Aria the Loyal - by Anonymous

>You are Aria. >"Ari? Could you come here for a second?..." >You live with your friends, or at least roommates. >You've no idea what to call it. >The relationship between you is odd... >As you open the door, you look at Sonata. >She's blushing with embarrassment, and holding her hands on the crotch of her skirt. >"It's hard again..." >Oh. You were wondering why the relationship is odd? >Well, when you and your cohorts first got here, you figured you'd turn out well. >You are sirens, basically glorified singing seahorses. >A race exclusively female. >But then you came here... >You are the only actual "girl". Meanwhile, the others... >"You don't have to do anything but suck! For realzies!!" >Have penises. "You know Sonata, I don't know why you don't ask Adagio. You don't think I get tired of sucking you off?" >Sonata squirms a bit, moving her hands away from the bulge. >"B-because you do it best..." "Don't lie to me." >Sonata frowns. >"Because Adagio always wants to be the dominant one, and I don't get to use my weenie..." >You roll your eyes. "And stop saying "weenie". You are 1018, not a goddman child." >"But I don't like the other words for it!!" >You open the door. "Then you should be fine beating that meatstick of yours." >"NO PLEASE!!" >The blue ditz was grabbing your leg, kneeling before you. >"I really need to release, please Ari..." >Fuck those girls for beating you with the power of friendship. >It's turned you into a considerate person. "Shut up and get on the bed." >Sonata clasped her hands together, happily sitting on the bed. >You always close and lock the door when you do Sonata a favor, because you don't need Adagio trying to spit roast you. >Sonata bites her lip as you lift the skirt and pull down her panties, dick popping out in the air. >Hers was cute, a good 6 inches of hardened muscle. >You didn't choke yourself when sucking her down. >You kissed it, and could feel the muscles spasm against your lips. >Poking your tongue into the hole quickly makes the blue fool shudder in ecstasy. >Sonata puts a hand in your hair, pushing you gently into her cock. >Stopping for a second, you allow it to penetrate your lips, and you can feel hot liquid dripping onto your tongue. >Precum, tart and sweet. >She pushes down hard, and you bite on her prick. >"OWWIE!" >You scowl at her, and she whimpers as she takes her hand away. >She never could control herself. You always have to "remind" her that you are in control. >Putting your hands on hers and keeping them anchored, you start to bob slowly. >You go deep, all the way to the base. >She just took a shower...smells like berries. >You inhale more...Coconuts? Damn, shit smells good... >Sonata grinds her crotch into your face in an attempt to get deeper. >Poor girl wants your throat...too bad. >You feel her base tighten, and force your lips closed. >She tries to buck further into you, desperate to cum. >"Ari!! Please!! Don't tease me..." >Your lips only tighten, wordlessly forbidding her ejaculation. >You slowly pull up, allowing her cum to get just before the tip, before stopping. >You feel her cock relax, with her cum backing down. >You release her hands, and slide your lips around the tip, and hum. >You inwardly chuckle, forgetting about how sensitive a penis is post delayed orgasm. >At that moment, Sonata grabs your pigtails, and pulls, thrusting into your mouth. >"Aria I LOVE your mouth!!!" >She starts shamelessly face fucking you, your nose comstantly hitting her pubic hairs. >After a few thrusts, she hilts a final time, blasting her seed down your throat. >It seems to be endless, continuously blasting until it slows to a dribble. >You pull up, and suck off any remaining cum, leaving Sonata drained. >With a pop, her dick comes out of your mouth, and you swallow the sweet nectar, smiling a little as it goes down. >"Thanks Ari..." >You pat the limp dick, Sonata shuddering. >"'ll make it hard again!" >You laugh at her and stand up straight. >You sashay your way to the door, and look back at Sonata, her dick beginning to rise. "You're still the worst." >At that you leave the room. >You could swear you hear her whining. � >You flop on your bed, grabbing your phone and scrolling through the contacts. "Is there anyone to talk to?" >Let's see the pictures... >You could go with that one guy, Flash. >Wait, doesn't he have a thing for the other purple girl? >Twig-lit, was it? Eh, fuck it. >You and your friend call her PurpleSmart. >That's right, your friend with the pink dreads. >He's cute enough, and yet... >No, don't want to ruin the friendship. He probably doesn't like you like that. >Maybe that one blue guy... >He's got piercing golden orange eyes, and he's pretty cool. >Nah...he's a bit too mysterious. >But then there is salad boy. >You laugh at the nickname you gave him. >Anon was more mysterious than gold eyes, there wasn't much to know about him. >Green boy was really nerdy, and he's more into his studies than a social life. >It's cute, now that you think about it. >He gave you his number in case you wanted to study. >Oh you'll study alright... >"ARIA!" >Ugh...shit. >In comes Adagio, your clique "leader." "What is it? I'm texting here." >"I'm sorry, but your friends can wait." >You look to the flat chested girl, completely unimpressed. >You get tired of her taking charge, someone needs to put her in place. >You can't, of course...but someone should. "What is it you want?" >She walks around to your backside, and gives your ass a squeeze. >Of course, no foreplay to get you in the mood or anything. "How about no? I really just want to talk to one of my friends." >"I'll be quick about it." >You groan, irritated. She never takes no for an answer. >As Adagio pulls her shorts and leggings down, you ease your jeans and panties down, showing a nice portion of your ass to her. >Adagio put her hardened member between your cheeks, and began striking smoothly. >You felt sorry for the girl, only 4 and a half inches of dick means she's not pleasing a lot of people. >"Aria, your ass is so nice..." >She smacks it, and you nearly drop your phone. >"Come on! I can make it enjoyable for you too. Put the phone down." "Sorry, Ada, I'd rather not. You do what you do, and I'll just text." >You decide to do a group chat with pink dreads and Anon. >You send out the text, and continue to deal with Adagio hotdogging you. >Pink dreads texts back first. You can't remember his'll make a name for him. >His hair is pink, like a valentine heart...let's call him Heart. >[Heart:Sup Aria. What is it you need?] [Oh nothing, just wanted to talk to 2 of my favorite people.] >Adagio starts to rub her cock against your labia, trying to get you wet. >Anon texts back into the group, with his trademark emoji. >[Anon: What's hapnin cap'ns?] [Nothing, jusgaha] >Adagio was trying to penetrate your pussy. >Oh no. Hell no. >1000 years on the godforsaken rock and you've kept your virginity, you refuse to give it to her. "Ada, stop." >"What? Why? You don't like it?" >You reach behind and pull her throbbing dick upwards. "Either Anal or get out." >"I think it doesn't matter. We are years old, I'm surprised you want your's not like you can date anyone anyway." >You squeeze, and Orange Overlord moans in what sounds like masochistic pleasure. "Look, you aren't in control anymore. We no longer have powers. That means you no longer have a say over me and Sonata. The only reason I do this shit for you 2 is because you'd be helpless without me. The least you can do is NOT take my virginity." >Adagio winces, as you squeeze harder. >"Fine..." >You let go, and look back at your phone. >[Heart:The fuck?] >[Anon:Yeah. Did you drop your phone?] >You sigh in irritation, you'll be damned if you tell your 2 could-be boyfriends that you let your dickgirl friends fuck you when they need it. [I fucked up and stubbed my toe. It's all good.] >Adagio rubs her cock against your asshole, wet and slimy. >Spit. Nature's go to lube. >You decide to aid her a little, relaxing and pushing against her. >[Anon: So, what's the point of this group conversation?] >[Heart: Chill Nonners, she just wants to chat with us.] [Well, straight to the point are we, Anon?] >Adagio finally pushed in, getting all her length in to your ass. >You tightened up on her, squeezing her helpless cock. >"Oh my...OOOOH!!" >The sensation proves too much, as she starts blasting her cum into you, hot waves of comfort slathering in rope by rope. >[Anon: Well, I'm sorry, I'm not one for talking. I rather just do things.] >[Heart: Ah, bold and blunt. Nice traits, brah. But don't you like to sit back and relax sometimes?] >"I'm not done Aria." >Adagio starts thrusting, gently pushing you against the bed. "Well...mmf...Hurry up, I have a question to ask my friends." [I just wanted to know if you'd like to hang out sometime. Either one of you. Unless salad boy is uninterested.] >[Heart: Sure. I've been meaning to ask if you wanted to go to the Raibow Factory premiere.] >[Anon: I'm working on some stuff for science class. So I guess I'll just leave you 2 alone.] >Ada spreads your cheeks, trying to get deeper. >You should congratulate her tenacity and endurance. >She's actually... "Mhmm..." >"Glad to see you are enjoying this now." "Just shut up...ooh...and fuck." >She's hitting it right, satisfyingly. >[Heart:What a stiff. Cool guy though.] [Yeah. So, Rainbow Factory. You taking me on a date?] >[Heart: Only if you'll have me.] >Your body starts to tense up, and Adagio leaned over you, nibbling your ear and breathing hotly. >[I'm gonna have to text you later. Adagio needs something.] >You drop your phone before you could read the reply, allowing Ada your attention. >You can hear her chuckle a bit, but it's shut off when you tighten around her. >With one last thrust, you squeeze the cover of the bed, and splash the bed. >You are cumming hard, your juices ruining your bed. >Adagio shoots off more, effectively creaming your insides. >Your friend collapses on top of you, breathing heavily into your hair. >" was best to use your ass to begin with." "I'll say...short stuff." >You look at Adagio's unimpressed expression, letting her lie there for a bit. >The afterglow long gone, she pulls out, and you reach for your phone only to jump and drop it once more. >A hot pair of lips were around the recently fucked ass, using tongue to get at the cream that's filled you. "Wha-AH-are you doing?!" >No words are uttered as you are forced to lean up, and you slowly feel Ada's cum slowly flow out of you. >And she was just...drinking it. >The last trickle came out, and Adagio got back up and spanked you. >You watched her swallow, getting you a little wet. >"Thank you Aria. You can go back to your friends now." >Adagio leaves, and you are just sitting there. >You bit your lip...karma is a real bitch. � >Time flies by during the week, and you are walking out of school. >Heart walks beside you, smiling. >"So, my favorite grump. The premiere is next week, and you haven't exactly let a brother know if you want to come with." "Come on you walking rainbow parade, you know I hate horror movies. You are probably just trying to get me to huddle in your arms." >He chuckles, and pushes you gently. >"Is that so wrong?" >You blushed slightly, his forwardness catching you off guard. >He doesn't notice, it seems. He just keeps being cheerful. "Well that's cool of you. I'll think about it, alright?" >"Okay. I'll see you later, Aria." >Off the boy went, heading to class, leaving you with lunchtime. >You start walking to the inner city, setting the timer on your phone so you know when to be back for class. --------- >You are Anon. >You are still thinking about yesterday. >Maybe you are a bit of a stiff. No fun, all work. >Heart at least thinks you are cool. >You spend your time here, working on your projects. >"Hey 'Non, my brother." >You looked up. >It's your favorite pink dreaded friend. "Don't you have a class you should be in?" >"What, psychology? I can ace that class anytime, I just wanted to see how you were doing and talk for a bit." >Harrumph. >You are oddly confused about this guy. >You've been friends since kindergarten, he was smart, smarter than you even. >He didn't need to study to pass a test, he just went through it with ease, the first one to turn in. >But the only thing he does well on are tests. >Basic assignments and homework often went in the trash. >Anytime the teacher tried to embarrass him when he looked like he wasn't paying attention, the whole room goes to shit. >He'd make a snide remark, prove that he knows exactly what to do, show the class an easier way to do the problem, gets the right answer... >And if the teacher even dare fuck up, put as much attention on the mistake as possible, efficiently making a fool of the instructor. >And then he'd sit down, and watch them squirm. >Other than that, he maintains a lazy and laid back personality. >Only ever truly caring about something when it's related to his interests... >"Anon? You okay? You're zoning out on me." "Huh? Oh. What happened?" >"Aria. I'm asking if you like her." "She is only a friend to me, so I don't care." >Heart looked at you, mildly startled. >"You know, you really have to work on your word choices. You really could hurt someone's feelings, dude." "Whatever. I say what I mean." >"Right...well, I guess I'll just please you, Lord Anon, and go to class." >Heart stood up, and went off. >"Oh, hey, have you seen Ms. Cheerilee's cat?" >With an annoyed look, you face the man. "Cortez? No. She isn't following Fluttershy around?" >He shook his head. >"People say you were the last guy around her, so I thought I'd ask you. But I don't think you'd hurt or do anything disapproving to her. Not to mention I know you hate animals." "It's fine, Heart. I understand, it's how investigations go. You get a lead, you follow it up. Now go, before your teachers finally have a reason to expel you." >He waved, and smiled. >Once he was gone, you looked through the books in front of you. >You'd think you'd have decent books on botany here in the library. >Your project depends on your alchemical abilities, and you can't mess up. >F's are not acceptable. >Especially since you have a waiting participant back at home to test the mixtures for you. >A cute, and furry participant. ------ >You are Heart. >Sitting next to Scootaloo and Sonata as they babble on about the performances they think are the best from the BotB. >You laughed at them. When you told them you liked Derpy's best, they laughed at your face. >But seriously. Anyone who can play a SAW deserves any award you can give them. >"Alright class. Today will be learning about a special type of person." >This ought to be good. >Ms. Cheerilee, the Science/Psychology teacher, walked in between you and Scoots. >"I'd like you all to make a list of you friends, and you are going to ask them questions. This is a large percentage of your grade..." >A gentle hand worked its way along the back of your neck. >"And you can't afford to miss it." >She begins to teach, and you write your list. � >"So, the subject is sociopaths." >Sociopaths? Aren't they dangerous? >"If you ask anyone, they tell you that these people are dangerous. And they are right. Often cold, and calculated, they are often said to be emotionless and with no care for their fellow man." >Scootaloo raises her hand. >"Aren't they a type of psychopath?" >Cheerilee nodded at the purple headed girl. >"Correct Scootaloo. They fit the bill well. Lack of morals, a sense of responsibility. Personal relationships are few or do not exist at all, and they are antisocial at most. But back to what I was saying." >You finished your list. >You surprisingly have a lot of people you could call friends... >But not many deserving. >There's Scootaloo, and Sonata. >Flash was cool with you, but not a friend. >Pinkie Pie was good to you, she threw you a party and hung out with you when you moved here. >Definite friend. >Applejack gave you a place to stay when you got here as well. She's a good friend. >You should eat lunch with Pinkie and AJ today. >Adagio would be on here, if she was actually friendly. >Hanging out with her always meant being a slave for a few hours. >Do this, do that. Give me a massage. >How Aria deals with her you'll never understand. >Aria was...well...after the shit at the BotB, you found her crying her heart out at the football field. >When she saw you though, sweet fuck was she murderous. ******** (3 months ago, a few days after the battle of the bands) � >You've finished your lunch, heading to the football field. >It's been a good day, and it'll be great once you get back to Sweet Apple. >"GODDAMMIT!!" >Sweet fuck who the hell was that? >"I hate this place!! I HATE THIS SCHOOL!! I HATE MY FUCKING LIFE!!" >The voice was feminine, cracking and screeching... >And...sobbing? >As you slowly snuck onto the stands, you saw the source of the unbridled rage and anger. >The pigtailed girl, that hangs with Sonata and Adagio. >She's face down, hair flayed about... >And punching the shit out of the seats. >"FUCK!!..." >A hard bang rang out, she's probably dented that area. >She picked up her head. >Endless tears, her nose bubbling... >She looks so helpless. Like a child. >"...Why...why am I unable to have friends...even that DECIETFUL CONNIVING BITCH ADAGIO HAS FRIENDS!!!" >Another bang, though this time she used her head instead of fist. >Damn... >"WHY ME DAMMIT?!" >Another bang. >Sweet decadent baby Jesus...she's going to kill herself. >Anon told you the best way to handle some situations is to stay out of it. >But... >"JUST ONE FRIEND!!...I'm so tired...I want someone to listen to me...the way I listen to "sisters"...BUT ALL MY FEELINGS DON'T FUCKING MATTER!!" >Another bang...and from here, you can see that she's starting to bleed. "Sorry Anon...If I do nothing I think I'll hate the results." >You climb the stands, walking up to the girl. >She must be losing her mind. Loneliness is a feel known too well. >You place your hand on her shoulder, and shake her a little. "Uh...hey." >A frustrated look greets you, which quickly downgrades into an embarrassed blush and her hiding her face. >"The fuck do you want, worm hair..." >You force her onto the seat, with little resistance. >She's heavy... "I heard you crying, and-" >"YOU DIDN'T HEAR SHIT!!" >You were forced down with a hand on your throat, a strong grip crushing your throat. "ACK!!" >She's squeezing painfully, and you grab her arm in an attempt to make her let go. >When she realizes what she's doing she slowly releases, and sits back down. >Breath, Heart...Just breathe. >She sits there, staring at the ground. >She clearly is alone, for good reason. >Choke whoever the fuck appears to care, that gets you friends. >When you can finally breathe, you was yourself along to sit up. "...Is that how you greet everyone?" >Still wet with tears, she sniffles and looks away. >"It's how I greet nosy people." >She's a tough one. All the more fun to see her soft side...if she has one. >You sit here for a few minutes, and you catch her glancing at you a few times. >Each time getting a bit pink I'm the face. "I'm not going to leave you. Not until I know you're ok." >She flinched, and folded her arms, still not speaking a word. >It'll be a while before she will talk... >The bell rings, signaling class to be in. "Well...that's the bell." >"Yes it is, dumbass. Does all your mind power go into the worms on your head?" >This girl is it even going to be worth it? >She fussed about friends, but she doesn't try to get any at all. >You sigh frustratedly, and stand up. >You make your way over to her, and she looks up, shaking a little. >With your sleeve, you wipe her tears and snot, and using some spit to wipe the blood away. >When you step back, and look at the girl. >A nasty scratch on her forehead...but you without bandages. >Her blush was still there, betraying the otherwise frustrated look on her face. "Well...I'll see you later then." >You head down to the double doors, looking back up to the girl, to see her staring at you. >She was crying again...but... >Was she smiling? ******** >You ought to write a book on that. >You shook your head, noticing that everyone was leaving. >Good job, daydreaming pass the bell. >"That's the lesson. Now then, have a good day, and Heart, remember. NO ONE can afford not to do the assignment." "Yes Ms. Cheerilee." >As you head into the hallway, you see Sonata and Scootaloo waiting for you. >You already told yourself you should eat with Pink and AJ... >Your blue ditzy friend began to hop around you, joyously. >"Hey Heart! I'm gonna eat with my other friends today." >Scootaloo grabbed your elbow, already dragging you along. >"Yeah, with Applejack and the others. Sonata's coming too, you wanna join?" >Stifling a laugh, you follow the short one, without much resistance. "Not like I've got a choice." -------- >You are Aria. >Foot long sandwich, a bottle of sweet tea, and some cookies. >Lovely lunch choice. >Subway also would have been great if the cashier wasn't snickering at the obvious dick jokes. >You should've slapped him. Would have been hilarious. >As you get back to the school, you can see you've made it just in time. Hopefully your English teacher doesn't penalize you. >Eating the last cookie, you take your seat and wait for the class to begin. >The teacher came in, dragging along some poor spic. >Great, this means it's- >"POETRY ABOUT PEOPLE DAY!! And today we have Miss..." >Of course, Mr. Discord would just grab some poor kid from the hallway on her lunch period. >Poetry day. When you work on describing things as best you can, without using the same word twice. >The class gets cruel on these days, pointing out the most >You hate these... >"Uh...Babs." >"Now now, don't be afraid dear. You are just going to be the subject of about 38 poems. Be more brave!" >Poor girl must be about to wet herself. >Discord directs her to a chair near the chalkboard and she sits, fidgeting every few seconds. >And the teacher goes on with his lesson, other students already beginning to write. >A student looks at you, getting your attention. "What?" >"That kid up there looks really squeamish." "I know." >You continue looking at the red haired girl, watching as she looks at the ground. >"Someone should help her..." >You'll be damned if you become the subject of a roast session. >But... "Mr. Discord, if I take her place, can I be exempt from the assignment?" >He turned and looked at you with a grin. >"Why sure. You can take her place. Babs, you can go." >The redhead smiles at you, mouthing a thank you and leaving the room. >The class began to snicker and guffaw as you slowly made your way up to the chair. >"GOOD JOB BEING A MARY SUE, ARIA!!" >"I've been waiting to clown those pigtails." >Being a good person has never been so rewarding... � >The final bell rings, and you hurriedly get out of the chair. >"Ah, wait a moment Ms. Blaze. I've words for you." >Your thoughts were bombarding your mind wildly, angry beyond measure. >Isn't it enough to have sat here and been berated by an entire class? >You just want to go home, and lock the door. >When the class leaves, you stay where you stood. >Mr. Discord walked over, and gave you a package. >Heavy, but not large. It takes 2 hands to hold... >"That is for being the only student in my class to take someone else's position." "Wait, what?" >The gray haired man chuckled. >"The assignment, while for a grade, is a social experiment. I wanted to see who would be compassionate and brave enough to take a subject's place." >You are quite literally dumbfounded. >You are a little less mad now, but this confuses you. "Why would you do that?" >"I myself believe too many students in this school are lacking in the kindness department. I wanted to see who still had the trait. You surprised me, but things happen unexpectedly. That's how it is with chaos and order, hm?" "But...this makes no sense-" >"My motive shouldn't need to make sense to you, child. Now go on home, the bell rang, you've more important things to do than chat with an old crone." >He pushes you out the door, and closes it. >You stare at the door confused, but this teacher is odd. >You'll let it go this once... >Heading outside, you've begun opening the odd package. >Bits of paper coming off little by little at a time. >When you look at it, you rose an eyebrow. "What the fuck..." >A miniature amplifier, and a card. A voucher. >At closer inspection you read it, nearing the house. "This voucher entitles the holder to a free musical instrument of their choice at the Scratch Family Music Shop." >You just got a free music thing for being nice? >HOLY SHIT, BEING NICE HAS NEVER BEEN SO FUCKING REWARDING!! >No wonder those girls like friendship so much, if it can get you shit like this! >When you get inside the house, no one is home to greet you. >This is great, no boners to take care of first thing. >Time to- > [Embed] >You love this noise, but it scares the hell out of you sometimes. >Anyway, a text message! >[Sonata: Ady and I are going to hang with Sunset for a while, so don't wait up!!] >Awesome. Not having to deal with dick for the night. >Things couldn't be anymore sweet!! >You take off your jeans, and go to your room. >A pair of track shorts and a tank top is comfortable enough. >Once changed, you flop on the couch and start up the random game system and start up Skyrim. >Anon got you into gaming, and you love him for it. >Because of video games, you co-operated with Sonata instead of arguing with her for once. >At least, until it came to racing or shooting. >Mercy is for the weak. >Aria, an Argonian mage. >Well, you use a sword and a random spell, mostly Soul Trap and Sparks. >You didn't get far on the story, but you did manage to become a werewolf. >And you went on a rampage, murdering all Orcs. >Genocide, fun, but racist. Don't do this at home, kids. *knock knock knock* "WHOEVER IT IS WAIT A FUCKING SECOND, I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF SOME AWESOME SHIT RIGHT HERE!" >You weren't doing anything awesome at all. >But working a forge IS some pretty demanding work. >"Aria, come on! I'm trying to hang with you. Or should I tell someone about that day at the field?" >Fucking Heart. >You drop the controller, and head to the door. >Once opening, you snatch him inside, and slam the door shut. "I told you to stop joking with me like that." >He simply grinned, flashing his teeth and all, and put his hands in his pockets. >"You weren't going to let me in until I got your attention. Sonata told me you've been playing Skyrim in your spare time." "So?" >He then gave you an "nigga please" look. >"Everyone knows that when you play Skyrim, you stop giving a fuck about the world around you." "Whatever. Make yourself comfortable, wormhair." >You flop back down on the couch, taking majority of it. >He moves the coffee table and sits down on the floor, legs outstretched. >"I've always wanted to see a girl's take on Skyrim, anyway." "Good, because you won't be getting any play time." >Now you were in motion toward Riften, you want that awesome shadowy armor from the Thieves Guild shit. >"No, you don't have to go down there. You could just pick that lock." "There's a lock I can pick?" >Heart directs you to the barred door, cutting out wasted time. "Well...uh...thanks." >"To keep you from walking into a bunch of traps." >You chuckle inwardly at that comment. >You live with 2. >After a few hours, you stretch. Heart actually has been sitting here content watching you. "Alright, that's enough of the 'Rim. Wanna watch a movie?" >"Sure. What's on?" >You decided on something tame. >You walk in front of Heart's face, toward the shelf of dvd's. "Comedy, Romance, Action...we got it all." >"Comedy sounds good. Got any Stand-up?" "Yup!" >You grab the first one you can think of. >You really like this comedian, and hopefully he does too. >Wait, why do you care about that? >When you put it in, you walk back to the couch, only to be grabbed by the legs. "GOD FUCKING DAMMIT HEART WHAT ARE YOU DOIN'?" >You wobbled, and fell backwards, landing on the ground. >He let go, and started to laugh. >"Just having some fun." >You sat up and glared at him. >So you are in a joking mood, eh? >You leaped forward, and tackled him. "MAYBE WHEN I BEAT YOUR ASS YOU WON'T BE JOKING!" >He turns you both over, and smiles when he's on top. >"I'd love to see you try, Ari." >This mother fucker has turned this into UFC. >You both begin wrestling on the floor, struggling to be on top. >You didn't know Heart was this strong. >It doesn't help that he's usually being lazy, all the more to catch people by surprise. >Or maybe you are weak. >You tumble over, and you manage to push him onto the couch, and jump him. >When you land on him, you feel arms wrap around your back, tightly. >He's successfully trapped you in a bear hug. >ARIA YOU IDIOT!! "Alright! Let me go! You win!" >He lets go, slowly. But when you open your eyes, you notice... >You 2 are awfully close. Like...really close. >He was really warm, too. Comfortable. >Perfect for... >His fuchsia eyes were staring into yours, the link not breaking for not one second. "..." >"...You're staring pretty hard there, Ari." >You shake your head and push off, sitting on his legs. "Your eyes look like Kool-Aid." >He simply laughed. >"You aren't so ugly yourself...So, you gonna press play?" >Oh. Right. Movie. >You press A on the controller, and watch the movie start to play. >As you both laughed at the sexual innuendos and relatability, you began to get sleepy. >"You alright, Ari? You look woozy." >You look at him and shrug. "Just getting sleepy. Not that you are boring, but usually Adagio and Sonata are here to annoy the shit out of me." >"So you are bored?" >You shook your head, and started to lean. >You jolt yourself awake, trying not to fall off the couch. >"You know, if you want to go sleep, that's fine." "No, I'm fine hanging with you." >You say that, but your eyes aren't obeying you. >"...Just come here" >You feel Heart pull you down toward him, and it surprises you. >But you won't fight him, it's too comfortable like this. "You better not do anything while I'm asleep." >He turned his head back to the tv. >"I won't, promise." >As you began to drift off, you felt his hand on your back, softly stroking your spine. >In little time, you were asleep. � ------ >You are Anon. >Thank whatever powers exist for Friday night. >Now you get at least 60 hours of continuous studying. >Now then, this chemical mixture here should be excellent. "Cortez, here boy." >A black cat slowly saunters its way to you, and sits in front of you. "Oh, no longer violent and resistant? This is good. I wouldn't want to tie you down like yesterday. No, that'd make me mad." >You poured the liquid into the cat's drinking bowl, and it lapped it up, savoring the drops. "Yes. Is it good, Cortez? I put rose petals in it. Some sugar also, with grape juice and a very special ingredient." >The cat finished it all, quickly at that. >Within no time at all, the cat was bolting around the room, a little ball of black, furry energy. "I knew that would get you perked up. I'm glad I took you from Cheerilee. Bitch can't take care of an animal to save her life..." >Which reminds you. Teacher Appreciation Week. >Your project entails you working on drinks for your teachers. >Since you've got at least three for your most favorites down, you have to work with the last 2. >For your least favorite teachers...Discord and Harshwhinny. >Discord fit the bill as an English teacher, he used to be a lawyer. >Understanding that the tongue is a double edged sword, words that you think have one meaning can mean something completely different when taken out of context. >Slippery bastards like that piss you off... >You have that mute mixture you were working on for him, but the poison ivy and nectar weren't working out well at all. >You want him mute, not dead. >And Harshwhinny? That bitch has definitely earned the right to pass on. >You would kill her in a more brutal way if each possibility didn't end with your capture. >You went outside, to the garden. >You'd set up a desk there, where you can work on your mixes and sample the plants. >Your mother would be proud at your ingredient choices. >She loved her garden. You kept it up for her. >She'd be so happy that you have it all trimmed up and lined with these beautiful plants. >You put on your gloves, and picked the fruit of one, readying a clean syringe. >Actea Pachypoda, also known as Doll's Eyes. >Poisonous to eat, harmless to touch. >But you refuse to take the risk. >Cortez has calmed down, hopping up to the desk and sitting near you. "Yes, what I gave you only wakes you up a bit. It's supposed to rid you of worms, if you've any. Seeing how you aren't defecating, you must not have any." >You draw the juice from the odd white fruit, and then injecting it into the brownish orange bottle. >'For Harshwhinny, the best History teacher ever!' >You're going to hell for lying. >Oh well, you didn't even care when your father left, and spitting on his grave at the funeral. >Who's to say you weren't going already, anyway? >After emptying the syringe, you swish the drink around a bit. >All the other ingredients in this were to enhance the sweet flavor of this deadly fruit. >As soon as she drinks it, she will die almost immediately. >Now then, on to Discord's- >No, now you have to clean the shit off your desk. >And Cortez is sleeping inside, on your chair in the living room. >One of the many charms of pets. "This better not become common place, Cortez. I don't take shit like this, and I am nothing like Cheerilee." ----------- >You are Heart. >Holding a snoozing girl in your arms, you haven't really payed attention to the movie. >Seeing how she's fallen asleep at 6 PM a little early for a high school teen, it makes you wonder. >The relation ship is parasitic, probably. Aria stays awake and deals with Adagio and Sonata's problems, listening to their days. >Adagio is a mother hen type, it seems, but someone should listen to her problems, too. >And then we have Aria. A disgruntled, angry girl that'd sooner rip your heart out than trust you. >Why, you don't know. It's interested you, but you won't question her about it. >She gets touchy about it... >Aria began to stir in your arms, not particularly waking up, but adjusting herslef. >You've got to admit, it's nice having her in your arms. >She looks cute like this. >The front door opens, and you see a drunken pair of girls smiling stupidly, with Sunset Shimmer behind them. >"Sonata and Adagio are positively hammered, so Ari-Oh, hey...that's not weird." >You'd wave, but you aren't going to wake Aria up. "Yeah, so...shhh, she's sleeping, and all that jazz. What were you guys doing?" >Adagio hiccups and raises her finger at you. >"None of your business, you pink haired harlot...But if it interests you *hic* we ladies, were going on about how we don't need men to make us happy! *hic*" >Jesus Christ, Ada is out of it. >Sonata wasn't looking better. >"Heeey Heartyyyy....*hic* you and Aria look so cute together...can I cuddle too-" >"Come on, you 2 need to get into bed." >Sunset pushes them off, heading to the back bedrooms. >Aria nuzzles herself further into your hold, a smile creeping along her face. >You can only wonder what the hell she's dreaming about.... Fap scene between Sonata, Sunset, and Adagio locked. Will be unlocked when the first death occurs. ------- >You are Aria. ******** >And...the world around you is...wonderful. >No school, no arguments, Sonata and Adagio "favors"... >Just you, and your friends. >Heart was on his bass, plucking away and smiling at you as Anon's fingers danced along the keyboard. >Scootaloo was strumming her guitar playfully, and you... >You were in a lovely green dress, looking out to the crowd with your guitar. >You recognize the tune they were all playing, one of your favorite songs you heard on that show "Soul Train" a long time ago. >You began to play, and sauntered over to the microphone, your voice softly assailing the mesh. > [Embed] "Very superstitious..." >You see Sonata and Adagio, front row. >You'd be lyong if you said you didn't love them like sisters. >As the song continues, you can see the crowd enjoying you and your band, with the synergy and emotions on point. >As the song fades away, you set your guitar down, and Heart puts down his bass. >You take his hand, feeling every contour and muscle. >Facing the crowd, another song begins to play, a duet. >Suddenly, Anon has your other hand. >The boys begin to glare at each other, and you back away slowly. >What's going on? > [Embed] >The banter is romantic, and funny to you. >Anon being Paul McCartney, and Heart as Michael Jackson. >Heart took your hand, and did a little dance with you, singing with passion. >As Paul's verse came along, Anon swept you away, his moves and voice lower and more seductive. >The contrasts between the 2 were wonderful as the song went on. >Between verses, each one of them would dance with you, Heart's more impassioned, Anon's more sensual. >It figures, you were always more of a McCartney fan, MJ was more Adagio's thing. >As the song died down, Anon span you into Hearts arms. >You looked into those beautiful, blood red eyes... >Moving slowly toward him, you smiled. >This is a good dream, and you don't want it to end. *THUD* ************* "....the fuck?" --------- >You are Heart. >And despite your headache from the fall onto the hardwood floor, you were literally dumbfounded. >"HEART WHAT THE FUCK!!! I WAS HAVING A GOOD DREAM AND YOU FUCKING RUINED IT!" >Boy was she pissed. But... >She was about to kiss you. Surely she could understand how nervous that made you. >She got closer, and you fucked up and rolled of the couch. >Thankfully you hit the ground first, or this could be worse. >But still...she was about to kiss you. Why did you dodge it, dumbass? >"WELL?! I'M FUCKING WAITING FOR AN EXCUSE!!!" " were getting clo-" >JUST FUCKING GO!! I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!!! GET THE FUCK OUT!!" >You slowly make your way to the door, dusting yourself off on the way. >"HURRY THE FUCK UP!!" >You open the door and close it, walking away from the house as quickly as possible. >You fucked up big time. Good job. >Scootaloo and Anon would berate the hell out of you for being so goddamn beta about that. >Scoots would understand eventually. >You always chicken out in these situations. >It may be part of your laziness not to take charge of situations. >But it does get you in trouble a lot. >Well, nothing can be now but wait for her to cool off. >You head over to Sweet Apple Acres, ready to lie down and get yourself some sleep. -------- >You are Aria. >Goddammit, you were enjoying the damn dream. >Fucking Heart's clumsy ass- *snickering* "Who's there?" >Sunset came out, without her leather jacket, with a smile. "What's so funny?!" >She died down a little, seeing your obvious displeasure. >"'s just that whole situation was funny. did you know that you move a lot in your sleep?" "What's that got to do with anything?" >She gave you a hand off the floor, and dusted you off. >"Well, if you'd've cooled off and let him finish what he was saying, you'd know that you were about to kiss him in his sleep. If he hasn't told you about the fact that he turns into a babbling nervous wreck in those situations." "What?" >Your cheeks flared in an enormous red, and you remember the dream. >You were about to kiss him there as well. >Dreams. Don't have them. They fuck you over. "So I just..." >"Embarrassed the living hell out of him? Yeah." >Fuck... >Good job Aria. Your rash and abrasive personality may have just cost you a friend. >You fumble around with your phone, attempting to get it out of your pocket. >You have to apologize. >You open the door, to see if he is still outside. >No such luck will be granted to you. >When you have your phone, you begin to dial it. Texting is a no, you need to hear his voice. >Ring...ring... >Damn, you hope you didn't hurt his feelings. >He's always been a nice and carefree don't see his other moods. >You've been calling for about an hour, with Sunset watching you. >The baconhaired girl was getting annoyed with the constant dial tones and answering machines. "PICK UP THE FUCKING PHONE!!" >Sunset walked over to you, attempting to console you. >"Aria, calm down, he's probably just-" >You pushed Sunset away by the face, more concerned about your friend.. >What if he was unstable when he was sad? >What if he hurt himself or someone else? >You weren't kind with your words, not at all. You told him to leave. >You didn't give him time to explain himself. >What if he killed himself? All he has to do is step out in the middle of the road, it's Friday night, it won't take much for some drunk jerk to hit someone walking the streets. >What if- >"ARIA FOR FUCK'S SAKE!" >Sunset snatched the phone from you, and hung it up. >You tackled the girl, fighting for the phone. "Give it back!! I need to know if he's okay!" >You reach and reach, but she keeps the phone out of your reach. >"You aren't giving him time to get over what happened!" "I JUST WANT TO SAY SORRY!!" >Sunset pins you to the ground, knees on your biceps. >You have to give it to her, she has strong knees. >"Aria, I don't know why he drives you so fucking wild, but you need to give him time. Heart doesn't take being yelled at well. It either pisses him off or makes him sad. And the way shit just went, I don't think you need to have someone going ballistic at you." >You sit there, holding back tears. >You are a mean person, and it kills you to think of the many things that could be happening right now. >He was the first to call you friend, and introduce you to his group. >If you're the reason something happens to him... >You wouldn't be able to live with yourself. >At that moment, the phone begins to ring. >Sunset looks at it, and answers. >"Hello?" >She looks at you, smirking. "Is that him?" >"Hey Heart.Why yes, she's very sorry." "Don't tell him what happened!" >"Did she make a big deal out of the whole situation? Well..." "STOP!" >"Oh no, that was Sonata dropping her bowl of ice cream. Aria was worried about you, You know, I think she was about to-" "You tell him I was going to cry I will rip your ass a new one." >She gets in your face, holding the phone. >"Mhm. She says she loves you." >You begin to struggle against her knees. >You aren't just going to let her embarrass you. >"But all jokes aside, it's nice to hear you are alright. Oh no, she can't come to the phone. No, I am not lying, Heart. Oh fine, she's right here under me. Don't question why, just know that I kept her from raging and waking up the others." >Sunset slowly gets off of you, and she hands you the phone. >She snatches it back, glaring at you. >"Don't be such a damned tough girl. It makes you unattractive sometimes." >She hands it to you, and heads back to the room with the other 2, leaving you to talk with him...alone. >"You know, the telephone was invented so people could talk from a distance." >You jumped at the sound. "Oh, yeah. Sorry. I just uh...I'm sorry from snapping at you. I just don't like-" >"No need for apology, I mean, in every story imaginable the tell you it's a terrible idea to wake a sleeping dragon. Especially when they look so cute being held." "Sleeping dragon? Why do you say that?" >A chuckle came from him, along with the sound of shower curtains. >"The way you attacked me? Shit, you were fucking mean as hell. I can't believe the girl I was holding was bearing her fangs at me in less than a minute." "I am not mean!" >"Sure, Aria. And somewhere there is a mystical portal to a dimension where the world is ruled by magical talking horses." >He knows? Or is he being sarcastic? >"Anyway, I'm about to shower. I don't hold it against you for going off. So...yeah. I'll see you next week for the premiere." >Awesome, the movie date is still a go. "Wait, Heart?" >"Yeah?" >A familiar heat rose in your cheeks, you look like a cherry. "Why didn't you just let me kiss you?" >You heard a couple of crashes over the phone, along with a familiar, bass-y southern accent. >Big Mac, the friendliest and most silent guy you'll ever meet. >You think Sonata might like him. Or, is just amazed at how passive he is. >Don't know. >"I'm fine!! No worries!! I just uh...slipped on soap. Tell Applejack to put the soap on the soap dish next time!" >You heard more rustling before he came back. >"I'm going to hell for lying about that. Anyway...why do you want to know? Maybe I treat kisses like virginity. Don't want it to just go to anybody." >You scoffed. "I understand sex, but come on? Kisses?" >"Look Aria. You really are pretty. Really cute. Like, I'd have no problem holding you while you sleep. But...I just get terribly nervous when it comes to close quarters interactions. It's not just kissing. Fighting, hugs...if it involves me being close, and something really...odd feeling is about to happen, I just can't handle it. Cuddling is fine, because all we did tonight was lie on the couch. You were asleep. It was like holding a baby. But when your lips got close to mine...I just lost it." "'ve never had a first kiss?" >"Alright, now you are just trying to make me feel bad." "I'm not! I...I'm just interested." >"Well, you can find out some other time, all right? I need to shower. I smell like sleeping dragon." >You smiled. "Fuck you, Heart." >"Fuck you to, Aria." >He hung up the phone, and you smiled at the phone. >What an odd cookie. >You go to your room, and lock the door, proceeding to plop on the bed. >Put at ease, you stretch and curl up under the covers, turning off the lights and turning on the air conditioner. >The cold air in the room helps lull you to sleep. >But as you close your eyes, your imagination runs wild. >You can imagine you and Heart, coming back to this house, to your room, talking about the movie. >You, being happy going on the date with him, would finally break him out of that nervousness with a surprise kiss... >Hands roaming your body, your hands against his chest. >His scent all over you still from tonight, you could feel that itch, strong and prevalent all over your nethers. >It turns you on, thinking about what you would do to him. >You want him. You want him like nothing else right now. >There were many things to like about him. But something about the chase of this was exciting. >You can admit to yourself you like him, but once together, you don't want the spark to die that quickly... >So you willingly drag this out, as long as possible. >But tonight, you wish he'd stayed. >Sweet lord, you want him... "Fuck..." >You turn on your phone's flashlight, actively searching for that dildo you bought a while ago. >It was one of your Xmas gifts from Adagio, while you complained about it, you did use it whenever you got this...itch. >Here it is...8 inches of soft, pliable fake penis. >It even still has lube in it. >Kind of funny, he calls you a sleeping dragon, and here's a Bad Dragon toy... >You take off your shorts, pulling the panties toward the side, and start preparing the toy for insertion. >Your pussy starts to quiver, getting wetter the more you rub. >When you think you've done enough, you line the phallus up with your ass, preparing for penetration. >You should be used to the feeling by now, but penetration always seems to make you feel tense. >You push, slowly stretching the star and getting the tip in. "Nngh..." >You wiggle little by little, easing more inside. "Ooo..." >You push the rest in, rushing it. >You wince, and squeeze the toy, forcing it to squirt the lube out. >Warming up your insides, you can feel the lube glazing you. >Wasting no time, you begin to pump the toy in and out, slow and steady. >The lube's warming feel turns you on a bit more, you stop clenching the sheets with your free hand, squeezing your breast. >Kneading and massaging your flesh, you pump harder, getting it deeper in your ass with force. "Mmmf..." >You bite down on your lip hard, squeezing the toy more and shooting the lube deeper inside. >It feels good, the odd warming liquid bringing you closer to your peak. >You pump faster, going in with wild abandon. >You bite down harder, drawing blood from your lip. >When the orgasm hits, your back arches, and you gasp for air. >It rattles your body, clenching forcefully against the toy. >You fall back to the bed, panting and pulling the toy out. >Feeling a bit too tired to do anything, you figure you should just drain while you sleep, and clean up in the morning. >You are already falling asleep in your juices anyway... >Your eyes close, and you let go of the toy, letting it fall on the floor. >Sweet release... � >You felt someone on top of you, heavily weighted. >Who could it be? Whoever it was has caught you with your panties off. >Should have cleaned yourself up after orgasm... >But it took so much out of you. >"Arii....." >You open your eyes to Sonata smiling, on top of your naked bottom half. "'d you get in?" >She smiled. >"I put gum in the latch! I didn't think that'd work." >Well, she got her way in here without trouble. >You guess she's earned herself a little fun. "Well...I guess you want me to-" >"Nope. I want to do something nice to you." >Wait, what? She doesn't want a favor? >She wants do something to you that doesn't involve penetration? "What do you want? It's Saturday, and you know I like to sleep in-WHOA!" >Sonata decided she no longer wanted to hear you talk, lifting herself off of you and hoisting your ass into the air. >This angle is awkward, and it'll put a crook in your neck. >All you can see is her face from this position, her mouth exhuming heat on your- "Sonata, what are you doing?!" >Her lips gently kissed your nethers, making you squirm a little. >"You always do favors for me and I want to do something for you. Because you are a very special kind of friend." >That...that's actually really sweet of her. >Thinking of you. >Her tongue slowly stroked you, lining your lips achingly slow. "Oooh fuck..." >She's good at this. Where did she learn this? >Oh please don't stop. >Sonata put her mouth on your gash, sucking in and swirling her tongue along it. "Ah...ahhh....Sonata...I-AAAAAAAAAAHH!!" >As soon as her tongue stroked your clit, you exploded on Sonata's face. >Your back arched, the angle more unusual. >But you couldn't tell, your body was too tense, too engulfed in orgasm. >This is your first vaginal orgasm...and it's so good. >Sonata gently put you down, her cock hard and brushing against your ass. >Your pussy is dripping, and you want something in you. >Wait, no. You can't let her have that hole. >But she made you feel so good... "Sonata? Uh...I want to try something." >"Hm? What is it?" >Goodbye virginity. "I uh...I want you to fuck me." >"That's all? I mean, you never ask me or Ady to do that, but...I thought you'd want-" "But here." >You circle your slit with your finger, holding back a moan. >The recent orgasm has you a bit sensitive. >"A-Ari...are you sure? won't even let Ady-" "Just do it...please?" >Sonata nodded, and lined up her throbbing member with you. >You have no idea how this feels. You weren't fortunate enough to have a mom to tell you this shit like normal humans here. >You bit your lip in fear, and anticipation. This confused you, you wanted it, but you are so scared... >"I got an idea to make it easy, if you want..." >You look up at the ditz you call a friend, as she soon flares up in bright red. >She leans in, her hands pinning your wrists to the bed, getting closer... >Your lips meet, Sonata's soft and sweet taste flooding your senses. >You fight it a bit, finding the fact that you are kissing a girl a bit weird. >If someone sees... > feels right. Safe, even. >Sonata is keeping you calm, to the best of her abilities. >You can take her now. >You grind your hips a little, your juices coating the tip of her cock. >Sonata's hands slowly begin to intertwine with yours, squeezing gently and keeping you occupied. >Her cock slowly rubbed against you, not piercing you just yet, but teasing the sensitive lips. >Sonata slowly forced her tongue into your mouth, beckoning yours to wrestle with it. >Who'll turn down a challenge? >You push her tongue, declaring war on the invader. >You and her moan into each other's mouths, your body pressing against hers as the heat gets more intense. >Sonata breaks the kiss, a long thin strand of saliva connecting you. >You nod at her, and brace yourself. >"Here I go..." >She forces the dick in, hilting herself and popping your cherry. "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!" >It hurts so much. The pain... >It's unbearable. >Is it supposed to hurt? All the porn you watched wasn't shit like this. "Sonata...p-pull it out..." >She looked at you. >"No no, wait! I can make it good! Promise!" >She started to thrust, slow, but deep. >The pain didn't subside. "Sonata...please..." >Tears were beginning to form in your eyes, and you were squeezing Sonata's hands for dear life. >She kept thrusting, trying her best to make you feel good, even if it's just a little bit. >But it was to no avail, and only succeeded in getting more tears to stream down your face. "SONATA!!" >She pulled out, stopping everything she was doing. >She let go of your hands, and you curled up, a little bit far from her. >"Ari? I'm sorry..." >It hurt so much... >Never again, from now on. No matter how good it feels. "Just...just stay there...I just need to calm down..." >You were still in the mood to fuck...but you just need some time to cool down. >Your cherry's been popped, and it didn't even feel like it should. >'s not her fault, she was doing fine. >You just need time. >Suddenly you felt a warm body against your back, arm lifting your leg and the other grabbing a breast. "Sonata?" >She quiets you with a familiar, more appreciated feeling. >Her pulsing cock was being pushed against your back door, slowly wriggling it's way in. >"I can't mess this up! It's gonna make us both feel good!" >She does have a dick, so it isn't much of a surprise that she can't wait. >She forces in her cock, it's pulses and heat going deep inside you. "Ahhh...that's...better..." >Sonata began to thrust slowly, kneading the breast and suckling your neck. >You pushed against her force, squeezing and pulling on her hard shaft with each time your hips met. "Faster, Sonata!" >Your pain is being worked out by the pleasure, her hips smacking loudly against your ass cheeks. >You could feel your orgasm coming, body beginning to writhe more than usual. >"Ari, can I cum inside you?" "Only when I tell you. Keep going!" >Her cock was throbbing hard in your ass, the feel pushing you closer to climax. >All she has to do is keep fucking you like- >"I can't hold it Ari!" >An explosion of cum powers its way inside you, filling you without even a bit of space. >As the cum began to drip out, you could feel that Sonata hasn't stopped cumming yet. >She's squeezing your breast hard, her orgasm rocking her like a hurricane. >By the time she slows down, she's out of breath, and to tired to pull out. >"I'm really sorry. I was trying Ari, don't be mad..." >You sigh, and pull her softening cock out of you, turning to face her. >You hug her tightly, catching her off guard. "It's fine. In fact, I owe you for trying. So just sit there. I'm gonna take care of you." >You can feel the cum drooling out, but since the sheets were already ruined, you can get one last orgasm on them. >Sonata rolls onto her back, flaccid prick in the air. >You slowly kiss it, tip to base, and back up, stroking her inner thighs. >Your mouth softly suckles the tip, pulling up on it gently. >It doesn't even take her a full minute to get back to full mast. >" gentle...all the cumming made it hurt a bit..." >Your tongue swirls around, as you take a little more cock in. >She winces as you pull on her rod, sucking hard and moaning. >Sonata's hand slowly strokes the back of your head, and you already know what's bound to happen. >You slip your fingers in your ass, fingering yourself, fast as you tease Sonata's cock, not going past 2 inches of her cock. >When you pull on more time, Sonata grabs your hair, and forces you down. >She grinds your face into her crotch, pulling up and yanking you back down. >You make your fingers work double time, while Sona begins to fuck your face. >Her hands are deep in your hair, forcing you to take all of her cock, each thrust pounding into your throat. >You try to put in another finger, but it wont fit. >Sonata's cock starts to throb hard, and you are getting closer, your pussy dripping wet with excitement. >"AAARRRII!!!!!" >Sonata begins to unload, more ropes of cum painting your mouth. >Your fingers bring you to the edge, with the taste pushing you over. >Your pussy sprays the bed, and your friend's legs, the orgasm making your knees weak. >You dislodge yourself, only to catch a few shots to the face. >You swallow, and watch as Sonata's dick twitches wildly, spent till the last drop. >After you both finish, you collapse on Sonata, face landing in her breasts. >Sonata wraps her arms around you, and you do the same for her, both of you cuddling in a mess of juices. >"Ari..." "Yes, Sonata?" >"Can I sleep in here this morning?" >You nuzzle your face into her chest, sighing in contentment. >"Yeah. Sure." >You closed your eyes, feeling that warm and safe feeling again. >It's a good feeling... ----- >You are Heart. >And today, you are helping Silver Spoon something. >Well, Scootaloo said you should help her. You don't really have any idea what the fuck Silver wants you for. >What the hell could they want with you on a Saturday, anyway? >This is the perefect time to be laz- *CRACK* >And that was lightning. Well. >Fuck. >You start running, keeping your feet from tripping you. >When you get in sight of the house, you notice a familiar sight. >"HEART!!" >Sonata, too? That means your whole group should be here. >Running under the little canopy, Sonata hugs you. >"HI! Are you here to help too?" "Yeah. Do you know what we're supposed to be doing?" >She shook her head, a blank look on her face. >Great. It figures no one knows what the fuck's going on. >Wait. That smell. >The smell of...recent masturbation? >Testosterone and Semen. Strong and heady. You know the smell all too well. >You should stop jerkin' it so much. "Hey Sonata, you smell that?" >"Smell what? Rainwater?" >You shake your head slowly. "No. It's strong. Like...It smells like sex." >Sonata turned red, reminiscent of an apple. >Before you could ask about the sudden embarrassment, the door came open to a few familiar faces. >"Anon! I'm so glad you're here! You too Sonata! Come in!" >Silver Spoon, proud follower of Diamond Tiara. >Or at least, she was until she decided to tell her friend an important secret. >It went all around the school. >"So um...I have a favor to ask." >"Yeah?" >You and Sonata said this in unison, her interested, and you nonchalant. >Silver began to rub her elbow, looking at you in particular. >" um...did either of you hear the rumor that Diamond spread?" >"Rumor?" "I don't do gossip." >She seems to get a little more uneasy, murmuring under her breath. >"Well...uh....the rumor was that I have a ..." >For god's sake, don't be so dramatic. >"Crush on a friend of Sonata's. And I need help." "So you don't need me right? Cool, I'll just be-" >"Wait! I mean,'s still raining." >Of all the times you don't bring a hoodie. >And if you still persist to leave, you'll seem like an asshole. >...well, there goes lazy Saturday. "Okay...this seems like a girl problem, but go ahead." >"Oh don't be like that Nonny. I'm sure you can help!" >Sonata goes off with Silver for a bit, and tells you to help yourself to a drink or something. >Oh well. Just gonna sit here and be useless. � >After about a gallon of water and some soda, you find yourself lying on the couch. >You've pulled your beanie over your eyes, you aren't asleep, but you aren't paying attention. >*bzz* *bzz* >Oh. A message. >[Aria:Hey.] >Well, I'll bet she's enjoying the inside of her place. [Hey Aria. What's up?] >[Aria: Nothing. Really sleepy. And hungry.] >You smiled. Same old Aria. >Sonata and Silver came back out, Sonata grinning widely. >"OK Heart. We can go now." >Wat? What the fuck? >What was the purpose of being here? >You held in your questions and rage until Silver waved you off, and you and Sonata were outside. >After a couple of blocks, you couldn't hold it in. "WHAT WAS I EVEN THERE FOR?" >Sonata looked at you, still beaming. >"Moral support!" >...Rage is literally going to cost you your sanity. "Sonata, I don't get it. What was I even supporting?" >"Well, Silver likes a guy I know. And she hasn't spent a lot of time around a lot of guys, so..." >You sighed and then shrugged. >Fuck it, females are ridiculous and you refuse to attempt any degree of understanding. *bzz* *bzz* >Hm? Oh. You never texted Ari back. >[Aria: Hey, could you do me a favor?] >Well. Wonder what she wants... >[Aria:Could you bring me some medicine from Anon's? Oh and some tacos. Taco's'd be nice.] >Hold it, hold all that shit right now. [I thought you, as stated last month, 'fucking hated those shitty unholy abominable excuses for food] >Sonata crept over your shoulder as you 2 began to head in town. >"WHO YA TEXTIN'?" >You pulled your phone away from Sonata's prying eyes. "Aria. It's rude to stare at other people's stuff, Sonata." >"What's she talking about?" "Nothing important." >You and your blue friend cross the street, passing up Sugarcube Corner. >[Aria; Are you gonna get the tacos? I'm hungry.] >Goddammit Aria I'm only one man. [I'm kinda chilling with Sonata right now...I'll bring the stuff when we head that way.] >Putting your phone in your pocket, you watch as Sonata happily skips. >"Hey Stormy, you wanna go get some pizza?" >That sounds much better than tacos at the moment. "Sure, I gue-" *bzz* *bzz* >Great, you'll probably have to walk with your phone out and look like an asshole. >[Aria:8 messages] >What? >You open the first message, and almost burst with laughter. >[Aria:DON'T YOU FUCKING TELL HER I WANT TACOS!] >As you attempt to read another message, one more is added to the inbox. >And another. She is seriously cramming messages one after the other. >"Ooh! Is it from Aria? What does she want?" "Nothing, she just wants some taaaaaaaa- >Fucking hell, Heart. Are you really about to fuck up now? "aaaiiime with us. She wants to hang out with us. that's it." >"Really? When I left she said she was hurting pretty bad and just wanted to stay in bed..." "Yeah, she says she wishes she could hang with us. Wait, what has her hurting?" >Sonata turned red, nervously looking around. >"Um...that time of the month! C'mon Heart, Pizza!" >She snatches your arm, and away you head to the nearest pizza parlor. >What's she lying about? -------- >You are Sweetie Belle. >Sonata has given Silver the courage to ask Anon to prom. >So now you can move forward with the bet you 2 made. >You've got to ask.... >"Come on Sweetie, He'll be totally cool! He dances like he has tentacles for feet! If you ever get him off his ass, that is." "Scootaloo, do you have to curse?" >"You'll have to get used to it if you wan't to get with HeartStorm." >What would people think though? What if he rejects you? >It'll be worse than the talent show a few years back. >Walking with Scoots to your house, you see a familiar sight. >The sister of one of Heart's friends. >"Hey, that's Adagio." "Isn't she the cold hearted one that led the other two at the Battle of the Bands?" >Scootaloo nods, and grabs your hand. >"She's also the one who hangs with Heart sometimes. Maybe you can get her to put in a good word!" "I don't think that's such a good-AAHHH!!" >Scootaloo. Brash and impatient. >You should think about your circle sometime. >Your daredevil companion bolts across the street with you in tow, ignoring signs and such. >Then you catch up with this...Ada-Ge-O? >"Hey Adagio!" >The girl turns around slowly, mildly annoyed. >When she sees you two, she seems more annoyed. >"Oh. It's you. Who's your friend?" >Scootaloo looks at you, waiting for you to introduce yourself. "I'm Sweetie. Sweetie Belle." >"Right. So is there a reason you two decided to interrupt my window shopping?" >At this, her foot begins to tap in wait of a response. >Deep breath in... >"I was wondering if you could..." � >"I didn't know she was going to laugh at you!" >Tears. You could have flooded the world with them by now. "S-she didn't *sniffle* even say she'd consider it..." >You begin to cry even more, face down in your pillow, with Scootaloo at the door to your room. >How fast did you run home? >All you know is that Adagio is really a mean... "A mean bitch..." >Crying resumes. >"Sweetie? Did you just...curse?" >You could care less if you've cursed or not. >How dare she make you cry like that. >It wasn't even funny, and completely uncalled for. "She's such a mean bitch!" >You start forcing your face into the pillow. >Scootaloo's still standing at the door, not even bothering to open it. >It bothers you to the core, being embarrassed like that. >Having someone laugh at your face. *knock* *knock* >"Sweetie Belle? Are you alright in there?" >Huh? >"Sweetie? Dear it sounds like you are crying! Open up this instant!" >You don't. The pillow seems a lot more comfortable. >And it hides tears well. >"Sweetiiiiie...." >Oh not the whining. >You get up, and head over to the door keeping the pillow in hand. >Open, sprint back to bed, magically land face in pillow. >Rarity was baffled, unable to understand what's going on. >"Sweetie, what are you-" "PEOPLE ARE MEAN!!" >You yelled into the cushion, not giving a single damn if she understood you. >Rarity tugged at your sides, possibly trying to pull you away from your comfort zone. >She successfully tugs you away, pulling you into a tight embrace. >So warm... >"Tell me what happened, and I promise I'll make it better." >You'd struggle, but your sister doesn't loosen up. "...I...I asked someone to prom..." >"And? What happened?" >The words surge up your throat, and get stuck. >Go on, you're a big girl. Force it out. "I got laughed at..." >"Hm? Well who'd you ask? I know just about everyone in class, and I could get them to say sorry." >You can't tell her. >In fact, you remember that Adagio is friends with Rarity. >You force yourself out of her hands, and into your pillow. "I don't want to talk anymore!" >"...But Swee-" "NO!" >You stay locked into the pillow. >"...Fine, fine. I'll check on you a bit later." >You feel weight shift, and soon Rarity leaves. >You don't move from the spot, it's comfortable. >As the past conversation fills your mind, you just realize that you didn't even tell the truth, words just came up. >You should clear that up with Rarity. >But still...some of it is true, right? >You just wanted to see if Adagio would put a good word in for you. >You begin to relax, your body softening up and your eyes closing. >You'll talk tomorrow. Your tired now. >Sleep is beneficial right now anyway... >At least in your dreams, he's yours already... ---------- >You are Heart. >Carrying about 6 tacos and some cinnabons, and 3 large pizzas. >With no help from blueberry over here. "Sonata, don't you see me struggling here?" >Her enthusiastic walk didn't even stop, she just kept near-skipping happily. >"Come on Heart! It's only a little bit more now!" >Your head hurts... >You've been walking for 30 minutes. >And you've been gone for 2 hours. >Of course, with Sonata's seemingly ADHD mind, what did you expect? "How much is 'a bit more'?" >"Ummm." >Oh god it'll be another hour before you can sit your ass down. >"OH! Were you wanting to go back to my place?" "Yes..." >"We passed that a while ago." >NO. No. No. Do not scream at her. "Can we PLEASE go back there?" >"Okay! Boy, you should have said something sooner. We could have stopped." >Ignoring your blinding irritation for 15 minutes, you head back to the house. >Adagio was putting up groceries, and Aria was lying awkwardly on the couch. >"Hey everyone! I brought a friend!" >"Hey Heart." >The other 2 Dazzlings spoke in a bored crescendo, not even looking your way. >Well, not like it's a bad thing. >You drop the pizza on the coffee table, and start off toward Aria's room with the bag of tacos and sweets. >"Hey, what are you doing?" >Sonata had a raised eyebrow, a look of confusion and interest on her face. "Taking these...Cinnamon Buns to Aria's room?" >"OOOH!!! CAN I HAVE ONE?" >She smiled brightly, and you could feel the grump's gaze burning into your soul. " You'd have to ask Aria. But first I'm putting them up." >"Awww..." >Aria nods in approval, going back to her business. >Opening the door, you look into her room. >Bleach and...Lavender? >Usually it smells like pomegranate in here. >You sit the food down on the bed, and turn around to head out. >Sonata is blocking your way, eyes locked on yours. "Uh...h-hey there Sonata." >"Why can't I have some cinnabons?!" >Shit. Aggression. >Don't let her near that bag. "I bought it for Aria, so that makes it hers...and partially mine." >"EXACTLY, so if I ask you, its okay!" "Sonata, I already said-" >"BUT I WANT SOME!!" >Caboose here was angry, arms straightened, hands in fists. >She began to advance, ready to take it, whether you agreed or not. "We ate like 7 pizzas, that I paid for remember? Not only am I at my spending limit, but you should be full! We should be fatter than seals right now!" >She tackles you without a word, knocking you over quite easily. >Heart dear, Toughen up. You fucking beta >Wrestling with the hungry beast you call friend, she begins to get tougher, scratching your face the more you try to overpower her. "THEY'RE JUST GLORIFIED CINNAMON BUNS FROM TACO BELL!!" >"AND I WANT SOME." >"Alright freeze you two." >Like that, shit stopped. >Adagio was amused, smiling at the two of you. >"I mean seriously, Heart, it's not like she'll notice if one is gone." >The poofy haired seductress saunters her way to the bag of food. "Adagio wait!" >"What's even in this bag that's taboo anyway?" >As the poofed girl opens the bag... >You really wished you didn't eat the cinnabons on the way here. >Adagio smiles at the power she now has. >Pearly whites have never looked so...Sinister. "Adagio, look, don't tell her, I-" >"And what would that do for me? >Shit. That wouldn't do a damned thing for her. "I' your workhorse for the rest of the month. Just don't let Aria know you found out." >"And you'll do whatever I say?" >You are signing your soul to Madame Satan. You know this, right? >You nod slowly. >"I'll hold you to that." >Adagio lifts Sonata off of you, and whispers something in her ear. >Sonata's eyes light up, happier than ever. >She blitzes out of the room. >"Aria! I didn't know you liked tacos too!" >You looked up. >Evil. This bitch is pure evil. >"What, my delicate little rosebud? Aria doesn't know that I know she likes tacos. And she doesn't know that you screwed up and let Sonata find out." "But she'll assume that!" >"I didn't think that. Hm, you should really should have just given them to Aria some other place. She hides her personal stuff better than you can keep secrets." >Fucking hell... >"Well, that's my part of the bargain. I expect you here at 5:30 am on Monday." "What? Why so early? And why should I? You broke the-" >"I didn't break a damned thing, you cute little jackass. In fact, if you were a little more aggressive, you wouldn't be in this pickle." >She's right, you know. >All of the character traits you've got, courage under pressure is not one of them. >She gracefully stroked your cheeks and squeezed them together in a pincer like fashion. >"So, you're luck I don't make you a receptacle for my lusts. If you don't hold up your end, of our bargain, I could destroy you your high school life. And its a shame, you are so smart, but so oblivious. People wonder if you're gay sometimes. I just have to spin a little tale and you are fucked. Thoroughly." "Who would believe-" >"You seem to forget a good amount of people don't like you. And that your behavior around your friends, while funny, could be considered a bit homo. You hug all your friends, you openly say you love them-" "LIKE FAMILY!" >"Fucks not given. I can fuck you anyway to Sunday." >Dammit. >She turns your head and leans a little bit into your ear. >"I mean that in more ways than one." >She lets go of you, and as you watch her walk away, her ass delightfully jiggles, her hips swaying perfectly out of the room. >"5:30. AM. And if you are late, you'll regret it." >Your pants feel tight. >Did that...did that turn you on? >You like being bottom bitch don't you? >Aria comes in, not questioning why you are on the floor, just to kick you in the nuts. "FAAAAHK!!" >Grip, curl up. >Don't cry. Don't cry. >She slams the door, and looks at you. >"I hope it hurts." >Fucking hell. >"I told you NOT to let Sonata find out that I liked tacos. Did I not?" >Pain. So much. >"Do not let her find out. Let her look in the bag. Do NOT let her find out. Let her LOOK in the bag. I am very particular with my words Heart." " the worst....pain..." >"Now I have to listen to her shit every fucking Tuesday." >After a few more minutes of her ranting, and you holding back the tears, she helps you up, and sits next to you on the bed. >"Sigh..." "I fucked up. I'm sorry." >"You fucking better be...but thanks." >You hear her rustle through the bag, and open the first taco. >Fiery Doritos loco. >"At least you got them for me." >The pain has subsided, and you can relax a little. >"Hey, can we do that thing again?" "Thing?" >She looks at you like you are an idiot. >"You know, you on bottom, me on top?" >The fuck? "...Uhhh..." >"You know, when you hugged me while I napped? What's that even called?" "Oh! It's called cuddling. Most people-" >"Just lay back and hold me while I eat, fucktard." >You lean back, against the headboard, and she leans back onto your chest. >"Arms." >You reach over her, and place your forearm under her breast. >"There. Comfy. Nom..." >She relaxed, her head cradled underneath your neck. >This was...comfy. >But... "You know people only do this when they are together, right?" >"Hm? We are together, aren't we?" >...wat? "Like boyfriend and girlfriend-" >"Well, we aren't. I just like being held." >She snapped, quickly shutting down your sentence. >Well...that kind of hurt. You could feel heat in her cheeks, but you ignore it, pondering her words. >"You are a really awesome friend, despite your fuckups...I just trust you the most." >Now it hurts a little less. >"We still on for that movie thing friday?" "Rainbow Factory? Yeah. No way we'll miss that." >"Awesome. Anyone else going?" >You ponder a bit... >Anon said he isn't interested. Horror movies put him to sleep. >Scoots is going with her friends A.B. and Sweetie, but she's knows your plan with Aria. "Not that I know of." >"Alright. Just me and my best bud." >You see her smile in the mirror to the left. >Feels good. � >Jesus fucking...What time is it? >You fell asleep, didn't you moron? >Looking down, you see a familiar face, nestled into your chest with a calm expression. >Someone should really tell Aria she looks better not pissed. >Looking down at your watch, the current time laughs at your incompetence. >3:08 in the morning. >Well, that's your ass. You've probably got people worried about you back at the orchard. >Whether you go home or not, AJ is gonna kick your ass. *snort* *rustle* >Aria turns her head a different direction, her arms tightening around your waist. >Well shit Heart, maybe you shouldn't go home. >What dick wakes up a girl who's using him as a pillow just so he can get his ass kicked? >You lean back and relax. >You can't go back to sleep, you've spent enough time like that as is. >As Aria squeezes you, you start to think about what brought you 2 close in the first place. >Besides her obvious disregard for her forehead, it was clear that after the shit happened, they needed some guidance. >They needed ******************* >Friends. >Yup. You are going to try and be friends with that purple chick with so many chips on her shoulders Pringles would go out of business. >Heading out the doors to the bleachers to the football field, you look around. >No Grape ass Grump here. *Clunk* >A soda can. >Wow that was painful. Any harder and your head would've put a dent in the thing. >"Hey Jackass, what are you doing out here? Don't you know this isn't a place for you?" >Looking the direction it came, you sigh. >Oh boy. A musclehead. >With closer observation, you can see that there are 5 other people. >3 sitting back, 1 with a case of what looks like beer, and another person rolling a blunt. >If this were any other day, they probably wouldn't be fucking with you. "What, are you afraid I'll tell someone your doing 'crazy' shit during lunch?" >The dude cracks his knuckles, and closes the distance. >He isn't the buffest one here, but he looks like a fucking strong tower. >"Well, are ya, worm head?" >You think it over for a second, this motherfucker's pecs staring you down. >Good God you could grind meat on those. >You know he'd beat your ass if you give him a smart ass quip. >Jocks are starting to get smarter nowadays. "Of course not. I just wanna join the weed circle." >You see the beefcake's posture loosen, a sly grin crossing his face. >"20 bucks." >What? Out-fucking-rageous. >That shit probably only cost this asshole 5 bucks. "Fuck you, let me join or I'll just rat." >Faster than you finished your statement, blinding pain struck your temple. >You hit the ground, noting the cold as balls concrete. >And this guys colossal shoes. "What are tho-" >Another strike to the side of your face, a little more painful than the last, rocks your vision. >Probably shouldn't have said that. >"You ain't gonna say shit when I'm done with you." >That last hit hurt, and if he hits your temple again, you might die. >Too soon for you to die. >You still haven't lost it. "Wait dude! I was just being a dick, I won't te-" >A flash of light cascades before your eyes, at least, you think. � >You're out cold. >You big mouthed bastard. What's wrong with you? >If you'd kept your mouth shut, you could have walked away. >As the hours pass, you wake up, one eyelid not opening as far as the other's. � >Where are you? >Oh yeah, still outside with- >As fast as you can, you force yourself up. >There's no one out here. Not a soul. >Well, after that little excursion, you feel the need to pee. >Good thing the bathroom isn't far. >You head back into the building, noticing the emptiness. >Jesus, everyone must be hungry. Normally, someone would be here. >Sunset would be chilling at her locker, Pinkie would be annoying you. >Derpy would be asking you about how you have your hair. >Flash would be flirting with somebody at their locker... >WHY ARE THE HALLWAYS SO EMPTY? >Entering the bathroom, selecting a urinal, you unzip, and begin to take the leak. >Some kid hobbles out of the stall, not washing his hands, but you notice something. >A yellow pass. Looks like a hall pass. >What an ass, you don't need that at lunch time. *zip* >You head to the sink, putting soap on your hands, and start washing. >As you reach for the paper towels, you look in the mirror. >Oh god, what happened to your face! >A black eye, bloody nose, and a busted lip? >You back away out of the bathroom, and bump into someone. >Turning around immediately, you see her. >Grump. And she looks none too pleased with the recent makeover. >"The fuck happened to your face?!" "Nothing, just fell down some stairs." >Covering your face, you head down the hall. >A terrible time for this shit. >"Hey, wait up!" >Oh god, great. She's trying to get you to stop. >You wanted to make friends, but at the moment your face is a little fucked up. >Ha. A little. >"Wait up, you asshat!" >Before you could break into a run, she jerks your vest back to her. >You stop yourself from going to far back, but its over now. >She has you by the outerwear. >"Aren't you that guy that came out last week?" >Still covering your face, you nod in irritation. >"Were you creeping on a girl again? Cuz it looks like she whooped your ass." "No. I fell. down the stairs." >She looks you in the eye. >"Then you can walk it off, flowerpot." >The grumpy one grabs you by the forearm, and drags you along with her. "Where the hell are you taking me?" >"If you were going to the nurse, she's out for the day. So I'm taking you to my class." >Class? Shit... >You were knocked out way past lunch. >You are in so much trouble. Your teacher's probably think you skipped. >Principal Celestia is gonna be so far up your ass. "What will bringing me to your class do? Show people how screwed I look?" >She chuckles at that, opening the door to her classroom. >The teacher looks at you both oddly, and as you look around, you notice this is a health class. >Students are applying first aid to dummies, and it looks like you get to be a live test subject. >A word forms in your conscience, strong and prevalent among other thoughts. >FUUUUUCK. >"Hey teach, my friend here had a pretty bad accident. Mind if I apply first aid on him?" >The teacher raises an eyebrow, clearly wondering what's going on. >"Why didn't you take him to the nurse?" >"She isn't here today. I thought I'd do something nice." >The teacher shrugs, and directs you both to Aria's workstation. >"Try your best to help him with whatever disfigured him." >Thanks teach. No really. You are fucking wonderful. >Aria pushes her dummy out of the seat, and motions for you to take your place. >You aren't in a real place to argue, so you comply. >Aria smiles at you, and begins to clean you up. >"You know, I hate it when people lie to me." >After wiping up the blood, she gets a cottonball and puts some rubbing alcohol on it. "Shouldn't you be using peroxide." >She keeps her smile plastered on, faking a giggle. >"Oh no. You are gonna tell me the truth you dense fuck. Besides, Rubbing alcohol works just as good." >As soon as she strokes it along an open wound, the urge to scream causes you to clench your teeth. >"Did that burn?" "Yes it fucking did." >"Then start talking or I drop the bottle. And it pours all over your face." >Uh-uh. No. Enough for one day, that's fucking enough. >"What happened out there, dirtskin?" "Thats a little racist, innit?" >She swishes the bottle of alcohol around. "I got my ass kicked." >Putting the bottle down, she begins to dress the wounds. >"How'd you manage that?" >The whole story didn't seem all that interesting, at least to you. "I guess some people don't like guys with pink dreads." >She laughs, and it sounds genuine. >"I wonder why..." "Assholes will be assholes." � >The bell rings, and just in time, she finishes you up. >"So, you want something to cover up that black eye?" >You give her a look that shows your restraint form giving her a sarcastic remark. >"Alright, let me bandage your head, you big baby." >She starts wrapping your head up, covering the bruised portion of your face. >"So. You came there looking for me. Why?" >Oh. Million dollar question that one. "Because I wanted to talk to you, that's all." >"About" >You wrack your mind for a subject, and yet for some reason, all you can think of are Star Wars' stormtroopers. "I dunno, why movies make people look bad?" >"Oh really? Like what?" >Hopefully she doesn't yell "nerd" at you. "Well, if you are a group of people with guns, and you shoot at something, you should hit it at least once, right?" >"Yeah". "Well, not a fucking stormtrooper. You put the gun in their hands, and put the barrel on somebody's skull, the motherfucker'll miss. For absolutely no reason." >"HA! I know right? I bet if you slap some redshirts from Star Trek in the scene, even if the Troopers miss, the Red Shirts die." >You both share a laugh at the thought, and she clips the bandages. >"I didn't think I'd meet another moron who liked things I did." >You give her a grin, rubbing the new bandages. "Call it luck." >She looks at you, her smile making you forget about the day. >"So, I guess we're even, shithead." "Guess so." >As you both head out the door, toward the front of the school where your rides wait, you feel eyes upon you. >Grump heads down to her ride, hopping in the back seat, looking at you one last time. >The window comes down, and before you go, you can hear her yelling. >"HEY! SHIT FOR BRAINS! THE NAME'S ARIA. ARIA BLAZE. AND UNLESS YOU WANT MORE BANDAGES, I SUGGEST YOU STAY HOME UNTIL YOU HEAL." >With that, the car zooms off. >Aria. Cool name. Wonder who gave her that. >Ah, no matter. What matters is that you've started. >You are on that road to making a ********* >Friend.