Nurse Adagio - by Anonymous

>Aaaaa-choo! >Urghblurgh... >You are anon. >You are sick. >You're living with the Dazzlings. >Actually they are living with you. >You have the flu. >They passed it on to you. >Dammit, you avoid public transportation to avoid this! >They were sick last week and you had to babysit them. >They were adorable in their weakened state. >You doubt you look as adorable right now. >You sure feel miserable. >Everything smells like sickness. >Oh no, here comes another sneeze! >A-! >Your head jerks forth violently. >-CHOOO... >You block it with your hand just in time. >Good thing too. >Your hand is full of nasal discharge. >Ugh, some of it is clinging on your days-old moustache. >You take the toilet paper from your bedside table and cut a few pieces. >You Wipe your hand clean and cut a few more pieces to blow your nose with. >You blow your nose and let the balled paper fall to the floor. >You hate to litter your place but you know what? You're sick, so fuck it. >"Sonata? Sonataaaa." >Your voice sounds different with your nose clogged. >Sonata has established herself as the least defiant of the group. >It's strange that she doesn't answer. >Maybe she is out or otherwise occupied. >But that's not how people think. >People think they are more important than other things. >That the other person is out is of no concern. They just didn't hear you. >You shout, pissed that you have to. >"SONATA!" >You hear the sound of heels on the floor. >That's odd. Sonata wears a pair of fuzzy sleepers you bought for her. >Aria uses socks and Adagio flip flops. >Aria and Sonata used to go barefoot till they got tired of the flak you gave them. >"Sonata is out with Aria doing some grocery shopping..." comes a familiar voice. >Adagio Dazzle. >Her voice is soft like cotton, but her heart is rough like sandpaper. >Pretty voice, pretty face, pretty rotten inside. >"...but I'm right here with you." >Adagio walks into your field of view. >She is wearing a slutty nurse outfit. >A cute little nurse hat sits on her head. >A white corset is holding her breasts. >A tiny skirt covers her beautyful ass. >Her long legs are clad in white nylon stockings. >She walks towards you with a different kind of confidence. >Step by seductive step, she sways her hips gently left and right. >You know how Lovecraft presents a sight that defies reality in order to drive his characters insane? >This is what happenes now, but instead of crazy creepy, it's crazy hot. >"So, how is our patient today?" >You are lost for words. >Adagio smiles at you. >Her smile only broadens as time passes. >"I...uh...need some juice" you finally tell her. >You pump yourself with vitamins and dynamic music whenever you are sick. >Heh, health potions. >Adagio leaves and returns with a glass of orange juice. >"Ah, thank you." >You start to remove your arm from under your covers to take the glass but Adagio puts it on your limps rather than hand it to you. >She is careful not to choke you, much unlike most people who do this. >She takes the glass away from you before you finish. >"Wait, I wasn't finished" you start to protest. >Adagio drinks the last of the juice from the glass and leaves it on your desk. >Adagio looks at you again with a smile. >She licks her lips. >She bends down slowly and gives you a deep, longing kiss. >Her tongue slips into your mouth. >It tastes like orange juice. >You push your tongue against hers and lick it. >Your tongues intertwine like the wet bodies of two lovers. >She pulls back away from you. >Your face is red like an easter egg and you feel like you are burning. >Adagio giggles. >"Oh my, you are burning with fever" she tells you. >You can't help but smile. >Your smile fades and your eyes widen as Adagio puts a nylon-clad knee between your legs and leans over you. >Her cleavage is just a few centimeters away from your face. >Your warm breath tickles her. >Adagio puts a soft, cool hand on your forehead. >"Oh my, you do have a high fever." >Adagio gets off you and walks away. >She returns with a bottle of rubbing alcohol and an electronic thermometer. >"Sit up, anon." >She helps you sit up. >She removes your blouse and shirt. >"What are you doing?" you ask her weakly. >She puts her hand on your chest and gently pushes you back down. >She caresses your chesthair, scratching it gently while she bites her lower lip. >You feel a strange sensation in your chest. >You feel aroused and ashamed at the same time. >You are not comfortable with your nudity. >Adagio seems to enjoy watching you squirm. >She applies rubbing alcohol on you. >She smiles as she rubs it on your chest and belly. >Her hands are going up and down. >Whenever the alcohol evaporates, she applies some more. >It's coolness relieves you of the fever's uncomfortable heat. >Adagio's touch and the cold make your nipples harden. >Adagio circles your nipples with her fingernails. >Her smile has changed into an evil grin now. >She looks you in the eyes as she does this. >You are too embarassed. >You close your eyes. >The circling stops. >"Anon. Open your eyes and look at me." >Her tone is different than a few seconds ago. >It's not a request. >It's a command. >You obey and the circling resumes. >Adagio keeps looking you straight in the eye. >Your breathing is deeper now. >You feel pinned and helpless. >You are surprised to find it to your liking. >Adagio stops. >"Goood, now turn around." >You obediently turn around. >Adagio bends over you. >Her hands grab your shoulderblades like you would grab a woman's ass. >She rains passionate kisses down your spine. >She pulls the covers and your pants down to reveal your ass. >You start to protest but she resumes the kissing. >She kisses and sqeezes your buttcheeks with vicious passion. >She slaps them red. >The sound of the slapping fills the room. >It doesn't hurt much but you cry out in surprise at the first one. >You recoil every time after that. >Adagio laughs and bites you. >She didn't try to cut a mouthful but she did bite down hard. >All the while, she caresses the soft inside of your thighs as she pushes your legs open. >Adagio takes the thermometer and licks it erotically. >You are puzzled by the momentary respite from her attentions. >Adagio slips the cold, saliva-lubricated thermometer up your anus. >"EEEEEEEEEE! >You scream a few octaves higher than normal. >*Beep-Beeep!* >"Your body temporature i-" >"WHAT THE FUCK, ADAGIO!" >Adagio frowns at your outburst. >"...hold on, that can't be right. Let's try again." >Adagio thrusts the thermometer up you ass again. >She is considerably rougher. >You shriek. >*Beep-Beeep!* >"You body temporature is..." >Adagio pauses. >You say nothing. >"...39,2 celsius." >Your ass hurts, naturally. Where did she even find a rectal thermometer? >You pull the covers back up enough to cover your ass and turn around. >You are now thoroughly disenchanted at the idea of being alone with her. >You frown, feeling sick AND pissed. >Adagio lies on the bed with you. >It's a single bed so she lies mostly on top of you. >She wraps her arms around you and rests her head over your heart. >"Did I hurt you? I'm sorry I was so rough. It's just that I really like you..." she purrs as she rubs her cheek on your naked flesh. >You say nothing. >Her head moves up and down with your chest as you sigh. >"Here, Anon. I'll make it up to you. I'll make you feel good for real this time." >Still lying with you, Adagio pulls down the covers. >Your beta insticts kick in. You feel threatened. >"Woah, Adagio wha-" >Adagio puts her index finger upon your lips for a moment. >You feel a breeze on your dick as the covers are pulled away. >Your dick is half flacid. >You'd be fully erect if you weren't sick. >Adagio moves her hand down and wraps her soft grip around your manhood. >Instead of moving her hand up and down your shaft, she squeezes it gently. >She squeezes it repeatedly, like a sphygmomanometer's air bubble. >And like the brace of a sphygmomanometer, your penis gets harder and bigger. >Adagio traces her index finger up and down the underside of your penis. >She takes your tip between her index and thumb and twists it as if unscrewing the cap off a bottle to drink it's contents. >She then plays by pushing your dick down and letting it spring back up. >She pets you on the head with her other hand. >"I always say you are cocky anon, but I had no idea you are *that* cocky. Mmmmm...Vainy too..." >Adagio gives you a peck on the cheek. >She forms a ring with her index finger and thumb and moves it up and down on your penis. >It brushes against your glans. >You swallow hard. >"I know you like that...Your body is so...honest" she purrs in your ear. >She grips your penis once again. >"I wonder what it has to say about this..." >She starts stroking you. >Your penis fills the room with it's scent like a fragrant flower. >Adagio breathes in your scent. >Her stroking becomes faster and faster, much like your breathing. >"Let it out, anon. I want to see it." >You are trying to hold back for as long as possible. >You wish this moment would last forever. >She strokes you rougher and rougher. >You can't hold back anymore! >You tense up and explode. >Squirt...squirt...squirt >You ejaculate on your bubonic area and Adagio's hand. >She giggles as she coerces every last drop of your thick milk out. >You collapse back. >Adagio smiles and rubs your semen all over your cock. >"All this for me?" she mockingly asks you. >She sighs happily and looks at you. >"You are such a dirty, dirty boytoy. Let's clean you up." >She reaches for the toilet paper and cuts a generous amount. >She wipes her hand and then you. >Your balls, your shaft, your tip and your lower belly. >Adagio throws the paper down. >It's balled and gooey like the others. It doesn't stand out. >She looks at you. >She smiles as she strokes your hair with her clean hand. >It's a sirene, honest smile this time, full of kindness and appreciation. >"Now relax and sleep. I'll be right here for you and when you wake up I'll give you a sponge bath." >She rests her head on your chest once more. >She pulls the covers over the two of you. >You put your arm around her thin waist. >Adagio hums you a lallaby. >It's a slow, soothing melody. >Concioussness leaves you. >Right before blessed sleep overtakes you, Adagio whispers to you. >"I love you, Anon."