The Dazzlings' Watchman - Lefty T. Writefag !!QgK27wSG3Xl - by Anonymous

>You are Anonymous, and right now you're waiting on Principal Celestia to call you into her office. >You can't say you're surprised, you figured she'd want your services after that whole debacle with the sirens. You were there, you put in some earbuds as soon as you started getting a headache. They said you were crazy for believing in magic but after that Sunset Shimmer stunt you were having none of their shit. >Over the past couple of years Celestia and Luna have made you a sort of personal watchman for the school, you're very good at going unnoticed and they like to keep tabs on troublemakers. >"Anonymous? We would like to see you now." >You look up, nodding at Vice Principal Luna, and walk into the room. >In front of you sits the Dazzlings, stripped of their powers. >"This is the guy who you got to protect us? Great, I bet he doesn't even lift." >"Well it's better than nothing Aria, we're lucky she's not putting us in prison." >"I think he's kinda cute!" >Everybody in the room stared at Sonata. >"You really are the worst, you know that right?" >You clear your throat, it got a little hot in here, has it really been that long since you had a girlfriend? No, focus on the task at hand. "I appreciate the sentiment, ah... Sonata was it?" >She nodded her head and gave you this precious smile. How a girl like her ended up with these two is beyond you. "So Principal Celestia-" >"Please Anon, just Celestia is fine. You're almost an employee at this point." >You ignored the P and VPs' giggles at your formality. "Well Celestia, I assume you want me to help these girls reintegrate into the school?" >She nodded. "Well, lemme call up my boys first, I saw Flash and two of his goons coming down the hallway." >You shot the guys a text and motioned for the Dazzlings to follow you. >No sooner were you walking back to lunch did Flash and his two buddies Chad and Brad block your path. >"Well well well, if it isn't Anon. You always were kind of a creep y'know that? But I got nothing against you, whatever the administration has you doing is none of my business. Just let us teach those girls a lesson and we'll let you go." >His threat didn't exactly work considering you were about 6'3" and he was barely 5'10", you're pretty sure you've seen some girls here that are taller than him. "Don't do this Flash. It won't end well for you." >"Hah! Come on man, it's three on one, don't tell me you're seriously thinking about fighting us!" "You're right, it is three on one, but I think you should take a look behind you." >Big Mac and Bulk Biceps had already knocked Chad and Brad out, and Flash looked like he just shit himself. "Don't worry you two, I can handle this punk." >Flash turned around and threw a haymaker, sloppy. You grabbed his arm and wrenched it around, slamming your knee into his gut. >He grabbed your right arm and twisted it around. >You smacked that smug look off his face with your left arm. "I'm not right-handed. Big Mac, Bulk. Can you take these two back to the office and meet up with us at our usual spot?" >Bulk saluted and Big Mac just nodded. >"Who were those guys and how did you get friends like them?" >"Seems he knows how to handle people, unlike you Aria." >"Like you're any better Adagio!" >You held them apart, sighing. Looking over to Sonata you have to ask the question. "Are they always like this?" >"No, only when they're upset about losing or they're on their periods." >She leans in and whispers, "Especially Aria, she gets really scary." >"I CAN STILL HEAR YOU Y'KNOW?!" "Well those were my pals Big Macintosh and Bulk Biceps. Big Mac is smarter than he looks and he doesn't take shit from people. Bulk Biceps was the walking brickhouse you saw, but like Mac he's smarter than he looks, bit nicer though." >Speaking of which, they got back fairly quick. "Good, I'm starving. They're serving my favorite food!" >You loved spaghetti. >You didn't even bother dragging Flash back to the office. The janitor can take care of him. "So, what'd Celestia tell you about me?" >"That you were her most trusted hall monitor, but frankly I think she hid the fact that you can fight from us." "You learn a few things when you grow up the runt of the litter." >"Yes well you certainly got a lot... taller." >Calm down Richard, you and the Brass down there can have fun later with Rosie Palms. >Adagio laughed at your erection, "My, you can even see it through his pants. Like I said, you got taller." >Sonata punched her in the arm, "Come on Dagi, stop teasing him! He was good enough to stand up to those jerks for us!" >"Under other circumstances I would've smacked you for touching me, but perhaps you're right." >You all got comfy at your seats. "So Big Mac, how's the farm going?" >You dug into your spaghetti. Felt good to hit Flash after he spilled your spaghetti that one time. Accident my ass, motherfucker had a whole goddamn lane in front of him and he "accidentally" hits your plate. >Big Mac thinks for a moment, "Good as always, I suppose. Mind introducing us to your lady friends there?" "I figured you guys already knew them." >"I mean aside from the whole world domination thing." "Can't a guy joke around? Anyway, this is Adagio, she has hair like a cheese puff-" >"HEY!" "-and the temper of a wildcat. But she has a good head on her shoulders." >"... Thank you." "This is Aria, she enjoys long walks on the beach while listening to the screams of her enemies." >"You're goddamn right I do." "And this is Sonata, quite frankly I don't know how a girl as sweet as her ended up with these grumps." >She waves her hand in the air, "Oh stop it you, you're making me blush." >You blink, wait did you say that out loud? "Right, anyway we're gonna be reforming them into upstanding members of society... or the closest possible thing I guess." >Bulk looks up from his plate, dude loved proteins or something. >"I call dibs on Aria." "Wha- this isn't a fucking dating sim you can't just-" >"I suppose I'll take Adagio then, maybe she can help manage the farm." "Oh come on! Not you too Mac!" >Sonata slides up to your arm, "Guess that means I get you, huh cutie?" >Oh shit not now boner. >"Looks like your little friend is okay with this." >Yes he is but don't call him little please. >"I'm just fooling, though I wouldn't mind having you take me out for a taco." >You sigh internally, this girl is probably gonna be the death of you. >"... Or having you eat my taco." >Scratch that, this girl was gonna be the death of you. >Last class of the day was finally over, Sonata has been sticking to your side all day. >Turns out that for all of her ditzyness she was surprisingly competent in social situations. >Then again, that Pinkie Pie girl is friends with everybody in the whole goddamn school somehow, including you. >You'll never understand how she keeps up with everyone. >After she told you they didn't have a home anymore you offered to let her stay at your house. >And now it has just dawned on you that you never told your parents about this. "Mom! Dad! I'm home!" >Dadymous walks into the living room and stares. >"... Hey honey! You owe me fifty bucks! He's straight!" >"Aw damn it!" >Momymous walks in, having finished making some homemade lasagna. >"Well, you kids should still dig in anyway!" "Guys it's not like that I'm just a friend-" >"Son, your mother and I were just friends too. Now we have to put up with you." >He scruffs up your hair, "But you're worth all the trouble. Come on now, tell us about your little girlfriend there." "She's not-" >Your mother smacks you on the hand with a wet towel, "Hush now Anonymous, I taught you better than that. Have some manners." >It was a very slow and awkward dinner, Sonata kept blushing at all the compliments your mother gave her. >"And you have to tell me what you use to keep your hair so pretty!" >"Well I uh-" "Come on mom, give her a break already. If I didn't know any better I'd say you wanted to waterboard her." >"What's that? Sounds kinky." "Oh, a method of torture." >"Oh... still sounds kinky." >THIS GIRL MAN. >Dad just laughed, "Well we got Anon a fairly big bed in case something like this happened." "Dad why-" >Your mom just glared at you, "Now hush Anon, I know you haven't been the same ever since that Rarity girl broke up with you but you have to move on! I've seen how you hug your pillows and it's depressing to see you look that lonely. You are going to have that girl sleep in your bed and you are going to cuddle the shit out of her, do I make myself clear young man?" "Y-yes mother." >You look over to Sonata, you're pretty sure you saw stars in her eyes, "C-could you carry me up there?" >You scoop her up and carried her bridal style to your room, letting her kick her shoes off and plunking her down on the bed. "So we still have time before bed, wanna play Mario Party?" >"Sure! Sounds fun!" "Oh it's gonna be good..." >For her, she got every goddamn star in the game, including the bonus ones. >"Yay! I win! Thanks for not strangling me Anon!" "I guess you di- wait what?" >"Aria is a sore loser." >Note to self, pray to the gods of Aria to not incur her wrath. >You guys had already put your pajamas on so you just slipped into bed together. >Feeling her chest up against you, a nice firm C from your guess, and smelling her nice, soft hair. You could get used to this. Especially that nice, tight ass. You were an ass man. >She pecked you on the cheek, "Night Nonny." "N-night Sonata." >You slept like a baby. >You wake up to Sonata's snoring face. Cute. You weren't gonna fuck this up like you did with Rarity. >Though let's be real for a minute here, you were all drunk and Pinkie knew you enjoyed the holy ass. And man, did Pinkie have a nice ass. >Didn't do your relationship any favors though, but at least you're still friends. You got away with that much because you were drunk. Your parents still beat your ass though. "Hey Sonny, wake up." >"Mmm... Oh, hi Anon." >You could see the gears turning in her head. >"Oh! I didn't rush this did I?! I was just doing what Dagi and Aria taught me! I'm sorry Nonny." >You stretch your not-quite-lanky ass outta bed. "Nah, it's fine. We all need a cuddle buddy now and then." >"So... what happened between you and Rarity?" >You turned around, halfway into one of your shirts. >Sticking your other arm through so as not to look like a dumbass, you rubbed the back of your head. "I... I fucked up. I guess I just wanted another quickie, but since I'm stuck with you I figure we should take this slow." >She grabs your hand, "Wanna go grab some donuts or something?" >You smile, Donut Joe down the street had some bomb-ass donuts. "Yeah sure, mom and dad won't be up yet, so put some clothes on and I'll meet you outside." >You finish putting your jeans on and head downstairs and out the door. >She came out wearing your pink shirt. "Hey don't give me that look, it's a good color." >You walked down to Joe's. >"So, how do you know the Rainbooms?" "Huh? Oh, I just met AJ through Big Mac and Rarity wanted to put me in a bunch of suits. One thing led to another and we started dating at some point. We never got too far though." >"Why? You seem nice enough." "Because I was drunk and so was Pinkie and she has a really nice ass. My ass after my parents found out? Pretty bad." >She giggled, "Nonny was naughty~." >You had both started eating your glazed donuts, these things were like heaven in a... well, a donut. At least when Joe made them. >Sonata had stuffed her face with four of the things and downed two cups of coffee. >You managed to eat five of them and drink two cups as well. "So, what do you like to do for fun Sonny?" >"I dunno, I like carnivals I guess." "I dunno, carnies can be cheats sometimes." >"Tell me about it! That's why they hired the three of us that one time." >You tried to imagine Sonata in a carnie outfit. Yeah, no that works I guess. "So how'd that turn out?" >"Well they tried to make Aria the bearded lady and she burned the whole place to the ground. We had to skip town after that." "What is her deal anyway?" >"She has anger issues." "But why?" >"Dunno, she was always like that. Maybe your friend could get it out of her. My money's on tragic past, what about you?" "Uh, I think I'll sit this bet out." >She shrugged, "Suit yourself." >Your phone vibrated, it was a text from Bulk. >"Aria just beat me at my morning routine, I think I like this girl. We're gonna be good friends. How're things going on your end?" "Chilling with Sonata at Donut Joe's, wanna meet up with us?" >You waited a minute, like you Bulk refused to let himself be drawn in by text speak. >"Sure, we'll be over in a few minutes." "Well Sonny, I guess it's a double date then. Cept not really since I don't think they're dating but still." >"Well Adagio certainly got busy." "Nah, it was Aria. Apparently she beat Bulk at exercising." >Silence. "... Yeah, come on, let's go." >You waved goodbye to Donut Joe. "Catch ya later Joe!" >You and Sonata bounced out the doorway. >Shining Armor was just coming in to get his morning donut. "Hey officer, how's Ms. Cadence doing?" >He gave you a fist bump, "Just fine Anon, you staying out of trouble?" "Yep." >"Good, seeya later then." >Man he's such a bro, though you still wanna know how he got into your health teacher's skirt. >Now all you had to do was wait for Bulk and Aria to show up. >Huh, a text. >"Aria wanted to grab something to eat, gonna be longer than I thought." >Son of a bitch. Well, Sonata's probably gonna ask- >"So how do you know that guy?" >-about that. "He was the uh... officer that answered the call when Pinkie and I had our thing." >You two take a seat on the bench outside the shop. "So, how did it all happen? Lemme think..." >You are flashback Anon, because fuck time and space. >You are currently watching Norman, but Celestia is wrong on this one. He really is just overwhelmingly normal. >You sigh, damn overprotective principal. Ah well, she was good to everyone at least. >"Psst, hey Nonny." >You keep yourself from bumping into the lockers and turn around to face Pinkie Pie. "Jesus Pinkie! You're gonna give me a heart attack one of these days!" >She's been doing this for a while, being just as sneaky as you are. No, sneakier. "Why didn't Celestia get you to do this shit?" >"She said I was too loud." >Norman had packed his bags and left, Celestia might not be satisfied but damn it you did your job. "So, what was it you wanted to tell me?" >"I was wondering if you wanted to come to our sleepover tonight, it'd mean a lot to me if you did!" >You scratch the back of your head, Rarity would probably be there so you were down for this. >You shot your parents a text, leaving out the simple fact you'd probably be the only guy there. "I already told my parents where I'm going, so let's go Pinks." >She picked you up in a bear hug, and you're not exactly underweight. You've learned to stop questioning Pinkie's antics. >You stared at Pinkie's house, modest but certainly not as pink as you'd thought it would be. Certainly not by her choice though. >She'd already dragged you inside and thrown you into the group of girls that got there ahead of you. >Just had to stop and get a milkshake, didn't you? >Rarity gave you a peck on the cheek, "Hi honey." "H-hi Rares." >You give her a quick kiss. "So, what're we doing tonight?" >Pinkie popped out with some beer. Oh no. >"Celebrating Sunset being our new friend of course!" >She hands you a beer, well what could go wrong? "... To Sunset Shimmer then!" >The other girls weren't exactly okay with this, but fuck 'em. >"So Nonny, do you wanna play spin the bottle?" >Say no you shithead. "Haha yeah that sounds cool." >Goddamnit mouth work with me, love your overlord the brain. >You all gathered around in front of the couch, and Pinkie spun the bottle. >Why did you think drinking a bottle of beer was a good idea? >Well, it landed on Fluttershy at least. >"So Fluttershy, truth or dare?" >"Um... truth." >"Do you think Rarity can be a bit of a pain sometimes?" >"Hey!" >"Well... a bit, yes." >"Hear that Nonny? Your waifu a shit." >Wait, that's from... but she wouldn't. Nah, it's nothing. >Fluttershy spun the bottle. >Landed on Rarity. >"Sorry about that Rarity." >"Oh it's no trouble at all dear, truth." >"Um, do you like Anon?" >You looked at her expectantly. >"What a silly question, of course I do! He's my little Nonny-wonny." >You swear you saw Pinkie grit her teeth. >The bottle spins around again. AJ. >"So AJ, truth or dare?" >"Hah, dare!" >Rarity grinned, "I dare you to kiss Rainbow Dash." >"WHAT?!" >Nice coordination girls. >"And I want it to be passionate." >AJ turned to Dash, "W-well I guess we should get this over wi-" >Holy shit Dash practically jumped down her throat. Did Pinkie get her drunk too? >"I've been wanting an excuse to do that for a while, you and your stupid sexy hips." >AJ blinked, then blushed. "Uh, thanks." >Bottle spun, and our lucky player is Sunset! >"So Sunset, what'll it be?" >"Hmm, truth." >"Do ya ever miss Flash?" >"Sometimes, but that's in the past." >Bottle spun, Rainbow. >"Well Dash?" >"Truth." >"How long have you wanted to do that?" >"... for a while. Sh-shut up." >Once again it turns, and lands on you. >"So Anon, truth or dare?" >On the one hand, you can handle the truth. But you did wanna try a dare. >No, play it safe. "Truth." >"Do you think Pinkie has a nice ass?" >"Rainbow Dash! You know he and I are seeing each other!" >"That's why this is fun." >Well, shit. "Do I think she has a nice ass? Yes. Does that change anything between us? No." >Rarity nodded, satisfied with this answer. >You spin the bottle, and it lands on Pinkie. "Truth or dare Pinks?" >She grins, "Dare! Gimme your worst." >Hmm, nah. "I dare you to hug Rarity, we've given her a bit of a hard time tonight." >She frowned, but you knew she couldn't resist a good hug. >Rarity gave her a pat on the back, "It's alright dear, I forgive you." >You heard some footsteps coming out of the kitchen, and turn to see Maud Pie. "Hey Maud, wanna come hang out with us?" >"... Sure." >She sat down next to Pinkie. >"By the way Pinkie, you shouldn't be drinking beer. That's for Boulder." >Who the fuck was Boulder? You really hope you wouldn't have Bulk Biceps II on your ass. >"Aw come on Maudie, your pet rock has all the fun around here!" >Oh, okay. That's 90s as hell, but whatever. >"He can really rock the house." >She made that joke with the same inflection you'd talk about tax reforms. >This girl was related to Pinkie, wasn't she? "So... What now?" >Pinkie suddenly uncrossed her legs and propelled herself up. >"Time for video games!" >She walked over to the TV and popped in the new Smash Bros. >You picked Little Mac in his hoodie, cause fuck the tiers. >It was close, but you just barely managed to beat AJ. >You'd expected Dash was gonna give you a run for your money. >Apparently the humble cowgirl was a bit of a nerd. >Maud was sitting there giving Pinks some tips, apparently they played this together a lot. >You yawned. Damn, more tired than you thought. "I guess it's time for us to get some sleep." >You didn't bring a sleeping bag so you just threw yourself onto the couch. "Night girls." >Too bad it wasn't over. >You feel something shaking you awake. >"Psst, Nonny. Wake up, I have something I need to tell you." >Goddamnit Pinks. >You follow her to her room upstairs, not thinking about the implications. >"So, um... I really like you Nonny." "That's nice Pinkie, I like you too." >She shook her head, "No, I mean LIKE like you." >You blinked, is this girl serious? >Rubbing your temple you sigh. "Alright, but why?" >"Cause you're a funny guy and I like hanging out with you on your secret missions." >She pulls you over to her bed, you should abort the mission right now. >"Besides, all Rarity does is play dress-up with you. I bet she hasn't even satisfied your needs." >She took your clothes off, this is getting into dangerous territory Anon. Leave, now. >"So that's why I want you to fuck me right in the ass. I know you're into that, I've seen you staring." >Brain to Anonymous, fuck this shit I'm leaving this mess to you. Have fun you asshole. "Well, can't blame a guy for sneaking a peek can you?" >She pulls you into a kiss, "Just shut up and do me already you goofball." >Yes ma'am. >She lowers herself onto your dick. >You thank whatever god or goddess of sex is out there watching over you. >"Y-you're bigger than I thought you'd be." "Uh, thanks?" >"Well don't just lay there, you gotta put in some work too." >Oh, right. >You move your hands up to her ass and give those cheeks a nice firm squeeze. >"Mhm, oh yeah. Give it to me baby." >You give them thighs a smack and start getting into a rhythm. >In. Out. In. Out. >Your hands wander up to Pinkie's chest, those things were solid double Ds. >They said playing those games would never pay off. >Damn if it didn't make you good with your hands. >You start massaging her tits, making sure to do it in time with your ass fucking. >"Ah! Y-your haaands~ are so good!" >You lean her back and start kissing her neck. >"D-don't be gentle with me Anon. We both know this isn't gonna leave this room." >You start stroking around her nipples. >"Unf, rougher Anon, rougher!" >You squeeze the tips of those balloons. "H-how rough Pinkie?" >She's barely listening, "T-the roughest you got!" >You double your pace, placing one of your hands on her hips and the other on her boobs. >Massaging her chest, her hips and thighs, and fucking her in the ass. >Neither of you were gonna last much longer at this rate. "P-Pinkie, I think I'm-" >"DO IT ANON, FILL ME WITH YOUR LOVE!" >You started pumping her ass full of your cum, and then everything went white. >You also went deaf for a bit, Pinkie's orgasm rocked straight through her and into you. >You both laid there panting. >She slid off your dick and wrapped her arms around you. >"It was fun while it lasted. Rarity is gonna kill us both y'know?" >Doesn't matter, had se- wait. Shit, she's right. You fucked up. >"Pinkie is everything okay?! Uh, oh. Wow." >Dash was the first up the stairs. >"H-hey guys, uh, you should come take a look at this." >It was nice knowing you world, you suppose you had a good run. >The girls just stood there, staring at you and Pinkie. >Pinkie was too out of it to say anything helpful, you're on your own champ. >You could see Rarity burning a hole right through your mind with her glare. "Uh... I blame the beer?" >Smooth. >AJ giggled, Fluttershy was trying to hold Rarity back, and Dash was still just staring. >Sunset Shimmer threw you a bone, thank you, you bacon-haired savior. >"Come on Rarity, we all make mistakes. Even after all I did you guys gave me a second chance." >Rarity had regained her composure a bit. >"Hmph, fine, but I'm still breaking up with him." "Yeah, I figured you would." >The awkward tension was cut by the sound of a police car. >Suddenly an officer sprinted up the stairs. >"FREE- oh." >He called in on his radio. >"Officer Shining Armor here, I found the source of the noise complaint. It was nothing to worry about." >Was Pinkie really that loud? >He walked up to you and tapped his chin. >"Hmm, nice work dude. Name's Shining Armor." "... Uh, Anonymous." >"Oh hey! Cadence talks about you sometimes, says you got really into the sex ed part of her class." >He chuckles, "I guess it paid off huh?" >Rarity wasn't too fond of this outcome. >"Officer! He cheated on me!" >He looks at you with a terrifying seriousness. >"Is this true?" "Y-yes. I screwed up." >He looks you straight in the eyes, "Love is a precious thing. Next time, don't mess it up." "Wouldn't dream of it officer." >He's unsure for a moment, but shrugs and goes back to smiling. >"Well, I still gotta take you home to your parents." >He whispers, "You don't wanna stick around for the rest of her wrath." >You silently thank him and put your clothes on before seeing all the girls off and leaving. >"Hey Anon?" "Yes sir?" >"Please, just call me Shining. Also, call me if you need anything." >He gives you his number to put in your phone. "... You're alright, y'know that?" >He grins, "Yeah, yeah I do." >You are present day Anon, and you're smarter for being stupid back then. "So then he took me back to my house and told them I'd gotten drunk and caused a noise complaint." >Sonata stares at you, "What about the sex? Did Rarity really let it go just like that?" >You look at her and grin. "Rarity? Not hold a grudge on me? Hardly. She still gives me dirty looks to this day." >"Anything other than that?" "Oh, I could tell you about how she pulled a massive prank on me during homecoming week!" >Sonata got ready to listen to another story. "So it was a day like any other-" >Bulk's big-ass truck pulled up in front of the two of you. >Aria hopped down out of the fine-tuned monster. >"Sup Sonata? Having fun with the dork over there?" >Sonata just nodded, "Yep! He was just about to tell me the time-" >"Save it blueberry, I'm sure it's all very fascinating." >You shrug, then wave Bulk over. >"Hey there little buddy, how's it going?" "Pretty good, had a bomb-ass breakfast with Sonata and then told her about that time I fucked up." >He laughs, "Which one of those? That doesn't really narrow it down." "The one that made me single again, remember?" >He stops, "Oh. That time. Sorry Anon." "Ah don't mention it, I'm more curious about how Aria burned an entire carnival to the ground." >She grins, "A whole lot of gasoline, some matches, and stupid, gullible carnies." >She fist bumps Bulk, "This guy appreciates my style." >He grins, "Yes, even if your chess skills could use some work." >"How was I supposed to know you were some sort of chess master?" >"You weren't, people think I am dumb, but they are wrong." >"Whatever, are we gonna get in the truck and go or not?" >You climb into the back seat of Bulk's truck. >Sonata slides up next to you. >"So where are we going Aria?" >"Duh, to hang out with Adagio." >"Oh. Okay." >You look at her disappointment. "Why? What did you have in mind?" >"Oh I dunno, go to the park, relax maybe?" >She smiles, "Maybe go find a hotel to bang in?" >What. "Pardon me?" >"PfftHAHA! Oh Nonny! You should've seen your face!" >She wipes a tear out of her eye, "Ah. I'm not that kinda girl." >Aria turns around, "But I certainly am. Too bad you're not my type." >You can feel Bulk grinning. "Go on then, say it. I know you're holding it back, big guy." >"Oh nothing Anon... you string bean." "Yeah yeah, I know I'm pretty slim next to you." >You grin, he won't mind. He knows it's true. "But I AM one of your best chess match-ups." >"Heh, that you are. Little maneater Aria over there wasn't half-bad herself." >"T-thanks. You were pretty good at keeping up with my push-ups." >You turned your thoughts back to what Sonata said a minute ago. >You had been taking things pretty fast. Maybe you should slow down? "Hey Sonata, wanna grab a taco later and just chill?" >"It's not Taco Tuesday... but I wouldn't mind just resting for a while." >You both sit there for a while, just admiring the scenery. >You give her hand a squeeze, it's really soft. >She scoots over and gives you a hug. >"Thanks, for giving us a chance." >You thought for a moment, this wasn't just a job for Celestia anymore. >This was personal. You actually cared about these girls. >Was it a little soon? Maybe, but... everybody deserves a second chance, right? >And sitting here, just holding Sonata and watching the apple trees go by. >This felt good. You were okay with this. >Sure, they might be a little crazy. But at the end of the day... >...They were people, just like you. >The truck comes to a stop, "Alright you two, we're here!" >You get out, scanning the place for Mac or AJ. >Instead, you see Adagio with her hair done up in a ponytail. Picking apples. >You decide to walk up behind her and help out. >"Shit! Is that you Anon?" "Uh, yeah?" >"You have a helluva reach there." >She hops off the step ladder and dusts herself off. >"So what brings you to these parts? Come to check up on your little project?" >You boop her nose. "Nope, came here to hang out with you. We all did." >Sonata hug tackles her, "DAGI! I missed you." >She tries to break free of the iron grip, but fails. >Sighing, she gives her a hug. >"I missed you too, you idiot." "How did she end up with you anyway?" >"Aria and I found her when we were younger. Her parents were killed." "Oh..." >"Yeah, but somehow the ditz was able to look on the bright side of life." "Oh?" >"... She always wanted to have a couple of sisters." >Adagio sat there stroking Sonata's hair for a while. "So I guess Aria was the brother figure then?" >You receive a smack from Aria for that. >"Somebody needed to teach her how to defend herself." >She picks Sonata up into a hug. >"I wouldn't forgive myself if I let her get hurt." >"Aw, thanks Aria. You're really sweet when you aren't insulting me." >"Don't get used to it, you just remind me too much of her." "Who? Sounds like she was important to you." >"... She was, but I wasn't strong enough." "I don't suppose you'll tell us about it then?" >"Hardly, I was never one for this touchy-feely crap." >She gives Sonata a squeeze. >"But she likes it, so I put up with it for her." >Apple Bloom shows up with some lemonade. >"Here ya go Dagi! Big Mac wanted me to come check up on you!" >She looks over to the rest of the crew. >"Oh! Hi Anon! Should I tell Mac you're here?" >You ruffled her hair. "Sure, thanks kiddo." >She runs off, humming a sweet little tune. >"What was that about?" "I take care of her and her friends sometimes. Cute little rascals. Hard to keep up with though." >Big Mac comes over and inspects the basket. >"Pretty good, we'll make a farmhand outta you yet Adagio." >AJ was following close behind. >"I still don't trust her Mac, but if you're willing to give her a chance I guess I'll let it slide." >She notices you, "Oh! Howdy Anon! How's it going? You ever take up boxing?" "I'm doing alright, and no. Just because I beat Blueblood doesn't mean I'm up for that." >"You got into a fight with a boxer?" "I said I'd tell you about the homecoming prank later Sonata." >"... Rarity wasn't messing around, was she?" "... No, no she wasn't." >"Well Anon, we still got some more apples to pick, y'all up for it?" "I got nothing better to do. Let's split up into teams." >You pointed to Aria and Bulk. "You guys can take care of the east orchard." >Adagio and Mac. "The north orchard." >And AJ. "You're with Sonata and myself in the west orchard. How much we gotta pick Mac?" >"Until the baskets are full, now let's go." >You had Sonata running basket duty while you and AJ picked the apples. >"That girl there has certainly taken a shine for ya." "I guess she has. It's hard not to like her enthusiasm." >She chuckles, "I guess it is. Can I tell you something though Anon?" "Hm? What is it AJ?" >She grabs your shoulder and pulls you over to her. >"Don't screw up like ya did with Rares. She doesn't have the amount of support Rarity did." >You know the cowgirl was just being honest with you, and nodded. "I know, I'm smarter than I was back then. Pinkie still bugs me though." >"Does she now?" "... Well, no. She's fun to have around I guess." >"None of us hate you for it Anon. You were drunk." "Yeah, well try telling Rarity that. She still never quite got over it." >AJ pats you on the back, "Don't worry about it sugarcube. Now come on, we got work to do!" >Yeah, yeah you do. You get back to picking the last of the apples for the day. >Your stomach rumbles in hunger. "So... lunch break?" >Apple Bloom brought some apple pie over to you while you were finishing up picking some apples for the Apple Family. >Apples. >Shaking your head, you turn to AJ. "This is some pretty good apple pie you got here AJ." >"My granny makes the best darn apple pies around!" >You wish your grandma made apple pies. She never got over your grandpa's death in the war. >You're pretty sure shooting paratroopers in the sky was against the Geneva Convention. >For a moment you wondered if Adagio's hair could house an entire person. >That was dumb, you're dumb. >... But you did have a giggle. >"What's so funny Anon?" "Oh nothing Sonata, I was just thinking about a person getting lost in Dagi's hair." >Sonata stared for a moment. >Then she couldn't stop laughing. >"It IS pretty poofy, isn't it? Haha! Oh man, good one Anon!" >"Come on y'all, we should be heading back to the house!" >Sonata went to pick up the last basket. >You got to it first. "Allow me." >Holding the basket in one hand, and taking her hand in the other, you walked back to the homestead. >"Y-you didn't have to do that y'know?" "Ah, you've been carrying those things all day." >You gave her little hand another squeeze. "Besides, you're nice and soft." >She mumbled, "Y-you too." >By the time you had walked back you were ready for an actual meal. >Everyone else was waiting for you. >"Well Anon, what took you so long?" "Oh you know, appreciating nature and life. Being sentimental. Compelling stuff." >Aria didn't have anything to say to that except for one simple word. >"Dork." >Adagio just laughed, apparently deflecting Aria was something she could get behind. >"Come on in y'all! Get yerself some grub! You've earned it!" >Granny Smith was such a sweet old lady. >You all sit down at the table and dig in. >"So Nonny, you gonna tell us about that one homecoming prank?" >"Yeah, should be fun." >"I have to agree, I'm curious as well." >"Rarity never told me the details either, how 'bout it Anon?" >You sighed, might as well get this over with. "Well, I already told you about how I met Shining Armor, might as well tell you how I got 'hired' by Celestia." >Hey there, flashback Anon here again. >You were all dressed up at the freshman dance, Rarity still hadn't forgiven you for your fuck-up. >You decided not to borrow your dad's suit and went with one Rarity had made you. >She can hate you all she wants, her suits were good. >You weren't much of a dancer, so you hung back and drank the Kool-Aid. >Until that prick Blueblood spilled it all over your suit. >Not wanting to start anything, you shrugged it off and went to the restroom. "Goddamn asshole, thinking he's some sort of fucking prince." >Walking outside, you bump into Rarity. "Oh, sorry Rares. That prick Blueblood spilled some of the punch on the suit you gave me." >She looked miffed, "Y-you actually wore the suit I gave you?! Hmph, if you hadn't cheated on me I would've liked that." >Blueblood walked up behind her. >"But she's with me now, Anonymous. And I think you deserve to be punished." >"Oooh yes he does Blue!" >He cracked his knuckles. >Shit. >You ducked under his fist and ran out of the bathroom door. >Everyone else was at the dance floor. >You're on your own. >"You don't have your friends to save you Anon. It's just you and me." >You knew you couldn't beat him in a brawl, but you did have a couple of things going for you. >You could take a punch like a champ, and he wasn't used to hitting things without his boxing gloves on. >Oh and reach, you guess that was helpful. >"Well my good fellow, I think it's time I ruin that suit of your's." >After that Sunset Shimmer thing, your break-up, and now this, the start of your highschool years was pretty shit. >You knew Blueblood was an in-fighter, and that if he put the pressure to you it wouldn't be pretty. >He threw a bunch of hooks and jabs, trying to get some body blows so he could knock your block off. >His technique is good, but he's wearing himself out. >He always was a hothead. >You throw a couple of straights to make him respect your reach. >He didn't respect it, and took a blow straight to his jaw. >It hurt, but it wasn't your first time throwing down with someone. >He grasped at his face. >"You insolent little worm! How DARE you touch my beautiful face?!" >He slammed into your chest. >And again. >And again. >And again. >And finally he hit your cheekbone. >"Gah, that actually stung. So that's how it feels without the gloves on." >You stand back up, catching your breath. "Not... bad. Can I tell you something Blueblood?" >"What? What is it peasant?!" "I always... thought you were..." >A swift knee to his crotch took him down. "... kind of an asshole." >You kick his face in, laying him out. >Staring at Rarity, you march right over to her. >And give her a hug. "You stupid bitch, why would you make me do that?" >She freezes up, and cries a little. >"Because you're an asshole!" "I know I am! But you have to move on eventually Rarity!" >Great, now you're crying. "Can we at least be friends? I don't wanna spend the rest of my highschool years feeling bad about you." >"It's just... why Pinkie? What did she have that I don't?" "I was drunk Rarity, you know that." >"I just wanted a nice little romantic night, but she ruined it!" >You stroke her hair. "Come on, we should get Blueblood to Celestia's office." >"Fine, I still don't like you." "You don't have to, just don't hate me. At least not enough to kill me." >You throw Blueblood's body into one of the chairs in Celestia's room. >She looks up from her phone and sighs. >"What did my nephew get himself into this time? I swear, joining the boxing team was the worst choice he ever made." >You'd known him since middle school, he always thought he was invincible and pushed himself to his limits. >You never fell for his so-called charisma though, he was a dick. "He picked a fight with me." >Celestia looks at you like you grew an extra head. >"And... you brought him to me? Why not leave him?" "Just because he's an asshole doesn't mean I can ignore your authority. You've been good to us, I'm not taking you for granted." >"I see... and what about Rarity over there?" >Rarity hides behind you. "She convinced him to beat me up, but truth be told I deserved it. I got drunk and cheated on her with one of her best friends." >Celestia just stares. >"Why are you so... forthright with me, Mr..." "Anonymous. I don't blame you for not recognizing me. I usually stay out of the way." >"Well, Mr. Anonymous. I'll let you off the hook on one condition." "Name it, and you've got it Principal Celestia." >She calls in Luna and they exchange a few words. >"Very well then, we have decided that we need someone to keep tabs on students." "Because of the Sunset Shimmer thing?" >"Yes, some of them are still on edge, and we can't have another incident like her again." "... Alright then, you've got yourself a spy." >"Yes, but... please, if anyone asks? You're a hall monitor." "I understand, is that all?" >"I need you to sign this." >A liability contract. Figures. >You pull out your trusty pen and sign your name. >"... Green ink?" "It's a good color, I like writing with it." >Back to present day Anon. "And that's how I became one of Celestia's most trusted advisors." >They all stared at you. >"Not bad, should've kicked him around some more though." >Seems you just couldn't please Aria. >"Well I think you did the right thing Anon." "Thanks AJ, I appreciate it." >You think for a moment. "Hey wait whatever happened between you and Rainb-" >She stares at you. >"No Anon. No." >Big Mac chuckles. >"I think it's cute. Apples and Skittles together like that." >She turns as red as an apple, "Shut up Macintosh." >"You WERE pretty upset when Sunset tackled Dash." >Sonata rubbed her chin. >"Cause as stubborn as Dash is I do care about her!" >"Right, friends with benefits." >Aria poked her side, teasing her. >"It ain't like that!" >"Aw, is it something more then?" >Adagio fluttered her eyes at AJ. >"N-no... yes" "I'm sorry AJ, I couldn't hear that." >"Y-yes." "Come again?" >"YES! FINE! I like her okay?!" >She started cleaning the plates up. >Granny Smith smiled. >"Now y'all shouldn't tease her so much. She's a good girl." >She opened her eyes. >"If ya do, you're gonna have to deal with me." >... Duly noted. "Well Sonata, I think it's about time we get home." >Apple Bloom hugged your leg on the way out. >"Be safe Mr. Anonymous, and come back soon okay?" >You gave her a hug. "I will Apple Bloom, thanks." >Bulk dropped the two of you off at your house. >What you hadn't expected to see was Flash Sentry standing in front of your house. >His usual energy was gone though. >He just walked up to you. >"Listen, I'm sorry about the other day man. I guess I'm just mad Twilight's gone again." >Alright, you're willing to listen to the guy. "You do know you're in front of my house, right?" >He shrugs. >"Yeah, I felt kinda shitty for picking a fight with you. I wanted to blame the girls but, it's not their fault either." >You raise an eyebrow. "Oh? Then who IS to blame?" >He laughed, "That's the best part Anon!" >"Fucking. NO-ONE! Haha! Ah, seems like Twi just comes and goes as she's needed." >He frowned, "Wish I could've said something to her before she left though." >He extends his hand, "So, we cool?" >You think for a moment, and shake it. "Yeah, we're cool." >You pull him in, whispering into his ear. "Just don't fuck with my spaghetti next time, okay?" >"Jeez, nothing gets past you huh? Alright, alright. I get the message. No lunchroom antics anymore, got it." >You nod, satisfied. "Good, now go on home Flash." >You head inside and kick off your shoes, telling your parents about your day. "I'm gonna hit the hay guys, see you tomorrow." >Sonata follows you up to your bedroom. >You change into your pajamas and take a seat at your PC. >"What're doing?" "Going to sleep, wouldn't be the first time I went to sleep on my keyboard." >She pulls you over to your bed. >"No, we're gonna cuddle." "You sure? I don't wanna take things too fast." >"Anon, this is basically hugging but in bed. I like hugs." "They are nice, can't argue with that." >"So cuddle with me Anon!" >You flip off the lights and she drags you into a cuddle. "But I like being the big spoon." >"Shh, go to sleep." "But- oh, alright. Change is nice I guess." >It's Sunday morning and you're cuddled up next to a girl who wasn't even really your girlfriend, not yet anyway. >Fuck the PoPope. >You slide out of Sonata's grasp, trying not to wake her up. >Putting on a T-shirt and some shorts, you head downstairs and pour yourself a glass of milk. >Gonna make some fine-ass bacon and eggs for breakfast. >Momymous figured it'd help to teach you cooking since her and dad slept in so late. >Who sleeps in til 1:30 in the afternoon anyway? >Maybe you're just weird. >You stand back, marveling at your work. >"Those look so yummy Anon!" >You felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist. "Hey Sonata, what do you wanna drink?" >"I'll have a glass of orange juice, thanks." >The two of you sat down and dug into your craftsmanship. >You get some extra eggs to scarf down. >"You sure do like eggs Anon." "Mom always told me I had to eat all of the eggs." >"Why?" >You swallow some more. "Dunno, apparently it has to do with something her and dad went through though." >You look at each other for a moment. >She smiles. >"Sooo, you wanna go to the park?" "Sure, sounds nice after working yesterday." >You both walked to the park, scooting closer next to each other. >By the time you got to your favorite bench you'd wrapped your arm around her waist. "I like to come out here sometimes, and just chill with the animals." >"It's very pretty, so I take it you're good with animals?" >You nod. "Yeah, not quite like Fluttershy but I'm pretty good with things smaller than bears." >She giggled, "I dunno, I could see you riding a bear." >You stare into her eyes. "No, fuck that shit." >"Why? You scared?" >Did you look like you were crazy? "Hell yes I'm scared of that! I'm pretty sure one swipe from their claws would end me!" >"What if it was attacking me?" "You're getting on my back and we're going to high ground." >She gives your hand a squeeze. >"Thanks Nonny." >"Look out mister!" >You duck, a soccer ball barely missing you. >After gym classes you were taking no chances, even if you were wrong and looked dumb. >Scootaloo jumped over the bench and grabbed the ball. >"Sorry Anon! Apple Boot over there had to kick the ball way too hard!" >You give her a pat on the head. "No worries, just be more careful next time okay?" >"Hey Non! Wanna play with us?" >Sweetie's name was very appropriate. >You couldn't say no to those eyes. "Well Sonata, you up for it?" >"Sure!" >You ended up getting beaten down by three freshmen and Sonata. "That was fair." >You were being sarcastic, of course. >You had to give it to Sonata, she was pretty good. >With those legs. >Stop it Anon. >She blushes, "Uh, eyes up here Nonny." >You look up, a sheepish grin on her face. "Uh you're really pretty- sorry, no wait! I mean, your legs- er, your eyes. Face. All of you." >Shakespeare you are not. >"T-thanks Anon." >She takes your arm and squeezes it. >"You wanna go find a tree to relax under?" "Y-yeah, I'd like that." >Scootaloo was gagging, but the other two were fangirling. >You walked over to the Grand Old Oak. >There's a reason this was called Golden Oaks Park. >This thing was older than your grandparents, you couldn't imagine it not being here. >Sonata laid on top of your chest. >"Hey Anon?" "Yeah?" >"... I like you." "... I like you too Sonata." >You squeeze her. >"I know I'm not as tough as Aria, or as smart as Adagio, but-" "Don't worry about it." >"But I don't really have anything going for me." "You're you, and that's all that matters." >You run your hand through her hair. "... You smell nice." >She snuggles into your neck. >You kiss her cheek. "... and you are nice." >The two of you take a nap, cuddled up next to each other under the shade of the Grand Old Oak. >You wake up, phone vibrating in your pants. "Yo." >"Anon, it's Mac. Blueblood is talking shit about you online." "Fuck 'em... how is he doing nowadays anyway?" >"Anon, he became the junior boxing champ of our school." "Oh, did that ass-kicking really inspire him that much?" >"Be serious for a minute, he's not the same fussy prick you used to know." "He isn't?" >"No, now he's a fussy prick who could kick your ass." "Alright fine, I'll try and steer clear of him. Anything else?" >"I heard Trixie talking about some sort of plan for the Spring Formal coming up." "When was this?" >"Uh, Adagio had me go shopping with her for clothes." "Nevermind, so what's the big deal? Plenty of people are talking about it. Everyone'll be there." >"That's just it Anon, I heard her bring up Chrysalis and the Diamond Dog gang." "Chrysalis? The school bicycle? Practically a succubus?" >"The same, and I swear I heard her mention something about Sombra." "What? That guy that's really into crystals?" >"It was probably just a coincidence, but you should keep it in mind anyway." "Right, is that all?" >"... We'll be there if you need any help, I know you have a bad habit of thinking you can do it all on your own." "Yeah, I guess you're right. If this is as big as you say it's gonna be I'm gonna need all the help I can get." >"Eeyup. Well, that's all I had to say. Seeya around Anon." "Thanks Mac, catch ya later." >Sonata lets out a cute little yawn. >"Who was that?" "Big Mac, apparently something big might be happening tomorrow." >"Don't get yourself hurt Nonny." "I'll try not to." >You think for a moment. "... Wanna go to the Spring Formal with me?" >She lights up like a sparkler. >"Of course I would! That dress Adagio got for me is finally gonna be useful!" >You had an idea for your suit as well. >A... personal touch. >It's the day of the Spring Formal. >You gotta say, your dad's suit looked good on you. >It was a simple black suit with a red tie, but damn if it didn't look good. >You weren't prepared for Sonata though. >She had a dark blue velvet dress on, and had let her hair down, wavy in its natural form. >It was simple, but she looked really good. "I've never seen you with your hair down." >"I could never get it straight like Aria's." >You smile. "Don't, it looks better that way." >She blushes, "Thanks, you don't look half bad yourself." >You spin around, letting her get the full view. "It's my dad's old suit, the one he took my mom to their first dance in." >You take her hand. "Come on, let's get going." >You hop into your mom's car. >"Oooh! My little Nonny is all grown up now. Look at you in that suit, so handsome!" >Your face feels like the surface of the Sun. "Come on mom, don't tease me like that." >"Oh hush, I want a picture of you and Sonata together!" "Do we have to?" >"Yes, now give her a hug and smile." "That's easy enough I suppose." >You wrap your arm around Sonata and pull her close, giving a warm smile to her. >"Thanks kids, now let's get to that damn formal!" >Standing in front of Canterlot High in the evening was certainly an experience. >It looked nice in the setting sun. "Well, let's not waste any time." >You open the doors of the school and make your way to the dance floor. >You did not, however, get on the floor and walk the dinosaur. >As you got to the dance floor everything seemed normal. >But then the sprinklers went off. >You got out your phone and hit speed-dial. >"Yo! What'dya need?" "Canterlot High, you should get here ASAP." >"On it." >Okay, that was taken care of. Now where's- >"Looking for me Anon?" >Blueblood, holding Sonata hostage. >"If you want her back you're going to have to catch me!" >You tried to follow him but a bunch of Diamond Dog members got in your way. >Shit, this was not good. "BIG MAC! BULK!" >They were already on their way, with Adagio and Aria looking pretty pissed. >Bulk delivered a knockout punch to the one in charge. >"Go on little man! We can take care of these punks." >You nodded, they could take those punks. >"Don't you dare let my little sister get hurt Anon!" >You turned to Aria, so that's what was bothering her. "Don't worry, I won't." >You ran off, trying to catch Blueblood. >You didn't get far before you were flanked by Chrysalis and Sombra. >"Mhm, sorry Non, but I'm afraid we can't let you pass. Blueblood wants you softened up." >Goddamnit you shitlord. >Suddenly Sombra was knocked the fuck out with a baseball bat. >Standing over his body was none other than Flash Sentry. >He looks at you and nods. >Chrysalis was put into a sleeper hold by Sunset. >"Big Mac told us you might need some help, go on after her Anon!" >You were almost to the stairwell when Trixie and her lackeys blocked your way. >"Sorry Anonymous, but the Great and Powerful Trixie can't allow you to make it past her without roughing you up first." "Come on, I really don't wanna beat up some girls if I can avoid it." >Suddenly a hand grabs Trixie's hair and slams her into the wall. >The others were one thing, but fucking Rarity? >"I figure now is as good a time as any to get over old grudges. Go beat the crap outta that jerk." "Uh..." >"I'll explain later, turns out he isn't such a knight in shining armor. Now go!" >She slings Trixie over the punch table. >Nodding, you start running up the stairwell to the roof. "I'M COMING FOR YOU BLUEBLOOD! FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOUR GODDAMN TRUST FUNDS!" >"THAT'S NO WAY TO TALK ANONYMOUS!" "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!" >You made it to the roof. >Shit was already raining, fucking weathermen why can't they be right more often? >Blueblood let Sonata go. >"Good, I knew you'd be dumb enough to follow me up here, too bad you were smart enough to get some backup." >He cracked his knuckles. >"I believe we have unfinished business Anonymous, business I would like to end tonight." >He put on a wicked grin. >"I wasn't planning on you having a date tonight, but she can watch you squirm as I beat you within an inch of your life!" >You frowned. "Leave her out of this!" >"Ha! And why do you care about the little harlot?!" >He smacked her. >"Does it make you angry, Anonymous? Do you want to hurt me?" >You clenched your fists. "You'd better fucking stop." >"Well too bad, I'm stronger than you now. This won't be a repeat of our last duel." >He pushed her down onto her ass. >"I bet she stole that dress too!" >"I did not! Dagi bought it for me!" >Another smack. >"Who told you that you were allowed to speak?! You will speak when spoken to you wench!" >You are now 200% mad. "I told you to stop it you fucking dickhead." >He laughs, "Why? Because you told me so? I'm so scared! Well come on then! Hit me if you really want to!" >You sprint over to him and throw a few straights at him. >He dodges every one of them and slams you right in the gut. >"Sorry Anonymous, not gonna work this time." >"No! Don't hurt him!" >"Too bad, you're just going to have to watch him suffer." >He knocks you flat on your ass. >"Is that really all the mighty Anonymous has got for me? Get up! I know you've got more fight in you than that!" >Standing up, you assume the position. >For fighting of course. >"Yes, this is going to be a glorious victory for me!" "Blueblood, can I just tell you one thing?" >"I shall allow you your last words." "Do everyone a favor, and just shut the fuck up already." >He moves in on you and throws a few jabs to your torso. >They were faster, more efficient. >"Face it Anon, you were outplayed this time!" >He threw out a lightning fast uppercut right into your gut, lifting you off the ground a little. >Then he slammed into your face with a hook. >Flat on your ass, again. >Standing back up, you throw a punch. >He catches it, and wrenches you over to him, slamming his elbow into your chest. >You were lucky nothing popped, but that still took the breath out of you. >He tosses you back, struggling to keep your balance as you regain your footing. >"I was really hoping you wouldn't be this pathetic in the end." >He says as he dodges another one of your punches, slamming his knee into your gut. "F-fuck... you." >You go for his nuts like last time, but he backhands you. >"Did you really think the same trick would work twice?" "Heh, a little." >You throw an uppercut and connect with his face. >He rolls with it, and counter-punches you right in the jaw. >You try to stand up again, for Sonata. >He kicks you back down. >"I've learned how to take a hit since our last encounter Anonymous." >He yawns, "But you're starting to bore me." >"Maybe you'd like me to entertain you then." >A swift haymaker decks Blueblood right in his face. >He looks up, rubbing his cheek. >"S-Shining Armor? What are you doing here?" >"Saving this guy's ass, you always were a shitty kid Blueblood." >He looks over to you, "Sorry it took so long Anonymous. Had to get everything under control downstairs." >Blueblood tries to hit him, but he dodges it effortlessly. >"I hear you're the junior champ of the school now Blueblood, that's pretty good!" >He cracks his knuckles. >"I was the senior champ for my college." >Shining was doing stuff you couldn't even put a name to. >All you knew is that he was beating Blueblood's ass. >You crawl over to Sonata. "Hey bluebird, how you doing?" >She sniffs, tears in her eyes. >"Shut up, I just wanted to have a nice night." >You give her a kiss, right on the lips. >You just embrace each other for a couple of minutes. >It was simple, soft. But most importantly, it was sweet. "You gotta admit, this is more exciting than a normal formal." >You got a giggle out of her, "Yeah, but you're still hurt." "Ah, I'll live. I'm more concerned about you." >She laughs, a genuine laugh. >"Oh man Anon, Aria has done way worse than that when she spars with me." >This girl man, you liked her. "I still didn't like seeing him do that to you." >She kisses you. >"I know, thanks for the concern." >You hear Blueblood cry out as he hits the floor of the roof. "Sounds like my knight has saved the both of us." >"Guess his number came in handy after all." "Yeah... Hey, Sonata?" >"What is it Nonny?" >You pull her in for a more passionate kiss. >Eventually, you break it off. >"My, so forward! What brought that on?" >You stare deep into her eyes. >Four little words are all you have to say. "I love you, Sonata." >She stares for a moment, then breaks out into the biggest smile you've ever seen. >"I love you too Anon!" >As the two of you lay there embracing each other, the storm finally breaks and the moon sends down its rays. "Looks like it's a beautiful night for a beautiful girl." >You give her another kiss. "Come on Sonata, let's go home." The End.