The Faulklings - by Anonymous

-Adagio Dazzle- >”It’s.. it’s a..” >Sunday. Resentful. Cheerful. Indignation. Change. Tumult. Thoughtfulness. Thoughtlessness. Discourse. Displeasure. Happiness. Resolve. >The basket, woven with pine and boorishly purchased with a certain impetuousness only seen in such a desperate and damned existence, lay on our humble front porch. >I know too well of desperation, and the heinous consequences that must be witnessed upon acts of imprudent manner. This damnation and suffering, worth what? Worth nothing. Life is nothing. And yet here it is, like a broken clock fixated on the hour of your death staring down at you, looking up at me. “It’s a baby, Sonata.” -Sonata Dusk- >Baby “What’s it doing here? Did you get a new babysitting job, Adagio?” >”It looks like someone left it here.” >It >what is it what matters does anything matter aria says i dont matter aria thinks im an idiot >/“Jeez, Sonata you’re such an idiot, are you really anything but the worst?”/ >i dont think im /“Jeez, Sonata”/ the worst am i and i /“you’re such a”/ am definitely no idiot >sonata dusk is no idiot >it looks so soft i can just hug it to death i hope dagi wont get mad -Adagio Dazzle- “No. I did not take a new babysitting job, Sonata. Someone left it here” >”But why? The porch is no place for a baby.” “It would appear that the owner does not want it anymore.” >”Kinda reminds you of a certain singing trio, don’t you think so, Adagio?” >Her words pierce my soul. The contempt she feels for me can only be mirrored by the hatred I feel for “the holy one”, “the great leader”, “the bringer of peace”. Our estrangement from the place we call home can only be seen as a stark and brutal reminder of our darkest hour. >This place is no home. >Damn you. Damn you Celestia. “No longer keeping quiet I see? So you have taken interest in our dilemma here?” >”Only to see the idiot there poke at the baby like it’s an alien. I’ve no will to help you, Adagio.” >Damn you. “Whether you like it or not, this is your burden as well. You can either help, as you should if you consider yourself part of this group, or you can pack the knapsack’s worth of possessions you THINK you own and leave.” -Sonata Dusk- >/“Jeez, Sonata you’re such an idiot, are you really anything but the worst?”/ >/“are you really”/ >i >/“Sonata”/ >/“anything but”/ >sonata dusk is no idiot >”Make Sonata do it…” -Aria Blaze- >A bitch. She’s always a bitch. ”Make Sonata do it. She’s not doing anything productive.” >”YOU’RE not doing anything productive. Ever.” “Hey moron, you heard poofyhead, get this kid something to eat.” >”How do you know it’s hungry, Aria? And don’t call me a moron.” “I can call you what I please, and duh, babies are always hungry.” >”They teach parental care in your goth magazines now? I guess it was about time they strayed from the low-brow.” “Shut up, Adagio. Look, it’s crying now. Get it milk or something.” >These girls. I blame you, Adagio. I’ll blame you ’til I die.” -Adagio Dazzle- >Do you not see my plight? The indignation! The disrespect! Oh, how I wish for the day when whatever God human religion chooses proper shows favor in the ill-fated Dazzlings. >“Okay fiiiiiine! Babies like milk right? Sit tight little fella.” >Crying. The purpose? Attention. Like the undulation of phosphorescent waves on the most beautiful beach on the most perfect day for the moment of a lover’s embrace. It cries out to them, longing. Ever to do nothing but be beautiful yet stare at the love sentient beings possess. The true beauty. Love. Are we just shells? Are we empty? Did the mother not love this child? Is it a mother’s duty to love her child? I think not. Mother Equestria has shown us no love. Truthfully life has not purpose but to be a false sublimation of a worthless life. Love is the tools used to form coherence within others. Yet, it has an even stronger power to isolate, to exorcise. No, this child has not been loved. >Attention. -Sonata Dusk >i made it within two minutes >1. grab the glass >2. grab the milk >3. pour /“the worst”/ the milk into the glass >three easy steps! easy peasy. mebbe aria is the real idiot. cant even pour milk in a glass. cant even help around the house. cant even >… >cant even love her sisters -Adagio Dazzle- >But I love you so, Aria Blaze. I love you in all the manners of falsehoods it may entail. You have been my life yet I have failed you. I have failed both of you. Oh, but I will never be forgiven. And why should I be? Look at this. Look at this life. We are no better than the baby and its failure of a mother. -Aria Blaze- “Hellloooooo? Hurry up Sonata! Baby’s getting cranky!” >”Calm your tits, Aria, I’ve got it’s milk.” “Are you kidding me? A glass? Sure, because babies are born able to use a glass. Score one for Sonata.” >”Well what was I SUPPOSED to do?!” >”Leave her be, Aria. We don’t even have any bottles to feed this baby with. Set the glass on the stand Sonata.” >Great plans. >”Should we check if it’s a boy or a girl?” “Why are you asking me? And why bother, we’re just gonna send it back to where it came from.” >”Oh, and you just happen to know where that is, Aria?” >Adagio, fuck you. “Here’s a riveting idea, and stop me if you think it’s stupid, but maybe there’s a note or something. It’s in the movies all the time.” -Sonata Dusk- >theyre fighting again. -Adagio Dazzle- >The ideas this girl has! Bravo! Now the Great and Powerful Dazzlings shall take advice from human cinema! What a wondrous art form. The robust storytelling and valuable life lessons! Encore! Encore Aria! Human ingenuity can not fail where the Dazzlings have. Science nor philosophy may argue with such a cultural tour de force as cinema. Cinema. Cinema. Film. Movies. Our leader is an awesome leader. -Aria Blaze- “Alrighty let’s see what we got here.” >Basket. Baby. Clothing. Pillow. Blanket. Crying. “A-ha! What’d I tell you bitches? There IS a note!” >”oooooh open it, open it! “Alright, alright give me a moment. Here it goes: “To: the Dazzlings, Love, Sunset Shi-“ “*oomph* Shit! What the heck Adagio?” >”Do you not see what this is? Sunset.. Sunset..” -Adagio Dazzle- >Sunset Shimmer. One of the many banes of my existence. So this is your doing. Can you agonize me further? >”oooh, this is Sunny’s baby?” >Sunset Shimmer. Damn you. -Sonata Dusk- >sunny had a baby how cute >of course i know where they come from >im a girl after all >a pretty cute one, if i may add >/“Jeez, Sonata you’re such an idiot, are you really anything but the worst?”/ >it looks like sunny couldn handle this one >thats ok momma sonata will rescue you >and she will love you and love you and love you /“the worst”/ >for >ever -Aria Blaze- >”We ARE keeping it, right? Right? >this idiot “Why would we do something so stupid like adopt a baby? We’ve already got one and we can barely handle THAT. >”Fuck off, Aria.” “See? Already swearing in front of the baby. You think you’re fit for mother hood? >”And you think you are, Aria?” “Me? Hell no, that’s why we ship ‘im off back to where it came from. >”How rude! this baby needs love to! “Wake up, ‘tard, there is no love in this world. Do you see the state we’re in? Of course not, a tree has more situational awareness than you! Idiot!” >”*sniff*” >”Sonata! Come back! Oh, now look at what you have done, Aria Blaze. Gah and you’re cleaning this broken glass. Honestly do you know how you have hurt your sister’s feelings? You could have even hurt the baby!” >nag nag nag “Whatever. I never wanted to help and I didn’t ask to be in this family. Handle this yourself.” -Adagio Dazzle- >This thoughtless brute! Has she no sentiment whatsoever? Not a single selfless thought in that microcosm of resentful anecdotes swimming in your head. Is the flesh simply an arbiter for our deepest desires? Is this why you treat me so, Aria? Aria. Aria. In our finitude of existence this is how it plays out. What am I to do? Embrace? Entwine? Envelop? Cling? Cradle? >The basket >The child >the -Sonata Dusk- >the hArdest thing youLL eVer leArn is jUst to love anD be loved in reTurn -Baby Anonymous- >Only one is left. Did the others abandon me to? >Mother. >Mother. >Why don’t you love me >Why don’t you (two weeks later) -Sonata Dusk- >Adagio drowned herself last week. >Incestuous. >I felt very sad but now I don’t feel so sad. >Aria was right, these nice people have done nothing but help me! >I think I can finally think coherently (Dagi would love that word!). >It is a little dark here though. And cold. And taking pills all the time is a pain. >At least the nurses are nice! >The big men are not so nice though. I don’t like how they touch me after bedtime. >Don’t they understand curfew? >At least the baby is happy though. I think. >I miss you, Adagio. -Aria Blaze- >I’ll tell him bedtime stories of how he’ll rise above. >And tell him that it’s true. END