A Dazzling Pack XIII - by LaPsbin

>"Come on Nonny!" "No." >"Come swim with us. The water isn't cold or anything!" "No thank you." >It was an early Tuesday morning >You and your girls had decided that going to school today was something that none of you wanted to do >So you all decided to play hookie >And where did you go instead of school, you may ask? >The movies, maybe? >Or the mall? >Maybe you all just decided to stay at home and lay around like the pieces of lazy shit that you were? >None of the above >Because your girlfriends were fish people, they liked to go swimming every once in awhile >They preferred to swim in the ocean, but because the nearest coast was a hundred and fifty miles away, the three had a standing agreement with a local YMCA >Every year they'd get a ludicrous amount of money in the form of "donations", while the girls were able to use the pool whenever and however they wanted >So there you all were >The pool was completely empty other than the three of you >The lights had been turned down >Up above you could barely make out the wooden support beams of the roof >Everything smelled wet with just a hint of salt >You could see all of the things that they had at public swimming pools >Those dingy things >Half chewed pool noodles >Those giant bundles of rope that let people make lanes >Pool toys that no doubt would give you pink eye if you so much as LOOKED at them >You could see both Aria and Adagio doing laps in the pool >Back and forth they went, far faster than any human could hope to swim >They'd zoom down the length of the pool, kick off the end with enough force that you could heard it from a hundred feet away, and zoom right back to the shallow end >There weren't a lot of times that you thought your girls as anything other than a bunch of cute girls, but seeing them do this? >Moving like that? >Seeing their eyes GLOW in the water? >It helped punctuate the fact that even though they LOOKED like women, walked like women, and talked like them, it didn't actually mean that they were WOMEN >They were something more, something different >Something even a little bit scary >And that was fucking AWESOME >You had been watching them for the past ten minutes and not once had they come up for air! >How neat was that shit? >You, standing a safe distance away from the edge of the pool in nothing but a pair of swim shorts, couldn't help but find yourself smiling as you watched the girls >Though their faces were distorted by the water, they looked happy, content, at ease >They looked like they were home >You were brought out of your thoughts when you felt a hand brush against your foot >Looking down, you saw Sonata standing in the shallows >Lil' blue was soaked from the head down >Her hair hung wetly against her forehead and the sides of her neck >Droplets of water were running down her perfect skin, down her revealing bikini and those two big, beautiful breasts of hers >She was pushing those breasts against the concrete edge of the pool you saw, giving you a very nice view >For the past ten minutes she had been standing there pawing at you, giving you a sad puppy dog stare >But you weren't going to be swayed >Not this time >Nope >"Nonnnnnnnnny!" Sonata whined, her lip quivering. "Swim with us!" >You looked out onto the calm, crystal clear water of the swimming pool >Your stomach sinks "No thank you," you sad, fiddling with the beach towel in your hands. "I'm alright here." >Grunting, Sonata pulls herself out of the water a bit so that she can properly grab your ankle >"Come on! Just for a little while!" she begged, tugging on your leg. "Come play with us!" >Usually, you'd be out of your fucking mind not to take Sonata up on her offer >Who wouldn't want to swim with half naked beautiful women? >But there was a problem with that >A big one >See, when you were little you had seen the Jaws movie >And sweet god almighty did it fuck you up >Seeing that giant shark tear into those people, listening to them scream, watching blood pour into the water, it scarred you >It scarred you so much, in fact, that you were scared of going onto any sizeable bit of water >Bathtubs were fine, and so were jacuzzis >But the ocean? >Lakes? >Pools bigger than ten feet >It wasn't going to happen >Even the whole pool only went up to your knees you didn't want to get into it >Because there was a shark in that fucking pool >And the moment that you let your guard down he'd get you >HE'D. GET. YOU. "I'm fine right here, Sonata," you said, giving lil' blue a weak smile. "Why don't you go and swim with the other girls?" >"I don't wanna swim with the other girls, I wanna swim with you!" Sonata said, pouting >You looked back out at the water >... >There was a fin there... >You KNEW you saw a fin... >Dryly gulping, you tried to take a step back, only for lil' blue to hold onto you fast "Me and pools don't exactly mix very well, hon," you said >"And why not?" Sonata demanded >Shit... >She almost sounded stern for a second... >You looked down at your feet, her mind racing >A part of you wants to lie >Why the hell would you be scared of a shark being in a pool >Sharks didn't live in pools >This local YMCA didn't bring in a shark this morning so that it could eat you >You were also pretty sure that a shark couldn't survive in chlorinated water >But still >There was a voice in the back of your mind telling you that the water was dangerous >That you'd be shark food the second that you got in it >... >Fuck... >Making a face, you looked down at blue "I might be... SCARED of the water," you admitted >Sonata blinked slowly >"...Scared of water? Why are you scared of water?" she asked >You flinched "I'm not scared of the WATER," you said, a little more harshly than you meant to. "I'm scared of what's in the water. What could be in the water. I'm scared of what I think might be in the--" >You sighed, covering your face with a hand "I'm scared that there might be a shark in the water," you mumbled, shifting your weight from left to right >You braced yourself, waiting for Sonata to loudly repeat what you said >Because why wouldn't she? >You had the dumbest fear in the whole world >The dumbest, silliest fear that only a little kid should have >Blue might not be the one to poke fun at you but Adagio and Aria were >And if they heard her they were sure as shit going to make sure that you didn't hear the end of it >But that didn't happen >Instead, Blue let go of your leg >Before you could open your eyes to see what she was up to, there was a slash, and the sound of something heavy hitting the tiled floor >When you did manage to open your eyes you saw Sonata standing in front of you >She was dripping wet and her fists were clenched >Her face had lost all of its playfulness >She looked serious >Dead serious >... >Did... >Did she jump out of the pool? >Did she jump out of water like a fucking dolphin? >Puffing her chest out, she quickly closed the distance between the two of you >A little confused as to why she had gotten out of the pool you tried to take a step back, but you were too late >Wrapping her arms around you, Sonata pulled you into a hug, burying her face into the nape of your neck >You twitched in surprise as her wet, incredibly warm skin came into contact with yours >Her wet hair brushed against your nose, letting you smell the chlorine on it >Making a sound that was a mixture between a sigh and a whine, Sonata looked up at you with her pretty purple eyes >"D-Don't you love us, Nonny?" she whispered >You stiffened at the question "Love you? Of course I love you!" >Lil’ blue sniffled >"Then why won't you swim with u-us?" she asked, her voice cracking >Your stomach sank down into your toes >You might have been able to resist the puppy dog eyes, but the look that Sonata was giving you was too much >She looked, for all the world, like she was going to start crying >And there was nothing sadder than seeing lil blue crying "I-I, um," you sputtered, eyes darting around the room. "I really want to swim with you girls, but--" >"You know that we'd make sure that nothing would happen to you," Sonata whispered, rubbing her cheek against your bare chest. "We love you Nonny. We all love you a lot..." >Hnnnnnnnng >One of her hands found yours as you had a mini heartattack >"I just want to swim with you for a little while," she sadly mumbled, pressing herself a little more firmly against you. "Please? For a couple of minutes?" >... >FUCK! >Shutting your eyes tightly, you puff your cheeks out "Fine. FINE. Just stop giving me that fucking look!" you snapped. "I'll get in the fucking pool for a couple of minutes." >Sonata sharply inhaled >You made the mistake of opening your eyes to see if she was alright >In an instant Sonata turned from teary-eyed and sad to as happy as you've ever seen her >Her body language changed >She seemed taller >It might have been a trick of the low light in the room, but you were pretty sure that she glowed for half a second >She began bouncing like an excitable puppy, her hair bobbing with her >"Really?!" she chirped, a unrestrained smiling coming to her face >HNNNNNNNG! >Trying not to fall over, you nodded "Yeah, yeah, I'll get in the pool with you," you told her. "But I'm not going in the deep end." >That's where the sharks lived after all >If you stayed away from there maybe they wouldn't get you >Maybe >Her eyes positively SPARKLING, Sonata broke the hug >Grabbing your hand, she began talking a mile a minute >She talked about what the two of you were going to do in the water, how much fun you were going to have, how by the end of it you'd love to swim just as much as her and the other girls, how much she loved you >You barely heard any of it >Your gaze was on the water >Toward that deep end where you couldn't see the bottom >... >Whoo boy... >So that's what it feels like when you balls go up into your body... >Your movements are tense and jerky as Sonata leads you to the pool's edge >Letting go of your hand, she sat down and placed her feet in the water, a smile on her face >"Come on, Nonny, the water's nice and warm!" >You took a half-step toward the end >Then another half-step >You sat down, her nails scrapping against the miniature tiles near the concrete edge >Taking a deep, shaky breath, you slowly placed your feet into the water >You'regoingtobealright! >Nothingbadisgoingtohappen! >There'snosharksinthispool! >You jumped as, with a giggle, Sonata bumped your side >"That feels nice, doesn't it?" she asked >A great white shark can swim thirty five miles an hour >It can cover a hundred meters in less than five seconds >You keep your tap shut, wiggling your toes in the water >Sonata seems to take your silence as confirmation that you LIKE having your feet in a fucking DEATH TRAP >She smiles, reaching over and grabbing your hand while she playfully kicks her legs back and forth in the water >You squeeze her hand tightly, taking deep, slow breaths >In this position you could see both Aria and Adagio zooming through the water >They kept clear of the two of you, keeping their bellies low to the pool floor >After about a minute of sitting there trying not to sit your pants Sonata slowly slipped into the water >You jumped at the sudden movement, your head snapping over to her >"Come on, Nonny," she said with a bright smile. "Let's swim around a little." >She tugged on your hand >You gulped >A bull shark has fifty rows of teeth >It also has a bite pressure of six thousand newtons >With a few encouraging tugs from blue, you find yourself slowly slipping into the water >Surprisingly, it's warm >And, since you were in the shallow end, it only came up to your waist >No sharks hiding here! >Nope! >You were safe! >"Good job, Nonny!" Sonata cried, pulling you into a hug. "I knew that you could do it!" >Your eyes dart all around the water "I'm doing... something alright," you muttered, trying to calm yourself by nuzzling the top of blue's head >She lets out a coo, nuzzling you right back >You can hear the little man in the back of your head SCREAMING to get out of the pool, but you ignored it as best as you could >You were fine >You were going to swim around with your beautiful girlfriends, touch their butts a bit, and play around >Nothing was going to happen to you >You would be fine as long as you stay on right here in the corner where you can see everything >It's the p-perfect plan >Unfortunately for you, Sonata had other ideas >"Come on, Nonny," she said. "Lets swim around a little bit." >Her hands found yours and she began tugging you toward the middle of the pool >Your eyes widened hugely "H-Hang on a second," you said, a little loudly. "I'm f-fine where I am, thank you very much." >You tried to pull away, but Sonata's grip on you was iron >She began slowly but surely pulling you to the center of the pool >"We won't go to the deep end, Nonny, we're just going to the middle so we can splash around," she promised, giving both of your hands a squeeze. "You're doing really good. Just trust me." >Sharks can eat anything >They're death machines >They eat people >YOU'RE a people! >Though you want nothing more than to hop out of the water and onto dry land, you HAD promised lil blue that you'd play with her >So you allowed her to lead your sorry butt to the middle of the pool >Sonata, being the fucking genius that she was, did her best to make sure that you didn't have a panic attack >She stopped every few feet >Whenever you would try to look toward the deep end she'd pull your attention back to her >Every dozen or so steps she would pull you into a hug and kiss you >She also made sure to bounce those beautiful breasts of hers in your face whenever she could >Surprisingly, everything that she did worked pretty well >You mostly forgot the fact that you were swimming in a pool that may or may not possibly be filled to the BRIM with sharks >Your breath began to slow >Your balls dropped back into your sack >Your heartbeat began to slow >Soon, you found yourself standing in the middle of the shallows >"You did it, Nonny!" Sonata happily cried, throwing her arms around you. "Good job!" >The water was a little deeper here, but you did your best to ignore it >You instead smiled and wrapped your adorable little siren into a hug "Y-Yeah, I guess I--EEP!" >Before you could finish your sentence, you felt something brush against your backside >... >Sharks nibbled on something before they bit it >A shark was nibbling you >You had let your guard down >It was going to eat you and shit out your bones >Youweregoingtofuckingdie! >With a squeal you launched yourself up into the air >Because fear of death is one hell of a motivator, you managed to get a little bit of air before bellyflopping into the water >When that happened you puffed your chest up, tucked in your chin, and began to wildly flail in the water like a wounded seal >Hah! >T-That'd teach t-that fucking shark... "Dkfjvndkjnslknlkn!" >Sonata, gasping, quickly pulled grabbed you and pulling you against her "DON'T EAT ME!" >"NONNY!" "I TASTE AWFUL! I'M ALL SKIN AND BONES! I'M POISONOUS!" >"EVERYTHING'S ALRIGHT, NONNY!" "GO AND EAT SOME CHILDREN! SHARKS LIKE CHILDREN RIGHT?!" >Sonata gave you a little shake >"It's alright, Nonny! That was just Aria! Aria touched you!" >Be Aria Blaze >You could feel your eyebrow twitch as your mate flailed around like a crazy person >"IF YOU DON'T EAT ME I'LL BRING YOU CHILDREN MY FINNED MASTERS! PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T NIBBLE ON MY BITS!" he shrieked >... >Sharks? >Those pussies? >You shook your head as Anon did his very best to drown both himself and Sonata >You don't care what your mate says about being from a TOUGH GUY world >He was the biggest pansy in the world >He was YOUR pansy, but a pansy nonetheless >Smiling to yourself, you reach over and give that butt of his a pinch >He lets out a squeal, leaping into the air like a salmon >You extend your arms, catching him before he hit the water >"ARIA? ARIA! FUCKING SAVE ME! SAVE ME! A SHARK'S COMING! A SHARK'S COMING TO EAT ME! QUICK, GIVE IT SOME CHILDREN TO APPEASE IT!" >... >Chuckling, you leaned down and kissed his nose "You're lucky you're cute."