Dazzling World Rule - by BG9

>Adagio begins to sing the first line "Welcome to the show, we're here to let you know. Our time is now, your time is running out." >She could feel it. Her power had been growing faster and faster. And now that all of Canterlot high was gathered she could feel it's immensity >The power of their hatred and discord, all flowing into her and her sisters' gems >It was like an ocean, it was so much she could barely contain it >But of course, those dreaded Rainbooms wouldn't give up so easily >"You're never gonna bring me down, you're never gonna take this part of me, my friends are here to bring me around, not singing just for popularity." >Damn them, they just couldn't help but interfere >Finally the reserve of power could be used >Dagi and the and the other two sisters release their ethereal siren bodies >They may not be as powerful as their true siren bodies, but soon they would be able to take their true forms. Once that happened, no one could stand in their way. >With a loud yell, the trio push the rainbooms to the ground in one fell swoop >Adagio smiles, she expected it would be a little more challenging than this. But the power of hatred was much more powerful than any silly friendship >But of course, they had an ace in the hole. Sunset Shimmer. >"You're never gonna bring me down, you're never gonna take this part of me." >You had come this far, you weren't going to let them take this power away from you. >You had suffered for too long in this world. It would not be in vain this close to the end >Using her energy body, Adagio snatches Sunset in her teeth and lets out a laugh "Well, well, well Rainbooms. Look at the situation you're in. If you fight us even a second more, I will snap little sunset here in half. You wouldn't want that would you?" >Twilight looks in despair >"You wouldn't! You're bluffing!" "Am I?" >She tightens her jaws around Sunset, making her squeal in pain "You have 15 seconds to surrender your magic energy to us. Refuse and I will crush her" >Twilight grits her teeth "Well?" >Sunset cries out >"Don't give in Twilight! Let let her kill me!" >Adagio gets a devilish smile "Yes Princess of Friendship. Let your friend die." >Twi is torn but finally she gives in >Adagio new the exact buttons to press >"Fine. I give up. Just let her go." "Not so fast your Royal Highness. We're going to need your magic first." >Twilight looks shocked >"B-but! We had a deal!" >Adagio tightens her jaws around Sunset's spine, making her scream loudly >This makes Twilight cringe, as if it were her feeling the pain "Well Princess? How about that magic?" >Sunset pleads with her >"Please Twilight. Don't do it." >Twi stands up, her arms out >"Fine. Consider it yours." >Adagio smiles. She had won. >The Dazzling's gems begin to glow as the absorb the magic from the main six as well as Sunset Shimmer >Adagio could feel the power. It was overwhelming. This was the power of an Alicorn princess >She felt like her body could explode from it's sheer immensity >Even split between the three of them, Twilight's power alone was enough to make every human on earth adore her >Each of them begin to glow brightly until finally they shed their human skin >They could now finally maintain their Siren forms in a world void of magic power >The mane seven's color literally had drained from their bodies. They were now black and white and very thin, as if they hadn't eaten in days >They couldn't even stand now >Adagio lets out a laugh "So this is where the power of 'friendship' has gotten you huh? I hope Sunset's life was worth it." >The three Sirens fly back to the sent of the stage and begin to sing once more, absorbing the last of the discord and hate flowing in the audience >This was only the beginning. Adagio laughs "So girls. Where shall we make our next meal?" >Aria smiles "I heard about a school down the way. Crystal Prep Academy?" "I like the way you think. Sonata?" >Sonata seems to look a bit guilty "Sonata?" "O-oh um. Yeah! Crystal Prep!" "Well it's settled. Let's go girls." >They fly to the school and begin to sing their sacred song >They didn't even need to gather them now >Just hearing the very sound of their voice would sow discord inside them >The latent energy began to flow out from the school and into their gems >It seemed like this school already had quite a strong aura of hatred to begin with. All the easier >The three of them had been going from place to place all of America was worshiping them as Goddesses >They had even begun to construct statues of the three Sirens in place of landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, working around the clock in labor camps to complete it >Not only did they have overwhelming power but the adoration was incomparable. Maybe it could finally fill the emptiness inside Adagio that she had lived with since she was born >But Sonata was displeased >The three of them were sitting together on a large thrown high in Mount Rushmore, now with their human faces craved into it "Sonata, what on earth is the matter?" >Sonata looks a bit nervous but finally decides to speak out "W-well Adagi-" "EMPRESS Adagio to you!" >She clears her throat "Well Empress Adagio. I have been wanting to bring this up for some time now. D-don't you think we've done enough?" >Adagio looks confused "Done enough? We have barely ever scratched the surface! Don't you see my dear sister? We may have America under our fins, but there is an entire world out there left to adore us. Our work has barely even started." >Sonata looks down "But look at these poor humans. They work around the clock, day and night just to make sure we're happy." "But they do it out of love! That is the beauty of it! No matter what I ask, they love me enough to make it so." >Sonata becomes more passionate "But it's all fake! It's only because of the magic that they are doing it! They look like they are in so much pain! Please Adagio, we must stop this." >Adagio has a look of malice on her face "Are you actually saying we should feel sympathy for these wretched creatures? Do you remember how they treated us when we first came here?" >She did all to well. They had pushed Sonata around, even beaten her up a couple of times. >While it felt good at first, this revenge was being taken too far >Sonata has tears in her eyes "But... I'm still not happy. Even though they love me, even though we got back at those who wronged us, I still feel empty. In fact, I feel more empty then when we were human." >This seems to have hit a nerve inside of Dagi >She files up high in the air and the skies turn dark "Well then Sonata. If you feel so very strongly about the humans, I suppose then you wouldn't mind returning to them would you?" >Adagio opens her mouth and Sonata's tears begin to flow faster "Sister... no." >Adagio takes a deep breath in and almost instantly revokes Sonata's power, turning her back into her former human self. But instead of stopping there she keeps sucking in her energy >Aria is distraught by this "Adagio stop! You'll kill her if you keep this up!" >Adagio looks even more enraged. She had become drunk with power >"So what!? Death would be fitting for a human lover!" >Aria takes a bite out of Adagio, stopping her >Like with the mane 7, the color from Sonata had drained. She was black and white and thinner than a pole >Sonata was hanging onto life by a thread >Alas though, Aria didn't even so much as scratch her >Adagio had soaked up the majority of her power, making her 5 or 6 times strong than Aria >She was getting larger and larger from the amount of power "So!? You dare to stand against me too Aria?" >Aria knew it was a hopeless. She had no way of winning. But she had gone to far. She would pay for what she did >Aria charges at Adagio and takes another bite into >Her skin was tougher than steel now, just trying to bite through it chipped most of her teeth >Adagio doesn't even seem to feel any pain and slaps Aria with her fin, knocking her into the trees >Aria gets up and charges at Adagio again but it was too late >Adagio's mouth was wide open >Aria could feel the energy getting taken from her until finally she was once again reduced to her human form, laying next to Sonata >Aria looks at her sister, holding her cold hand >Sonata felt colder than ice but she wasn't dead >At least not yet >Sonata looks into her eyes "I'm glad I could at least die by your side Aria." >Aria, for the first time in her life, cracks a genuine smile >She finally felt whole. She had all she needed right next to her all along. "Me too. I'm sorry for being such a jerk. I only did that because I loved you and didn't know how to express it." "It's fine Aria." >As her sisters name left her lips, Sonata drifted into her final sleep, her heart stopping >A single tear leaves Aria's eye as she too takes her final breath >Adagio looks at them, surprised by the scene she had just seen >Then it dawned on her >She had just killed the only two being who genuinely loved her >They weren't under any spell. She didn't need to sing for them to adore her. >They loved her already. And now they were gone. By her hoof no less. >She now truly was alone >70 years had past since that faithful day >Now the entire world was worshiping Adagio as a goddess and waiting on her hand and foot >Thanks to all of the power she had absorbed she was essentially immortal now >She had recently become almost stoic. She had no emotion for anyone or anything >She had completely lost all faith and hope in living >The portal to Equestria had long since been removed to prevent those with magical power to come and overthrow her supreme rule >Only one emotion resided with in her now >Hate >She didn't know why, but she hated everyone and every thing. She just wanted to see everyone suffer. >Ever since the death of her two sisters she had slowly become more and more bitter >It had only begun to dawn on her over the last 20 years that what she had truly needed to be happy was the very two beings she had destroyed >She was truly alone now and there was no way for her to reclaim what she had lost >She was doomed to forever be empty and alone until the day she died