Abortion Clinic Dazzles - by Anonymous

>Following the events of RR the Dazzlings are left powerless and pennyless >As weeks pass in the human world, the denied siren habits become powerful cravings >Sirens are people eaters, and they no longer have their magic to lure men into dying for them >One day they heard about a place where "only monsters go to" >They went to check it out and while they weren't eligible for it's services, they found that it served their...exotic needs >The Dazzlings are now working as unskilled workers in the Canterlot City Abortion Clinic >They go through the cans of undesirables like cats searching for scraps of food in the trash >Sirens are naturally unfazed by the suffering of others, otherwise they wouldn't be able to eat people (sometimes alive) >Sonata has come up with a morbid game to pass the time where she makes up what the fetuses' lives would had been like had they not been aborted >She often tries to involve Aria into the game by asking her to name the fetuses >It's no fun though >Aria always names them things like "soup", "meat roll", or "dinner" >Aria picks up a lifeless little baby. It's a late abortion >"Look at you! You're a big widdle baby. I bet we can stuff you like a turkey! Who's my little turkey? Who's my little turkey? You are! Hey Adagio, I got one for the freezer." >Adagio, lost in thought until then looks at Aria >Her glazed eyes fall first on the purple girl and then on the tiny corpse she was holding up >It was a little known fact (and often forgotten) that Adagio suffered from a birth defect >A siren condition called "End of the Line" >Though the untrained eye can't spot them, siren physiology has number of musculine and feminine attributes that indicate health and fertility, and are considered attractive by the opposite sex >Much like boobs or symmetrical teeth in humans >Adagio not only was infertile, but those attractive features that indicated fertility were atrophic >Something that carried over to her human body in the form of things like the flat chest of a little girl >As soon as her mother realized, she rejected Adagio and chased her away >Aborted her in a way >Adagio found working in the clinic depressing, haunting and humiliating >It felt as if fate had landed her where she belonged, among other unwanted children >She also felt infuriated and baffled >A baby would be so precious to her. A treasure. Almost all of her troubles could be attributed to her inability to carry >And these idiots who can have babies are throwing them in the garbage left and right! >She hates this. It eats her so much that some nights she has nightmares about people taking her babies away and throwing them in the trash >But then she wakes up and realizes that at the end of the day she needs money for the rent and food to put in her rumbling tummy >"Adagio? *whistle* Hey. Ground control to Major Tom." >Adagio's eyes focus on Aria "Huh?" >"You kinda zoned out there." >Adagio regains her composure and clears her throat "Aria stop playing with our food and wrap it up. Sonata, finish mopping. Our shift's almost over and I don't want to have to wait for the last bus for once. Now hop to it!" >"Aye aye captain..." sighs Aria, followed by a quiet "linnie bitch." >It's Christmas in Canterlot City >Folks are decorating their homes and businesses, and the Canterlot City Abortion Clinic is no exception >Sonata is hanging garlands and ornaments on a christmas tree >There's a small diorama of the stable scene at the foot of the tree where a wooden little Mary, Josef, the three wise men and a few animals look at baby Jesus with love in their eyes >So far the irony of having a depiction of a treasured newborn in an abortion clinic hasn't been commented on by anyone >Sonata is humming a catchy christmas song she heard the other day when she hears voices >A man wearing some sort of white military uniform enters the lobby dragging a woman by the arm with him >"Shining, stop! You are hurting me." she complains >"Shut up. You there!" >Sonata yelps >"We're here for an abortion" he says angrily >Sonata is scared >She thinks back to when the three sirens first came to the clinic, and how embarassed Adagio and Aria were when the doctor asked them why they were there and they didn't know the answer >She decides that a compliment might appease the man >"Well then you came to the right place, haha." she says laughing nervously >The man narrows his eyes >"What? Where is the doctor?" >Normally Sonata would direct all customers to the reception, but the receptionist is currently on a break >She left with the doctor >"I'm sorry sir, but the doctor is currently out. Would you like to wait or schedule an appointment?" says Sonata doing her best receptionist impression >"When will he be back?" asks the somewhat calmer but tired man >"Oh that depends." >"Depends? Depends from what?" >"From how quickly the receptionist can make him come" she says innocently >The military guy is stupified for a moment >"What...What?! You think this is funny, you stupid bitch!" >The man shouts crude things at Sonata >He barely restrains himself, but his knuckles have gone white around the arm of the girl who is now weakly trying to free herself from his grip >Adagio enters the room and turns to Sonata "Sonata stop pestering the poor man. I can't leave you unsupervised for a damn minute." >She then turns to the man "Please excuse her. She is...special needs. What can I do for you, misterrr...?" >"Armor. Shining Armor. I want to see the doctor." >"I already told him that the do-" starts Sonata, but Adagio interrupts her "Hush you. Pleased to meet you, Mister Armor. I am Doctor Dazzle." says Adagio as she offers her hand to him >Shining takes it and to his surprise he finds that Adagio has a strong grip "And this is the unplanned mother I presume." >"Yeah, my sister Twily." >Shining pulls the girl forward and she takes a few awkward steps >Adagio narrows her eyes at her, but then they open wide as she recognizes her >Under those thick glasses, uncharming clothes and messy hair is Twilight Sparkle! >The nerd look >Adagio smiles. Not at Twilight, but to herself >She smiles her predatory smile that only grows wider the more unsettled the purple girl becomes by it "Mister Armor! *Ahem*. Mister Armor, if you will please follow me to the operation room." >Adagio leads the two siblings to the operation room, grinning all the way like the joker >The psychological pressure of her condition and surroundings had finally made her snap a few days ago >She no longer had a problem with the concept of abortion >In fact she now thinks that if she can't have a baby then nobody should! >And she's about to take an active hand in enforcing this >The three enter the operation room >It's not much unlike a dentist's >It even has a big, weird armchair in the middle "Alright Miss Sparkle, if you will please take a seat over there." >"Right then up you go, Twily." >Shining lets go of the helpless girl >She looks at the chair with sadness in her eyes and walks towards it like a man on death row >Adagio smiles inwardly all the while >Twilight lies down "Comfortable?" asks Adagio. "Put your legs up here and here. Good." >Adagio straps Twilight's legs in place and tightens the straps enough to hurt her >Twilight's brother stands next to her >He is holding her hand to give her courage >Perhaps he is a nicer and more caring guy when he is calm >Adagio walks to a large cabinet and opens it >She's seen the doctor perform a few abortions before so she knows which tools to use, but not how >She hears the two siblings speak to eachother in hushed tones >"Shining, please! This is my baby! I don't want it to die." >"I'm sorry Twily, but we have no choice. We can't let anyone know, not even mom and dad. Your life would be ruined." >"But Shining, abortion is a sin!" >"So is inbreeding." >Adagio settles on a black hoover the doctor affectionately calls "The Black Betty" >She pulls it out and closes the cabinet's door >Then she collapses the lower part of gynecology chair so as to have better access to Twilight's vagina >The girl is still wearing her panties "I thought I told you to remove your underwear." >"N-no you didn't." "No worries." >Adagio takes a pair of long, sharp scissors and cuts Twilight's panties off "No need to unstrap, stand up and restrap. Less fuss this way." >Speaking of fuss, the nerd is hairy >Adagio starts the Black Betty and inserts the suction hose into Twilight's cunt >Baby hoovers are much less noisesome than conventional hoovers, and Twilight can be heard crying over it quite clearly >"No, NO! Not my baby! Don't kill my baby!" she says as she struggles against the straps >"Twily, please stop! You're gonna hurt yourself!" >"I DON'T CARE! PLEASE STOP!" >Twilight is clutching her belly >"IT HURTS! GOD, STOP HURTING ME!" >Brother and sister are both crying now >Adagio isn't moved one bit >In fact a sense of serenity has descended upon her >Adagio starts singing softly as she carries out her grizzly task >She sings that catchy christmas song that Sonata got stuck in her head "Christmas time is once a year Every critter holds it dear Every animal big or small Christmas means so much to us all" >Black Betty sucks Twilight's womb dry and raw until it clogs briefly >*VzzzzzGHRGMmmrrrvzzzzzz* "We got it! It's out. Congratulations, miss Sparkle, you are baby-free!" says Adagio in a friendly manner >However Adagio is anything but friendly >Inside she is snarling "If I can't have babies then nobody can!" she thinks to herself >"Is it over?" asks Shining Armor "Hm? Oh no. We need to make sure that there are no...bits left inside of your sister, plus there's the afterbirth and some amniac fluid. Unless she is cleaned thoroughly, your sister is at risk of getting uteral sepsis. Are you in a hurry? Want to call it a day?" >Shining goes pale >"N-no! Take your time, doctor." >Adagio shoves the suction hose deeper inside Twilight, intent on leaving her barren >Twilight screeches, cries and thrashes around while Adagio messes up her insides >Shining does his best to hold her down as he explains what (he thinks) the "doctor" is doing to her >Adagio doesn't mind the thrashing though. It makes her job easier, plus she can blame Twilight's infertility on it if she's ever confronted about it in the future >Once she's certain that she's ravaged Twilight's womb, Adagio pulls the bloody organ out of her and wipes the blood off of the girl's genitals and thighs with a towel >Twilight is exhausted at this point >Adagio goes to her and smiles at her, calling her brave and pretending to be her friend >She killed Twilight's baby with her dear brother's consent, she is protected by law, she acts like she did her a favour, and she is smiling in her face about it >Adagio takes two energy bars from a basket and hands one to Twilight like she's seen the doctor do after each abortion >It's not a treat as much as a way to get the woman back on her feet and out of there quicker so the doctor can see the next one >Adagio takes Shining aside and discusses her payment while Twilight rests >Shining Armor pays her, but when he asks about filling out forms, signing papers or getting a receipt, Adagio replies that she understands he wants this visit to remain very secret >The man grins like an idiot and thanks her "No thank you, idiot. This way you can't even prove you ever were here" she thinks to herself >Doctor Dazzle sees the siblings out >Twilight is so drained emotionally and physically that she has to be held by her brother and walk together slowly >She doesn't have the courage to talk or even raise her head >"Goodbye doctor. Thanks for everything." "It was my pleasure, mister Armor." >Adagio opens the other energy bar and starts eating it as the brother and sister walk down the street "OH AND DON'T FORGET TO USE A RUBBER NEXT TIME YOU TWO!"