Sonata Bedtime (One shot) - by HomelessFaggot

>"Anon, I can't sleep." >You pull your covers above your head and sit up. "Something under you bed again?" >Sonata nods behind her pillow covering most of her face. >You sigh and rub your eyes before slipping on your house shoes. "I'll go check it out ok?" >"No anon!" >She grabs your hand while in reach for your flashlight. >"There's a monster under there I swear! Don't goo anoon..." "I'll be fine Sonata." >You smile through the dark bedroom. "Now lets go get this monster." >You offer your arm up and wrap it around Sonatas neck before marching into the great unknown. >Once in her room she waits by the door pillow in hand while you check her bed. "Empty. No monsters here." >In a way you lied. >Sonata had a bad habit of tucking food wrappers under her bed instead of throwing them away. >The flashlight revealed them as you'd expect, with an added rats nest housing little baby rats in the corner. >And Sonata was deathly afraid of rats. >"A-are you sure?" >You stand up and turn off the flashlight. "Yep. Though we're gonna have a talk in the morning about the trash under there..." >Sonata breaks eye contact from you while her blue cheeks turn red. "I'm not mad Sonata. We'll talk about it in the morning." >As you approach her door you feel her hand grab yours once more. >"Can I sleep with you? Just this once?" >In the moonlight the siren's puppy dog eyes feast on your soul. >You can't help it. You're weak to them. >Plus those mice are sure to have parents... "Okay." >The next minute you find yourself embraced by the pajamaed Dazzling. >She's so warm and cuddly. How could you think otherwise before? >She breaks from you with a all-too-innocent smile on her face. >Dat recovery. >You're starting to think she planned this. >"Carry me!" >She lifts her arms up high. >Oh hell why not. >Back in your bed you realize it was not made for two. >Well Sonata was pretty small. Maybe a little cuddling will make it work. >Within minutes she buries her head in your shoulder and goes out like a light. >It's uncomfortable yeah, your so close to the edge you could fall off any minute. >But a sleepy Sonata in your arms makes it worth it. >Sleep is for the weak anyway. >A glint of white catches your eye. >A pair of purple eyes watch you two from the doorway. >You have a sneaky suspicion this is the monster Sonata was talking about. >You show the finger to your unwanted guest before resuming cuddles.