Son-art-a's Art - by Anonymous

>Be Adagio >You're on your way out of CHS after serving daily detention for what happened at the musical showcase >You look at the clock hanging above the double-doors leading out >5:00 P.M >You sigh a wonderful sigh as your day in school is finally over, especially with it being a Thursday >One more day until you're free for the weekend... >Your joy isn't long-lived however, as you remember you have work in half an hour at the diner down the street >Even as you pass through the doors, your dread lingers >The warmth of the inside of the school escapes you as you leave, throwing you to the cold weather outside, snow falling and all >You pull your hood over your head and your teeth begin to chatter out of your control >Just focus on going to the diner >Your feet carry you faster, understanding full-well that you'd rather go back inside that hell they call "high school" than spend more time than necessary in this weather "No stopping. Don't stop no matter what." >No matter what, you repeat to yourself in your head >But something, or rather, someone, catches the corner of your eye >Sonata >She's sitting behind a stand of some sort in one of the grassy areas near the front gate >You notice the large sign connected to the rest of the table that forms into something of a roof >Well, at least she was smart enough to put something over the table to cover what she has on it >You narrow your eyes to attempt to make out what the sign over her head says >"Son-art-a's Art" in bright colors, with Sonata's signature childish handwriting >Another sigh escapes you, this one with a hint of disappointment >Your gaze fixes over to Sonata herself >She's staring down at her lap, not wearing her usual smile >You raise an eyebrow, scanning Sonata in further detail >She sniffles, and you could swear you saw a small tear rolling down her cheek >Your heart sinks at the sight of this >She was always so bubbly >Even when everything was going wrong, she could manage a smile >You had never seen her like this before >You walk a little closer, somewhat purposely trying to stay out of her line of sight >You can barely see what the rest of her booth has on it >Drawings that Sonata has made >They were all very crude and honestly looked like they had been drawn by a grade-schooler >All were stick figures that bore some resemblance of herself or others >One of her singing with little notes coming out of her mouth >One of of her with a bunch of yellow half-cylinders with green and red splotched on it >Is that a taco? >No wonder she was so down, no one probably wanted to buy one of them >But one drawing in particular caught your attention >It was one of you >Not just of you, but with your other acquaintance, Aria, both of you with a smiling Sonata >Aria looked like her usual grumpy self and you had your mouth wide open, your hair covering your entire body for whatever reason >A small laugh escaped your lips at how ridiculous it looked, though not loud enough for Sonata to hear >She looked like she had put a lot of effort into it, and even in the other drawings >You could feel the corners of your mouth rise and your entire being warm up, despite standing in the cold >You move a little closer to the stand >Little sticky notes with numbers preceded by dollar signs on each drawing >It was then that you saw what she was actually doing >She was the only one without a job amongst the three of you and she was trying to sell her art to help pay for food and rent >You knew how hard she was trying to find work, but she never managed to land a job >Your eyes shifted back to her >Still sniffling >She wasn't even like this when she didn't accepted for jobs >"It's alright, next time!", she would always say, and quite gleefully at that >But right now... >You nod to yourself, pulling your hood more over your face to hide yourself >You make your way over to the stand, hands in your pockets >You had to do this >You wanted to do this >You approach the stand >Sonata's still looking at her lap >You clear your throat to get her attention >Her head slowly rises up, her frown refusing to leave her >"Oh, hi..." >Her tone was despondent >Never have you heard her like this >You clear your throat one more time in an attempt to disguise your voice "Yes, hi. You're selling all this... uh... 'art', correct?" >She slowly nods her head >"Yeah." >That was it >She would have talked for miles about them if she were in her normal state >You hated admitting it, but you missed that part of her already "Good. Because, I.. uh... Can I buy one?" >At this, Sonata's eyes shot open >The corners of her mouth rose equally as fast >"Really?! Wow, I can't believe it! Someone's gonna buy one of my drawings! Which one do you want? I got this one with me and some tacos, I got this one where I-" >She began talking at a mile a minute >Back to her old self, thank god >Nevertheless, you didn't have to take the time to pick one "This one." >The one with you, her, and Aria >Your hand brushes across it caringly... >...until you hit the sticky note with the price on it "$80?!" >You cover your mouth with your free hand, almost blowing your cover >You look back to Sonata, nodding her head in a prideful manner >Eighty dollars for this? >... >No, you need to think about how this affects Sonata >Doing something for others was never your thing >...But this is Sonata we're talking about >She stuck with you even when everything was crashing around you >She needed this... >You needed this... >You sigh, but nod your head, fishing your wallet out of your backpack >You pull out three $20 bills and four $5 bills >You push your arm out to her with the money in hand "Here." >Sonata's smile widens, impossibly, you think >She takes the money and hands you the drawing, clutching the money to her chest >"Yay, my first sale! Ahhh, I'm so happy! Thank you so much!" >She grabs your free hand and violently shakes it >It's ice cold, has she really been out here since school ended? >You rattle at the strength of her handshake "Th-a-a-ank y-y-you." >After about ten long seconds, she lets go of your hand, placing it on her other hand with the money safely guarded >You turn to walk away >Sonata is still making excited sounds as you leave the booth >Your feet shuffle you to the school gates >As soon as you pass through, you can hear Sonata still at her booth, yelling aloud >"Wait til I tell Adagio and Aria! They'll be so proud of me!" >A smile forms on your lips as you hear that >You bring your eyes to the drawing, still in your hand >It wasn't the prettiest thing you've ever seen >But it certainly was the most heartwarming >You clutch it to your chest to prove it