A Very Dazzling Halloween - by BG9

>The half moon rose high in the sky that night as dusk poured over the street >It was the night before Halloween and the first one the Dazzling's would ever experience >They didn't even have their costumes yet! >It was finally time to stop procrastinating and get them something to wear >"Girls? Hey girls?" >They all march downstairs >"Alright girls, we're going to get you some costumes." >Sonata tilts her head sideways "Why do we need costumes? Are we going to rob a taco store!?" >Aria places her hand to her face and Adagio groans >"No sweetie. We're going to be dressing up for Halloween." >She tilts her head further "What's that?" >"It's a holiday we have here in the human world. Basically we all dress up and go door to door asking for candy." >Sonata smiles "Well it isn't tacos, but it's the next best thing!" >Aria gives her a sideways glare "Go to sleep Sonata." >"Come on girls. Let's get in the car." >The four of you march out too the car and hop in >Sonata is still as confused as ever "Why do people dress up on October daddy?" >"It has something to do with an ancient tradition." "What tradition?" >"I'm not that sure sweetie." "Why are you not sure?" >"Because I haven't looked it up." "Why not?" >"Why are you asking me so many questions?" >She had a shit eating grin in the back seat. She was just trying to test your patience. >"Oh you silly girly." >Adagio looks around curiously "I am quite curious about this tradition. I would love to know more." >"Well when I get more information I will be sure to let you know." >Aria smiles in amusement "Does this also mean we get to play pranks on scaredy cats that have an S at the beginning of their name?" >Sonata huffs "Hey! I'm not a scaredy cat!" >Aria messes up her hair "Are too." "Are not." "Are too." >"Girls! It's too late for this. Anyway, we're almost there." >You begin to come up on the shop. It would come to a vacant lot every Halloween season to sell costumes and things >Their products weren't half bad >You all walk into the store and begin browsing >They had even more costumes than last year. Rows and rows of them. >"Alright girls. Have at it." >The trio dispersed amongst the lines of costumes >To your surprise, Applejack was at the counter >You walk over too her >"Hi Applejack." "Howdy Anon." >"That was one crazy adventure. I mean with the portal and everything." "That it was. By the way, hows your little sweetheart doin'? It may have been a rough ride but you two love birds sure did git closer 'cause of it." >"She's actually out for the week on vacation." "Well that's a shame. Be sure to tell me how things go." "Course AJ." >Sonata comes running back with a blue dinosaur out fit "Can I get this one daddy!?" >"Of course you can. But we'll have to wait for your two sisters." "Aye sir." >After a few minutes Adagio comes to the desk carrying an angel costume with a detachable halo >She almost looks embarrassed "D-does this work?" >"Of course it does." >She smiles, being slightly put at ease >After about 15 minutes Aria still hadn't shown up >Knowing her, she was probably deciding between a few >You go out to look for her and sure enough she has three in her arms, trying to decide what looks best >The first was a astronaut, the second a vampire, and the third a zombie >She nearly jumps when she spots you "Oh... Anon... I um..." >"What's wrong? Can't decide?" >She nods >"Well, which one is your favorite?" "All of them!" >You think for a moment >"Ok. How about a vampire zombie astronaut?" >You see her lips form a smile a mile wide "Can I really!?" >"I don't see why not." >She give you a big hug "Thanks dad!" >Realizing she just broke her bad girl act, she pushes back and clears her throat, looking embarrassed "I mean. Whatever. I suppose I can do it." >You smile >"Come on. The other two are waiting for you." >Aria follows you back too the rest of the group to find them waiting patiently >Sonata notices that she has three costumes and instantly gets jealous "How come she gets three costumes daddy!" "Shut up loser." "Am not!" "Are too!" "Am not!" >Applejack giggles and you put your hand to your face "Enough girls. You made your choices. Let's just buy them." >Sonata crosses her arms and begins to pout while you purchase the costumes >Adagio looks at you curiously "Dad? Where's your costume?" >You smirk >"I haven't dressed up in years. Most adults my age don't dress up or trick or treat." >Dagi is still confused "Why is that?" >You think for a moment >You didn't really know why >"You just kinda stop after a while. People expect you too." "That's dumb." >"It is isn't it?" "Well then, in that case, you should get a costume!" >Sonata breaks out of pouting for the idea "Yeah daddy! Do it! Do it!" >Even Aria seems interested >You sigh >"Alright alright. I'll do it >You go in search for a costume and just pick an old zombie one off the shelf >Aria is displeased "Anon. You can't have that costume." >"And why's that?" "Duh. I'm already going as a zombie vampire astronaut. You have to be something else." >"You girls drive a hard bargain don't you?" >Applejack is in the corner laughing >"See AJ? This is what happens when you have children." "Oh yeah Anon. But I drive ah tough ship. They seem to have ya whipped." >You look around and find a roman warrior outfit >"Well Aria? Do I get your seal of approval?" >Aria looks smug and satisfied "Yes." >You go and buy your costume then make your way back to your car >Sonata raises her hand >"Uh.. Yes Sonata?" "Can we go out to eat tonight?" >"We already ate. Plus it is way past the bedtime of a certain eight year old girl." "B-but how come Adagio gets to stay up later!?" >"She has homework to do and she's a teenager. If you want to do her homework for her then I'll be happy to let you stay up." "What is it?" "Advanced Trig." "What's that?" "If you have to ask, you can't do it." >Adagio groans "Believe me, I'd be more than happy to let you do my homework for me." >Sonata crosses her arms and pouts more "It's not fair." >But in less the 10 minutes of driving, Sonata was fast asleep on Dagi's shoulder >She was such a dork >When you get back to the house you pick her up and walk her into her bed >Adagio look at you with a completely serious look "What time does Halloween start?" >"Tomorrow" "No. I mean what time? Like 4? 5?" >You had to stifle back a chuckle >"Sweetie it's a national holiday. It lasts all day and night tomorrow." >A look of terror crosses her face "D-does that mean I have to wear my costume all day?" >You give her a big hug >She was such a kid sometimes >"No honey. You can put it on whenever you want." >She lets out a deep breath "That's good. I would have been so embarrassed. I am certainly no angel..." >"You're the purest angel I know." "Thanks but it's not true." >"Why would you say something like that?" "After all I've done... Do you honestly think I am worthy of that praise?" >"Of course I do. You helped saved your sisters life from that thing. And you want to repent. You are most certainly worth it." "Thanks dad." >"You're welcome. Now go finish your homework and head to sleep." >You noticed Aria had already left for her room and was fast asleep >She must have been fighting it the whole way home >You creak open the door slightly to check on her and sure enough she was out like a light >It seems she really was back to her old self again. What a relief. >You close the door and tip toe back into your room >Tomorrow was going to be quite the Halloween. There was even going to be a full moon. They would love what you had planned for them. >Even better, school was let out for day. You finally would get to spend a normal day with your daughters for once. Too bad it wasn't with your new fiance as well. >The next day you woke up bright and early to make breakfast for the girls >Adagio was the first to rise, with Sonata second, and as per usual, Aria last >Dagi was taking her sweet time managing her poof and Sonata began to comb her long hair >When Aria came out of her room she had a bad case of bed head >Her eyes sagged as if she had been up all night >"Good morning sunshine." >She groans in response >"Go get yourself ready. We've got a big day ahead of us." >This makes Aria groan even louder as she slowly traipses upstairs, nearly hitting Sonata with her feet because of her inattention >Finally Dagi comes down, her cheese puff hair in perfect shape >"Morning." "Morning daddy. What are you making?" >"Bacon and eggs of course." >She smiles and looks out the window >The autumn leaves were now full of color and beginning to fall en mass >It was quite a beautiful sight "So what is the plan for today?" >"Well, we are going to a farm today." >Dagi lifts her eyebrows, clearly unamused "And what exactly does that have to do with dressing up like scary monsters?" >You smile >"I'm glad you asked. You see, each year on Halloween night this farm puts on quite a show. They have a big corn maze, a haunted house, paintball, hay raids, the works." "And which farm is this?" >"Why Sweet Apple Acres of course." "You mean the one that the Apples own? I didn't know they did stuff like that." >"Well, in truth, it's to raise extra money for the farm. Running a farm is not cheap you see. But they certainly do a good job. I used to go to their holiday parties all the time as a kid. They really are a blast." >Dagi chuckles too herself "Interesting." >Sonata comes down, her hair in a ponytail and a big coat draped over her "Daddy! Can you help me zip this up? It won't go." >"Sure sweet pea." >You run over to her and zip it up >Aria comes down next. She clearly was feeling to lazy to do her hair >All she did was comb it and had it down >Truth be told though, you kind of liked it >The girls begin to eat their breakfast and you start getting on some warmer clothes >It wasn't going to snow, but it was going to be cold >Sonata looks outside in wonder "Daddy?" >"Yes sweet heart?" "Why do the leaves change during this time of year?" >"They are dying due to the cold. This makes them use up the remaining... fuel if you will to keep themselves alive. This drains them of their green color and turns them into the beautiful autumn leaves. It's a lesson from nature that even death is beautiful." >Adagio whistles in amusement "How insightful." >You giggle a bit >"I guess so." >Finally the girls finish and you set out >You all load into the car and begin to make the journey down to Sweet Apple Acres >Adagio looked out the window, admiring the beauty of autumn >You kept forgetting that this world was completely foreign to them. Autumn, which was so commonplace for you, was completely new for them >Hell you didn't even know what a Siren's natural habitat was >Aria and Sonata sat in the back seat, being surprisingly well behaved >Sonata was the only one wearing her costume, the Dino >The other costumes were in the back. At first you thought that three costume combo for Aria was going to be a good idea, but now you had no idea how in the world she was going to get it on, much less move around under than much fabric >After about an hour or so you make it to the farm >Already it was looking Halloween-ed up >The corn maze was almost finished and Halloween decor was up all over the farm >You find a place to park and get out, feeling a rush of cold air >Applejack seemed to have notice your approach and came to greet you >"Good morning AJ" "Mornin' Anon. How are ya?" >"I'm doing alright. You?" "Just fine thank ya. I'm tired though. Anyway." >She walks over to the girls >Sonata still shied away even though she wasn't a new person "So girls? You wanna go see tha horses?" >Aria smiles "Sure." >Adagio holds back, holding your arm "I'll stay with daddy." >You smile >Dagi was always so clingy >Adagio pulls on you coat and hugs you tight as if she is going to bee taken away from you "Well I'll take after the other two. You just spend time with Adagio. You two deserve some time for just the two of you. Like a father-daughter Halloween." >AJ leads Aria and Sonata away >Even though you knew AJ wouldn't harm a hair on their head, you couldn't help be feel slightly uneasy about the entire thing >You had never really been separated from them for long besides when they were in school >Being a parent is hard >"Well Adagio, we have about an hour or two all to ourselves. What would you like to do?" >Adagio looks around >Most of the spectacle still had to be set up, but Adagio found something just her style "Can we go do face painting?" >"Of course we can." >You walk over to the stand, with Dagi clutching your hand tightly the entire time >Apple Honey was manning the stand "Good mornin' there. What would ya like?" >There was a large board featuring all the different styles you could do "Can I get the kitty face?" "Well of course ya can." >You payed 15 dollars and watched her face get painted >Soon she had whiskers, a black cat nose, some eyeliner and a mouth painted in the shape of a smiling cat >Dagi looked into the mirror and smiled "Do I look ok?" >"Of course you do sweet pea." "Thank ya very much. We appreciate the business!" >Dagi grabs your hand again and you both walk around the farm >It was really starting to take shape now >cobwebs lined most of the trees and fake skeletons lounged around on chairs and tables in various poses >You saw Applebloom hard at work constructing bed sheets to look like ghosts and placing them around the farm >For once, things were going alright. You honestly really enjoyed the normalcy for a change >"What do you feel like doing next Adagio?" >You look to see she has left your side >"Adagio?" >Where did she go? >She must of ran off while you were deep in thought >You check high and low for her but she is just no where to be found >Just as you were about to start panicking, a pair of hands clutches your shoulders tightly "Boo!" >You about jump out of your skin and whip around >It's Adagio, dressed in a bed sheet >She starts laughing at how much it scared you >You were less than amused >"What the hell Adagio?" >She is still laughing not yet realizing this wasn't funny to you at all >"Do you have any idea how worried I was about you!? Why did you do that!?" >Instantly she stops laughing and looks guilty "I... I thought it would be funny..." >"It wasn't funny! Do you know how afraid I was!? I thought I was going to lose you again!" >She backs up a bit and a hush falls over the farm >You compose yourself >"Sorry for getting so mad Adagio. I just didn't want to go through the pain of losing the one I love so much a second time." >She looks down, hiding some of her face in the poof "Sorry daddy... I didn't mean too..." >You give her a big hug >"It's ok honey. I forgive you. Just please don't run off without telling me ok?" "I won't." >You look around >"So what would you like to do next?" >She thinks a moment "Wanna shoot some arrows with me?" >She notions over to the targets lined with bows >"Sure. I used to do that all the time as a kid." "Really?" >"Oh yeah. I would go to summer camp every year until I was 17. We did archery every time we went. I was a crack shot. Only one kid did better than I did." >Adagio's eyes light up "That's so cool." >"I guess" "Don't be so unenthusiastic daddy!" >When did she start learning big words like that? "Show me some of your moves!" >You chuckle >"If you insist. However it's been eight years since I shot a bow and arrow. I'm a bit rusty" >You walk over and pay the fee for the stand >You go to the middle target and pick up a bow and arm guard >Adagio's eyes are wide in anticipation >It's as if she thinks you're going to do something insane >You pull back the bow and knock the arrow >You take a deep breath, aim carefully and fire >You managed to hit just outside of the center dot >Adagio looks as if she just saw you catch lightning in the palm of your hand >She is absolutely enthralled >You knock another arrow and take aim again >With the next release you hit the very outer edge of the center >It's amazing how your muscles just remember >Just as you're about to knock another bow to finish your 'calibration' you feel Dagi tackle hug you "Daddy! You're so cool!" >You chuckle >"It's not that cool." >Dagi seems almost offended by the statement "Are you kidding me!? You nearly hit the center! I could never do that." >"Oh come now Dagi. It isn't so hard. Why don't you give it a try?" >She nods, straps on a wrist protector and gets a bow >She pulls back the string, struggling to put the arrow on >You kneel behind her and guide her hands into position >"Alright. So what you need to is aim just to the left of the center dot. In fact put it about an inch or so up as well." "But then I won't hit the center." >"You should. I'm making adjustments for the wind. If you aim dead center the wind will blow it just enough to make it miss." >Adagio's eyes widen with wonder "Ok." >"Now take a deep breath." >She does so >"Annnd... fire" >She releases the arrow and it hits in the right of the second rung >Adagio looks defeated >"Good job." "What? But I missed." >"Well this is the first time you ever fired a bow before. I'd say that's pretty good for your first shot. Let's try it again shall we?" >Adagio gives a warm smile of confidence that made your heart soar >She pulls back again as you guide her through the motions, this time hitting closer to center >"Good job dagi-bear. You almost got it. Just a little adjustment to the right and you should hit it dead on." >She smiles and nods, but notices you weren't guiding her through it this time "Aren't you going to help me?" >"No. I have confidence that you can hit a bull's eye without any help at all." >Adagio once again takes up the arrow and pulls it back >With one deep breath she lets it fly >To her disappointment, she completely misses >You see tears begin to form in her eyes >She was such a perfectionist that girl "I-I'm... I'm sorry." >She can barely get the words out >"What's there to apologize for?" "I... I..." >She gulps "I missed." >"So what?" >She looks at you, wondering if you're serious or not >"You tried your best. You just need some practice. You don't think I made my first shot do you?" >She hugs your and cries into your belly >Maybe you overdid it >You try to comfort her just to see AJ with Sonata and Aria walk up "Tryin' some archery ah take it?" >"Yep. Adagio is a crack shot. Just like her old man." >Adagio wouldn't stop hugging your side, tears still leaking down her cheeks >"So did you girls enjoy the horses?" >Sonata perks up "Aye!" >You smile and brush the tears out of Adagio's eyes >"You did great ok Pumkin? I'm not mad. I'm actually very proud." >Dagi smiles "Aye sir." >The rest of the day was spent goofing off and helping AJ set up the rest of her Halloween spectacle >It was hard work, but that night made it all worth while >The girls were now all dressed up >Sonata in her Dino outfit, Adagio dressed as an angel, and Aria in her vampire zombie astronaut >You noticed just how beautiful Adagio was. Not in the creepy incest sort of way, but the fact that your daughter was finally growing up >She had become quite a beautiful young woman since you first met her "Um dad? Why are you smiling like that?" >You snap out of it and see Adagio giving you a 'wtf' stare >"Oh nothing sweetie." >Aria looks around through her mask "So now what?" >"Well what would you three like to do? We can go through the corn maze, we could go into the haunted house, the hay ride?" >Aria sees this as the perfect opportunity to pick on Sonna "Well we wouldn't want to go into the haunted house. It might scare a certain little baby." >Sonata gets huffy "Hey! I'm not a baby!" "Are too." "Are not." "Are too." >"Girls! Enough. How about we go to the corn maze first. That should be fun eh?" "Aye sir." "Fine, if that's what you want." >Sonata was still huffy and crosses her arms "Aye.." >"Alright, then it is settled. Let's get a move on." >You walk them too the corn maze. The fact that it was totally dark outside made the mood even better. >All that lit your path was the dim light of the full moon >"Alright girls. You ready?" >Dagi jumps in the air "Aye sir!" "Aye!" "Yeah, sure, whatever." >"Oh Aria. Quit being such a stick in the mud." >She sticks her tongue at you >You all begin to walk through the opening >The fog machines covered the entire ground in a thick mist >It made it all the more creepy that everything seemed to go silent after the first few steps >You begin to walk around coming up to dead end after dead end >Aria was getting visibly nervous >"Everything alright Aria?" "O-of course. I'm not scared. Not one bit." >She could barely talk with her teeth chattering >You walk further through the mazes twists and turns when a man in a wolf costume jumped out directly in front of Aria making her jump so high, she nearly broke through the atmosphere >She ran and hugged you so tight you could barely breathe, her legs shaking like a tree in a breeze >Sonata, however, remained unfazed >In fact, she thought of the whole thing as a joke, laughing hysterically "Again! Again!" >Once Aria realized what had just happened, her face turned as red as a watermelon >Adagio just couldn't take the irony of the situation and started to laugh "Oh Aria! You should have seen your face!" "S-shut up Adagio! I-I wasn't scared! I-I-I just wanted to make S-Sonata feel better that's all!" >The man pulls back his mask to reveal the face of Big Mac >The man of few words gives a chuckle and sinks back into the brush to find his next victim >Aria finally gains control of herself but her face still shown a bright red >Finally you all make it through the maze >Sonata jumps high in the air "Again, again, again!" >"Nope. We still got lots of things to do. So which should we do next? We can do the hay rides, the haunted house, or we can play some of the games?" >Sonata has a huge grin on face "Let's do the haunted house!" >Aria instantly stiffens >"Nah. We already did something scary. Let's do the hay ride. What do you say?" >Aria relaxes like a limp noodle >Dagi agrees "Aye, sir." >Sonata parrots her "Aye!" >"Then it's settled." >You all work towards the cart pulled by the giant quarter horse >At the head of the cart was another one of the Apples >You payed the fair and climbed on the back with your three girls >The wood was uncomfortable as shit >Both Sonata and Adagio began to sandwich you in between them >Dagi's poof began to get into your mouth while Sonata's elbow was rammed right into your ribs >Aria just looks at the scene and laughs >"Dagi." >She looks at you with the sweetest face "What daddy?" >You just couldn't tell her to take the poof out of your mouth >You rested your head on that giant pillow of hair and enjoyed the ride until you got to the pumpkin patch >Sonata looks outside of the carriage in awe "Whoa daddy! What are those big orange things!" >Aria slaps her hand to her face "Those are pumpkins loser." "Hey! I'm not a loser!" >You sigh >"Can you girls go 10 minutes without fighting?" >Aria crosses her arms "Well maybe if she wasn't such a loser." "Am not!" >"Girls. Enough. Let's just pick some pumpkins alright?" >You all hop out of the carriage, you pulling out a flashlight and flicking it on >"Alright girls. Each of you can have one pumpkin but it has to be small enough for you to carry. Understand?" "Aye sir!" "Aye!" "Yes Daddy." >They all run out into the night looking for the perfect pumpkin >Sonata returns rather quickly with a pumpkin more than half her own body weight and nearly twice her size >Her twig legs could barely keep her body up underneath the enormous weight >"Sonata?" >She huffs and puffs >"Didn't I say it had to be one that you could carry?" "B-but I can carry... this!" >She could barely get the sentence out between her panting >"Sweetie, that one is much to big for you. How about you go find another one?" >The pumpkin drops down and you see Sonata start to blubber "B-but it's perfect." >"Oh Sonata. You can still get a pumpkin. Just not that one." >You can see the water works starting and her giving you the wow is me stare >You sigh >"Fine. You can keep it" >Instantly the water works stop and a huge toothy grin develops on her face >She gives you a big hug "Thanks daddy!" >Adagio comes back with a small pumpkin the size of her two fists >"Why did you get one so small Dagi?" "I don't know. I like the small ones. They are so unappreciated. I like to give them some love too so they don't feel so left out" >Did she just throw down some philosophy on a pumpkin? >Sonata was of course completely clueless >Finally Aria returns with an elongated one the size of her torso >"Nice choice." "Thanks. I guess." >"You girls want to crave pumpkins?" >Sonata nods "Sure, why not. Adagio?" "Yeah. I've got some ideas." >"Ok then. We're carving pumpkins." >You all climb back onto the carriage >The only light outside was the moon and it was nearly silent >It was quite peaceful >But it was short lived as once again you were sandwiched between the poof and Sonata's elbow digging in between your ribs >After a semi-peaceful horse ride you go into the barn where there are two long tables for carving pumpkins >You sit down with your three girls and teach them how to scoop out the inside and carve like a pro >Once you finish with that you just sit and watch them, almost in a trance >AJ nudges your shoulder, knocking you back "Aren't ya gonna do a pumpkin too?" >"Nah. It isn't really my thing. I am not really the creative, work with your hands type." "Oh fooey. I bet if ya gave it ah try ya might just like it." >"Not like it matters anyway. I don't have a pumpkin. I didn't bother to get one." "Well sugarcube yer in luck because I just so happen to have some spares." >"You're not going to let me get away with this are you?" >AJ smiles "Not in ah million years I won't." >"Fine, just give me a pumpkin." "What size would ya like?" >"The smaller the better." "Medium it is then!" >She goes to the back of the barn and pulls out a medium sized pumpkin and some sheering tools "Alrighty Anon. You get ta work." >"Man AJ. Who know you were such a slave driver." >She just sticks her tongue out and leaves you too your work >But what the hell were you supposed to make? >You were no artist that's for sure >You look at how your girls are doing for any sort of inspiration >Sonata is just carving random lines and shapes >Aria was drawing a scary face along with wispy lines around the edges >Adagio, being the artsy girl she was, was making her creativity soar >She was drawing all sorts of beautiful designs that fit together in a mosaic like form >You looked at your pumpkin still empty and devoid of all creativity >You decide to just start carving, seeing where you hand would take you >It couldn't be worse than Sonata's right? >Wrong >So very very wrong >At least Sonata's had some sense too it >Yours looked like you had a mini seizure all over the pumpkin >Aria catches and glance at your disaster of a pumpkin and begins to stifle a chuckle >Sonata notices too and chuckles as well >But Adagio looks at it entirely differently "Girls don't laugh at it. I think it looks beautiful" >Aria finally cracks up "Really Adagio? Even Sonata's is better!" >Dagi puts her hand to her chin "But you aren't looking hard enough. I can see the beauty of it clearly. It's... chaotic, yet very organized. It doesn't make sense but I think that is the entire beauty of it, kind of like a tree without leaves mid summer." >You and the other two girls are looking at Dagi with your jaws dropped >Instantly her face turns beet red "W-what? I-I-I was just commenting on what I saw is all!" >You all instantly start laughing >"Adagio, you are incredible you know that?" "A-are you making fun of me?" >"No way. You managed to give so much meaning to something I barely put any thought into. I love you honey." >She still doesn't know quite what to think "I love you too daddy." >You wondered just what went on inside that head of hers >Clearly she had quite an active mind >Finally all of you finish your pumpkins >Sonata's was a mess of shapes and poorly drawn stick figures >Aria's was pretty standard. Just a spooky face >Dagi had made a mosaic, with shapes inside of shapes and having it all fit together in a stitch pattern >Yours of course was just a mess of random lines >You all gather some candles and place them inside each one >Dagi's made a beautiful array of shapes on the bard wall, it made the whole thing even more spectacular >Aria's cast the large face and Sonata's looked about as well as the carving >"Well girls, I think it's about time we go trick or treating" >Dagi frowns "You didn't put a candle in yours yet." >"But mines so bad. you wouldn't want to see it" >Sonata tugs your sleeve "Do it daddy! Do it!"