I won't be ignored - by Anonymous

>Be kidanon >Little brother of the dazzlings and fresh out of elementary >And I have got to say, junior high has been opening my eyes big time >Sure the juniors look exactly the same as they did in elementary >But the seniors, oh lawdy the seniors! >Dem hips >Dem boobies >Dat everything >And to think once upon a time I actually though girls were gross >What a poor deluded fool I was! >"Anonymous!" "What! Yes, here, present!" >"Oh that's good to hear anonymous, so you should have no trouble answering the question." >Shit, I'd gotten distracted watching the senior girls gym class out of the window >And I was completely lost, a ton of meaningless numbers all over the board >Well, remember what Sonata taught you "Uh... 42." >"I see, so the square root of 42 is 42?" >The classroom burst out in laughter >Didn't matter though, class would be over soon anyway >Finally, end of the day, so much to look forward to! >Go home, play some video games, eat junk food, the works... >That is, if Sonata ever showed up >God dammit Sonata, I'm a big boy now, I can walk home alone >But noooooo, she couldn't even dream of letting her baby brother walk himself >Oh well, at least it gave me plenty more time to admire just how much three years can do to a girls body >Oh man, would you look at the boobs on that one? >Or the butt on that one! Why are their butts so jiggly? >"Nonny!" >Suddenly my blissful watching was interrupted by a scream from an all too familiar presence >That presence being a 6 foot tall blue girl who made all of these girls look like flat little girls >Wow, anon, that's your sister, don't think about her like that, it's weird >"Yesh nonny, are you asleep or something?" "No, I was just, uhhh... Thinking about school stuff." >Sonata's eyes quickly flicker across the group of senior girls I was gawking at a moment ago >"School stuff hmmm? You sure you weren't thinking about girls nonny?" >Judging by her tone she probably meant it as a tease >But all I registered was "wah wah wah" >One of those girls just popped open one of her buttons >Praise the heat >"Nonny?" "Huh... What, oh, yeah, watching the girls..." >I was too far gone to notice anything anymore, that cleavage was glorious >Until there was a sudden yank on my arm >Sonata was dragging me away from the school by the arm >Walking fast with a face that looked a little pissed "Wow, Sonata, what's going on!" >"Nothing anon, we just need to get going" >Shit, normal name basis >Yup, she was pissed alright >Guess I have to lighten the mood "So, got any plans for today?" >"No" >She got us to the car and stepped in quickly, turning the radio to some of her terrible rap "I see... So wanna hang out or something." >"Nope" >Wait, what? >Since when did Sonata not want to hang out >This was the same girl who would mockingly cry that I stopped loving her whenever I hung out with friends "Hey, Sonata... Did I do something wrong?" >She drove on in silence for a bit before letting out a breath >"No nonny, you didn't do anything..." >"Not yet anyway" >What? >I never realized how boring my everyday life would be without Sonata >The moment we'd gotten home she went upstairs and disappeared for the whole day >Aria only had two moods, ignore me completely or pick on me, she chose ignore today >Adagio was just pestering me to do my homework as always >And all my downtime involved sitting in front of a TV flipping through channels >It was one of those rare days I actually look forward to going to bed >And wouldn't ya know it, it also happened to be one of the few days where someone actually woke me up >Just as I was slipping into sleep there was Sonata face poking through a slightly cracked door "Hey Sonata, what's up?" >She didn't answer, she just opened the door the rest of the way and closed it behind her before turning to me >This was weird, for one she was wearing a bathrobe, she never wore bathrobes >And two she still hadn't said a word, she just stood there watching me >It was getting pretty creepy to be honest "Uhhhh... So, anything you want to talk about?" >She still didn't say anything >Instead what she did was get on her knees on the bed and get right on top of me >And considering the way she just kneeled over me, completely straight and hands on her belt, I don't think she was looking to wrestle >"Hey nonny" >There was something really unsettling about her smile "H-hi Sonata..." >"So anon, do you like looking at girls?" >I couldn't say anything, I was absolutely terrified for some reason >"Oh nonny, you don't even know what a girl looks like looking at those mosquito bite kids, how about I show you what a real woman looks like?" >Her hands pulled the belt open, and her bathrobe slide right off her shoulders >I had no idea what I should have done >My big sister, bigger than most full grown women and a lot bigger than me, sat there completely naked >Her huge boobs, those perfect blue nipples, those hips... >No anon, what were you thinking! She's your sister... >So why is she sitting on you naked? >"I was always scared this would happen nonny." >She leaned down and grabbed my shoulders, bring her face mere inches from mine >"You'd start looking at other girls! You'd start dating! Your poor big sister forgotten!" >Her hips began to grind, the weigh of her ass bearing down on my dick >I had to look away, had to think of something else >This didn't seem to sit too well with Sonata >"I won't be ignored anon!" >In a second her hands let go of my shoulders and clamped the sides of my face, forcing me to look at her as she lunged forward and began worming her tongue against my teeth >When I wouldn't open my mouth, she grabbed hold of my jaw and opened it for me >When her tongue was deep in my mouth and thrashing around like an eel her hands went back to my shoulders, her moving hips now full on smacking against mine instead of just rubbing them >I wanted to do something but I couldn't >She was too big for me to push off >If I bit her tongue or tried screaming for Adagio and Aria there's no telling what she'd do >I was scared, and yet I couldn't help but feel a growing stiffness in my pants >And Sonata certainly felt it as well >Without a moments hesitation she grabbed hold of my pajama pants and pulled down on them >I tried wiggling away, tried to jump off the bed and towards the door >But Sonata was too quick, when the pants were off she was already on me again >And she was already lining me up with her dark blue oyster looking thing >Vagina's look a lot weirder than they did in sex ed >"I won't let anyone else have you nonny" >With that she slammed herself down on me >Her ass slamming against my pelvis hard enough that it actually hurt as her vagina swallowed my entire dick with ease >Any hope that she'd calm down was gone >Every time she brought herself up she slammed herself down with twice as much force >It almost felt like she was beating me >"H-hey nonny! Remember that time we put pudding in Aria's shoes?" >She yelled as she slammed herself down again >Yeah, I remembered, why was she saying that now though >"O-oh! Or the time we went to the ah! The lake to catch frogs and you, oh my god! You got stuck knee deep in a sinkhole? Hahaha-Aaaah!" >She quickly leaned down and pulled me into a hug, peppering my face and neck with kisses as she kept on bouncing >Why was she talking about all this stuff now? >Why was she even doing this to me in the first place? >It hurt, I was scared, but at the same time it was starting to feel really good >That warm tight hole swallowing me up, those big soft boobs pressing into my chest, that sweet way she was hugging me just like nothing was going on, just another day with big sis Sonata >Only something was going on >She kept slamming down onto me >And eventually I began to feel something building up, some kind of weird sensation >It felt like something was gonna come out >"I love you anon! I won't let anyone else have you!" >With one more big thrust that sensation reached its peek >Shot after shot of semen (that's what it's called right?) went shooting right into Sonata's vagina >That hardly stopped her though, she kept bouncing like a madwoman until everything was sucked right out of me >And finally she lifted herself off and sat on the opposite side of the bed, panting heavily with her tongue lolling out of her mouth, mumbling something to herself >I couldn't exactly make it out, but it sounded something like "I love you nonny" >I was exhausted too, but I was more scared >This was my chance >I could throw open the door and run into Dagi's room >Beg her to protect me from Sonata >No time to think about it, do it before she recovers >But that didn't take as long as I'd hoped >The moment I got out of the bed Sonata lunged at me and used her superior strength and mass to pin me face first to the ground >I twisted my head to see what she was doing >She was reaching into the bathrobe >She was pulling something out... >It was a plastic penis connected to several belts and a bottle of liquid >I began to squirm frantically under her, try to get away >But it was futile, even with one hand attaching the dildo to her crotch she had me pinned completely "Sonata, please don't..." >It came out as the most girly whimper of my entire life, but right now I didn't care >Sonata didn't stop though, she just lubed up and lined herself up with me >"Nonny, just relax, you know your big sis would never hurt you..." >But you were hurting me right now! >No, scratch that, I though she was hurting me >I didn't realize what hurting really was until I started to feel the wet dildo pushing slowly but surely against my butt hole >I clenched up as hard as I could, gritting my teeth and tearing up at the pain >"Nonny, it'll hurt if you clench, you have to relax." "It wouldn't hurt if you didn't do it." >"It'll feel good if we do it right." "I don't want to do it at all! I want this to stop, please!" >I couldn't help myself, I broke down crying right then >I don't care how weak it seemed, I could hold back, I just didn't care >I noticed the pressure however went away as two arms gentle reached around my shoulders >"Nonny... I'm not trying to hurt you, please nonny, I just... I need you, and I want it to be as good for you as it is for me" >She kissed a few of the tears away before her hands came back and took a firm hold of my waist >"This is gonna happen, it can be painful if you want it to... But I'd be very happy if you enjoyed it." >She began pushing into me again >Hands making sure my ass was in the exact position she wanted it in >I wanted to clench, stop it from going in >But she was right, it was happening, might as well try to keep it loose >This time the building pressure didn't feel as bad >And eventually the very first inch slipped right in >That was all the encouragement she needed, any notion of slow and gentle went right out the window >She quickly thrust her entire length deep into me >It hurt but at the same time I could help but moan and buckle a bit >Something in there was being hit and it felt damn good >My cock began to harden again in seconds >She was right, it did feel good when I completely relaxed >Drops of precum began falling against the floor and I grabbed a hold of the carpet and pressed my cheek into the ground >Sonata wasn't going slow or keeping pace, she kept going faster and faster, nails digging into my sides as she pulled me into her to increase her speed >It hurt, but it was a good pain >"Nonny, tell me you love me! Tell me I'm better than everyone else! Adore me!" "You're amazing Sonata! N-no one even compares to you, not the girls at school and not even Aria and Adagio! Aaah! I-I love you Sonata, I love you so much!" >She kept slammed herself into me, and before I knew it shot after shot of cum shot out hard, covering the floor beneath and even hitting myself in the face with one rope >Sonata pulled out and let me fall down, covering my chest and stomach in my own cum >"Hey nonny..." >As I lay there panting Sonata lay next to me, prompting herself up on her elbow >"You got a little something on your face." >She took my chin in her other hand and began to lick all the cum off my face >And then she kissed me, forcing me so swirl around the bitter slime between our two tongues >I didn't even care much, I was too exhausted to care >"Aww, what's wrong nonny? Are you tired?" >I could only pant in response >"Sorry nonny, but you better suck it up, we haven't even started yet." >Wait, what? >[3 hours later] >Finally I got to lay down in my bed, firmly held by Sonata, face buried in her neck >Everything hurt, my ass was red and raw, my waist looks like it was in a blender, rug burns on my chest, hickeys and bite marks on my neck and shoulders >I don't know what overcame Sonata, but I was terrified of her now >Yet, for some reason, I just wanted to snuggle into her more and just fall asleep in her arms >At least she didn't have to worry about me looking at other girls again >I don't think I'd have the guts