Three Dazzling Daughters: After Story - by BG9

>Over 20 years had passed since that fateful day >And it was pretty uneventful in terms of magic and fighting giant fish monsters >Your three adoptive daughters had since left your home >Both Adagio and Aria had went to college and graduated with Sonata well on the way >Never in your life had you felt so much pride as to watched them walk down the podium and receive their degree >They truly had come into their own >You were now the ripe age of 45 and staring out the window on a cold December's afternoon >You all had drifted apart as you went on to big things in your lives >It seemed like all you had left were pictures and memories in this old, empty, quiet house >You took out a craft of Popsicle sticks shaped in a gem with a picture of you and Aria at the center >One of the best memories you had with her >You opened up the old photo album and poured over the various photos >Even though you seemed to stare at them every day, it filled you with such a deep profound happiness >The photo of them in the car sleeping on each other >The photo of them opening the Christmas presets >The photo of them graduating and receiving their degree >It made your heart melt >You stared outside the window and watched the snow slowly fall on the ground with the light of a single lamp >You did good, Anon >You did good >After pouring over the photos for the 100th time you close the album and get up >You wondered what Sunset had been doing as of lately >After the whole mess of sealing the sirens, you both sorta just stopped contacting one another >If you had any one single regret, it was that you didn't show her how much you loved her before >Probably one of the single most biggest mistakes in your life >Listen to yourself, you sound like you're 82! >You wonder to the kitchen and make yourself some pizza >As much as you wanted to ignore the feeling, you were lonely >You used to be able to spend months locked away in your room >But now it was torture just to spend a single day >You didn't go out anymore >It was too scary >But staying isolated like this was ever worse >You pulled out your flip phone that you had since the dawn of time >You wanted to call someone, but your fingers just couldn't push the buttons >It was too fear inducing >You place it down and as the phone touches the table your jump >Your phone was ringing >You quickly look at the phone like a starving man looks at food >The caller ID read Adagio Dazzle >You were excited but at the same time petrified >You hadn't spoken to her in so many years >What would you say? >Nuts, just answer it >You open the phone and answer the call >"Hello?" >God your voice sounded dumb >A voice sweeter the honey replied "Hey dad. It's me, Adagio. How have you been lately?" >You didn't even know what to say >"Oh I've been alright... how's my girl doing? What have you been doing with yourself lately?" >She giggles "Well, I've actually become a therapist. I got a week of vacation and thought I'd spend it with my dad." >"Oh Adagio, you didn't have to do that. Why not go some place nicer?" "I couldn't think of a place nicer than where you are." >You thought you heard some giggling in the background >"Are you in a crowded place or something? I heard some giggling." "Oh, um, yeah. I'm actually at the hotel right now." >That's right. She moved all the way out to New York >"When can I expect you?" "About 15 minutes dad. Can't wait to see you." >"You too." >You both hang up >Luckily your house was still pretty clean due to the lack of activity you had since your girls moved out >You were so nervous though >15 minutes passed (an eternity for you) and almost on the dot, you hear the doorbell ring >You race to the door like a child and open it >To your surprise, it was no only Adagio, but Aria and Sonata as well >They had really grown up since you last saw them >Adagio's poof had gotten longer, almost to waist level, and she wore a black leather jacket >Her eyes were striking, like amber galaxies >She had really filled out in all the right places too >Sonata had grown into quite the looker >She was taller than both Aria and Adagio, had a full chest and a cute face >She wore her hair down and it surprisingly worked >The white dress she wore didn't look to bad on her either >Aria still wore her hair in the same pigtails but she had a very striking change >Instead of having a rough outer exterior, she seemed to almost grow softer >Her face was calmer, her eyes warmer, and her body language more relaxed >She was also wearing the amazing heart melting smile >Not only did she look softer, but she seemed to be more girly >She was wearing some light make up and a light green dress, something she never would have been caught dead in when you were raising her >You felt hot tears in your eyes >"Welcome home girls." >You all gave a big group hug >After that you lead them inside >Aria smiles at you "How have things been daddy? I've missed you." >"Oh don't you worry about me. I'm more interested in you. You've become quite the looker Aria." >She blushes "Oh dad. You flatter me." >You all go to the table and you cock up some leftover chicken >"So what have you three been doing since you left?" "Well, like I said I've become a therapist in New York." >Dagi looks to Aria "It's a bit embarrassing. I've become a fashion designer. This dress I'm wearing was something I made myself." "I'm still working in college to become a marine biologist." >Sonata's voice was so sweet and gentle now, a lot less rowdy and high pitched than you remember >"I thought you wanted to become an actress?" "I thought so too but changed majors. Turns out I really like marine biology." >They all stare at you "What about you dad? What have you been doing with life since we left?" >Their eyes seemed to shoot lasers into your skull >They had such great lives and you were just a shrew who only went outside when it was absolutely essential to survival >"Well I've gotten into golf. I'm pretty good at it now." >Golf? Really? You hated golf! >Adagio gives you are warm smile "You're a terrible liar dad." >Aria shoves her elbow in Dagi's ribs and they glare at each other >A long silence followed >Was it really that obvious that you were lost without them? >Finally the chicken is done and you rush to get it >This was the most awkward thing ever >You serve each of them their plates ad notice each of them has clothing to cover their gems >Where they ashamed of them or something? >"Why do you girls cover your gems?" >Sonata giggles "Well you see, while they are beautiful it looks unnatural. We also found out recently that they have replaced our hearts." >She giggles hard "Adagio why don't you tell him how we found out." >Adagio smiles "Well I was going in to get a physical and when the doctor put his... his..." >Sonata helps her "Stethoscope." "Stethoscope yes! When he put his stethoscope on my chest he didn't hear anything and no matter where he put it all he heard was silence. So we figured the gems took that place of our hearts." >"Can I see them?" >Adagio blushes "Sure" >She removes her neck warm and pulls down her shirt to reveal the glowing gem >It shined so brilliantly in the dim light of your house >"Just as I remembered it." >Adagio covers her modesty again "We need to get you out Dad. You don't look so goo-" >Adagio is interrupted by a elbow to the ribs once again "Aria! Quit it!" >Aria just rolls her eyes "Can you be just a little more insensitive Adagio?" "Well our whole plan was to help him out wasn't it?" "But we could do it just a bit more tactfully!" >Sonata is sweating bullets as they fight right in front of you >This was some big plan to get you out more >How was it this obvious? >"Girls stop." >Both Aria's and Adagio's face go bright red when they realize >"Was this the only reason you wanted to hang out with your old man?" >Adagio stutters "N-no. Well I mean yes- I mean part of the reason." >You sigh >Sonata tries to help the situation "But don't misunderstand dad! We are still here because we want to spend time with you. We've grown so far apart. We need you in our lives as well." >You shake your head >"No, you're absolutely right. I need to get out more." >Adagio smiles "Why don't we play a game of golf? I have no idea how to play." >You laugh >"Um sure." >Shit. Why did you say that? >You notice Aria go over to the window where you were staring at pictures >"Aria wait! don't go over there. It's really messy and-" >You notice there are tears in her eyes >"Aria?" >She holds up the Popsicle stick craft you two had worked on so many years ago "I had completely forgotten about this. I can't believe you kept it all this time." >You frown >"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you so mu-" >You are stopped by Aria's arms around you "No you big dummy. It's just I had completely forgotten about it. It just gave me a rush of memories is all. Good ones. Ones I miss." >You hug her back >"I miss them too. Believe me." >Sonata looks at you "Whatever happened to Alto? I missed the big old oaf." >You look down >"Shortly after you left Sonata, he fell to kidney failure." >She smiles, surprisingly "I'm glad. I could tell he was suffering. Call it a sixth sense." >That was your Sonata for you >She always had a way with Alto >Adagio has a puzzled look on her face "You know with all this talk I forgot to ask, where is Sunset Shimmer? I couldn't contact her from no matter where I looked. >You look down "You two feel apart also? I was really hoping to be able to call her mom.." >You just say nothing "You loved her didn't you?" >You still say nothing >Aria comes once again and plants her elbow in her ribs "Aria! Would you knock it off?" >All she does is motion her to look at you >You didn't realize it, but your eyes were red and watery >Just thinking about her, about the mistake you made in not chasing after her when you had the chance, really dug into you >Adagio comes and sits next to you, playing her arm around your shoulder "This went a little poorer then expected but all three of us have the entire week. I think we should focus on getting Sunset with you." >Adagio was a lot more forward than you remember her being "If that's what you want." >"I know it's what you want. There is something I didn't tell you. Remember when you got absorbed into my gem when I fought my siren?" "I do." >"Well you weren't the only one receiving thoughts, feelings, and memories. After you were removed from my gem I saw everything. How much you loved us, how scared you were, even your past with Amanda.." >You felt your stomach clench at the name >Just when you thought you had forgotten about your abusive black haired ex "I also saw your feelings for Sunset. How much you loved her, but just didn't know how to say it. I want to help you." >You sigh >"Are you quite finished?" >She looks down, defeated "I'm sorry. I should have known better than to be so forceful like that. You need some space." >She gets up "Come on girls. Let's go back to the hotel an-" >"Wait!" >The girls look at your in surprise at the outburst >"S-sorry. But your old rooms are still like you left them. You should stay here." >Adagio, viewing this as a victory, smiles "How could I refuse. It's been ages since I've been in my room. Girls?" >Aria nods "Yeah. I guess I will." >Sonata looks at you with her deep blue eyes "Aye, sir. I would love too." >Aria gets a wicked smile on her face "Just don't wet the bed like last time you big baby." >Sonata turns a deep shade of red "Hey! I haven't wet the bed since I was nine you big meany!" >You smile >Even though their physical appearances had changed and they had grown more mature, they were still the same adorable little girls you had raised >The big hole their absence left in your heart suddenly began to fill again >You remembered what it was to be happy "Yeah. I guess I will." >Sonata looks at you with her deep blue eyes "Aye, sir. I would love too." >Aria gets a wicked smile on her face "Just don't wet the bed like last time you big baby." >Sonata turns a deep shade of red "Hey! I haven't wet the bed since I was nine you big meany!" >You smile >Even though their physical appearances had changed and they had grown more mature, they were still the same adorable little girls you had raised >The big hole their absence left in your heart suddenly began to fill again >You remembered what it was to be happy >The girls get settled into their rooms but you couldn't sleep >You go back to your spot next to the window with the photo album >You look back at all the pictures again >Sonata was such a cute little kid >There was Adagio, with her out of control hair >You hear someone tiptoeing behind you >And intruder? >You whip around, expecting to see some criminal >It was Sonata with a huge blanket wrapped around her >One you didn't recognize. It was one that was stitched together from scratch and each square had different names >One of course being Sonata Dusk "Oops. Sorry to startle you like that. Whatcha doin?" >You smirk >"Oh nothing. Just reminiscing is all" >Sonata smiles, her deep blue eyes full of love and sincerity "Mind if I join you?" >You look back at her >"If you want to indulge your depressed old man, I would love that" >She giggles and sits next to your, draping the blanket around you >You hadn't been so close to another human being in years >You snuggle up close to her "I've missed you daddy" >"Me too darling. It hasn't been the same since you left" "I can tell. It's all over your face. The first thing that struck me when I saw you again was how sad you looked." >You don't reply "But I know what will cheer you up. Lots of snuggles" >You laugh >"You got that right." "I'm sorry about Adagio and Sonata today. They can be a bit pushy sometimes" >"It's fine. That's just how they've always been. I love them regardless" "You know why they do that though, don't you?" >You cock your eyebrow "goof! You really are out of touch. It's because they love you! And with Adagio being a therapist now she could practically smell your inner turmoil! She practically begged us to get here." >You hug her >"I'm glad you girls still care about me so much." "As if we ever stopped dad." >You scoff >"Yeah. You're right." "I came here to tell you something." >"What's that?" "I got in contact with someone. A girl named Applebloom. We used to go to highschool together." >"And?" "Annnnnd~ she knows the whereabouts of Sunset Shimmer. Her address, phone number, everything. Apparently she does work for Sunset every now and then." >"What kind of work?" "I dunno I never asked. But at least we're getting somewhere right? With a little finesse we can get you with her." >You sigh >That sounded like an absolutely horrible idea >You hadn't seen her in over 14 years and the most recent memory you had of her was yelling at her for using your daughter's near death experience as a way to get into your pants >Even before that you never really treated her well, constantly brushing her off and halting her advances >Not exactly the smoothest thing you've done while trying to win a girl's heart >Sonata looks at you with a worried expression "What's a matter?" >"It's just... I don't think she forgave me for how rotten I treated her." >Sonata rests her head on your shoulder "But things change. Time heals a lot of things. And you'll never know until your try. From what I remember of Sunset, she was incredibly understanding and forgiving. She doesn't seem like the type to hold a grudge." >"And if you're wrong?" "I'll pay you 20 bucks." >"There's just no steering you away from this huh?" "Not a chance daddy. It kills me to see you like this, just sitting alone in this dark empty house, simmering over these negative thoughts. I'll do anything to see the smile on my dad's face return. We do owe you our lives after all." >You smile "Thanks darling. You know just what to say to cheer me up." >Sonata picks up the photo album and laughs "I forgot about this. This was when we went skiing and Adagio pulled off her helmet. Her hair was all messed up and she cried." >You giggle >"What about this one?" >You point the picture of the girls in the back seat when you were driving to Sonic >"Remember how Adagio acted like a middle man when you two were fighting so you could get cookies? See was such a little leader." >Sonata laughs "Oh man I completely forgot! I was like what? 7 when that happened? Those were good times. Sometimes I wish I could go back to being that innocent little 7 year old." >"Even though you wet the bed?" >Sonata's face goes bright red again "Y-yes. Even though I... ya know... I would still like to go back some days. Having accidents every night would be a small toll compared to what I have to face being an adult. Adulting is hard." >You nod >"I completely agree. Sometimes I wish for the exact same thing." >You and Sonata spend the rest of the night pouring over the photo album and reminiscing about old times until finally, you both fall asleep >You awake to the sound of hushed giggling "Shh! Adagio! You're going to wake them up!" >You slowly blink open your eyes >Why did it smell weird? >You crack open a single eye to see Adagio with her hand on her mouth, trying to hold in her laughter >Aria was doing the same >Did they really find it so funny that you and Sonata slept together? >You adjust on the seat to get more comfortable and instantly realize what the laughter was about >You felt like you were sitting in a puddle >You immediately open your eyes and get up to confirm your suspicions >You were sitting in pee >You shake Sonata awake and she knows what she did upon waking up >Her face is redder than a tomato "Dad I'm so sorry!" >You laugh >"It's fine Sonata. It's fine." "I'll buy you a new chair. Oh god... I'm so embarrassed. I cannot believe I did that." >Adagio finally can't keep her laughter in anymore "It's fine, it's just water." >Sonata's face goes even redder "You big meany!" >They get into a slap fight >It was funny, even as an adult Sonata was still very childlike >Aria puts one eye in your direction "So dad. You want to call Applebloom?" >The room falls slient >Adagio puts her hand on your shoulder "We'll be here dad. Don't worry." >"Right." >Sonata gives you a slip with the phone number on it >What were you going do? >What were you going to say? >The phone began to ring >Ohshitohshitohshit >The sweet southern girl's voice comes to the phone "Hello? This is Applebloom." >"Uh hi... My name is Anon E Mouse." >There is a small pause on the phone "Whaddaya want?" >You sigh >"Do you know a woman who goes by the name of Sunset Shimmer?" >You hear a tight gasp "What did ya say yer name was again? Ano-what?" >"Anon E. Mouse." "Ah see. Would ya like ta set up an appointment with er?" >"What does she do these days?" "She runs a horse ranch. I help 'er run it." >"Yes I would. When can I see her?" "Tamarrow. At 9 o'clock sharp." >"Right. I'll be there." >You place the phone down, feeling like you're about to have a panic attack >What the hell did you just sign up for? You couldn't face Sunset! >You feel a warm hand on your back >It's Aria "Are you ok dad? You're pale." >"Yeah. I'm fine." >No, no you were not fine. "You wanna have a little chat?" >"That's ok Aria." >She pulls on your hand "That wasn't a request." >You follow her to her room and she sits you down "What's gotten into you? That father who raised me wasn't afraid of anything. He would go through inter dimensional gateways, fight giant hideous beasts, and do whatever he had to make sure his daughters were safe. >You stay silent "Now you're a depressed, anxious shell. What drove you to this point?" >"Don't worry about it Aria. This isn't your proble-" >You are interrupted by a slap to the face "Don't talk to me like that! I am not that naive girl I once was! I can take what you have to say now!" >You put your hand to your face, shocked "I'm sorry. I it just... it just kills me to see you living like this dad. You were once so brave. Now you can barely go out of the house or make a simple phone call. Heck it doesn't look like you've eaten in days." >You sigh >"I don't know what you were expecting." "Why can't you see how much hard you're doing to yourself? >"I'm fine Aria. You don't need to worry about it." >She clenches her fist and grits her teeth "You really piss me off." >She gets up and slams the door >Where did that come from? >Adagio and Sonata poke their heads in "Everything alright in here?" >"Not really Dagi. Not really. I assume you caught all that?" >She looks down "Most of it. Aria just cares about you, she always has. And she still has a hard time..." >"Expressing herself?" "That's it! Expressing herself." >"How long has she felt that way?" >Dagi looks at her feet "Ever since you stopped answering our calls.. To be honest dad, we were trying to make sure you were still ok. You seem depressed." >"Losing family will do that." >Sonata pipes in "But dad, you didn't lose us. Look." >She points to the gem on her chest "You're still here. You always have been. This is the gift only my daddy could give." >"Well you have that. What do I have?" >Adagio looks dismayed "Dad you talk like we're dead. We're still around. We're still here. You can contact us whenever you want." >You just huff "Sonata?" "Yeah?" "Why don't you get Aria?" >She takes the hint >Adagio sits next to you "What's on your mind right now?" >"Not much." "Ah-ah. You can't hide from my trained therapist eyes. Now tell me." >You lean on her >"Let's just say I have a lot of regrets in my life." "Like what?" >"Well Sunset. And many others." "Like what?" >"A lot." "Well?" >"You're really going to force me on this?" "Hey, most people pay hundreds of dollars for this. I'm giving it to you for free." >You hug her >"I don't know honey. Do you really want to hear this?" "Believe me dad. I have probably heard worse things." >"If you say so." >You tell her about your grandfather, your mean sister, your addict mom, and your abusive ex >You abusive ex was the whole reason you never took another chance at love again "Dad?" >"Yes?" "Why didn't you tell us?" >"You were too young." "Well I think I have the medicine for you." >"And what's that my love?" "You need some time outside to play. Come on. We're going to play some tennis." >"Tennis?" "Yes tennis. I chose it for a reason and you'll see why. We just have to wait for Sonata and co to return." >You rub your cheek instinctively >Dagi scoffs "That girl. She has such a temper. Always has." >"You're right about that." "But she does it out of love. Love has always been hard for her to express. Only now are her and Sonata starting to get on better terms." >"That's good to hear. I thought they'd never see eye to eye." "Yeah. Now come on. Let's get ready." >As adagio goes to gather the other two, you put on some exercise clothes >As you walk to the car Adagio puts her hand on you "Ah, ah. I'll drive you. You've driven us around enough." >You smile and hand her the keys >Adagio and the other girls started to chat but you became lost in your own little world >It was so surreal, being with them again >As you arrive, Sonata, who's sitting beside you, taps your shoulder >"Yes dear?" >She just gives you a big toothy grin "You're the best." >You chuckle >"Thanks sweet heart." >You all arrive to the large gate surrounding the pen and unpack all the gear you need >You had tennis gear lying around for ages and just never got the chance to use it >You all go inside and start the set up >But something felt odd, you just couldn't explain it >The entire time you played you just couldn't keep focused, something was drawing your attention away >But what? >You could barely even hear what the girls were saying, it was like you weren't even part of the real world anymore and your body was just on auto pilot >But, just out of the corner of your eye, you saw what had been gnawing at you even since you got here >Red and yellow hair >A black leather jacket >tan skin >Sunset Shimmer was playing a pulse pounding game of tennis only two courts away and she didn't even notice you >But there was something more pressing you noticed >In her arms was a little girl of three years old only with fiery red hair >As if this wasn't bad enough, a man comes and gives her a big hug and a kiss >You feel weak in the knees >You look closer and see a shiny gold band on her finger >None other than a wedding ring >You feel sick >You should never have come here "DAD!" >You instantly snap out of it at the sound of Adagio screaming at you >"Huh? What?" "Dad what's the matter with you? You look like you've just seen a ghost. You're so pale." >Not too far off >"It's nothing. I'm alright." >Sonata tilts her head "Are you sure? You don't seem alright." >Aria elbows Adagio's rib cage and whispers in her ear >Instantly a look of defeat wipes across her face "It's alright father. Maybe we can find another way." >You shake your head and just start to leave, barely being able to hold in your tears >You should have known better >You should have seen how this was going to turn out >You walk out and bump into something, making you fall flat on your butt >You look up and see it's none other than Sunset >Man her boobs have grown >She rubs her head and looks at you in shock >You both just stare at each other "It can't be. Anon E. Mouse?" >You wipe the excess tears from your eyes >"Yeah. Sunset?" >She gives you a warm smile "Yes." >You get up and both of you simply stare at one another >There something about the look in her eyes "I have to go." >You just nod as she gets up and walks away >You see the little girl hug Shimmer with such love >Just as you get up your girls come towards you >They all have worried looks on their faces >Dagi puts her hand on your shoulder "D-dad? You ok?" >You look at her, using every ounce of strength to keep your tears in >You crack a shaky smile you could barely maintain "Y-yeah. I couldn't be better if I tired." >The three look on in shock "Now. If you'll excuse me, I need to go to the restroom." >You let one tear slide before booking it into the men's room >You had never felt so defeated >It was one thing for her to have a husband, but a child too? >You could live with yourself if you managed to get sunset away from her man, but you couldn't take a parent away from her child >You knew all to well how that felt >Dagi calls out to you "Dad?" >You don't answer, you couldn't >All of a sudden you hear them begin to bicker "I told you this was a bad idea Adagio. But you just couldn't resist could you?" "Well what better idea did you have Aria? Did you just want to leave him like that? All depressed and broken?" "Well our dad is an adult Adagio. He can make his own decisions, even if that means moping around for the rest of his life!" >You could feel the anger from adagio all the way in the stall "How dare you say that!? Do you know how far he's gone for us? For you? He went into another dimension just to get you back! The least you could do it help him in a hard time!" "Oh spare me the lectures Adagio. You are not my mom and you know something, we'll never have one! What is it with you and your obsession for a mother!? We all know this was about you!" "You take that back!" "Make me!" >Sonata butts in "Girls stop it. This isn't going to help anyone." >Both Aria and Adagio yell in unison "You stay out of this Sonata!" >You hear a loud slap "Just face it Adagio. You and I both know Sunset was married. Yet you just couldn't stop you stupid plan. This was about bolstering your own ego, just like everything else you do! This is why I couldn't stand you as a kid!" >Crying ensues >Finally you couldn't take it anymore and march out of the stall The girls stop, as if caught doing something they shouldn't >Adagio has tears in her eyes and Aria has the most sour expression you had ever seen >Sonata was in the middle of the two with a look of shame >They all instantly straighten up >It was nice to know they still respected your authority as a father >You all stay silent for the longest time, not really knowing what to say >Adagio finally breaks the silence, wiping the tears from her cheeks "You didn't hear that did you?" >You nod >"Try all of it. It is it true. Did you know Sunset was married already? Was this because you wanted a mom?" >Adagio clenches her fists and bits her lip, fresh tears running down her face "I'm sorry alright. I'm sorry." >You take her hand >You were still mad at her, furious in fact >But you couldn't take seeing her cry >"Aria." >She immediately stiffens "Y-yes?" >"Don't even talk to your sister like that again. Apologize." "Y-yes sir. Sorry Adagio.." >"And Adagio." >She looks at you, tears still running down her face >"Don't ever keep something like that from me again. You understand? If that is what you wanted, you should have been honest in the first place. In fact I think I've know that about you for a while." "Right. Sorry." >"Let's just go home ok?" >They all nod in unison >Just as you were about to go Sunset catches up to and slips a folded piece of paper in your hand >She whispers ever so quietly "Do not read this until you are home understand?" >You nod and make your way back to the car >The look in her eyes was unnerving >It was one that was a mixture of terror and extremely anxiety, as if she was fearing for her life >You get back in the care and make the short drive home in complete silence >The note was burning a hole in your pocket, you couldn't wait to open it >Even though it was a five minute drive, you felt like it was an eternity >The girls were just as tense >You didn't know what to think of it >You always had a hunch Adagio wanted a mother but not to this extent >You finally make it home and all the girls exit post haste along with you. >You go straight to the corner with the window that you stared out of while looking at the album and take the note out "Anon, it's so good to see you. I thought I'd never see you again. Sorry, I wish I could catch up with you but this situation is dire and not only is my life at risk, but my daughters' is as well. Tomorrow morning you must meet me near the old train yard at noon." >What the hell was going on? Her life at risk? "What are you reading?" >You immediately crumple the paper and look back to see Aria >"N-nothing." >She cocks her eyebrow "You sure?" >"Yes." "Listen... I'm sorry... about back there..." >"It's fine Aria. Don't worry." "It isn't fine! We acted like such children and completely ruined-" >You get up and hug Aria tight >"It's fine Aria. Do you trust your dad?" >A small tear falls down her face "Yeah. I do." >You go over to the counter >"Do you know where the other girls are?" "Probably up in their rooms." >"Well tell them to come down in 30 minutes. I've got just the thing." >Aria starts to make her leave when you grab her shoulder >"Also don't come back down here till I say. It's going to be a surprise for you too." >Aria brings out her amazing smile "Right dad. I won't." >You are now Aria and in the mind of a teenage girl still struggling to be a woman >You slowly skip along in your dress you had just put on >It was a nice airy pink dress that was plain, but beautiful all the same >You go and quickly tell the girls what your father had said (mostly because you were still quite mad at them) and went back to your old room >You hadn't had much time to explore it since you got here. There was so much nostalgia >You break out portable Ihome and put on some of your favorite music, classical, with no words >You would never tell your sisters though, so embarrassing >You start to rummage around and find one of your old diaries. >You start to flip through the pages, all the happiness, but mostly the stubborn angst you always had >It made you laugh, how tough you always tried to act >You found a passage that almost had you in stitches "Anon and I made crafts by the pool today. It was so amazing and wonderful. He is such a caring guy. But it's like whatever, I mean who wants those cheesy Popsicle stick crafts anyway right? Big woop. I still can't believe he did it though. So sappy." >At the bottom of the page your drew a big heart with both your's and dad's name in the middle with pen >If anyone else were to read this, they'd think you were in love or something >You kept skimming through the entries and found one you had forgotten you'd written "I'm so scared. I can feel it, crawling at the back of my skull. The old me. All of them say that once we seal it or whatever I will stay like I am. But it's still ME in there. Who's to say I'm any better? What if I am just the same but just don't realize it? I mean I act like a terrible daughter constantly. Dad must hate me. The way Sonata and I fight all the time. I know I'd never stand it. I don't understand how Anon puts up with the two of us." >You can feel your eyes get hot. While you had mostly worked through that pain, deep down, you felt like a bad daughter, a bad sister >You close the book before things get to emotional and look for the next piece of nostalgia material >You look through your closet and find one of your old Halloween costumes, the astronaut one >God you were such a dork as a kid >You keep looking through all the things of your youth and finally just lay back in your bed, letting the music flow into you and feeling pure bliss >After only moments you fall into a deep sleep >As Aria rests you now float into the mind of Adagio Dazzle, the defacto mom and protector >You weren't having near as blissful a time as your sister >You couldn't believe you let things descend into that, a fucking screaming match >You had been pacing back in forth for 10 minutes now wondering what to do to make it up to him >You then just take a deep breath "Relax Adagio. Relax. It's fine." >You sit on the bed and practiced the same meditation you taught to your patients >Just then your eyes drift to the gem fused to your divot just above your collar bone >For keeping something that was so destructive, it sure was beautiful >You watched as it glowed, the light dancing upon your eyes >It was almost as if the gem was alive and moving with it's own will >Which you suppose it was >You kept staring at it, almost hypnotized by it's brilliance >Just then your wrench your eyes away >What if your siren was trying to take hold of you through hypnosis? >Was the even possible? >You shake your head and just ignore it >But now it was like trying to not think of a pink elephant in a green room >The more you resisted the more you wanted it >You let out a load groan >You hated when you got like this, just crippled with anxiety >You lay down on the bed and began to take deep breaths >Before you knew it, you were in a deep sleep >Finally you are brought into the delicate mind of Sonata, the girl still in the transition from child to adult >You just sat in your old bed, not knowing what to think >You just wanted these problems to go away, to get to know your dad again >It hadn't been long since you moved out, less than a year in fact >But you had gotten quite homesick >And seeing the state your dad was in when you returned had a profound affect on you >Even though you knew better, you still felt like you caused your dad to spiral into the deep depression >If only you stayed a little longer, hugged him a little more, maybe you all wouldn't be in this mess >You didn't pretend to understand what he was going through, but you did want to do everything in your power to help, yet it seemed all you and your sisters were doing was giving your father more pain >You wondered around and looked at a picture of the whole family, including Alto >You missed that dog >Maybe that's what your dad needed >But you knew he needed more, he needed love >Even you understood that "What a fool I am." >You say it out loud even though there is no one around to hear it but you had to vent "Why can't I do this right!? Why can't I give my dad the happiness he gave me!? What is wrong with me!?" >You stamp your feet down >This was so frustrating, you felt so stupid, like usual >Why was it so hard for you to just be smart? Your sisters were so much more intelligent than you, and no matter what you did you couldn't catch up >You pick up a pillow and throw it at the wall, just wanting to scream "Why am I so stupid!?" >But you stay silent >You had too >You didn't want to burden anyone else with your stupidity >You sit down on your bed and, as if by magic, you anger seemed to evaporate and be replaced with pure calm >You rest your head down, your eyes becoming heavy >And, just as your two sisters did, you close your eyes and get sucked into a journey you won't soon forget >You wake up in what seems like a alien forest, full of large technicolor plants of all shapes and sizes, some even looking like they have teeth >You feel dazed and confused but your first thought is to call out "Aria? Adagio? Are you there?" >No answer >The forest seems to just suck up the sound among the various chirping, meowing, and bellowing >What was this place? >You slowly stand >You didn't know why, but you had a burning desire to find your sisters >You start to walk down a path but get stopped by a giant paw that looked as if it belonged to a dog >You look to see a giant white wolf >You mouth falls agape >The wolf stares back at you and in a large, booming voice says "What are you staring at siren?" >Siren? >You look down and see your body is not that of a human, but of your siren >What was going on? "Well are you going to answer me or what?" "Y-you can talk!" "Of course I can talk. Why does this surprise you?" "B-but you're a dog!" >You see what looks like anger in it's eyes as it bares it's teeth at you "DOG!? How dare you refer to me in such a demeaning tone!? I ought to eat you now you pathetic fish! What is your name Siren?" "U-um Sonata. Sonata Dusk." >The wolf cocks its eyebrow "Sonata Dusk? I have never heard of such a strange name. You are suspicious Siren. What tribe of Sirens to you belong from?" "Tribe? What are you talking about?" >From your peripheral vision you see the forest seeming to get dark and in the darkness, large, angry red eyes shined at you >What was going on?