Razzle my Dazzles - by otaku4242

"MMMMPGH" >You moan into your ball gag as the riding crop slams into your thigh, and you hear your master laugh above you. >"Dirty little man-slut, does that get you off? I bet that makes you real hard!" >Adagio brings her leather device back down to connect with your thigh once again, and you scream out in pleasure once again, handcuffs restraining you to the bed. >Red marks scar your legs as she punishes you for your foolish behavior. >You really shouldnt have burn the chicken. >She whips you again, more moans of ecstasy vibrating through the red ball gag in your mouth. >You then feel your handcuffs being undone. >Adagio takes off your restraints and forces you onto your back, and straddles your waist, her waist curving with the leather corset tied to her body. >She takes off your gag and slaps you in the face. >"Tell me how much of a bitch you are!" >You blush and shake in embaressment, not quite ready to admit your guilt, not ready to admit you are...somehow enjoying this. >Her hand strikes your cheek again. >"SAY IT!" She demands once again. "I'm....a bitch" you barely manage to utter, the words only managing to escape your lips >She rolls her eyes and her fingers suddenly clasp around your neck, squeezing your esophagus, making it hard to breath. >"LOUDER BITCH!" she screams. "I'M A LITTLE BITCH" you yell as loud as you can, with her fingers restraining your breath. >She grins and lets go, rubbing the spot she slapped earlier softly. >"Good boy, see, if you just do what I say, then there is nothing to worry about". she coos to you. >Adagio leans down and gives you a kiss on the forehead. >It's amazing how she can be so rough with you one minute, and the next she cares for you like her child. >Adagio stands back up and walks over to her special little box and opens it. >Here we go. >She pulls out a tiny little bullet vibrator with a strap attatched to it, metallic and silver in colour. >"Time for your milking" she comes back to you and jumps back on the bed, kneeling inbetween your legs looking down at your cock. >She smiles as she looks at your little buddy and flicks it with her finger. >It twitches in response and she does it again a few times, watching it unsheath slowly in size. >Fully erect, she grips your cock with her hand and uses the other to slip the strap around your meat, the metallic vibrator sitting gently on the underside of your cock. >Adagio switches on the vibrator and a surge of pleasure rushes through your body. >As the vibrator on low stimulates your cock, Adagio brings her hand up to her A-cup and starts to massage her right breast. >Watching you always got her off. >She simply moaned lightly as your cock twitched in delight from the vibration flowing down your rod. >You watch her as she stimulates her nipple, rolling her finger around her areola and pressing her finger against the button. >She squeals happily and looks down at your cock again. >The orange haired teen brings her other hand down and starts to pleasure her slit, rubbing her finger between her outer folds, sliding up and dow. >"Oooooh, t-that feels nice" you hear her let out a moan of satisfaction as her finger brushes against her clit. >She squeezes her breast and quickly slides two fingers inside her snatch, wet juices pooling below her. >She continues to only stare at your twitching vibrating cock as she pleasures her pussy, sliding fingers in and out, occasionally letting her fingers scratch at her clit like a DJ scratches a record. "Adagio, I'm....ready soon" you utter, gripping the sheets tightly. >Adagio nods. "Just keep going" she encourages your, despite the fact that you are doing nothing. >Your cock twitches and you feel yourself building up, your muscles clenching, ready for release. >"A....DAGIO.....AAAAH" you scream out, cum spewing from your throbbing member. >The siren gasps in pleasure as a cascade of pleasure hits her like a waterfall at the sight of your release, her muscles relax and cum sprays from her hole. >Her tongue lolls out and she falls back onto the bed, finally exhausted. >You both lay there in the bed, your game finally at an end for today. "I'm sorry I burnt the chicken" you apologize >"No....It's fine....you should burn it more often"