Sonata's Dusk - by Anonymous

>Sonata pounded at Adagio's door >"Sonata, you're only a few days into your grounding. Stop being a pest or it's gonna be a lot longer!" "ADAGIO, I NEED HELP, FOR REALZIES!" >Adagio opened her door, her face a stony glare >"What. Is. It." "I'M DYING." >"No, you're not." >The door slammed shut "ADAGIO! ADAGIO!" >"Sonata..." >Sonata pushed her way into Adagio's room in a frantic huff "I'm bleeding from here and it's not stopping," she says, circling her crotch with a finger >"Stop being ridiculous. There's no way that's true." "I'll show you!" >"No, Sonata, don't sh- OH MY GOD SONATA YOU'RE DYING!" >Adagio scooped Sonata up into her arms and ran out into the kitchen >"Aria, get the keys!" >"What are you two morons doing now?" >"SONATA'S GOING TO BLEED OUT IF YOU DON'T GET THE KEYS, GET THE KEYS." >Aria swiped the keys and the three made a break for the car >"It's all going to be okay Sonata. We'll get to the hospital in time!" >After speeding through the city, the trio pushes their way into the ER >Adagio rushes up to a nurse at a desk >"How may I help you?" >"My friend is bleeding out and we need a doctor!" >Adagio points to Sonata, who is being carried by Aria at this point >"We have someone in need of immediate medical attention in the ER," the nurse says into a phone >She speeds around the counter to help Sonata, placing her on a gurney >"Where are you bleeding from?" the nurse asked as she rushed down the hospital halls "I'm bleeding from the vagina." >Sonata gives the nurse a sparkling smile >"You're what." "Yup. Am I going to die?" >"Are you... Are you talking about a period? You came to the ER over a period?" "I don't know. I don't think punctuation is what did this to me, but you're the doctor." >"I. What. Just, you're going to be fine. You're just having a period." >The nurse shook her head as she brought Sonata back to the lobby "Do I need to put it at the end of a sentence, or what?" >Adagio ran up to Sonata as she was wheeled in >"Are you okay? Did they say you'll be okay." "I'm still bleeding." >"Look," the nurse said, "she's fine. She's, I mean, by god, she's just having her period. You girls should know what that is by your age. Is this your idea of a prank, wasting our time?" >Adagio pointed her finger into the nurse's chest >"I'll have you know, insolent mortal, we are eons old beings from realms beyond this petty universe! We have lived thousands of years! Of course we would know of this 'period', were it real! Do your job and practice your human medicine on her!" >The nurse pushed Adagio's hand away >"Right. I think you all should just leave." >"No! You must find out what's wrong with her, run all those tests and whatever it is you people of medicine do." >Aria slid herself next to Adagio, phone in her hand >On it was a wikipedia page on menstruation >"Adagio, I think the nurse is telling the truth. It's some weird human thing." >"SILENCE. SONATA IS GOING TO SEE A DOCTOR, AND THAT'S THAT. I REFUSE TO BE MADE A FOOL OF." >Aria shrugged >"Fine, I'll send her in. Just go sit down." >The nurse muttered something under her breath >A man came to bring Sonata to her room, still laying on the gurney "Wee~" >Half an hour passed >Adagio went up to the lobby desk >"When will she be done here?" >"They're doing routine testing. She should be done soon, and then you can leave. Honestly, I'm surprised she's not out yet, seeing as there's nothing wrong with her." >The nurse's voice was as biting as her glare >Her eyes turned back to her paperwork >Adagio stuck her tongue out at the impudent human before returning to her seat >"I don't see why you're making a big fuss out of this." >"Well have YOU ever gotten this so-called 'period', Aria." >"No, but-" >"Well there you go, then! Bleeding from the genitals, normal? I cannot imagine humanity being such strange beasts." >Aria just shrugged >Another half hour passed >A man came out from the area of the hospital proper >"Are you two with the blue one, Sonata?" >Adagio and Aria nodded >"Something came up after we ran our preliminary tests. It might be nothing, but we still have to follow protocol here. It could take a few hours, so if you just leave your number with the nurse here we can call you when she's done." >A few hours passed as Adagio and Aria waited in a nearby diner >Aria groaned >"Our whole day's shot now because of Sonata," she said, poking at her food with a fork >"Hush. It might be something serious." >Aria rolled her eyes >"Because we all know Sonata is so prone to serious stuff. They're probably just keeping her there to make our days suck and get paid more. Ugh, this is the worst." >"Aria." >Aria groaned and rested her head on the table, boredom plastered across her face >It was silly to worry, Adagio knew >It was just that they weren't immortal anymore >Getting sick, getting hurt, all of it just seemed terrifying now >BEEP BEEP >"Hello?" >"Yes." >"Okay." >"Okay." >"We'll be there." >Adagio and Aria began driving back to the hospital >"Well, Adagio? It's nothing, right? I know I'm right." >Adagio was silent the whole way there >It was very unlike her >"Please tell me it's nothing too bad," Adagio pleaded >Aria's eyes darted back and forth between Adagio and Aria >Her tough demeanor fell apart as the severity of the situation was made aware to her >"I'm sorry. Unfortunately, our tests found abnormal cell growth in her ovaries. It's... extremely uncommon for a girl her age to have such an advanced case." >"C-Can't you just cut it out or something?" >"It's spread to too much of her body. At this point, chemotherapy would be our best shot. She shouldn't be doing anything too extraneous, needs to be eating healthy, but I'm afraid there isn't much more that can be done." >Adagio and Aria clung to one another >"Can we just see her then?" >They followed the doctor to Sonata's room >She waved at them cheerfully from her bed "Hey Adagio! Hey Aria!" >"S-Sonata, are you okay?" "Yup! It wasn't a period, so that's good. It's something else. I don't really remember what he said. Avian something or something." >Aria hung back at the far wall as Adagio stepped to Sonata's bedside >She looked perfectly fine >She looked like she always did "You look sad. Something bad happen?" >Adagio pulled Sonata into a hug and nuzzled her head against her chest >Sonata returned the embrace, ecstatic at Adagio's seemingly random affection "Adagio... Are you crying?" >She didn't respond >Adagio's body trembled as she tried to suck it in, tried not to cry in front of Sonata >She didn't want to scare her "Aria, what's wrong with Ad-" >"SHUT UP SONATA." >Sonata jumped back in her seat >Aria's voice was quavering and hateful >"WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO BE SUCH AN IDIOT?! WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO BE THE WORST?!" "W-What did I do?" >Aria growled as tears flowed down her face >"We haven't been mortal for even a month and y-you're doing this already... It's just like you!" "Aria, I'm sorry for whatever I did, I-" >Aria stormed out of the room before Sonata could finish her sentence "A-Adagio? What's going on? What did I do? I'm so sorry if I made you two mad. I won't do it again!" >"Sonata... It's fine. I'm not mad at you. Aria's not mad at you. It's fine." >Adagio just kept repeating that over and over >It's fine >Very low, a whisper >Eventually, it was nothing but a sob "Adagio, you're scaring me." >Until the moment they had to leave, Adagio held Sonata against her >A matter of months is all she had left, if she were lucky >The chemo would be ongoing, painful >She had tried to explain what was happening to Sonata, but she didn't seem to understand >Adagio didn't really understand it either >'Oh it's okay,' she'd say >'Six months is a loooooong time. That'splent of Taco Tuesdays!' >Snowfall marked the three month mark, and Sonata seemed to be okay >Frail, without hair, but fine "Ooh, ooh, Aria! Can we make snow angels?!" >Sonata was paler now, gaunter >But her eyes still beamed the way they always had >"No." "Aw, why not?! It'll be fun!" >"Because you're an i- Because I don't want to. And because you'll just wear yourself out." >Sonata pouted "I don't like being sick." >"Yeah. It sucks." >Sonata just nodded "Can you just make one and I'll watch?" >Aria shook her head "Pleeeaaaase~" >Sonata pleaded with Aria, hopping up and down in place >"Fine. You owe me for this." "Yeah!" >Aria laid down in the snow, motionless >She watched as her breath wisped into the grey slate of sky >It was morning, but it certainly didn't look it >And it was cold >Winter sucked "C'mon, make one!" >Aria moved her arms and legs along the ground >She hadn't done this in a long time >She lets out a little laugh >It was kind of fun >"How's it look?" "Awesome! I wish I could be doing that." >The clouds in the sky broke apart behind Sonata >Aria could see the blue behind the grey, see the sun in the sky hovering just behind Sonata's head "You look just like an angel, Aria!" >Aria and Sonata hung up their winter gear as they entered the apartment >The smell of taco permeated the place "Ooh!" >"Sonata, wait- Ugh." >Aria followed after Sonata >Adagio was in the kitchen, and it looked like she just finished cooking >Tortillas were placed on the table, along with all sorts of taco filling >"Dig in, guys." "Tacos on Thursday?" >"Eh. I thought it might be nice." >Sonata sat down, looking over the bountiful feast with hungry eyes >"Should she really be eating this stuff?" Aria whispered to Adagio. "The doctor already said she should be cutting down on this kind of stuff, especially before... treatment..." >Sonata had in front of her an assorted variety of assembled tacos now >As much as it was food, it was also an art >For her at least >"Just let her be happy. A few extra tacos isn't going to do any harm." >"Are you the doctor? How do you know that? Don't you want her to survive this? She shouldn't be eating this garbage. Maybe one taco will be the difference." >Adagio shook her head >"Aria, she... Let's just let her be happy with the time she has left." "What are you guys talking about? Let's all sit down and eat. What's the best meal without my besties? C'mon!" >"The doctor said you shouldn't be eating this much. You have another session in just a few days." >Adagio tries to shush Aria but gets pushed aside >"Put the taco down." "W-Why? I'll be too sick to eat these next Tuesday because of the hospital stuff." >"Put it down." "Try and stop me!" Sonata said with a giggle >Aria leaps over and slaps the food onto the floor >"I TOLD YOU TO STOP!" "A-Aria..." >Sonata's voice cracked "I-I'm sorry I made you mad..." she said through gulps of air >Sonata was crying again >"M-Maybe if you weren't such an idiot, you wouldn't be in this situation, Sonata! Maybe if you just listened to the doctor, you'd get better! It's almost like you're doing this on purpose, you and Adagio!" >"Aria, please. Just stop." >Adagio put her arms around Aria only to feel an elbow slam against her chest >Aria pushed away at Adagio >"Maybe you've given up, but I haven't! Am I the only one who hasn't given up here? You're all just idiots, stupid! She'll get better if you don't keep fucking around like an i-idiot!" >Sonata tapped on Aria's back >As she turned, she saw Sonata holding up a taco "Y-You can have it... I won't eat anymore today... I'm sorry, Aria. I'm sorry for being such a bad friend." >Aria collapsed to the floor "S-Stop crying. I'm so sorry. I'll do better next time." >A lot of days went by like this now, it seemed >Time passed by so slowly, so very slowly, especially for one who's had so much of it pass by already >The last few months seemed longer than any century Adagio had ever lived through >Sonata never stopped being that silly little kid she'd found those many years ago >It seemed she was always fighting with Aria and Sonata, but she couldn't remember why anymore >Why she would ever get so angry at them >Why she would sometimes wish she never found them >The only question should could ask herself was 'Why Sonata?' >Seeing her get weaker and weaker after every trip to the hospital was killing her "Adagio?" >"Oh, huh?" "I think the soups gonna burn. If soup burns." >"Oh, yes, thank you Sonata. I was just distracted." >She finished up her cooking and brought it to the table >"Bon appetit!" "Woo..." >"I know you don't like soup, but you can't eat much else after a session." "I know..." >Sonata prodded at the broth with her spoon "Is Aria going to eat with us tonight?" >"I... I don't know, Sonata." "She never comes out of her room anymore. I tried to tell her I'm sorry-" >"It's not your fault, Sonata. Don't blame yourself." >Sonata brought her soup to her lips and meekly sipped at it "Adagio... My arm's too tired... I don't think I can eat it." >"Here, let me help you." >Sonata's arm shook as she put the spoon back in its bowl >Adagio took her seat next to Sonata >Her little Sonata gave her a warm smile as she helped her eat >Sonata was so thin now, it was almost eerie >Her brittle body was shaking oh-so constantly >Adagio's arms were trembling now, too >"O-Oh, sorry, Sonata. Let me get that." >Adagio wiped at Sonata's skirt, trying to rub out the new stain "It's okay Adagio." >Her voice was so airy now >So light >As if it could be carried away forever at any time, like a melody lost to time >"Okay, that looks good. Are you still hungry, Sonata?" >Sonata was quiet >"Sonata?" >Sonata was silent >Adagio shook her >"Sonata, stop!" >She pressed her fingers to Sonata's thin wrists >There was faint thrumming >But it was there >"ARIA, HELP ME. HOSPITAL." >Aria burst out of her room >Each got under one arm of their friend and lifted her up >"She's going to be fine, Adagio... This'll just be like the last time she did this..." >Again at the hospital they waited >Hours passed, too many >It was another heart attack, the doctor told them >Her body is failing her >She's too weak to leave the hospital >They don't know how much time she has left >She needs to be with whatever family they had, the doctor said >Aria and Adagio stepped into Sonata's room >"S-Sonata?" "Hey, besties!" >Sonata coughed as she tried to maintain a smile >Her hand hovered slightly off the bed and gave a little wave >"H-How are you?" Aria stuttered "I'm okay. I still have another month until my six months are up." >Sonata punctuated her sentence with a grin >"And you'll have another six after that." >"Aria, don't..." >"Sonata is going to be just fine. She's been fine for over a thousand years. Another six months isn't too much to ask from the idiot." >Aria's hands are balled up tightly >"She's going to be fine." >She wasn't going to cry >Aria gasped as Sonata reached out for her hand "I'm sorry for being so bad to you, Aria." >Aria gripped Sonata close to her in a bear hug and cried >Cried so hard she didn't know if she'd ever cry again >Time seemed to pass by strangely >As if months were now passing >And Sonata was still here >"I... I'm going to go now." >"What, you can't! We need to be here now." >"I'm leaving. I'll meet you and Sonata back at home." >Adagio put her hand on Aria's shoulder >"Aria..." >"I said I'll meet both of you idiots back at home, okay?!" "I... I'm not an idiot..." >Aria stopped >"I know." >I am, that's what she wanted to say >This was her fault >Because she wasn't nicer >She'd had so much time with Sonata, and almost all of it was spent picking on her >Aria shrugged and turned back around >She sat down on a chair next to Adagio, both at Sonata's side "I'm not going to be okay, am I?" >Aria and Sonata looked to each other for answers "I-I wasn't scared before, but... I'm... I'm scared now, guys. F-For realzies." >She giggled >Giggled through the tears "I love you guys." >Adagio wept >Aria wept >And they embraced >"Don't be scared, Sonata. We're here for you." "I know. I'll be brave." >Hours passed by >Hours passed by where they reminisced on old times >They talked about when they'd first met >About how lucky they all were to have each other >Talked about all those stories they had to tell >So many things that seemed to have been forgotten resurged >A millennium of jokes and adventures and lazy days "Do you think dying's scary?" >"You're not going to die," Aria said. "So what's it m-matter?" "I'm just thinking." >"You? Think?" >Aria and Sonata chuckled "Maybe I'll go back to Equestria." >"Yeah, it'll be just like old times," Adagio said >Sonata let out a sigh "Can you sing for me?" >"S-Sonata... You know we can't sing anymore..." "Please?" >Adagio and Aria both held one of Sonata's hands in their own >And they sang >Their voices were as strong and as beautiful as ever and it made Sonata happy >It was just like how it was at the beginning >Whenever she was scared, Adagio and Aria would sing to her >And it would be beautiful >And all her fear would go away >No matter how scary it was outside >And she could finally close her eyes >And sleep Fin