Dinner with the Dazzlings - by Anonymous

>You are anon. >You live with the Dazzlings. >It's around eight o'clock. >You are preparing the table for dinner along with Adagio. >Tonight's delight is roasted chicken with oven potatoes and yogurt. >You go back and forth leaving plates, knives, forks, paper towels and tall glasses of water on the table. >You move fast. >You are used to the whole process by now but you still hate making an event out of every lunch and dinner. >Back when you were alone you'd just make yourself a sandwich and eat it whenever you were hungry. >No cooking for hours and then setting up the table like you expect the keiser to visit. >Anything that takes less time to eat than to prepare is not worth bothering with. >You nod to yourself. >Hear, hear. >"Watch it, you hurricane!" >You stop a few centimeters short of bumping into Adagio. >She is carrying the glass tray with the chicken and tatters towards the table. >You take a moment to drink in the sight of Adagio the Housewife. >She is wearing an apron with two cuddly cartoony kittens over her t-shirt. >A pair of oven mitts protect her hands from the tray's heat. >Your staring makes her feel uncomfortable. >You usually stare at the Dazzlings when you are horny. >Which is most of the time. >"What is it, Anonymous?" >You smirk. "Nothing, nothing. I was just captivated by the way you rock the look." >Adagio straightens her back and smiles smugly. >"I make anything I wear look good..." "Can I kiss the cook?" >Adagio frowns and gives you an "are you serious?" look. >You move your eyebrows up and down a few times. >Adagio bumps you aside as she passes by you, refusing to dignify you with an answer. >You look around the room. >Sonata is sitting in front of the TV. >The volume is higher than you like, but the show is fun so you don't mind much. >"Imagine if you had no asshole. Vere vould your poo-poos go? They vould back up; first into your low intestine. Zen ze small intestine, ze colons und stomach, EXPANDING UND EXPANDING!...until *POP!* ARGH! You're in a vorld of shit!" >You chuckle. >Adagio frowns. >"Sonata, just because it's a cartoon it doesn't mean it's for kids. Change the channel." "Yeah Sonata, put it on HBO. Game of Thrones might be on." >Adagio narrows her eyes at you. >She likes Game of Thrones. >Must be because of all the scheming. >But she doesn't like it when Sonata watches it. >Again, must be because of all the scheming. >You raise your arms in mock surrender. >Adagio turns away. >"Make yourself useful and fetch Aria. Sonata, come here. The table is ready." >"Yay, time for food!" >You exit the dining room. >You head for Aria's room. >You pass Adagio's room on your way. >Sonata had this silly idea to have your names written on your room doors. >Adagio was, of course, above such childishness. >Sonata wrote her name in a piece of paper with crayons, glitter and stickers and taped it on her door. >Aria wanted to write "Here be dragon" on hers but abandoned the idea as soon as you said "Here be dragon dildos" out loud. >You thought the idea was stupid but Sonata kept bugging you. >You eventually hung a sign over your door to spite Sonata and the others rather than please them. >The sign read "Abandon all hope ye who enter here." >It was sadly only too appropriate. >Anyway, you're standing in front of Aria's room. >You knock with one hand as you turn the knob with the other. >You peek your head in without waiting for an answer, like most of the human population does. "Hey Aria, dinner's serv-Woah!" >Aria is lying on the bed, wearing nothing but socks, panties and a vest. >An open vest! >Time seems to stand still. >Your eyes open as wide as possible in order to let as much goodness as possible into your mind. >Her panties cling tightly around her well-defined asscheeks... >Her skin has no blemishes. >And those feet, hugged on all sides by her white socks... >Hnnnng, fffffoot fetish. >Various cultures in times past and present dictate that women should go about bare breasted in order to show their bodies have come of age and are fertile. >Aria's unrestrained breasts communicate their message to you and your insticts loud and clear. >Her nipples are hard and erect... >You swallow hard and move your tongue around inside your mouth. >"What the fuck, you asshole?!" >You are snapped back to reality. >"Close the fucking door!" >Your stupified brain mistakes her words for an invitation. >You enter and close the door behind you. >Aria sits up on her bed. >She grabs the book she was reading and throws it at you. >The book's pages slap together as it flies at you. >You cover your face with your hands. >You turn sideways and raise your leg to cover your junk. >The book slams on the door right next to you and falls on the floor. >"Get the fuck OUT!" >Aria covers her tits with one arm while she reaches for her bedside lamp with the other. >Oh shit. >You open the door and get out as fast as you can. >You go to the bathroom to wash and cool your blushing face. >Adagio calls out to you. >"Are you coming or what? We'll start without you." >"I've started already!" says Sonata. >"Don't talk with your mouth full, Sonata." >A few minutes later. >You are sitting at the table with the Dazzlings. >Adagio is cutting the meat and filling the plates. >You are sitting opposite of Aria. >She used to sit opposite of Sonata but they kept kicking eachother. >This is rather awkward for you but you are too embarrassed to ask Adagio to switch places. >You try to not look at Aria. >You sneak a few glances though. >She is blushing and staring angrily at you. >She is biting her lips. >"Anon!" "W-wha?" >Adagio is staring at you. >"I said; do you want breast or thigh?" >Breast or thigh?! >Your short-circuited brain connects the question to what happened earlier. "I...I..." >You are dumbfounded. >You look around helplessly as if looking for a way out. >Your gaze falls on Aria. >She looks at you for a moment in annoyed confusion. >Then her eyes widen in horrified realization. >She turns her head and looks down. >She is completely flustered. >"Fine, if you're not going to reply today, you won't eat any chicken today. You only get potatoes." >Huh, what? >What do potatoes have to do with any-? >Oooooh, now you get it. "But-" >"No buts!" says Adagio as she brings the tray closer to Sonata. >Sonata giggles. >"Here you go, Sonata." >You protest loudly with your mouth and your belly but Adagio will have none of it. >You watch as Adagio piles a bunch of chicken thigh meat with the skin still on on Sonata's plate. >The skin! >The skin is the best part. >Your stomach laments for the loss. >Sonata does a delighted little hand clap. >"You know Adagio, I've heard industrial chickens are full of growth hormones that make tits grow!" >Oh dear, Sonata just kicked a wasp nest. >Aria turns to see what's gonna happen. >Adagio grinds her teeth quite audibly. >She bangs the tray on the table, spilling some food juice. >You need to think of something fast! "Well up yours, Sonata. I don't need Adagio to make sure I won't need a bra in the future. Gimme that chicken, Adagio." >Adagio just stands there disoriented for a few seconds. >"Fine, you can have some chicken but only because I'm kind and forgiving" she eventually tells you. >Adagio takes all the chicken off Sonata's plate and puts it back on the tray. >"Hey, why do you take mine?" protests Sonata. >"Because I'm kind and forgiving" replies Adagio through her teeth. >Aria smirks at a pouting Sonata. >Finally Adagio finishes and sits down. >You all start to eat. >You notice Adagio is having a salad with only a bit of chicken and yogurt on the side. "Who killed your dinner?" >Adagio stops just before she puts a spoonful of lettuce in her open mouth. >"I'm sorry?" "Why do you eat salad?" >You say the word "salad" with distaste. >Plants are for dumb animals like goats and cows and hippies. >"Well, I watch my waistline now so I won't have to watch it later." "I'll watch it for you-OOF!" >Adagio hits you in the belly. "Don't do that ever again, dammit!" >Adagio smiles to herself. >"You could do away with that belly." "Bugger off Adagio, there's barely enough of me to go around as it is." >You sure wish the girls would pass you around. >The rest of the dinner passes uneventfully with only a hint of small talk. >........ >It's bedtime. >Way past, actually. >You look at your cellphone. >2:37. >You sigh. >You can't sleep. >One of the survival traits of land animals in general is that they are jumpy at night. >They worry more and therefore they are more likely to escape a nocturnal predator. >That's why it's scarier to go to the bathroom at night. >Our subconscious is more active at night. >But humans are complicated animals and as such they have complicated fears. >You just lie there under the covers with your hands under your head, thinking about your life. >Your financial future, the dream job that you only see in your dreams, your desire to be well liked, your loneliness... >You sigh. >You stare at the ceiling. >Every now and then a car passes, casting it's fleeting lights upon the ceiling as it races into the night. >You don't know how much time passes like this before your room's door opens. >It's Aria. >She is wearing a simple, short nightgown. >The light behind her penetrates it as she stands there and outlines the naked silhouette underneath. >Aria enters your room and closes the door behind her. >She doesn't quite have the air of owning the place like Adagio does but she tries. >"Anon, I know you're awake. I saw your eyes gleam." >You open your mouth to let out a witty one-liner. "What's up, Aria?" >You rolled an ace. >"I'm cold." >That's an understatement. >You smile wide enough to fit a small plate in your mouth. >"I-errr-I mean it's cold in my room. The radiator broke down." "Did you give it a look? What's wrong with it?" >"How should I know? I'm not a man!" "Come again?" >"It's a man's job to fix things around the house. You're a man..." >"...aren't you?" she adds. "WHY DON'T YOU GET YOUR ASS HERE AND FIND OUT!" >There's a moment of silence broken only by your deep breathing. >You snapped before you knew it. >Your heart is racing. >You can see Aria has jumped back a few steps. >You lie back down, turn your back to her and take a deep breath. "Go back to bed, Aria. I promise I'll take a look at it tomorrow" you say in a much calmer, if not defeated, tone of voice. >There's more silence. >"...No. You know what? I'm not going back in the freezer! It's your fault. I'm sleeping here tonight." >Yeah well, whatever. She can have the floor. >Aria walks up to your bed and sits on it. >"Scoot over. Gimme room." >You groan but move aside for the Grump Rump anyway. >She rocks the whole bed trying to get comfortable. >She stops her struggling after a few seconds. >She has her back turned to you. >"Gee anon, if I wanted to freeze, I'd stay in my room." "What now, Aria?" >"You're hogging all the covers!" "No I'm not. See?" >You spread the covers over Aria with your arm. >You don't take your arm off her shoulder though. >Skin contact is...nice, you know? >Cuddling is good for your depression. >Actually it's good for you, and bad for your depression. >A few seconds pass like this. >Aria is holding her breath. >She is tense and blushing, though you can't see it. >She is constantly in some kind of competition or another. >Even though they aren't terribly fond of eachother, the Dazzlings are always together. >They are mistrustful of outsiders and you can't blame them. >Even you haven't been fully accepted into their little circle. >As a result, Aria has to constantly compete with Adagio for independence and Sonata for attention. >But right now, there is no Adagio or Sonata to compete with. >She has the undivided attention of a man she's come to not be weary of. >And to make matters more tense, he is showing her a bit of affection! >This is new territory for Aria. >She doesn't know how to feel and react to this new situation and that stresses her. >"...G-Gee, are you really this desperate to cop a feel?" "Wh-What?" >"You are a disgusting pervert, anon. Walking into my room like this to catch me naked." >It wasn't like this! "...I-I-I-You see, Ad-" >"Can't blame you though. I'm sexier than Adagio and Sonata. Boys can't help but lust after me. I don't need a poof or to play dumb to be liked. People like me as I am." >You know this to be untrue. >No Dazzling has any private life the others don't know about. >No private contacts. >If one does something, another will tattle out loud about it. >And seeing how other people are reluctant to approach them anyway, it's pretty clear Aria is lying. >But who is she lying to? >Is she trying to make a good impression to the only person she's befriended? >Is she trying to hide from herself? >In any case, you feel bad for her. >Aria has more personality than she allows others to see. >She likes a good story. >She has a sweet tooth. >She likes to make origami and paper planes. >She hums to herself when she's alone...Thinks she is, anyway... >And she is lonely. >So very lonely. >You shove your other hand under her and pull her close to you. >"!!!" >You spoon her. >"What the fuck are you doing?!" "I'm trying to keep you warm and comfy." >"I'm not a teddybear, you pervert! Y-You are a teddybear!" >Aria squirms and turns in your embrace. >She is now facing you. >She hugs you tightly. >"See? You're the teddybear now. You're big and hairy already." "I like this" you tell her with an honest smile. >Aria is flustered. >"Oh, yeah?" >She grabs a chunk of your fleshy asscheek. >She twists and squeezes it in an effort to make you squeal. >It hurts so good. >You tighten your embrace around her. "You're right, Aria. You are prettier than Adagio and Sonata, and I do like you as you are." >To your surprise, Aria is riled up by your words. >"You're just saying that. I've seen how you act around Sonata and Adagio. You are always kind to Sonata, laughing and praising her!" "That's because..." >It's true, you are being nice to Sonata. >Everyone is. >Sonata is like a child. >You scolded her once. >Or as Adagio put it, you tried to "shout her out of existence". >It took days for Sonata to warm up to you again. >You decided to try positive reinforcement from that point on. "...remember Master Blaster?" >"Who?" "Master Blaster. You know, from Mad Max 3?" >"...What Ma- Oooh, you mean Beyond Thunderdome." "Yeah, that's the one. Well, Sonata is like Blaster. She has the mind of a child." >Aria considers you answer. >"Whatever. You just wanna fuck. Me, Adagio, it doesn't matter to you." >That's true actually, but there's a world of difference between fucking and loving. >"I'll watch it for you" says Aria in a mocking, deep voice. "Oh, that? I was just teasing. It's fun watching Adagio squirm." >"...Yeah, I guess it is." >Purple Rump is green with envy. >You gently push Aria's chin up with your index finger. "I never tease you because I want things to be serious between us." >"What?" "I said, are you gonna be my girl?" >Aria smiles and tears up. >She plants her face on your chest and starts weeping. >"B-baka. Don't you know it's a sin to make a woman cry?" >You rub her back and kiss her head. >"Haven't you kissed a girl before?" >You smile and raise an eyebrow. "Why don't you get your ass here and find out?"