A Beautiful Love Story - by HomelessFaggot

>It's been three months after it happened. >A gift from heaven above shivering in ragged blankets tucked away in a dark alleyway. >At first you pitied them, even spared a little change from the twenty you broke out eating. >But the first moment her bright red eyes locked into yours. >You were completely submersed with a powerful emotion you could not control. >Is this love? Lust? Is this the drug of life people call desire? >Whatever it may be, to say it has taken hold of you would be an understatement. >A beautiful blue angel found in the most humble of beginnings. >You mind still has trouble comprehending your good fortune. >You learn after you take them in their names are Adagio, Aria, and last Sonata. >They explained they were out of work singers. >Had a 'situation' involving their previous employer that forced them to relocate. >You confided in them you were a singer yourself. But their talents far exceeded yours. >Especially Sonatas. >She must of realized this, as she plays with your emotions with just the sound of her voice. >In a way you hate being this easily manipulated, but at the same time find a sweet solace in knowing your someone worth manipulating. >You and Adagio act as surrogate parents to both of them. Being dragged into wacky antics never been so fun. >Sonata has recently developed a habit of sneaking into your room to cuddle and talk about her problems. >Apparently Aria has started "touching" her again. >We had to have a sit-down in order for Sonata to express how she feels about this. >Aria had her little emotional episode but eventually obliged to back off. >You can't help but feel sorry for her. Although you loathe the concept, you can relate the intense need to express your love but be unable to. >Although she's calmed down a lot, Sonata still doesn't trust being around her and ends up sitting next to you while she watches. >Cruel maybe, but all's fair in love and war. >Sonata snuck in my room once more, although now its not much as sneaking as getting past Aria. >You came to expect her every night now, and set up a seat next your drinking table. >She quickly sits down and helps herself to two shots right off the bat. "Woah there, slow down tiger." You say with a slight slur. >She brightens that everlasting smile she has. >It's one of the few cues that show somethings troubling her again. >"Anon..." She starts. "Yes?" >"How do you tell someone that loves me that I love them back, but just in a different way?" "Well you did a pretty good job explaining that to me." >"You know what I mean!" she practically yells. >Boy is she a lightweight. >"Look I care about Aria and I know that she loves me, but I just wish she'd slow down with the sexy stuff! Its kinda icky." >That word. >"Slow down" >An icy feeling shot through your heart. "What do you mean slow down?" >She takes another shot and practically inhales two orange slices. >"I didn't want to tell you yet but..." >No. No please. >"We're kinda dating now." >Your buzz had melted away. >You can hear Sonata speak, but can't understand her worlds. >Or rather you don't want to. >You try to draw into yourself. To drown it all out. >But no matter how much you fight it the reality is the same. "Sonata" >You cut her off. >"Yeah?" she said innocently. "I'm sorry but I drunk too much. I need to go to bed." >She breaks eye contact with you and stares at her cupped hands. >"Anon I know this is hard to hear-" "It's nothing. Don't worry about it." You stand up and waddle towards your queen sized bed. >"I-I still love you to-" "Drop. It." >That one came out much more forceful than you intended. >You hear the wooden chair beneath her creak as she stands herself up. >"I'm taking the booze." >You push your hand in the general direction of the door. >In less than a moment shes gone. >You take a breath to collect your thoughts. "Welp, time to get fucked up." >A few hours passed. >You've been cheering drinks to yourself in your own private pity party. >I wanted you Sonata. >I need you. I can't live without you. >Is this how you repay me? After everything I've done for you? >You've been crying so much you can drink your own tears. >Is this how it ends? being cucked by some butch dyke that manipulates her emotions? >You shouldn't be surprised. This has happened before. >Just never with someone you actually loved before. >Love. >Capable of bringing out the best and worst of us. >Although it pains you to think about you have to talk to her. >Maybe if you just tell her how you feel... >No. It never works when your a man. >Maybe you should apologize. It's not her fault you feel this way. >You stumble into the living room where Sonata is watching TV. >She didn't even notice you until you dropped down on the couch beside her. >She bounces up awake comically before clamoring unto you out of shock. "Hiii Sonnataa" >"Anon! What was that for?" >She fastens herself upright and rubs her eyes. "I just wanteed to apologieeze for how i acteded. It was unacecptible." >You added a swirling hand motion to the end of acceptable. >"heh.. yeah you did..." >She's avoiding eye contact with you now. >Sometimes you wish you were less observant. Especially when hammered. "Can yuu sing for meh?" >She sighs >"Now?" "It makes meh feel bettah when yew sing." >You rub her shoulder to coax her into your demands. >"Well... Ok!" she adds with a smile. >"What do you want me to sing?" >Your drunken mind ponders for a moment. "Theh one yuu sang when we first mat." >"Aww anon." >In a moment that seemed to last an eternity, she took a deep breath, closed her eyes and sang. >You know its moments like these you never want to end. >It felt like the first time you heard her. >Or is it the last? >Painful imagery of a life that never was flooded your brain. >You imagine sharing your first kiss with her, making love with her, raising kids with her. >You should be bawling your eyes out. >But you feel, happy. >Happy to have the moments you shared with her. >Content you were able to be there when she needed you most. >It was a whole new feeling. Much better than the one you felt three months ago. >All this passion wrapped up in a song. >Sung by her. >"I love your voice." >You need it. >"Give it to me" >You find yourself wrapping your hands around her neck. >It feels soft and slender. Your hands cup around quite nicely. >Sonata tries to pry you off her. >"Anon! What a- re yo-!" >You squeeze. >Her pupils shrink as she struggles under your grip. "Give me your voice." >You bear your weight down on the helpless siren. >She thrashes around under you desperate for air. >You can feel her pulse rising. Her life is in the palm of your hands . >This power you wield. Power over another life. It's unreal. >You ease your thumbs and let her breath. >With this little break of kindness, she cries to Aria for help. >That's it. "Give me your voice! Don't take this from me!" >Her struggle weakens. You can almost feel her life surging through your hands and into you. >Eventually she goes limp. You take a minute to sit back and enjoy your handiwork. >The object of your affection is gone. Forever. >You're free. >Yet there's still two more. >You can't have anyone find out about this can you? >A noise around the corner catches your ear. >You go to investigate but no ones there. >Figures. The girls were always heavy sleepers when they were somewhere safe. >After the initial paranoia wears off, you cart Sonata to your room and tuck her in. "Goodnight sweetie." You close her eyelids and give her little head a kiss. "Daddy's going to be back soon." ... >Aria lies in front of you nestled cozily under her blankets. >She's always been a bitch when awake, but she looks kinda cute when sleeping. >Especially on nights like this when she sucks on her thumb curled into the fetal position. >Here she is, the baddest bitch in town, sleeping soundly like a baby. >Stupid bitch. >In a swift motion you quickly shove Aria onto her stomach and duct-tape her hands together. >Sensing she was in danger, the half-awake siren jerks away instinctively and tries to roll over and face you. >You solidly pin her head down by the neck and duct tape her mouth shut for good measure. >You shift her legs until their hanging off the bed. >As you work diligently to take off her pajama pants, she kicks back and lands a hit on your nose. >You reel back in pain but keep pressure on her back as she thrashes around fighting you. >All this excitement in one nights giving you a raging boner. >You lay your full body weight on top of the teenaged siren, restricting her line of movement. >You lick the outside of her ear and playfully bite the bottom lobe. "You like Sonata don't you?" >Aria struggles fruitlessly in response. "Don't worry I'll take good care of her." >You unzip your pants with your free hand, releasing your member to a sight to behold. "But first I wanna see how tight you are." >Little anon finds his way inside and slips in effortlessly. >Your embraced with wet loose goodness. >Total dyke my ass. >You made me do this. >You made me lose her. >Now I'm gonna give you the greatest orgasm of your short life. >You smile to yourself as you keep up the pace. >But somethings off. >Shes not fighting back anymore. >Screams turned unto moans. >Instead of squirming to get loose she follows your rhythm >She's enjoying it. >No she doesn't deserve to enjoy this. >You force her back on her stomach hands still tapes around her back. >She doesn't use her now free legs to attack you, but instead wraps them around your waist, pushing you in deeper. >Her breasts are visibly giggling back and forth though her pajama top. >God this is amazing. >You've been on edge for too long. You can't take it anymore. >You wrap your hands around her most vulnerable area. >Her eyes shoot back open to process whats happening. >Shes flexing all her muscles spontaneously while gasping on duct tape. >The sirens back arches up; eyes rolling in the back of her head. >Hot ladycum sprays all over your naughty bits as her legs shake uncontrollably. >The ensuing sensation takes you over the edge. >You pour your baby batter inside of her while she begins to go limp. >After riding out the last wave, you slowly pull out and stumble back. >Drained and washed out by the best hatefuck of your life, you legs give out and you tumble down on your back. >Warm rays of sunlight shine unto your face. >You wake up in a drunken haze. The fall must've made you pass out. >As you motion to get up, you find your hands stuck together. >You panic. >"Morning Anon!" >That voice... it can't be... "Sonata?" >Sure enough the siren plops down on the floor in front of you alive and well. >Sonata rips off a piece of her sandwich and shovels it into your mouth. >It's like a dream. >Maybe it is? "Uh Sonata? Do you remember anything about last night?" >She sports a confused look. >"Hmm,whatcha mean anon?" >She cocks her head to the side and mockingly strokes her chin. >"The part where you strangled me TO DEATH?! or the part where you tried to steal my voice?" >Well shit. I guess it's over. >Now you're at her mercy. >And sooner than later are going to get what you deserve. >But still... "How did you survive?" >"Survive? I didn't. You killed me. This is hell." "I didn't mean to okay? I'm sorry i just snapped and-" >Sonata keeps smiling her goofy grin at you and jams another piece to shut you up. >"Aww im just playing with ya Nonny! I came back to life." >Tension: gone. "What." >The siren reaches into her high cut pajama top to reveal their most prized possession. >"My soul is in here." she explains holding up the amulet. >"Whenever we die, even if theirs nothing left but red past, as long as we have this we'll always regenerate no matter what!" >Oh I guess that explains it. Sirens are immortal. >Oh wait no it fucking doesn't. "So you're not mad?" >"Mad? I was furious! I mean you killed me and, strangled me while going all Hannibal trying to take my voice and all." >She pauses for a moment to devour half of the remaining food. >"And like I was so scared and my lungs were on fire and and kinda turned on at the last of it..." >You hear a low groaning coming from Aria's bed. >Damn it she's alive too. >Sonata jumps up and runs to the side of her bed. >"Hey you awake too?" >"Best... orgasm... ever..." >Sonata turns back to you. >"And then you did the same thing to her, which is even worse because you at least fucked her! And now I realized you're just as messed up as we are and I love you but I want to kill you and rip your heart out and eat it and i'm just so confused!" >After the long tirade Sonata falls silent. >Aria probably doesn't know whats going on right now otherwise she'd wanna eat me too. >Even when you take charge you're still at these girls mercy. >"Anyway what I'm trying to say is can we do this again sometime?" >Silence. "I love you." ... And so they say, Anon and the Dazzling found parts of themselves in each other they didn't know existed. From that day forth, Anon learned to love and share each siren equally, and soon shown Adagio the joys of auto-erotic asphyxiation. The End.