Green hand of Trust - by PavementEggs

>You are Aria Blaze >And you're currently fighting off a pack of wild beasts know as:Men >It all started a few weeks after the Battle of the Bands >Adagio and Sonata booked it out of town but stayed behind >You dont know why you stayed there really wasn't anything left for you in this town but you couldn't bring yourself to leave >You noticed once Adagio and Sonata were no longer by your side a group of guys would follow you to the tiny apartment you called home >They kept their distance and never spoke >You thought they just lived in the same direction as you but after a week of being potentially followed you would switched up your route home and they continued to follow >Today was the same, you walked a couple blocks until you reached the correct traffic light then went into a small alley as to avoid seeing rather loud dog before crossing the street and entering your apartment >But when you walked into the alley you noticed four figures in front of you >You turned around to see the boys that usually walked behind you weren't there >At that moment you realized the figures in your path must have been those boys >No matter you simple walk pass them >Or rather that's what you tried to do >When you walked towards the boys to pass they blocked you “Hey move aside can't you see I need to pass?” >”Aww well if it ain't little grape grump” “Fuck off and move” >”Dont be like that love. Me and my boys have been mirin you for awhile now throw us a bone” “Im not interested in small dicked brits so fuck off and move” >You notice one of the boys move past the leader and past you >He must have left the alley now you just have to make the other three boys to move >”Wot you say you little bitch!” >Bitch,he did not not just call you that >You cock back ready to throw a right hook when you hear feet shuffle on the concrete >In an instant you feel a arm wrap around your neck >Its the boy that left earlier! >Or maybe he never left at all >Your throw an elbow to the boys side “Get the fuck off me you smell piece of shit!” >You throw a couple more elbows but the boy is a blob of fat and takes the blows easy >The other boys approach >”Ay ay don't choke her to hard,don't want her to passing out” >The boy in front of you is skinnier than the tonka truck holding you >He comes close >To close >You draw up as much spit as you can muster and hawk it right at his face >”What fuck gross” >”Okay bitch I tryed to the dapper nice guy but fuck that” >He snaps his fingers and the two boys draw closer >You notice the fat fuck choking you loosened but his grip >Your heel comes crashing down on his toe >The blobby beast lets out a mighty roar of pain >With no time to waste and no fucks to give you lung at one of the boys with a punch to pierce the heavens >It lands but your toppled by the fat boy soon after >You fall face first on the concrete and struggle to get up but to no avail >You see feet in front of your face >”Alright boys let's show grape grump here our Rod of Ages” >As soon as hear that you feel the fat fuck on top of you slide his hand on your breast “GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!!!” >Your squirm around like fish out of water but its no use he's too heavy >The sound of zippers being pulled down fills the air >This makes you squirm harder >”Ayy baby dont struggle were gonna make you feel real nice” >The lard ass gets off of you but promptly puts you in a reverse bear hug choke hold >The leader moves to you and rubs his tiny member in your face >”Come on baby suck it or old Bear here is gonna choke yeh to submission” >You open your mouth >The boy looks excited and brings his member closer >As soon as its within reach you bring down your teeth on it with tremendous force >This doesn't please the lard ass and he tightens his choke hold >As the first boy falls the other two lung at you >There hands,there filthy hands travel across your body >You try to get away but every attempt cause the choke hold to grow stronger >The boys take turns feeling you,kissing you >You try but you can't fight back effectively >Your slammed into the ground as your pants are ripped off >The boys lick you through your panites >They make comments about how they didnt think your panies would be “virgin white’ >After what feels like ages the fate on release his hold on you >Your body is too tired from squirming to get up >*huff* *huff* “Guys im gonna be first to take her flower” >Your eyes widen as you hear his >Two boys go to the cage away from the alley and you soon hear the breaks of the gated dog not to far from here >The dogs barking must be to cover any screams you try to produce >With all your remaining energy you try to run out the alley >You don't get far until your slammed into the ground and flipped over >Face to face with the fat attacker you feel him shift your panties aside >His face is so close to yours you can smell the pungent odor of sweat and grease >His sweat drips on your face slowly “Fuck off you piece of shit” >What was meant to be a mighty yell comes out more as a weak plea >You feel some prodding at your entrance and then a slam “AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!” >Its the last and loudest scream you can make >Your head becomes dizzy and you start to lose consciousness >That last thing you hear are brakes slamming >Lights out ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` >”Hey!” >You open your eyes but your vision is blurred >You see the lard ass and the other three boys slumped over in what looks to be a pile >A man is crouching before you >A red tie >A Suit >”Hey lets get you out of here” >Your eyes unblur some and you heart beats rapidly >You flinch so hard it makes the suited man move away >”Im not going to hurt you, you're safe” >You're afraid of what this man's intentions are but you try to steady your heart >”Come on lets get you out here” >A green hand is extended to you >You take it