Anon World Order part 11 [nsfw] (Dazzlings) - by Uh-hmmm

> You step out into the slightly chilly morning air > It feels like everything has changed, and yet not > At any rate, you are glad to see the campfire already lit and Aria manning the frying pan > She raises an eyebrow when she sees you > "It's about time." > Sonata leaps to her feet > "My turn! Come on, my tent is over here..." > She tries to lead you away, but it's fairly easy to slip your hand out from between her wrists "Yeah, about that. I don't mind being affectionate, but if you want to have sex, you have to bargain with Adagio." > Bluey's shoulders slump > "What about my dibs?" > You pat her on the shoulder "I am not a car seat." > Then you squeeze her ass "Even if I do touch your butt a lot." > She smiles a little at that, and leans into your touch > "I'm glad you're not a car seat, for realzies. Just you wait, once my fingers heal I'm going to feel you up so good!" > You give her ass a final squeeze and return to the fire "I'm looking forward to it." > The entire time Aria watches with a nonplussed expression > She beckons to you > You sidle up next to her as she flips a pancake "Yes?" > "You're officially up for grabs?" > She doesn't look at you, but her hand tightens around the spatula "Specifically grabs, sure. Enough to tempt you three, but holding back something for you to fight over. Something about not falling into Scooby Doo or something." > Aria grunts > "Shooby Doo. Fair enough." > With that, she smacks your bottom hard with her spatula > You yelp and back away "What was that for?" > Aria grins at you, a predatory light in her eyes > "Getting you ready for when I get my turn. Now come back here and take it like a man." > You circle around to the other side of the fire, rubbing your smarting rear > Just what did you get yourself into? "Yeah, no thanks. I'm not a masochist." > Purple Predator licks her lips > "No, you're not. Not yet." > Then you feel something soft and warm rub up against your butt > You look behind you to find Sonata rubbing her face happily against you > "Don't worry, I'll be there for you once she's done with you!" "Ah, good. I think." > She whispers > "Anon's ass, tell me your secrets." > ... > Aria scoops the pancake onto a nearby plate > Bluey immediately scurries over and nips at it, her actions oddly dog-like "What." > You feel as though you should be aroused at the display, but it's mostly cute > Her hands twitch and shake as she barely stops herself from trying to grab the pancake > Violet Violence pokes her > "Anon is here now, he could help you eat." > Sonata lifts her head > "Oh yeah! Oh, Anooooo~ooonnnn...." > You shake your head in resignation and amble over to help > Adagio seems surprised to see you still at the campfire > "Did you have a quicky?" > You feel vaguely insulted "No, I told them you are my pimp." > She blinks at that > "What." > You raise your eyebrows "I may be a point of contention, but there's no point if I put out easy. You brought me into this little group, so you are the one they have to bargain with." > Aria crosses her arms > "He's being really annoying about it too. Trade you breakfast for some time with him?" > Poof grabs a plate distractedly > "Yeah, sure." > Sonata just gapes > You stare at Adagio in betrayal as Aria drags you to her tent "Breakfast?" > Adagio smirks at that > "Aria makes good pancakes." > Rude > She's almost gentle as she lays you down on the sleeping bag > Aria takes deep breaths through her nose, her eyes wide with anticipation > "You're my victim now, you understand that right?" "I would deeply appreciate it if there was no killing and/or maiming..." > Her fingers gently lift the hem of your shirt > "Oh, don't worry Mr. Anonymous F. A. Gott, I'm not going to kill you. Necrophilia is a nice fetish, but then I would only get one use out of you, and that would be terrible. No, I'm just going to train you up some." > You smile nervously at that "Train me to do what?" > She drags the edge of her thumbnail down your cheek, just hard enough to sting a little > At the same time, she gently strokes the bulge in your pants with three fingers > "You're going to like pain, Anon. And you're going to love me." > You may be frightened, but your traitorous boner is braver "Oh fuck." > Aria grins > "All in good time." > It feels wrong to just leave a campsite with all the tents and everything, but the sirens assure you that that is what servants are for > You end up in the backseat at Sonata's insistence > You don't put up much resistance, your session with Aria has left you in something of a daze > It feels surreal, leaving this patch of woods where everything changed > Adagio seems to be talking to Aria in the seats in front of you > "-slap him and he got a boner? Really?" > Aria glances at you, running her tongue over an exposed canine tooth > You bite your lip and try to ignore the tightening of your pants > "Oh yes, we made good progress today. He should be ready for the really fun stuff in a week or two." > You shudder > Sonata rubs your shoulder comfortingly > "Don't worry, I'm here for you. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on, or a blowjob or something, come straight to me. For realsies." > In spite of yourself, you do feel vaguely comforted "Thanks, Sonata. It means a lot to me." > She keeps rubbing your shoulder, careful to keep her bandaged fingertips from making contact > "Can I ask a tiny whiny favor?" "Sure." > Bluey manages to blush > "Could you finger me?" > Welp "Yeah, okay." > She wiggles happily in her seat, clutching her arms to her chest > Cute > Then she looks at you, her crotch, your hand, and back to her crotch "Keep your pants on...or not, I guess." > You slide your hand down her stomach, your palm sinking slightly into her soft belly > Sonata's breathing quickens as you slip beneath the waist of her skirt > It's very warm down there, and the silky texture of her panties is almost enough to distract you from the fact that the other two girls are right in front of you > Adagio turns and frowns at you > "It's rude to keep a girl waiting. Come on, get her off or else she'll be whining the whole way." > You scowl at her, blushing all the while "You're making it weird." > Aria looks over her shoulder > "Nah, this is tame. Try fucking her with a Nerf gun." > Bluey's eyes are screwed shut, her face very red > "Shut up! Anon! Please finger me. For realsies." > You scowl at the audience, then slide a finger along her slit, already wet > Sonata's hips surge forward at the contact, and the other two grin > Fuck them > You gently rub her lower lips, occasionally sliding a finger between them > Bluey has all but forgotten of the others, squirming and letting out little squeaks > With your other hand, you cup her cheek and turn her face towards you > She looks at you with foggy, confused eyes > You lean in and kiss her pillowy lips > Her eyes focus on you with sparkling delight > Her lips surge against your own, pressing and parting and sucking on your own lower lip > When you dip two fingers deep into her flower, her tongue barrels into your mouth, followed closely by a low moan > Your hand drifts down her neck and cups her breast > It's a bit of a strain, but keeping your hands and mouth occupied is worth it > The sounds you are getting out of this girl are unreal > Every brush against her inner walls elicits a whimper, every stroke of her erect nipple makes her squeak, and the battle of tongues fills the gaps with moans of deep need > Sonata bucks her pelvis against your hand with increasing intensity, only just held back by her seatbelt > She breaks the kiss just long enough to whisper, "Oh god, yes!" > Music to your ears > Your wrist is sore from repeatedly plunging your hand into her pussy, but you feel the end coming > Bluey grabs your wrist and shoves it deeper, her hips straining against the seatbelt for one last push > Her hot walls close around your hand, spasming and drenching > She arches her back against the seat for a long moment before finally collapsing > She gives you a sleepy smile as you settle back into your own seat > "Thanks, Anon." > You smile back "You're welcome, bluey." > Your breathing evens out, and you look at your cumsoaked hand in mild consternation "Are there any tissues or paper towels or something?" > Adagio shakes her head > "We'll be back soon enough. Just hold on until then." > Aria snorts > "Just wipe it off on her jacket." "I don't think that-" > Sonata smiles sweetly > "Go ahead, aim for my boobs." > ... "Right." > Fucking sirens