anonanddazzlings - by pantswriter

>"Seriously, could you be even more useless?" >You bite your tongue to prevent yourself from saying something you'd regret as you stare at the poofy-haired girl in front of you >Every day it was the same damn thing. No matter what you did or how hard you tried, she was always on your case about something >Of course Aria was also pretty snarky, but for the most part she was content in ignoring you unless you did something blatantly dumb >Sonata was okay and actually easy to get along with, but whenever the other two got started she was always quick to jump in as well >But it was ADAGIO that was constantly berating you. And it was always over the most petty stuff too >You're not even sure why you keep putting up with this shit either >It had been nearly a month since you ran into the three outside of a convenience store >After the Battle of the Bands the three had stopped showing up to school. Everyone assumed they dropped out for personal reasons so you were surprised to see them just hanging around one day >You're not even sure how it happened. One moment they had convinced you to buy them some food and then somehow they ended up following you home and staying the night >It was no big deal since you lived alone and perhaps a part of you thought you would get laid or something for being a white knight >But in reality all they did was lounge around in the living room all night and eat all your snacks >At some point this became a normal routine. They would show up after school as if waiting for you to let them in and would then spend the night >As it continued you began to suspect that maybe they were having trouble at their own homes or may have even been kicked out >You thought about questioning them about it several times but never did out of fear that it would cause them to leave. After all, was there really a problem with letting three attractive girls crash at your place each night? >Even if you weren't getting any sex they weren't bad to look at >And it wasn’t like they were hurting anything. Sure, they ate a lot, but that was pretty much it >They actually made your lonely home seem more lively and welcoming >Before you knew it you were actually eager to come home after school and find the three girls waiting to be let in >But just when you thought things were going fine they started to get more demanding >Once they were content with just eating whatever was in your fridge, but eventually they started demanding you buy certain things that were seriously straining your budget >It wasn’t just limited to food either. Buying $30 shampoo every week was killing your funds >If that were all you might have been able to suck it up, but their attitude towards you began to change as well >At first they were rather aloof towards, like stray animals that hadn’t exactly warmed up to you yet. Even though they were staying at your place they mostly left your things alone and were respectful of your belongings and personal space >Now none of that seemed to matter to them. They walked around as if they owned the place and it was your job to take care of them >They were clearly taking advantage of you, probably because they figured you were too much of a puss to kick them out, but you held your tongue every time >Maybe you were still holding on to the distant possibility that your kindness would pay off eventually and they would recognize you as the white knight that had saved them from the streets >And then the insults started >At first it was just snide comments here and there but quickly evolved into outright bullying >Pretty much anything you did was a source of amusement and malicious glee for the three girls >And it was Adagio that always let you have it the worst, often spurring the other two into joining in on mocking and belittling you >Which brings you back to your current predicament >You had just gotten Adagio a drink at her request, but upon taking a single sip she had spit it out and thrown the cup on the floor >Your eye twitched as you looked down at the dark liquid seeping into the carpet. No way was that coming out easily >They were always making messes and expecting you to clean up after them. When you were alone your place remained neat and tidy, but now you found yourself cleaning for hours almost every day >Up until now you had silently endured, but seeing the growing stain you felt something inside of you snapping >Adagio was still berating you. Something about how the drink was too warm even though she had specifically told you not to put any ice cubes in it >As she continues to go on she eventually moves on from the drink to take the opportunity to put you down in other places as well >Her words start to blend together but something she says jumps out at you >”What are you even here for? If you’re this useless why don’t you just go ahead and kill yourself?” >That particular statement hits you like a truck, but suddenly, you feel all the anger leaving your body >Calming your breathing, you give a flat expression as you look at Adagio’s smug face. She probably thinks she took the wind out of your sails with that last statement and was assuming you’d back down at any second >Instead, you raise your chin slightly so you’re just barely looking at her down the bridge of your nose as you speak “And what about you?” >Adagio blinks at the question. Even though it was a simple one it doesn’t look like she fully understands what you’re implying >”What are you talking about?” >She frowns as she looks at you, placing one hand on her hip >Your entire demeanor has changed from earlier. Before you had felt a burning hot fury building in you, but now it had been replaced by a cold rage >All the abuse you had endured for almost a month…You were about to turn it on her right now >You say nothing for a moment, letting Adagio stew under your condescending gaze >Normally you dealt with arguments with her by simply being the bigger person and walking away. The fact that you were holding your ground this time was clearly confusing her >You look at the girl with cold eyes, so filled with pity that it causes her to flinch for a second >Before she can say anything, however, you continue on “You act pretty high and mighty for someone who failed so miserably not so long ago.” >For some reason you had managed to escape the spell of the Dazzling’s during the Battle of the Bands. Even though you had done nothing to stop them, you had been aware of what they had tried to do. You really couldn’t be assed to care back then and the Rainbooms had solved everything anyway, returning things to normal for the time being >But even if everything had returned to normal it didn’t mean you had forgotten what they tried to do >Without their amulets, however, they were just three simple teenage girls. No wonder they had been hanging around outside when you had run into them >No home, no family, no power…What the Rainbooms did to them was actually pretty cruel when you thought about >But right now you had little sympathy for the girl in front of you >”What are you talking about?” >Adagio tries to mask her growing discomfort with her usual arrogant smile, but you’ve already seen through her act “You and the others had the entire school in the palm of your hands from the beginning and still failed. If you ask me, you’re the pathetic one right now.” >Your words cause her eyes to widen in surprise >”How do you know about that? Everyone should have been under our spell!” >Honestly you still don’t know why you were immune to their magic, but that wasn’t the point right now >The tables had turned. Now Adagio was the one looking unsure while you had a smug smile on your face “Not only did you fail, but you didn’t even have a back-up plan to fall back on. Tell me, how many other people did you have to beg for food before I ran into you?” >You give a slight chuckle which causes Adagio’s hands to tremble lightly as she tries to keep her composure >”My plan was flawless! If it hadn’t been for the Rainbooms then-“ >This time you outright laugh, making Adagio’s face flush red from shame and anger “Flawless? You knew the Rainbooms were a threat from the beginning and still waited to do anything! The Principal and Vice Principal were wrapped around your finger and you had everyone at each other’s throats! Yet despite all that you were still blown the fuck out! All you have to blame is your own arrogance.” >It was staggering, really. The odds had been stacked in their favor the whole time and they still managed to trip at the finish line. No doubt they had been feeling pretty low after that >Adagio bites her lower lip in frustration. Clearly she wants to say something to refute your words but can’t think of anything at the moment >Not the missing the chance, you continue to press your attack maliciously “I don’t even know why Aria and Sonata are even still with you. Not only did you fail, but you brought them down with you because your ‘perfect’ plan didn’t work out.” >At the mention of the other two, Adagio’s gaze turns sharp >”You’re wrong! Those two would be nothing without me!” >You’re actually taken aback by her denial, but all it does is give you more ammunition to work with >Shrugging your shoulders you give Adagio a nasty smile as you shake your head slowly “I’m sure they’re grateful to you for making them live on the streets with nowhere to go and nothing to eat. You’re the leader, right? Tell me, what did you plan to do if I didn’t take you three in?” >The question gives her brief pause. Breaking eye contact, Adagio looks to a corner of the room as she tries to come up with an excuse >”I…I would have figured something out. Without me those two idiots wouldn’t know what to do.” >At this point she didn’t even sound confident in her own words which meant you were definitely getting to her >You step forward so the distance between the two of you shortens >Adagio is still looking away but you reach a hand up to gently grab her chin, forcing her to look at you as your smile deepens “Admit it, Adagio.” >You begin in a low voice. Seeing her tremble slightly only urges you on “They don’t need you…You need them. You push them around so you don’t have to deal with the reality that you failed them. As long as you can make them believe that you know what you’re doing you never have to own up to your mistakes.” >Her body goes stiff at your words >Leaning in close so your lips are right by her ear, you whisper in a tone that sends a chill up her spine “Admit it; you have no idea what to do or where to go. No family, no friends, no job. You have nothing.” >So what if they were ancient sirens from another world? Without their amulets they were nothing more than ordinary girls. And you were going to make Adagio realize just how powerless she was >You let go of Adagio’s chin and step back, satisfied with your handiwork >Adagio stands silently for a few moments before raising her hands like she’s about to speak >You’re interested in whatever rebuttal she can come up with at this point but aren’t surprised when she allows her arms to listlessly fall to her sides like a puppet with its strings cut >”I…” >She starts to talk, barely sounding like she can keep the tears out of her voice >Slowly she lifts her head to look at you. What was once a confident and arrogant girl now looked like a puppy that had been left out in the rain >”What do I…what do we do?” >She asks you in a low voice. The pleading tone in her voice is bordering on desperation, and you know that she truly has nowhere else to turn to >You make a show up thinking deeply, stroking your chin as you look at the ceiling before answering “If I kicked you three out I doubt you’d be able to get a job at your age, especially with no family or references. Though I suppose there are other ways you could make money…” >It didn’t take long for her to catch on to what you were implying, causing her body to go stiff as you look to her “If you really are the leader you should take it upon yourself to do whatever you have to so the others are taken care of, even if it does mean whoring yourself out.” >At your words Adagio looks like she wants to protest for a second but then looks down at the floor. You’ve already made her feel bad enough that she probably would do it if you suggested it a bit more strongly >But you had something else in mind “But you know…having you three around isn’t so bad. I don’t mind you staying, but you’ll have to start pulling your own weight from now on.” >She watches as you walk over to the couch and sit down on it while crossing your arms >For a moment you don’t say anything, just watching amusement as Adagio continues to stare at you >Finally, she breaks the silence >”…What do you want me to do?” >It was exactly the question you were waiting for >You lean back on the couch and spread your legs, causing Adagio to quirk an eyebrow in confusion >And then you give a simple command “Suck it.” >Adagio stares back at you blankly. You can practically hear the gears turning in her head as she tries to process what you just said >Finally she speaks >”What?” >The childlike confusion on her face is hilarious, but you were completely serious in what you just said “You heard me. Suck it.” >You repeat your command >Her mouth presses into a thin line, clearly offended at your audacious request >”Don’t you think you’re getting ahead of yourself?” >She asks while crossing her arms >You figured she would be more willing at this point but it looks like she hasn’t been completely broken down yet “If that’s the case…” >You intentionally draw your words out to make her feel as much building dread as possible “I guess you and your friends can get out. Or maybe Aria or Sonata would be more willing to oblige.” >She grits her teeth as you mention the other two >Slowly she walks towards you before getting on her knees in front of you >”Fine, I’ll do it. Just leave those two out of this.” >She glares up at you in what you imagine is supposed to be annoyance, but it loses most of its impact due to the unsure and nervous look in her eyes >After making her realize what a failure she was earlier it seems like she’s trying to make up for it by protecting the other two >Whether or not she feels a genuine obligation towards them or is only doing it for her own self-satisfaction doesn’t matter as long as she gets the job done >Despite being on her knees she hasn’t made a move to do anything yet, merely staring at the crotch of your pants with the same uneasy expression “Well? I’m waiting.” >Your impatient voice snaps her out of her stupor. Mumbling something to herself she reaches out slowly to touch your crotch >The feel of her fingers on you through the fabric causes your cock to twitch >The bodily reaction causes Adagio to pull her hand back quickly like she’s afraid, cheeks flushing red, but once she calms down she reaches out again to touch you, this time feeling your member a bit more strongly >You remain silent as she continues to poke at your cock through your pants. Though she’s not touching you directly, the stimulation is still causing you to react >After a few minutes it feels like your erection is ready to rip through your pants “Hey, hurry up already.” >You urge Adagio on ignoring the glare you get in return >Even though she’s still reluctant, you reaches for your zipper and pulls it down in a tantalizingly slow manner >With a bit more fumbling she manages to wiggle your pants down, revealing your boxer shorts >Her eyes widen as she gets a better look at your member now that it’s only being covered by a thinner piece of fabric, but after a few more seconds of mental preparation she takes a deep breath and pulls your boxers down >Finally free, you erection springs forth with such force that it almost slaps the girl on the chin, causing her to give a cute little gasp of surprise >Adagio stares at your exposed cock with wide eyes like she’s not exactly sure what she’s seeing >Is this really her first time seeing a dick? You figured that by the way she carried herself she would at least have some experience, but it seems not >No matter, she would just have to learn “Touch it.” >Instead of reacting angrily, Adagio seems mesmerized by the organ in front of her >She reaches out to touch it, her fingers gingerly brushing against the shaft, again causing your dick to instinctively react >This time, however, instead of pulling her hand back out of fear, she continues to prod it gently >Her expression of unease and reluctance is slowly giving way to amusement and curiousness, seeing your reaction to even the slightest of touches >You’d prefer more direct stimulation but let her continue poking at you for the time being, watching as she slowly gets used to the feel of your cock with her fingers >Finally, after an agonizingly slow time, her fingers wrap around the shaft of your cock slowly, gently holding it against her palm >The warmness of Adagio’s hand causes you to let out a small grunt >”Does it feel…good?” >Adagio asks in a small voice, looking up at you with eyes seeking approval >You give her a nod causing her eyes to light up with a sense of accomplishment >Despite being inexperienced it looks like she’s finally getting into it >With your nod as encouragement, Adagio slowly begins to stroke the length of your shaft. Her movements are still somewhat clumsy and unsure, but as you continue to give out small grunts of pleasure they serve to make her more confident >It’s not long before she’s jerking you off at a steady speed. Every now and then she looks up to your face to see your expression before returning efforts to your cock >While her clumsy movements are certainly pleasurable in a way, you don’t think they’re going to be enough to get you off anytime soon >Reaching a hand down you place it on Adagio’s shoulder, causing her to look up with confusion. She had finally gotten a confident pace going and you stopped her >”What is it?” >Adagio asks with a tilt of her head, looking somewhat disappointed that you stopped her “If you don’t hurry up, Aria and Sonata will come back.” >She bites her lip at the thought of the other two coming in, probably still worried that you may try and do something to them if she doesn’t satisfy you >”Should I go faster?” >That would certainly speed things up, but you’re not going to be happy with just a handjob >Your eyes rove over her face before focusing on her soft lips, a lewd smile crossing your face “Lick it.” >You remind her why you told her to get on her knees in the first place >The blush on Adagio’s face deepens as she averts her eyes to the side, your cock still in her hand “Well?” >You urge her on, feeling the tinge of impatience in your crotch as your dick demands more attention >”F-fine! Just give me a second.” >Adagio shoots you an angry look before closing her eyes and taking a deep breath >You watch as her tongue pokes out to slowly moisten her lips, and it takes all of your willpower to not grab her poofy hair and cram your dick down her throat right then and there >Mentally prepared, Adagio leans forward until her face is right by your penis >Her hot breath on your member is enough to make you straighten your back, but a second later you feel something soft and wet press against your shaft and lightning runs up your spine >A groan of pleasure leaves your throat as Adagio slowly drags her tongue from the base of your shaft to the tip, leaving a wet trail of saliva on your member >Pursing her lips, she gently plants several kisses down the length of your cock down to the base before sticking her tongue out again and repeating her movement from earlier “Yeah…” >You can’t help but moan as she continues to plant light kisses on your cockhead >Adagio is an incredibly quick learner. Every time you moan and react to her lips and tongue, she takes note of it and is sure to give those areas more attention >You close your eyes and let you head fall back as Adagio continues to work your shaft >Suddenly you feel an overwhelming wetness on the head of your cock. Looking down you see that Adagio has taken it into her mouth on her own volition “Adagio.” >You moan out the girl’s name as she takes more of your cock into her mouth. She manages to get about halfway down before withdrawing and pulling back >She looks up at you with her mouth still hanging half open, several strands of saliva and precum still connecting her lips to your dick >”Do you still think I’m pathetic?” >She asks as she looks up at you, eyes genuinely looking for acceptance >Her voice and the look in her eyes is so innocent and insecure that something inside of you snaps “Adagio!” >Her eyes widen as you reach a hand forward and roughly grab a handful of her poof >Before she can protest you yank her head forward, thrusting your cock into her still open mouth >With little regard for her comfort, you push her down on your cock until you feel the tip pressing against the back of her throat >Her hands shoot up to push against your thighs but you aren’t letting her up even as she desperately slaps your legs >She looks up at you the best she can, tears beading in the corners of her eyes from lack of oxygen due to the rough facefucking you’re giving her >But in those desperate eyes is something else that drives you wild; the longing for acceptance and love >You wait until she starts to choke and sputter around your dick before letting go of her hair, allowing her to pull back >She greedily sucks in breathes of air as she falls forward, face resting against your inner thigh as she tries to catch her breath >Looking down at the panting girl, her eyes glazed over, drool dripping from her open mouth, and cheeks slightly stained by tears and mascara, it’s the most arousing sight you’ve even seen >You didn’t think it was possible to get anymore erect, but the blood pumping in your cock has gotten painfully unbearable >Still recovering from the forced deepthroating, Adagio doesn’t seem to notice as you reach down to grab her around the waist and lift her up >You quickly undo the front of her clothing, exposing her body and pulling her pants off in quick order >Carefully you pull her panties aside and spread her legs so they’re on either side of your hips as you remain seated on the couch >It isn’t until she feels the tip of your cock pressing against her slit that she comes back to her senses >”Hold on! Wait a second!” >Adagio tries to say as she puts her hands on your shoulders and tries to pull herself off, but you’re not having that >You pull her hips down strongly while at the same time thrusting yours up, spearing her on your cock >It seems that sucking you off earlier caused her to get plenty aroused and you’re only met with a bit of resistance as you make your way into her >Adagio clenches her teeth as you fill her, barely stifling a shriek as your manhood tears through something deep inside of her >You figured that she was a virgin by this point, but that tear confirmed it >Finally you bottom out inside of her, her hips resting against yours as she takes you all the way in >Losing her virginity so roughly causes her head to fall forward and rest against your shoulder, her chest heaving heavily as she tries to deal with the pain of having her hymen torn >Somehow you manage to control yourself even though you want nothing more than to keep thrusting into her >Instead you give her some time to adjust to you. Still holding her hips you slowly begin to rock her back and forth >In response you feel her nails dig into your back as she grips your shoulders tightly, her small whimpers reaching your ear and making shudders run through your body “Adagio?” >You call her name gently >At first she doesn’t answer, but after a moment you hear a small voice pleading in your ear >”I’m fine, just…give me minute.” >She’s barely loosened up and her walls are still clenching your dick tightly, so you continue to rock her hips gently >Eventually the grip on your shoulders lets up a bit and you hear Adagio’s voice again >”Okay….I’m ready. But take it slow.” >You don’t have to be told twice >Gripping her hips, you slowly lift her up, sighing in pleasure at the feel of her vaginal walls dragging along your dick >You lift her until you’re almost out of her before pulling her back down and causing her to let out a moan >For several minutes you slowly thrust in and out of her. Each time she loosens up a bit more and accepts you a little more easily >Eventually you get a steady pace going >Adagio is getting into it as well, starting to move her hips on her own to match you as you thrust up into her >As she rides you, you remove one hand from her hips to reach up and unhook the front of her bra, causing her breasts to spill out >A sharp moan rips from her throat as you move your head forward to nuzzle against her chest, not stopping the movement of your hips for a moment >”Please…keep adoring me…” >Adagio moans and arches her back as you suddenly take one her nipples in your mouth >You roll your tongue over the nub before gently nipping at it with your teeth causing her to moan and unconsciously speed up her pace >Before you know it you don’t even have to thrust up to match Adagio’s pace anymore as she starts to ride you at her own will >Between her moans she begins to speak >”You’re right…this is the second time we’ve lost everything and it’s all my fault. We have nowhere to go or anyone to rely on.” >You remove her nipple from your mouth so she can speak easier >Right now you’re still more focused on blowing your load, but listening to her couldn’t hurt >”We don’t have anything, so please, don’t throw us out. I’ll prove I’m not useless, even if this is the only thing I can do!” >As she continues to talk she picks up speed until she’s practically bouncing on your dick. >The sound of your flesh slapping together fills the room as she goes even faster. >She’s so desperate to prove that she isn’t worthless that she’s ready to give her all to you >You don’t know if you forgive her just yet, but she’s putting a real effort into making up for the last month >Because of Adagio’s almost frantic pace it’s not long before you feel an overwhelming heat boiling in your gut and rushing to your loins >This is it >You grab a fistful of her poof in one hand while pulling her hips down with your other hand just as a roar of pleasure rips from your throat >Adagio gives her own cry of pleasure as jet after jet of your warm seed batters her womb >You cum for what seems like ages before finally sighing with satisfaction >Adagio’s body goes limp in your arms as she falls forward, her own orgasm draining the energy from her body >The two of you bask in the afterglow as you catch your breath, the warmness of Adagio’s body still on top of you >You come to your senses first >Grabbing her hips you push her off, causing her to fall back on the couch with her legs splayed open allowing the remnants of your seed to drip out of her and soak into the couch >Adagio seems to be coming back to her sense as well >She watches you with a mixture of shame and longing as you pull your pants up >You look over to her and as the two of you meet each other’s gaze, you can tell there’s still a bit of resentment there. This is only confirmed as she speaks >”I hate you…but don’t leave me.” >You say nothing as you turn your back to her >Of course you wouldn’t kick her or the others out, not yet >After all…there were still two other girls ripe for conquering >A smile slowly spreads across your face as you check the time >[spoiler]Just as keikaku[/spoiler] >Over a week has passed since you and Adagio had sex >It wasn’t exactly rape, but you had certainly forced her into and had been a bit rough >Despite that things hadn’t changed much between the two of you >Well, almost nothing changed >To say Adagio was nicer to you would be an overstatement, but at the same time she was nowhere near as critical of your actions as she used to be >Before she would pick on you about every little thing, often causing the other two to join in >But now she barely spoke to you, almost like she was avoiding you entirely >It could be awkward at times but you were actually glad for the peace >Around the other two she acted the same so they didn’t seem to notice anything was amiss yet >But when the two of you were alone or at night once the other two fell asleep… >After the first time Adagio had come to you on several different occasions for sex >Apparently she was using physical contact as a way to prove she wasn’t useless, your words affecting her more than you thought at first >Whatever, it was a good way to pass time for you and if it also made her happy then there was no real reason to turn her away >It wasn’t until a certain night that things took a drastic change >It was one of the rare times when all four of you were seated at the dinner table >Most of the time the Dazzlings were just fine with popping something in the microwave or making you order take-out, but every now and then you would cook dinner to save money >Except this time you weren’t the one doing the cooking >You blink as Adagio silently places a plate on the table in front of you >You can’t help but raise a brow as you watch her also place plates in front of Aria and Sonata before taking her own seat and picking up a fork >The three of you are stunned as you all watch Adagio >Finally you look down at your plate >Lasagna…that’s unexpected >”Wow, Adagio, you made this for realsies?” >Sonata is the first speak, eyes sparkling innocently at the meal in front of her >Yeah, Adagio. What gives?” >Aria is the next to speak up, poking at the lasagna with her fork while eyeing it skeptically >Adagio closes her eyes, trying to sound as nonchalant as possible as she answers >”What? I can’t cook every now and then? Unlike you two I’m not completely helpless.” >Her answers causes Aria to look at her suspiciously before looking to Sonata and you >But the two of you are already eating your food, Sonata chewing happily >The middle is still cold, the sauce barely has any flavor, the pasta is too chewy, what kind of cheese is this, who taught this girl how to cook? >Despite all your complaints you eat the plain lasagna stoically because you don’t feel like cooking anything else >Aria eventually gives in as well, though she keeps glancing your way throughout the awkward meal >Busy with your mediocre lasagna, you don’t notice >After dinner you’re doing laundry >You shift through the clothes baskets mechanically >While some of it is your stuff, the majority of it is the Dazzling’s clothing and underwear >You pick up a striped pair of panties and eye them for a moment before tossing them into the washer with a sigh >At one point handling their dirty underwear would have excited you, but it’s become a part of your routine at this point and is no longer that arousing >You shove the rest of the clothes in the wash before closing it and adjusting the settings >With the washer started to intend to come back in an hour or so once the cycle is done >You turn to leave the laundry room but stop as the door opens suddenly and someone pushes their way in, shutting the door behind them >You raise a brow “Aria?” >The girl crosses her arms as you identify her >She doesn’t look very happy, but then again she never does >You look her up and down >Since it’s laundry night all she’s wearing is a long shirt that you recognize as one of yours >It hangs loosely off of one of her shoulders and barely reaches down to her thighs >You cast a quick glance at the washer, wondering if she’s wearing anything underneath >”You did something to Adagio, didn’t you?” >You turn your attention back to the girl, looking confused for a second “No?” >You answer on reflex >The response doesn’t please her and before you know it she takes a step forward so she’s practically chest to chest with you >You’re taller than the girl so she has to look up at you which kind of lessens the fact that she’s trying to intimidate you >The laundry room isn’t that big so there’s nowhere to run, especially with her blocking the door >If it came down to it you’re fairly confident you could overpower her though >She reaches a hand out to grab the collar of your shirt >You can tell she’s trying to be rough with you, but again because of the difference in strength you’re not very worried >With disdain in her eyes she accuses you again >”Don’t play stupid! After that Sonata and I left the two of you alone she’s been acting strange. And cooking dinner for everyone? There’s no way in hell Adagio would do that!” >You couldn’t help but mentally agree with the last part >You’re actually somewhat surprised that the other girl did seem to notice something was wrong. You figured she either didn’t notice or didn’t care enough to say anything >Maybe they cared for each other more than you thought >Still, you’re not about to own up to anything just yet. The thing Adagio and you have going on is pretty nice “I don’t have to tell you anything.” >You try and sound as dismissive as possible as you grab her wrist and pull her hand off your collar >A part of you can’t help but tease her, however >A mocking smile crosses your face as you move past her “Besides…why do you care?” >You specifically aim to bother her as you try and make your exit >Unfortunately it seems like it works a little too well >Something hooks around your ankle and before you can catch yourself you fall forward and land heavily on the floor >With a groan you roll onto your back and try to prop yourself up, only to have something press down heavily on your stomach >Looking up you see Aria staring down at you with a wicked grin, her foot placed firmly on your abdomen >Well….this was certainly unexpected >From your position on the floor you do notice one thing >So she is wearing panties after all…That’s a bit disappointing >You draw your attention away from the fabric covering her crotch to look at her face >Even though you’re on the floor with her foot on you, you still don’t feel very worried. If anything you’re just kind of annoyed right now >”You must think you’re hot shit, huh? I don’t know what you did to Adagio, but you’ve been walking around like you own the place these past few weeks.” “It’s my house. I do own the place.” >Your deadpan response is met by Aria pressing her foot down harder on you >”You should be grateful that a loser like you has three girls staying with him. I doubt your creepy ass has ever been alone with a girl before.” >You’re actually starting to get a bit offended. Sure, you weren’t the most popular guy in school, but you still had a few people you would call friends. Being called creepy was a bit hurtful >From her position Aria still looks like she thinks she’s superior to you. It was actually kind of funny. Adagio had the same look too, but now she was crawling into your room almost every night to bounce on your dick >”Now tell me what you did to Adagio!” >She demands again >At this point you’re about fed up with her attitude >Sitting up you start to push her foot off as you answer in a clipped tone “Even if I did do something it’s none of your damn business.” >Her eyes flicker a bit, caught off guard by your defiance. She was used to having you bow down after a bit of intimidation, but now that you conquered Adagio you realized that you had nothing to fear from any of them >”You…” >Her lips curl up into a strained smile as her eyes flash wickedly >Just as you’re about to sit up you feel her foot on you again, but this time it’s on a different place “Ugh.” >You clench your jaw as you feel the girl’s foot pressing down on your dick >Now you actually are a bit worried. The thought of what would happen if she put her full weight on your balls was frightening >Seeing that brief flicker of fear in your eyes is enough for Aria to get her bravado back >”I don’t know what has you acting like you’re so great, but you should remember your place.” >Aria grins as she slowly begins to rub her barefoot up and down your shaft. Since you’re only wearing a pair of thin pajama pants the stimulation is pleasurable even if it’s not direct contact >It doesn’t take long for you to get an erection, and of course Aria doesn’t fail to notice it >”See? What kind of pathetic loser gets turned on by having a girl step on their dick? Maybe if you actually had a spine you wouldn’t still be a lame virgin.” >A smirk unconsciously crosses your face. If only she knew how wrong she was >Seeing your face only makes her angrier and she increases the intensity of her footjob >This….actually wasn’t that bad. Her foot feels good and she even uses her toes to rub the tip of your cock every now and then. If this was supposed to be a punishment it wasn’t having the intended effect >”Getting turned on by something like this. No wonder you’re always crawling around and doing what we say. You’re just a pathetic masochist!” >She’s not entirely wrong, but at the moment you’re too busy focusing on the pleasure on your dick to argue back >Aria frowns, apparently noticing that her tactic to humiliate you isn’t working out >The movements of her foot stop causing you to feel disappointed for a second, but then a chill runs down your spine as she feel the ball of her heel pressing against your sack >A slight pain of grunt escapes you which causes her sadistic smile to return >”Hah! You should see how stupid you look right now!” >She laughs at your expression which a mixture of pain and pleasure as she continues to steadily apply pressure to your balls >She keeps this up for a few minutes before her expression slowly begins to change >Aria is still looking down at you, but her expression of disdain and superiority is slowly giving way to something else >Without warning she removes her foot from your crotch causing you to sigh in relief and begin to prop yourself up on your elbows >Before you can sit up, Aria is on her knees in front of you >Spreading your legs apart, she leans down so her backside is in the air while her face is near your crotch >In this position you’re getting a good look down her shirt which only serves to turn you on even more >”This pathetic, virgin dick of yours…I bet it’s about to burst, isn’t it?” >Her fingers deftly stroke you through the fabric of your pajamas >Unlike Adagio, Aria seems to know what she’s doing >She pulls down your pajamas and boxers in one go, allowing your erection to pop free >Taking it in one hand, she presses it against her cheek while looking up at you >”Even if you are always running around like a gutless dog, I guess we do owe you for feeding us. Consider this a reward. You should be thankful….This is the best a loser like you is ever going to get.” >Again you’re tempted to tell her in detail how you fucked Adagio, but her condescending words combined with her sultry smile as she looks up at you is making you excited >Feeling your cock throb in her hand, Aria gives another smile before she starts moving her hand >You remember how clumsy Adagio was when she first gave you a handjob, and even though she had learned since then, Aria was definitely the more skilled of the two >She deftly works your shaft with her palm and fingers, alternating her pace and stopping every now and then to give extra attention to your cock head >Your eyes close as your breath starts coming out in ragged gasps >You can feel yourself getting closer to the edge and it feels like you’ll blow your load at any moment >And then you feel Aria’s hand clamp down on your balls >Your eyes snap open at the sudden pain >Looking down you see Aria staring up at you wickedly, one hand still stroking you while the other fondles your sack roughly >”Do you like that? Is having your balls crushed making you excited?” >She taunts you as she increases her pace >Every now and then she gives your balls a strong squeeze, causing a shooting pain to assault your groin combined with pangs of pleasure >Your expression clearly says it hurts, but you can’t help but let out a moan of pleasure on a regular basis to show that you are enjoying the rough treatment >”Getting off from being treated so roughly…Are you even a man? How would people look at you if they knew that you like getting your balls crushed?” >As she speaks she begins to stroke you at a furious pace. Precum drips from your tip like a leaky faucet, serving as lube that dirties her hand and allows her to go faster, a lewd sound filling the air >Sensing that you’re close to the end, Aria mocks you once more >”Go ahead! Show me your stupid face as you cum!” >You feel your seed rushing up your shaft but manage to keep it back through sheer will >Raising a foot you manage to put it on Aria’s shoulder and push her back >The action catches her by surprise and she falls back, her back hitting the wall >Aria rubs her head and lets out a groan >In that time you manage to get on your feet and are now standing over her with your dick still out >She looks up as you loom over her, a smirk crossing her face even though your positions have changed >”What’s the matter? Was it too much for you?” >She’s still intent on making you feel bad, but your expression remains impassive as you look down at her ”Isn’t that enough?” >You question causes her to frown >”What are you talking about? Don’t pretend you weren’t enjoying that.” >She begins to smile but upon seeing your blank expression she stops “You don’t really give a damn if I did anything to Adagio, do you?” >You kneel down so you’re slightly more level with the girl as you speak >This time it’s you that’s looking at her with an expression of pity and disgust “You don’t care how anyone else feels, do you? As long as you have others to push around you’re fine.” >You drop your voice so it’s a sinister whisper as you deliver the next line “Because you’re worthless bitch who has to convince herself she’s above others to feel better.” >Your words hang heavily in the air for a moment before Aria growls, eyes blazing as she tries to get up >”What do you know you stupid prick.” >She spits at you, but you’re not about to let her off easily >As she tries to stand up you quickly place your hand on her shoulder and roughly shove her back down “Running away now that you’re not in control anymore? That just shows how pathetic you are.” >It had taken you some time but you felt you had this girl figured out “I always wondered why you stayed around Adagio and Sonata even though you seem to hate them so much. I figured it was because of some sense of responsibility, like Adagio, but I should have known it’s nothing noble like that.” >She bites her lip as you look down at her, not saying anything. You can tell you have her cornered as you press on “You’re a leech, Aria. You can only make yourself feel better by pushing others around, but at the same time you aren’t confident enough to actually take the lead. Without Adagio and Sonata you’d be sitting in a gutter right now.” >Always the first one to join in when Adagio used to pick on you but rarely the one to initiate it herself. Picking on Sonata at every chance but not enough to actually drive her away. You knew what type of person Aria was >She needed others more than they needed her, and in order to deal with that she had developed a tough front to make it seem like she didn’t need anyone >But the truth was that being mean to others was the only way she felt they would pay attention to her. It was almost childish in a way >Knowing that actually made you pity her, but you weren’t about to forget how she had been treating you up until now >Just like with Adagio you weren’t about to let up after some verbal retribution >You’re the one with the wicked smile now as your eyes drop to her crotch “Besides…it looks like you’re just as much of a pervert as I am.” >Aria is confused for a moment but follows your gaze and looks down, noticing the wet stain in the middle of her panties >She closes her legs quickly while glaring up at you >”Don’t think I’m like you, you pathetic virgin.” >You roll your eyes at her words. It’s about time to put an end to that train of thought “Aria, you really want to know what I did to Adagio?” >She blinks at the sudden change of topic but is clearly interested >Your dick twitches at the memory as you recall that day “I fucked her.” >You say it as if it’s the most natural thing in the universe >Aria stares at you in disbelief. Whatever she had been thinking it surely wasn’t that >”You’re lying.” >She finally manages to say >You don’t really care if she believes you or not. Just seeing the uneasiness in her eyes is enough for now “It’s ongoing, actually. Just the other night she came into my room and was riding me before I was even fully awake.” >Aria is still looking at you with uncertainty, but as she hears about your exploits a blush slowly creeps across her face “Do you want to know why she did it?” >You ask suddenly, and then answer before Aria can voice confirmation either way “To take care of you two. She willing to put her pride aside and get on her knees just to make sure you two have a place to stay.” >The revelation causes Aria’s eyes to widen. She opens her mouth as if she wants to say something but nothing comes out, allowing you to continue “If you were in her place could you really do the same, Aria? Or are you really just all talk?” >She says nothing as she looks down, refusing to meet your gaze which only causes you to smile wider “You can’t, can you? Because you’re a worthless bitch that only cares about herself.” >Your harsh words may as well be bullets with how hurt Aria looks right now >You let them sink in before turning your back on her and beginning to walk towards the door >Wait for it… >”…I don’t only care about myself.” >Right on cue you hear Aria’s small voice behind you >You turn around to look at her to see the girl shaking slightly as she looks to the side >”Adagio has always taken care of the two of us, even if she does screw up sometimes. Sonata is stupid, but she’s always willing to do whatever she can and would never abandon either of us. But all I can do is follow along.” >You listen to her quietly, your face betraying no signs of sympathy. Letting her bare her heart now would serve to your advantage later so you let her keep talking >”It’s easier to criticize people instead of taking responsibility myself. But the more I did it the more I realized it was also because I didn’t have anything worthwhile to contribute myself.” >She heaves a forlorn sigh as she pulls her knees to her chest, not caring that she’s exposing her panties to you anymore >”I really am pathetic.” >She admits in a small voice, finally being honest with herself >There’s silence for a brief moment before your words suddenly cut through the air “Yeah, you really are a pathetic and useless girl.” >Aria looks up at you sharply, eyes narrowing in anger. Clearly she wasn’t expecting you to keep kicking her while she was down >But you aren’t here to make her feel better “Honestly, if it weren’t for Adagio I’d have no reason to keep any of you around. But I can’t really kick you to the curb as long as she’s my fuckbuddy.” >You aren’t just picking on her either. All of you words are brutally truthful >You make a show of shrugging your shoulders as she look down at her, the expression on your face telling her that she’s a huge burden “But as long as you know how worthless you are I guess you can stay. Just don’t forget that if anyone here is pathetic, it’s you.” >Aria is clenching her fists so hard that her nails are digging into her palms >After that intense tongue lashing you would have expected her to burst into tears, but the girl was tougher than that, much to your delight >”Anything Adagio can do I can do too! I won’t keep pushing everything on her!” >The pieces are falling into place perfectly, but you keep up your act even though you can see exactly where things are going “And what’s that supposed to mean?” >Aria keeps her burning glare on you silently, not moving an inch >Finally she moves, hooking her thumbs under the band of her panties and slowly sliding them down >A thin trial of arousal momentarily connect the piece of fabric to her before finally breaking as her panties fall to her ankles >You watch as she grabs the hem of her shirt and lifts it up, fully exposing her dripping sex to you >She looks at you with a red face, trying to keep her body from trembling as you eye her >”I’ll show you I’m not a worthless burden. So you don’t have to do anything to Adagio anymore…” >Her words cause you to laugh >It appears she still thinks that you’re forcing Adagio to do anything, when the truth is that after that first time she had always been the one to initiate things. You just obliged whenever she was ready >”W-what’s so funny?” >She growls at you in a way you can only consider adorable. No matter how tough she tries to act from here on you know it’s just a front “I’m laughing because after all this you’re still thinking about yourself.” >She bristles at your words >”I’m not-“ >Before she can finish you step forward and place your hands on her hips “Don’t worry, I know what you want. If you really aren’t worthless, then show me.” >You speak in a low voice that causes her bottom lip to tremble >Without a word you gently guide her over to the dryer and lift her up onto it so she’s facing you >A shudder runs through her body at the cold machine she’s sitting on but up close you can see how flushed her skin is and don’t fail to notice her rapid breaths >It’s quite an erotic sight and you feel the urge to just slam into her right there, but in the time you’ve spent talking you’ve started to wilt a bit >Instead you opt to lean forward and place your lips on Aria’s neck, enjoying the smell of her sweat and hair as you gently nip at her skin >She sucks in a breath of air, one of her arms moving up to wrap around your neck and pull you closer >You slip a hand under her shirt, quickly finding her nipple and giving it a pinch, causing her to jump and press herself against you a bit more closely >Aria bites her lower lip as she tries to hold in her moans, but between your assault on her neck and nipple she can’t help but let a few break through >Suddenly she gasps and her lower body jerks forward >Your reaction has returned and from this angle its pressing right up against her wet pussy >Her juices coat the head of your cock as you grind it up and down her slit before finally aligning it properly for the impending penetration >Without waiting got her permission you begin to push in, and aside from some slight resistance it slips in easily >Aria grits her teeth as she tightens her arm around your neck for support >You pause for a few seconds, not really for her comfort but to allow yourself to feel test the tightness of her cunt >”You can…keep going…” >She mumbles as she turns her head away from you, not ready to completely give in to the pleasure just yet >You slowly keep pushing into Aria, enjoying the feel of her walls clamping on you >She’s not as tight as Adagio was but her vaginal walls still squeeze your dick snugly as you finally bottom out inside of her >By now Aria is gasping for breath as she wiggles her hips a bit, trying to get used to the feeling of you inside of her “Are you alright?” >You tease, planning to continue regardless of what her answer is “I’m fine. If Adagio can take this…so can I.” >She still feels the need to prove that she can handle whatever Adagio can >Oh well, whatever makes her happy >You withdraw yourself from her depths slowly before thrusting back in, your hips slapping against hers >It takes a few more experimental thrusts to test the waters, but soon you have a nice rhythm going as you move in and out of Aria >Aria finally manages to force herself to look at you, her eyes half lidded as she tries to control her breathing >”You can go faster, you know. I can take more than this.” >You’re a little surprised. She sounds like she really wants it >A mocking smile slowly crosses the girl’s face >”Unless this is all your pathetic dick can do.” >Your mouth goes into a thin line >Instead of responding you pinch her nipple suddenly, causing her to let out a gasp and arch her back >At the same time you increase the pace of your thrusts, now specifically aiming to make the girl moan in pleasure >”W-wait a second…!” >Aria tries to say but you ignore her >She wanted this so you’re going to give it to her >Your hips slam against Aria’s relentlessly as you begin a furious pace >You make it a point when you pull back to pull out just far enough so only the tip of your dick remains inside of her before slamming back in at full force >Aria is still managing to hold her voice in but she’s gripping you tighter and tighter. You’re not really concerned about her pleasure though. Right now she’s little more than your glorified fuck doll >Because you didn’t cum from her footjob and handjob earlier, combined with your quick pace, it doesn’t take long before you feel yourself reaching your limit >It would be nice to just blow your load inside of her right now, but a wicked thought suddenly crosses your mind >Looking down at Aria you see that her eyes are closed, but you can tell that she’s enjoying this as much as you are >Suddenly you stop your movements while burying yourself deep inside of her >You remain completely still >Several seconds pass before Aria finally realizes that something is wrong >Her eyes open to look up at you with a mixture of confusion and need >”Why’d you stop?” >She almost whimpers, close to reaching her own climax >You remain silent, still not moving a muscle as you look down at her >She grits her teeth, still not sure what game you’re playing >Just as you expect you slowly starts to wiggle her hips, trying to continue the stimulation but it’s nothing compared to the pounding you were giving her moments ago >Without warning you twist her nipple sharply again, causing her to cry out in pain and stop >”What are you doing!? Why did you stop moving?” >Aria demands as she glares up at you >”I…need it.” >She says quietly “Need what?” >You ask, feigning ignorance >Aria grits her teeth as you grin at her. She knows that you know damn well what she wants >But she’s going to have to say it herself before you give her anything >Realizing that you aren’t going to start moving again until you hear what you want, Aria sighs before mumbling >”…your…dick…” “And why is that?” >Aria growls as you continue to tease her >It doesn’t look like she’s going to say anything else, so you slowly begin to pull out of her >The action causes her eyes to widen with fear and she quickly babbles out more words >”Because I’m a worthless bitch that can only use her body like this…” >She breaks eye contact with you as she answers, face going even redder from shame “I’m sorry. I didn’t catch that.” >You actually did hear her clearly but your sadistic streak hadn’t been quelled just yet >Aria looks back at you with her eyes blazing >”I’M A WORTHLESS BITCH THAT CAN ONLY USE HER BODY LIKE THIS!” >No sooner do the words finish leaving her mouth do you suddenly thrust back into her >You pick up your previous pace, jackhammering into her so hard that the dryer shakes underneath the two of you >As if a dam has broken, Aria no longer tries to stifle her moans as she wraps her legs around your hips, determined not to let you get away again until you’re finished >You’ve already stopped yourself right before cumming three times already and there’s no way you can hold out anymore >You push yourself as far into Aria as you can so you can release your steamy cargo directly into her womb >Aria’s body convulses as she feels your warm seed taking hold inside of her and filling her womb with a pleasant heat >You continue to blast jet after jet of your cum into Aria’s depth until you finally feel yourself calming down >You keep yourself buried inside of her, plugging her up so none of your seed can escape until you decide to pull out >The two of you bask in the afterglow, the only sound filling the room being the two of you trying to catch your breaths >After a few minutes you’re finally ready to pull out but you find that you can’t >Aria’s legs are still locked around you waist strongly, preventing you from going anywhere >Curiously you look down at the girl as she sheepishly meets your gaze >”I…I’m not worthless, right?” >She asks in a small voice, eyes searching your face for any signs of reassurance >Both her and Adagio….did they really want to feel needed that much? >Was life so crappy for them that they were willing to go this far just so you wouldn’t consider them worthless? >You feel a dull ache in your heart as you look down at Aria who suddenly seems a lot more vulnerable “You…” >You start to say something, but before you can finish the door to the laundry room suddenly opens >Both you and Aria turn to look at the same time, only to be greeted with the sight of a familiar poofy haired girl standing in the doorway >Adagio looks at the two of you blankly >You’re still inside of Aria and her legs are still wrapped around you, her panties dangling from one of her ankles >No matter what you say there’s no possible way you can come up with an excuse in this position >You can only watch as Adagio’s expression changes >First to confusion, then to hurt, and finally to anger as she looks at you “What’s up?” >It’s all you can think to say before Adagio’s fury boils over >You silently stuff food into your mouth as you sit at the dinner table, not really paying attention to the taste >Normally dinner was one of the few moments of peace you had in your home, but ever since around a week ago that had changed >Now the atmosphere was so suffocating it was impossible to enjoy anything >The reason for which being the two girls sitting at opposite ends of the table glaring at each other >You barely glanced up from your plate, but every time you did Adagio and Aria’s expressions hadn’t changed >The two girls glared at each other from across the table >Adagio sat with her arms folded and legs crossed in an elegant manner, whereas the more aloof Aria was leaning forward slightly to rest her elbow on the table >It would have been a normal scene if not for the invisible sparks practically flying between the two >The only one at the table who seemed relaxed was Sonata who was eating her dinner in oblivious bliss >You honestly didn’t know if the third Dazzling was just doing a hella good job of pretending nothing was wrong or if she genuinely didn’t notice the tension that had been filling the house for the last week >After Adagio had caught you and Aria in the laundry room things certainly hadn’t been the same >You had expected the two of them to take it out on you, but surprisingly you had gotten away from any “punishment” rather easily >The two girls seemed more focused on getting back at each other rather than taking it out on you >Quite frankly that was fine. Better they claw each other’s eyes out than go for yours >Still…this wasn’t really what you were expecting >You thought the two would be at each other’s throats after that, but aside from being more sarcastic towards each other and these staring contests, they were still behaving mostly the same >You figured it was just a girl thing to be passive aggressive like that so you tried not to pay it much mind >Besides, it wasn’t like you were cheating on either of them. Sex was sex; it was as simple as that >That’s what you had thought at first anyway… “I’m done.” >You announce as you stood up from your chair while picking up your empty plate >As usual you couldn’t really remember the taste but as long as your stomach felt full it was okay >the moment you stood up both Adagio and Aria turned their attention to you and you had to suppress a groan >”Where are you going?” >The two asked almost simultaneously >They had been doing this a lot and it was starting to annoy you >Every time you left the house or even the room the two would pretty much hound you, demanding to know where you were headed and when you’d be back >It had taken some time to set in but you had come to realize how much Adagio and Aria had come to crave your attention >When you had messed with them earlier it was just to get into their heads, but you had no idea they would become this…clingy “Bathroom.” >Your response was short and dismissive, but you weren’t lying >These days you were feeling more tired and lethargic for reasons you weren’t fully sure of >Was it just Adagio and Aria tiring you out or something else? >You briefly remember how forlorn and needy the two of them had looked when they had given themselves to you the first time >A dull ache permeated through your heart but it was quickly washed away as you dropped your plate into the sink, which had started to pile up with other dishes >As you start to leave the kitchen, Adagio’s voice rings out behind you >”Well then, I suppose that I’ll shower as well. You don’t have a problem with that, do you?” >Her voice is as confident as ever as she looks at you, and you don’t fail to notice the quick glance she shoots in Aria’s direction >You instantly knew what she was getting at; it wasn’t the first time one tried to taunt the other like this >”You bitch…” >Aria begins to growl but is cut off as Adagio turns her attention towards her >”Isn’t it your turn to do the dishes tonight?” >It actually is Aria’s turn now that you think about it, but honestly you don’t really care that much >Aria stands up from her chair quickly, glaring daggers at Adagio >”Don’t give me that shit! You just want to get him alone so you can-“ >You sigh, not in the mood for a shouting match “Just do the dishes. It’s not a big deal.” >You say simply >Aria’s eyes instantly go to you, the flames of anger being replaced by betrayal even though you really weren’t trying to hurt her feelings >You hold her gaze for a bit until it finally gives way to a more subdued expression >”…Fine.” >She says as she looks down before heading towards the sink >”I’ll help!” >Sonata says as she eagerly stands up, humming as she brings her own dirty plate to the sink >With that taken care of you start to leave the kitchen again with Adagio following you >Before the girl leaves, however, she pauses at the entryway to look back at Aria with a smug grin >”Make yourself useful now.” >She teases before rejoining you as you head towards the bathroom. >”I don’t like it when you spend time with Aria, you know. It really bothers me!” >Later on in the shower, Adagio berates you with an angry expression. It loses its impact, however, considering she’s on her knees in front of you with your cock in her hand “I don’t belong to you. And it’s kind of hard to ignore someone when they stay in the same house as you.” >Your answer causes her to pout as she continues to stroke you. It’s not the first time you’ve had this “argument”, and you’d probably repeat next time Aria caught you alone as well >”I know, it’s just…You don’t need her. If you need anything, just come to me and I’ll take care of you.” >Her devotion is actually kind of touching >You zone out for a moment as you think back on the current situation. Maybe playing around with both of them wasn’t such a good idea. It kind of felt like you were driving a wedge between the two “Nnn…” >You let out a groan of pleasure as you feel a sudden heat on your cock, different from the warm water of the shower >Looking down you’re just in time to see Adagio giving your shaft a loving lick before looking back up at you with eyes seeking approval “Adagio…” >You watch as she stands up and turns around, brushing her long hair out of the way to give you access to her nether regions as she looks back at you longingly >Without a word you move behind her and line yourself up with her slit >At least you won’t have to worry about cleaning up since you’re in the shower >The air outside of the bathroom feels good on your skin as you exit the steamy room, a wet towel still hanging around your shoulders >Adagio stayed behind to clean herself a bit more, but with the deed done you had no more reason to stick around now that you were washed >With a sigh you walk to the living room, noticing the house is eerily quiet aside from the faint sound of the TV >When you arrive in the living room you find Sonata sitting on the couch, but Aria is nowhere to be found >Figuring she went to bed out of frustration you don’t think much of it as you make your way around to the other side of the couch and sit down >”Oh, hey!” >Sonata greets you with a cheerful smile as you take a seat, but you merely nod in her direction as acknowledgement, eyes focused on the TV >Some dumb reality show is on that doesn’t look very interesting, but Sonata seems invested in it so you don’t reach for the remote to change channels >Silence falls between the two of you as the TV show continues to drone on >After a while you begin to zone out, not really paying attention to the drama unfolding onscreen >You’re about to doze off when you hear someone calling your name >Looking over you see Sonata staring at you with an expression of innocent curiosity “Uhh…” >You open your mouth dumbly, having missed why she called your name in the first place >Sonata doesn’t seem to mind, giving you a gentle smile as she speaks up again >”Are you okay? You always seem tired lately.” >You blink slowly a few times >It was true that Adagio and Aria had been tiring you out the last few weeks, but there was something else attributing to your fatigue as well >A creeping feeling that you tried to ignore while you lay awake in your bed at night >You shake your head slowly, not voicing your full thoughts to the girl “I’m fine. Just haven’t been getting much sleep at night is all.” >You don’t mention the reasons for which, but what Sonata says next almost causes you to jump >”It’s Adagio and Aria, isn’t it?” >Your brows furrow a bit as you look at her >You thought she was too dense to notice anything was amiss but perhaps she was sharper than you expected >Your mind races for an excuse but before you can think of one, Sonata speaks again >”I don’t know what’s bothering them, but they seems to be mad at each other over something. Those two can be so weird sometimes!” >You feel yourself slowly calming down. It didn’t sound like she had figured out what was really going on but only noticed her two friends were acting stranger than usual >You figured even someone as dense as Sonata would notice something was wrong with the behavior of the two people she spent the most time with “I didn’t notice.” >You lie without missing a beat. There’s no reason to get her involved yet, and it would only made Adagio and Aria more jealous >Still, as you look at her, you can’t help but let your eyes travel over her body >Like you, Sonata is already in her pajamas, wearing one of your old button-up shirts and a pair of shorts >Each of the Dazzlings were alluring in their own way and had their own charms, and for Sonata it was definitely her chest >The top buttons of her shirt were undone, showing off the top of her cleavage. Her boobs were noticeably bigger than Adagio and Aria’s and the fact that she was unintentionally pushing them together with her arms only made them stand out more >Even though you had just went a round with Adagio in the shower, you could feel yourself getting turned on again as you continue to stare at her rack >A dark thought begins to cross your mind >You had already taken Adagio and Aria, why not Sonata too? You doubted she would be as tough to convince as the other two, and so what if they got jealous? “Sonata.” >You call her name in a low voice but she pipes up over you before you can go on >”If you say they’re not bothering you, then I guess it’s okay. I know Dagi and Aria can be difficult to get along with, but they aren’t bad.” >Her words cause you to frown. It’s a bit weird hearing her defend the other two when they usually picked on her all the time. Not as badly as they used to pick on you, but enough that you wouldn’t be surprised if she had some concealed ire towards them “It’s really not a problem.” >You try to force a smile on your face to let her know everything was okay and continue covering your lie >Your answer appears to relieve some of her worries and she gives you a bright smile in return >As you look at it, you feel that pang of guilt tug at your heart again >She was defending Adagio and Aria, but there was still something bothering you “Hey, Sonata.” >”Hmm?” >She looks at you with a tilt of her head. Adagio and Aria had always been on guard around you, but Sonata was so innocent that you were already feeling guilty and you hadn’t even done anything yet “I was just wondering…Why did you stay with Adagio and Aria? I mean, isn’t it kind of their fault you’re in this situation now?” >Adagio was the leader and Aria had ambition, but you couldn’t see Sonata as anything other than a follower. It was the other two that had dragged her into things and now she was paying the price as well. Surely she had to feel angry about that >You watch as Sonata puts a finger to her lip, brows scrunching together as she goes deep into thought >”I guess I should be upset…” >She finally says after a while >Contrary to her words, however, her face brightens up as she looks back to you >”But Adagio and Aria have always known what to do, so I trust them.” >That was an unexpected answer. Seeing the confusion on your face she’s quick to continue >”We’re…not from around here. We were banished from a place called Eques-Uhm, well, let’s just say we were kicked out of our old home.” >You raise a brow as Sonata catches herself before she can finish saying something, coming up with a different excuse instead. You decide not to pursue it at the moment, letting her finish her story >”Anyway, when we first got here, we had nothing. No friends, no family, nowhere to stay. It was seriously scary, for realsies.” >A forlorn look crosses her face as she looks down, remembering unpleasant things from the past. You almost want to reach out and comfort her but instead remain silent until she’s ready to continue >”Dagi and Aria argued a lot back then about what we should do next. Somehow Adagio always managed to keep us together even though Aria threatened to go off on her own a lot. Even Adagio acts like we annoy her, she always came up with plans so we would have something to eat and a place to stay at night. Though she would complain what a burden we were all the time!” >Sonata smiles fondly at the memory even though times must have been tough back then >”Aria too! She acts grumpy all the time and pretends she doesn’t care about a lot of things, but I could she was afraid to lose us. One time this really creepy guy approached us and tried to get us to go with home, but Aria punched him right in the face! It was totally cool!” >You can’t stop a small smile from crossing your face as you imagine the scene. That sounded like something Aria would do >The smile slowly fades from Sonata’s face as she looks down again, her voice dropping slightly >”I’m not very smart or good at making decisions on my own, you know. I say stuff without thinking and I’m always causing trouble for Adagio and Aria. But as much as they pick on me, they would never let me go off on my own. Adagio and Aria always know what to do so all I can do is follow after them.” >Just as you suspected, Sonata didn’t have the capacity to make decisions on her own. She was like a child that didn’t know any better and needed others to make sure she stayed out of trouble >You were a bit surprised to hear how much Adagio and Aria protected her though. Back when they had their powers they were probably stronger as a group and couldn’t afford to lose a member, but from what Sonata was telling you it ran deeper than that “That’s kind of unexpected.” >You can’t help but say >Sonata gives you a gentle smile in return >”Trying to take over the school was Adagio’s idea as well. I know it was bad, but we were really running out of options. We were barely surviving as it was.” >The way Sonata described it made it sound like it was a life or death situation. Just where exactly had these girls come from? >”When we failed and lost our powers, Adagio took it the hardest. She had promised that we wouldn’t have to scrounge around anymore but wasn’t able to keep that promise. I’m sure she blames herself for all of this.” >You knew just how guilty Adagio had been feeling over the whole thing and failing her friends. And you had taken advantage of that. Listening to Sonata’s story now was causing something to repeatedly stab at you conscious “We were in an even worse situation than before but Adagio and Aria stayed strong. I don’t think either of them had another plan but we still stayed together so it felt like everything would be alright.” >Suddenly she looks up at you and smiles. The sheer gratitude behind it makes you flinch but she doesn’t seem to notice >”But then we met you! I know Adagio and Aria don’t say it, but we’re all really grateful you allowed us to stay. We’d probably be starving on the streets right now if not for you. I’m not good with words so all I can say is…thanks for taking care of us! For realsies!” >A silence settles between the two of you >The pure innocence of Sonata’s heartfelt gratitude leaves you stunned >Once again you realize just how insecure and vulnerable these girls are without their powers >And you had taken advantage of them >The thought makes you stomach churn and you feel like throwing up >Seeing your grim expression, Sonata tilts her head >”Are you okay?” >She starts to ask, but without warning you suddenly throw your arms around her and pull her in for a tight hug >”Huh?” She’s too confused to push you away which only makes you hug her more tightly “I’m sorry.” >You say simply, not giving any context >You know Sonata probably thinks you’re acting weird right now, but you don’t care. At the moment you just wanted to let the girl know that things were okay and this was the only way you knew how >Gradually Sonata’s body relaxes and you feel her slowly return the embrace >”I don’t really get it, but it’s okay as long as you feel better!” >Even now she’s still trying to cheer you up instead of the other way around >As you continue to hug the girl, one thought pops up in your mind >You knew what you had to do now >Not just for Sonata, but for Adagio and Aria as well >It was time to make things right