A drink with Aria (Cute, innocent) - by HypeAholic

>Be Anon >You were driving to your favorite bar in town, you were meeting a friend there >Her name was Aria, you had been a friend with her since high school >Well... When you say friend, you mean sometimes she'd stop making fun of you and actually hang out sometimes >You might actually be the closest thing to a friend she has, other than those two other girls she hangs out with >Well maybe not even them, they treat each other like shit >They only live together because they have to >Anyway, you were nearing the bar >Aria said she wanted to get a drink with you and get some stuff off her mind >She must've had a rough day >You find a decent place to park just across the street >You make sure to lock your car before heading inside >It was quiet when you stepped inside, but that's why Aria and you like this bar so much >Usually there aren't any loud drunk people to bother you >You see that familiar minty-purple hair >She's sitting at the counter of the bar >Looks like she started without you >You walk up to her, and sit on the stool next to her >She doesn't say anything, but just continues nurturing her glass >You're usually the talker anyway, when she isn't mocking you "Hey..." >"Hey..." >Her focus is still on her glass >You give a wave to the bartender >You ask for the same thing she's having >While he brings you a glass, you're attention shifts back to Aria "You aren't usually the one that asks for this, is everything alright?" >It was true, usually you're the one that invites her to everything, this was strange for her >"Yeah... Everything's fine. Don't worry. I just didn't want to drink alone." >Ha, yeah right >Like you believe that >You probably shouldn't press the matter though >Maybe she just needs some loosening up? >The bartender brings you back your drink, and you thank him >You start taking small drinks of it >Maybe some small talk? "So... How are Adagio and Sonata?" >When you mention them, she seems a little... Sad? >You can't really tell with her >"They're fine, Anon" >Okay? >She's really not giving you anything to work with here >Well, might as well drink if she doesn't want to talk >You continue to drink, Aria finishes her glass before you can >She just sits for a moment, with her fingers on her temples >She already has a small blush on her cheeks >She was never really a strong drinker >After a moment she waves to the bartender, and orders another glass >You soon follow suit, you quickly drink your glass so you can catch up with her >You order another >Maybe she'll talk now? "Why did you want to come here?" >She puts down her glass before responding >"To drink, obviously. Why else?" >That's not what you meant "No, I mean why did you bring me here?" >"Because, you're the only person who would do this with me" >Well, that was kinda rude "Fine then." >You continue drinking >You and her finish another glass >The bartender was ready, and already has another waiting for you both >He was cool >You just thank him, and continue your silent drinking >Aria stops halfway through her glass >She puts her fingers back to her temples >She had a pretty good blush going on now >You finish your glass, and put it down on the counter >You don't wave to the tender just yet, you'll wait for Aria >She finally looks at you >She looks pretty sad, even with the heavy blush she was sporting >"Im sorry, I shouldn't have said that..." >She was.... Apologizing? >That's a first "It's OK Aria. I know you didn't mean it" >You give her a reassuring rub on the shoulder >You don't really expect it when she leans into you, laying her head on your shoulder >"Thank you..." >Okay. Apologizing AND thanking you? >She was definitely drunk "You're welcome?" >She was really blushing now, but you couldn't tell if it was from the alcohol >She gets back to her glass, and finished it in a couple of moments >She waves the tender to bring you both more drinks >After they arrive, you wait to start on it "Are you sure that you're alright?" >You were a little tipsy yourself, but you aren't going to let this go >Aria takes a big swig of her drink before returning it to the counter >"N-not really..." "Do you want to talk about it?" >... >She was actually thinking about it >That's a good thing, right? >"Not here..." >Okay "Well... Then where?" >"Could... Could we go back to your house?" >What "Umm..." >"I'm not very welcome at mine right now..." >Well, shit >You know this kinda situation "Yeah, okay. Lets go." >You wave the tender over and get ready to pay for the drinks >He's a friend though, and tells you that they're on the house >You love this guy >You take Aria out to your car, she gets into the passenger, with you in the driver >"Are you okay to drive?" >... >Is she serious right now? "Yeah, yeah I'm good." >She nods, sitting back a little in the seat >You start the car, and begin the ride home >The car ride was a little bit long, Aria was quiet most of the way >She would occasionally nod off, but she wouldn't really fall asleep >She was pretty drunk >It was cute >Eventually you pull up to your home >Well... Apartment complex >You didn't have enough money to afford a real house at the moment, but these apartments were actually pretty nice >You get out of the car, and walk around to Aria's door before opening it >Aria was almost asleep in your passenger seat >You poke her a couple of times to get her attention >She groggily looks to you >"Hmmm...? What?" >You can't help but chuckle a little "We're here, Aria." >She looks around >"Oh... Right..." >She undo's her seat belt, but she doesn't get out of the car >"Can... Can you carry me? Please?" >Are you fucking serious right now? >She looks at you with those drunken, pleading, purple eyes >Ahhhggg "Yeah. Yeah I can carry you." >She reaches an arm out and you lean down to pick her up >She puts her arm around your neck, and grabs your shoulder with the other >You grab her under her thighs, just below her butt and put a hand around her lower back >She kicks the door shut after you pull her out >You start walking to your apartment, with Aria wrapped in your arms >It was slightly awkward getting the key into your door >Aria was too tired to do anything or even concentrate >Finally you were able to get the door open >The apartment was a decent size >Two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, a small living area with a couch and TV >Everything you really need >You walk into the apartment, closing the door behind you >Aria just looks at you with sleepy, half closed eyes >You should probably put her to bed "I'm going to put you in bed, okay Aria?" >"Mmmmmm...." >You'll take that as an "Okay" >You bring her to your bed, it was more comfortable anyway than the guest bed >You pull back the covers, and gently lay her down onto the mattress >You pull the blankets up to just below her head, making sure not to smother her >You make sure her head is comfortable on her pillow as well >Everything seems good >You start to walk out of the room >You were in the doorway >"...Anon, come back" >You turn your head back to the bed >"Anon..?" >You walk back to the bed >Aria was still awake, she seemed more awake than earlier >More sobbed too "Yeah?" >"I didn't tell you what was going on, did I?" >No. She didn't "No, you didn't." >"Okay, you should know then." >This should be interesting >You sit at the foot of the bed, listening to Aria >"I... I got into a big fight with Adagio and Sonata" >Well, that explains some things >But not all of them "Okay... But why did you invite me to the bar?" >She looks at you, she seems very sad >"It was partially to have a drink with you, and partially to ask you if I could stay with you for a while... You're kinda my only friend other than Dagi and Sonata..." >Huh... >Yeah, that does explain things >"I'm so sorry, Anon... I should've just told you... I'm so stupid..." >She starts to cry >Oh no, you hate to cute see girls cry >It's your one weakness "Shhhhh... It's okay Aria, I forgive you. It's okay." >You rub her thigh a little bit to try and calm her >Her sobbing dies down a little, but doesn't stop >"Y-you're... The nicest... Person... I've ever... K-known..." >She's talking in little bursts, to catch her breath through the tears "It's OK, Aria. Just let it out." >She has at this point, sat up >She had grabbed you in a tight hug >You try to comfort her, and rub her back, stroking it in circular motions >Eventually she calms down >Her sobs and tears turn to whimpers as you hold her in your arms, her head buried in your chest >Her breathing has become softer, you can feel the warm air as it blows against your skin >She nuzzles into you slightly >You rub her back some more, trying to get the last of her stress out >She gives a sigh >Time to speak up "Better?" >She giggles a little >"Yeah, better." >She doesn't release you from her grasp >Neither do you >You glance at the clock >1:05 >You look down at Aria "Hey... We should get to bed, it's late" >She looks up at you >"Could you do me one last favor, Anon?" >Huh, what this time? "Sure, what's up?" >She seems a little embarrassed >She's blushing, definitely not from alcohol >"Can you... Sleep with me tonight?" >Well then, that was unexpected >But not disliked "Of course" >She seems very happy with your answer >You both settle down, into the covers >You didn't spoon, just cuddles >She was still snuggled warmly into your chest >You could easily fall asleep like this >In fact.... >You just might.... >The End <3