The Dazzlings go to an orgy - by MactheTexican

>Be Adagio Dazzle >And holy fuck was tonight a weird way to spend Halloween. >After losing your gems to a bunch of fucking TEENAGERS >You and the girls kind of just dicked around town. >Well, "getting dick around town" would probably be better to say. >Soon enough, October rolled around with you and the girls going off to a store to get some candy. >You wouldn't waste it on little shits who probably lost it to their older siblings anyways. >A fuck ton of alcohol and candy to go with the horror flicks you guys were going to watch on Halloween. >You got the cash anyways. >Those dikes can keep their school. >You finished paying for the candy when you spotted the "carpet matching the drapes could make for a breakfast" bacon haired Sunset. >You had nothing else going on so like the gossipy bitch you were, you trailed on her as she took a phone call. >You couldn't hear it too well, but luckily heard enough. >"Yeah, I got the stuff ready for the Halloween party.Don't worry, Twilight, I've got everything under control. Trust me, your first orgy isn't something you'll forget. Just remember to bring a costume." >Well god damn. >The dyke 6 actually doing something that sounds interesting. >Howdeliciouslymoist >You hauled ass back home almost running over a small child. >No time for kids, mama's gotta get some dick. >You hurry out of your car and smash open the door. "Get dressed bitches, we're going to an orgy!" >A scream came from the living room as you found a puzzled Sonata and horrified Aria looking back at you. >Aria looked like she had about wet herself. >You look towards the tv that was playing an old horror movie. >Those always did make Aria a little bitch. >Aria hurriedly gets up and looks about ready to pop a blood vessel. >"What fucking reason do you have for just bursting in here like that?" >You give her a huff and an eye roll before responding. "First off, it's my name on the lease, bitch. Second, Didn't you just hear me. We. Are. Going. To. An. Orgy." >She gives off a grunt before sitting back on her chair and looking back at the movie. >Sonata soon steps in with her own questions. >"Why?I mean, not that I don't mind doing that stuff, but I thought we were going to use our weeks for spooooooky movies!" >She wiggles her fingers while making her best impression of a ghost "oooooooo". >Too good for this world. >You go over to Sonata and pat her head. "Well, we can still do that stuff. It'll only be one day anyway." >"Oh yeah? And when is that?" Came the purple grump that lived in the same home as you. "Halloween." >A frustrated groan came from both of your roommates. >Fucking Christ, this is gonna be a hassle. >A bunch of spooky movies could be heard through the house as the weeks went by. >You were getting kind of antsy over the party. >Despite how much you hated those rainbooms, you haven't gone to a good orgy in a long time. >... >Ok well you've never actually gone to an orgy. >B-but neither have Aria and Sonata. >You'll just have to keep your head straight as the alpha. >Sonata and Aria had decided they'd help each other with their outfits since you had already finished yours. >They stuck their tongues out at you when you asked to join in. >Sluts. >Not your fault they weren't prepared for Halloween. >You decided to go as a vampire. >You've gotten pretty good at sucking things out of a human, so it fits. >Was that in bad taste? >Nah. >The big day came by soon enough. >It was night time. >You had gone by the Shim Sham house and sure enough, people were already popping up. >You definitely knew what time it would start and totally didn't just guess. >You also definitely didn't stalk Sunset to find her house. >That'd be weird. >There seemed to be more people here then you'd have thought those nerds would have been able to bring here. >Well, not like you're complaining. >Hopefully they didn't check who you guys were at the door, or you'd be fucked. >To cause less suspicion you tied back most of your poof and tried to hide it under a hat. >If they found out who you were, it was going to be after all that dicking dammit. >You hoped out of the car and waited for tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee to come with you. "Come on girls, What's taking so long?" >"Hey! You try moving out of a car with this thing!" Came a voice from the giant grape costume. >Honestly even if you hadn't seen her change into it, you could easily tell it was Sonata. >You don't think the girls in there are dumb enough to fall for this. >And your bluefish sister soon followed with her own costume. >A giant fish taco. >When you saw her put it on you tried to give her the most encouraging smile you could. >Meanwhile Aria groaned about it for the whole car ride. >After some trouble getting poor Sonata in the house while she kind of cried, you all made it into the place. >Sunset's house was something. Inside was pretty plain, not like your fancy as fuck home. >Not too shabby though. >There were a few guys and girls here there that seemed familiar to you from that dump of a school you tried to run. >Brad, or whatever his name is chatting it up with that Twilight girl. >Their matching outfits made you want to throw up a bit. >Some guy with orange hair stood off to the side talking with that country hick from the rainbooms. >Tall and handsome. >Mommy like. >You're inner thoughts of what you'd do to that man were interrupted by A tag on your shirt from Aria. >"When is this thing starting. This outfit is killing me." "Serves you right. I told you I could give you the right material for a comfy one, but noooooooo." >Your argument was cut short as you both thought a similar thing that seemed to be the cause of many of your misfortunes in the past. >Where was Sonata. >A voice came from behind you that gave you the answer you wanted, "Wow! I love your costume!" >You both turned slowly to see Sonata giving the prissy white bitch that you hated most from sunsets click. >Charity or some shit. >"Uh, thank you, darling. I quite like yours as well. What would you happen to be if I may ask?" >"I'm a fish taco!" >Hnnnngh. >Honestly this would have already blown up in your faces if Sonata's hair wasn't covered by the taco. >You're not sure how Harity hadn't recognized Sonata's voice by now. >Maybe she's the dumb bimbo of the group. >Well it's fine as long as you didn't run into s- >"Hello there! Thank you for coming to our little shindig!" >Fuck. >You look over your shoulder to find Twilight and Sunset giving you and aria warm smiles. >Like hell they wouldn't notice you guys. >Twilight looks over Aria's outfit before giggling to herself. "That's a cute outfit! What is it?" >"...I'm a grape." >Smooth as butter Aria. >You turned and tried your best to just play along until this thing was over. "Thank you for letting us join. I and my, uh, friends were exciting to be able to join." >"Oh, well that's very nice to hear. Don't worry, we'll be starting it all soon enough." Sunset replied, soon going over to the windows and closing the shades. >Twilight then went on to turn down the lights. "Alright, everyone! Anyone ready to participate head on upstairs please!" >You nodded to Sonata and Aria as you all made your way with the rest of the group. >The bedroom was much more spacious than you had thought it would be. >A few candles were around the room for atmosphere. >Although the placement made it look more like they were performing a ritual. >As soon as the rainbooms were all present in the room, most occupants started to undress. >Luckily it seemed like keeping your outfit on was indeed an option. >Something Sonata and Aria had hoped for as they had made special holes in their outfits for the fuck fest. >You, however, were able to undo the front of your dress, finally letting the twins breathe. >You caught a couple of stares from some guys, along with some from a few girls as well. >Beauty never felt so good. >You eyes soon locked on to your target. >And wow was he packing. >A predatory grin crossed your face as you closed the gap between you and the stranger. "Hello there, lovely. Care to give this vampire a but of sustenance?" >You're not sure why you used a shitty cheesy pun. >But the smile and soft chuckling coming from him say it worked. >Hook, line and sinker. >He pushed you on to an empty spot on the bed, a grin on his face. >Unf >Your momentary moment of finding someone to yourself was cut short as a face soon hovered above your own. >"Hey there. Mind if I join in?" >While you don't mind a bit of two-on-one, you weren't too big on carpet munching. >That was usually Aria. >But, at this point denying would be a bit rude. "Got no complaints here. How about you fella?" >"Eenope." "Well, there ya go." >Bacon hair gave a giggle as she moved her lower half over your face and sat on you. >Oh hey you were right. >Carpet does match the drapes. >You felt a tongue slowly push itself against your lower lips and realized it was about time the three of you got started. >You worked your own magic on sunsets silt, keeping the tempo with your previous companion. >At this point it was hard to really listen to what Sunset might be saying above you. >From how her body is moving, it's probably mostly just moaning. >Heaving sounds of bodies slapping together could be heard around the room as well as the smell of sex soon making its way towards you. >There's a hint of blueberry and grape in there. >Guess the other two are nearby. >Your own moaning started to leak out as the tongue pushed itself into your folds, movings around freely trying it's best to get as deep into you as it can. >Fuck that's great. >Eating out Sun-buns wasn't that bad either. >You tried your best to move your hands. >One going underneath to give a certain nub the business. >The other gripped her thigh to keep Sunset in place as best you can. >It didn't take too long until Sunny-side-up let out a scream of ecstasy, juice starting to dribble down your chin. >Wow it didn't take much for her haha- >And just like that, You followed suit from a particular twerk done to your button from the rough hands of the man south of you. >You couldn't do much as he continued his assault, drool coming from your mouth slightly mixing in with Sunset's honey. >You'd be lying if this wasn't some good shit. >Sometime after you and Sunset rode out your highs, you both laid on the bed panting. >Bacon hair helped prop you up as you remembered the environment you were in. >Lookinger around you were able to spot the other two sirens. >Sonata getting spit-roasted by two large looking guys. >And Aria was standing over a man, straddling his cock with a shit eating grin on her face. >Honestly this would be a sexier sight if they weren't wearing those ridiculous ass costumes. >You looked back over to the guy who you had current dibs on as he stood up, his cock pointing up proudly. >Mama likes very much. >"You ready for this?" "Less talking, more filling." >He gave back a simple nod before pushing the beast into your pussy. >You bit your lower lip and closed your eyes tight as he started to fill you up. >This is exactly what you've been waiting for. >It took you a couple of seconds to notice Sunset was behind you, her hands wrapped around you as she started to massage your breast. >"Feelin good there puff?" "Oooooh hell yeah." >Soon enough you felt him push against your cervix. >You felt pretty proud to take the whole thing as you saw him bottom out. >You look up into his eyes and he looked back. >You just gave him a nod, having given yourself to the pleasure and what's to come. >He nodded back and slowly slid himself out. >You let out a small whimper, feeling empty and hoping for the feeling of being filled to return. >Gentleman as he was, the stranger thrust back inside. >A rhythm was made as he picked up the pace. >Good, you hated going slow. >Sunset twerked your nipples, bringing out a more audible gasp from you to go with the slamming. >This is what you waited for. >A rough dick to give it to you all night, sex scent wafting in the air, his heavy balls smacking against you. >Fuck you love Halloween. >The time certainly passed by as you felt him starting to get tense. >Big lug was getting close to nutting. >You wrapped your legs around him for security. >It didn't look like he wanted to pull out, but better to be safe than sorry. "It's ok big guy. Give me all you got. Dump your hot spunk into my pussy!" >He suddenly pulled you close to him and gave pushed his lips against yours. >It was surprising, but definitely not unwelcome. >You moaned into his mouth and closed your eyes as you felt him push completely into you one more time and release himself. >The filling feeling of his semen was worth this whole stupid costume thing. >You could feel the baby batter start to ooze out of the side as he unloaded like a horse. >A few more pumps went into you before the stud pulled himself out of you, the pop not all that audible as freaky things were still going on in the room. >You looked him in the eyes and looked back down to see he was raring to go another round. "Oh, naughty~." >This was going to be a nice long night. >Lots and lots of sex. >When the whole thing was over you were just kind of in a daze on a sofa downstairs. >Holy shit that was amazing. >Except for the excessive amount of cum on certain people. >You probably could have gone the day without seeing some of that. >But, like all good things it came to an end. >The man who had pinned you down and filled you as if you were just something to impregnate was talking around people you assume were his friends. >His knees shook every so often which put a smile on your face. >Mama's still got it. >Honestly most of the thing was great. >...Until you all heard Aria yell something about "graping" someone in the mouth. >The sex talk kinda dimmed down for everyone after that. >You looked around the room to see Sonata >She seems a bit out of it as she looked towards the food buffet. "You ok Sonata." >"Why is there a food buffet at an orgy?" She Whispered back. "What?" >She looks towards you as if her whole world was shaken. >"Why Dagi?" >You weren't really sure how to answer that. "Well, people probably get pretty hungry after sex." >"I CAN SEE THAT, BUT WHY IS THERE A FOOD BUFFET AT AN ORGY, DAGI?!" She replied yet again, the whisper getting a bit louder. >You gave her a small pat on the head and a smile. "Don't think too hard on it, Sona-sweetie." >She stayed looking at the buffet in horror as you made your way to Aria. >You gave her a smirk as she stared daggers at you. "Hey-" >"DO NOT!" "-how's it going, Grapist?" >The look on her face said everything. >If looks could kill. >Well, it had gotten pretty late by now. >As much fun as this was, you and the girls needed their beauty sleep. >Well, you needed it anyway. >Before you got ready to leave, you stopped by your new mate and gave him a card with your number on it as he stood next to Applejack. >A name you had become familiar with tonight as a certain other Rainboom screamed it. A lot. "Call me sometime." You gave him a kiss on the cheek and a wink before walking away, leaving a surprised Country boy and his sister who almost popped a blood vessel. "Ready to go girls?" >You caught up with the other dazzlings outside when Sunset made her way to the door. >"It was nice having you here! Come by anytime." "Oh, uh, sure thing!" >You gave her a smile and wave before turning to leave. >"See you next time, Adagio~."