Anon World Order part 12 [srs] (Dazzlings) - by Uh-hmmm

> You are Anon, coming back from the camping trip you will never forget. > You glance at Sonata, her head resting on your shoulder, her juices drying on the breast of her jacket. > It's warm and cozy in the vehicle, and only you and Adagio haven't succumbed to sleep. > She gazes at you fondly, your place in the siren group rather firmly established. > It's hard to believe you have only spent a handful of days with these girls, but they have worked their way into your heart with a heady mixture of affection, sex appeal, and surprising vulnerability. > Sometimes it's hard to believe they took over the w- > You hear a muffled detonation, dirt and shrapnel rattling outside. > It is immediately followed by the sound of machine guns, but the armored SUV seems able to withstand it. > Your blood runs cold as you begin to comprehend your situation. > At once the girls are wide awake, a grim light in their eyes. > The sunroof retracts, and they lift their faces to the sky. > The sound that comes out of their mouths is unearthly. > It's also incredibly loud, these girls have some major lung-power. > The first thing that registers is a high keening, a piercing ringing in the ears. > The words seem to bypass your comprehension. > You dig at your ears, somehow relieved to find nothing plugging them. > You become aware of a serpentine contralto thrumming in your bones, urging you to calm down, to listen. > Some peripheral sense of hearing notified you that the sound of gunfire has stopped. > Completing the pattern, an alto voice sings of promises and loyalty, of how things ought to be. > Something inside your mind pops, like your ears during a plane ride. > At once, you are fully calm, and endlessly patient. > The heavenly song continues for a few more minutes, then the Goddesses slip out of the car. > You wait for some time, staring blankly forward. > The car door opens. > "Anon, are you alrig-" > You turn placidly to the Goddess. "Of course, Divine one." >"Oh no. No no no. Just, ah, just wait here." > How easy are the Goddess' commands. ------------------------------------------------------------------ > You are blessed to spend the rest of the trip back in the presence of the Goddesses. > For some reason they seem distressed. > Such is the burden of Divinity you suppose. > They sing to you, of freedom and thought. > You thank them for the new freedom and mind they have given you. > The Mistress of Wrath's face is hidden. > Woe betide those who rouse her ire. > At length, you are lead to an unfamiliar complex, and a certain door. > Within you find an uninitiated girl. > Perhaps you are to show an example of faithfulness? > They ask her if she can do something. > She must, it is her duty. > You pay a bit more attention. > The girl looks at you with pity. > Pale skin, wavy purple hair. > You know this one. "Rarity, will you also become one of the blessed?" > The Disharmonic Trinity startle at your words. > They say nothing, but their eyes contain mysteries as they commune among themselves. > Rarity glances at the Goddesses. > "Quite the opposite, I'm afraid. They want you to be more like me." > What audacity! > The Lady of Compassion smiles at you. > "Um, more like how she isn't brainwashed, you don't have to be a fancy lady. Un-unless you want to be?" > Your brain has never been cleaner, you are quite certain. > Your thoroughly laundered thoughts struggle with deciphering the meaning behind this new verse of Scripture. "I should dirty my mind with this girl?" > Blushes all around. > Something about this feels familiar. > The Queen of the World shakes her head. > "Anonymous, do not think...dirty thoughts about her. Ugh, this is going nowhere. Rarity, just sing at him." > "Sing at him? I can try, of course, but it would work much better with the rest of the girls." > Your Queen pinches her sinuses. > "Just do it." > Rarity turns towards you, her fingers flexing restlessly. She glances around nervously, then takes a deep breath. > "~Thread by thread, stitching it together~" > ... > It sort of tickles a corner of your mind, but that's about it. > Rarity finishes her song, looking at you expectantly. "Is there a connection between dressmaking and brainwashing?" > She looks down. > "I suppose not. Perhaps the other girls can write a more topical song, but that was never my forte." > The Trinity rise. > "Very well. Let us know if you think of anything." > You follow the Goddesses through blank corridors. > You are humbled by all the attention bestowed upon you. > If you are not to be brainwashed, and not think about Rarity in a dirtying fashion, then who would dirty your thoughts? > Your eyes are drawn to the motion of the spheres. > Surely you can only be purified by gazing upon the perfect proportions of the posterior of the Divinities. >If so, then perhaps a dirty mind would regard them as flawed? > Your mind immediately rejects the idea, an involuntary grunt of protest sounding from your throat. > The Maiden of Mirth stops at the sound, turning worried eyes on you. > "Is something wrong, Anon?" > A single tear rolls down your cheek. "I apologize, my Goddess. I merely discovered that I could not perceive your rear as anything less than perfect." > Her face turns red, but she wears a shy smile. > "Y-you too." > The Empress frowns at your moment of near-heresy. > She Who Lusts After Neighborliness smirks. > "At least we know Anon's still in there." > The Bounteous Mane turns away, leading the way without comment. > Such majesty. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- > It seems all the girls had to be brought together. > You wait attentively as they nervously tune their instruments. > The Three Divines stand behind you, perhaps they are testing your devotion? > Twilight takes a deep breath and- > Pressure builds. What is this magi- > YOU ARE A STRONG, INDEPENDENT BLACK WOMAN WHO DON'T NEED NO- > You feel a pop in your mind, like when an airplane lands. > Oh wow, that felt weird. > The song ends, and you feel a little bad about not paying too much attention. > You smile. "Wow, that was great! I almost wish I went to the whole battle of the bands thing." > Sonata slips into view, concern written plain on her face. > "Anon, are you better now?" > You boop her nose. "You betcha, Bluey." > She squeals in happiness, nearly tackling you with a hug. > Poof embraces you from behind, her modest chest pressed against your back. > "It's good to have you back." "It's good to be back." > You pat Bluender Bus on the back a little awkwardly. > The Rainbooms stare at your little group, and you aren't sure- > A hand slips between Adagio's hips and your butt, diving towards your cra- > You yelp and try to move, but the other two girls are holding you pretty tight. > You squirm a little, but it's not -entirely- uncomfortable, having something back there. "Really? The first thing you do is prod my butthole?" > Aria hums in satisfaction. > "It's no fun unless part of you rejects it." > You roll your eyes. "Love you too, Aria." > The hand clenches slightly. > "R-really?" > You turn you head to see her blushing rather fetchingly. "Yes, really." > Rainbow Dash clears her throat. > "What the hell is going on here?" > Pinkie Pie shushes her. > "Quiet! Now, go on Nonny, we'll watch your orgy like good girls." > Adagio chuckles. > "I don't think so. However, you have done a favor for us, so I am willing to give you whatever reward you like, as long as it is reasonable. Sleep on it, it would be a shame to waste this opportunity." > The Rainbooms murmur among themselves, some glaring at the sirens, some looking at you in confusion or curiosity. > Adagio takes your hand, leading you out of the room while Sonata and Aria flank you. ------------------------------------------------------- > You realize that the girls are leading you out of a prison facility, albeit an empty one. > You feel rather uncomfortable with how the Rainbooms have been in prison all this time, just for trying to fight the Dazzlings. > On the other hand, there are all the criminals who would be in here, out there living lawful lives. > Maybe not by their own choice... > You can't help but remember how it felt to be under their spell. > You shudder. > The ride back to their home is filled with their bickering, but you can sense there is no true resentment. > It feels more like they are reaffirming their odd bond. > You find yourself looking at their faces. > You genuinely like each of them, they all have their own charisma and appeal. > For their part, they alternate between keeping an eye on you and looking warily out the windows. > It's a relief to get inside, and you all pile onto a couch. > Adagio leans against your side, Aria on the other, and Sonata sits on the floor, resting her back on your legs. > It's comforting, which is why you feel a little guilty about what you are about to say. "I think I understand a little, why you wanted to escape the Shooby Doo." > The girls tense at the word, though you still feel a little ridiculous saying it. > Adagio holds your hand, interlacing her fingers with your own. > "I'm sorry, Anon, we should have taken more precautions. I promise you, it will never happen again." > You sigh. "I appreciate that, but that's not what I'm trying to say. Now, Aria," > The girl leans back, bracing for some sort of accusation, if you had to guess. > You continue, "Remember when you asked why humans are still fighting your rule? Even though the world is much more peaceful under you?" > Aria frowns. > "You know why, now?" > You nod. "I think you all do, it's why you all broke off from the seaponies. No one likes living under the absolute control of anyone else. When I was under, there was nothing pushing me to do my own thing. I was just waiting for my next order, for some fleeting purpose. You couldn't live like that in Equestria, and we humans don't want to live like that here." > Aria grunts. > "Understandable. Looks like there won't be a compromise." > You turn your head sharply to look at her, your brow furrowed. "And you're just fine with that? After all you've done to escape being controlled?" > She crosses her arms. > "Sure, me and mine aren't being controlled." > You open your mouth to object, but with Aria acting so callous, you aren't sure what argument would even sway her. > Slim fingers grab your chin and turn your head. > You find yourself looking at Adagio's grim expression. > "Letting go has never been an option. In Equestria, we had to keep expanding our power just to keep some dumb fish from calling the Shooby Doo down on us. Here, we've been barely getting by for centuries. For the first time in forver, we are finally safe, Anon. I'm sorry that we have to conquer your race to do it, but we can't stop now, or else our enemies will kill us." > You hang your head, torn by your loyalty to humanity and your love for these girls. > You stare at your hands helplessly, searching for some sort of solution. > Sonata shifts to kneel in front of you, taking your hands in hers. > "I don't like it either, for realsies. So that means we just have to keep thinking, and I'm sure we'll figure something out." > You smile at her earnest offer. "Thanks, Sonata, that does make me feel a little better. You're the best." > She stares at you with wide, sparkling eyes. > Then she leaps into your lap and hugs you excitedly. > "I'm the best! Take that Aria! Woo!" > Purple Grump grumbles and Poof rolls her eyes. > You chuckle and hug Sonata back, glad for this return to normalcy.