Anon World Order part 5 [Lewd] (Dazzlings) - by Uh-hmmm

> After more swimming and utterly losing at Marco Polo, you decide to get a jump on preparations > This translates to rooting around in the kitchen, looking for a big cooler of some sort > You fill it with lunch meat, cheese, mayonnaise, mustard, the usual > A cardboard box gets the more inert ingredients > Just as you finish up, servants file in, meekly setting about making dinner > Dinner itself is rather uneventful > Afterwards Adagio draws you aside, signalling the dazzled to take care of the dishes > "You should take a shower while you have the chance. That's what I'll be doing." > You grin "Shall I join you?" > She scowls > "Use Sonata's, she already bathed today." > With that, she strides off > It's a good idea, but, "Where is Sonata's bathroom?" > Bluey latches onto your back, her legs locking around your waist > "Why do you need to know? Gonna try peeking on poor, innocent Sonata?" > You lift under her knees, making it a piggyback ride "Thought I'd take a shower tonight, and yours is probably the most available." > She hums in thought at that > "Okay, this way!" > She grabs your head and points it down a hallway > If you didn't need a shower before, carrying a girl around this sprawling complex certainly corrected that > Finally you arrive, and set down Sonata with a sigh > "Hey, you're not implying I'm fat, are you?" > You hold up your hands in surrender "Just expressing my disappointment that I have to stop touching you." > She gives you a saucy grin > "You don't have to~" > You retreat behind the bathroom door, closing it swiftly "Adagio might kill one or both of us if we continue." > "Yeah, she can be mean like that." > You wait a few moments more, then start the hot water in the spacious tub > You and Sonata could fit easily i- > Anyways, you take off your swimsuit and step in > You close the curtain and pull the switch > You always flinch at the first impact of spray, but soon relax into its heat > Then you hear the door open > "You sure I can't join you?" "You already bathed today. If Adagio saw you with wet hair, she'd know." > You hear her take a step into the room > "Fi~ine." > You pick up a floral scented shampoo, and set to lathering > Bluey is doing something, you hear plastic tap against the counter, then the drawn out rustling of hair being brushed > What was once erotic has turned oddly domestic > You find yourself comforted by Sonata's quiet, feminine presence > "Oh hey, I think I can see the silhouette of your dick!" "Just keep brushing your hair, Sonata. Just keep brushing your hair." > You get done washing yourself, and realize a problem "Hey, could you get me some clothes? I kinda forgot to bring some." > "Nope!" > ... "Or get a servant to bring some?" > "Okay, Anon, get some clothes for Anon." > ... "How about a towel? Can you-" > Wait, you know what she will say "Will you please hand me a towel?" > "I don't know, can I hand you a towel?" > Dammit, Sonata "Dammit, Miss Dusk, I asked if you will. And how do you not know your own towel lifting capabilities?" > "Well, if you don't want to improve your grammar, that's up to you." > You sigh "And the towel?" > "Can I dry you off with it?" "I'll handle that myself." > It's her turn to sigh > Finally > Bluey holds out a pink towel from behind the curtain > It's a relief to dry off, the water on your skin was beginning to cool > When you are done, you wrap it around your waist and emerge from the tub > Sonata sits on the countertop, grinning > "I used that towel this morning. So you just rubbed your naked body aaaalllll over something that I rubbed aaaalllll over my naked body." "...I see." > She hops off > "Feel free to handle yourself. Pleasant dreams~!" > Then she leaves, putting a little extra sway in her hips > Stupid sexy Sonata > You make your way down to the laundry room > You decide on gray sweat pants and shirt, probably going to change in the morning > You hesitate as you unwrap the towel > It's been a little while > Not to mention the memories of the past day or so are... conducive > Ironically enough, now that bluey mentioned that you rubbed this towel all over yourself, you aren't really feeling "up" for it > You sigh, and put on the sweats > When you get to Adagio's room, you find her waiting impatiently, a brush in her hand > She holds it out to you > "Attend to me, servant." "Very well." > You take the brush > The siren sits on the edge of the bed, and you clamber up behind her > The first few passes go alright > You focus on the silky sensation of her wavy hair in your hands > Then you hit a snag, and Adagio snarls > "Careful!" "Sorry, won't happen again." > You take it more slowly, and she begins to relax > It's not long before you find another snarl in her hair, but you stop and work it apart with your fingers > Orangy hums approvingly > Now that you have the hang of it, you start to enjoy the task > The way she tilts her head against the pull of the brush > The pleasant scent of her hair > The stresses of the day fall away, soothed by the repetitive motion > At some point, Adagio clears her throat > "You can stop now, servant." "Do I have to?" > She giggles > "You really like this?" "It's... nice." > Yellow Belly glances at you amusedly over her shoulder > "Then let's do it every night." "I-if you insist." > You feel your face heat up > Adagio's eyes widen > "That's not what I meant! Just my hair! J-just brushing!" > Her face can't seem to settle on embarrassed or angry > Too cute "I understand, just brushing your hair, not making sweet, sweet love to it." > She flops onto her belly, burying her face into her pillow and letting out a frustrated groan > You casually slip under the covers on the other side of the bed "Pleasant dreams~!" > She just groans again > The next morning, you wake to the gentle sounds of someone getting choked > You open your eyes and look to the side > Adagio is straddling Aria's stomach, a mad smile on Orangy's face as she relentlessly gives a special, tiny hug "Seriously? Okay, let's take a break here and not kill each other first thing in the morning." > "Oh no, this has been a long time coming!" > For her part, Aria is giving you a pleading look > "Ghk!" > Alright, looks like you are going to have to break them up > You scramble across the bed and consider your options > You aren't entirely sure how strong Adagio is, and it seems unwieldy to go for her arms > Your boner makes a suggestion, and you agree instantly > You draw up behind the murderous siren and slip your hands under her arms and grab her boobs > "Wha-!" > Orangy reflexively clasp her arms across her chest, inadvertantly pressing your hands even more firmly into her soft flesh > Aria gasps for air, her chest heaving > Mission accomplished > Adagio comes to her senses and promptly breaks out of your grasp > She turns around and gives your face a ringing slap > "Y-you dare touch my ch-chest?" > You rub your face ruefully "You were trying to kill someone who you need for magic harmonics or whatever. It got you to stop didn't it?" > She slaps you again > Crap, that hurts > "Stop being such a pervert! The Anon I knew, the one I fell in lo-, the one I liked was a pure, quiet boy! You were kind, and funny, and sophisticated!" > Tears start to well in her eyes > She whispers, > "What happened to you?" > You get off the bed, offering her a hand as she does the same > You gaze into her troubled eyes "I have always been somewhat like this. You just didn't see it, because I am usually quiet. Then you abducted me, and I started spending a lot of time interacting with three incredibly beautiful girls who are each interested in me. You may think I've changed, that I'm not your Anon anymore. But your Anon was only ever one part of me." > Adagio stands before you, her arms limply at her sides, a pleading look on her face > "Can you be my Anon? Just for a little bit?" "Of course." > You wrap her up in a loose hug, cradling her against your chest > She sobs quietly, her tears soaking into your shirt > You gently rock her back and forth, whispering reassurances that it's all okay > Aria gives you a grumpy look from the bed, somewhat recovered from her ordeal > You put a finger to your lips, then resume comforting the disillusioned girl in your arms > Professor Plum rolls her eyes and lays back in the bed > Eventually, Adagio sighs and pushes you gently away > "Now get out of here, I need to change." > You leave the room, with Aria close behind > She closes the door behind her, then fixes you with a glare > "She tries to kill me, and you end up hugging her?" "Well, she was in more distress at the time. C'mere, let me make it up to you." > You embrace her perhaps a bit tightly > Her hands press against your chest for a moment > "What do you thi-" "Shhh, it's okay now, I'm here." > Her hands lower a bit > "This does not make up for before, you know." > You rub her back, gently rocking her in your arms > Aria clasps her hands behind your back, and leans into the embrace > "Just don't tell Sonata, alright?" "I promise." > The two of you stand like that for a long moment, then she pats your butt > "Time for breakfast. C'mon." > You let go, and follow her quickly striding form > Did she just do a skip? > You walk into the dining room to find Sonata already eating > She looks at you, the Aria, then waggles her eyebrows > "You two just hugged." > Professor Plum is blushing furiously > "We did not hug! Adagio tried to choke me!" > "Hm hm hmmm, you can try to deny it, but I can see it in the way you walk. You totally hugged, and you know what that means~!" > Bluey rises like a jungle cat, and prowls across the table > Aria backs up into the wall > "For the last time, you can't use me to feed your addiction." > "Too late!" > Mrs Peacock pounces, snuggling up to a scowling Professor Plum > Aria glares at you > "This is all your fault." "So I see." > Sonata pauses while rubbing her cheek against Violent Beauregard > "A challenger approaches." > In the blink of an eye, you have Blue Raspberry all over you > She sniffs a few times, then looks up at you in delight > "You cuddleslut! All three in one morning?" > You return her embrace loosely "You're one to talk, you snugglemaniac." > She nuzzles her face into your armpit "Uh, what are you doing?" > Bluey surfaces with a grin > "I have your scent now. You will never escape me! <3" > At that point your stomach growls "Can I get a Hotel California on that? I'm hungry." > "Alright!" > She prances happily back to her chair > Aria shakes her head at you > "You really are the worst cuddleslut." > You shrug and grab a bowl "I'd stop, but there's no reason to."