The Booty Games 2015 - by Scootal00

>Today was a momentous day at Canterlot High >A day unlike any other day >A day that would change lives >... "... signed, Anonymous." >You folded the letters and sealed them in two different envelopes "Okay, Snips? Send this letter to the Dazzlings." >Snips salutes you and exits the music room "Snails? Send this one to the Rainbooms." >Snails followed suit >Both letters stated to come to the music room for a something special >Now all that was left to do was wait, and spin in your spinny chair >It was only a matter of time... >... >... >... >"What are YOU doing here?!" >"What are YOU doing here?" >You stopped spinning and paid attention to the commotion outside the room >"...non told US to come to the music room!" >"Well Rainbooms, it would seem that we are in the same boat." >"But why would he..." >There was a slight pause, until- >The doors to the music room swung open, and in walked just who you expected >You could make out Rarity's voice in the crowd >"Why is it so dark in here?" >Followed by that sweetheart Sonata >"Maybe it's a surprise?" >Cue the ever so bubbly Pinkie >"Oh boy I love surprises!" >Alright, it was about that time >You pull out your megaphone and place it over your mouth "Welcome, Ladies..." >Your voice echoed through the room, startling the group of girls >With a flick of your finger, you flip a switch on the console next to you >In a flash of brightness all the lights in the music room shine and light up the room "TO THE BOOTY GAMES!" >You flip another switch on the console and the entire rooms fills with the sounds of applause and cheering >You sit in the middle of the room, above you hangs a banner you poured all your sweat and tears into >It read, "Booty Games 2015" and had crude drawings of asses all over it >You try not to shed a tear at the glorious spread you have laid out before the girls >Once the applause were over, there was only silence >... >Twilight was the first to speak up >"The... Booty Games...?" >You stand from your chair and throw your hands into the air "Yes Twilight! The Booty Games!" >More silence >Applejack's voice could be heard out of the silent crowd >"W-wha-" >You throw your finger to her "Excellent question Applejack! Let me explain this to you girls." >You pace side to side "The Booty Games is a yearly competition I hold within the school to determine which girls among the student body have the best, most perfect ass. The games will consist of various competitions that test bounciness, firmness, resilience, roundness, and agility!" >Each one of the girls could only look in skepticism at each other "But hard work does not come without reward! The winner of this years Booty Games will win a hearty prize of $1,000 dollars!" >That caught their attention >Now all their eyes gazed right at you "So what do you say girls? Would you like to compete in..." >You pull out your microphone again "THE BOOTY GAMES!" >All the girls covered their ears and gave faces of distaste >Once the ear splitting madness had subsided and the girls regained composure, the leader of the Dazzlings spoke up >"Anon..." >Her face had a gentle smile on it >You smiled excitedly, waiting for their response >"Is this some kind of fucking joke?" >You smile began to fade >Aria spoke behind of Adagio >"Yeah Anon what the hell? The booty games? This is stupid!" >All the girls in the room began to speak out in disgust >Shit, your losing them! >What do what do what do >It was starting to seem that the booty game may be cancelled this year... >But over the voices of the girls, one other lone voice was heard >"I think you girls should go for it." >The entire room went silent once more >Oh lawdy a savior has arrived! >There she stood in the open door, the reigning champion for two years in a row >"S-Sunset?!" >All eyes turned to the one and only, Sunset Shimmer >You run over to her and throw an arm around her shoulders "Yes! The Bootylicious Sunset Shimmer! Winner of the booty games for the last two years!" >Surprised faces spread across the crowd of girls >Sunset spoke up >"That's right. You know, I was actually pretty skeptical about this whole thing too, but Anon here convinced me to try out and I what can I say? I had fun!" >She turns to face you >"Jeez Anon, when you told me this years games were gonna be special I had my doubts, but this should be good." >Sunset pats you on the back and walks over to the Rainbooms >"So whadya say girls? Judging from the competition it should be an easy thousand bucks." >Sneakily, Sunset gave you a sly wink >Oshit >"What did you say?!" >Adagio angrily approached the Rainbooms >"I'll have you know we have boys ogling our asses all day! We practically have to keep them at bay with a bat!" >Sonata follows behind Adagio to state her opinion >"Yeah! It's practically a death sentence if you're wearing a skirt around here! People just happen to 'drop' their phones around me and take a long while picking it up!" >Next followed Aria >"Pssh, I bet they would lose after the first competition." >Now it was the Rainbooms turn to retaliate >Rainbow Dash pushes through the crowd >"Oh that's it, I've had it with these three! We're in girls, and we'll smash you into the ground!" >Rainbow practically growls as she finishes >You intervene before things get too serious by clapping your hands "Okay girls okay! So glad to hear that you're on board! Now before we start I say we make things a little even, the Dazzlings are fine but the Rainbooms must choose three of their most worthy contestants before we start. Go ahead and make your cuts." >The group turns silent >All eyes shift immediately to Rainbow Dash >"...What?" >Applejack speaks for the group >"Uhm, sorry sugarcube, but you are pretty much the... least endowed out of all of us." >Ohh, that's gotta hurt >"B-but-" "And Rainbow Dash is out! Next pick!" >"Friggin ragglefraggin stupid friggin..." >Rainbow crosses her arms and mumbles to herself, sitting herself on a nearby bench >Twilight raises her hand to speak up >"It's okay girls, I know my own assets when I see them, I'll take one for the team." >How polite >You weren't about to say it yourself but you kind of knew she was gonna get cut, and next would probably be... >"Sorry Flutt- Fluttershy?" >Looks like she already went and sat herself on the bench >"It's okay girls, I'm not good at competitions anyways..." >Darn, and you were hoping to see some action from the most timid girl in school >And with that, leaves Rarity, AppleJack and Ponkle Pen. >You raise your hands as high as you can and praise that glorious sun "Now let the Booty Games... BEGIN!" ROUND 1: Bounce >All six of the girls were lined up on the stage, clad in the official Booty Games uniforms >"Uhm, Anon are ya sure we hafta wear these?" >Applejack squirmed slightly, pulling at her probably one size too small spandex booty shorts >The rest of the girls seemed pretty contempt with their outfits, especially Sonata and Pinkie >"Omigosh Sonata your tushy looks so cute in those shorts!" >Sonata balled her fists and brought them to her chest >"Yours too Pinkie! I just wanna bite into it!" >Aria groaned and slapped her hand to her face >"Sonata you bubbly idiot! Don't compliment the enemy!" "Now now Aria, it's all fun in games here! I for one think each and every one of you look fantastic!" >You and Sunset sat behind the judges table in front of the stage, both donning your "Official Booty Games Judge" shirts >The rest of the girls sat behind you on the extra benches you had set up "Okay girls! To kick this off we are gonna start of with a classic!" >Reaching into your pocket, you pull out a single shiny quarter and moving it between your fingers "The quarter bounce. Now if you look to the floor you will find pieces of tape labeled 10 to 100. With a well placed flick of the wrist, I will bounce this quarter off of the rump of whoever is chosen out of your team, and the team with the farthest bounce wins this round!" >You stand up from your chair and move in front of the girls "But first..." >With the quarter gently placed between your thumb and index finger, you pop out your hand and fling it up into the air "AJ CALL IT" >"TAILS!" >The quarter lands right back into your hand and you slap it onto your wrist >You wonder who it'll be... "And it looks like the first to go is..." >The anticipation is practically killing you >This lone, single quarter is all what determines possibly the greatest moment of your booty career >Well, more of a hobby I guess >You don't get paid for this, you're practically doing it for free! >But it definitely beats what you used to do >That doesn't matter now, all that matters is- >"Will you just spit it out already?!" >Adagio pls "Alright, looks like the Dazzlings take it! Go ahead and choose which one of you will go." >Adagio steps up to the plate >"Naturally, that would be me. Now how do we go about this?" >Taking Adagio's hand (followed by her pulling it away from you), you lead her to the beginning of the tape field "All you have to do Adagio is stand here, place your hands on your knees, and stick your bum as high up in the air as you can!" >She does just as you told right before the 10 line "Now when I count to 3, I'll flick the quarter right at the target and we'll see how far it goes." "1..." "2..." you align your hand perfectly, quarter aimed and ready to fire "3!" >The quarter flies from your hand and connects perfectly with Adagios booty >When the coin connects, you can see all the small ripples in her flesh jiggle >As if in slow motion, the quarter goes sailing over the 30 >Past the 40 >over the 65! >This has to be some kind of new record right here! >The coin hits the ground just at the 70 "Wow! That was impressive! Wasn't it Sunset?" >Sunny sits in her chair still, but claps her hands with a big smile on her face >"I'd say so! I believe last years record was 55? That sets a new record!" >Proudly, Adagio crosses her arms and gives the 3 Rainbooms the smuggest face >"Ha! Beat that Lamebooms!" >Applejack and Rarity let out a huff, giving the Dazzlings their own glare >Pinkie just smiled and waved >As did Sonata "What a great start! Now who will be going first for the Rainbooms?" >Rarity gives Pinkie a pat on the back >"I think you will be best suited for this one darling." >"Okie Dokie!" >Pinkie prances to the start line and get into the same position as Adagio did >"Go for it Nonny! I'm ready!" >Oh how you love her eagerness "Alright Pinkie, 1... 2... 3!" >You flick the quarter perfectly at her round bottom an- >*PSHEW!* >... >"Oh my.." >"Oh jeez Anon! Are ya okay?!" >You look around the room to find where the quarter went >Upon your investigation, you see all the girls attention is aimed at you >Then all of a sudden, a searing pain begins to swell in the side of your leg "FfffffffuuUUUU-" ~ >After a small break and a bit of medical attention from Fluttershy, you sit back in your judge chair and assess the situation >"Anon are you sure you're okay? I mean, that quarter went pretty deep into our leg" >Sunsets concern gives you a nice sense of comfort, but there are more important matters to discuss "Don't worry about me Sunset, we have a round to judge! And considering the circumstances, I say I'd have to give that round to..." >You scribble down the winners name onto a piece of paper and hold it up "The Dazzlings!" >All the girls in the room give you surprised looks >"What?!" >"But why?!" >"But Nonny! That quarter took of like a rocket!" >You hold up your hand to ease the girls "Now now now, the goal of the competition was to see who can bounce the quarter the farthest, Adagio managed to bounce it all the way to the 70. Pinkie managed to get it lodged straight into my leg, which was actually only at a distance of 20." >Collective groans emanated through the room "Congratulations Dazzlings, you take round one!" >The three girls cheered with joy >It nearly brings another tear to your eye, this is why you love the Booty Games... Round 2: Agility >There were times when you were younger that you thought, "What am I going to do with my life?" >At the time, your only answer was to whack it into a sock and watch Chinese cartoons >Then one day, you had a dream. >Not just any regular dream, no. This one was powerful, nothing like you have ever felt before. >And that dream was to host a series of events to prove once and for all, who had that sweetest ass in Canterlot High? >So you saved up enough money, gathered the right resources, and finally enacted your plan. >The first year of The Booty Games was a smashing success! >You thought once the games were over, then that was it. You could finally stop the nagging voice in the back of your head. >But soon after, the voice came back, and spoke the words that would soon change your entire life >Why stop there? >... >... >... >"-o Anon... buddy, you still there? Enough of the day dreaming, we got a competition to judge!" >Sunsets fingers snapped you back to reality >It was always nice to think about the past, but right now, there are more important things, like... "ROUND 2!" >You leap from your chair and yell, startling the girls >"Now, round 2 will test your agility" >You gingerly run to a corner of the room and grab a balance beam that you "borrowed" from the gym room >You speak as you drag the hefty beam to the center of everybody "*huff* Okay, Whoever is*hnng*... chosen from the team*rruh*, will walk along this Balance Beam,*uunff* seems simple, right?" >Fuck this beam is heavy... >You find a nice open spot for it and push it into place "Phwewh... Well, let's just say there are a few surprises, so this won't be as easy as you think!" >Applejack speaks out to voice her opinion >"And uhh... what does this hafta do with our butts?" >Curious little one, ain't she? "Like I said Applejack, there will be a few surprises I've set up. Now since the Rainbooms lost the last round, it only makes sense that they start off this round! Who will your choice be?" >It was Rarity's turn to speak up >"I believe this would be my forte girls! After all, balance is key to proper posture." >Rarity steps out, looking fantastic and glamorous as ever >"Come on Rares you can do it, WOOOO!" >Rainbow Dash yells from the stands, followed by more support from Twilight and Fluttershy >"Just stay focused Rarity!" >"I believe in you Rarity! Woo~" >Stay cute Fluttershy... >"Thank you gals~! Now Anon, how shall we proceed?" >You lightly take her hand (followed by her politely pulling it away from you) and lead her to one end of the balance beam "All you have to do is keep your head forward and make it to the other side, and that's it! Sweet, simple, and to the point!" >Rarity observes the balance beam, leans her hands against it, and hoists herself on top >"Oh this will be simply easy! I've had to endure much worse when I was learning how a lady should walk, the books on my head were an absolute nuisance." >She begins to walk forward, but didn't notice Sunset get up from her chair and walk next to you >Once you are sure Rarity is paying attention to the beam, you lift up your shirt and pull two long spatula-like tools from your back "One for you..." >You hand Sunset one of the tools >"Thank you Anon." >"Uh oh..." >"Uhm, Anon? Are you sure-" You place a finger over your mouth to shush Twilight >You look over to the other girls and see sly smiles on two of the Dazzling's faces, next to them were Pinkie and Sonata trying their hardest to contain their giggles, along with Applejack, a surprised look donning her face "And one for..." >"See girls? I told you, piece of ca-" "RARITY" > >"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" >After a well placed smack on Rarity's bottom, she is surprisingly able to keep her balance >"OOOOHHHH ANON YOU JERK." >You drop the spanking tool and run in front of Rarity, showing her your empty hands "What are you looking at me for? My hands are clean, see?" >She keeps walking, but slowly starts to lose composure >"Then WHaaAAt was THAT?! How DARE you slap me like tha-" > >"AAAAAAAEEEEEEEEYYYYY!!!" >One of her feet haphazardly swings to the side a her body jolts forward >Surprising you once again, Rarity pulls herself back up and keeps her balance >"Woah, Now that's impressive Rarity! Keep it up and you might win this!" >Sunsets encouraging words work wonders as she completely poises herself up, walking just as she started before >After a few more well placed smacks, Rarity managed to completely clear the balancing beam >Meeting her at the end of the beam, you offer her a hand as she steps down onto the floor "That was amazing Rarity! I've never seen someone keep their compos-" > >Your head reels back from Rarity's slap >"Thank you for the compliment darling, but you better get back before I decide to do something, VERY unladylike..." >You throw you hands up in defense, allowing Sunset to come help her friend hobble back to her team "Okay... next up are the Dazzlings! Who will be your pick ladies?" >... >... >"Hey, I already went." >Both Aria and Sonata glanced at each other >Sonata bites her lip and tries to look as innocent as possible >"Well... HAVE FUN ARIA!" >Sonata grabbed Aria by the shoulders and shoved her in front of you >"Ghah!- Why you little bi-" "Excellent!" >You put your arm over Aria's shoulders and walk with her to the beginning of the beam >Aria pushes your arm off her and gives the most adorable grumpy face you've even seen >"Whatever! Let's just get this over with..." >As Aria pulls herself onto the beam, Sonata's encouraging words can be heard from behind >"Go Aria WOO-" >"SHUT UP" >"eep" >At least you tried Sonata... >Right from the start Aria is already wobbly, but puts her arms out to the side to keep from falling over >"I swear Anon if you try anything funny..." "Don't worry about me, worry about not falling off!" >And she does just that, keeping her eyes on the beam >Perfect >You roll up you pant legs and pull out two more tools >Instead of spatula-like heads, these poles had pinching claw appendages at the end of them "You're doing well Aria, keep it up..." >You hand one of the pole claws to the smiling Sunset, obviously so happy to be here >Motioning your finger at Sunset, she comes closer to you so you can whisper into her ear "On three..." >She smiles and nods >The two of you creep up behind Aria, claws at the ready >You hold up one finger... >Then the second... "THREE" >"Wha-" >Both you and Sunset attack Aria's cheeks, pinching her multiple times >"YEEAAAOuuCCH!" >Aria wiggles around trying to keep her balance while the pinch assault continued, but to no avail >Without much resistance, Aria's legs lost balance and she fell to your side of the beam >Luckily you were able to catch her in time before she hit the ground "Ooohh, tough luck Aria! Looks like you weren't able t-" >"Grrrr!" >You take a good look at Aria's face and find that it is completely flushed red, while her eyes were practically pinpricks >"YouPieceOfShi-" >Aria delivers a powerful straight punch square in your face ~ >After another break and more medical care from Fluttershy, you sit back in your judge chair and adjust your papers. >With a bandage over your nose and a cotton swab in your right nostril, you look to the two teams and speak "Now what did I tell you? Didn't I say things were gonna get exciting? Now I'm really in the mood for some potato salad, how about you Sunny Bunny?" >"Uhh, Anon? Are you sure you're okay? She clocked you pretty hard back there" >You wave off the nonsensical talking swirl of condiments >"I'm fine I'm fine, trust me! Now After that round I'd say it was pretty clear who won that! Thanks to miss marshmallow's incredible poise, the round goes to the Rangbills!" >"Did he just call me a marshmallow?" >"Alright Anon you're gone, I'm taking you to the nurse right now." >The talking hot dog covered in ketchup and mustard gets up from it's chair and tries to grab you "But wait!" >You feel around for your ice cream sandwich and flip the nearest switch > "Before you take me away, tell the viewers that I am actually having a lot of fun writing this, and there is still 3 more rounds to go! Who will win this epic battle of the butts? Come back tomorrow and find out! But for now, I'm feeling really sleepy. Good Night Audience!" >"Can somebody help me with this idiot please?" ~~~ The Score so far, Dazzlings: 1 Rainbooms: 1 Round 3: Resilience >After a day of R&R from Aria's punch, you are back and ready to tackle this competition >You met up with the girls again and decided that it was a time for a change of venue >All the girls stood outside on the soccer field, clad in their Booty Games uniforms >They felt a bit uncomfortable standing out in the open like this, but the show must go on! >It was a pretty warm day too, so at least it wasn't a weather problem >You and Sunset had set up the judges table in front of the bleachers while the 3 non-contestants sat behind you >The Dazzlings and Team Rainboom stand in front of you, looking around to observe their surroundings >Now the both of you sat comfortably in your chairs ready to judge the next round >"Okay Anon, you wouldn't tell us before but now that we're here, why the hell are we outside?" >Adagio crosses her arms with a huff, obviously upset at the change >You sit up from your chair with megaphone in hand and raise it to your mouth "Good question Adagio! Welcome to round 3 of The Booty Games, this round will test your resilience under pressure of a crowd." >The teams look between each other in confusion >Applejack raises her eyebrow >"What crowd? We're the only ones out here." >You smile and turn around, pointing to the schools doors near the field "THIS CROWD!" >The second after you said that, a loud rumbling could be heard and the doors burst open >The two teams faces turned to surprise as students flooded out of the doors, cheering and hollering >It looked like nearly all of CHS's student population saw your fliers and decided to show up to cheer on the games >Many familiar faces showed from the crowd, ranging from some of the former contestants of the previous games and other who just wanted to have a good time >The rowdy crowd fills the bleachers wearing team shirts you had previously handed out before, it looks like it's pretty half and half with who supports who >Many students donned the Dazzlings team shirts while the rest wore shirts that said Team Rainboom >"GO DAZZLINGS! WOO" >"YOU CAN DO IT RAINBOOMS!" >"SONATA HAS THE BEST BUTT!" >"I LOVE YOU PINKIE PIE!" >Pinkie smiles and waves to the crowd >"I love you too!" >A proud feeling swells in your chest, you knew this years games would be a hit >Once the crowd has settled, you turn to the two teams >Adagio's mouth is agape >Aria's face is flushed while she tries to pull her shirt down to cover her bottoms >Sonata just seems happy to be here >Rarity tries to keep her composure, but feels the need to speak up >"Anon what is going on here?! You never said a word about this being public!" >You pace in front of the judges table "Well Rarity, like I said. This round will determine how well you can handle your assets under the pressure of a crowd, both teams will choose one contestant to preform however their heart desires, and the team who can gather the most support from the crowd wins this round!" >You turn to the crowd and speak "So what do you day students of Canterlot High? ARE YOU READY FOR ROUND 3?!" >The crowd erupts into cheers and whooping >With a smile on your face, you walk back to the judges table and pull out a boom box, placing it in front of Sunset "Okay girls, choose who will participate in this round." >The Dazzlings huddled into a circle to discuss, as did The Rainbooms >You can hear them whispering but can't make out any names >Once they break the huddle, Sonata steps in front, and to the side, Applejack >"WOO GO SONATA!" >She smiles and waves to the crowd >"YOU CAN DO IT APPLEJACK YAAA!" >Applejack blushes and looks away >You push the boom box on the table to Sunset "If you would be so kind to press play, Sunset?" >Sunset smiles and stands up >"Gladly Anon, but to make sure the sound is perfect let me just..." >Sunset walks to the side of the bleachers and pulls over two big speakers and hooks them up to the box >Shit, you didn't even think of that! "Good thinking Sunset!" >"Thank you Anon, Now let's get this..." >Sunset reaches over and presses play >"Started" > >The music flows from the speakers and washes over the entire field >Sonata smiles widely and jumps in place >"Omigosh I love this song!" >The crowd explodes as Sonata shakes her hips back and forth to the beat >Applejack didn't fair well though, she only stood in place, nervous about all the eyes on her right now >Sonata placed her hands on her hips and swung them side to side, keeping a steady flow >She was doing exceptionally well so far >AJ on the other hand was having trouble trying to find a steady rhythm, but still shook her hips steadily >The crowd was completely enthralled by Sonata's hypnotic hips >You couldn't help but bob your head along with the beat >But what happens next threw you into a total loop >Sonata trotted closer to the table while swinging her hips side to side >She pointed to the crowd and spoke >"NO TURNING BACK FROM THIS PARTY!" >She approaches the table, waggling her finger to the beat and speaks to the crowd >"PUT YOU THROUGH ENOUGH TO COMPLAIN!" >"AIN'T NO COMIN' DOWN FROM THIS SIDE MY LOVE DON'T GO NOWHERE THE SUNSET!" >Leaning forward over the table, she shakes her head in from of Shimmer and lifts her leg behind her >"LOOK AT WHAT YOU GOT YOURSELF INTO, BEST TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ALL YOU CAN BE!" >Sonata pushes her chest out and yells into the air >"BEST TAKE ADVANTAGE SEE ALL THAT YOU CAN SEE!" >You lean back in your chair, wiping off the sweat from your forehead with a rag >All of the sudden, Sonata jumps up onto the table and points to the crowd >"CUZ THIS COULD BE YOUR LAST OPPORTUNITY TO MOVE ME!" >The music spikes and Sonata turns her back to the crowd, hands on the back of her head and throwing her hips side to side with wild abandon >She perfectly moves her body along with the beat as well as giving attention to her round bubble butt, bouncing it along with the music >The crowd behind you stands from their seats and throws their hands into the air screaming >A glance over to the teams show that they all have their mouths and eyes wide open, surprised by Sonata's outburst >You look over to Applejack and see her runnin- >Running?! >From behind, Applejack charges up to the table and pulls herself on top of it and begins rolling her body like a professional belly dancer >A whistling comes from behind and, hearing Rainbow Dash from the crowd >"SHAKE IT APPLEJACK, WOOOOOO!!!" >Applejack gives a sultry look and throws her hands into the air >She knocks her cowboy hat off and pulls one hand down along her hair, grabbing the band that kept it together and yanks it out >AJ begins to swing her head, throwing her hair wildly around while her entire body keeps up with the rhythm >Sonata looks over and sees AJ at her side and begins to give it her all >Leaning forward, she shakes her butt at the crowd and brings her hand up >Sonatas hand comes down with a force, emitting a loud *SLAP* >She repeatedly does this over and over >This round is looking really close >Both Applejack and Sonata trade glances, one-upping each other with every move >Yet, out from the crowd can be heard a very distinct voice >Uh-oh >"WAY TO GO SIS! YOU GOT THE GOODS!" >The look on Appejack's face turned from one of determination, to panic >"Applebloom?!?!" >Her entire body seizes up, arms wrapped around her body >Another voice from the crowd comes to life "EEEYUP!" >"Big Mac?!" >AJ is no longer moving, eyes the size of dinner plates >Sonata continues to get her groove on though >She gets down onto her knees and pops her butt into the air, shaking it at the crowd >"WOO! YOU LIKE THAT CHS?!" >The crowd responds to Sonata by cheering loudly, then they begin chanting her name >"SO-NA-TA! SO-NA-TA! SO-NA-TA!" >The chanting boosts Sonata as she leaps down from the table and back to the grassy field >As the song begins to reach the end, Sonata starts to pull out all the stops >She grabs both of her butt cheeks and gives them a healthy squeeze, a good spank, and for the finally... >Sonata kicks one leg up into the air and keeps it there, allowing her body to fall and land in a perfect split, but facing the crowd >She looks back behind her and gives everyone a glorious smirk >"Work work work..." >The song ends and Sonata picks herself up, and walks back to her group >It seems that AJ has resulted to running back to her team and hides behind them >Wow... >Th entire crowd is cheering and chanting Sonata's name >Both Aria and Adagio grab Sonata and lifts her up onto their shoulders, throwing their fists into the air >"Woohoo! You rocked that girl!" >"That was hot! I didn't know you had that in you!" >Sonata leans down and hugs both of their heads >"Thank you girls! That was so fun!" >Once the sound of the crowd died down, you clap you hands and stand from your chair "Now that was an amazing round! I think it'll be pretty easy to determine who one this, but let's let the crowd decide." >You turn to the bleachers with your megaphone and speak "Wasn't that great folks! I hope you all enjoyed it, because now it is up to you to decide who took this round!" >You walk over to The Rainbooms and put your hand up >"If you think AJ did the best, go ahead and cheer!" >Damn >The crowd was practically silent, save for her friends and the two voices that ended her performance early >You give AJ a nice pat on the back "Sorry Applejack, looks like the crowd isn't on your side, but at least you have some supporters!" >Applejack only blushed harder than she already is and hides behind her hat >After a quick walk to the Dazzlings, you pull Sonata out and put your arm around her >What a cutie, she puts her arms around your waist and gives you a healthy hug "Now, go ahead and cheer if you think Sona-" >Cutting you off, the crowd erupts into a loud cheer and begin chanting Sonata's name again >Letting go of you, she waves to the crowd and gives a winning smile >You walk back to the judges table and after a quick nod from Sunset, she gets up from her chair and grabs your megaphone >"Well it looks like that calls it, The Dazzlings take Round 3!" >Snset reaches to the table and flips a switch on your console > >The crowd cheers for the Dazzlings while the group smiles and waves, proud of the win "And that concludes Round 3! This was probably one of my favorite Rounds to write and with two more rounds to go things can only get better! Stay tuned for what happens next. I'm putting a lot of effort into each of these and enjoying every second of it, so the next round will take some more time to write and I can only hope to think that the readers are enjoying this too!" >You go back to the judges chair, prop your feet onto the table, and lean back, letting out a content sigh >... >"What?" ~~~ Score so far, Dazzlings: 2 Rainbooms: 1 Post Round 3 Intermission >After such an exhilarating round 3 you decide that it's time for a short break >You take a look at your watch and see that it's well into the afternoon >Stretching in your judges chair, you turn your head to speak to Sunset "That sure was an exciting round don't you think?" >Sunset happily smiles at you and agrees >"Absolutely! After that I say we take a break and then we can start round 4, how does that sound >You shake you head and grab your megaphone "I was thinking the exact same thing, let's let the crowd know." >Sitting up from the judges table, you turn to the crowd and address the situation "Okay ladies and genteman, we are going to be taking a short break for now! SO go ahead and grab some snacks, take a bathroom break, converse amongst yourselves, and we'll be back with Round 4!" (autocorrect is telling me amongst isn't a word, am I just tripping balls or is that true? I always thought it was...) >The crowd begins to disperse to go do whatever they need to do >You and Sunset leave the table and join the teams who have moved to the side to talk >As you approach, you see The Dazzlings actually conversing with the Rainbooms >"-ate to say it Applejack, but you had some nice moves up there. Too bad it was cut short." >Adagio is actually complimenting Applejack? You never thought you'd see the day >"Uhm, thank ya kindly Adagio, but really all the compliments should go to Sonata over there!" >Sonata giggles and bounces in place >"Hehe, thanks! Not to toot my own horn but I sometimes practice when I'm home alone with nothing to do." >And vise versa? Wow. This years games are looking more and more promising >You and Sunset meet up with the groups "Way to go girls! I'm so glad you are all having fun, in fact I-" >"Umm... excuse me?" >Huh? >You hear a voice behind you and look >Oh, it's Thunderlane's little brother Rumble, holding what looks like a little notepad >You kneel down to him face to face "Hey there Rumble, what can I do ya for?" >Rumble has a nervous look on his face and seems a bit fidgety >"Well, I was wondering if I can talk to Sonata?" >Sonata hears her name being mentioned and comes forward >"Hey little guy, what's up?" >Oh gosh, he's blushing and looking away >What a cute little guy >"Hi Sonata... I was just wondering, uhm... c-can I have your autograph?" >Your heart is absolutely melting right now >The look on Sonata's face is priceless >She squeals and gives him a wide smile >"Eeee! Of course you can!" >Rumble hands Sonata the notepad and pen >"Aaaand who should I make this out to?" >His face lights up as he speaks >"M-my name's Rumble!" >She scribbles on the pad >"To my little fan... Rumble, love Sonata!" >She swishes the last letter and brings the pad to her face, then leaves a nice blue kiss mark on the paper >"Mwwa! Here ya go sweetie!" >Rumble takes the pad and smiles >"Awesome! Thanks Sonata, you're the best!" >He then runs up to her and hugs her legs >"Awww! You're so cute!" >She leans down and hugs him back >Once that's done, Rumble turns and starts to leave >"Hold on Rumble, you forgot something!" >He turns back >"Wha-" >Bending down, Sonata touches his face and kisses him on the cheek >The kid practically jumps, then melts to her touch >"W-whoa.." >Rumble stumbles and blushes, taken back by the surprise kiss >"Th-thanks Sonata..." >You know that tone of voice >Looks like Sonata is now the crush of a certain little boy >He walks away (and nearly trips) to join up with a group that was waiting for him >"Guys guys I got it!" >The little group cheers for him and walks away >Aria makes her way over to Sonata and wraps her arm around Sonata's shoulders >"Wow bubble-brain, looks like you got yourself a fan. Kinda wish I had that, but noooo, all I get is a sore ass!" >You can feel the daggers shooting from Aria's eyes >Rarity speaks up from the group >"You're telling me! After yesterday I wasn't able to sit down for hours, and I'm positive there are still red marks across my rump." >She rubs her butt with a pout on her face >You wave your hands in defense "It's all part of the games girls! Sometimes you gotta take the pain to win." >Both Aria and Rarity huff and cross their arms in the exact same manner >They both notice their actions and blush, looking away from each other >"So, what's next Anon? Can you tell us what Round 4 will consist of?" >Twilight's curiosity emerges from the group >You point to her "Ah ah ah TWilight, it's a surprise! You'll know when the times comes, but what I CAN tell you is that all six contestants will be participating in the next round." >Now she seems to be even more curious than before >"Are you sure you can't tell us? I mean I assume you have all this planned out and aren't completely making this up on the fly." >... >"...Right?" >... >Now all eyes were on you >Oh god, the pressure's on you now >You were never good with pressure >Looking at all the girls, you begin to sweat >"Uhm..." >All of the sudden, Sunset speaks for you >"Of course he does! Each one of these rounds has been thought out and planned accordingly. I'm sure whatever he has planned next will be just as successful as the last!" >Her fake smile radiates "Th- that's right! Just you wait girls, you'll see what I have in store! Come with me Sunset, we have... judgy stuff to attend to" >You grab Sunsets arm and walk your way back to the judges table >... >"You have no idea what to do for the next round, do you?" "No Sunset... I do not..." Round 4: Firmness >On the outside, you keep calm and collected while discussing the next round with Sunset >Inside is a completely different story >This seems to happen every year, once the fourth round comes to play, you have to scavenge the back of your mind for ideas on what to do >But this time you are left stumped >"Are you sure you're completely out of ideas Anon? Is there really nothing left in that thick head of yours?" >You're internally panicking too much to notice Sunset's insult >Putting your elbow in the judges table, you hold your head and think "I'm drawing a blank here Sunny, the quarter bounce was one thing but I don't want to pull anything from the previous games, I want to keep this one as original as possible!" >Sunset sighs and rubs her temples >"This is really bad Anon, how are we gonna without a fourth round? I mean, we can't just call it here for the Dazzlings, we've always had a consistency of rounds! The crowd is gonna be really upset if we do..." >You agree with Sunset, but what else can you do? After getting so far, ending it here would be a tragedy >The table remains silent, looks like this years games are gonna have to be cut sho- >"Anon... Anon wait! The crowd! That's it, I have the perfect idea!" >What? What could she possibly mean? "What do you mean Sunset? If you have something please tell me!" >Sunset jumps up from her chair with a bright smile on her face >"Just wait here Anon, It'll take a minute to set up but we could possibly save the games yet!" >Sitting confused, you raise an eyebrow and try to get her to elaborate further "Sunset seriously what is it? I nee-" >Too late, she has already shot off to the school >Well shit, What are you gonna do in the mean time? >You get up and stretch, the walk back to the rest of the girls who sat themselves on a set of benches further away from the ones behind you >The girls see you approach and wave >"Hey Nonny! Is the next round gonna start soon?" >Pinkie bounces up from her seat and runs to you "Not yet Pinkie, but Sunset in in the school right now setting things up. So in the mean time I felt like joining up with my two favorite teams!" >They all smile (except for Aria) and accommodate a seat for you >You sit between the two teams and chat up with them >Adagio scoots up next to you to ask you a question >"Way to make a girl do all the work for you tough guy, don't you think you should help her or something? I mean this was all your idea." >Fuck, how do you work around this without revealing you have no idea what Sunset is doing? "It's fine Adagio, Sunset has everything handled." >With a nervous laugh, you look over to the doors where Sunset ran in >You hope she has something good... >~10 minutes later~ >"I mean, it's not like I wanted to break his arm! He shouldn't have surprised me like that!" "Aria all that homeless man did was ask you for a dollar!" >Aria just crosses her arms and huffs >"Whatever, I didn't have a dollar on me anyways..." >You shake your head in disbelief "You could have just said that!" >She just scoffs and rolls her eyes >You really should talk to her about self control >Or at least not to break homeless peoples arms >Oh well, what's done is done >After that, you hear Sunset Shimmer running back to you and the groups >"Okay Anon it's ready, let's go!" >Sunset motions her arm for you to follow her as well as the rest of the girls >You arrive at the cafeteria with everybody >You scan the room and find most of the tables have been cleared out and what looks like a row of six booths with black curtains inside of them >It all confuses you, what is she planning? >Sunset leads you to the booths and finally explains what's going on >"Okay ladies, welcome to Round 4: Firmness!" >She waves her hand to the booths in question >"All six of you will take one booth and hide behind the curtains, then six of the randomly selected people from the crowd outside will determine how firm each one of you girls are with a rating from one to ten, and the team with the closest number to thirty wins the round!" >Holy fuck Sunset Shimmer is a god >Adagio speaks her piece of mind >"And just how are they gonna get those numbers?" >Her eyebrow raises as she asks the question >With a smile, Sunset puts both hands in the air and gropes nothing >"With a well placed healthy squeeze!" >You honestly could not be prouder >You look over to the girls and see they are each sporting a blush "Excellent, let Round 4, BEGIN!" >After some set up, each of the girls find their places behind a curtain >You find yourself standing next to Sunset once everything is in order "What an amazing idea Sunset! I'm so glad I have you as my co-partner in this years booty games!" >You hug Sunset expecting to be pushed away, but instead you feel her arms wrap around you also >"Glad to help Anon, I know these games are important to you and I hate to see you disappointed." >What a great friend >You let go of her and ask a question that's been slightly bugging you "So who are the six lucky people from the crowd?" >Sunset grabs your hand and leads you to the exit doors of the cafeteria >"Why don't you meet them yourselves?" >She opens the doors revealing a sudden surprise you definitely weren't expecting >"Well hello Anonymous." >"Yes hello Anon, we are so glad to be participating in this years Booty Games." >There stood the two goddesses themselves, or at least what you think as goddesses with such round and healthy buns like those >The principal and Vice of CHS, Miss Celestia and Luna >Along with four student behind them >The every so lovable Rumble >That silent girl who's obsessed with rocks, Maud you think her name is >The chick you always see passed out drunk in the bathroom at parties; Berry Punch >Then finally Trixie and Derpy >Work with what you can get I guess >You motion for all to come inside and you shake both the older women's hands "So glad to see you both here today! Well come on and we can get this started!" >They both smile and walk to the booths >Sunset grabs a small stack of papers that were sitting on a few tables and passes them out >"Okay, so what you'll do is choose whatever booth you want and reach behind the curtains, grab the nearest cheeks you can find and give your rating of just squeezable and firm they are on the paper!" >As each person nods, they all go to certain booths and sit in the chairs placed >Good choice Rumble... >As the participants make their judgments, you walk over and sit on the nearby bench that the other girls chose to sit at "Hey girls, how y'all doin?" >Rainbow looks pretty complacent, but Twilight and Fluttershy give you wide eyed stares >Out of both, Twilight is the first to speak >"Anon?! How did you get the Principals to join this? I would they they wouldn't even approve of this kind of competition." >You smile and remember the very first Booty Games "Well you see Twilight, before I set of to reach my dreams I felt that I shouldn't hide such a thing under their noses, so the first thing I did was go to their offices and ask for permission to hold the games in the school. At first Celestia was skeptical, but Luna defended me because during her youth she participated in something very similar to this. She told me and her sister about how much fun she had and how good she felt when she came on top! I heard she even had a nickname, 'Princess of the Moon' was what she used to be called." >To think that you weren't the only one to have an idea like this felt good >Satisfied with the answer, Twilight smiles and nods her head >"Wow, that's impressive!" >You thought the same, imagining just how perfect Miss Luna's sweet buns used to be compared to now, what a sight to see... >After a few minutes, the participants stand up from the booths with their papers in hand and give them to Sunset who waited patiently on the sides >Once that was done, both Celestia and Luna approached you to talk >"Well Anon, as glad as we are to be here today we have work to do, so for now we are going back to our offices. We hope the rest of the games goes smoothly." >You shake their hands and smile "It was great having you here! I was sure surprised when I saw you behind those doors though, what exactly compelled you to come?" >Luna answers enthusiastically >"It was I who happened upon the spectacle outside, as soon I saw you at that judges table and Miss Sonata's little number I knew exactly what was happening. We came into the cafeteria and spoke to Sunset as she was setting up the booths and asked if we could participate in the next round, she was just as surprised as you are and agreed." >Celestia nodded her head >"That's right. As I said we have work to attend to so we will take our leave now." >As they walk away, Miss Luna let's out an 'oh!' and turns back to you while Celestia returns to her office >"Oh Anon, we understand that you have been curious about our discussion we had during the beginning of all this. During one of our cleaning days we happened to stumble upon a box of old photos, ones we took during our youth and we would like you to have it." >Luna reaches into her back pocket and pulls out an envelope, handing it to you >"And if you wish to acquire more, then visit out office..." >With a wink, Luna walks away with a little more of a sway in her step >You observe the envelope for a second, then open it and pull out it's contents > >sweatingman.jpg >WELL >YOU JUST POCKET THAT FOR LATER >Just in time too, you see Sunset walking to you with papers in hand >"Well Anon, here are the votes. You take The Dazzlings and I'll take the Rainbooms, just count up how many points they have and we'll have our winner." >You take the papers and scan over them >While you do that, Sunset calls over the two teams to announce the winners >Just now it dawns on you >If The Dazzlings win then that's the end, they take The Booty Games of 2015 with a prize of one thousand smacks straight from your wallet >You even managed to get it in a small metal suitcase, all fancy n' shit >But if the Rainbooms win then it's off to Round 5 >Well it looks like this is it >You read the papers and add up the numbers, while you do this Sunset quickly runs through the exit doors to tell the waiting crowd outside to come in for the verdict >After a minute, Sunset has gathered everybody and they all pile into the cafeteria >She also grabbed your console and megaphone and brought it to you >Taking your megaphone, you announce the current information laid out "Okay ladies and gentleman, this could be it! As of right now the score is Dazzlings 2, Rainbooms 1. If the Dazzlings take this round then they are the official winners of this years Booty Games! But if the Rainbooms win then it's on to the final round!" >The crowd cheers and yells various team names and compliments, filling the big room with noise >Well, here we go... "The Dazzlings have scored... 27 out of 30! That'll be a hard score to top!" >Tension is at an all time high now, once Sunset makes her call... >You look to the teams and see that they are biting their nails in anticipation >As you hand over the microphone to Sunset, she gives you a smile >She holds up the microphone and speaks >"After adding the numbers, The Rainbooms end the round with a score of..." >ohshit ohshit here it comes... >".... 26 out of 30! The Dazzlings take the round and win it all! Congratulations girls, you win The Booty Games of 2015!" >The entire room erupts in wild cheering and clapping >With haste, you grab your console and flip the switch labeled "CONGRATULATIONS!" > >Hell, you can't even contain your excitement right now >You throw your hands in the air and give out the most heartfelt 'WOO!' you've ever given >The Dazzlings are all hugging each other and jumping in the air screaming >"WHOOHOOO!!! WE DID IT GIRLS!" >"EEE!!!" >Although a bit upset by the loss, the Rainbooms still keep good spirits and clap for the winners >Not forgetting the prize, you quickly run back to the music room and grab the suitcase from your super secret spot and run back "Don't forget girls, your effort does not go without reward! As promised, a grand total of one thousand dollars!" >You hand Adagio the suitcase >She takes it with the biggest smile you've ever seen on her face >"Woohoo! Thanks Anon! I can't believe I'm so excited about winning your stupid little game about asses!" >You'll take that as a compliment, but for now, you ask Sunset for your megaphone back >She hands it over to you and you speak "Well wasn't that a rollercoaster of a story ladies and gentleman? I stayed up all night thinking and planning on what to do next, I was really struggling with ideas on what to do for this round and I nearly just decided I should give up, but then one lone single idea pops into my head and I roll with it! I know I promised 5 rounds but after writing this out I decided that this seemed like a perfect time to stop. I really hope you all enjoyed reading because I definitely had a fun time writing it!" >Sunset punches you in the arm >"Fuck you Anon Round 4 was my idea!" >implying >With suitcase in hand, Adagio wraps her arms around both you and Sunset >"Fuck it, let's go get drunk!" >And then you all had the wildest party Canterlot High has ever seen ~ Final Score, Dazzlings: 3 Rainbooms: 1 Victory goes to the Dazzlings, the girls with the finest asses in Canterlot High.