[EqG] Anon x Sonata - by Jibber

http://imgur.com/amm67Jb >Another day, another boring study session finished. >Whatever it takes to get your grades up, you’ll do it. >A prize of a brand new spankin’ car from your folks will be all yours if you can show them your commitment to your education. >The empty hallways of Canterlot High were usually quiet as you head through the north end. >But not today. >You hear people talking around the corner; it sounded like girls. >Stopping short from where the sound is coming from you stop at your locker to get your books. >”I’m telling you, once this is done the entire school will be at our feet!” You hear feminine voice. >You stop dead in your tracks. >What did she say? >”I know, all this bickering and competition will give us the power we need to do so.” Another voice adds. >You hear footsteps coming closer. >Crap! >You’ve seen this in movies before, if they catch you they’ll probably say you were trying to rape them with your cis-gendered eyes and get you expelled from school. >Without missing a beat you cram yourself into your locker and close the door as quietly as you can. >Their voices grow louder as you hear footsteps approach even closer. >Through the thin slits of your locker you see three girls stop not too far from your locker. >Those were the new students from earlier. >The girl with the blue ponytail starts to complain. “But what if someone is, like, totally listening in and will ruin our plans?” >The afro wannabe girl shakes her head with disapproval. “The school is completely empty, and even if someone is eavesdropping we have to take them out of the picture. I already told you where to take anyone that tries to stop us.” >The girl with purple hair grins with her arms crossed. “Don’t have to tell me twice. Anyone tries to cross them, they got another thing coming?” >”They do?” The blue hair girl asks. >The other two groan in frustration. “Sonata, we’ll talk more about it tomorrow.” The red gems on their neck begin to glow. >Are they planning on some sort of terrorist attack? >”I’ll catch up to you later; I forgot my stuff in class.” The blue one chirps. >Goldie-Afro rolls her eyes. “Whatever, just be sure to show up tomorrow. We have to find a way to sabotage the other contestants.” >Two of them walk out of the doors nearby while Sonata skips down the hall but quickly stops in front of your locker and looks down. >”What’s this backpack doing here?” She picks it up by the strap. >Oh shit! >You shift in the locker without even thinking about it. >Her eyes look up towards the door. “What was that?” >Shitshitshitshitshit. >”Is someone in there?” >She presses her eyes up to the slits are looks inside. >Your heart beats faster as you hold still, praying she can’t see you. >Suddenly the door swings open and you spill out onto the floor with your books piling up on top of you. >You quickly turn and look up at the shocked girl. “So I was right, someone was totally spying on us.” ”No no no! I was uh, inspecting the locker for stuff.” >Sonata places her hands under her chin. “I don’t know, Adagio would be like, angry if she knew you overheard her plan to take over the world.” “What?” >Sonata’s eyes widen. “Oh right, no one is suppose to know that. Um, So I guess I have to take care of you.” She starts to approach you. >You scramble backwards across the floor. “Woah now, I don’t have to tell anyone! You got my word.” >She stops again to consider your plea. “Well.... I would totally let you go. You seem cute and all, but Aria and Adagio would like, totally kill me if I let you go.” >She places one hand onto the large red gem. >A menacingly glow emits from it and begins to light up the entire hallway. “Now hold on while this thing warms up.” >Fuck that. >You get up to your feet and make a mad dash to the doors. >”Hey! Not fair!” She cries out. >You place one hand onto the door handle when you suddenly feel smash into the back of your head. >Your body goes limp and you fall to the floor with Sonata quickly advancing on you. >Gripping the back of your head, you squirm on the floor in pain. “What the fuck did you throw?” >She bends over to pick up your large text book she took from your backpack. “This is quite useful, I should keep this.” “I paid for that...” >She glances down at her gem. “Oh, I think it’s ready.” >Crap. >Pointing it down on you, a red light envelops your mind and you feel yourself fall asleep. >After some time you start to drift back into consciousness. >In between you take in your surroundings. >You’re in a small room with a table, a single lamp hanging from the ceiling and you’re tied to a chair. >Shaking your head you snap to and realize the gravity of the situation. >You pull at the ropes but they won’t budge. >You hear the door latch click and through it walks in that crazy psycho with the long blue ponytail. >In her hand you see something shine. >It looks like a knife. “Oh fuck...” >Slowly she walks towards you, brandishing the deadly weapon. >You wretch even harder in your chair; it feels like it’s been bolted to the floor. >So this is how it ends, with you getting knifed by some crazy chick who plans world domination with evil wizardry. >She poses the knife high into the air. “Oh God, please don’t!” >She looks at you quizzically. “Do what?” She slams the knife towards the table and into a fat juicy orange. >With awkward jabs and cuts, she mangles the orange and exposes the sweet flesh inside. >”This is the only way I can open these things, I don’t know how you humans do it.” She grits her teeth as she starts to rip out pieces of orange. >Oh thank God.... >You compose yourself again and decide to try reason. “Listen, people will know I’m missing and they’ll come find me.” >Her eyes widen slightly as she swallows some of the fruit. >”Will they? Huh, Adagio didn’t mention that part. And here I thought capturing and torturing people would be easy.” She scratches her head with fresh orange juice dripping out of the corners of her mouth. >What is with this girl? >It’s like she’s not even from this planet. “I know you and the others are new to the school ,but what the hell is up with you three? What’s this talk about taking over the school?” >She twirls a long piece of her own hair with her finger. “Adagio said not to discuss plans for world domination with anyone we capture. That’s the first rule we panned out.” “Okay, but how do you plan on doing that?” >She smiles triumphantly with her hands on her hips. “Oh that’s easy, first we’ll use our—“ She stops sort and points at you with a wicked grin. >”Oooh, nice try there. But enough with the chit-chat, let’s get down to the torture.” She clasps her hands together and turns to the table. >You can barely see what’s on the table, but you don’t like the sound of metal clanking and sniping. >”Maybe I should just look through this book I got from the library on the way here.” Sonata picks up a sizeable manuscript off the table. >You feel dumbfounded by her inadequacies. “You brought me all the way here and you don’t even know how to torture?” >She peers up from her book with a distraught look on her face. “Listen, it’s not like I want to do this, just following orders.” “Then let me go and you have my word that I won’t tell.” >She looks at you with pity. “I’m sorry, you’re cute and all, for a human I guess. But I have to find a way to keep you silent.” Sonata continues to skim through the pages of the book. >On the cover you manage to read the title. >Kama Sutra for the 21st Century. >. . . >What the fuck? “Where did you get that book?” >She glances at the cover and merely smiles. “From a library after I knocked you out. I decided to look up for a book how to kill so I went to the ‘K’ section. I’m not sure what Kama Sutra is but it sounds downright evil.” >She snickers and goes back to reading. “So apparently there’s this thing in-between your legs that’s very sensitive.” >Oh God.... >”I don’t see anything about ‘torture’ but I suppose ‘teasing’ is close enough, right?” She squints her eyes closely at the pages. “I don’t think you should be using that for a reference guide.” >A smirk grows across her face. “You seem like you’re nervous. Guess I did pick out the right book. When I’m done with you, Adagio is gonna like be so happy and stuff.” >You squirm a bit more trying to get the ropes to loosen up. >But nothing gives. >At least she’s too dumb to actually kill you. >But a terrifying thought crosses your mind. >What if she fucks up and ends up castrating you? >You feel your two boys shrivel up and pull back inside of your body from sheer terror. >Adrenaline pumps through your system as you thrash about in your chair. >It’ one thing to let a girl at your junk, but it’s another to let a stupid one try and pleasure you. “Just tape me up and leave me here for a week, just don’t touch me!” >Sonata looks at you with annoyance. “Jeeze, you like, talk too much. Let’s see what they have here for gagging.” >She flips through the pages and smiles when she finds something that satisfies her search. >Putting down the book she reaches under her skirt with both hands and pulls down her panties. >Stepping out of them, she scrunches it up into a ball and grabs a roll of tape. “Hold still, the book said this is a great way to start.” >You exhaust yourself from all your thrashing and had to gather your strength. >She crams her panties into your mouth and seals them in with duct tape. >You try to yell through the fabric but it’s no use. >”There we go, much better.” >Trying hard to not gag on her panties, a faint womanly scent fills your nasal cavity. >”There are a lot of pictures here on how to tease and something called... ‘orgasm denial’.” >nope dot fucking jay peg. >You squirm even harder, but this only makes Sonata grin even harder. “You don’t like that do you? And the best part is, there’s nothing in this book about killing you. Guess I did find the right now. Now, where to start?” >She picks up the book and scans through the pages. >”I suppose we could start here and work our way up.” >Just having her panties in your mouth was starting to have an effect on you. >Sonata gets down on her knees between your legs and fondles with your pants. “Let’s do this!” >She pauses for a moments as she tugs on your pants. >”Wait, I know this.” >Her hands fumble around trying to make sense of how they’re suppose to work. >”How do you do this?!” She punches your crotch in frustration. >You wouldn’t jumped ten feet in the air if it wasn’t for the ropes holding you down. >”Ohmygosh! I’m so sorry!” She places her hand on your leg. >You squeeze you eyes tight and try to breathe. >”Maybe if I rub it a little.” >Her hand finds the right spot on your crotch and begins to massage. >Although your balls were still aching, your little soldier was enjoying this too much. >You pop a stiffy under your pants and pull out a tent. Sonata looks surprised at this development. >”Oh no, it’s like, swelling up or something.” Sonata begins to panic. >She goes back to the book and traces her finger along the pages. “Put it in my... mouth?” >She glances back at you and shrugs her shoulder. “Hey, whoever wrote this book is the genius, not me.” >Heading back to her spot between your legs she carefully examines your pants and finally tugs on your zipper. “Maybe this funny metal thing will—“ >Your boner tents out even harder with your boxers through the small opening. “Woah. Ok, so I guess it’s just underneath...” >You see a rosy tint on her cheeks. >She delicately pulls apart the fabric and your stiffen rod pops into full view. >Sonata stifles a gasp, almost embarrassed that she’s even looking at it. >”The pictures in the book are so much smaller than that thing...” She whines. >Her discouragement turns into resolve. “I can’t let Adagio down, this is for world domination!” >She awkwardly grabs a hold of your dick and gently squeezes it. “Kinda spongy...” >You wince from her just touching it. >The whole ordeal of someone in total control is still a turn on. >She brings the tip of it closer to her nose and takes a sniff. “You do clean this thing, right?” She glances up at you. >You couldn’t even bring yourself to nod. >She opens her mouth ever so slightly brings it closer to your rod. Her hot breath pouring over it like hot steam. >You let out a moan as she places the head into her mouth, her tongue lazily slapping away at it. >She pulls it out as if to reconsider the angle she’s going at. >”How the hay am I suppose to fit all this in my mouth?” >But one look at you is all the convincing she needs that this is ‘torture’. >”But if it’s causing you pain, then I’m totally for it.” >She dives in again, her mouth taking almost all of you in. >Her teeth graze the skin of your dick and you begin to twitch uncontrollably fearing she might take a bite out of you. >Sonata pulls your manhood out of her mouth with a loud pop. “Must be unbearable, yeah? This is just the start.” >She quickly scans through the page and inspiration flashes in her eyes. >”Let’s see you stand up to this.” She places your dick in her mouth and begins to swirl her tongue over the tip while sucking. >Your hips instinctively buck, but the ropes continue to hold. >Sonata continues for a few moments, her noisy slurping only adding to the tension. >She finally let’s go with a satisfied smile. “I can totally tell you’re in agony, but there’s one more thing.” >Walking over to the table she pulls out a small length of small string. Not too skinny or too large. >”So if the book is saying to do this...” She carefully tries a knot around the base of your shaft and coils a few loops tightly before tying it off. >”There, now you can’t orgasm or whatever it’s called.” >Your dick swells and twitches as the life giving blood tries to flow through. This was beginning to hurt. >”Now let’s see what will really get you riled up.” Sonata flips through several pages. >She begins to smirk. “I can like use my whole body to tease you? Why did Adagio even bother buying us that chainsaw?” >What? >”It says I should use my... breasts?” She looks down at her shirt. “That’s what they’re called?” >She glances around and shrugs her shoulders again. >In one quick movement, she removes her shirt and exposes her upper body. Sonata positions herself closer to you between your legs and manages to tuck your rod away between her breasts. >Not huge by any stretch, but more than enough to get the job done. >She lets a dollop of her spit hit the top of your member as it cascades and glistens down the side. >Using her hands she squeezes her tits together and massages your dick up and down. >Her smooth skin rubbing your shaft and head feels amazing, but your dick begins to ache from having circulation almost cut off. >”You look miserable, but I totally feel good about this.” She mocks you. >Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, it does. >As Sonata massages your dick with her breasts, she places the tip in her mouth and plays with it using her tongue. >You throw your head back and try to thrust your hips forward but to no avail. >You breathe harder and faster wishing for relief. >But Sonata continues to play with you as she wishes. >”She lets out a cute giggle. “Do you give up?” >Your mind is busy with feeling both pleasure and pain to respond. >”Well, I suppose I should try a bit harder.” She consults her book again for guidance. >At first she looks excited but it quickly changes to a sinister look. “So that’s what it’s for...” >She places one hand under her skirt for a moment and pulls it out. >Her fingers glisten with wet strands spanning between them. “The ultimate tease...” She grins seductively. >Walking over to you, she stands over where you sit and lowers herself onto your lap. Her arms gingerly placed over your shoulders. >She brings her face closer to yours with a cheeky smile. “Promise not to talk too much?” >You manage to nod yes. >Sonata rips the tape off your mouth. “ACK!” >You quickly spit out her panties which are soaked with your spit. >”Hey, don’t spit those onto the ground. I need those later.” “Please let me go...” >She rubs herself onto your stiffy, her wet slit gliding along the shaft. >”Sorry, but if I’m gonna see this through. I’ll be the one feeling good while you suffer.” >She lifts up her skirt with one hand and grabs your manhood with the other. >Lifting herself up a little, she guides the head of your dick right to her entrance. >You brace for her to sit down, but she stalls. >Sonata gyrates her hips side to side, teasing you. >You can feel the smoothness of her slit rubbing over your dick. >She begins to breathe a bit faster, her cheeks burning pink. >You manage to speak coherently. “Take the rope off, it really hurts...” >”Nuh –uh... I’m enjoying this way too much.” >She pushes down ever so slightly, the tip of your penis budging its way into her tight hole. >Sonata winces as well. >”What’s the matter, too much for you to handle?” >She glares at you. “T-that’s nothing!” >Firmly placing her hands on your shoulders, she pushes her hips harder on you until you feel the tip of your dick penetrate her entrance. >Holy shit, she is fucking tight. >She lets out a small cry while closing her eyes. >Her arms instinctively wrap themselves around you as she embraces you tighter. She buries her head against your shoulder. >You’re so close to cumming, but you just weren’t there yet. >Her vaginal walls tighten around you. It was like velvet against your dick. >”S-see? Nothing I can’t handle...” Her body is visibly shaking. >Neither of you move for several moment. >”I can feel it twitching inside me...” She moans. >Without missing a beat, she raises herself up and pushes down. >With each push she tightens around you, further stimulating your manhood. “No one... *unf* makes fun of me... *unf*.” >You can hear the sound of wet skin slapping against each other as she drives her hips harder onto you. >You couldn’t hold it anymore. “Oh shit, I’m gonna...” >”Admit defeat?” She quickly interjects with a cheesy grin. >God dammit... >You feel a burning sensation as your balls prepare to evacuate your load, but with the rope tied around the base of your shaft, you knew they couldn’t be good for your health. >Sonata wraps her arms around your head and pulls your face between her breasts as she grinds harder on you. >Her whole body seizes as you feel your swollen dick twitch trying to ejaculate but to no avail. >You couldn’t help but try to throw your head back in pain as you feel that your orgasm goes nowhere. >A warm gush of fluid leaks out from her moist hole and all over your lap, filling the air with her feminine smell. >She begins to ease up on her death grip, her hips slowing down on the grinding. >Her breathing returns to normal as she regains her senses. “That was... like, intense...” >With shaky legs she pulls herself off from you, your dick still wet and partially hard. “do you know what book your reading?” >She picks it up and looks through the pages. “Only the best torture book.” “It’s a book about fucking, you idiot!” >She flinches from your outburst. “W-what are you talking about? I’m doing what Adagio told me to do and now that I successfully tortured you, I need to dispose your body.” >Wow. >How she even manages to tie her shoes on, you’ll never know. “Listen, we just had sex and you stopped me from orgasm. That’s all you accomplished.” >She looks between you and the book, her expression filled with panic. >”That’s how you humans do it? Oh God, and I had your... thingy in my mouth!” She sticks her tongue out. >She throws the book across the room and stomps her foot. >Sonata grabs her shirt and quickly buttons it up. “I knew I would screw things up...” She begins to sob. >You hate to admit it, but she was actually cute. >Dumb, but cute. “Hey now, if anything that was pretty painful what you put me through.” >She barely glances at you before turning away again. “Y-you’re just saying that.” >Sonata stands there with her back turned to you as she cries softly. “Adagio was right, I can’t do anything right. Now she’s gonna totally let me have it.” >Though this psycho did tie you up and almost killed if, you couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. >Whatever she and the others had planned, you didn’t want any part of it. “How about I buy you a coffee and we think of a plan to put you in a good spot?” >She turns to look at you, her eyes glistening with tears. “You would do that for me?” “Of course, just untie me.” >She sniffs as she wipes away a tear. “Okay, anything is better than listening to Adagio screaming at me.” >Sonata loosens the ropes around you and you finely get off the chair. >Tucking yourself back into your pants you find your stuff sitting in the corner of the room. >”So now what?” “You need to ‘get rid’ of me, but I don’t want to die. So how long do you need me out of the picture?” >Sonata places her hand under her chin. “Trying to think now... Oh right, the Battle of the Bands.” “Let’s go and talk about this over some coffee, I don’t think I ever got your name.” >For a moment you could’ve sworn Sonata blushes as she grabs your hand to lead you away from this god awful place. >You sit at home in front of your computer typing up an essay due to class. >It’s been a few days since that encounter with Sonata. >She’s actually very sweet when you get to know her. >Sonata didn’t tell you everything about their plans for world domination, but you assured you that you would have no part of it. >What she didn’t know is that Sunset shimmer tried the same stunt not too long ago and got blasted by some gay ass rainbow beam. >Maybe after that she will become ‘normal’ but for now— >You hear the doorbell ring and your mother’s voice calls out. “Anon, it’s your friend from school. She brought you your homework assignments. Want me to bring them up to you?” “I’ll come get it!” >Putting on a housecoat and a cold pack you make your way downstairs. >Getting a couple of weeks off school by pretending to be ill ain’t all that bad. >Sonata gets to be the ‘killer’ Adagio wants her to be and you get to live. >Standing in the doorway, standing in her cute awkward pose is Sonata. >Your mother pats you on the back while she retreats to the kitchen. “I got some chicken soup made if you want any.” “Thanks.” >You turn to Sonata with a smile. “So, is everything working out with the group?” >”Yeah, we’re totally gonna rock this thing and take over the world.” She pumps her fist into the air. >She smiles coyly as her eyes look up into yours. “Thanks for helping me and being cool with this whole ‘conquering the world’ business. You know how it goes, right?” “Hey, we’ve all been there.” >”Maybe later this week we could just, maybe, hang out? Get to know each other a little?” >She begins to blush. >You feel your heart skip a beat. >”Then maybe we could try some other forms of ‘torture’ as well?” She trails a finger up your chest. >Before you could even say anything, she winks at you and pecks you on the cheek. >”It’s a date.”