Anon World Order part 3 [Lewd] (Dazzlings) - by Uh-hmmm

> With that she stands up > "This isn't going anywhere, let's get you into some real clothes." > You stand as well "Adagio's pajamas not doing it for you, I take it." > Aria slips behind you > "They are distracting. That she even let you out of her room like that is more than a little shameless on her part." > You turn around to find Miss Blaze's eyes fixed on your junk > You wait politely for a few moments > Then you clear your throat "My eyes are up here, Aria." > "Who cares?" > ... "You were saying I should wear real clothes?" > "Right. I did say that." > Her hand reaches out hesitantly, then she sighs and turns away > "Too distracting. Come on." > She leads you through some dim passageways, and you hear the sounds of industrial strength washing machines > Indeed, you pass by a room full of dull-eyed workers, folding sheets and sorting clothes > You soon find yourself in a simple store room, with stacks of uniforms of varying sorts > You are directed to the slacks and button down shirts > After a bit of rifling around, you end up with an outfit that should fit a bit better than your current one "And where should I go to change?" > Aria is leaning casually in the doorway, a smirk on her face > "Here is fine. And don't forget the underwear." > You shrug, and turn your back on her > Gotta leave some things to the imagination > The pajamas come off with a little persuasion, though they take your boxers down with them > As you bend over to put on some new ones, you hear Aria say, > "Oh yeaaahh, that's what I'm talking about." > You roll your eyes and put on your new clothes > When you're done, Aria walks a circle around you > "Not bad, you clean up nice, Anon." > Then she squeezes your ass "You're not worried about moving on Adagio's claim?" > You don't mind, but you get the feeling you should get to know the politics here > She slaps your butt, then struts out of the room > "Adagio is getting too used to calling the shots. I intend to remind her that I have my own ambitions, my own... desires." > Interesting, and suggestive > You get the feeling you are going to have a perpetual boner, living with these three > At any rate, you follow your molester through the maze of hallways to a room with wide windows and a number of recliners and a large couch > Aria picks up a remote and sits on the couch, the picture of boredom as she flips through the channels > After some hesitation, you sit on the other end > An hour passes "So... this is what you do, now that you've taken over the world? Watch TV?" > Pigtail Grape shrugs > "We also have video games and arts and crafts time, but this is pretty much it. If I had known how boring ruling the world is, I'd have gone for destroying it instead." "That's kinda disappointing." > "You're telling me. You bored too? I guess I can put on some porn. Guys like porn, right?" > You choke on air for a moment "Ah, yes, guys like... porn." > A couple of menus later, and the two of you are watching "Dirty, Dirty Hobos 3" > It somehow turns into a competition, seeing who can keep their face deadpan for the longest > Adagio walks in right in the middle of the boxcar orgy > Her face goes completely blank for a moment > Sonata peeks around her > "Oh! Did I miss the water tower scene? I hope I didn't miss the water tower scene, it's my favorite!" > Adagio growls > "Turn. It. Off." > Aria calmly presses a button, and the screen goes dark > "How was the hunt?" > "Average. Having fun with Anon?" > Purps grins > "A little. Found out he's into hair pulling." > Adagio storms over, leaning in real close to her subordinate > "What part of 'he's mine' do you not understand?" > Sonata crouches beside you and whispers, > "Hey." "Sup." > Aria remains unintimidated > "If you don't want him wandering, you should control him. Not my fault if he watches porn with other people." > Sonata sighs > "I hate it when they fight. We are supposed to be in harmony, you know?" "Kinda ironic, that." > "Yeah." > Adagio points to the TV > "It is your fault! You always watch porn!" > Wait "Always?" > They both look at you > Aria winks > Orangy grinds out, "Always." > Lavender Offender faces her leader > "Sometimes, I want to do my own thing." > "Anon is my thing to do!" > The room goes silent > Sonata wiggles her eyebrows > "Bow chika wow wow~" > Adagio blushes furiously > "Out! Everyone out!" > You start to get up > "You stay, Anon." > Aria sashays out of the room, and Bluey soon follows, waving cheerfully before closing the door > Adagio collapses into Aria's seat, rubbing her eyes > "Dirty Hobos, Anon? Really?" "Her pick, not mine. When a girl offers to watch porn with you, you take what you are given." > She glares at you now > "Not when you are claimed by another." > You are nonplussed "If I am claimed, then claim me. Sing me into obedience. If you want it to be real, I have to have a choice. I have to be able to choose." > She puts her face in her hands > "I know, it's just... when the others are flirting with you, and you just accept it..." "You know, you are awfully appealing for someone who abducted me." > She stares at you speechless, color rising once again to her cheeks > You shake your head ruefully "You only heard the 'awfully appealing' part, didn't you?" > "No! I heard the rest, but it's... it's the first time you complimented me." "Ah." > Is that > Is that a tiny little smile? "See this is what I'm talking about. You took over my world, kidnapped me, and yet here I am getting overwhelmed by how cute you are." > "C-cute?" > Adagio puts her hands over her mouth, her cheeks aflame > You have to turn away > You continue after a moment "Out of the three, I should be resenting you the most. So despite your own feelings, any time one of you flirts with me, it's the same. I didn't ask for this, though I certainly can't complain. I can only treat you like any three girls who have become intensely interested in me." > "That's not... unreasonable." > A beat > "I'm still your master, though. At this point, only obey orders from me." "Pffft. Pha hahaha! Of course, haha, I will obey only you. The others are crazy." > She looks at you with deep, soul weary eyes > "They are. They really, really are." "Aria really watches all that porn? I thought girls don't really...get much from that." > Adagio raises her eyebrows at you > "Erotic things are erotic. It may be an exaggeration to say she always watches porn. Sometimes she watches Mister Rogers reruns." "Mister R-" > Your brain breaks "Is it a fetish, or..." > Adagio shrugs > "I think we can agree we are better off not knowing." "Yes, definitely." > A companionable silence falls, and you reflect that this is a really comfy couch. > Miss Dazzle tilts her head > "Do you know how to play chess?" "Somewhat. I certainly wouldn't brag about my skill level." > She hops up off the couch > "That doesn't matter. I just want an opponent." > She strides towards a door in the back, humming happily > As you step through to the other side, if feels like you are in Narnia > If Narnia was made out of books > Your nose fills with the scent of gently aging paper > Every flat surface is occupied, shabby boxes with faded titles, stacks of records, and reams of sheet music > Adagio motions you towards a seat at a table of minor prominence > Its surface is dominated by a sixteen by sixteen chessboard, two sets of chess pieces set off to the side at either end > "Place your pieces how you like. Keep in mind, pawns perform many useful purposes. You will notice as well that you have two kings. One has a mark under its base, and is a fake, a decoy." > You check, and it is as she described "This looks complicated. And slow." > She wears a challenging smirk > "Giving up already?" "Hardly." > "Good. One final rule, you must move two pieces each turn. Note, you cannot move the same piece twice. All else follows the normal chess rules." > You try to take it seriously, right up until she tears through your front lines > It's obvious the rest of the game is going to be a lagging reactionary affair on your part > Might as well start talking "So you like antiques?" > Adagio pauses in mid-contemplation > "These aren't antiques." > She sits back and smiles fondly at the room > "I have personally read every one of these books, played every one of these games, and listened to and read every piece of music here." > It should have been ridiculous > Imagining a seemingly seventeen year old girl in the most contemporary and undignified clothing, browsing among these tomes and cultural remnants of a bygone age > Somehow you are touched "You actually like it here." > Adagio's mouth twists > "Spend long enough anywhere, and you'll find parts you like. Still, I was never content before recently. No longer having to hide, no longer keeping it all separate and secret. I like it here, now." > She moves one of her queens forward > "With you." > And a knight, long left off to the side "A good combination." > She smirks > "And the start of your downfall." > You make your moves, with a bare little thought as to the consequences "May as well play it out, though. Half the fun is in the struggle." > > > You are down to twelve pieces, most of them being pawns out in the middle of nowhere > Decoy king did next to nothing > Then the door behind you slams open > "Lunch time~!" > Adagio gets a calculating gleam in her eye > "Why don't we put Anon into the rotation?" > Sonata's eyes go wide > "For realsies?" > "For realsies." > The room reverberates with bluey's squee > Your ears are still ringing, as you get dragged off to some terrible fate > You find yourself in a kitchen > Sonata jams a chef's hat on your head and a recipe book in your hands > "Your job is to make sure I don't kill anyone." "Is this where I beat you unconscious with this book?" > Bluey rolls her eyes > "Didn't work the first time. Just stop me making mistakes while learning how to cook." "Right then. So what should we make?" > "Biscuits and gravy!" "Sounds kinda bland. Shall we add some meat to the dish?" > Sonata smirks from behind her hand > "Mmmm, sausage. I just lo~ve sausage." "Subtle. Sausage it is, then." > She skips over to a wall of fridges > Meanwhile you take a frying pan from its hook and set it on the stove > All the warning you get is the sound of a few footsteps > Then Bluey is inside your reach, prying your startled hands from the pan handle > "I have to do it!" > You don't argue, partly because her butt is rather firmly pressed against your groin > She cranks the heat all the way to the highest setting and drops the frozen hunk of sausage meat on the pan, still in its wrapper > It occurs to you that Sonata is an idiot > Back in her private library, Adagio gets a warm feeling in her heart > The traitor > You quickly turn off the stove top "Okay, let's take it one step at a time." > Sonata looks at you with eyes terrifyingly devoid of common sense > "What did I do wrong?" > You back up, you can tell you will need to concentrate, and a lap full of booty is not conducive to that "First of all, this meat needs to thaw before you cook it. So. Step one: put it on a plate." > Bluey retrieves a plate and sets it carefully on the counter > Your soul shrivels a little at the effort it must have taken to teach her not to shatter plates > Only now do you realize the depth of your duty > You are the last bastion between Sonata and the world > This has been one of the longest hours in your life > But when you see the meal neatly served on the table, you are oddly proud of Bluey > With enough coaching and supervision, she overcame her natural airheadedness and prepared a fine meal > For their part, Aria and Adagio are pleasantly surprised > Orangy is the first to speak > "This is... good! Anon, you are a miracle worker." > Sonata scowls > "Hey, I was the one who cooked it all!" > Aria nods gravely > "That's what makes this so amazing." > "Oh, in that case, thanks!" > Aria and Adagio share a look > You don't like the look in Orangy's eye > "How about we get rid of the rotations, and Anon helps you with every lunch time?" > Oh no > Bluey's eyes get wide > "For realsies? Cooking with Anon every day?" "Um," > Adagio smiles magnanimously > "After seeing how well you two work together, it is the only reasonable decision." "I must protest!" > Sonata turns her huge eyes on you, her lips forming a pout > "Y-you didn't have fun with me?" "Well," > "Not when you showed me what to do with sausage?" "That's an odd way of-" > "Or when you got white sauce all over me?" "That was an accide-" > "Or when we put dough in my oven?" > The other two sirens are shaking silently with stifled laughter, clearly enjoying your discomfort > "I thought we had something special." > She stares at you sadly, tears in her eyes "Fine. If it means so much to you, I will always help you cook." > "Yay!" > Sonata springs from her chair, across the table and slams into you > Your chair tips over > You find yourself on the floor, Bluey straddling your waist and hugging you tightly > You weakly pat her back as you try to catch your breath > Adagio leans over > "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." "Can we just eat lunch now?" > Sonata loosens her embrace > She looks at you hopefully > "Feed me?" > You raise your eyebrows at Adagio > She rubs her chin > "Alright. I suppose she has done well enough to be rewarded." > Bluey rolls off of you, and helps you get you and your chair back upright > Then she promptly sits sideways on your lap > "Ah~" > With a sigh, you stab a piece of biscuit lathered in gravy and sprinkled with sausage bits > You bring the fork to Sonata's mouth, and are suddenly very aware of how lush and inviting her lips are > She leans forward, snapping up the morsel and humming happily at the taste > Alright, so you may be getting into this > She stops you with the second forkful > "You should eat too!" "With the same fork?" > Bluey blushes > "Isn't it more interesting that way?" > Aria grumbles > "Get a room." > "Oh! Can we?" > Adagio's fist hits the table > "NO." > Ah yes, now things are normal > You take a bite > Not bad, you decide > The rest of the meal passes in a like manner, with Sonata being ever vocal in her appreciation > As you gather up the plates, Bluey chuckles evilly > "It was so nice, seeing everyone stuff themselves with my sausage and gravy." > Stupid sexy Sonata