Dazzlings shenanigans - by conq

Adiago >Day zero "Hey Dagi, are you here?" >You carefully announced your presence. It's been a while since you hook up with Adiago Dazzle and it's safe to say that everyday is an adventure. Conspiracy adventure that is. >Today, you received a simple text message-[we need to talk now]. It's a direct command and she only used them when things are dire. You quickly went to the Dazzling's apartment. "Dagi...You the-" >"I am here,Anonymous" >And the voice came from her bedroom. You meekly entered the room and saw your lover sitting at the edge of the bed. She's not screaming or angry which means that she's not in her period but being this calm, you felt a chill on your spine. >Yeah, you are not going near her. "So uhh... wha-" >"Do you remember few days ago,Anonymous? More specifically, last Friday at 20:00" >Well shit. She interrupted you and give you specific. This situation is already FUBAR and currently impossible to unfuck. "We are...uhh...'celebrating' our relationship?" >"Exactly!" >She turned toward you, eyes with furious wrath of hell. You almost cowered behind the bed. >"We are drinking and banging on every furniture in this apartment while the kids (Aria and Sonata) are out doing whatever the fuck they are doing!" "And uhh- what's the deal?" >"We didnt use CONDOMS!" >And she threw a pink stick at you...not a stick but a pregnancy test?! And it's positive too. "Oh..." >That was your only comment while your brain assessed the new data. >"Exactly! I thought i was sick but my other instinct told me otherwise. We didnt plan for this and other plans are ruined..." "But there are always other solution,like abor-" >"No!Even if i want to, my other instinct wont let me" >Which means... "Alright Dagi. Ill do my best to support you." >"R-really?" >She looked at you with a few tears collected on her eyes "Yup. I promised" >She let out a relaxed sigh and put on her trademark cruel smile >"That was easy." >She chuckle >1st month >Nothing has changed in your life...yet. Sure Adiago curses few times with the early pregnancy sickness but no major changes at all. >Aria and Sonata congratulate both of you in their own way. Sonata hugs you and kept repeating how she would get a new brother-in-law while Aria look at you in disgust. >Adiago kept things under control. Whether it's rumors, you, or stopping Sonata from spilling secrets about her pregnancy, she knows how to control all these factors effectively....especially you. She kept you under tight leash. >Apart from your part-time jobs, your additional jobs was to make sure Adiago was comfortable...and it is not a simple job but she make sure you didnt overworked yourself. >You,on the other hand, are quiet happy having a kid. You dont mind the hard work and you strive to improve yourself. >The small change you noticed after a while is that Adiago always put herself between you and other people you are talking to and how her hair is growing longer than usual >3rd month >Things began to change as Adiago's stomach began to show the sign of pregnancy. First change you noticed was her poof was growing longer and can cover her body.Other major changes was... >You were just finished cooking seafood dish that Adiago wants while letting the girls prepare the table. >The apartment is a bit rowdy with Sonata kept rubbing Dagi's belly while Aria kept staring at them and shyly ask to join in. You came just in time to see Aria enjoying the belly rub "Who's hungry?" >You grin as Aria quickly retract her hand and Sonata jump with joy. >"Oh me! me! Gimmie that sweet shrimps" "Now now Sonata, be a good girl and help me bring the other dish" >She stand,salute at you, and quickly went to the kitchen. You look at Aria and she sigh as she went to help Sonata. >"well now" >Adiago smirk as you put the plates on the table >"It's just you and me. It seems you are learning how to control those two" >She signal you to sit beside her "Well...I learned from the best" >You grin and sit beside her. While she's a sadistic manipulator, she's cute sometimes. >"In a few minutes, they will be back. I wonder what could we do in a few minute" >She whispers and you answer with a quick kiss. She raised her eyebrow after the kiss >"That...was quiet unexpected Anon but a good answer" >She giggles and you join in as the other two came back with the dish, arguing a bit. >The dinner was peaceful as Adiago occasionally demand you to spoon-feed her. Aria tried to ignore this lovey-dovey scene while sonata just clap in excitement. >Suddenly Sonata appeared beside you. >"Hey Nonny, can you spoonfee-" >"HISSS!" >Adiago suddenly grab you away from Sonata and bare her fang. You fall on Dagi's lap and got squished by her growing breast. Sonata and Aria froze for a moment >"Uhh...that's a no then" >Dagi kept baring her fangs until Sonata went back to her chair then everything went back to normal...as if nothing happened. She's extremely possessive now. >6th month "What do you mean she wont let you in?" >It is the first day of month 6 and thing has already escalated. You are talking to Sonata on the phone as you make your way to the Dazzling's apartment >"She kept snarling at me and she wont let us into the nest Anon" >nest? "What do you mean a nest?" >"W-we dont know" "...." >Then you can hear Aria forcefully took the phone. >"Look you damn idiot, we never experience this shit. now GET OVER HERE ASAP!" >Aaaaand she closed the phone. This is why you have some doubts about dating other-dimensional fish creatures. >After a few hours, you have arrived. Before you knock the door, Sonata suddenly punched you and quickly pulled you in. >the apartment is a bit messier but still no change...except a dangerous aura seeping out of Adiago's room. >"W-we dont know what to do..." >Sonata cowered behind you >"Come loverboy, fix this shit" >Aria kept pushing you near that door >Your whole body told you not to go there...but fuck it, says your heart >you slowly opened the door and it creaked. "D-dagi?" >It was dark and filled with damp smell but there was a dome(?) on the bed "Adiago?" >Suddenly a head popped out of the dome and surely Adiago look at you with feral eyes. >"G-good luck" >And both of the girls bolt out of the room and...did they locked the door? What the fuck girls?! >Suddenly, Adiago's silhouette began to crawl..yes, crawl... to you. You prayed to every God exist and hope that it will be a quick death. As she get closer, she began to sniff the air >"Anon?" >Said the innocent and familiar voice in front of you >"Thank god you came. I have been feeling a little unwell this last few weeks" >Unwell? Bitch you went full demonic possession "W-what was that anyway?" >She grab your hand and gently lead you toward the dome. >"Whatever do you mean?" >Yeah..you need to get the fuck out of here. >Once you are near the bed, you can see that the dome is...made out of hair? WUt?" >But once you are inside, it was comfy and warm. Adiago turn on the flashlight, making it the only light source. >Adiago's herself is fully nude, with her breast went from A+ to B+ while her belly is fully inflated. You notice her hair is shorter than normal. >The 'nest' itself was covered in poofy orange hair dome and a nest like circular blankets floor with pillows in it. >"So...what's up?" "Well...the girls are worried that you are acting strange" >"Heh" >She smile >"Yeah, those girls are silly sometimes..." "..." >"What?" "dagi..you made a nest out of your hair! this is a bit insane" >"What? Earthling girls didnt make any nest when they are pregnant" "Well...not as crazy as this" >"But the kid love it...darling~" >She gently rub her belly while you watched. You dont know if it was the atmosphere but your paternal instinct flared up. She looked at you with a smirk and let you rub her belly. You can occasionally feel the baby bumping. >After this fiasco, you pull some favors and let your co-workers do your shift while you take care of Adiago. She only let you inside her nest after all. >9th month >You are nervous >Today is the day. >You are just beside Adiago, who's laying down on the white, pristine bed and controlling her breath >The other girls are beside you, sleeping. Poor girls had been keeping Adiago company throughout the night. Adiago herself often curse while crushing anything she could get her hands on. Whether it was you hard, the girls hand, that metal beside the bed or the nurse hands. It's crazy how strong pregnant woman are. "Just a bit more darling. Hang tight" >"Oh shut the fuck up! I-urgh!- I dont need your pity" >Letting Dagi crush your hands for the nth time, it might hurt but your guilt is much more heavier when you see your loved one in pain. Luckily, Redheart came to save the day. >"Mr. and Mrs. Dazzlings, the pool is ready" >Few nurses went and help dragging the bed while the doctor kept asking Dagi about her condition. You are beside her, being supportive and useless. >"Take a deep breath Mrs.Dazzle" >She did as the doctor told and they quickly let her inside the warm pool. >You dont know how long does the process happened but with few encouraging words and letting her iron grip your hands helped her in some way. The funny thing is that she shed no tears. >time goes faster as you kept supporting her and soon you can hear the sound of the baby rising from the water. >"It's a girl" Nurse Redheart quickly scooped the child, cut the cord and wrapped her in a dry,white blanket. She gently put the baby on Adiago's chest and let the child search for her mother's milk. >It's touching as the child suckle the milk. The tired mother let out a gentle smile as she rub the baby's head. >We went near her and get a better look at your daughter. She have Dagi's hair and eyes but she also have your nose. >"So...dear" >Dagi let out her tired voice. What should we named her?" "i think we should named her..."