(INCEST) Dazzling Family Camping Trip - by Insomanon

>Fantastic. >Simply Fantastic. >It was supposed to be just you and Anon camping. >A plan to get him all to yourself. >But noooooo. >Adagio has to have her way. >She waggled her thicc ass into your camping idea, leaving a gap large enough for Sonata to wiggle her way in as well. >Fixing your pigtails that had come undone while pulling and mussing your hair, you think back to when you were younger. >You and Anon and Dad all packing your supplies into the mini van for a weekend of roughing it in the woods, Sonata not really getting the idea of getting away from it all and Adagio too busy wanting to be the most beautiful girl in the world to even register father's invitation. >And now here she is, helping Anon pitch a tent. >Pitching /THE/ tent! >Your face burns as you go to finish the second pigtail. >It was the perfect plan. Set up the tent then push him into it and hope it's enough to start getting him hard as you whip his penis out. >You wanted to watch it rise and thicken to the idea of you two alone in the tent. >Not a lot of porn on guys or trannies getting hard. >N-not that y-y-you've looked for t-trap p-p-p-porn! [spoiler] >I-is it still gay if a girl looks at t-t-trap p-porn? [/spoiler] >"I've got more wood guys!" Sonata shouts before tripping over a rock and dropping the potential fire wood. >Anon gets up from the now fully erected tent and speed walks over to the middle sister. >"Are you okay Sonny?" >"Y-yeah. Just a little scrape under my chin." >No it wasn't. >You move to get the first-aid kit as your Anon sits her down on a log he'd found, affirming that she's a 'tough cookie' in the face of her being brave despite the fact she has quite a bit of blood leaking onto her shirt now. "Here" >Anon takes the wet rag and begins cleaning her chin. >"Eh it's not too bad. This next parts gonna sting though." >She flinches and sucks air through her teeth as Anon uses the rubbing alcohol to clean around the area. >"Alright," Anon says applying the non-brand specific Adhesive Medical Strip "All done Sonny." >He gives her a little peck on the forehead. >You feel a pit in your stomach as your jealousy rises like a bear awakening from hibernation. >You want that~~~. >"Is she alright?" Adagio asks as she traipses forward. "Yeah. Typical klutzy Sonata." >"I'm not klutzy!" She says through puffed cheeks stained crimson. >"It could've happened to anyone." Anon says as though addressing all of us but is actually attempting to sooth Sonata's upset feelings. >Drama Queen. >"Ari, you get the campfire spot ready?" Anon queries as he packs up the first-aid and stows it in the tent. "Yeah." You answer flatly. >You used the same small straw hand broom your dad used when you guys used to go camping. >The spot is a dirt circle at about 8 inches in diameter with small stones at about the 5 inch diameter mark. >"Nice. Pops would be proud." He says as he plants a firm hand on your shoulder. >You melt at the touch of his large, warm, tough hands. >"Sonny get my hatchet from my bag so I can cho-." "I-I'll do it!" >He jumps at your outburst. "I'll chop your logs." You say before blushing into atomic levels "C-chop some logs. The logs! The logs you brought t-that is." >"Sure thing Ari." He's giving a big warm smile. >Adagio may be good at getting attention for her looks and boldness, you know you can win him over with your rugged strength. >He's gotta be in to chicks like that. >Right? >"Here Ari. Chop chop!" Sonata grins, only slightly hindered by the Adhesive Medical Strip. >Frowning at her attempt to be cute, Mostly because Anon probably found it down right adorable, you unsheathe the hatchet and begin chopping the logs into fourths. >"Anon, are there any bears out here?" Adagio asks. >You can't tell if it's genuine or if she's up to something. >"None that we've ever seen in all the years we've been camping." >"You'll protect us if anything wonders in to camp, right?" Adagio wiggles her way up to Anon and leans in close to him. >"Nothing's gonna hurt my little sisters while I'm around." He says with a chuckle. >You know he doesn't mean anything but brotherly love by it, but Adagio on the other hand is up to something. >The sneaky little witch. "Campfire's ready to be lit." >Anon leaves Adagio and Sonata by the tent to come take a look. >You and Anon begin the time old tradition of making a bow drill. >You rock, paper, scissors for whose shoelace you'll use (Anon's. Ha Ha!) and begin lighting your tinder nest. >A few minutes of blowing on the wood and you have a small campfire going. >None too soon either. The sun is setting in the sky. >You all move the logs from before around the campfire and watch the embers dance in the darkening air like fireflies. >You can't think of anything that can ruin this moment. >...Except Sonata tripping while carrying far to many camping foods. >"You okay Sonny?" Anon's gonna be a broken record at this point. >"Yeah I'm fine. Nothing's came unwrapped either." >Knives drawn, You and Anon begin whittling some skewers to roast hot dogs and marshmallows. >All is calm and peaceful in your world. Sitting next to your big brother. ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() >Hours of eating hotdogs and marshmallows later, the sun has finally settled beyond the mountain. >Your little sisters chatting about Adagio's graduation coming up in two months, you stand up and begin to walk away. >"You cool Anon?" Aria looks from the conversation, Sonata and Adagio following suit. "Yeah. Just heeding the call of nature." >"Alright. Man, I can't wait to go fishing tomorrow." She trails off in conversation with the others. >All is quite save for the 'Ew!' Adagio lets out. Probably over the prospect of catching, gutting and eating the fish tomorrow. >You chuckle to yourself. >You'd always loved camping with Dad and Aria, you never imagined you'd be sharing a campfire with all your siblings. Dad would have loved this. >You let out a forlorn sigh. "Work's a fucking bitch." You say to the woods around you. >Dad had always said the woods were a good place to vent anything that you needed to get off your chest. They never judge. >Hopefully they won't mind you peeing on them. They are just trees after all. >Finding a good spot away from camp, you unzip and begin to relieve yourself to the sounds of nature. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8tVwiYsgHg >As you continue your mighty stream, you hear the snap of some under brush. >You've got one hand on your knife, but otherwise continue urinating. >You finish with no incident and go to turn when your confronted by the sigh of your youngest sister. "Dagi! W-what the...?" Is all you can muster as you try to conceal yourself and zip up. >She has a wide grin on her face. >"I was just making sure you were okay. Didn't want you to trip and hurt yourself. Who would protect us?" >She gets unusually close to you, cornering you against a tree as you fumble to put your penis away. >"You seem flustered. Are you stressed?" >Damn it. It's always when you have to absolutely hide something from someone in embarrassment that your coordination fails you. >There's got to be a theory or a name to the phenomenon, right? >"I didn't want to come up and give you performance anxiety, so I waited until you were done." >Damn pants! >Adagio has a roll of toilet paper and a bottle of water. Wetting the rag, she reaches down towards your exposed nethers. >Before you can stop her though, she makes contact. The damp rag mixes with the cool air in a strange mixture of confusion and pleasure. >She focuses on your member with the intensity of a starving predator finding an easy meal. >Before you can grab her she slaps your hands away. >"Wash those suckers before you touch me!" >You go to grab her again but she finagles her way out of your grasp and gives the tip of your dick a good lick. >The back of your head hits the trunk of the tree as your let out a husky breath. >In an instant she's popped your whole length into her mouth with a quiet slurp. >Reaching to push her head away she pinches your thigh. >Releasing your cock from the inside of her mouth, pumping it still, she looks up to you. >"Hands." >Ignoring the command, you wrestle her upwards by the wrist. "Adagio! What has gotten into you?" >"I was hoping you, though the idea was to get you into me somewhere else." She replies with a sly grin. >You're about to say something when you feel your nethers bumping something. >"Seems he wants the same thing." "Don't call my junk a 'he'. It's an involuntary action." >"How long has it been since you've seen any action?" "You're not clever Adagio." >"Clever enough to get that dick going. You seemed pretty into it. I can finish and then we can never speak of it again. What do you say?" >You stand there dumbfound. >You're unsure if it's just Adagio having gotten her way all of the time growing up or if she hit her head and is concussed. >"Once men get going they usually can't stop. No will power." "I'm not in the mood." >"I think you're more than /up/ to the task Anon." Her gaze dropping down once again to your mutinous member. "It felt good to be in such a warm hole after what? Two, Three months?" >You release her, and she remains in your personal space. >"It felt good didn't it?" >You weigh your options for what must have been two minutes. "Continue." >She looks you dead in the eyes with that smoldering confidence she had all along. >"Damn right." She drops back down to the ground and with a few seconds of hesitation, takes you back into her mouth. >Maybe it was the night air, maybe it was the warm fuzzies of having your family close as you engage in an activity you enjoyed. >/Maybe/ it was the fact all the blood had rushed from your brain to destinations south of the equator. >You'd tossed reason far into shadowed woods as you allowed Adagio to blow you in the dim moon light. >The warmth of her softly constricting mouth over your hardened member as she pulls back and exposes the saliva laden shaft to the night air.... >tenouttaten.mp4 >Her tongue is ever so slightly sticking out of her mouth while it's jammed full of your meat, caressing it's undercarriage with warm liquids before gently cooling in the night air. >You brave a look at your poof head sister. >Instead of feeling regret like you thought you would, you get a peek at a girl who not only was enjoying herself but is looking you dead in the eyes. >Her eyes glimmer with a spark of obtained longing desire. >You quiver a bit. While you know for a fact you'd never cum from a blow job, that look alone came close to it. >You're straddling the line between disgust because this is your sister and enjoying it a little to much. >You can always learn something new, even if it's about yourself. >And your family fucking ways. >"Mmhmm?" Adagio takes your dick out of her mouth but otherwise continues to pump at a slower pace. "You can touch the hair. As long as you wash your hands off." "You're giving me weird signals." >"Well, how's this than? You wash your hands and run them through my hair. If it moves on from there, then I'm not complaining." >You stop Adagio's hand again. >"What now?" "As fun as it /could/ be to throat fuck my own sister," your words are drenched in sarcasm "I'm not gonna cum from this." >"Well then," she pushes herself up against you "Perhaps we could...fix that." >You balk internally at your sister's cheesy porn-esqe dia- >There's a warm, damp pressure on your groin. >Adagio has pushed her ever moistening back-side against you, your penis sliding up between her ample ass cheeks. >She gives a sultry look over her should and her hindquarters a little shake. >Your brain, still clinging to life with so little blood flow, battles your penis over control of your hands. >The hands find their perch upon her soft shapely hips. You're ashamed as it dawns on you how right it feels. >"Mmmmm," the sound comes almost so naturally from her "Coming around Anon?" >She laughs at your reluctant sigh. >"Just do what feels right." >There's the sound of an owl in the branches of some far off tree breaking up the silence that would have fallen. >"Did you wash your hands?" "Whatever feels right!" You attempt to deflect her ever growing annoying catch phrase with a thrust. >Your ram rod finds it's mark in deep within her. A shocked and/or excited squeak is her only reaction before you both go still in the calm forest night. >"D-don't change the subj-" >It's all she gets out as you reel back and thrust with a resounding slap. >A breathy moan fills the ambience of the woods, visualized by the cold foggy breath of your partner. "What was that?" >"You're such a d-iiiiiii~" >You have quite a smirk forming on your visage. "Hmmmm?" >She reaches one hand backwards to grasp your wrist, the other attempting to keep her balance. >She mumbles something you don't quite catch, but sounds like she said... >"Fuck me da-damn it!" >Heading your sexy sister's advice, you begin a medium rhythm to sooth the fire that's started in her loins. >You're unsure you want to get comfortable calling Adagio 'sexy' given your relation. >Can insanity be sexually transmitted? >You're brought out of your philosophical waxing by Adagio's own rhythm working in symphony with yours. The melodic tune of primal sexual gratification echoing through the tree line and silencing the very sounds of nature itself. >A moan of sheer elation escapes Adagio, no longer capable of forming words. >You get a devious idea and give her plump backside a quick slap. >The sound that escaped her mouth was of a creature in pure bliss. Her nails digging into your wrist. >You take that as a sign to up the speed and take over this little dance. >"Mmmmmmfughhhh." She says(?) before letting out a laughing shriek. >You're pace quickens as you feel the end of this approaching. >And just like so many bad and predictable movies there's a brake of a twig in the distance. >You want to stop, in case it's some hiker who happened to hear your frenzied cries of animalistic passion. >Unfortunately Adagio refused to stop and continued to grind herself while backing into you. >"Oh Shit." Comes an all too familiar voice from the direction of the branch breaking. "A-Anon?" >Everything comes to a halt as you both whip your heads toward the intruder. >Aria stands there, tears welling and streaming down her face. "Aria! Wha-" You push Adagio away from you "This-this is..." >She darts off for the camping leaving you with your dick in the breeze for just a second. As your brain starts catching up, you begin running and trying to tuck your slowly softening wang back into your damp pants and do them back up. "Aria hold-damn button! Hold on a second. W-we can talk about this!" >Your cries in the night fall on deaf ears as she powers through branches. >You and your inability to multitask more than two things at a time causes you to wack any and all branches against every part of your body. One was even at groin level. >Fun could be used for what you were feeling as you cupped your injured nethers and continued forward. >Sarcastically of course. "Aria! Can we please just talk a-bout this. Ari-" >As you chase Aria further towards the camp, something very strange happens. >There's a rough tug at your leg followed by the sound of snapping- >...... ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() >Your thoughts are racing even faster than you are through the woods. >They keep trying to make sense of the act you'd just caught your two siblings in. >What hurt worse than the branches smacking into you as you attempted to make it back to camp was the fact that Anon was going at it with Adagio. >If you'd have manned up and followed your fantasies, could it have been you instead of her? >The burn of your face feels like condemning irons stoked in flames and brought before you by none existent, judgemental individuals who somehow could see your inner thoughts. >The pit in your stomach from earlier has become a chasm threatening to swallow you from the inside. >Everything keeps coming back to Anon. >You stop to catch your breath, your body protesting and ready to vomit. >"-ria! Come Back! Anon's hurt!." Adagio's words finally pierce the thoughts you had and the rush of wind that had died down when you stopped. >"What's going on? Adagio? Aria? Anon?!" >There's a thump a bit off to your left. >"Owie! Er...Girls?!" You walk up on Sonata, recovering from face planting into the dirt. "Aria! What's happening? Why's there so much yelling?" >Your head is pointed at her but your gaze is a thousand yards away. >"Aria! Come back! Anon fell and isn't moving!!!" >Adagio's voice, drenched in urgency, once again brings you back to reality. >"Aria. Come on!" Sonata shouts back as she leaves you in the dust. She doesn't look like she knows where she's going but she seems determined to reach Adagio. >You finally get your body to cooperate and begin a speedy jog, still held back by your thoughts from reaching a proper sprint. >After what feels like forever, you see Sonata dart to the left behind a particularly large tree. Following suit, you're meet with an almost surreal sight. >Anon lies face down in the dirt, Adagio's face framed with stray curls and tears as Sonata squats down next to him. >That's when you notice his foot. >It's caught between the roots of a tree. Jammed in there while he was chasing you more than likely. >The void in your stomach lurches a little as you realize it's pointed the wrong way. >"He's breathing. His pulse is rapid, but I don't see any blood." >You find yourself and Adagio looking at each other and then to Sonata, the only one of you to even think to check for signs of life. >You know, the girl who was face down in the dirt a few moments ago? "His foot." You finally say as attention is now brought to you. "It's all twisted in the roots." >You all take a look, with Adagio breaking into disgust and tears upon seeing it. >"W-we have to do something!" Adagio says amidst the sobs. >Normally someone breaking down and pointing out the obvious is completely useless, but it breaks you out of your funk with an idea. >You're not sure if it's a good one, but you've finally come to realize you can't just stand around feeling sorry and crying like Adagio. >You pick up a rock and begin running towards where you think the camp is, breaking branches and carving haphazard chunks out of the tree bark in a desperate attempt to find your way back. >After yet another long run through the woods, which makes you think you should be a bit more cautious given the circumstances, you get back to your sisters. "Okay Sonata, I need you to grab Anon's leg so it doesn't shake to much." >She give s a quizzical look before she catches sight of the hatchet you'd went to retrieve. >Hesitantly, she grabs his leg. It takes her about two or three releases and grabs until she seems to have it grasped just the way she wants it and gives you a nod. >You step off to one side and begin repeatedly swinging the hatchet into the root. >The thud of the hatchet drowns out Adagio's crying as you work in the dark. >Twenty-five minutes later and you've almost completely gotten through the root. >"Aria," Adagio walks up "I'm sorry you saw-" "Not now." >Adagio goes quiet. >The thudding of the hatchet and your grunts carry off into the night air. >It's almost soothing. Maybe it's what loved about camping. This whole dopey concept of man verses nature. "How are we getting him back to camp?" you grunt as the root finally snaps. >"Well," Sonata pipes up. "We should probably align his foot properly and make a splint." >Adagio is just as confused as you are at this point, or at the very least the look on her face makes it appear that way. >"These branches should do. Girls," she snaps her fingers. "Laces. Let's go." >She walks over to Anon, still face down in the dirt and looks him over. >"Aria, I'm gonna steady his foot. Would you turn him onto his back while I do?" "S-sure." >Turning him over gently, Adagio comes up with her laces in her hand. >You've just about gotten yours undone as Sonata sets the branches down. >With everything in order, you and Sonata set the splint while Adagio observes over your shoulders. >"Eh, Sonata? How do you know about... this?" >"Duh. I watch t.v." She quips, not bothering to look up from her work. >You're not sure whether you should buy that or not. >Sonata's always been kinda air-headed and clumsy. Her child like out look on most things and her inability to stay upright at times seems to clash with this Sonata you've been presented with. It raises the question of whether or not she evolved to absorb information without one realizing it /and/ apply it when the time comes. >To punctuate your thought, she whacks her head on a tree branch as she stands. >"Okay, let's make a stretcher or something out of towels from the camp and branches so we can move him quicker and safely back." She rubs Anons cheek with one hand. "Ari. Go back to camp and grab the towels out of the car." >Before you have a chance to say anything, Adagio brushes past you. >"I'm here too you know." >"Yes, but Ari's been back to the camp already. Plus..." She stands up and walks over to Adagio. >"Your not wearing any pants." >Adagio goes bright red with the realization. >"Fine!" She huffs and walks over to her pants that must have been dropped when she first saw Anon. >You're gone and back before you know it with the towels and some water. >As Sonata starts trying to assemble the makeshift stretcher, you walk over and hand the canteen to Adagio. >She downtroddenly glares at you. "You must be thursty after that work out." You snark. >"Aria, I-" She's cut off as you put your hand to her face and walk over to Sonata. >With a little bit of trial and error you manage to get Anon onto the stretcher. >...Only for it to fall apart. "Great. We're gonna have to carry him." You look to Adagio. "Come on, grab his arm." >You fight the urge to sass her and grab Anon's opposing arm. >With Sonata gently lifting his legs and positioning his knees over her shoulders, you prep to lift. "Alright. We go slow. Whatever you do, don't drop him. As long as we take it one step at a time, we should be able to avoid injuring him more or ourselves. One, two, three. Lift!" >You all manage to heft Anon up and begin slowly walking, coordinating with each other every couple of seconds. >"Hey so, what was all the yelling about?" Sonata asks. "Hold up, I'm losing my grip." >You let her shift her hands under him before continuing. >There's a long silence before you start to say something. >As you go to spin the tale however, Sonata interrupts. >"Okay, his dingle is hangout....annnnnddd it's getting hard. Aria we're near the camp right?" >For the first time in the last hour or so, both you and Adagio begin chuckling before building into an uproar of laugh that rings out into the crisp air.