Errand Boy (reupload) - Capitalism_King - by Anonymous

[Part 1] >it had been a few months since the shitstorm of the battle of the bands >after the worst had died down, 2 of the dazzlings had started to integrate into school life >adagio had naturally become one of the alpha bitches of the fashion clique, on par with rarity >sonata bonded perfectly well with pinkie pie and was accepted by most of the school easily >but the other one... >if anything aria had gotten worse, withdrawing inwards, not even talking to the other dazzlings as much >and you were an anon on a mission >you were one of the first to reach out to sunset shimmer after her... phase change >the cute nickname "bacon hair" had worked wonders on making others see her as more than an angry demon from last year >you decided aria could benefit from the same treatment, though you didnt have as much to go on >next time you saw her at the start of school "heya grape grump" >a clenching of the jaw but otherwise no response >you kept at it, every time you passed in the corridors "sup grape grump" "hows it going GG?" "Grape Grump can you help me on this history project?" >after about 4 days she finally snapped >"AAUGH I am NOT a GRAPE" >she flung her history book at you and stormed off >it was progress, and returning the book could be an opening >carried the heavy ass book around with you for the rest of the day but didn't see her >guess she must have gone home >lessons had ended but instead of leaving you swung by the music rooms, hoping to catch the Rainbooms practicing >you were in luck, in the middle of a heavy band session, but it wasn't the stage you were scouring >in the stands were the usual groupies >flash sentry for twilight, no surprise there >twilights dog, paying more attention to rarity than his owner >that weird science teacher Mr Cord, apparently a fan of Fluttershy, always thought that was kind of creepy >and there we go, pinkies current BFF sonata, known to live together with aria >right now she was tapping to the beat on her knees not noticing she was in the middle of the weirdest collection of ban followers possible >you sidled up to her "Psst, sonata" >she looks over and you motion to the door >she follows you out >"is this about the 'special' tacos me and pinkie make? because she told me those are for private parties only and I can't hand them out anymore" "what, no" >mental note, try and get into one of pinkies private parties sometime "It's just, aria left her history book behind today, maybe I could follow you home and drop it off" >Sonata suddenly beamed at you >"Ari made a friend!" "Not sure if I'd say that...." >"but you HAVE to be, nobody else would worry about her like that, nobody else seems to like her these days" >Sonata looked downcast >"promise me you'll try." "sure, but I may have already pissed her off" >"nah thats just her way of being friends, she used to insult me all the time!" >wondering what you'd gotten into you followed Sonata home, after she quickly waved goodbye to the Rainbooms >you arrived >small house, but plenty for 3 girls >you wanted to play it cool, ease into Arias life slowly to start with, the slow approach might work better on her >"ARRRIIAAA, YOUR BOYFRIEND IS HERE" >dammit Sonata >door slammed open upstairs and the girl of the hour stomped down >her eyes narrowed and she hissed "you" >you pointed at the textbook and tried a disarming smile >it didn't work >she grabbed you by the collar >"me and this chucklefuck have business, you and adagio stay out of my room" >sonata gave you a double thumbs up and you were dragged to your doom >Aria's room was covered in band posters, a heavy purple theme and low lighting >pretty much as you expected >she tossed the textbook down near her school bag and then crossed her arms and just glared at you "I was beginning to think we got off on the wrong foot Grump Grape" >arms unfolded, fists clenched she began advancing on you "perhaps the name? err. well we can always change that.. Pissy Purple?" >Grabbed you roughly by the collar and pushed you up against the wall "Violent violet? Irritable Indigo?" >she pushed her face up to yours, eyes close and enough to feel each others breathing >"if you ever try to make fun of me like that again, you die, understand?" >you nodded as much as you could >"the only reason you are alive now is... life here sucks, and I need an errand boy" >she reached down and grabbed your prize jewels through your jeans, squeezing a lot for forcefully than would be pleasurable >"and if I don't get an errand 'boy' maybe we could work out an errand 'girl" >she said menacingly, applying pressure on key words "I understand" >gulping and hoping she would let go soon >thankfully she did, with a smirk >"now get lost, you'll have your first task tomorrow" >Friday morning >day 1 of being Aria's errand boy >your mind had filled with some of the worst possible things >dragging your feet to school you saw her right at the gates, leaning against the stairs, hand on hip >seeing you she threw her bag >"I shouldn't have to carry this crap, from now on, thats your job" >"and take it home with you, my homework is your problem now too" >"and if you EVER forget it and I'm stuck without my things, Next time we go to school, you'll be on a fucking dog leash, understand?" >Aria wasn't messing around, and the way she handled you yesterday made it clear she had the upper hand over you physically >"Gimme your phone loser" >she tapped her foot impatiently as you fumbled through your pockets >after a minute she passed it back >"my numbers in there, expect calls whenever I need anything" >without any other word she flounced off leaving you with a heavy bag and a heavier heart to carry around >first few lessons went ok, despite being late for ones you didn't share with Aria, extra time spent on getting her books to her >showing up at the start of random lessons just to see Aria created some strange looks >by lunch there was clearly a rumor about you two >walking into the lunch hall the full waving figure of Sonata caught you across the room >noticing you saw her she gave another double thumbs up and pointed down to where Aria was, leaning on her shoulder and playing with her phone >you felt you own phone first >"Come sit here bitchboy, but buy me lunch first, nothing with pickles" >grabbing 2 chicken subs you went to the table >whispers and glances followed you the whole way >the sub was snatched out of your hand before you even found a seat >"I guess you guys need some alooone~ time" >Sonata got up, winked and left to find Pinkie >it was pretty clear where the rumors must have come from then >Aria wiggled in her seat, drawing your eyes to her rear, in the tightest pair of jeans you'd seen on anyone >forgetting who you were looking at you stared has she moved her hips trying to get comfortable >shit she noticed >anger flashed in her eyes >"you're disgusting anon" >she shoved her highheeled boot into your crotch >there was that pressure again... >"who is in charge here?" "y-you" >"good boy" she said, not removing the heel >"now get here on your knee's, I need to put my feet up" "I can't do *that*, everyone is here" >you peered around the packed lunch hall, glances still ongoing from various people >Aria seemed to notice the whispers for the first time >"ugh" was her only reaction seeing she suddenly had attention >"I guess drawing that much attention would be lame, this should be ok though" >she withdrew her leg, jumped up and dropped back down >onto your lap >she wiggled dat ass again >unf >"softer than the chair I guess" >you tried to hide embarrassment from your face as Aria continued to eat >"oh and because you made me compromise, you're coming home with me today" >fuck >last lesson on a friday >everyone looking forward to going home >except you >after Lunch Aria had left and didn't show up until the lesson >she was currently sat a few rows in front, staring out the window >probably plotting all the shit she would make you do >you felt a tap on the shoulder and looked rough to the seat diagonally left behind you >Rainbow Dash sniggering together with her totally-not-girlfriend Gilda >seeing you turned around, Dash pointed over to Aria, then you then began thrusting her finger into the O of her other hand >angry you ripped a page out of your notebook and threw it at the giggling dykes >and turned round to see Ms.Luna starting down >"Is my lesson on geography not entertaining enough for you Mr. nonymous?" "Sorry I was just" >trying to save my reputation? "-distracted" >"I'm sure you'll find less to be distracted by when you are staying behind after class" >you caught Aria's eye, she was glaring, more pissed than ever before >she spun back round to the front folding her arms with a huff >after the lesson ended you had to stay behind, going over the material until Luna was satisfied you knew it better than anyone in the class >THEN you had to stack up chairs and sweep the floor, before taking all the classes marking to Luna's office >by the time you were finally let go it was 2 hours later and Aria obviously hadn't waited >you considered going to your house and not dealing with anything till Monday >but you knew for sure that would make for a worse punishment later >walking to the Dazzlings house you got passed by Gilda driving with Rainbow in the side seat >bitches slowed enough for RD to make a whipcrack sound before they sped off laughing >absolute top cunt >2 and a half hours later than you should have been >you knock on the door >a few seconds later your phone pings >"key under gnome" >you spot the gnome, not the traditional garden gnome but one with thick black mustache and sombrero holding a taco >no prizes for who bought this >you open the door and walk into the living room >Aria lying on her side with one leg arched >"Do you hate me so much you pull that shit just to avoid me" >no hey, or welcome, not that you expected any >not the opening you expected either though "Of course not, that was just Dash being a bitch" >"hmph" she tossed one of her pigtails across her back >"well whatever, anyway, Adagio and Sonata are out with the Rainbooms tonight" >you almost though you saw a hint of sadness as her mouth tightened >"so get in the kitchen and cook me dinner, it's already late" >you figured Aria wasn't the domestic type >there was however another problem "err.. Aria I can't cook for shit" >she shot a scathing look mixed with disbelief >"just fucking TRY ok? before we all starve to death" >you make your way into the kitchen >it was well kitted out, a good chef could have made anything they wanted >you on the other hand >opening the fridge you see nothing but a note >"Me and Pinks had the munchies lol, next grocery shop is on me S." >for once you may have been saved by Sonata >thinking ahead you get your phone out "Sonata ate all the food, Pizza ok?" >you hear a sigh from the other room >"yeah whatever, anything is good, just no pineapple, oh and buy me donuts" >you call the pizza place, getting 2 meat feasts and a donut dunk for 2 >you walk back in to see Aria still lazing out now with the TV on >a pile of homework you had both been set lay out next to her >you sigh and start working on it, tonight was not going to be fun >40 minutes pass and the door rings >"put that shit away, eat with me" >anything to not be doing more of Luna's geography sounded good at that point >Aria jumped up in the biggest display of physical action you'd seen since you arrived >she was walking away from the door with the 2 boxes of pizza and smaller donut tray on top >"pay" she smirked at you and she walked back to the living room >after handing money over to the pimply teen you made your way back and saw Aria already eating her while holding yours >you hold your hand out for your box of pizza >"Is that how you ask? No. be a good boy and ask nicely" Aria ordered in a smug voice "Can I have my pizza Aria, please?" >"no" she said before taking a bite out of her slice >"you made me wait 2 hours for you in detention, I think you should wait 2 hours for this" >oh you can't be serious >your stomach let out a rumble "Aria please. I'll do anything" >the words were out before you considered the implications >"anything? well I liked lunch today, so maybe if I can have a nice seat again..." >getting the idea you sat in the empty chair >Aria moved over onto your lap again >this time she seemed to be pushing her... assets a bit more forcefully than before >she began alternating between her own bites, and twisting round in your lap to feed you a piece >the combination of tight ass in jeans plus all the twisting was causing a growing tightness in your pants >Aria suddenly stopped mid bite >she bounced up and looked round with a disgusted expression >"ugh anon you're the worst" >you looked down embarrassed "sorry" >stealing a glance up you saw she was kind of flushed too though >the last of the pizza was eaten with her standing and you trying to make the bulge go down while still in the chair >surprisingly Aria brought the sharing donuts back to you >she sat back on you, facing you now, ass no longer grinding your crotch >"fantasize about me again and I'll make sure you won't get another boner in your life" she hissed opening the donuts >you sat silently eating the donuts from the box, sharing the chocolate dip >Aria had way more than her fair share but you knew complaining would be a bad move >you got down to the last one in the box >"Today didn't suck" "err... ok" >this was probably the least angry thing you had heard her say ever >"ugh you're so stupid, just close your eyes, we can share the last one" >you must be getting good at following orders so you closed your eyes without even thinking about it >you felt the donut push slightly into your mouth and you held it there >suddenly you felt Arias face super close >her taking a bite from the donut held in your mouth >her lips brushing yours as they passed >you opened your eyes in a daze, seeing her in full blush, half a donut still in your mouth >while you were still processing what happened Aria got up and rushed off to the stairs >"The others will be back soon, you'd better get home" she called down before you heard her room door slam >slowly you got up and made it to the door, beginning the walk home >halfway back you got a text >"next errand: 7pm tomorrow, going to the cinema alone is for losers, so you have to take me" >maybe this errand boy thing will have some upsides >Saturday morning >You were still recovering from *that* last night >Every time you thought you figured Aria out she threw a curveball >The kiss could easily have been her messing with you >She might not even have thought about it as a kiss >But that blush at the end >You ran through events about a million times as you did school work, played some videogames and generally counted down time until you went to pick Aria up >You were about 5 minutes from the Dazzling's house before you realized you didn't know how you'd be getting to the cinema >Aria was leaning against the open door as you approached, looking disappointed as you walked up >"tch, should've known a loser like you wouldn't have a car" >She leaned back into the open doorway, yelling upstairs >"Turns out I will need that ride Adagio" >Wait if Adagio was free to give lifts, why did you need to accompany Aria? >The 3rd Dazzling emerged, giant hair bouncing with each step yet keeping form >Adagio you hadn't met before, unlike Sonata >"oh so this is him, is it?" she smirked towards Aria before moving close, running her hand across your shoulder and down your arm >"Hands off slut" menaced Aria slapping Adagios hand away >"My my, so protective, jealous?" Adagio spun around you, putting both arms across your chest from behind >Aria hissed and raiser a hand, advancing on both of you >Adagio just laughed, let go and stepped away, moving towards the car >"Come on, you don't want to be late after all" >The car was a little beat-up, but decent condition for a shared student ride >Aria forcefully steered you to the back seats and followed herself, keeping as much distance as she could between you and Adagio >A quick 10 minute drive later >You smiled and thanked Adagio for the lift, causing Aria's eyes to flash dangerously in your direction >You hastily stepped away as the car drove off >Aria was already walking to the large double doors of the cinema, clicking her fingers behind her for you to follow >"I want to see this" she was pointing at one of the posters in the lobby >The Vampire Lovers, clearly a Halloween film, which was good because tickets would be cheap in the few weeks after Halloween >Not to mention emptier seats meaning less chance of people seeing you together "Sure thing" >You moved off to the the vendor, already assuming it was your turn to pay up again >After once again emptying your wallet for the benefit of your tormentor, you turn round to be greeted by an enormous bucket of popcorn >"Carry this anon, it should be enough" >Enough was an understatement, this thing could feed a family of 5 >Plus wait, did Aria just buy YOU something >Still working out this new turn she had already waltzed off to the screen room >It might be your imagination but she seemed to... almost be skipping >Definitely a spring in her step, and a waggle in her hips >She turned back fast, catching you looking "Shit I didn't mean..." >Mentally preparing for the backlash >She just raised an eyebrow >"C'mon moron, we need good seats" >The lights were already dimmed and the film about to start >Peering into the gloom you could make out a few people, mostly couples >Some you recognized from school and then you saw 2 at the back you knew for sure >Fucking Dash and Gilda >You really don't want another encounter with them here, especially with Aria >Aria grabs your arm and pulls you into a lower middle row, thankfully away from other people and far from GilDash who are on the highest row >As the opening credits start up on the screen in front of you, Aria holds out her empty palm to you >You stare at it for about 10 seconds before she whips round and whispers "Popcorn, Idiot!" "Oh right" >You pass her a handful from the titanic bucket you are still holding >The first 30 minutes of the film passes without much bother, you weren't really drawn into the plot and basically became the popcorn dispenser >Aria's eyes hadn't left the screen since it started, she must really like vampires, or the romance subplot >Sneaking glances at Arias reaction became more entertaining than the actual film >She was emoting more to this than you'd seen her ever do at school >Suddenly she reached over, grabbing the popcorn bucket before setting it aside, below the seat next to her >You caught her face flushed deep purple, reminding you of last night >Her ever tight jeans covered her thighs as they fidgeted and rubbed together in her seat >A sharp moan catches you off guard before you realize it's from the screen >Obligatory Hollywood sex scene dammit >You suddenly feel Aria gripping your leg and running across your thigh >You turn and notice she isn't looking at the screen now but dead at you "Aria what are you doing" >She moved her other hand over to your mouth, shushing your lips >Her breathing seemed heavy, and as she moved her hand over to your crotch, so was yours >One hand was pulled away from your lips as she sat back and turned back to the film >Her other hand was groping your growing bulge, roughly and desperately >She bit her lip as she pretended nothing unusual was happening >You really hoped Dash and company couldn't see from this angle >Pressure against your pants was becoming a problem before a deft hand undid a button and slid down your zip >Still manhandling your package, underwear was pulled down exposing your bare cock to her soft hand >You should be in a panic over being publicly molested like this >But her heavenly touch was too good, and her dominant movements had no doubt who was in charge >Eventually your heavy breathing seemed to sync, as you approached the point of no return >Aria began timing strokes to the heartbeat she could feel through her hand >And you were so close... Next stroke... >But the next stroke never came >Turning in desperation you saw a deeply blushing Aria giving you an evil grin >She leaned in close to your ear >"Put it away or touch it again and I'll scream for security" >Leaning in again she gave you a soft bite on the neck, followed by a kiss >She turned back to her film like nothing was wrong, leaving you frustrated and exposed >The rest of the film went by at a snails pace, you nervously looking around hoping nobody would wander close when leaving their seat >After far too many minutes the hardness had finally gone and Aria leaned over, putting it away and zipping your pants back up >The popcorn bucket was dumped back into your lap but for the remainder of the film Aria would lean over to grab some herself, getting the angle just right to give you a glimpse of cleavage >The credits began >Finally this madness could end >Aria got up and stretched, still with that vicious smile >Looking down at you she pulled you by the shoulder >"That was fun, you should come back for dinner again" "How are you still hungry?" >The popcorn had been completely finished by the end, and you had hardly had any >Poking you in the chest "I can always be hungry for obedient boys like you" >Together you left the screening room, to find the cinema exit blocked >You had managed to forget them but they must have seen you >"Hah if it isnt PMS Purple and her little bitchboy" Gilda quipped as Dash began giggling "Get lost" you shot back, master of retorts >"OOHH grown a spine anon? Finally found another loser to get down with" the Blue Cunt herself stepped in >You noticed Aria next to you had started shaking >Fists clenched, this was anger, stronger than you'd seen before >"Fuck you dykes" Every syllable shaking with rage >"Don't you DARE call Anon a loser" >She shot forward sending a fist into Gilda's off-guard stomach >As the larger girl buckled RD's mouth gaped open >"thats my job..." Aria finished, stepping back >You saw Dash recover and square up >Predicting the fight you stepped past Aria to get between them >Dash faltered, seeing it was a 2v1 and Gilda still winded >"Pfft dwebs" she finished lamely before getting Gilda up and stalking off >Kind of glad you didn't have to actually throw any punches at one of the strongest girls in school >You turn back to Aria >She actually looks impressed you stepped up >You hear a car horn from outside >It's the Dazzlemobile, Adagio driving again with Sonata in the other front seat >Sonata lets out a squeal of glee seeing you together and begins waving manically >Adagio blows a kiss which Aria scowls at >"How are my favorite lovebirds" she simpers >"Just drive" Aria waits for you to get the door before entering "What's dinner" >"Sonata has been shopping and will be cooking, what was it again?" >"Oysters! And banana, chocolate and fig pudding!" >Adagios eye twitched slightly "Lovely" >Why did those ingredients sound familiar to you >Oh god >Sonata was giving those double thumbs up again >A buzz in your pocket makes you reach for your phone >Text from Aria, currently staring out the window nonchalantly >"Get through this meal and you'll have a reward later <3" >Sonata also had an avocado salad with the oysters >Despite the weirdness of the meal, it was actually cooked pretty well >You managed small talk with Adagio about schoolwork, and to Sonata about whatever topic she latched onto each minute >Aria stayed mostly silent, seemingly satisfied with the distance between you and Adagio but still throwing sullen glances when you didn't look at her enough >Adagio locked eyes with you as Sonata cleared away plates, preparing for the pudding >"So Anon, do tell exactly how Aria managed to blackmail you into all this" >Aria stiffened up and you saw a slight look of panic >"I mean we all know you aren't here by choice" she purred "Who does she think she is kidding, coming home one day announcing she finally made a friend." >She let out a harsh laugh "That might work on Sonata but anyone with a brain know Arias is just... unlikable" >You looked over at Aria expecting a comeback >Instead she had her head bowed, eyes looking close to tears >Suddenly the bratty attitude, harsh treatment and closed off emotions made sense >She had wanted the same thing all along "Aria is my friend" >Adagio raised her eyebrows in surprise "I asked her to study with me all week, I know I was annoying, then on Friday I asked her out on a" >Adagio didn't look like she knew what she was hearing, you didn't dare look at Aria yet "I don't like the way you spoke about her just now, I think Aria is really sweet especially for putting up with me being useless" >You looked over expecting anger or denial, instead Aria's eyes were wet again but this time also happy >You reached under the table and grabbed her hand "I think I'm in love with Aria Blaze" >A smash came from the doorway >Sonata had walked back in for just the last sentence >and dropped the pudding all over the floor, face beaming out at what she heard >"ohwowohwowohWOW" she squealed in delight, not quite sensing the overall mood >she stepped over to the table, pudding forgotten, grabbed Adagio by the shoulders, heaving her up >"Addy I THINK we need to leave the house for a bit" Giving a massively pointed wink at her then at you >Sonata then dragged the protesting Adagio out of the house >Aria and you sat in silence for a bit, listening to the Dazzlecar start up and pull away, hands still held >Not letting go (or slapping you) had to be a good sign right? "Umm" you started >"That was" she cut you off after you broke the silence >"The nicest thing I can remember being told" She pushed into your arms >You sat for a while, holding each other, feeling the warmth >"You still kind of suck" she mumbled into your shoulder "and I'm still the one in charge here" "Whatever you say" >She got up, holding your collar to bring you up too >"You're way too warm, I need to freshen up" >Aria danced over the pudding splatters towards the stairs, turning around at the bottom >"What are you waiting for?" >Your heart was going a thousand miles an hour as you followed Aria's swaying hips up the stairs to her room >As you both went in, she turned around, composure fully returned, dominant look back in her eye >"Help me with this" she shrugged out of her turquoise jacket exposing her bare shoulders >She started fanning herself with her hand >"You got me hot and gross, now clean it up" >She raised one arm revealing a smooth soft armpit, lightly sweaty >You didn't think this was your fetish (before today at least), but you admitted finding Aria in that pose certainly had an appeal >You must have been looking too long because she tutted before grabbing your head, pushing you to kneeling and putting your mouth up against her silky underarms >Getting the idea you began using your tongue, tasting the lightly salty skin >Aria purred as she held you there, servicing her >She released pressure and raised the other arm, you needed no reminding and got to work on the opposite pit >You warmed quickly to the exotic and unique taste, soaking your tongue in her pheromones while she seemed to enjoy it like an animal in heat >Eventually she lowered her arm and moved away >You then noticed at some point in that you must have gotten another boner judging by current pant tightness >Aria grabbed a towel and opened a door, revealing a small en suit bathroom with shower >"I'm going to wash the rest off, give me a minute, and don't play with yourself while I'm gone" she smirked at your obvious erection >Listening to the splashes of water >Resisting the desire to peek >You pace the room trying to calm yourself before that familiar buzz in your pocket arrives >"New errand: Bring the tub of body butter from the bedside table. I like to moisturize every night and tonight you get to help" >You find the tub of beige cream, slightly see-through >As you open the bathroom door your jaw drops >Aria is stood there, towel dropped at her feet >Firm handfuls of her perky breasts encased in a purple lacy bra, leaving only the best to the imagination >Matching underwear, damp from more than just the shower >She turned away, giving you a view of those goddess hips and juicy ass >Both arms held out wide she ordered "Arms, shoulders and back" >You scooped some of the smooth skin cream into your hand and began touching across her back >You moved in close enough to hear her breath hitch as you danced across her back, down her arms and caressing her tender neck >Feeling daring you lent in to kiss it, with a light bite and heard a sharp intake of breath from the purple minx >The next order came in a shakier voice and she turned round, pushed you towards the bed and sat down, extending her shapely legs >"Feet, calves and thighs" >taking more from the tub you began the massage on your knees, working her dainty feet >moving upwards across her skin and onto her thick thighs, finally out of their tight jean confines >The higher you went the stronger you felt the heat from her needy core >You looked up into her eyes just in time to see her lose all control, pushing your head into her soaked crotch >Aria's taste hits you immediately, even through the panties >sweet and heady >She grinds your into herself with force, spasming once, twice after as many minutes >"Take them off" she hissed through pleasure clenched teeth >You looked in confusion, your arms were pinned by her thighs and it didn't seem like she needed you naked for this >"The panties, get them off" she hissed again "You have teeth don't you?" >You managed to break her grip long enough to splutter out "Won't that break them?" >"Who cares, they're Sonatas" was the only reply you got before being forced back down >Not seeing another option, you took the fragile fabric in your jaw and stretched it out the way, ripping it slightly >As your mouth and tongue hit her bare pussy, Aria clenched herself again gushing into you >On shaky legs she got up, handling you around so your head lay on the edge of the bed before pushing herself forwards and riding your face roughly >While she bounced up and down being serviced, her bare feet began a rhythm on your aching boner >Hands free in this position you gave into the temptation, freeing your pleasure from your pants >Aria's bare soft soles didn't take long to finish the job her hands had started earlier that evening >Fireworks went off in your head as the days teasing finally ended with you shooting your load >As you lay in a daze Aria rode your face to one last squirting climax before stopping to come down from her high >After a few minutes of panting it was then she noticed the mess you left, along with how sweaty she had become again >"Ugh Anon look what you made me do" she whined, dropping the ruined panties in the bin after wiping herself with them and covering herself with the towel >"I need another shower, the others will be back soon and you're a total mess" she admonished >As if it wasn't her fault you now looked like your gone 3 rounds with Rainbow Dash wielding a wet sock >You were barely given the time to dress before being physically pushed out of Arias room, then told to go home through text >You thought you were making progress understanding Aria then she goes even crazier on you >The kitchen sink was used to clean your face before you left, not really wanting to see the other Dazzlings after what just happened >For the second time in 2 days you began walking home wondering just what the fuck had happened >Tomorrow you would get Aria alone, and sort this stuff out before it went too far >As you tried to formulate a plan that wouldn't get you killed, that ever dreaded phone buzz interrupted your thoughts >New text from Aria, not like you got any others >"Next errand: Sonata and Pinkie having a party tomorrow, need a date to get in, so you're my boyfriend now, I'll get you at 9pm" >fuck [Part 1.5] - Different Perspectives >You are Sonata >Despite the fact you were currently scrubbing fig pudding out of a thick carpet, you were happy >Not the regular "all of the time happy" either >The "Aria is finally making friends and found a special someone I could totally scream" kind of happy >Absent mindedly humming to yourself you wipe up the last of the mess >Leaning back you place both hands on your hips "As predicted, the perished pudding was no match for... El Sonatress" >You mimed a luchador mask, peering around the room for approval >Adagio glanced up from a magazine "Yes, fantastic Sonata" smiling then dropping it the instant she looked back at the magazine >Aria smirked, giving a slow sarcastic clap >It was so nice when the others appreciated you for once >The room filled with your favorite bubblegum pop song and you let out a yelp "Gotta go girls, me and Pinkie are planning a BIG ONE this time" >You ran out of the living room, picking up your mobile as you went to the privacy of your room "Heya Pinks" >"Sonny!" "I got the music sorted, food's prepared apart from the special ingredient, your house still open?" >"Yeah duh, now listen to this guest list" >"Me and you, obvs, then all the Rainbooms" "Awesome!" >"Dash's soccer team" "Sweet!" >"Sunset's in" "Rock on!" >"Trixie and her friends are bringing this kickass sound system" >Pinkie had so many friends, when you talked with her, it felt like you'd never be lonely like you had been before >After the list of names finally cleared you managed to get a word in "Listen Pinks, any chance Aria can come?" >Keeping up the cheery voice >Pinkie had a slight pause >"I dunno... last time she just sulked for an hour then threw her shoes at Applejack's dog" "Nonono I PROMISE this time will be different... she has someone to bring now and he's super nice too." >"Weeeelll.. OK! Just remember to go and get the stuff before tomorrow" "I will I will, you're the best Pinkie" >Bounding back downstairs you got ready to impart the good news "Hey Aria, You're invited to that party tomorrow" >She pretended not to hear you, oh that girl, always pulling these jokes on you >"That party you totally need a date to go to, which you have, and should go" >"I don't care Sonata" >Adagio was listening now >"Oh how convenient, you meet this nice Anon fellow but suddenly he won't come to a little party with you? Almost like your just... well... faking the whole thing!" Adagio gasped "Haha Adi, nobody would do that, Anon and Aria are a super cute fit, for realzies!" >You knew it, Aria was already blushing >"You know what, fine" Aria exclaimed throwing her hands up "Maybe me and Anon will go to this dumb party" >As Aria got out her phone and began texting you turned your best puppy eyes on Adagio "Adaaagio, I really, really need some of those fun plants again for the party" >Adagio looked at you blankly, then suddenly became a winning smile "Of course Sonata, leave that to me" >You are Adagio >Out driving late at night, being the consummate friend for darling Sonata >and grabbing a few things for yourself of course >You glanced at Sonata's wishlist >"Something to make everyone in the mood for fun : )" >"Something to make Anon and Aria super close! <3" >You were used to the first kind of request, pretty standard fare >The second one was new, but if anyone could get it it was the dealer you knew >You thought this world was bare of all magic for years, but a certain kind existed >You insisted on always meeting your contact alone, no need for the other girls to know >You stepped out of your car into the usual alley "I come with asks and open purse" >"and so my answer fills your thirst" >Out of the shadows she stepped, light gray skin and a wild exotic hairstyle >You smiled warmly "Zecora, a pleasure as always" >"Likewise my siren friend, what nature's rules would you like to bend?" >The druidess stepped backwards revealing a low table filled with bottles, potions and powders >Gazing over the wares you picked out the bottle you knew would satisfy Sonata's first request "One of the bottled sunshine again, and something new, what would you recommend to draw a certain couple together?" >Picking out one of the fine powders Zecora looked at you questioningly "Not for me of course... a friend..." >Thats right, all for Aria, just maybe not for her *benefit* >"Add the powder to water, then a hair of your 'friend', get it drank by the target and that is...the end" "Is this rhyming necessary" >She shrugged "Customers love it" "Well bag it up, along with" you hovered your finger over the nasty section of wares "..that" >Parting with an emptier purse but a head full of plans you began the drive back home >Oh yes this party was going to be very fun >You arrived back at the house, living room empty >The girls must have gone up to their rooms now >Entering the kitchen you filled the small container with water, adding the powder then carefully plucking a single curly orange hair from your head >Dropping it into the swirling potion it dissolved quickly, leaving a pale orange mixture smelling of citrus >You stopper the bottle, placing it with the others before heading upstairs >You knock softly at Sonata's door, not waiting for a reply before entering >Sonata had changed into pale lilac pajamas and she jumped up off the bed she had been sat on as you entered >"Did you get it?" she grinned in anticipation "Of course" you smiled back >Drawing the large neon yellow bottle of sunshine you handed it over >"You're the best Adagio" "Wait till you see what else I have" >You pulled out the orange infatuation potion along with the dark blue mixture that guaranteed an unpleasant fever, headache and general shitty feelings "This one needs to be slipped to Aria" >you passed over the blue bottle >"and this one needs to go to Anon" >the orange bottle went over too "Is that clear Sonata?" >The blue airhead nodded energetically >"You're the best friend ever Adagio!" "Aren't I just" you simpered "Well it's getting late, see you tomorrow Sonata" >She waved you out as you headed to bed >Tomorrow was the day Aria would be taught a much needed lesson [Part 2] >You are Anon >Pacing your room at 8:50 on a Sunday night waiting for the now daily dose of whimsical torture >Torture from a possibly insane girl who now apparently wants you to be her boyfriend >Or fake boyfriend, or something... >You honestly don't know how to feel about her, most of the time she's casually bitchy, sometimes with spurts of insanity >Then you get a glimpse past that, to a girl you think desperately needs your help and... love? >Wasn't that how this all started? An attempt to reach out to her? >The doorbell brought you out of your thoughts and back to reality >Heading to a party of the legendary Pinkie Pie, while dealing with the anchor of Aria blackmailing you into her date >Opening the door you're surprised to see Aria herself made the effort to come to the door >Sonata waves at you from the car they arrived it while Adagio blows you a kiss from the drivers seat >"Took you long enough Anon, it's cold out here" >No surprise she was cold, Aria had changed for the party, wearing a floaty purple top, leaving shoulders bare and the slightest gap of midriff >Bottom half clad in glorious tight jeans however, although a different pair to the usual >"Just remember, stick with me, get me drinks and tell everyone you can that you're my boyfriend ok?" "Yeah sure, just first... can we talk?" >"We are talking moron" "Inside, just a minute" >The purple girl let out something between a sigh and a groan before barging past you, into the living room >She stood rubbing her bare arms and tapping a foot >"Well?" >Now was your chance to see if you'd managed to penetrate any of that armor >and maybe save your wallet "If we're really doing this dating thing, maybe we should try and act more couple-y?" >"Your point?" "Maybe I don't have to pay for everything?" >"You're such an idiot, the drinks are free, Sonata even told me she had something special for us" "I mean on... dates later" >Aria seemed to pause and a hint of flush appeared >"O-other dates?" >Then she tapped her chin "Well I guess it'd look weird if we broke up right after this, fake broke up I mean" "Of course" >"Yeah then... sure... Just don't go being a pathetic loser like normal and actually fall for me" she sneered >Charming >You caught the faint smile she had walking to the car though >"Hey Anon!" Sonata waved "I made another pudding" >This thing was big, and seemed to glow slightly yellow from within >"and this time I won't drop it" "Looks great" >It actually did, although it also looked like it could also give you diabetes in 1 bowlful >Adagio smiles warmly as the two of you climbed into the back seats and you caught a whiff of something >It appeared the orange haired Dazzling also liked orange scented perfume >"Why don't we get the party started early, Sonata?" >"Oh right" The blue girl dipped into her bag drawing 2 small bottles >"This is for you Anon" she pushed the orange drink into your hands >"Aaaaannd Aria" she placed a deep blue cocktail into her hands >Adagio and Sonata both watched you with the bottles "Just us?" you asked, a bit puzzled >Adagio smiles "I would but" she points at the wheel "designated driver, so sad" she mimed wiping away tears >Sonata chipped in "Pinkie told me to save myself for the drinking games later, besides, it's a couples drink" >"It makes me so happy to see two super nice people like you guys getting together" She beamed at the pair of you >Well if Sonata seemed fine with it... >You downed the drink like a shot, hoping it would make the evening a bit hazier in your memory if nothing else >You expected a spirit like burn as it went down, but got a smooth sensation and a fruity kick >Hopefully they had more of this at the party >Aria followed your example, taking it all at once >"That barely tasted of anything Sonata" she peered at the bottle >"Really? aww, well me and Pinkie will fix that right up soon" She gave an obvious wink right at you >There wasn't long to wonder about Sonata's weird (well, normal-ish) behavior as you came in sight of the Pie House >Funky lights and bubbly music assaulted the senses as you approached >Sonata rushed out and began the hyper-speed babbling that was normal conversation between her and Pinkie Pie >You walk into the house and squeeze through the assorted crowd >There seemed to be someone from every clique, club and social circle invited >Front and center were the Rainbooms >Which included everyones favorite, Dash >Maybe last encounter would keep her away >Nope, she was already swaggering over to Aria, Adagio and you >"If it isn't the Dazzloser and her little pet, How'd you rope Ol' Anon into this gig? >Aria eyes narrowed and you saw fists clench >Deciding a fistfight within a minute of entering would hardly help Aria make friends you go to diffuse the situation >Grabbing her clenched fist you turn in into a tight handhold "Actually Rainbow, me and Aria are dating" >You felt Aria stiffen up in another way, before relaxing and catching on "Y-yeah, so why don't you go suck some carpet and butt out" >"Pahahah, you can't be serious, you two?" >You hear a quieter laugh next to you and Adagio steps forward >"I know just how you feel Dashie, I didn't believe it at first either. In fact I'm still sort of convinced it's all a joke" >She turned and gave you a devilish grin "I don't even think I've seen them kiss" >"We totally have" Aria hissed, before nudging you in the ribs >"Oh yeah, totally haha" Not technically a lie you figured >Rainbow spurred on by a new ally jumped back in "Really? Maybe you should prove it then?" >"What a good idea Rainbow" Adagio continued "A simple kiss shouldn't be much of a problem for a coupe so in love hmm?" >Aria was staring at the floor looking close to anger >Her head snapped back up "Yeah, easy" >Turning to you she grabbed a hold of both your arms "Just like we always do ok?" "Y-yeah" Your heart had picked up a hell of a pace in just a few seconds >You two stood facing each other, neither that committed to moving your face closer just yet >Rainbow did an over-exaggerated fake yawn, Adagio just watched with shining predatory eyes >Fine, lets just do it >Aria seemed to have the same conclusion meaning you bumped lips a bit faster than expected >She recovered quickly and you both kind of melted into a soft kiss >Aria closes her eyes, body pushing closer to yours >You hold her shoulders and she puts her hands to your back, slightly digging in with her nails >Your mouths push further into each other >Aria seems lost, forgetting where you were >Her lips part and you feel her hot tongue reaching out in need >Out of nowhere comes a scent of orange blossom >Your mind fills with conflicting images >It doesn't feel like Aria now, it feels like Adagio >It feels good >"Ok enough of the freak show we get it" Dash's exasperated cry makes you jump apart >Aria has a full blush on, you were still trying to make sense of what you just felt... >Dash was stalking off making vomit noises at your display >Adagio had her eyes, still fixed on you >Adagio slowly and carefully licked her lips >You felt a shiver of desire, especially down below >"Anon?" >Oh right, her >You turned to Aria >She made a grab to hold your hand again >Luckily you dodged, leaving her with a hurt and shocked expression >Looking around you saw a flash of orange curls as Adagio slinked away, headed to greet Rarity >Damn >Meanwhile Aria had caught your hand and began pulling you away to the food table >"C'mon I'm hungry" >You were still staring off to where Adagio had gone >"The fuck is wrong with you?" Aria snapped "Oh... nothing" Finally turning back to her >Sonata sidled up to you both holding 2 plates of that fantastically yellow cake >"Some cake for my favoritest cute couple" she squeaked before bounding away >"Good, my mouth feels all gross" Aria grumbled "Oh I was that bad was I?" You mutter back >She looks back with hurt eyes again "No I mean, I just feel a bit sick, before was... sweet" "I'm sweet now?" >"Yeah, for doing that for me" she twirled one of her twintails >She still had the full blush from the kiss >Wait >You put your hand to her head "Aria you're completely burning up" >"No I'm fine it just -AH" she staggered, hand over her eye "Aria?!" >On her knees she was hot all over to the touch "Just a headache" she says weakly >You look around, to call for Pinkie or someone you knew well enough >Out of nowhere Adagio swooped down, taking Aria under one arm "Anon, with me. Looks like our dear Aria needs a lie down somewhere quiet" >Between you, you pulled the weakly protesting Aria up and towards the stairs >Your fingers brushed Adagios arm, sending electric tingles up yours >How had you not noticed Adagio like this before >You'd only met a handful of times, aside from seeing her at a distance at school >But you'd never noticed her gorgeous locks, her sensual eyes, her seductive figure? >It's like your eyes had been opened and now you were drawn to her like you'd never felt before >Adagio spied an open room with a bed and you maneuvered Aria into it then onto the bed >"I'll let Sonata know you aren't feeling your best, Anon you'll stay with her for a little bit won't you?" "Anything for you Adagio" >She smiled "Good boy" >You looked with longing as she exited the room leaving you alone with Grump Grape >Aria had a weak smile despite looking really rough >"Anon..." she croaked out "Just lie back, get some rest or something" >"No, there something I need to tell you" >She began coughing, so you just waited for that to stop before she continued >...but I don't... I can't..." "Look you're ill, this can wait right" >"No!" she exclaimed "Give me your hand" >You decided to play along, putting your hand in hers >Carefully she placed it over her chest, right in the middle >"I can't say it, but you understand right" >Her heart was beating like crazy, the powerful rhythm going straight to your hand "Yes Aria, I get it, you're ill. A fever actually, so you really need to rest" >Her eyes started watering slightly "Not like that" >This was probably another of her weird insanity flings "Look you'll be ok here right? I'm going to check if Adagio needs anything ok?" >"Anon come ba-" again with the coughing fit >You try a smile "Just rest ok" >You close the door and see Adagio standing alone further down the corridor >"Aria in bed? How about me next?" she purred >A pull came over you >Strong, crashing over you >You didn't need words as Adagios body met yours >A kiss, deeper than ever blossomed between you >Tongues danced >Everything aside from her disappeared >"Eager aren't we? >You barely heard her as you scrambled to find any room >Any room for the deed your body pressed you towards >Adagio took control, you gladly submitted as she pushed you towards another spare bedroom >Details were lost the flurry as your hands roamed the body of the goddess before you >Clothes were lost without hesitation >No build up or foreplay >Adagio and you had one task at hand >Sex made it sound clinical >Making love would imply a tenderness >This was neither >Fucking. Pure, unbridled, nasty fucking >You slammed into her without restraint as she rode on top, groping at her own chest and staring you down as you provided your body for her personal use >Time became a blur, you couldn't say how long it lasted >Only that by the end you had both collapsed in sweat and a tangle of limbs >As you lay recovering, events became confusing >Things you had done, things that made sense and felt natural a few hours earlier, now didn't >Adagio sat up and must have noticed the increasing bewilderment on your face >"Oh starting to wear off is it?" she smirked at you before pulling out her phone and quickly taking a few photos >"You aren't too bright, especially after that little sideshow so I'll keep this short and easy to remember" >"You answer to me now, Go against me and these" She waved her phone "will end up as a message to your precious purple princess" >Regret and horror washed over you as she casually got dressed, before blowing a kiss >"Aria seems so much happier since you arrived, lets hope nothing happens to ruin that" >She walked out the door before leaving you alone >As you scrambled for your own clothes a familiar buzz saw you reach for your phone >Aria >"I'm really glad you came tonight Anon" [Part 3] >You are Anon >Correction, you are fucked >After staggering home in a daze after last night you collapsed into bed >And now waking up the full events hit you again >The party >Aria trying to tell you something, intentions so clear now but somehow hidden at the time >Whatever Adagio did to you >You couldn't make sense of your actions, or your feelings.... >All you were certain of was what you did probably hurt Aria >And things that hurt Aria seemed to hurt you recently >Lying in bed, not ready to face the school day just yet >The doorbell snapped you out of your daydreams of dread >Slipping a dressing gown over pajamas you head to the door >Opening it to a familiar face, Aria >"Hey Anon" she gave a rare smile "All better this morning, Bagel?" >You looked dumbly at the breakfast she brought you "For me?" >"Of course for you stupid, and for free. I promised this would be more like a real relationship remember, give and take" >Guilty pains shot through you >You needed to tell her about last night >Even though half the things you did you couldn't explain >Even though Aria had started coming out of her shell more around you >Even though it probably ruined any feelings you were beginning to feel >You had to tell her >Right? >You told yourself it was because of how happy she seemed this morning >Or because it was too soon after >You were probably just a coward though >You couldn't tell her >Not yet, at a good time, you would tell her >But for now you were content to have guilt rip you up inside and giving Aria a cheery face as you ate together >"So I was thinking... we should totally pair up for the field trip" "The what?" >"Luna's geography expedition thing down in the wood" >Oh shit, you'd completely forgotten about that with all recent events >Luna's class got to go into the woods, spend a few hours leaning about local trees or something >It was optional, but every year everyone went because it included a free night of camping outdoors >"I was planning a night at home, but I guessed since I have an excuse now" "That... would be nice" you said truthfully "Hey Aria, I was kind of... confused yesterday, what was it you were trying to tell me when you were sick" >Obvious blush >"Umm.. that was er... I don't remember" "Really?" >"Yep, and we better get going, we don't want to be late" >Aria swiped your last bite of bagel before jumping off and heading to the door "Hey!" >"Oh and you still carry my bag by the way, too many perks and you'll forget your place" she winked >Feelings of normality returned during the walk to school >You had almost forgotten by the time you had to say goodbye, going to different first lessons >Gym, good, doing something physical should put it further out your mind >Coach Will's rough and ready voice boomed through the locker >"Alright scrubs, we got dodgeball today and we're sharing the gym with the girls so I want your minds OFF your dicks understand? That means you Sentry" >Soon you were into the swing of the game >Ducking and diving, you managed to hit a few people yourself >But mostly you had the skill of dodge >Which is why the ball direct to the back of your head was surprising >"Oops my bad" can a deadpan voice from over the girls half >Rainbow Dash, who else >You let it go, only for a repeat a few minutes later >"Hand slipped" came the bored voice of Gilda >Keep calm Anon >A few minutes after you stumbled as a fastball came direct to the back of your knee >"Wow, did I do that?" >"Haha, don't worry, Anon probably wasn't focused, I heard he was. Up. All. Niiight" >The pair gave you the biggest shit eating grins imaginable >"Is it true she tastes like grapes? Because I imagine them all sour like vinge-" "How about you shut the FUCK UP" >Without even thinking you bounded forward, taking a swing at Bluecunt >You saw her shocked for a second before your fist connected across her face >You had picked a fight bigger than you though, as Gilda grabbed you from behind and Dash recovered and hit back >"Hey HEY, break it up" Coach Will held you all apart >You were breathing hard, staring daggers into the dykes >"Dash, out of order, if I had to report this you'd be off the team and you know it" >"So I'm saying you forget all this, go sit the class out and we can all move on" >Dash narrowed her eyes before stalking back to the girls lockers, Gilda spitting on the floor as she followed >You were glad to be sitting the rest out, and it felt good to get at least 1 good hit in and not be punished >You muddled through English with a wave to Aria at the start >Math made you split again and you got down to work >Soon enough lunch rolled around and you spotted the Dazzling table >Smiling Sonata and Aria, marred by the sight of Adagio >You couldn't avoid her without suspicion >So it was off to the table you go >"Hey Anon" Sonata said "Hi" >Adagio hadn't responded, focused on a little mirror and makeup >Her threat of leaking yesterday to Aria made you feel she wasn't about to expose it now >You still weren't sure what she even wanted you for yet >"Ugh today has been so lame" Aria moaned, head in hands "Want to hear something that might cheer you up?" >She turned to look with a raised eyebrow >You told the story of the events of gym >Sonata seemed impressed "Ohh Aria you're so lucky to have a man protecting your honor like that" >Aria just seemed to get pissed, though she did grin when you told her about the punch >"That bitch is gonna pay someday, nobody touches my property" "I'm right here you know" >Adagio seemed to be listening now "Tell me if you need help with that, I'd hate to see something you love get damaged" >There were those stabs of guilt again >You quickly look down at lunch instead of anyones eyes >"Hey Anon, give me a back rub" >Aria had turned away from you and took her jacket off >Normally you would be fine with this, but Adagio was still looking >With her predator expression on again >Orders were orders >You run your hands across her shoulders >Seeking out knots of tension you knead her skin and she responds with a light purr >With Aria looking the other way and Sonata engaged with lunch you see Adagio slip a single wink >She then got out her phone and began tapping away, leaving you to your job >With her gone you began to enjoy the feeling of Aria's upper back >The desire to lean in and kiss her soft neck set in >Before you could think it through the bell rang and Aria jumped up with a stretch >"Much better, lets get to science" >You let Aria go ahead to class with the excuse you needed to pee >You double back and find Adagio by her locker >She smiled as you approached >"So eager to serve? Or looking for more after last night" "I want answers. What the hell happened to me last night? Why are you doing this?" >"Tut tut, you don't get to ask questions like that. I'm not like Aria you see" >She moved between you and the wall and pushing you against it >"I can't be won over by a little kindness. You're mine now, no matter how you feel" >She leaned in and slowly licked across your cheek >"Mmm" she noticed your look of resentment >"Don't look so sad, I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with what I've got planned." >She released the pressure and stepped back >"Are you looking forward to the fieldtrip Anon? I am" >With that she tossed her hair and waltzed off >You rushed back to class to find it had already started >"Nice of you to join us Anon" Ms. Cheerilee admonished "Sorry" >"Todays lesson needs a group so find someone to join up with, quickly now" >Around the classroom people have gotten into groups of 4 to 5 >You spot Aria on the other side of the classroom >"Hey, saved you a seat" >You look at the 4 empty chairs around the table "Thanks" you said, heart heavy >You got through the lesson, the work was simple >Aria let you do most of it, she didn't seem that interested >As the lesson ended you went to grab Aria's bag for her, before finding she already took it >"I'll take this today ok? You don't have any errands so I'll let you have a day off" "Oh sure, thanks I guess" >"I'll see you tomorrow morning, theres... something I've got to tell you" >Your gut backflipped "See you then" >"Bye" and with that she ran off to the door where Sonata was waiting >You had to tell her about Adagio tomorrow >It was for the best right? >That evening you ran through scenarios for hours >How to tell Aria >How to make it right >Importantly, how to do it without losing her >You woke on Tuesday like the day before >The doorbell, expected this time, signaled Aria's arrival >Hands shaking you opened the door >No breakfast today >Just her with fidgeting hands to match yours "Aria, I have something to tell you" >You start the rehearsed speech >"NO" She burst out "I go first, I called it yesterday" >She pushed past, grabbing your hand and moving you from the door into the kitchen >She kept holding your hand, though she was now speaking to the floor >"This thing between us... has to stop" >Your gut dropped through the floor >Had she found out? >Did Adagio tell her? >"You see I don't want you as my fake boyfriend anymore, I want this to be real" >She looked back up and you saw her eyes shining with tears >She leaned in, lips parted >Your mouths met, gasping into each other >Your heart and mind melted as you reached out and held her >Soft and tender kisses grew into an aggressive passion as Aria realized the feelings were mutual >Hearts beating against each other with closeness the kiss finally broke >You knew telling her now would break any chance you had >You had to go against Adagio head on to fix this mess >Today felt like the exact opposite of yesterday >Classes few by as you kept your new found purpose in your mind >You didn't know what Adagio wanted >But she had plans for the trip tomorrow >Looking for a chance to confront Adagio was only punctuated by the stolen minutes with Aria in any dark corner of the school you could find >The chance finally came when you spotted her in a huddle >As you approached you saw it was Sunset Shimmer and Trixie of all people >Sunset you knew decently well being one of the first non-Rainbooms to accept her >Trixie was a plain mystery to you "We need to talk" >Adagio turned looking amused, Sunset smiled and raised a hand >"Always so direct Anon, I could swear you never used to be like this" "Enough, I need to talk to you in private" >"Anything you need to say can be done in front of my friends here" Adagio said as Trixie let out a giggle "Fine, well, I've decided I'll do what you want on the trip tomorrow, but after that it's over" >Adagio's expression stayed merely amused "You get rid of the pictures, and you stay away from me and Aria" >Adagio raised her hands giving a little clap >"Such bravery, I commend you for it. Fine, after the trip you're free to go" "Wait really" >She nodded >"Ok, but don't push me" you tried to sound threatening >As you left the group back to their discussion you should have felt better >So why did Adagio being so calm about it make you feel worse? [Part 4] >"Ok class line up for the bus, no shoving" >Ms. Luna boomed out in the voice she switched to when addressing groups >Aria fidgeted and moved closer to you, holding onto your arm >You both had thick and warm coats on, the day of the fieldtrip had turned cold >Especially considering you would be camping out in the woods >After school ended yesterday you had both gone to your own houses for once >You spent the night mentally preparing >Just 24 hours till Adagio is done with you, you had thought >No sign of her this morning... yet >Aria filed onto the bus with you held tight, Sonata behind "Hey Sonata what's with the huge-ass hamper?" >You pointed at the large covered basket the blue girl held >With the large package and her clothes, Sonata drew a lot of attention >She had gone overboard with the winter clothes, having a padded coat, hat, mittens and scarf >She looked dressed for mountaineering let alone a school trip >Pulling her scarf away from her face she answered >"Pinkie said the food up at the lodge was the WORST, so we brought some picnic!" >She lifted one flap up a bit and the scent of taco wafted out >"Cooking together was super fun, especially Aria making sure she cooked the stuff for you" >"I told you not to tell him idiot" >Sonata darted away from Aria's lunge with a giggle >Getting onto the bus Aria snuck into a row >You sat next to her, Sonata on the opposite seat across the isle "Seen Adagio today?" trying to not sound too interested >"She's on the other bus with Rarity and a couple of friends" >Looks like you had the bus trip to yourselves then >The bus started up and began its journey >Quickly leaving the houses and streets of the town behind the bus climbs into the wooded hills >Everyone had taken their thick coats off, the bus was well heated >Everyone but Sonata >"You look dumb Sonata" "Isn't that boiling you" >She just grinned back "Nope, its snuggly" she wrapped her arms around herself >Aria responded by putting her arms around you >"I don't need a coat, I get a personal body warmer now" >She broke into the first full grin you can remember her having "I guess that's a step up from being a chair" >"Only a little" she pushed her neck up and planted a kiss on your cheek >From the seats in front came a pile of sheets being passed back >You took some then passed it back yourself >Geography homework >You had almost forgotten this was actually an educational trip >Luna had actually kept it light though, sketches of trees, bugs to find and a little quiz >Aria discarded her sheet into your lap as she stared out the window >Sonata was busy scribbling out hers "You know we can't actually do the quiz yet?" >She looked up "Sure we can, Pinkie said its the same quiz every year" >Looking at her sheet you some some pretty convincing answers >Especially coming from Sonata >She had also managed to sketch the various leaves and insects from memory "Can I borrow that after you" >"Sure" >Half an hour later the work was done before you even stepped off the bus >The visitor lodge where the parking was appeared ahead >You had arrived >After a quick talk from the teachers you got to wander the woods for a bit >Not far, but in a number of hiking routes that all lead to the campsite >Your group of three chose one that seemed a bit quieter >You had seen Adagio get off the other bus back at the lodge, together with Sunset, Trixie and Rarity they had gone up the 'main' route with the majority of students >Adagio flashed you a look but otherwise did nothing >A few minutes into the walk you got a message on your phone >"We'll be seeing you later loverboy" >We? >Were the other girls involved? Your gut wrenched >Quickly deleting the message you caught up >Aria was slumped on a rock >"Anon, I'm tired, carry me" "You have to be joking" >She pouted "Ok, ok, but I want a rest too" >You slumped next to her >Sonata opened her hamper and passed around a taco each >You ate and watched the view together, looking out over the trees >The hot food and your breath caused the chill air to fill with white steam >After you had finished, Sonata got to her feet and started waddling up the hill again in her ridiculous coat >"Was it good?" "Huh?" you turned to Aria >"Was the taco I made you good?" >You thought for a second "More than good" you begin "In fact, it gave me enough energy to do THIS" >You quickly move forward, scooping the purple girl and lifting her >One hand under her knees, the other on her back. The traditional princess carry. >Roaring with effort you sprinted up the hill, past Sonata >But you weren't strong enough to keep it up >Body giving in, you tumbled, you and Aria falling into a pile of leaves >As you emerged you were both laughing >So was Sonata as she reached you >Patting leaves off each other you could now see the lights of the campsite ahead >Arriving at the campsite you found the plot you had been assigned >Apparently you had to build the tent yourself >Aria pitched in on the building, which was good as Sonata tended to hinder more than help >A lot of enthusiasm though >After a lot of struggle you collapsed, hot and sweaty, into the tent >Aria and Sonata followed >You expected a cramped and intimate space but it was actually quite spacey inside >Not that you would have minded intimate >Sonata finally unzipped her coat >The inside pockets were filled with assorted board games, a pack of cards and a deflated beachball "Sonata, why" >"We did all the work early, I figured we needed something to do" >You watched the girl begin to blow up the beachball in earnest >Most students would have tried to sneak in some alcohol or something, not this girl >Aria picked out the monopoly set >"Ready to go bankrupt Anon?" she smirked "Oh don't get too confident" >You set up the game, taking the Battleship for yourself >Sonata insisted on the Hat and Aria picked out the Dog >You played for a good while, Aria had a smile the whole time >Sonata was the first to go bankrupt >She stayed and watched the game for a bit >"I'll leave you guys to it, I'll see if anyone wants to play" she pointed at the beachball and ducked out of the tent >You had underestimated Aria's buying choices, she soon whittled you down to a few hundred >Any wrong square and you'd be bankrupt now "Hold on, back in a minute" you needed to pee >Walking across the campsite you see Sonata had attracted a good 15 people in a circle, bouncing the ball around in winter clothes >Stepping into the portable toilet you get a text >"1AM, my tent is the end of row 7, be there" >You put the thoughts of later out of your mind >But you did clock that your tents were pretty far apart which made you feel a little better >You got back to your tent, and the game >"Hey Anon" >Aria was playing with one of her twintails, twirling it with her hand >"Want to make the last stretch interesting?" >Interest peaked "What did you have in mind?" >"Well clearly you suck" she said pointing at your meager funds >"So how about this, get round the board one more time and tonight we can swap roles, I'll be your errand girl" >She flashed you an irresistible smile "You're on" >You rolled your first turn, straight across to visiting jail, lucky >Aria rolled into one of your properties, but the money was nothing out of her stacks of notes >You managed to land the community chest next, saving you again >A few more rolls go by, each with a miraculous save >You are within breathing distance of the finish >One last roll, you hit a chance card >"Go Straight to Manehatten" Aria's property >Leaning over she swiped the last of your money >"Game over, too bad" she winked before crawling over the board to be next to you "Technically that made me pass Go. So I win" >She just shook her head, placing a finger to your mouth >"I make the rules here" >Still crawling she pushes you over onto your back >Leaning down you lock lips and swap tender kisses >You explore each others bodies and Aria lets out light moans >She puts her mouth on your neck, giving a bite, marking you as hers >Then she pulls away and swaps position, thighs on either side of your head "Sonata could come back" >"She knows not to for a while yet" Aria smirked, removing her jeans and underwear >Wasting no time she pushes herself down into you >The familiar taste floods your mouth, this time expected and so much better >Her thighs clamp down as you work her sex >Her moans get higher and louder until she is forced to put her hand over her mouth >Pushing your tongue deeper she changes to needy pants, warm breath clouding up in the cool tent >"Ah... Anon.. A-Anon" she repeats quickly as she rocks her hips over your face >She clenches before trembling as juices pour into your mouth >Still breathing heavily she smiles down at you, before moving a hand to your crotch >The events had gotten you as hard as steel and it looks like Aria wanted to repay the favor >But you needed to be ready for Adagio later... >Judging by last time, whatever she wanted you for was sexual >if you were too tired or couldn't perform, who knows how she would act >You reached out a hand to Aria's arm stopping her "Aria... I think, we should stop here, just for today. I don't want to move too fast" you lied >Aria looked surprised, and a little hurt >You half expected her to switch back into dominant mode and just take you >But she just put on a half smile "Sure" >She cuddled up next to you and you just lay together for a while >She eventually fell asleep in your arms, though your aching boner and sinking gut kept you wide awake >About an hour later Sonata snuck back into the tent, while you pretended to be asleep >She went to sleep too after a while and then it was just you, waiting for the minutes to tick to 1AM >The time hit >Careful not to wake Aria you got up, slipped a coat on >Campsite was quiet, just a few lights and voices from tents >You found Adagio's >You pulled the zipper and ducked inside >You came face to face with not just Adagio but her best friend Rarity >Further into the tent were Sunset and Trixie >"Well girls here he is, the toy for our little game" >"Well Anon, wondering why you're here?" "Get on with it" >"Feisty, well anyway, we have something that we need help in settling. We were having this argument you see on who could do it the best" "Do what?" >"Blowjobs" she uttered the single word carefully and sensually >You stared at the girls around you and just felt confused "Any single guy would jump for something like this, why the hell do you want me?" >"A special request from Sunset, oh and I wanted to see what Aria was all in a fuss about" >You glared over at Sunset until she spoke up >"When we became friends I thought we had something Anon, then you just... stayed a friend. I need this ok, Just this one time, nobody will know" >You continued to glare at the girl you thought was your friend. >"Ready to lose then darling?" Rarity spoke up addressing the rest >"The great and deep-throated Trixie scoffs at the assumption you can beat me" "What am I supposed to do" >Adagio gave a dominant grin "What you do is get hard, lie down like a good boy and don't you dare cum until I say so" >Pretty simple instructions you thought, getting in position >The girls basically ignored you as they passed around... lipstick? >Each with a little pocket mirror they applied them to their lips, each a different color >Purple for Rarity, deep blue for Trixie, red for Sunset and a glossy gold for Adagio >You got the feeling you knew where this was headed >It wasn't hard to regain your boner after the frustration of earlier >You stripped off and laid naked in the center of the tent >The girls spread around you in a semi circle near your crotch >Sunset was gazing at your cock in pure lust >She leaned in for it, opening her mouth >Only to be dragged back by the hair >"Forgetting who is in control here?" Adagio lectured sternly >"S-sorry" >"I think you can go last now" >The bacon haired girl looked crestfallen >Adagio moved forwards, putting her lips near your aching head >She breathed on it slowly before taking the whole head into her mouth >As much as you didn't want it to, it felt like heaven >A quiet pop came as she released her lips, leaving a golden ring across your cock head >"Let's start off easy, Rarity?" she gestured to the purple haired beauty >Rarity moved in, pushing her tongue to your base before running it up your length >She let out a lustful moan, before taking your dick in her mouth >You felt herself forcing you deeper into her, trying to impress >Tip touching the back of her throat and tongue working the underside >She pressed her lips together, before pulling up with an intense pressure >Either she was a natural, or the rumors on how she paid off the diamond dog boys for various favors was true >A wet sound of released suction broke as she pulled you out >A streaked ring of purple now marked your dick, about 2/3rds down, much lower than Adagios benchmark >Sunset's eyes were watching the whole thing in anticipation as she rubbed herself through her clothes >"Very good" Adagio seemed pleased "Now for the wildcard" >Trixie approached with bravado >"Behold simple boy, As the Great and Powerful Trixie makes your unworthy penis... Disappear!" >Wasting no time she sunk your length down into her mouth >Gagging slightly at the halfway mark she continues with watering eyes >The amazing feeling of sinking into the blue girls throat washed over you >She marked her achievement of getting to your base with her blue stain >Then with you comfortably in her throat she bobbed her head up and down >The steady sound of deepthroating filled the tent >This girl was pushing you to the edge >Adagio seemed to notice too >She grabbed Trixie by the head, pulling her off you >With a loud Gluck your cock was freed, now messy with various lipstick marks and throat slime >"Don't be so greedy, Sunset has been such a patient girl now" >Sunset looked up in hope before crawling over >She began sucking up all the spit over your cock >Running her tongue over the outside wildly she lost herself worshiping your shaft >Finally trying to deepthroat she struggled immediately >Barely a quarter down she stopped, marked her red lipstick then bobbed her head over what she could reach >"Well that settled the argument between you girls. Looks like poor Shimmer is struggling though" Adagio sat back content to watch the scene she had crafted >Rarity moved into and took up duties with Sunset kissing and sucking over your cock >Swapping spit and driving you wild >Trixie had gone bottomless and now pressed her rear against your face >"The winner requires her ass to be worshiped" >You pushed your hands into Trixie's ample ass and squeezed >Constantly being kept on edge has made you weak and as she lowered herself down you pushed your face up >Rarity and Sunset were still making a sloppy mess of your cock as you began eating out Trixie >You ran your tongue over her smooth clean asshole while your hands roamed her wide hips >She began giggling at the attention >Your penis felt out of this world with the attention it had been getting >Thrusting your tongue into her ass you thrashed it, hitting her sensitive areas >She frantically rubbed her pussy to orgasm as her ass twitched against your mouth >Rarity and Sunset gasped and cooed as you reached climax >Spurting your load into the mouths and across the faces and tongues of the slutty girls >It was the most intense orgasm you had felt before >Adagio was still sitting at the side feasting on everything with her eyes >Trixie got off you and the other girls lay down together swapping your load between themselves >Sunset finished up then crawled over you you and put her arms around you >Too exhausted to push her away you lay there >Somewhere in your mind you had the relief that it was done and Adagio would leave you and Aria alone now >You froze as you heard the crunch of leaves outside the tent >This was not the situation you wanted teachers to walk in on >The voice outside shot spikes of ice through your heart >"Ugh Adagio it's freezing out here and the middle of the night, what was it you wanted to show me so bad?" >Aria entered the tent >Her eyes just kind of froze over at what she saw >You expected (wanted?) anger >You thought she would curse you to hell, start beating you, scream shout, throw things >"A-anon...?" >Her voice hurt your heart >You wanted to die, crawl away and be forgotten >You knew nothing could explain or fix this >"Anon... why?" >Barely above a whisper >Last time with Adagio felt like manipulation but you entered this fully conscious "Aria..." you began >and had nowhere to go with it, Sunset still lying with you naked >You pushed her away and covered yourself, head bowed >The ice over her eyes broke with streams of tears >"What's the matter Aria, surprised?" Adagio had the same face now as through the whole night >"Thought you had something special? Something of your own? Something I couldn't reach?" >You looked up now, wanting to see Aria like before >Fists clenched ready to punch Adagio across the room >Just more tears, no more fight in her "Aria please, listen... Adagio blackmailed me here" >Adagio interrupted "I did, just like you blackmailed him Aria but see how much better I did it, how much farther we have gone together" >You swat her hand away "Don't you dare touch me" >You spat, she had nothing to manipulate you with now >"Oh but you loved it before, loved it just like Pinkie's party" >Fuck this bitch >A kind of strangled sob came from Aria >She had gone to her knees and was wailing >It might have been "Why", it might not have been any word >You were disgusted at yourself, beyond words >You tried to reach out >Aria stiffened to your touch >Wild and tear stained eyes looked up at you >"I thought things were finally getting better" >Another sob wracked her >She jumped up and fled out the tent running off into the dark woods [Part 5] >Clothes hastily pulled on >You crashed out of the camp, into the dark trees >Aria was out of sight, but she had to be nearby >Running without any real plan, just to find her >Try to explain, make it better even if it was impossible >Even if it didn't feel like you deserved forgiveness >You slumped down against a tree, out of breath >Ears pricked for any slight sound you heard her >Soft crying from over the next ridge >You crept over the thick leaves on the ground >The bright moon shone into the clearing >It was the same little glade you had stopped at on the way up "Aria..." >You approached >Her head snapped up, wild eyes glaring out >Some of the shock had gone >Replaced with hate >You kind of felt better, anything was better than the look of her defeated earlier >"GET LOST YOU FUCK" "I can't" >She grabbed the nearest thing to throw >A handful of leaves hit you across the chest >"Just go away, I HATE YOU" "I understand, but I can't" >She marches up and slaps you full force across the face >You take it "Because I'm your errand boy, and you need help right now" >Another slap, different hand "and... I love you" >And thats how you show it!? Face fucking some cheap sluts?" >She started crying again, beating her fists into your chest "I know this sounds stupid, but I wasn't doing any of that by choice, Adagio..." >"Shut up" >She had stopped, fists resting on you, looking down at the ground, tears still dripping >"I figured out it was Adagio. It's been the same since forever, Sonata pushing things onto me, Adagio taking them away. Why would this be any different..." "I will be. I got tricked before, I don't even know how. But all I want is to be near you." >She rubbed her face into you, wiping her eyes >"You aren't allowed to leave my side from now on, not until we figure out what Adagio did" "Got it" >"Also I'm cold" >Taking the hint you put arms around her >Standing in the cold air together you held each other in silence >Tomorrow you might be up against a girl with strange powers you didn't even understand >But tonight, you were just happy you could be with Aria at all >You are Aria >Currently plotting while trying to not let the disgust show on your face >Adagio had taken the one thing that had seemed good >And now you were going to make her pay >You didn't trust Anon, you couldn't. >It took all your will to separate the person you knew from the person holding you now >But he seemed compliant, and that could be useful >You broke free from his arms "I'm not going back to that house with Adagio, I'll use yours" >"Oh... ok" >You spotted a little blush >Did he think this was going to lead to him getting off again? >Your mind flashed back to the tent >No, you kept that bottled >This wasn't Anon, just a pawn in your plan now "First I need my stuff, lets get it before tomorrow ok?" >You gave a slight smile to him >He nodded dumbly and you set off down the hill >After a few minutes he put his hand in yours >Skin crawling you let him >Eventually you hit a road, and the road hit a bus stop >By early morning you had gathered what you needed from the house >You thought you might miss it but it almost felt like escape >You fight down the urge to trash Adagio's stuff >There would be plenty of time later to ruin her >You loaded 'Anon' up with your bags and began to the walk to his house >The trip was silent and he didn't seem to have the spine to try and make small talk >You handled the one thing you had taken from Sonatas room >A bottle of sunshine, famous in Pinkies parties >But you knew it came from Adagio somehow >With a little bit of help you were going to bring all her secrets crashing down >Barely 2 steps through the door Anon turned to you arms open awkwardly >Seriously? >"Still cold?" >Ugh "No, just tired." >"My bedroom is upstairs" He points to the first door on the landing above you "Good, You can use the couch right" >You didn't ask it like a question >"Oh... sure" >He looked disappointed but didn't question it >He really was easy to handle, it was just hard to see it before with your feelings >Feelings you weren't dwelling on, you reminded yourself >You made excuses and got up to bed >Still running plans for a few hours, you eventually managed to sleep >"Hey Aria" >Morning >You opened your eyes and saw Anon smiling down, with a tray of breakfast >For a few seconds you let a genuine smile back at your boyfriend >Which instantly slipped as you remembered yesterday >Masking it with a yawn you composed yourself and examined the breakfast >Toast, and cereal, decent enough >"I didn't want to wake you, you seemed pretty out of it" "Wait, what time is it?" >"Almost noon" "You Jerk!" >He stepped back at your hiss "Er, sorry not a morning person, give me a few minutes" >He nodded and left >There were at school you needed to see and the day was half done already? >Then again sneaking in halfway would draw less attention >No doubt both of you missing from the camp trip would have been noticed >After wolfing the food down, giving Anon his orders to get ready and quick shower you were off >First task, getting favors from a certain 2 Rainbooms >You were convinced this bottled sunshine was not some simple happy juice >And if you were right about it being some magic potion, who knew what else Adagio had access too >You snuck into school during the lunch hour, not bothering with classes today >You saw your targets, Twilight Sparkle and Applejack >Twilights keen knowledge hopefully could figure out exactly what the liquid was >Applejack's family had a cider business on the side, something your plan needed access to >They weren't alone >Rainbow Dash was with them, the annoying blue bitch who seemed to have it in for you >Her girlfriend Gilda was sat nearby too >You turn to Anon "Hey, I really need to talk to AJ and Twilight alone, do you think you could distract the dykes for a bit?" >Anon seemed to light up when given a way to be helpful "Sure thing" >"Thanks, you're the best" >You watch as Anon casually sidled up to the group >Like a flash he stuck out his hand, knocking Dash's soda right into her lap >"Haha, looks like blue cunt got wet, thinking about eating carpet like usual?" >Anon was putting on an obvious aggravating voice >It did the trick though as Dash crumpled her can standing up >"Gilda, looks like this little worm has decided he wants stepping on" she spat through her grinding teeth >The white haired girl picked up on it, as Anon started running out of the lunch hall and down the corridor >The two girls ran after at a 'track and field' pace >It wouldn't be long until they caught him, though you didn't know how long they'd have fun with him when they did >AJ and Twilight were still gawping at what happened >You took a seat next to them "Hey" >Suspicious looks as they turned, nothing new >"Well if it isnt lil miss siren" AJ started >"Oh hey Aria" Twilight had a decidedly more friendly tone >Time to break out the shy act "Ummm, look I know you'll think this is weird, but, can I ask you a favor" >They looked at each other, surprised you weren't insulting them you supposed >"What is it Sugarcube?" >You got out the bottled sunshine "This sounds stupid but... I was at a party the other day and tried this." "I kind of want some more, so I could have my own party and y'know, maybe make friends" >AJ had a sympathetic smile >You moved to put the bottle away "Actually forget it, it's a stupid idea" >Twilight reached across the table grabbing your hand >"No wait, I think its a great idea that you are warning up to the magic of friendship, I'd be happy to help" >Bingo "Well I thought if you could find what is in it, we could make more with AJ's machines, I know your a whiz at that chemistry stuff" >Twilight beamed at the compliment and AJ took the bottle off you >"Ah say I've tried some before, making some for us sounds like a mighty good idea" "Thanks you guys, I'll leave it with you" >You beamed back and bounced up, waving goodbye >You met up with Anon a while later behind the gym >The two athletic girls had done a number on the guy >One hand stemming a nose bleed, the other rubbing his jaw >He also had the beginnings of a black eye and was hunched over like his ribs were hurt >But still he gave you a smile as you came into view >Was he really this stupid >"Did you get what you needed? "Yep, and you were perfect, c'mon, time to go home" >Plan into motion it was time to have a little celebratory dinner, on Anon's expense of course >On arrival you relived Anon of his wallet before allowing him time to patch himself up in the bathroom. >You knew the useless guy didn't cook and finding a well thumbed stack of takeaway menus allowed you the choice of dinner. >You looked through, Chinese, Mexican, Italian a globe of variety laid out before you. >Reaching for your phone you saw the display showing messages and a few missed calls. >Given the circumstances you hadn't been keeping up, though all were just from Sonata. >Starting from last night "Where'd you and Anon go" >Up to a few hours ago "Aria all your stuffs gone are you ok?" then the missed call. >You quickly called up a pizza place, and during the wait started texting Sonata, reassuring her you were fine. >Your conversation showed she didn't know anything about what happened last night with Adagio. >Seems you could keep up the pretense with Anon without it being questioned too hard just yet. >Although the other girls there all had to be treaded carefully around. >If the special party you were planning to throw was going to be the success you wanted, people needed to be on your side. >Or at least willing enough to accept free booze. >Anon came down the stairs, looking a little better in the face department having put on a bandage. >He still walked funny with his hand on his rib though. >You were about to ask if he thought it was broken, before remembering you shouldn't care. >You are Anon. >After the shock of even being given a second chance had finally worn off, you were determined to make Aria happy again. >And now you hurt like hell all over, but it was nothing more than you deserved you guessed. >You limped over to the couch while Aria sat on the floor beneath it. >The fact she was here made you happy, she seemed less intimate than before, which was fair. >But just being here meant you two were still compatible right? >Even if it took months you would prove yourself again. >Anything to get back the half crazy half adorable girl that stole your heart out of nowhere. >Doorbell rang and Aria got up, your wallet in hand ready. >"I ordered a lot, you better come and help carry" >Dammit. >Not just for your wallet but also the pain of getting up again. >You made the mental note to get an icebag from the freezer for your side afterwards. >As you reached the hall, Aria was opening the door to the delivery guy. >Not the pimply teen you'd seen around before but someone you recognized nonetheless. >Flash Sentry, boyfriend of one Twilight Sparkle and alleged coolest-guy-in-school. >Looking a little put out now 2 people had recognized him working his part time job complete with pizzariffic uniform. >Despite his reputation he had always been an ok guy to you, if a little cocky, so you grinned slightly at him. >You took 2 of the pizza boxes then got them loaded up with sides, desserts and extra sides. >How much had this girl ordered. >Not that you could complain considering, you reminded yourself harshly. >Aria paid out your money while you took the food through to the living room. >You returned for the drinks and noticed Aria was taking a while counting out exact change. >She handed it over to Flash who looked a little crestfallen without the expected tip. >"Sorry I don't have spare money, but I hear you have a thing for purple girl's so maybe this will do instead" >Shocked you saw her lean in and give a light kiss to Flash on the cheek before laughing and closing the door on him. >She turned to you with the same playful smile on, almost daring you to ask about that, or question it. >You didn't. >Complaining about a kiss when less than 24 hours ago you were found with 4 girls. >But it hurt, and her actions just confused you further. >You brought the drinks through and sat with her and ate in silence. >As per normal she put an stupid amount of food away. >You tried smalltalk a few times but she brushed it off with 1 word answers or just got engrossed in her phone, texting. >After you cleared boxes away she looked up. >"I might be needing the house for a party soon." "You're throwing a party?" >"Yeah just to have some fun, and to show Adagio she hasn't won." >She smiled at you and you returned it. >"See you in the morning Anon" "Night Aria" >Back to her in your bed and you on the couch. >But maybe a little closer than you were this morning, perhaps? >You woke up winded, large backpack thrown into your stomach while you slept. >"Get up, we're party planning." >Aria was fully dressed, usual outfit and was now impatiently tapping her foot staring down at you on the couch. "We have school" >"Fuck school, this matters" >You got up, yesterdays beatings feeling a little duller with rest but still there. >"C'mon c'mon" "Okay okay I'm getting ready" >You decided to go with it. >You went to shower and get some clothes on and found Aria with toast when you got back down. >She passed it to you before basically pushing you out the door. >The backpack was your job to wear while you both started the walk into town. "So what are we actually after?" >"Adagio always came here when Sonata needed special party things, if they were what I thought they were, I'm gonna need some" >Ok then, daytime drug dealing, this is fine. >School skipping, drug dealing, errands. Technically you've had worse. >Maybe. >And so you walked. >Every shop. >Every alley. >Every corner, side passage and doorstep. >Whatever it was Aria was looking for you had no idea, but every so often she would stop, take out a piece of red glass and rub it while thinking. >You were right from the start, the girl was insane. >As the pair of you wandered aimlessly, you heard a loud authoritarian voice. >"Hey! Why aren't you kids in school?" >"Damn" Aria muttered before pulling you into a side street. >The traffic cop with dark shades that yelled started to give chase. >Aria pulled you this way and that, taking routes by random. >It felt nice to hold hands, even under the circumstances. >Soon all you could hear were you own footsteps and any shouts had faded away. >You both stopped to catch your breath. >Upon noticing your hand Aria dropped it instantly. >You were too tired to care that much as you slid down against the wall panting. "Uh... Aria, where are we?" >The purple one gazed around looking confused. >"I dunno but..." >She stopped, before grabbing for the red glass. >She gave an excited yelp. >"We found it Anon" >You were about to ask what you had actually found, before a voice from the shadows cut you off. >"I had thought, one of these days, I might meet you, Aria Blaze" >A woman with light gray skin and the weird voice appeared from some dark corner of the alley. >Aria appraised her with a smug smile. >"So you're the fluid druid supplying Adagio with stand-in magic" >"I see your intentions but must..." >"Enough with the rhyming crap, I just need info on what Adagio got from you. Full purchase lists, you keep tabs on customers right?" >The woman looked flustered at being treated casually like this. >"You can't expect me to stay in business giving away customer info like that" >"Anon, the bag" >Huh. >Oh right, you opened the backpack. "Holy shit" >Empty glass bottles, a few different books and money. >Not a fortune, but more than you'd feel comfortable just walking around with. >"Anon!" >You quickly passed the backpack over and Aria pulled the money out. >"A bribe?" >"Yeah and a damn good one." >The woman cautiously fingered the notes before giving a slight nod. >She pulled a list out of her sleeve, which Aria grabbed. >Tracing her finger down, her face went from triumph to surprise to shock. >"This isn't just recent stuff, this goes all the way back to the battle of the bands" >Adagio's manipulations didn't end at you it seemed, who knows how many were under her spell. >Aria passed the bag back. >"We need supplies of our own, whatever party juice Adagio usually gets, plus these two" >The woman peered at where on the list Aria pointed. >"Tricky stuff, got any more cash?" >Aria grabbed at her collar. >"I think you've had enough, we don't HAVE to play nice" >Seeing Aria's strong-arming from the outside was different, and no less intimidating. >"Fine fine, just promise you'll leave for good." >1 speedy transaction later, you had a bag full of familiar yellow drinks and 2 new mysterious 'potions'. >2 giant sealed jugs, one pure white the other a deep purple. >You lugged the increasingly heavy bag through the maze of alleys you had gotten lost in. >Ahead of you Aria snapped her phone shut after a whispered conversation. >"Ok school let out and Twilight is ready for us, we're meeting at Applejack's house." >What you had seen so far screamed that Aria's 'party' was going to be anything but normal. >But the spark in her eye was contagious, and you were beginning to wonder exactly how all this tied together with the plan against Adagio. >So with a mix of curiosity and caution, you decided to keep following. >You stopped and took a breather. >Aria stopped ahead of you, turning and tutting. >You had carried the drinks bag right to the outskirts of town. >Destination: Apple Family Farm. >"Hurry up, we need to be there for today." "Maybe we could have got the bus." >She had firmly denied earlier, saying she had no money on her. >And she had taken yours a while ago, leaving little between you but the glass bottles clinking together softly on your back. >Breather finished, you wandered down a side road, heading to a bright red barn, a little way from the main buildings. >The 2 waving figures of AJ and Sparkle stood out. >They offered bright smiles which you gave back. >Aria made... an attempt. >"Lucky yall got the barn all night. We should be able to mix a good batch ah stuff" >The Country girl pushed your group into the barn, distilling devices hugged the walls and big vats took up the center. >One corner looked a lot more clinical than the rest. >You saw the spread out science books and chemical notes and deduced this was Twilights study zone. >Aria took out the Liquid Sunshine from your back. >"This is what we want in bulk" >Twilight took a bottle in hand, opened it before tasting a drop on her finger. >"Ohh this is good, a nice composition and ..." >You zoned out to the technobabble as she began analyzing it. >AJ had pulled over some barrels of standard drink. >"Right, time for us to get mixin'" >And so for the rest of the evening you turned the good but ordinary cider drinks into an alluring golden mix using the supplies from earlier. >You didn't notice when Aria slipped out, but suddenly she was nowhere to be seen. >The bag with the other 2 mysterious liquids was gone too. >With nothing to do aside from keep at it, you worked until AJ gave the word to stop. >"Right that'll do it. Make sure everything else in this party goes good ya hear?" >Twilight lent in >"I hope this really can make Aria some friends" >You arrived home to Purple Grump crashed out on the couch. >You decided to let her remain. >Besides, you missed your real bed last night. >The next morning you were free to go to school again. "Coming today?" >You asked Aria while she lounged around the kitchen picking at toast. >"Nah, but make copies of this, and spread the word." >You were handed a handdrawn poster advertising your own house as the hip and happening place for a Friday night party. >"Anon it's very important you get Adagio here, and an audience" "Audience?" >"You know, guests..." >She trailed off before looking at the ground awkwardly. >"For luck" >She leant in and gave a quick kiss on the cheek. >Internal fistpumps go. >You played it cool "hehe, you too" >Dammit. >The school day passed in a happier haze than the last couple of days. >You made the trip to the library to copy out a load of posters. >You got copies out to the major cliques and in the communal areas. >But you needed to make sure the girl in question got her copy. >You found the Orange manipulator around by back of the gym. >Surrounded by cronies, Rainbow and Trixie today. >Her signature grin spread across her face upon spotting you. >She motioned with her hand and the other girls departed. >They half brushed, half shoved past you, sniggering. >You ignored them, the danger was in front of you. >"I knew you'd be back, they always are" "I'm not here for me" >You thrust the poster at her. >She looked down with mild amusement. >"Aria wants me at this? I didn't realize she was such a glutton for punishment. Usually stealing someones boyfriend ONCE is enough to put trash like her in place" "Chickening out?" >She stiffened at this. >"Of course not. Just worried about breaking her too hard." "Oh I wouldn't worry about that" >You tried to exude confidence but you had no idea what Aria's plan was or if she had a chance of pulling anything off. >Poofy seemed to buy it though. >"Then I shall be there, I take it guests are allowed." "As many as you want." >You walked away to continue your school day, really hoping Aria wasn't setting herself up for something worse. >And so each day passed. >You felt actual hype surrounding Aria's party. >Of course there were rumors about the camp trip, but nobody seemed to know the exact details. >The party seemed to attract people wanting answers, coupled with the fact Aria still hadn't shown up for school since made it a high profile event. >The purple one herself seemed happy at your reports. >Scratch that, happier in general. >The iciness since the event seemed to be thawing and with the focus on the party there was less cause for conflict. >The night arrived. >Your house had been converted from single guys loser home to hottest party joint in town. >Almost. >It did however have some appropriate lighting, a better set up sound system and most breakables stored elsewhere. >You were currently moving a large amount of bottles of yellow drink to areas of the kitchen and tv room where people could easily get some. >"Anon, in here. Time to show you the arsenal." >Aria was crossed legged on your bed fondling the 2 sealed jugs. >She held the white one up to you. >"This is purge potion." "And that means?" >"Whatever Adagio does to people, whatever effect she has. This will remove it" >You watched the milk like liquid swirl. >"If I'm right, theres no way her popularity boost after the Battle of the Bands was natural. It's time to pull the curtain up." >Looking back it did seem weird. Sonata blended in with ditzy charm but Adagio not only made friends but rose to the top of her clique. >"So this will be shots. You're playing waiter tonight. Everyone that gets in needs a drink of this." "Got it, and the other?" >You indicated to the purple flask. >"That's for me to know and you to witness. Leave it to me." >Plans formulated you went back to prep and the arrival of the first guests.