Dazzlings on the 4th of July - by MactheTexican

>Ah 4th of July. >You remember it fondly back on real earth. >Hot dogs >Burgers >Aunt Questionable choking on Uncle Unspecified's hot dog that you accidentally walked in on. >Scarred for life. >Good times. >But you're in a different place. >Be Anon on horse-human earth. >First few days were a mind fuck. >You got your own place now though. >A backyard and all that shit. >Dadnon would be proud. >You were supposed to learn why the people here celebrate the 4th of their July for a different reason than you did. >You didn't give enough of a shit to care though really. >As long as you can still eat burgers and blow up fireworks you were fine with whatever they celebrated. >Today the weather was nice and warm, no cloud to be seen. >You got a grill ready for delicious meat. >... >Burgers and hotdogs you mean. >A creaking sound from your wooden fence door opening brought you back to earth and found three girls just walking in like they owned the place. "Hey there Dazzles." >Adagio, Sonata, and Aria. >Three girls you found to be the same situation as yourself when you got here. >No money or job. >They were, and still are, major pain in the asses. >But you've learned to love it. >They've all got bags in their hands. >Adagio with food along with Sonata and Aria holding fireworks. >A lot of them. >Thisgonbegood >Adagio was the first to greet you with the regular kiss to the cheek, >She really loves to tease. >"Hey there Anon. Sorry we took a bit so long, these two dimwits took a long time picking out some fireworks." "No problem, I'm just getting the grill up now anyways so you made perfect time." >"Yesss! Burgers!", Sonata jumped with joy and watered at the mouth at the thought of that meat she's going to shove down her mouth. >You got some patties ready on the grill and took out a couple of hotdogs from a pack the Dazzlings brought to kick this b-b-q up. >Adagio and Sonata started out the night with a few small sparklers while sitting on your bench waiting for the burgers. >Mid flip with your mad spatula skills you felt a tug on your shirt. >You turned to find Aria with her hand on your shirt letting out a small embarrassed cough in her hand. >God that's cute. "What can I do ya Aria?" >"H-hey Anon, when do you think we can get to the BIG fireworks?" >Oh boy, you knew this was coming. >"How about we get out some food before we get out the big guns, eh?" >She looked at the ground in contemplation before nodding in agreement. >Yeah sure right now she was compliant. >But once you got out ALL the fireworks. >This place was going to be a battlefield. >You'd like to at least have a full stomach before she destroys the place. >Aria had learned to control herself over the years thank god. >Sometime passed and the food was getting close to done. >Aria and Sonata blasting off someone shot explosions into the sky. >Adagio sort of just sitting on the bench texting. >This brings back memories. >...You miss Dadnon's burgers. >But you'll be damned if you don't live up to his legacy. >YOU'RE GONNA MAKE THE BEST GOD DAMN BURGERS TODAY. >A voice over the fence brought you out of your daze, "Hey, Anon! Those burgers smell great!" >You don't even have to look to know who that is. >Motherfucking Timberwood. >Asshole always tries to get some food without contributing. >"Mind if I join in? I don't really have much going on myself today. Never was one for fireworks." >Fucking commie "Sorry Man, there's barely enough for us and Sonata's black hole of a stomach. >A loud "Hey" came from the depths of the fireworks, but you ignored it. "Maybe next time man." >"Well I don't have to eat, I'd like to try and hook up with one of the hotties you always hang around." >Not only did he mooch, he was the biggest creep. >Even the Dazzlings found him uncomfortable to be around. "Look, man, I just got this stuff together for me and the girls for a quiet night. Well, as quiet as it can be with fireworks." >He sighed and nodded in defeat as he slinked back inside his house. >Finally. >Oh hey and the food is lookin good. "Food is done!" >Three loud cheers came from the girls as you all sat down and finally started digging into the freedom burgers. >Also includes chips >You're glad you had a big grill to cook up a lot of stuff on. >God knows how much would have been left for you and the other two when Sonata was done eating. >With enough stuff in your stomachs, the main event was up next. >THE BIGGER EXPLOSIONS. "Alright Aria, IT'S TIME." >The purple menace let out a squee before searching through her box and pulling out a bunch of very large fireworks. >Fireworks that look like they'd be VERY LOUD. >As You let Aria off to do her own business, you walked toward the patch of grass in your backyard where Adagio and Sonata set up a few fireworks. "Hey girls, those look nice." >A very rapid bobbing in agreement came from Sonata as she lit a decently looking sized firework that let out five consecutive shots into the sky. >As Sonata and Aria were entranced with their fireworks a voice whispered from around the corner of your home. >"Psst, Anon you free at the moment?", You look over to see Adagio looking over from the side like she's trying to be stealthy. >A single tear came from your eye. "I'm always free." >You walk over and quietly as possible, getting tossed into the wall by Adagio when you got close enough. >Her lips pressing roughly against your own. >It wasn't long before you got your tongues into the action, a soft moan coming from Adagio. >You kept this going until a breath of air was needed. "Couldn't wait til later?" >"Shut up, I've been waiting all day for this holiday fuck." >You gave back a small chuckle before placing a quick peck on her lips and slowly moving the kisses down to her neck. >Adagio tried to keep her moans in check so the others wouldn't hear. >Which just made it more fun for you to keep pushing her. >Your continued your assault on her neck as one of your hands found its way on to one of her breast and the other on her thigh. >She let out a grumble knowing where you were getting at. >Carressing one of two big lumps on her chest and slowly sliding your other hand on her body got a better reaction from the poofy girl. >Moans a little louder than the previous ones left her mouth as she tried to bite on her finger to stop herself. >As you started to slide a hand down into the honey pot, a loud cough caught you both by surprise. >Looking over to the sound had you both looking at an Angry looking Sonata and an annoyed Aria. >Sonata huffed, "You guys just couldn't wait could you?" >Adagio shrugged in response with a smirk, "What? you guys were gonna get your turns later anyways." >Aria rolled her eyes before going back to the yard and continue her plan. >Sonata meanwhile just glared at you both before Adagio sighed in defeat. >"Alright fine."She gave you one last peck on the cheek before going back with Sonata. >All you could do was look down at the rager you were sporting. >You got god damn blue balled. >Returning back to where the fireworks were at, you saw the huge pile-up Aria had. >You and the other girls just looked at it in awe. "Jesus, this pile is bigger than last year." >Aria proudly nodded and gave the last firework she had a kiss before setting it up and walking to the front yard. >You all decided to follow her, seeing a long line of very long fuses. >When you all stopped in the front of your house the twin tail destroyer put on goggles and took out a match. >Ruhrohraggy "Ya know I'm having second thoughts about th-" >"TOO LATE" >And Aria was right. >The fuse was lit. >The spark went by and soon got to the backyard. >Only then did you remember. >You didn't bring in the grill. >FUCK >And as if on cue, the sky was filled with many explosions and sounds. >You had something almost like this once on regular earth. >Grandpa undisclosed almost died from the flashbacks. >If the skies could talk >They'd say really bad things about Aria. >You could even see a bunch of other people coming out of their yards to check out the explosions. >lots of "oohs" and "aahs" >Well so far so good. >And then it wasn't. >A bigger explosion than the others came went into the sky, but it looked like something had gone wrong with it. "Uh, Aria?" >"Yeah I see it. This is gonna be good." >And with those ominous words, the remaining thing that came from the final firework came crashing down into a house. >Timber Spruce'ss home to be exact. >Luckily he was outside as well. >You and the others kind of just looked with wide eyes as Timber screamed and ran to his home to try and stop the fires. >After whistles back into your backyard, as well as fist bumping Aria, you all took the remaining time to clean up Aria's destruction. >Aria was still laughing hysterically as she got rid of the last bit. >"Man, that was awesome." "Hell yeah it was." "Best god damn fourth of July I've had." >Deciding to call it a day, you put up the grill and walked to the door to your house before an arm stopped you. >That arm belonging to Adagio, Sonata, and Aria behind her with lust in their eyes. >"Not so fast Anon, we still have time left in the day." >Aria started to undo her shirt, a bit of her bra poking out."Those explosions made me pretty god damn hot, ya gonna help me with that?" >"Yeah, Time to light those bedroom fireworks!", Sonata ended with her cheesy seductive jokes. >Excalibur has been AWAKENED. >In the last bit of July 4th wind, you heard a faint voice. >"I'm proud of you son. Get that butt."