Dazzling Date (edit) - by MactheTexican

>Be Anon. >And a very nervous one at that... >Currently you're standing under a street lamp, the pale moon already standing high in the night sky, as you wait for your date. >Yep, a date... >And the person you will be taking is none other than the cheeto puff haired mom, Adagio. >It has been a few months since you came across her and her small family during Christmas day. >You don't even know what made you invite them into your home, maybe it was pity, perhaps it was something entirely different, but you don't ever regret doing it. >She even gave you her address so you could come and visit them. >Which you did. A lot. >Everyday you spent with them was more fun than the last and brought you closer to them, even if you just did very mundane things like going to the park, watching a movie or just having dinner together. >You even spent New Years Eve with them, watching the fireworks go off in a park close to Adagio's home. >Despite her daughters' constant presence during these get-togethers, you had plenty of time to talk with Adagio alone. >Some times you were even able to share a glass of wine or two together, after her two girls went to bed, while telling each other silly stories from your youth. >You learned quite a lot about her during these conversations. >Things like that she liked to sing when she was younger and even fronted a band for some time or that she absolutely despises bootlickers or... >Well... >"Yunno, Anon...", her voice echoes in your head, "Mos' guysh are pussiesh nowadaysh... None of 'em getsh that there'sh nothing wrong with getting a bit rougher in bed." >This. >A bright blush creeps on your face and you shift around a bit on your spot to hide your awkward boner. >Wewie... It has been quite some time, hasn't it? >Well, it fits with her "bad" side, you guess? Not that you mind. >There is indeed nothing wrong with that. "Heh." >Which reminds you... You even had the chance to witness "bad" Adagio once. >Two weeks ago or so, Aria accidentally bumped into some white haired bull dyke. >Her squeak of an apology was met with a "watch where you're going!" and a spit on the ground which in return led to a certain mom strong-arming her. >You immediately wanted to step in and prevent something bad from happening, but... Well... That wasn't necessary. >The fight was short, a bit bloody and extremely one-sided. >That day you learned that Adagio was more than able to take care of herself. >And that Aria surely loves to cheer her mother on during fights. >While Adagio was cleaning some blood of her hands, you decided to treat the girls to ice cream to take their minds off the fight. >Well... To take Sonata's mind off the fight. Aria on the other hand couldn't stand still and you had to constantly stop her from trying to tell strangers that her mother just beat some girl up. >Luckily, Adagio came back rather quickly and brought the purple haired menace under control, mouthing you a "Thank you" and shooting you a wink while she hugged her daughters from behind. >Two simple gestures that, combined with the adorable picture before your eyes, triggered your heart something fierce... >You don't know why, but at this exact moment you realized something. >And this something was that you really fucking liked her. >The next few days were spent in uncertainty of if you should ask her out or not. "What if she says no?", you wondered. "Would we still be able to stay friends after that?" >The fact that you have been out of the dating game for some time didn't help either and just poured more doubt into your system. >Which you tried to drown out with quite high amounts of alcohol... Which funnily helped you to come to a decision. >Two days ago you called her on the spur of the moment and with two beer in you and asked Adagio if she wants to spend an evening with you without the girls. >"Uhm... You mean like a date?", the memory plays out in your head. >That "Uhm" nearly killed you, but her following words... >"Of course! I would love to, Anon!" >Well... It almost did the same, but with happiness instead of sadness. >And now here you are, standing under a dirty lamp and waiting all prettied up for your date. >There were other people passing you by, young happy couples going in or broken ones coming out. >Poor saps. >Well not like you can talk. >Depending on how it goes you could also end this night either broken or happy. >Yesh. >You let out a sigh before feeling something bump into your shoulder. >"Whoops, sorry mister." >You turned around to see Adagio giving you a sly smile. >Your look of surprise changed soon enough as you shared a laugh with her for a few seconds. "It's good to see you, Adagio." >"And you too, Anon." >You looked over her outfit quickly. >10/10 as always. >She gives the place you waited for her at a quick look over and a whistle. >"Not too shabby." "Yeah, food is nice here. Only ever ate here a couple of times." >Funny enough this was the same place you told your ex-wife you were divorcing her. >Even with the racket she made on the way out, the food tasted pretty damn good that day. >You shook your head away from the memories and got yourself back into the night at hand. "Have a good babysitter for the girls tonight?" >"Yes.Our neighbor,Sunset Shimmer, was kind enough to look after them." >What kind of parent names their kid "Sunset". >Then again you've seen some pretty weird names before. >You and your siblings are also a bunch of fucking difference sayings for "unknown name" so you had no place to talk. >After the confirmation, you offer her your hand and she accepts with a small laugh as you walk with her into the restaurant. >Luckily you put up a reservation earlier so you were seated in little time. >The waiter came by and gave you the menus while asking for your drinks and then went on his way for the time being. >"So, have you eaten here before?" "Yeah I tried this place sometimes. If you want I could give some good recommendations on dishes." >"Nah, I'll just give something random on here a shot." >Soon afterward the waiter came by, took your orders, and left once again to leave you some more time at small talk. "Aria and Sonata ok with you going out tonight?" >"Well, they were a bit sad they couldn't come along and join us." >"But after I told them I would leave them with our neighbor we've known for some time while I go on this date, Sonata was jumping around everywhere." "How did Aria take it?" >"She had the same miffed face she usually pulls, but she helped me with some of the things I needed to get ready for tonight." >She let out a sigh, but you could see the small happy smile on her face. >You continued to trade day to day occurrences with each other until the food and some wine was brought to your table. >You both at your meal in quiet for a little bit, only sounds of the utensils moving and wine shifting heard between the two of you. >God this was agony. >You decided to pick up your head and look over Adagio. >You really only looked at her outfit with a quick peek so you didn't truly gaze at the beautiful sight in front of you. >Her black dress off the shoulder and dress gloves of the same color going up her arms. >Her hair was still poofy, but it was changed into a different style from her previous choice and looking less like a Cheeto puff. >How much did Aria help her with? >And her lips... >"Anon?You there?" >Oh shit >Man you spaced out hard there. "Uh, yeah?" >"You were staring pretty hard for a bit there.I got something on me?" >It seemed an innocent enough question, but the cheeky smirk on her face made you think otherwise. "Well, no I was just uh.." >You could see her smirk visibly getting wider at your hesitation. >You cough in your hand and rub the back of your head, looking away slightly to avoid eye contact and that fucking smile. "I was just admiring how...very nice you look." >"Oh? And how nice would that be?" "Beautiful." >You sort of blurted that out in response, but she didn't seem fazed and gives a giggle in response. >"Took you a bit of time to notice?" She said in a teasing voice, giving you a more sincere smile. >You gave a chuckle back in embarrassment. "Sorry, it's been a pretty long time from when I last had a date. Pretty damn rusty at this." >"It's ok, I'm in the same ballpark. Thank you for noticing, it's been a long time since I've dressed up for someone." >You both shared a smile and returned to your meals. >There was still silence between the chatting, but the atmosphere certainly felt less tense than when you first got here. >Surprisingly you both finished around the same time. >You sure as hell didn't come here on an empty stomach for nothing. >"Your bill, sir." >Your waiter came by soon enough and dropped down the bill in between the two of you. >You looked over to her with an, "It's alright I'll pay." >To which she gave one back as if saying, "Seriously?" "...Split?" >She gave a nod at the decision and paid her part of the bill along with you. You put down a very nice tip for the waiter you had through the night. >You both made your way out of the restaurant and on to your next destination. >"Were you able to get the tickets for the movie?" "Yeah, got them last night." >Motherfucking Find Dory. >You gave her a blank stare when she suggested that one. >She apparently really loves fish and bodies of water. >Something about those things just makes her feel calm. >Almost the same feeling she gets when she's at home. >Well whatever. >"Sorry for having you see this movie with me on our date." "It's alright. I picked the place we ate so you should get to pick the movie." >She gave you a warm smile for accepting your fate and moved a little closer to you. >You both soon found yourselves in the theater, popcorn and soda ready, and seated. >There were a few other adults in here, some with kids and others on their own or with friends. >You watched the first one as a kid too,but you weren't all that excited for it. >Not long after some previews for other movies, finding Dory started. >It soon showed the three fish you had come to know from the first movie starting their new adventure. >You were lacking enthusiasm on the story yourself, mostly lost in thought and catching tidbits of information here and there. >You turned to look at how Adagio was doing. >Her facial expressions changed quite a lot through the movie. >From happy to sad. She even cried a couple of times. >Guess the movies is the only place she'll let her true emotions show for the world to see. >Deciding it was time to get back into the movie, you turned your eyes back towards the scene at a scene with the octopus,where the fuck he came in you had no idea,talking to Dory. >"You know something? I have no idea why you are doing this." >"What do you mean?" >"It seems like a lot of trouble to find some more fish. If I had short term memory loss, I would just swim off into the blue and forget everything." >I don't wanna do that. I want my family." >"I mean, kid, I don't wanna anyone to worry about. You are lucky. No Memories, no problems." >Huh. >A bit deeper than you thought you'd see in this movie. >You turn to Adagio to see her deeply immersed into the movie. >She didn't have much in money, but she had her two girls who loved her as much as their tiny hearts can. >And you know she loves them just as well. >You had money. >Hell you had plenty of it. >After your whore of an ex-wife left, you had no one to share it with. >Well, except for people you called "family" and their little bastards. >All you were to them was a pocketless charity for christmas. >Guess there's something to that "money can't buy happiness". >But that ended. >You had a small smile grow on your face when you remembered that day and decide to have your full focus on the screen for the rest of the movie. >You shared the time with Adagio until the movie finally finished. >Now it was just you and her on the street back to her home. >"Thanks for taking me there. I really appreciate it." "No problem, I enjoyed parts of it myself." >She gave you a sly smile and wrapped her arms around your left arm. >You couldn't help blush at the sudden intimate gesture and tried your best to keep a straight face. >You stayed like that until you got to the house. >She unlocked and opened the door to find her daughters passed out on the couch,breathing softly in their sleep. >Next to them was Sunset reading a book, putting a bookmark in it when she noticed you both at the door. >You've never met her before so her appearance was certainly something new to you. >She had wavy red and yellow hair along with a black jacket and skirt. >Her hair sort of reminded you of ketchup and mustard. >And bacon. >You really need to get better at describing women. >"You both sure got back sooner than I thought." >"Yeah, dinner and movie then came back right after." >Adagio went to check on her girls,brushing a strand of hair out of Aria's face. >"So how were they?" >"A handful like always,but some dinner and toys got them tired out fast enough." >"They tried their best to stay up and wait for you guys." >Adagio giggled and picked up Aria and Sonata. >"Guess that plan didn't work so well." >Your poof haired date went off to put the kids to their beds,leaving you alone for a bit with Sunset. >"So...You're the guy she told me about with the Winter incident." "Incident makes it sound like something bad happened." >You got a small laugh out of her and a punch to the shoulder. >"Listen, I've known Adagio during her wild times as a teen and we've been pretty tight ever since." >"I couldn't do much for her when that scumbag did all that stuff to their family since she asked me." >The bacon haired girl let out a sigh and turned to you. >"I really hope you'll be different." >You gave her a few seconds of silence in response before speaking up. "I can't say I know what they've been through." "But,as a man whose own family was complete garbage,I'm gonna do what I can to give all three of them the best they deserve." >She stared into your eyes briefly before smiling and giving a nod in acceptance. >Adagio returned soon enough and saw you both to the door. >"Not gonna bring your boyfriend in for some coffee Dagi?" >Shimmer's playful teasing remark earned her a shove out the door and gave out a laugh before she finally left for home. >"I swear that girl..." >The woman you spent the night with turned to you were on the outside of the door. >"I really did have a fun night." "I did too. Any chance of another one?" >She gave you a smirk and grabbed the front of your shirt, pulling you into a kiss. >It lasted for a full minute before she broke it. "...I'll pick you up at home next time." >She waved you away with a blush on her face and closed the door. >You turned and started straight back home. "Oh yeah,still got it." >You'll be a bit busy with some work for the next few days. >But you certainly have an idea for your next date with that dazzling woman. X-road pastebin:http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads