Mosquito Dazzlings - by MactheTexican

>Be Anon >Having a normal day in high school. >Classes go by. >Lunch comes around. >The only thing to make this day completely perfect would be these FUCKING MOSQUITOS BUZZING AROUND YOU. >And to top it off for whatever god damn reason, these specific ones happen to be those dazzling bitches from months back who tried to hypnotize everyone. >Including you. >While it does still piss you off, you learned some very odd things about yourself from that time. >Some fetishes you kind of wish you didn't learn you liked. >And to top the cherry on this fuck of this adagio legs spread banana split, they decided you were the one they would be buzzing around. >It's usually around when you go to get some books from your locker that you have to defend yourself from their biting. >"Come on Anon, let us have a bite once without you swatting at us." >Heasring Adagio's voice so squeaky and small is really weird to you. How does someone even get used to talking to a mosquito? "It's a god damn instinct. Besides, why can't you go bite someone else?" >"Because you already know about us and at least slow down your swatting. If we tried that on someone like that loser rainbow dash, we'd be the splatter on her hand in a second." >Well she's got you there. >You let out a quiet groan and just picked your books from your locker while a small blueish mosquito you are sure is Sonata flies on top of your head. >"Come on Nonny! I'll give you a SUCK just like the good old times." "I think the suck you and me find pleasurable nowadays are completely different." >"Ppppppppplease? Maybe if I bit you under the pants it'll feel better." >You slammed your locker and let out some pent up anger over having a lot of mosquito bites on your stomach for the past few days. "I DON'T WANT YOU TO BITE MY DICK DAMMIT!" >Well, letting that out sure felt better. >Unfortunately the hallways got pretty quite. >You turn hoping that maybe you just yelled in the middle of someone pushing that crosseyed girl again. >No such luck. >In fact, you find yourself face to face with a certain bacon haired girl. >Her eyes went pretty wide for a second before she gave you a weird look. >One that you were very familiar. >She wrote something down on some paper before handing it to you with a wink. >And you're pretty sure you just got Sunset's number. >... >Yup. >Three little buzzing faces entered your field of vision by the tip of your nose. >The purple one of the group who you can definitely associate with Aria buzzed a bit closer and sort of jabbed you with you small mosquito leg. "Hey! We basically got you a booty call, can we suck your blood now?" >You have the perfect chance to fucking smack their shit up. >But... "Look as long as you just don't fucking keep leaving multiple marks on my body every damn day, fine." >Three small cheers of "Hooray!" could be heard and then the little fucking parasite got to drinking. >You picked up your bag and started walking to your next class before thinking of something to talk about with the girls. "So, how long are you all going to be mosquitos?" >Adagio let out a small hum before coming to a conclusion, "We have no idea." "Well, that's reassuring." >Adagio grumbled while going back into your neck and Sonata decided to put in her two cents. "Don't worry Anon! We're Female Mosquitos. We've got six to eight weeks for an antidote or we'll be dead!" >She doesn't have a normal face right now, but you can basically feel the positive energy coming from her. >Wait. >Before you could do it, Aria asked the question on your mind."How in the hell did you know that really dumb fact Sonata?" >The little blue haired bloodsucker let out a 'hmph' before flying over to butt heads with Aria. >"I was paying more attention in those classes more than you were, Aria!" >Lil purple retorted,"We were here to rule over these losers not to actually learn stuff, you idiot.I bet you only listened in about mosquitos because of them and your mouth both have something in common." >Jesus Christ this was going on for too long. >Meanwhile Adagio just sort of plopped her fat blood filled self on top of your nose. "Enjoyin yourself?" >"You bet." You could practically feel the smugness coming from her. "Ya know I'm pretty sure you only need to drink blood when you're pregnant." >A few seconds of nervous silence led you to try and ask the big question. "Y-you're not pr-" >"Don't you ever think of asking me that again." "Okay." >This was going to be a long ass six to eight weeks. >Well, at least you'll be getting that sunny ass. >She always seemed so disinterested in you. Even more so when you talked shit to her during the whole "dazzling brainwash" business. >It's nice to see how much she's really ch- >Wait a minute. >Looking at the number over again you noticed something. "Call me: 867-5309" >.... >That bitch. >You try your best to keep a stoic face while slowly crushing the note in your hand. >FUCK YOU SUNSET >FUCK YOU TOMMY TUTONE >FUCK YOU JENNY >You let out a sigh before throwing the crumpled paper away in a nearby trash bin. >A small voice squeaked at you that sounded like Sonata mosquito, "Don't worry Nonny. You still have us!" >You snapped out of your little self-pity daze to notice the three mosquitoes on your nose looking up at you. "Huh?" >An orange mosquito buzzed closer to the bridge of your nose, making you go a bit cross-eyed to keep eyes on her. >She took it upon herself to clarify, "We saw the number as well Anon. Ya know, us being on your shoulder and all." >"And if you can help us SOMEHOW return us to normal, we'd repay you in the way she teased at. No teasing this time." >It was a bit hard focusing on what she was saying. >Really, how does no one look away from that small mosquito poof? >How did she even keep it? >You stood still in the middle of the hallway deep in thought. >Do you really want to do that? >Well you do remember that they had lost their powers. >Even if those girls were the ones that did this, maybe they wouldn't be above helping some old enemies in trouble. >It'll be worth a shot. "Okay." >Another round of squeaky "Yay!" from the girl parasites brought a small chuckle from you. >Well, maybe even without magic you'll be able to stomach these girls. >And, as if on cue, a small hum came from the trio of chaos which was followed by them trying their best, and sounding really bad, at singing "Jenny". >You let out a groan which still didn't drown out their squeaky bad pitched "867-5309". >Yeah. >A looong six to eight weeks.