Alphadagio - by Sal Monela

>You are anon >You are returning your date back home after a night of opening up >Her name is Aria Blaze >You were forced to ask her out after losing a bet >Aria has a reputation for being a difficult person >Difficult as in big fucking bitch >As it turns out, she is misunderstood >It's hard not to hate others when they treat you like a bitch without even knowing you >Plus she lives in a troubled home and her roommates are giving her no end of trouble >Aria is great if you look under the surface >And now that she's smiling, her surface looks pretty great too >You are holding hands and laughing, commenting on the highlights of the night >Finally, you reach her house's door "I can't wait to see you tommorrow, Aria. Goodnight kiss?" >Aria looks down and shuffles her feet >"Maybe you could, ummm, spend the night? I-I mean-" >Aria clears her throat >"It's late and not too safe out here. It'll be better if you spend the night with me. We're going to the same place tomorrow anyway. We can go together." >Yes! "Sure, why not." >Aria's face beams with happiness >She unlocks the door and you both enter >"Leave your shoes by the entrance. We mop daily" she says as she removes her boots and leaves them next to a bunch of pairs of footwear >You comply and follow her to the living room, secretly thankful that you remembered to wash your feet and wear clean socks >"Okay, wait here." she whispers. "I've a few skeletons to put in the closet." >You are taken aback by her straightforwardness "Oh. Okay." >Aria leaves the room >You hear a door open and close >Then you hear another door open >A girl on light purple pjs enters the living room >A gratuitous mass of poofy hair decorates her head and back "I errr...Hi. I'm not a burglar. I'm with Aria." >The poofhead walks towards you >"I know." >Her eyes are pinned on you >"I am Adagio." >Adagio unbuttons her pajama top and flashes her tits at you "Woah, what are you doing?" >You take a few steps back as Adagio takes a few steps forward >Your legs meet a couch and you fall on it with your back >Adagio smiles at this >"Now you have nowhere to run." >Adagio leans forward as she climbs over you >She puts one knee to your right and then another to your left >You look up at her just as she looks down at you >There's something bestial about her. Something predatory >She breathes audibly as she grinds against your crotch >"Oooh, I can FEEL you like that..." >The very sight of her could give people erections >Adagio reaches down and unzips your jeans >She pulls your cock out and starts rubbing it between her hand and her crotch >This feels violating and great at the same time >What's happening to you right now feels so unreal, you have to tell yourself you're not dreaming >"Get off my man, Adagio!" >Aria's voice startles you both >Adagio stops rubbing you >"Or else what? Do you want a repeat of last year's Valentine's?" >Aria stops and hesitates to take another step >She holds her arm and takes a step back >"No" she says, turning her head and trying to look annoyed rather than hurt >"Good girl...Now back to the matter at hand, heh." >Adagio turns her attention back to you >She lets go of your boner and gets off you >She kneels in front of you and lowers your pants >You find yourself both powerless and unwilling to stop her >She removes the ribbon she had her poofy hair tied with, letting it flow on her back freely >She ties the ribbon around the base of your cock >"Tight?" "Yeah. Very." >"Good" she says, tightening it a little more >She gets back on her feet and slaps her knees clean >Adagio puts her thumbs in her pants and pushes downwards >She bends over a little as she does >Her pants drop to her feet >She kicks them aside >She poses triumphantly with her hands on her hips and her vagina pointed towards you >A well-kept, poofy minibush decorates her entrance >The sight, the smell. It's beautyful! >"Normally I'd teach you the meaning of the word "cunnilingus", but I want to get back to bed." >Adagio takes her place back on top of you >She brushes her pussy against your yearning cock, causing your heart to skip a bit >You are shaking >She makes a little laugh >"I love it when they quake under me. Don't you, Aria?" >Aria mumbles a reply that doesn't reach you >Your attention is fully focused on the cruel angel on you, whether you like it or not >She likes it >It means she's better than Aria >Adagio reaches down and holds your throbbing erection steady >Her flesh touches yours and you become so hard it hurts >You briefly wonder if you can snap the ribbon >She pushes down and you feel yourself slowly entering her >She closes her eyes and raises her head >"Uuuuuu....Ah! What a great fit..." >Adagio puts her hands on the back of your neck and shakes her pelvis around a little in order to get more comfortable >"You know..."she says as she starts going up and down. "I don't even know your name. Don't tell me; it doesn't matter. What matters is that there are rules in this house. A hierarchy. I am the alpha female. I am on the top and everyone else is below me. Kinda like how we are right now. You are a toy to me, to be used as I see fit and discarded when I get bored. Only then can someone else have you." >Aria looks a lot angrier right now >You caress Adagio's thighs with your hands and make your way to her ass >Your fingers hungrily dig in on her buns >She smiles. She enjoys it >Then you move your hands on her hips >You aid her in her up and down motion, making her go faster >Adagio stops >You look at her with curiosity in your eyes >She slaps you hard >"You are not the boss here. If you try to take control again, I will hit you in the head with that bronze vase over there and call the police. Understood?" she whispers menacingly >You rub your eyes to clear your vision "Understood. I'm sorry..." >"I don't care." >Adagio resumes her pumping, only much slower this time >This is torture >"You have no one to blame but yourself." >Adagio picks up speed eventually >All the while Aria's eyes are on you >You're ashamed of yourself. Adagio is making you feel like a whore >You are having sex with a girl other than the one you were bonding with earlier >The worst part is that you're enjoying this. You want more of it >You want to release yourself in her and all over her >Adagio is nearing her climax >You can tell by her moans, her breathing and the urgency of her jackhammering your pelvis >"Are you *moan*-are you enjoying this? Do you like being inside me?" "Yes! Oh god, yes." >"Louder! Aria can't hear you. Do you want to cum with me?" "YES! I want to cum with you!" >Adagio grabs a generous handful of your pubes >"You're not allowed to enjoy this." >Adagio pulls hard "YEEEEEAAAAAARGHHHH!" >"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" >Adagio climaxes loud and proud >She collapses on top of you >"Ahhh...Mmmm..." >Her vagina is contracting pressed against your penis >You can't feel it >All you feel is the pain of pubic deforestation >You look at Aria >She looks blurry because of the tears forming in your eyes, but you can tell she's upset >She covers her face with her hands >Her shoulders start trembling >She falls on her kness >Adagio gets off you >She puts something in your hand and leaves, not even bothering to retrieve her pants >"Keep the ribbon. As a reminder" she tells you >"I'm done with him. You can have him now, Aria. Good night." >You look at what Adagio gave you >It's a tuft of your own pubic hair