Coming of Age Anon and Dazzlings Incest - by Tethered-Angel

>Sup. >The name's Anonymous. >Anonymous Dazzle. >And today is the day I become a man. >I woke up on the morning of my 16th birthday to the smell of pancakes and bacon coming from downstairs. >I groaned, snoozing my alarm before it had the chance to go off. >It may be my birthday, but it's still a school day, and mom's not about to let me have the day off just for that. >I get dressed, run a comb through my hair. >Slip my locket around my neck. >It's silver, and filled with red powder, some sort of crumbled gemstone. >I'm not really sure what it is, but it was a gift from my mom and it's special to me. >Some douchebags at school tried to take it from me once, said it was girly and called me a faggot. >I broke their wrists. >Mom was so proud. >I still got suspended though. Oh well. >I have a private tutor anyway. The whole high school thing is because I need to be "socialized," learn to deal with other people. >It's whatever. Most people are idiots, but what else am I supposed to do with my time? Take up guitar? >Nah. >I jump down the stairs, not bothering to be quiet. Mom and Sonata are early risers. >And nothing wakes Auntie Aria. >"Mornin,'" I announce myself with the slap of my feet on the landing. >"Morning, Nonny!" Aunt Sonata greets cheerfully, waving a spatula in greeting. >We don't really keep staff, other than the groundskeepers and my tutor. >Our family dynamic is... odd, and none of us care to have a butler or housekeeper sticking their nose into our business. >Long story short, I'm not especially surprised when my aunt kisses me on the cheek, wearing nothing but a frilly pink apron. >That's not to say I don't notice her breasts brushing against my arm, or the way the light shines on her flawless azure skin. >I just don't crumple from embarrassment anymore. >I can't help a faint heat in my cheeks as she turns around, flashing me a generous eyeful of her round, quivering ass. >I bite my tongue, distracting myself before I can pitch a tent in my shorts. >I do not want to be dealing with an erection all day, and I do not have time for a wank before school. >I pull up a seat at the table, sitting down to a plateful of steaming pancakes, just drenched with butter and maple syrup. >Mom lowers her coffee and smiles at me. >"Good morning, dear. Happy birthday." >"Thanks!" I grin, shoving a mouthful of pancakes into my mouth. >"So, what's it gonna be?" I ask leadingly around a mouthful of fried dough. "Porsche? Ferrari?" >Mom chuckles softly, a gentle laugh like tingling bells that makes my heart flutter oddly. >See, the thing is, my mom is beautiful. >Like, Greek statue beautiful, with golden skin and curly copper hair, and a body to kill for. >Every time I look in a mirror I thank her for the genes. >"Anonymous, you know what we talked about. If you want a car you're going to have to earn it." >I sigh, but can't help a little smirk. "Yeah, I know. Worth a shot." >"Mm," she hums amusedly. "You're short a few centuries if you plan to pull the wool on your mother." >"Auntie Aria would buy me a car." >"Ha!" Mom barks with laughter, and Sonata giggles. >I grin, biting into a piece of bacon, when I hear the shuffling of feet behind me. >"You spreading rumors about me kiddo?" >A hand lands on my head, ruffling my hair. >I squawk in surprise, grabbing for the hand in reflex. "Ack! Not the hair, not the hair!" >My Aunt Aria laughs, snatching a piece of bacon off my plate as she flops down into the chair next to me. >Mom gives her a look. "You're up early." >Aria nods, yawning openly. "Yeah. Wanted to see the kid off to school. It's a special day." >"Oh yeah!" Aunt Sonata squeals, today is the day-" >"Sonata!" Mom snaps, shutting her up. >She covers her mouth, blushing in embarrassment. "Oops! I almost spoiled the surprise!" >I turn to mom, my own eyebrow raised. "Surprise?" >She smirks at me. "Of course. It is your birthday after all." >I grin. "What's the surprise then?" >Mom laughs. "If I told you that, it wouldn't be a surprise, would it child?" >"I guess not," I admit with a laugh. >The rest of breakfast passed quickly, and I was ushered out the door before I could be late, my mom and aunts sending me off with a hug, a kiss, and a slug on the arm respectively. >I laughed, waving them off as I walked to school. It isn't too far from our house, and I hate the bus. >School passed pretty much as ever. I'm kind of a lone wolf, so no one really made much fuss about my birthday. >Classes are easy, and I don't have much of a social life to navigate. I prefer watching others to participating myself. >I'm on the gymnastics team, and that helps keep me in pretty good shape. >I tried football once, on Aunt Aria's insistence, but I've never been much of a team player. >But gymnastics is a solitary sport, perfect for me. By the time practice ends I've worked up a good sweat. >The coach slaps me on the back and I endure it as he talks my ear off about tryouts and competitions. >Finally I escape, and barely manage to keep myself from running home. >I'm not an excitable person, really, but my family tends to spoil me a bit. >Not in a douchebag rich kid way, but you can tell I'm the only child of the family. They like to dote on me a bit. >Some people may think it's embarrassing, but honestly it just makes it happy. They love me and I love them. We're a family, odd as we may be. >And they always seem to get me the best presents, almost like they can read my mind. >I'm sweating again by the time I reach the house. >I couldn't resist jogging instead of taking my usual leisurely pace. >I slow down once I reach the door though. I don't want to look too eager... that wouldn't look cool. >But, well, I am. I couldn't stop thinking about it all day. >Still, I open the door casually. Mom hates slamming doors (which is probably why Auntie Aria likes to do it so much). >"Hey, I'm home!" I call in greeting. >"Hey, kiddo," Aunt Aria greets me as soon as I kick my shoes off and points upstairs. "Run on up and hop in the shower." >I smirk and cock my head. "Oh, so we're going out then?" >She rolls her eyes and gives me a playful shove toward the stairs. "Nice try, wise-ass. I'm not telling you a thing." >I chuckle as I climb the stairs. "Worth a shot." >I drop my schoolbag in my room and head for my bathroom. >Our house is really big. Not quite a mansion, but close. So even my bathroom is kind of awesome. >My pride and joy is the walk in shower. It's huge, open faced, with a detachable 8-setting shower head. >You could hold an orgy in there, if you could fine enough people worth your time. >But I'm just as happy keeping it all to myself. >I start the water, filling the room with steam as I undress. >I spare the mirror a glance. I'm not arrogant, but I'm proud of my body. Sleek, fit, slightly muscular. >Dick big enough to get stuck in a toilet paper tube (not that I'd ever admit to trying). >The only drawback is that I don't have a single hair below my eyebrows. >No hairy chest, no messy bush, and most tragic of all, no beard. Ever. >I guess it's some weird genetic thing, since neither my mom nor my aunts have any body hair either. >And if you think it's odd that I know that, well. >My family isn't exactly shy. >Still, my dreams of growing a villainous goatee and handlebar mustache are a small price to pay for otherwise winning the jackpot on the genetic lottery. >Seriously, my whole family is hot, and I'm no exception. >And that's not me being arrogant. I look like a fucking model. >Then again, so does mom. >And Aunt Aria... >And Aunt Sonata. >Seriously, my family is hot! >Alright, enough preening, let's get this whole shower thing over with so we can get on with the fun stuff. >I've been dropping... subtle hints that I'm curious about what alcohol tastes like. >Maybe they're gonna sneak me into a bar or something! >Shit, that would be the bomb! >I close my eyes as I work the shampoo in my hair into a lather, letting the hot water run down my body. >My brow furrows in confusion as I hear the door open, and a cool draft raises goosebumps across my back. >"I'm in the shower, just a minute!" >I hear giggling, and something warm and soft presses into my back. >"Hey, Nonny!" Aunt Sonata says excitedly. >Her arms wrap around my chest as her I am pretty sure very naked tits rub against my back. "Welcome home from school!" >"A-auntie!" I choke in surprise, my face burning in a way that has nothing at all to do with the heat of the shower, "What are you doing in here!?" >I can hear the pout in her voice when she answers. "Aw, I just wanted to help you bathe. Just like old times." >"Y-you haven't done that in years," I manage to stutter out. "I'm not a kid anymore." >Auntie giggled. "I know you don't need my help, silly. You're a big boy now!" >The way her voice purred on the words big boy stirred something in me, and I suddenly had one more throbbing reason to be embarrassed by the intrusion. >"A-auntie, I think I can get it myself from here thank you, if you just uh, grab a towel..." I swallow nervously, angling myself to hide my erection the best I could. >It didn't work. >"Ah! Nonny, you're so big!" Aunt Sonata gasped in amazement. >I shuffle to cover my crotch, pushing my stiffened cock toward the floor and willing it to settle down, but it's no use. >My mini me just keeps springing right back up, standing at attention. >"Ack! S-sorry Auntie, it's not what it looks like!" >She grins, and her eye has a strange, hungry glint to it. >"It looks like you're excited to see me!" She purrs, extending a finger. >I shudder as her finger slowly travels the length of my shaft, petting the underside from sack to head. >"Very excited," she purrs, carefully cupping my balls. >I bite my lip to hide my arousal. Aunt Sonata is weird, but there is no way she is actually coming onto me in the shower! >She's just a very physical person, and the idea of boundaries clearly doesn't exist! >She is not going to suck me off! >I grab her wrist, guiding her away from my crotch. >"H-here, Auntie, why don't you get my back?" I say as I press the bar of soap into her hand. >Her face flashes with disappointment, then brightens with a grin. >"Oh! Right! Your surprise! I almost forgot!" >She spins me around eagerly, all thought of my manhood apparently forgotten as she vigorously applies the loofah to my back. >Ten minutes later, and my body is as clean as it's ever been. >Too bad my mind is a bit in the gutter. >But I didn't exactly have to sneak to get a look at my aunt's nude, wet body. >And how am I supposed to not look at her huge, bouncing tits? Her dark perky nipples? Her glistening sna- >Bad! Bad brain! >Don't lewd Auntie Sonata! >She is innocent and pure and has no ulterior motives! >"We're going to have so much fun!" >Her voice sends a shiver down my back as she wraps her arms around me, pulling a towel around my waist. >She grabs another towel and starts vigorously drying my hair, then grabs a comb and begins fixing my 'do. >I sigh, letting the brush untangle my wavy locks. >It feels nostalgic, sitting here like this, nestled into my Auntie's lap as she runs the comb through my hair. >I close my eyes and smile, letting the sensations take me, and with some relief I feel the peak in the front of my towel recede. >Crisis averted. >There's a knock on the door and Sonata stands up, jostling me out of my nostalgia. >"You two about done in there?" Aria demands through the door. >"Yup! Just a minute!" Sonata calls back, and pulls me to my feet. >She grabs a towel and wraps it around her hair in that weird turban thing girls do. >She does not, I notice with some chagrin, grab an extra. >Instead she just hurries me toward the door and throws it open. >On the other side is Aria, blessed, beautiful Aria, the lone bastion of fully clothed sanity in this crazy house. >Her arms are crossed and her foot is tapping impatiently. "Come on, we've been waiting for this for sixteen years, I don't wanna wait any longer." >"Hey! It's his birthday, I wanted to make sure he's good and ready!" Sonata shot back. >"Come on, guys. Don't keep me in the dark," I plead. "What's the surprise?" >"Nuh-uh, not a chance," Aria shoots back. "Close your eyes." >I do, reluctantly, and jump as Aria slips something over my head. >"A blindfold? Really?" I groan in exasperation and reach up to pull it off, but Sonata's arms grab mine from behind, pinning them to my side in an inescapable bear hug. >"Hey! No peeking!" >"Okay, okay!" I groan in defeat, once again acutely aware of her breasts pressing into my back. >Once again I feel the stirring in my loins, and am forced to surrender lest I embarrass myself in front of my other aunt. >Aunt Aria chuckles, and pats my arm. "Them's the breaks, kiddo. We're onto you." >"Fiiiiine," I groan. "Do I at least get to put on pants?" >"Nope!" Sonata chirps, ushering me down the hall. >"Yeah, at this point it would just be a waste of time," Aria agrees. "Besides, you don't wanna keep Mommy Adagio waiting." >"Aw come on, just let me grab some boxer shorts or something-" >"Nope!" Sonata shoots me down cheerfully. "I'm following orders!" >Aria chuckles drily. "You didn't go all body shy on us, did you?" >"No, I'm just, uh-" my excuse dies lamely on my lips. >Aunt Aria laughs knowingly. "Oh I know exactly what Sonata's doing. It's no big deal." >She lays a comforting hand on my arm, and her tone is as sincere as I've ever heard it. >"We're family, Anon. There's nothing to be embarrassed about." >"Easy for you to say," I retort, "You don't have to deal with random boners!" >Aria breaks out with a laugh, and I feel a bit more relaxed at the joke. >So what if I was popping a boner from my Aunt's shower? It's only natural. >"Thanks, Auntie," I grin. >"No problem, kiddo. Oh look, we're here. Sonata, get the door!" >"Okee dokee!" Sonata cheers, and I feel a rush of air as a door opens in front of me. >Then I feel hands on my back, and am propelled forward as they shove me into the room. >I stumble forward, and feel deft hands snatch the towel from my waist before the door slams shut behind me. >"Hey!" I shout, "Damnit, Aria, I'm going to get you for that!" >I turn toward the door and rip the blindfold off my head. >I try the handle. Locked. >I hear giggling on the other side of the door, and Aunt Aria's voice. >"Enjoy yourself, Anon!" >A voice gently clears its throat behind me. >"Hello, Anonymous." >I turn slowly, noticing the oddities of the room one by one. >The flickering candle light, the quiet record music, the soft scent of perfume. >And then I see her, on the bed. >Clad in a sheer, almost transparent negligee, a sweet smile on her face. >Her hair surrounds her in a halo of curls, and the candlelight glitters off of the subtle sparkles in her lipstick and eye shadow. >I swallow thickly, supremely aware of my nudity as my half-erect cock throbs between my legs. >"M-mom?" >She beckons me with a single finger, and I walk forward as if in a trance. >Her eyes meet mine, capture them so I cannot look at anything but those deep mulberry pools. >I walk forward in a haze, reach for her, my shins bump the edge of the bed. >She reaches for me, takes my head in both her hands, and draws me closer for a kiss. >It's sweet, and electrifying, and sends a jolt down my spine and to my penis, springing it to erection. >I draw away and she lets me go, still staring into my eyes, searchingly. >"I don't understand..." >"You are my son," she says softly, "you are born of my blood and that makes you like me. Something more than human." >She pulls me in for another kiss and this time I feel it. >A wave of warmth, washing over my body, like sinking into a hot bath. >Love. >Then, something electric and exciting! Lust! >The emotions course through me, and I am overcome. >I grab my mother and push her into the bed, pinning her beneath me as I meet her lips desperately. >"What? Am? I?" I ask between breaths and stolen kisses. >"You are a siren, a male, the only one of your kind in this world," she answers breathily, grinding herself against me. >"That makes you our king, and now that you are of age, we are your concubines." >"Concubines?" >"Your mates." She reaches down, and a tingle runs up my back as her hand closes around my shaft. >"And as your mother, the one who brought you into this world, I shall be your first." >I swallow thickly, my saliva catching in my throat. >"My- my first?" >She chuckles, hooking her arm around my neck and pulling me close. >She leans in, her chest brushing mine as she nips my ear. >"Don't play coy with your mother, child. I know I raised you better than that." >I blush, an I can feel the heat all the way to my ears. "Sex? You really want to have sex with me?" >She growls, scissoring her legs around my hips and rolling me to the bottom. >She pins me down, eyes filled with a feral, maternal protectiveness. >"Of course I do. Do you doubt yourself so much that you cannot conceive that I might lie with you?" >"You are of my flesh and blood. Do not think for a moment that there is anything that you don't deserve, or that I won't do for you." >"Now do your duty and bed me!" >Her words are galvanizing, and I am filled with an electric strength. >I tangle my fingers through her hair, reversing the roll and putting myself back on top. >She shrieks in surprise and pain, but her cry is broken by her own giddy laughter. >She has egged me on to this point, it was exactly what she wanted. >So now I'll take what I want. >I grab her hips, and pull her to the edge of the bed so i can stand, and wrap my arms around her thighs. >They are so smooth, cool and warm at the same time, firm and muscled but soft and pliable. >A perfect balance. I could lose the whole night exploring them with my fingers, touching them with my cheek. >But my dick is driving me now, and I know what it wants. >I tear at my mother's panties, uncaring as I rip the delicate lace off her body. >She moans encouragingly as I bare her naked slit. >I rub my hand down her stomach, place my palm over her snatch. >It's hot, hotter than the rest of her body, an inviting warmth that begs me to come inside. >My mind is lost in the scent of salt and sweat, and I can't help a guttural moan as I trace my fingers over the contours of her pussy. >"Come on, Anonymous. Don't keep me waiting." >Her gentle, pleading words are all the encouragement I need. >I drive her down, pinning her legs to her chest. >My cock is throbbing as I draw it across the hot folds of her cunt, sending a shudder through both of us as our organs touch for the first time. >The idea of protection doesn't even occur to me as I thrust in, driving my shaft deep into her. >It slides in easily, as if she were made for me. A perfect fit, enveloping my dick in warmth and pleasure. >She rolls her hips, and her muscles contract around me, firmly caressing my length and sucking me deeper in. >I roll my hips with effort, pulling back until only my tip remains, my shaft slick with her fluids. >I thrust again, growling as my thighs slap against her beautiful ass. >She squeals in eager surprise as I drive my cock into her, my balls slapping against her anus. >I never would have expected it from the self assured, prideful woman I know, but my mom is a squealer. >There is no shame there, no reserve. She is just losing herself in the sheer pleasure of sex. >The knowledge that I can bring her so much joy drives me to greater effort. I pull back, pistoning my hips as I try to find a rhythm. >I'm clumsy at first. I've never done this and my mind is buzzing with new sensations. >But she guides me, just like she has all my life, her moans and screams of pleasure directing my movements. >She rolls her hips, matching my pace, letting my lead out dance despite my clumsiness, and I find myself settling into a comfortable rhythm. >My body slicks with sweat, and my breath comes in shallow, ragged puffs. >I am glad for my gymnastics training as I continue to push myself, holding out as my cock throbs inside her. >It feels so good, I don't want it to end. >"F-fuck! Anon!" >I startle, driving my dick deep in surprise. >It's rare to hear my mom swear like that, and never in the same breath as my name. >Her screaming reaches a crescendo, and her legs grab my hips like a vice. >Her hands throttle the sheets as her thighs crush my sides, and her cunt tightens around my cock with crushing force. >I moan as her insides massage my shaft, digging my fingernails into her thighs as she pushes me over the edge. >My head swims with pleasure as my dick pulses, firing my load deep into her womb. >She doesn't let me go, milking me for all I'm worth. >I feel pleasure wash over me, ecstasy, love and lust, ferocious hunger and deep satiation. >Something drapes around my neck, and I feel a subtle pressure at my throat. >I raise my fingers to my neck, and touch the stone that hangs there. >White hot emotion pierces my mind, too powerful to identify as any one feeling. >It's more like the feeling of feeling at all. >Like I am actually feeling for the first time. >Not just the experience of emotions, but the weight, the texture of them. >The taste. >Sweet, sweet love. >Spicy hot lust. >The subtle tang of envy and jealousy. >Bliss. >They all drive into me, heightening my senses as my cock throbs again, sending spurt after spurt of ropy cum into my mom's pussy. >Mom's legs drop and I stumble back, catching myself on the post of her bed. >She looks thoroughly exhausted as she props herself up on her elbows, bliss and pride plain across her face even as her hair falls behind her in a tangled mess. >I grin sheepishly, suddenly acutely aware of my nudity and the fluids dripping down my legs from my still erect cock. >She beckons me forward with one finger, and I lean in so she can plant a chaste kiss on my cheek. >"Happy birthday, sweetie." >I shudder. "You meant what you said? About sirens and concubines?" >She smirks, and gently caresses the stone that appeared at my throat. >I shudder as her finger strokes the gleaming, faceted ruby. >Her voice is almost... reverent, as she speaks. >"My sisters and I want nothing more than to make you happy, Anonymous." >Suddenly, the door bursts open and I hear the familiar, scratchy voice of my Aunt Aria. >"So, kiddo, how'd it go? It sounded like you were having-" >Her teasing stops, and she halts dead in the doorway, jaw dropping. >She falls to one knee, head bowed and arms outspread in supplication as her voice takes on an uncharacteristic quiver. >"My- my king!" >I don't even have time to process that before my other Aunt bursts into the room. >"Nonny, you did it!" Sonata shouts. >She runs at me, hug-tackling me to the bed and showers my face with kisses, unmindful of my wet cock or our mutual nakedness. >"I'm so *mwah!* happy that *mwah!* it worked!" >I squirm under her, trying to breathe. >She's heavier than mom, and way stronger than you'd expect, so I can't push her off like I did mom. >Instead I raise my hand, and bring it down on her ass with a smack! >She squeals, arching her back with a shudder as she throws her head back and gives me a bit of breathing room. >"Ack- Auntie- get off!" >"O-oops, sorry Nonny!" >She slides off of me, dropping to her knees on the floor and looking up at me with doe-eyed admiration. >"I'm just so happy for you." >"I don't- I don't really know what's going on," I admit, a bit overwhelmed. >"I know, sweetie," my mom says, caressing my cheek as she hugs me from behind. >"Don't worry, we'll be here to walk you through it, every step of the way." >"But first," she motions to my two aunts, "You have two more presents." >Aunt Sonata shuffles forward on her knees, gazing up at me in utter admiration. >"A-Auntie?" My voice shakes in uncertainty. >She smiles, eyes filled with a hunger I have never seen before. >She licks her lips, slow and predatory, before pouncing on me, locking her lips around my cock. >Her head bobs, and my eyes roll back as her tongue assaults my member, still sensitive from my first orgasm. >Soft arms envelop me, warmth coursing through me as my mother leans against my back, her slender hands grasping at my chest. >She sings in my ear, a soft ethereal melody that sends shivers through my body. >My dick throbs, returning to life as I feel energy coursing through my body. >My cock stiffens, filling my aunt's mouth, and she hums happily as she sucks, swallowing the mix of mine and my mother's juices. >She grasps my balls, carefully massaging them with her delicate hands. >My cock throbs, almost painfully erect, as Aunt Sonata pulls away with a 'pop.' >She smirks at me, planting a quick kiss on my glans. >"Aww, you're all hard for me, Nonny," she says happily. "Do you wanna fuck me?" >I nod breathlessly. I do, I really do. All the feelings I've suppressed, living with my hot, nudist aunt peak. >I want nothing more than to shove my cock into her soft, wet depths. >She giggles, edging away from me as she pushes herself to her feet. >Then she turns, looking over her shoulder with a wink, and leaning forward to touch the floor. >I swallow a lump in my throat as I stare at her perfect ass, on display before me. >She giggles and shakes herself playfully, her round, soft butt jiggling invitingly. >Mom kisses my cheek and ruffles my hair encouragingly. >I push myself off the bed, cock stiff and ready as I step toward my aunt. >"You sure?" I ask my aunt. I still can't believe this is happening. >She giggles, thrusting her hips invitingly. "Come on, Nonny! Don't be shy! I've been waiting sooo long to feel your cock!" >I grin, but my face is red with embarrassment. "Come on, auntie, don't exaggerate!" >She laughs. "I'm not! It's been forever since I've felt real siren cock! Aria's toys just don't cut it anymore!" >I blush harder, imagining my aunties screaming in arousal, a long thick dildo shared between them. >My cock twitches, and I groan. >Sonata moans in response, pushing herself back so that my dick is sandwiched between her generous ass cheeks. >"Come on, Nonny," she whines, "Don't keep me waiting!" >I swallow, my head spinning with nervous energy. >I grab her hips, pulling her against my thighs. >I grind against her, heart pounding as my shaft glides across the cleft of her ass cheeks. >Then I pull back, hands grasping her butt. My thumbs find her cunt, pulling apart her folds to reveal her wet, pink snatch. >Moaning, I rock forward, slowly slipping my length into her. >She feels like mom. Note quite as tight or quite as hot, but slick and eager. >She moans, arching her back, and I shiver as her passage shifts around me. >This position is way different from mom's, and it affects me differently. >Her passage curves downward, putting more pressure on my penis which naturally curves upward. >Her folds grind against my sensitive underside, and my tip strikes her inner walls. >Grunting, I thrust my hips forward, eagerly driving myself into the new sensations, >Aunt Sonata gasps, panting as I pound into her. >Her voice squeaks as she calls my name, and the cute little voice cracks drive me wild. >My fingers dig into her ass, my digits sinking into her soft, cool flesh. >I rear back, slapping my hand across her butt with a loud *smack!* >She squeals, thrusting against me as she begs me "again! Again!" >I consent, smacking her again, riding her like a wild cowboy. >My other palm drops, spanking her hard enough to sting my palm and leave a bright pink hand print on her ass. >She squeals in delight, and I feel her tighten around me. >I grunt, smacking her again. My hands punish her jiggling bottom until they're tingling and red, and her pussy convulses around my cock. >My balls tighten, and I grab her stinging ass as my body shudders in orgasm, shooting my load deep into her womb. >She squeals with joy, arms collapsing as her pussy milks me for all I'm worth. >She props herself on her elbows, rocking her hips as she rides out her own orgasm. >I fall backward, breathing heavily, my penis leaving her cunt with a satisfying pop. >I stumble onto the bed, tumbling back until I fall onto the sheets, my wet cock rising over me like a perverse Eiffel tower. >Mom hums as she crawls over to me, her heavy curls obscuring me as I feel her lips around my cock. >Her tongue works feverishly, and I feel her swallow as she greedily gulps down my leftover jizz and my aunt's cum. >I groan, clutching her arm in an iron grip as I try to digest the new emotions flowing through my pendant. >Where mom tasted of pride and ambition, lust and bliss, my aunt tastes of pure joy. >Excitement, for me and for life and for sex. >And love and lust of course, a dash of pride. >Familiar flavors mixed with new, all new and overwhelming sensations, almost too much. My head spins with pleasure. >My heart is pounding, and my stomach flutters with nervous pleasure. >Mom sighs happily, laying beside me. Her arms strangle mine as she rests her head on my chest, her curls tickling my chin. >Her legs shift, pinning my hand between her thighs as her knee brushes my cock. >The mattress shifts as my aunt crawls up next to me, nestling against my other side. >Her sweet breath tickles my nose, her lips brush against my ear. >I turn my head to say something, and she captures my lips with hers, sending a shock through my body as she kisses me. >I moan, sinking into the kiss as her tongue dances across mine. >Mom nestles into my shoulder, kissing my neck, and I melt into the embrace between two of the most important women in my life. >The door squeaks, and footsteps shuffle toward the hall. >Mom stops, half sitting, to glare at the disturbance. >"Where do you think you're going?" >Aunt Aria stops, frozen in the doorway. >She turns back, a fragile grin on her face, cheeks flushed a dark pink. >"I was... just leaving. He- he's had a big day, you know." She shrugs. >I push myself half up, propping on my elbows. "Aunt Aria?" >She smiles sheepishly. "H-happy birthday, kiddo." >"Wait!" >I catch her before she can slip out the door. >Quickly I extricate myself from my aunt and mother, my bare feet padding across the floor. >I put my hand on Aunt Aria's shoulder, turning her to face me. >She hangs her head, refusing to meet my eyes. >My throat clamps, and I feel her through my pendant. >Shame. Envy. Insecurity. >My heart drops, and I pull her close to me. >She squeaks in surprise, stiffening in my arms, before going limp and melting against me. >I whisper into her ear. >"I don't want you to leave, Auntie." >She sniffs, hugging me back, her wiry arms crushing my back with surprising strength. >"I'm not, I'm not as pretty as my sisters," she whimpers. "I'm not worthy of you, sire." >I tilt her head up, my fingers under her chin. >"I don't care. I love you, Auntie. I want you." >She sniffs, hands tensing. Her fingertips dig into my naked back. >I step back, pulling her into the room. My bare foot catches the door, nudging it shut. >I put my hands on her shoulders and gently push her away, looking into her eyes. >"I want to see you. Take off your clothes." >She blushes, her words catching in her throat. >Nervously, she steps back, hands clutching at her blouse. It's only now I realize she's dressed up for me. >The shirt comes off, and her bra hugs her chest tightly, pushing her modest breasts up into an imitation of cleavage. >I reach forward, touching her smooth abs. Her muscles are firm and taut, hot under her skin. >She breathes a shaky, shuddering breath, presses herself against my palm. >My hand trails down, deftly unbuttons her slacks. She wiggles her hips as I pull her zipper, sliding her pants down her legs. >I blink, taken aback in surprise. My aunt, gruff and boyish and sporty, is wearing lingerie. >Lacy panties match her bra, and a garter belt hugs her waist, its straps disappearing past her waistband. >She steps out of her pants. Her legs are hugged by sheer, lacy stockings. >My breath catches. I run my hands down her sides. She shivers. >"Auntie, you're... sexy as hell." >She bites her lip, turning away. "You're just saying that." >I grab her wrist and pull her into me, kissing her lips. >She melts against me, soft and small, her head fitting neatly under my chin. >My hands trace her muscled back and grab her ass, grasping her firm cheeks. >Her breath hitches, and I feel her push her butt against my hands. My thumbs loop into the elastic of her waistband and I pull down her panties. >Her breath tickles my chest as she hooks her arms around my neck, kicking her panties aside as I kiss her again. >I push her back against the door, lifting her to eye level, my hands under her thighs. >She looks at me uncertainly, and I grin, grinding against her crotch. >She moans as my dick slides across her cunt, growing stiff for the third time tonight. >Sweet, spicy lust tingles across my tongue, as the bitter flavors of jealousy and shame recede. >My aunt's grip loosens as she leans against the door and I lean away, her legs hugging my hips and her fingernails digging into the back of my neck. >I roll my hips, dragging my penis against her lips until the tip lines up with her opening. >I lower her as I thrust, letting gravity do half the work. >She's wet, and her folds part invitingly around my cock head. >I grunt as I press into her. She's tighter than Sonata, and even mom. Hotter too. Her insides are like a furnace. >She gasps as she slips down my length, her knees digging into my sides as she tightens her grip in panic. >I wince as her cunt spasms around me, her powerful muscles strangling my cock. >"You're so fucking tight," I grunt breathlessly, my fingers digging into her thighs. >Moaning, she tightens her grip on my neck, pulling my head until our brows rest against each other. >"Do- do you love me, Anon?" she pants. >I nod. "Yes." >"Then FUCK ME!" she growls! >I startle, loosening my grip in surprise, and she cries out as she's impaled on my cock. >I grab her quickly, pinning her against the door as her pussy spasms around me. >I draw back, just enough to get a little bit of distance, before thrusting again, driving myself into her up to the hilt. >She screams, swearing at me even as she tells me to go again. >I do, pounding into her over and over, until sweat pours off my back and my legs are sore from thrusting. >I howl, deep and animalistic as I pound my aunt against the wall. >Tears pour down her cheeks, her eyes clenched in pain, but her emotions hum with pride and victory. >She wants this. >It hurts, but it hurts exactly like she hoped it would. >I choke up with emotion. >"I'm... your first?" I whisper. This moment is only for us. >She nods, her eyes wet with pride and shame. >"I never- before," she gasps. "And then, I was saving myself." >"For me," I finish, awed. >She nods. "For my king." >I lean in, biting her neck, marking her as my own. >We bang against the door as I cum for the third time, her muscles contracting as she suffers her own orgasm. >She screams in pained satisfaction, and I can feel her nails leave bright red lines across my back. >I fall against the door in exhaustion, out noses touching as I rest my forehead against hers. >Our breathing is tense, ragged, as we breathe the same air. >My skin tingles, and electricity races up my spine as her emotions pour into me. >Love. Affection. Adoration. >I tilt my head, and kiss her. >Soft hands find us, coaxing us away from the door. >I stumble back, carrying my aunt, my cock still sheathed inside her. >Mom and Sonata guide us to the bed, easing me back so I can lie down, Aunt Aria still cradled snugly in my arms. >Sonata curls up next to me, pressing her back into my side. >Mom leans over me, her hair tickling my cheek. >She kisses my forehead, then my mouth, pulling away with a gasp as a string of saliva stretches between us. >She lies down next to me, her eyes on my face, filled with love, devotion, and pride. >"Happy birthday, Anonymous. I love you so, so much."