maliciously >She takes one testicle in each hand and places a foot between your legs >She pulls hard >You feel a pressure followed by a sensation that felt like someone has hung dumbbells from your balls >Adagio stops pulling and takes a pair of scissors from her arranged tool arsenal >She raises your balls high enough so you can see them >Your eyes open wide with terror >You thrash as hard as you can and scream >You raise hell >Adagio just looks at you with empty eyes and a disapproving expression in her face "Too late. Nothing you can do." >Adagio raises the scissors and snaps them shut >Your balls drop to the floor with a light thud and roll away >Adagio cuts the excess spermatic cord for practical reasons >She coils it and leaves it aside along with the scissors >Adagio continues her grim task by sewing your empty sack shut, but you don't care anymore >She took away your manhood and your chance to hold kids of your own in your embrace >No one will carry on your bloodline and name "I'd snip off your foreskin too, but it seems someone beat me to it." >Adagio chuckles to herself as she gets up and looks for your balls >She picks them up and throws them into a trash can along with your spermatic cord >She seems to derive little joy from it. She doesn't care >She is so impartial to your humiliation and suffering that it's just business >Adagio takes a rubber glove off and wipes the sweat off her forehead >Then she takes off the other >She presses a button on the wall, and then she fishes a lighter and a pack of cigarettes from her pocket >You don't care, being too busy sobbing uncontrolably and wanting to die >Adagio smokes until the door opens and a servant enters "That'll be it for today. I'm too tired to correct or brand any more. Put this one separately and remind me to brand him tomorrow." >The servant pulls the bed you're restrained on out of the room "Oh and the trash can is full. Take it to the incinerator."