Siren Social Order - by Anonymous

"For fuck's sake Aria, what the hell is your problem with me?!" >You are anon >And you are currently pinning Aria down on the asphalt of the parking lot >She never was one to get along with, but lately she's been extra hostile towards you >Berating you, pinching you, snarling at you in a bestial manner whenever you get close >You're one of the few people who talk to the pariah trio known as the Dazzlings and of those few people you're the only one they've allowed to hang around with >You were messing around the place with the girls after school earlier when Adagio and Sonata decided they needed some stuff from the grocery store >You didn't want to go in with them because they had a habit of "forgeting their wallets" around you, so you decided to loiter about outside the store in the parking lot >Aria grumbled she didn't need anything and so she stayed outside with you >You pulled out your MP3 player and listened to some music as Aria sat next to you >She spent the next few minutes glaring at you, mumbling curses in a strange language and tapping her bootheel down constantly >And then she punched you on the jaw out of nowhere >You backslapped her hard >You could swear one of your fingers hit something squishy that wasn't flesh >You were both on your feet before you knew it >Aria put her hand over her face where you hit her >"Urgh my eye, you dick!" >Aria lunged at you, grabbed a handfull of your headbanger hair and pulled hard >Enraged, you picked her up and dived at the hard concrete >Her body broke your fall and the air was knocked out of her >You pinned her down with your bulk before she could recover and slapped her a couple of times before grabbing her arms by the wrists >She struggled to get free but a headbutt and some squeezing convinced her she was entirely at your mercy >And then she stopped just like that >She's now just staring at you with her big, wet purple eyes, transfixing you >Is she...blushing? >You faces are but a few inches away >She opens her mouth as if to whisper something to you >She instead surprises you by thrusting head upwards >Her lips meet yours and her tongue slides into your mouth, effortlessly parting your lips >You object for a second but then you close your eyes and surrender to the pleasant sensation of her limber tongue exploring your mouth >You kiss her back and longingly suck on her tongue >You feel her tense body calm and soften under you as she gives herself to you completely >She went from wildcat to pussycat >You pull back from the kiss and look at her once again >Her perpetual frown and hardness are gone from her face, leaving only blissful, alluring beauty >"Adagio come quick! Anon's beaten up Aria!" >Fuck, it's Sonata. >Adagio rushes next to her and looks at you >She grins like a predator "I errr...It's not what it seems. She attacked me first and the-" >Adagio silences you with a gesture from her expertly manicured hand >"I knew you had it in you, anon. Well, aren't you going to take her back to your place? Would you rather take her here and now? Very bold, I approve...." purred Adagio "T-take her? What are you talking about?" >Sonata laughs >"He's a virgin! Hahahaaaa..." "F-Fuck off Sonata!" >"Sometimes I forget you humans are so ignorant. Let me tell you a little about the birds and the bees. But first, get off Aria. She's starting to get blue in the face." said Adagio >You look down >Oh shit, you forgot you're still sitting on her! >You rush to get off her. "Sorry, I'm sorry. Here, let me help you up." >"Thanks" said Aria as she took your hand >Normally, she'd just slap it aside, kick you, or both >Aria gets up and dusts herself off >"You see anon" continues Adagio "sirens are the fearsome kings and queens of the deep. To ensure we remain so, only the strong and healthy produce offspring. Males and females live separately and only come together when they want to mate. But in order to earn the right to use a female's womb, a male must first fight and beat her. Tame her, if you will..." "So...Aria is now my fuckbuddy by right of conquest?" >Aria rubs her hurt back "Did I hurt you? Look, I'm sorry..." >Aria punches your arm >"That hurt, you ass!" >"No, no, no! Don't be nice to her. She'll be tender and submissive but only to a strong, dominant male. Like an eel, if you won't hold her tight then you won't hold her at all." "So what, do I have to be Peter Peter Wife Beater in order to keep her happy or something?" >Adagio facepalms >"Why do all humans have to go from white to black? A wise siren will never be satisfied with a meek mate. Both male and female must keep proving themselves to eachother not only by fighting eachother but by fighting others as well. Starting tomorrow you must pick fights with anyone bad-mouthing your woman in your presence." >Well crap >Everyone at school is giving the Dazzles the hairy eyeball >So I guess no holding pinkies with Aria like some figgot as you walk through the hallways "I...errr...There's a Warhammer tournament next week." >"Bloodsport!" said Adagio excitedly as she placed her index finger upon her lips "You know anon, you might just find yourself with a harem." she said as she slowly traced her index finger across your lips >Aria grits her teeth >"OW!" >You both turn to see Aria over a fallen Sonata >Sonata has curled up into a ball and is holding her belly >"Owie, my tummy feels like it's broken..."she said as she teared up and started crying "What the-" >"Oh this? It's just Aria reestablishing social order. Think nothing of it, it's a girl thing." >The three of you look at Sonata as she writhes on the ground "Shouldn't we help her?" >"Oh Zeeeeeus, I think my lunch is going to come out of my holes." >"Nah. Looks okay to me. Are you okay, Adagio?" >"I'm fine, thank you Aria." >You help Sonata up while Aria and Adagio are having an intense staredown >"Thanks, nonny." "Don't mention it. Really, don't. Or they might kill us both." >"Mine." said Aria as she wrapped her arms around yours. "Okay" you shrieked rather than said >Aria smiles happily as she looks at you with a glint in her eyes >"Shall we go?" "Where?" >"My place. I'm moving in with you and I need help carrying my stuff." "Say what? Why the hell do you want to move in with me? Why the hell would I want you to move in with me?" >"You're my mate, duh. We have to stick together and you're not living in a rent." >Fffff- "Fine." >"How very chivalrous of you to take us in, anon" said Adagio in a gleeful, mean manner "What's this then?" >"Oh yeah. They are my littermates. Kinda like sisters, but not exactly. Siren females form, like, little groups so that when a mother has to go hunting there'll be someone to watch her brats." said Aria in a casual manner like explaining to kid that two and two isn't twenty two >You sigh and pinch the bridge of your nose "I don't have a choice, do I...." >"Nope." said Adagio >"Nah." said Aria >"Not really, no." said Sonata a few feet behind Aria "Fuck it, why not. I guess I could use some help around the house." >And that's how the Dazzlings moved in with anon.