Anon World Order part 9 [nsfw] (Dazzlings) - by Uh-hmmm

> The sun is just beginning to set when you make your way to Adagio's tent > Sonata scampers on by, waving cheerfully > You wave back, and come to a stop in front of the zipper door > How to do this... > You try knocking on it, but it barely rustles > Whatever > You just unzip the door a ways "Dinner's ready." > Adagio yanks her shorts back up to her waist, not meeting your eyes > "Thank you for letting me know." > Something about the way she gets up strikes you as odd > You open the door the rest of the way, and she climbs out "You alright?" > That...may be a blush > "I just need to wash my hands, that's all." > Not sure why she wou- > You hear a high pitched yelp, followed by low moaning > You make brief eye contact with Adagio > She gives you a slight nod and an exasperated smile > You return to the fire at a run, to find Sonata holding her hands out, her fingers reddened "She didn't..." > Aria drags the cooler over > "She did." > Bluey plunges her hands into the water with a whimper > You just sigh "It was literally in a fire, Sonata." > She looks at you with tear filled eyes > "I was just so hungry." > It's hard to stay mad at that pitiful face > Violent Violet rolls her eyes > "That's what you get for thinking with your stomach." > Proving that you can stay mad at such a face, if you have enough practice > In the meantime, you grab one of the camp chairs and give her a place to sit while she soothes her burns > Doesn't look like she's blistering, so it isn't as bad as it could have been > Adagio shows up not much later > "What'd I miss?" > Aria rolls her eyes and points to where you are bandaging Sonata's fingertips > "I'd say blue bum learned not to touch hot things, but we'll have to go through this at least fifty more times before it sticks." > "Hey!" > "It's true." > Adagio just sighs > "Just please tell me dinner isn't ruined." > You look up from your first aid "Dinner is fine. Just peel back the foil with a spoon or something if you want it to cool faster." > Adagio smiles at you > "Thank you, Anon. You get to live." > Aria scowls > "You can't kill me." > Sonata flutters her eyelashes > "And I'm too cute!" > You finish the last of the bandages "Yes, but I'm the only one she's glad to be stuck with." > Sonata and Aria stick out their tongues at you in rare unison > Meanwhile, Adagio has taken her first bite of the stew > "Mmm, this is well done. Seriously, thank you, Aria, Anon." > Aria seems placated by this, and sets about her own meal > Sonata peers at you with pitiful eyes > "Could you feed me? My fingers hurt..." > You cast an inquisitive glance Adagio's way > Her mouth twists, but she nods > Bluebelly shimmies happily in her seat > Then she leans forward, opening her mouth expectantly > You blow on a spoonful of stew, and guide it into her mouth > She closes around it, her tongue perhaps a bit more active than is necessary > As Sonata chews, she makes an appreciative moan > Very appreciative > The other two glance her way, wait no > They're glancing at your pants > You set your own foil dinner in front of your crotch, and they go back to focusing on their food with a smirk > The rest of dinner passes in a like manner > When the last of you has crumpled up their foil bowl, Adagio stands and cracks her back > She sighs in relief, then frowns at Sonata > "You're going to have to get ready for bed early. Aria, could you-" > "Nope. I have to get more wood for tomorrow. You can never have enough wood." > She gazes meaningfully at your crotch > Adagio sighs again > "Fine, get more sticks. Anon, if could you help Sonata out, I'll do the dishes." "Sure." > You wonder if Adagio is getting enough sleep > You don't really have much of a baseline, but she has been acting odd lately > This is all shelved as Bluey pulls on your shoulder with her wrists > "Come on, I gotta get ready so you can get ready!" > You get up and follow her to her tent, where she gingerly points towards a zip lock bag > "Teeth first!" > Right > You pluck the toothbrush and paste from the bag, and wet it with some water from a bottle > Sonata opens her mouth again, closing her eyes happily > You apply some paste to the brush, and try to brush Blueberry's teeth > It would help if she wasn't swaying, or moving with the slightest pressure from the toothbrush "Just, hold still, alright?" > You grab her jaw in one hand and start scrubbing her teeth with the other > Sonata's eyes snap open, her pupils heavily dilated > "Uou!" "You alright?" > She nods happily "Okay..." > You tilt her head to get a better angle, and return to brushing her teeth > Her hands keep making grasping motions in the air, and her legs make audible scraping sounds as she rubs them together "Do you need to go to the bathroom or something?" > "Gno! Geep goig!" > Well, you can see why Aria would try to get out of this, Sonata is acting weird > You take care to get her gums as well, you vague remember that being important > Her breath is hot on your brushing hand, and she keeps on making little whimpers and grunts as you do your thorough job > You tilt her head the other way, and start on that side > She's blushing a fair amount, which you suppose is normal > Having someone else brush your teeth is probably pretty embarrassing > You scrub the last set of teeth, and start to pull the toothbrush out > Sonata clamps her mouth around it "Oh yeah, your tongue. I guess I should have brushed that too?" > She nods, and you move the brush back and forth in her closed mouth > It's almost eroti- > Bluey collapses to her knees as she humps the air, a blissful expression on her face > Oh > You catch the toothbrush before it falls to the dirt > You idly notice some fluid dripping down her inner thigh "Is this...normal for you?" > She shakes her head, although it ends up being a full body sway from left to right > "You were so firm! And gentle, and stim- uh, stimate, you know, makes me tingly inside?" "Stimulating?" > "Uh huh!" > ... "Right, so now that that's done, you're ready to go to bed?" > "Nope!" > She picks up a water bottle between her palms and takes a swig, swishing it around > She spits, then smiles at you > "Now I need to get into my jammies!" "You just want me to take off your clothes." > "And fuck me! But I'll take what I can get." > Boner, this is Houston > You are out of control, we repeat, out of control > And she just grins at you, swaying her hips from side to side "Tempting. Very tempting. But I don't want to die, and Adagio may just kill me if she isn't first." > Sonata pouts > "Why does she have to have you first? Aren't you allowed to make your own choices?" > Fair point > If you are entirely honest with yourself, it's not a fear of death holding you back "I just...I know what it's like, seeing someone you like, someone you think you love, seeing that person fall in love with someone else." > She still looks confused "Look, if I actually fell in love with you or Aria, I wouldn't let that stop me. But we're still getting to know each other, and I haven't really decided anything. Right now, there needs to be some boundaries or else people will get hurt. Sex is one of those boundaries." > She pouts > "Fiiiiinnnneee. Now can we get me into my jammies?" "Sure. I'll just uh, " > Sonata lifts her arms over her head > "Take off my clothes!" "Right." > You pull her shirt up and off, still a little mesmerized by the bounce of her bosom, even bound as it is by a pink bra > Next, you spy the velcro strip fastening the skirt and give it a tug > The skirt slides down her legs, revealing her damp panties > Your heart is beating furiously in your chest, and you turn away "Now, uh, where are your pajamas?" > "Nuh uh, take my underwear off first!" > ... > "At least my panties? They're wet and getting cold." > ... "Fine, but first, where is a clean pair?" > She points to one of her bags, and you pluck a pair out, trying to ignore how silky it is > Steeling your resolve, you turn back to > Sonata bent over, sticking her butt out at you > Right > You yank her panties down, sliding them down her thighs, and she daintily steps out of them > Getting her to step into the new pair is a bit harder > The first foot is easy, it's when she tries to step into the other hole that she wobbles backward > Without thinking, you raise a hand to steady her, and get a handful of ass > "Oh my, how forward!" > You are strong, you can resist this > You give her ass a squeeze, then push her upright > You pull the panties up quickly, and back away "Alright, now where are you pajamas?" > "I'm wearing them!" > ... "Okay. Well, good night." > "Wait!" > She grabs your arm gingerly between her arms > "Brush my hair?" > You may very well be sainted before all this is over "You aren't going to orgasm, are you?" > She shakes her head vigorously "Fine, let's get this over with." > She happily prances over to sit on her sleeping bag > Okay, so she probably won't orgasm from this > You grab a hair brush from the toiletries bag and sit behind her > You carefully remove her hair tie, letting her ponytail fall apart > With her hair down, you would almost forget how childish and flighty she is > You listen to the sounds of the wild, the wind blowing, crickets chirping, the occasional frog croaking > The brush adds a silken hiss as you pull it through her hair > She hums gently to herself, some little lullaby > You feel yourself relaxing, becoming one with the repetitive motions > Sometime later, Sonata wriggles into her sleeping bag, then looks up at you expectantly > "And now a bedtime story!" > You give her a flat look "You're pushing it." > "You can cum in my panties?" > You facepalm "That would not be a wise choice for me. Let's just get this over with. What story should I tell..." > Well, who knows if they've heard this one "It is the 41st Millennium. For more than a hundred centuries the Emperor has sat immobile on the Golden Throne of Earth..."