Anon's Dazzling New Life - by SystemOfAClop

> Canterlot High is an absolute shithole, everyone is the same person with different tropes > Literal army of (You)'s > You just left Biology and are heading to lunch, 1st Lunch was talking about three skanks singing last period so it's probably some bullshit "Don't Do Drugs" rap. "I swear to God if they finish the school year out with some singing shit I'm gonna-" > Announcement comes on over the intercom with the sound of Principle Celestia > "For all of those who are physically, mentally, and musically disabled this announcement isn't for you... Thank Christ > "But those who are~... We are having a Battle of the Bands! That's right, a BOTB! Get ready!" > BOTB more like BTFO, we all know Twilight and her weird ass magical friends are going to win it anyways. > You are surprised by the dimming of the lights above. > Three sounds of humming are heard, giving you a raging ear-boner > earrection.jpg "Why are you singing? Don't get me wrong, it's pretty good but what's the deal?" > Two of the three approach from the shadows, walking towards you steadily. > Needless to say you're pretty weirded out. > Their cultish approach leads you to back up towards the wall. > That sound won't stop, the once-pleasant duo of vocal talent has become a threesome consisting of your brain and two drills. > Your thinking between pulses that scramble your brainwaves that these two aren't half bad looking. > The remaining one steps from the shadows and hastily towards you, pointing towards the janitor's closet behind you. > You jiggle the handle and turn it, opening the door. > The three girls enter with you, closing the door behind them, the singing continues. > You cascade down the wall and into a human Bakugan-type ball, clenching your ears like an autist hearing an amber alert. > "Well, aren't you cute when you're in pain? Tell me, how do you feel about the hierarchy of popularity in this school?" > Wincing and groaning you manage to let out "I don't give a fuck!" > The orange haired one smirks and commands the other two to increase the volume. > "What's wrong? Just by looking at you I can tell you wouldn't want all the girls the jocks get, you're as fruity as Sonata here's gum!" "Wh-what?! I'm n-not gay I just don't... care... Stop your f-fucking singing!" > "So then you like no getting any? Come on, stop pretending you don't care. Join us with the Battle of the Bands and we can promise you'll rise along with us!" "Wh-why me? > She leans in close to your face, an inch away. > "I see what you can offer." > After not wanting anymore of this ear rape, you submit to her words. "Alright, I'm in..." > So now you're in with two skanks who tortured you and one who orders them who dresses like a prostitute and sounds like one too. > The tangerine tinted headmaster smirks triumphantly and waves her hand, signaling them to cease. "You know you could've just fucking asked me, you didn't have to ear-fuck me!" > "True but that wouldn't have been as fun." >The purple twin tails speaks up, arms crossed in perfect anime fashion. She must be the edgy one. > A smaller, blue haired one dusts you off and apologizes. She must be the comic relief or the ditz. > And the orange bitch HAS to be the ringleader in all this, there's no question about it. "Any of you have names or is this a group of Anon's?" heh > They all name themselves accordingly > The fusion of Twilight Sparkle and Avril Levine groans, "Aria." > Comic relief smurf chirps out, "Sonataaa Dusk!" > And Queen bitch herself turns her head around and speaks with her sultry voice, "Adagio Dazzle... What's your's since you've got us exposing information?" "I'm Anonymous, most people just call me Anon because saying Anonymous all the time is kinda weird." > Adagio walks and they follow, Sonata turns around and motions you to come with them barely squeaking out "Come ooooooon." > Aria turns her head and chuckles out "It's not like you've never walked down a hall with some girls before, right?" ... > "Jesus you really are a fag." > You did have some stuff to do but it seems like that doesn't matter right now you guess. > You and your trio arrive at the baseball field, it's empty. Probably because everyone is inside and baseball sucks ass. "What does the baseball field have to do with a music competition?" > Adagio replies, "Anon we're not here for that." "Then why waste our time here?" > "Because we have time to waste." based > Aria adds on, "Plus we're not registered students so getting into classrooms would be a total shit-show." > "Plus Adagio and Aria like to get all aesthetic and watch trees and stuff blow in the wind." Sonata says, immediately regretting her choice of words. > "I mean.. Steak out the area." > The poof-haired leader announces, "We've spent so long awaiting the time to strike but now that we have it we have no idea on how to act on the action." > failurefeelsmakesrelatablechick.webm "Couldn't you use the shit you used on me against that crowd? Maybe make it less painful and more hypnotic with better symmetry?" > Aria scoffs at your idea and tries to find a flaw in it. > "Really Anonymous? Hypnotic? What do you think they are, snakes?" "No, even worse. They're something we aren't... We may be a jaded outcast, a bossy bitch, a lesbian, and a retard but they are they worst of the worst." > "What are they then?" "They are footsteps on the pavements of our lives, they're... Normalfags." > "Normal..fags, wha? What's that mean Anon?" > Sonata's adorable curiosity makes you realize that these people have no idea. "People who are accepted by society, normal senses of humor and high morals." > The girls understand you and try to figure out how to deal with the normalfags and gain victory over them. > The school day ends with you and the girls still in the field talking about how to win and what to do. > "Alright we have our information now we need a place to stay, can we live with you Anon?" > Fuck Adagio's voice makes it hard to say no but you have a stroke of genius! "This will sound strange but I know a place we can stay." > Aria shouts "SPIT IT OUT, COCK-BREATH!" "There's a spot near my house, a little back in the woods but there's enough stuff to make it for the night. A couple friends and I stayed the night back there two days ago, there's still shit left back there." > "Ok but how do we get there?" "I got a car." > The four of you walk through the parking lot and to your car. You unlock the vehicle and get in, the others follow suit. You drive with Adagio as passenger along with Aria and Sonata in the back, fighting like children. > Adagio snaps and turns to yell at them, you catch a glance of her as her rage builds while turning towards them. It was like watching Niagara Falls flow into the waters below. > "HEY CUNTS, I'M NOT PUTTING UP WITH THIS! SHUT UP OR WALK!" > Aria scowls and turns to the window and Sonata returns to her seat, her eyes filling with tears. > Though totally fucked, it feels like for once you've got a family and that you could spend you life like this. > Others notice your passenger as you pull out of the parking lot, darting their eyes back and forth to you and her, clearly unsure if she's here on her own regard. > After a few minutes of driving, you all arrive at your domain, Casa De Anon. "Here she is, my humble home." > The brown two story suburban stood with little to no difference to the other ordinary homes adjacent to it. > "Is this it? I was expecting something at little cooler than this shithole. How can you tell any of these houses apart?" "Because I live in this one." > Little does she know about all the times you've pulled into other people's driveways wondering why your key didn't work. > You unlock the door and show the girls inside and you follow, locking the door behind you. > They explore like puppies in their new home, checking every room, hallway, door, and cabinet in the place. > Sonata calls from the upper level > "Hey there's like... Two rooms here with like... Three beds? One BIG one here and two little ones in here. What's with the weird amount of beds Anon?" > You clear your throat "Uh, this was my parents' house before they left and my brother used to live here t-" > Aria's interruption follows with a defeating question > "Where'd they go? Ya kill 'em or something?" fuckingkillme.png "They uh.. They died Aria, back when I was 14. Now it's just me in here but it's alright because I get to do whatever I want so I guess that's a perk." > Her face goes from sarcasm to regret > "Oh.. I uh.. So you just chill here and do whatever?" > You can feel the regret in her voice. "Yup. Just hang out, leave when I want to, feed myself, all that shit." > Adagio jumps in, trying to change the subject > "What are we going to do about the bed situation Anon?" > You look around upstairs for some kind of idea > Your dick is screaming "GET IN WITH ONE" but they would rather swallow a John Cena action figure whole than stay a night with you. "I'll stay on the couch, someone takes the master and two get the twins in the other room. All that is up to you three to figure out." --- midnight--- >You're trying to get comfortable when you hear Sonata yell from upstairs > "ANOOOOOON, THERE'S A RETCTANGLE UP HERE AND I DON'T LIKE IT!" Jesus Christ "Rectangle what the..." > You try to figure out what she's talking about > It's your fucking laptop, since no one uses it but you, you haven't cleared your history since your family died. fuck > You rush upstairs and into the room before she or Aria can open it > You enter the room with the sight of Sonata cowering behind Aria who is armed with your collector's edition Star Wars Darth Vader lightsaber, ready to attack > "Anon, if this thing is your pet, keep it on a leash or something. Every few minutes yells 'IT GOES' eight times before yelling something I can't understand." > Adagio walks in sporting your mom's old nightly attire, for the first time you're aroused by your mother's clothes. She is also frightened by the laptop sitting on the dresser. > "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!" > "ANON WON'T KILL IT!" > She looks at you with a mixture of confusion, fear, and anger > "KILL IT ANON!" > Sonata repeats > "Yeah Anon, KILL IT!" "Guys, it's a machine and-" > Once again Aria interrupts > "I DON'T CARE ABOUT IT'S SPECIES ANON, JUST KILL IT!" > You walk to it and pick the laptop up, they all look in fear as if it were about to bite you as you carry it out. "It's ok, see? It won't hurt you, it's friendly." > Sonata shakenly reaches her hand out to it as an attempt to pet it. > Fearfully she strokes the plastic and metal and begins to smile. > "It's smooth!" > Aria then pets it and Adagio does the same, they all stand around the laptop, stroking it as if it were a puppy. > You carry it out into the living room and open the device, seeing that your friend, Joe has been trying to Skype you all nigh and you forgot your ringtone was "Guillotine" by Death Grips, done as a joke. > You plug in your headphones and watch a couple youtube videos when you feel a tap on your shoulder. > Who better than Adagio to tap on your shoulder at this time of night, she waves as a sign of hello then smiles at the laptop, scratching the mouse tab as if it were the back of a dog. > "Anon I wanted to thank you for allowing us into your home and-" "No need, it was nice having some company besides my dipshit friends for once." > She strolls from behind the couch and places herself on the seat next to you, looking in wonder at the laptop's display of entertainment. > "There are... tiny people in here." > She taps the screen to see the tiny people's reaction to no effect > You laugh > "What's so funny?" > She cannot help but to smile herself > "Your adorable little friend has eaten these people now they are stuck it seems." "No Adagio, it's a laptop. A device humans use for entertainment, it's not a living thing." > "I know how you feel, you know? About the company thing. I'm happy to be here and with someone new." > She looks a bit up at you and her gaze meets your own, it like a moment pulled straight from some cheesy rom/com. > Your a second you're frozen, choked up, unable to respond but finally you get it out of you. "Well how is your time been with seeing a new environment?" > "It's... Been nice so far, almost making me think absurd things like abandoning my motives for this life... But I can't, we can't." > She looks off and then to her lap, feeling a cluster. > You put you arm around her nervously to which she falls into your side, resting her head into your chest. > Your embrace tightens and she finds comfort in your frame. > "It's scary Anon... Feelings from so long ago, I don't remember, all with trying to hide. If only-" > "What are you doing Adagio? Shouldn't you be asleep?" > Sonata says from behind you causing Adagio to spring up and reply > "Nothing So-Sonata, just talking with Anon about tomorrow. Let's get to bed." > The pair walk upstairs and into their rooms leaving you alone with only your thoughts. > Cutmylifeintopieces.jpg > You decide to rest up, tonight's amount of cockblocking couldn't give anything better. > The dark and warm embrace of sleep takes hold of you as soon as you close your eyes. > Time itself escapes from you as you rest until the morning. ---morning--- > The ring of the fire alarm thrusts you from your rest and into full awareness, your eyes darting back and forth once you roll off the couch. "What the fuck is going on?!" > You see Sonata in the kitchen spraying pancakes with hairspray, causing a blaze to erupt from the small flames below. "Jesus Christ!" > You say and you rush into the kitchen to extinguish the pariah of sweet smelling torched pancakes. > insert Carlos pun here > Aria shouts from the table "SONATA, what's taking so long?" > "Just trying to make them good but Anon stopped me." "Well unless you want medium rare Sonata with a side of burnt down home, I'd suggest keeping all hair-care products away from fire!" > Aria responds with a smirk "What if I'm a pyrophile?" "I'll be right back" > You get in your car, scream, then drive to McDonDon's for some shit to eat. > Order the girls some of that drive-thru garbage too. > Bring it back and sit it on the table "Eat up." > They chow down as you eat your food in the living room, watching the news. > The girls sit down next to you, observing it strangely. > Sonata speaks up, "Anon what's a terrorist?" > A shred of your autism leaks out during your response. "A well paid actor who allows their culture to be demonized." > The innocent powder blue songstress nods her head to pretend as if she understands. > Aria adds "Why don't they just stop?" "They don't want to." > "Good enough for me." > So much edginess you can feel the Linkin Park flowing in your nervous system. "We should be getting to school pretty soon, don't want to be late to get those plans into action." > Unanimously the trio agrees and packs into the car with you and your thoughts wonder if you're up for it. > Once you arrive and enter the building, Flash approaches you for some unknown reason. > A weird occurrence since you two have never been friends or ever even had a conversation. > "Hey, Anon, what's the deal with those three chicks you're with? Are you banging them or something?" "Whoa, Flash, I'm gonna need you got give me like two feet right now-" > He steps back exactly two steps > Wew lad "So what peaks your curiosity? You're dating Twilight, why should you give half of a shit what I do?" > "Because I had a theory I wanted to test..." "Which is?" > "I think they're up to no good Anon, I don't know what it is but they have some sort of aurora that just screams 'evil'." "Yeah, you'd know a lot about evil considering that you banged a succubus." > "I never fucked her." "Yeah whatever, Devil-dick." > "Anon, don't tell me you, the most jaded guy in the school, are under their spell?" "Flash even if they were evil, why should I care? Seriously, why would I ever give a smidge of the tiniest of fucks on what happens to this scho-" > Adagio's voice blares from down the hall, "ANON, STOP KISSING YOUR BOYFRIEND AND COME ON!" "Well Flash; it's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. Catch you later." > Man that guy is a douche, who does he think he is? Little does he know that I know everything they've got planned. HA! I could actually make this work out in my favor, a chance to manipulate the entire school? This'll be fun. > You catch up to them and are given an investigation from the femme fatale sirens > "What did that queer want?" "Eh, just some info on you guys." > They all stop dead in their tracks > Adagio turns around with an angry expression > "You didn't tell him anything, did you Anonymous?" > You shrug your shoulders and reply "Nah, I just told him that I don't give a shit." > She turns back around > "Alright then... Anon I want you to scope out the classrooms. Go to your normal classes then meet us at the field we were in yesterday for further details." > You respond by simply getting to class, Gym. > Coach Johnson never did shit with his job, all anyone ever did is talk and hang out in there. Luckily your friend Joe was there. > Joe was always a strange dude, you've known him since 6th grade yet know nearly nothing personal about him besides his divorced parents. > His personality was a weird one, living all about memes and ready to beat any morals out with some dark humor. > You put down you bookbag I the bleacher and Joe comes down from the top with your other friend Justin. > Justin was a comic fanatic who was unable to feel pain. A true weirdo just like you and Joe. > "Sup Anon, where were you yesterday?" > Justin interrupts, "Probably at home jerking off and doing shit-for-nothing." "Nah, remember how yesterday those girls were in the cafeteria starting shit?" > "Yeah what about 'em?" "I kinda became their ally and let them stay in my house." > Joe laughs it off yet Justin's curiosity is peaked. > "You're shitting me, did you bang them?" "I wish but they're different... it's weird how they act around shit." > "That's lame man, you suck ass. You should've at least fucked ONE. I mean come on here man you got three chicks in your house and you don't bang one?" > Joe cuts in, "Figures, ya cuck." "Think about this though, I got them living with me until further notice. So it's just me and them." (Sorry Anons it was too long) > None of your faggot friends believe you've got a chance with any of them. ---With The Dazzlings--- >They remain in the baseball field, awaiting your return with some info they need on the effected student body. >Sonata is laying on her front, elbow in the ground, using her hand to keep her head up while she draws in the sand. > Aria taps her foot on the dirt impatiently waiting on the school day to end (even though it just began). > Adagio's thoughts expel from her mind and through her mouth > "We didn't get to cast the spell on the entire student body... Instead of getting ourselves back into the school risking more people noticing us, we should wait until the Battle of the Bands tryouts that way the already affected and get a double-dosage and those remaining can get their first taste." > The arrogant violet Siren notices Adagio's plans flowing from her head straight to the outside world. > "Adagio, you're doing that thing again. Try to keep your thoughts inside your head." > "What if I wanted you to hear them? Perhaps these are things you should notice." > "Ok ok, you don't have to be a cunt about it." > Sonata turns around, "What's a cunt?" > Aria screams "A FILTHY PUSSY!" > Sonata then looks at Adagio with disgust, thinking Aria was being literal. "Adagio you know you have to clean that, right?" then turns back to her drawing. > The apricot Siren stands offended, crossing her arms and faces the school. ---Back To Anon--- > You're walking out of Gym with your friends having your usual 'what-if' discussions > "Anon, shut the fuck up, Goku could never in a million years beat Superman." "Fuck you and Superfag, unlike that queer who's only fighting style is to use his absurd powers to win, Goku actually knows how to fight." > "You're a God damn weeb and you know it!" "It doesn't take a weeb to understand skill." > Joe steps in "Mom, dad, please stop fighting." > "Anyways Anon, do you got any plans on screwing the blue haired one?" "Joe, Jesus Christ. No.. I don't have any plans for Sonata." > Justin seems to want to step into the auction. > "W-what about the purple one?" "Nah dawg, Aria's all your's. I got to warn you though, she's a full-fledge bitch." > "I like 'em like that, it's a full on turn-on." "In that case, you're golden, Ponyboy." > You and your friends walk to Geometry, halfway down the hall Rainbow Dash calls you over. > "Hey! Anon! Come here, we want to talk to you!" > "What's so special about you that's getting all the attention lately?" "I'm not a faggot for Superman." > Responding to Rainbow Dash's call, you arrive in the music room which is populated by those chicks that saved the school from Sunset Shimmer last year and... Sunset herself for some reason. "Ok what's up? > "You tell uh'ss, Anon." > "Hey Nonnie, how ya been?" > Pinkie chirps from her chair while AJ and the others approach. > "We hear you've been snooping around with the ones who casted that spell in the café yesterday, is that true darling?" > Rarity always had an accent that made no sense due to her being from the same neighborhood as you. > Fuck that's how she knows fuck "Yeah, they needed a place to stay and they asked me so I said yes like any normal man would." > Rarity walks behind you and grabs your shoulders, whispering into your ear. > "You know you can tell me anything, Anon. We've known each other for such a long time... a relationship we've had for a long time~" "Uh, there's n-nothing left to say.. eheh." > "Really..." "Really really." > You can feel your face redden as your body's heat rises. > "Oh my, someone is getting hot... You're getting pretty hot too Anon." "What? Naaah, I'm fine. C-can I go now?" > She backs away and you feel her hands slip from your shoulders > "Aww, just when I thought we could spend a little time together, such a shame. Bye-bye." > You barely made it out of that one, you slip out of the room and make it to Geometry just before the bell. > Walking into class people are giving you weird looks and chuckles, some are just looks. > What the fuck is going on? > You look down to see a raging bulge thankfully pointing downward fuck > Hastily, you find your seat between Joe and Justin, and sit down. >The teacher opens with a joke, "Ok thank you Anon but all 'bones' belong in Biology." > Class goes apeshit > killmenow.gif > Face reddens harder than Knuckles' dick ---Back To Dazzlings--- > "We can't just sit here all day, Adagio. Can't we do something?" > "Will it attract attention?" > "Probably." > "Then no. Sonata seems to be enjoying herself." > "Well forgive me for not being autistic!" > "WHOOPTY-FUCKIN'-DOO ARIA, YA GOT GOOD CHROMOSOMES NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP!" ---Skip To Lunch--- > Twilight and her crew move over to our table once you and your friends take a seat. > "H-hi Anon, how's everything go..." > Fluttershy's voice steadily gives out while the sentence comes to a close leading Rainbow Dash to follow up. > "What she means to say is, what's up?" "Uh, nothin' much I guess ya know. Just getting some lunch." > "HA! Nice, so what's with those girls?" "You all really seem to want to know all about them don't y-" > Joe jumps ahead of you and answers her > "The blue one is Sonata and the other is Aria, he didn't tell us the third one, Rainbow Dash." > "Thanks ...James?" > "Joe." > "Thanks Joe for your help, anything else you know?" > "They're living with Anon as long as they're here." fucking hell Joe what the fuck? > AJ laughs and comments on his helpful snitchy attitude > "Wouldn't thangs better if Joe was the one with them?" fuck you bumpkin > ON THE LAST EXCITING EPISODE, ANON WAS INTERROGATED BY TWILIGHT AND HER FRIENDS BUT TO NO ANSWER! ANON'S LUCK REMAINED SHORT WHEN HIS ERECTION MADE HIS LIFE HELL! LATER, JOE TOLD RAINBOW DASH EVERYTHING HE KNEW ABOUT THE DAZZLINGS, EVEN THOUGH IT WASN'T MUCH AT ALL! > WILL ANON GET LAID? WILL THE RAINBOOMS DISCOVER MORE ABOUT THE DAZZLINGS? CAN ARIA KEEP HER SANIY IN THE DUGOUT? > FIND OUT IN THIS EARTH SHATTERING EPISODE! (sorry about the intro I've just always wanted to do that) "What makes you think I would answer to you even if I did have more to say?" > The multicolored athletic girl speaks up with a burst, "Because you know you want to help us." > That's when it hit you, get in with the Rainbitches and make them think you'll be their spy when in reality, you'll be giving everything to the Dazzlings and feeding the Rainbitches pure shit. > This is some top-notch [t r a i t o r] shit right here but man would it make for a killer story later on. "Tell you what Rainbow, whatever info I get on them goes to you-" > "Great then we got a deal" "Hold up now, I've got some requests." > "Like?" "Permission to enter all of your club rooms whenever I please, and to set up cameras around the school." > "Haw 'er we s'posed t' do that?" "That's between you and Principle Celestia. I have further demands but I'll address them whenever I bring you more info. If my demands aren't met then your stream of info gets cut short." > Mother fucking madman > You're better at manipulation than you thought! > Rainbow Dash sighs but agrees, giving your new appetite for destruction a meal to dine on. > With the treaty intact, they depart. Justin gives you praise for your manipulative marksmanship > Joe tries to speak but is cut off "Don't start with me Joe, you fucking betrayed me back there. What the fuck? > "I'm... I'm sorry Anon, my hormones took over and I was just aching for some fucc." "Come on dude, I wouldn't sell you out for some ass." > "That's a fucking lie." "Yeah it is, but that doesn't change the fact that you sold me out. If you'll listen I'll get us sitting pretty in this Hell-hole." > "How do you expect to do that with cameras and a new club membership?" "Because Joe, if we have entry into all of their clubs then that means... all their base are belong to us." > "That's a shitty fucking reference for such a good plan." "I know, I immediately regretted it after. I really wish I didn't do that." > "Seriously dude, it left a horrible taste in my mouth." > After the following banter, you explain your freshly baked plan. "My idea here is to give them lies, giving us more freedoms and pleasures which would make our lives so much easier. I'm going to tell Adagio and the others whatever I learn of those cunts which benefits us later." > Justin agrees and decides to add his own portions to the plan, "Getting in with them would help us a lot, we can a lot of shit going our way. Along with directing nearly everything that happens with the school plus getting personal shit about each and every one of them!" "Exactly, that's exactly how we'll do it. Joe, any ideas?" > Joe seems to be extremely reluctant to get involved with a secret society yet on the inside he's fucking amped > You see the amp and raise him one. "Think about it Joe: me, you, and Justin running the show and not that septuplet of skanks. Wouldn't that be the shit?" > "Ahhh ya got me, let's fuck this shit up!" "That's what I love to hear!" > You and Joe fist-bump and Justin's right hand covers the top, a real faggoty way to shake hands but whatever. > "So how are we doing this?" "I didn't plan that far." > Justin takes matters into his own hands by launching a suggestion, "I got an idea... We make sure Applejack orders the cameras so that way we know she'll order something if one of us says it. At that point how it operates is up to us." "Nice, nice. Anyone speak another language so we can confuse her? Joe don't you speak moonrunes?" > "*sigh* Yes Anon but how many Japs do you think sell security camera online?" "They got machines that suck your dick and plays hentai, those fucks got some security cameras." > "Why don't we just buy normal security cameras and make moonrune instruction manuals? We could put them on Ebay and get profit when AJ buys them, thanks to us of course." "Justin you fucking madman." >You and your friends continue to devise your schemes throughout the rest of the school day when your friends have the bright idea to come to your house to continue planning. "Well... I don't know guys. Can you find a way since my car will be full?" > "Ok man whatever." > The final bell rings and you rush out and doors and straight to the baseball field. > Halfway there you are intercepted by Rainbow Dash > "Where ya goin Anon? Isn't your car in the front?" fuck "Y-yeah it is but I'm just... waiting on Joe. He's coming through the back and he's riding home with me, heh." > "Wanna stick around for a bit and talk about your requests?" "Nah I got bigger fish to fry right now." see what you did there? > "Ok then, see ya around." > She departs as quick as she came, leaving your space and walking back to the school. > Once you've made your way to the field you find yourself being scolded by Aria. > "Where've you been, dipshit? You cannot imagine how hard it's been to keep myself silent this whole time!" > "You were never silent." > "At least I didn't scream about chromosomes!" >Then they turn on you > "What did you so long Anon?" "It's school. There's like seven hours involved in this shit. You can't just walk out. Come on and have some sympathy for the Devil here, I got some good news." > Sonata's curiosity peaks and she follows the others to ask you over and over again about it with your answer being "I'll tell you when we get home." > They're unusually quiet today, something must be up. "You guys are being pretty silent, you all ok?" > Adagio answers sternly, "We had a little argument." "Seriously? An argument? Girls come on, grow up and make up." > "OH FUCK YOU ANON!" > Barks Aria from the backseat, scaring Sonata "No Aria, if our plans are going to work, we're going to need some unity. You two need to work this out." > They both cross their arms and look out their windows, near identically. >The rest of the ride is sheer silence until you arrive at home. > Hate-filled Sirens exchange looks then suddenly burst into tears, hugging apologetically to your surprise. > "I'm so sorry Aria, I mean none of it!" > "Shut up Adagio, I'm gonna cry!" "You already are." > "Don't remind me!" > Sonata quickly joins their hugging session and notions her hand back and forth rapidly, signaling you to do the same. > Eventually you give in and wrap your arms around Adagio and Aria, resting your head on top of Sonata's causing her to giggle. > This one giggle started a firestorm of laughter and your realization of "Holy shit if Rarity sees this I'm toast." leading you to guide them to the door, unlock and open it, and lead them inside. > They finish out their hug session and Adagio asks, "So what was the good news, Anonymous?" "There's these girls at school who pretty much run the place, they're looking for information about you but I told them nothing." > "Damn whores!" "No it gets even better, I'll be lying to them for my own personal gain! They will know a bunch of shit while I reap the benefits." > The powder-blue Siren taps your arm, her face contorted in confusion "What are you gonna do, Anon?" "Get what I deserve." > The answer lays an impact on the room like a mortar shell. > Each of the sadistic Sirens overwhelmed with interest and confusion > Asking questions to no avail > You twist your head as far as it will go to get the best vision of them without turning around, being as edgy as possible. "Let's just say Canterlot High better get ready for a new oligarchy." > The girls huddle then make their way to your old room, consulting each other in secrecy. > Like usual, you're alone with your thoughts. Usually they're on your own loneliness and self-diagnosed mental illnesses like faggotry and chronic social awkwardness. > Not this time though. Oh no, no, no. This time you're on domination, on revenge. > You exhaustedly cascade down onto the couch, sighing in relief at the sudden comfort. > A wild knock appears at the door. > For a temporary break from relaxation, you answer the door. > It's Joe and Justin, peeking around you into the home in search for the rumored Sirens to be located in. > Joe seems a little decked out sporting a button-down Polo shirt, unlike his usual attire. > "Fuckin' told you it was bullshit." > "What Justin means is, can we come in?" "Sure dude, whatever." > Joe walks in and find himself a spot on the couch, Justin makes his way to the fridge. > "Anon, how long has this crave case been here?" "I never got a crave case man." > You get up to see if the crave case was real or not, for some reason it's there. > You open it, seeing a note inside that reads > "IOU 1 crv cse Sonata Dusk" > Fuck it's written in ketchup "SONATAAA!" > The sound of footsteps is heard as you hear a semi-muffled "Coming!" > Bedroom door opens and out comes the innocent Siren, running down the stairs and into the kitchen. > "Hey Anon, who's this guy?" > "I-I'm J-J-Justin." > Jesus, if getting his name out of his mouth was like an AR-15 loaded with J's then what's a whole sentence gonna be like? > "Ok J-J-Justin, I'm Sonata! I guess where you're from it would be S-S-Sonata, so what did you call me for Anon?" "Who bought this?" > She examines the case, looking all over it. > "Oh that was me." "Where and when did you get this?" > "Last night while you were asleep at the Taco BEEL, I wonder why they call it that, there's no water-" "Jesus Christ, Sonata why would you do this?" > "I was hungry, when you hungry you go get what you want to eat. That's how eating works Anon, you gotta focus more." > Justin begins to laugh and joins Joe on the couch in the living room to alert him of the Siren in the room. > Joe rushes into the kitchen to see it for himself. > "I never thought I'd see it... A girl inside Anon's place." > "What are you talking about? Anon's a really sweet guy, he tries to act all tough but he's really just a softie." > Sonata wraps her arms around you in friendship, sending a weird tone for your friends. > Joe shoots you the "traitor" look while you counter-attack with a "This ain't me nigga" look > Her friendly hug comes to a close and asks, "Is that it Anon?" "Yeah that's it, you can go back if you want." > She happily nods and waves goodbye to your butthurt friends, returning upstairs and into her room. > Muffled conversing is slightly heard between the roommates until you hear Aria's voice skyrocket. > "HE DID WHAT?" fuck > "What did you do Anon?" "Beats me." > The upstairs door is kicked open, the twin-tailed Siren barges downstairs and directly into your personal space. > "Who do you think you are, inviting company when company has already arrived?!" > Joe tries to speak up, "Uh-" > "Shut the fuck up, I'll deal with you in a minute." > "Yes ma'am" > "Back to you stink-dick, what's your fucking problem?" "So I can't have company in my own home?" > "That's... You... You know what I mean, I just can't say it around these *examines them top to bottom in one look* guys around." "Oh don't worry Aria, they're a part of my plan." > Her look goes from pure rage to disgusted confusion > "Dude... Why?" "Good friends with bad intentions." > "I see... Does Adagio know about this?" "As of right now, no." > "Not for long, shrimp-dick. She's gonna know all about your pals here." "Ok go ahead." > "FINE I WILL." > She arrogantly marches upstairs and into Adagio's room. More muffled talking but no screaming this time, heh, got kinda lucky on that one. > Nope, you are Anonymous after all. Adagio's figure turns to face you and your crew below. At full attention with Aria behind her, arms crossed and a shit-eating grin. > "Anon, can we have a word?" ---Timeskip about twelve seconds--- > You and Adagio are sitting at the edge of your fallen parents' bed, alone discussing the arrival of your friends. > "I'm not mad, just so you know. I just don't see how they would benefit you in your plan." "Just trust me, they want this just as bad as I do." > "Can't I help you get what you want?" > Your heart skips a beat as she looks into your eyes, chills rush down your spine. Your mind races for something to say. "Of course Adagio but... These are selfish goals to achieve with those guys. The goals you would help me achieve something that would make things better for the both of us, for Sonata, for Aria." > A smile forms on her face, it's something you've been searching for. It's like doing LSD and looking into a beautiful starry night. > "That sounds like something I'd love to be a part of... Go settle things with those guys then we'll talk about this later." > You bring your arm around her and lightly bring her to your core, holding her there for a moment. > You wish you could spend every day like this. Just with her in your arms, Aria and Sonata nearby, and your friends around. This is the life you want for yourself. > This is the first time in years since you have felt so much care for someone else, less alone a whole household full. > Regretfully you must go, and so you depart. > Walking down the stairs, your friends are waiting to see your verdict. "Don't get your hopes up, I'm alive." > "Ok, so how to we get this plan rolling Anon?" "Guys... I'm feeling some shit right now can you just- just leave and we'll talk tomorrow?" > "S-Sure man... You ok?" > You sit down onto the couch and hang your head low, fingers interlocking. "Nah Joe, I'll be better tomorrow just... leave me to myself right now." > They depart upon request, no argument or comments. > There you sit, wallowing in your thoughts and self-sorrow. Realizing that you are developing a new family that you... love more than the original. > No, that's impossible. How can you love a group of girls and your two best friends? > The better question is... > How can you not? > God is it for real? > Do you really love them more than your own brother, mother, and father? How? > To be fair, they all did leave you with this house all by yourself, only your Aunt to pay your bills, never visit, and give you some of your well deserved life insurance money as expense money. > These girls, those guys, that poof-haired girl up there and her friends are all you have left. > All this sappy bullshit is making you tear up a bit > Maybe those plans to manipulate the school aren't the things you need in life, maybe what you needed all along was someone to walk into your life like they did? > "Anon? Are you ok?" > You hear Sonata's voice from the top of the staircase, wondering about your condition. "Y-yeah Sonata, I'm fine." > Suddenly you're surrounded by your new roommates, all with happy little smiles. > Adagio has her finger in the key-ring, holding the keys of your car, spinning it in circles. > "Wanna go for a ride?" > "Yeah faggot, it beats sitting here all day." > You cannot help but to smile. > This is your new family, like it or not. (I know that seemed like an ender but don't worry, it's just starting) > Happily, you take them to the local Dairy Queen for some food since the last time one tried to cook nearly ended with a house fire. > Usually the whole "driving" thing wasn't something you'd do for no reason, it was usually done out of necessity. > You turn on the radio, shift between channel to channel. Scrolling until you find the perfect song. > Then you stumble upon it, the same song your father had given your mother as a symbol for how he felt towards her. You never understood it until now, now this song, [Embed] never made more sense. > You begin to hum along with the melody, soon after they follow. > Fuck this is cheesy yet it's so warm and inviting to the heart. A connection to your former life to your current and future life. > If your friends ever found out about your new soft spot, you'd never hear the end of it. > The song concludes as the ride is half over, leaving you to reflect on it, thinking "I gotta listen to that on YouTube later." > Adagio comments on the recently ended song to you, "That song was nice Anon, I didn't know you had a side for love songs. > Sonata pops her head to the front from the back seat > "See, I told you he's a softie for sappy stuff." "Well, not really love songs, more that song in general. It has always been close to me since I was little. Even now it has a big impact on me." > "I see..." > The car pulls into the drive-thru and you all place your orders, and return home. > Sonata yells from the kitchen, "OH MY GOD" > You rush into the dining room to see the issue > "THAT'S THAT GOOD SHIT!" > "SONATA!" Adagio yells to remind Sonata to censor herself > "Sorry, I meant to say THAT'S THAT GOOD STUFF!" > The Siren poofball returns to watching TV, as if nothing happened. > You return to the living room, helping Adagio and Aria understand pop culture and your own personal favorites. "And that's why white guys like anime." > "So the weeaboos go after the casual otaku?" "Yes." > The house goes into a peaceful state throughout the remainder of the day, it's night where shit gets real. > A burst of rapidly yelling "IT GOES" rings on the coffee table, your fucking friends have decided to check up on you. > You open the laptop and answer the video group call request > Stuffing the earbuds into your ears and hearing a sudden "What's up faggot?" with Justin following up with "Yeah man, how's that puss doing?" "I'm good guys, I was just feeling some shit earlier that had me hurting. I'm good now, what's been up?" > "Justin and I have been coming up with more shit that would help us take over the school." "No offense to you guys but I don't think I want that anymore." > "Dude what?" "Yeah man, I'm just not feeling it." > "I see the deal here... Those girls have warped your mind. They got you seeing like some kind of Buzzfeed faggot." "No Joe, I just don't want anything that school has to offer me. The popularity, the parties, the girls, I want none of it." > "Bullshit Anon, you're the one that got us wrapped up in all this. I know you bud and I know that you want to have this." "Apparently you don't know me as good as you think you do. I wouldn't trade any of what I have right now for anything we could gain from cheating those power-hungry sluts. I don't care about anything in that school besides you two, on the outside all I have at those three girls and Joe- I've never been happier." > "...We're doing this with or without you Anonymous." > Anonymous. > He hasn't called you that since your family's funeral. > Justin cuts in with one final message, "C'mon Anon, we can get back at that school and get what we deserve. It'll be the ultimate payback. It's our time Anon, let's take it." > You hang up the call and shut the laptop, placing it from you lap and onto the coffee table. > It's just you in there now, no ne in that school has your back anymore. > iwalkalone.png > You lean back against the couch cushions, sighing in regret. > Tap tap > It's your long-haired crush, here to aid you since she's the only one who can. > She sits beside you and places her hand gently onto your own. > "I see things didn't turn out well with them?" "I just tore down the wall I was building... They wanted to take over the school, get all that they had wanted. They wanted me to lead the charge." > "Hm... Didn't you have the same plan?" "I did." > "What happened?" "I found something better." > Puzzled, she looks down and back up to you, searching for an answer. > "What it that is better than popularity, Anon?" "Love." > With that, her entire plot has shattered. Every plot and plan she had devised to gain popularity, to be adored by all, had crumbled from one simple word. > "I...I... W-who is it that has you like this?" > Fear curdles its way into your system, pressure to tell the truth yet pressure to suppress the truth. > Sometimes shit has to be said > Don't be a pussy Anon, deliver. > "You, Adagio. You, Sonata, and even Aria have helped me truly find myself in these last couple of days. For years I made my worst qualities into my upfront-most trait, now I see the best in who I am thanks to you all. Especially you." > She is stunned by your answer, silently she contemplates her response. It doesn't take her long to find the answer that best suits the situation. > "Anon... I... I've been feeling the same thing since you let us into your home without any complaints... Every little thing would've driven another man away. You've given us something different than we're used to and lately, I've been feeling a strong pull towards you." "Since we're both feeling these pulls, shouldn't we act on them? Honestly I think a beautiful girl like you needs some attention." > Adagio slowly leans up, steadily crawling sensually towards you > "Who's gonna give it to me?" "Who's house are you in?" > Her approach is ever so sweetly met with a kiss, her soft lips meeting your own. (get your dicks ready, secks tomorrow night) > The back and forth motion of both of your heads is like a sound-wave, the only sound being a slight muffled moan. > She pulls away and mounts herself over your lap, seductively kissing you on the cheek and along the curvatures of your face. > Ever so slowly, she makes her way onto the floor, her upper body facing your lower half. Her hands begin to undo your belt, button, and zipper. > You feel your body heat skyrocket, gotta play it cool. > She begins to stroke your member from outside your pants > "Is there something in there for me?" > Quick, say some cool shit. "I don't know, look and see for yourself." > Not what I was thinking but good enough Anon. > "Mmmhmm..." > That tone along with her elongated moan for desire. fuck > Her hand finds her treasure, you feel her soft hands grip your member, triggering it into... > [m a x i m u m o v e r d r i v e] > Surprise fills her face as the penis grows in size and stature > "Oh~... Big boy, hm?" > You merely smirk at her, probably because you want to look cool again. > "Confident are we... We'll see how long that lasts." > Then, she wraps her lips around the tip. Her tongue caressing it and sending shockwaves throughout your body. > You feel knots in your chest, you want to comment or state something but they block you from speech. > Adagio begins to bring her head lower and lower, returning to the tip each time. She reaches the base and then repeats the process over and over until you reach the breaking point. "Adagio, I'm about to..." > Her mouth recedes from your dick and she begins to jerk you off, massaging the bulging organ. > You're as quick to blow as Scarface, she dodges the baby-batter projectiles. Allowing them to crash onto the floor. > "Ready for round two, human?" "Show me what ya got." > "Show yourself." > You push yourself forwards, softly taking off her short purple shirt revealing a black laced bra underneath. > "Wanna help me with this too?" > As a response, you turn her around and unhook the bra. > It falls to the floor as she shimmies her shoulders to release herself from it. > She turns back around, you grab her perfect sized C38 breasts. Softly groping them and placing your mouth onto the left. Making circles around her areola as she moans through her bottom lip, being bitten with pleasure. > You finish your work with the breast and work your way back up to her face, kissing her before siting her down and undoing her belt and pants. > You pull down the pants, take them off of her, noticing the black panties to match the bra. > You guide them off of her waist and down her legs. > It's tome to tongue-box this thing. > You make your way to Adagio's lavender scented stench trench. > "Want something to eat?~" "I already planned at dining at the Y." think about it. > You begin to treat her clitoris as if it were an ice cream sundae, licking and thrashing the inside of her. > It seems like you hit the sweet spot once your tongue passes a certain section and her head jolts upwards. > Your tongue returns to the same area, rolling and churning like it were being electrocuted. > She spazzes, jitters, and moans. Her hands grip the top of your head and pull you deeper into her. > Liquid spews from her Pink Panther as an immense moan erupts from deep within her, out of her mouth. > Aria steps out of her room to investigate but sees enough from the top of the staircase, she merely smiles and shoots you a thumbs up while mouthing "Fuck yeah" at your actions. > The purple Siren returns to her room, telling Sonata it was just "A bomb-ass episode of Cops." > Adagio moans "I want it now Anon, don't waste any time." > Overcome by your drive, you get up and ram your thrill drill right into Adagio's tampon tunnel. > She become paralyzed, her jaw drops with her eyes widening. > Fuck, she's so tight. It's like his is the first time she's went twenty toes. > Going through her mind is only one thing: get Anon's marrow pudding into her. > This couldn't have come quicker, you've been dying to slip her a hot beef injection and now couldn't be any sweeter. > You've got her saying The Lord's name so much it's like she either just won the lottery or just had an apocalyptic vision. > You feel like Elmer Fudd except you're not bunny hunting... you're cunny hunting. > "Ouuu...~ Yes, yes, YES! Oh GOD yes, Anon!" > "My GOD Anon, you're a n-natural!" > Every thought is carnalized as you fuck her like a jackhammer, giving her insides everything you've got with each pump. > Her moans grow from sexualized yelps to loving screams while you do the Devil's dance inside Lucifer's cradle. > She howls and murmurs in pleasure while your dick is hitting more meat than Rocky in a meat factory. > Adagio wraps her arms around you tightly while you pick her up and mine her g-spot. > "Harder... HARDER, POUND ME WITH EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT, HUMAN!" > You fuck until your body is nearly negated, your cock shoots everything left in it straight into the roof of her womb as she bellows out a moan that is as graceful and glorious as her song, her vocal chords pushed to the max, sounding > "Anon I... LOVE YOUUUU!" > Damn, this chick's better than Whitney Houston (hopefully a better swimmer) > You crash in exhaustion onto the couch behind you, Adagio hype-ventilating. > She lays her head down on your chest for a moment, covered in sweat. > This must be what Mark Wahlberg feels like every day. > The two of you just kind of lay there for a while until she gives your chest a double-tap and gets up. > Adagio picks up her clothes, blows you a kiss and walks into the bathroom. "Dude... I should be on Skinamax." > Getting that makes you feel like the Alpha CHAD feeding on the smaller, weaker CHADs. > You hear clapping behind you, turning around you see it was Aria. > "Well, well, well... Ya did it. You did the impossible, turns out you aren't a homo after all." > "Not gay, just a fag." > She walks out whistling some Papa Roach song. > And she calls you the faggot. > You put on your discarded clothes and rest for a bit on the couch. > Sonata places herself next to you, staring at your forehead which is flooded with sweat and "other" fluids like that stuff that sits at the top of sour cream. > What is that stuff anyways? I tried it one time and it didn't really have a taste, it was just really unsettling. > "Did you record that episode... It sounded amazing." "No but I think episodes like that will be coming a lot more often than you think." > "YAY! Can I join you and Adagio next time please, please, please?" "Uhh... You might want to ask her about that when she comes out." > Ironically, she walks out right after. > "Anon, that was a great fucking-" > She notices her powder blue partner smiling at her. > "Hey Adagio, can I join next time? That sounded really fun." > "What the... Anonymous explain this." "I guess she doesn't want you watching Cops with us, Sonata. Sorry." > "Aww... Ok. I'll just watch it with Aria then." > Sonata drudgingly walks up the stairs and into the room. > "Cops? Really? What the fuck kind of episode of Cops gets someone like that?" "The one where we get charged with disturbing the peace." > She playfully punches your arm > For a moment, you examine Adagio's face. > She's like a cuter, poofier, Ariana Grande. > And you have made her walk side-to-side. ohhellyeah > "What are you looking at baldy?" "A poof-ball with an ego." > She giggles a bit and retaliates > "We both know who's moans are the most arousing." "Hey, it's not my fault God blessed me with the voice of Steve-O." > "Who's that?" "A man with a toy car in his ass." > "He sounds like you." "Unlike him, I wish my friends would die in a car crash." > She turns on the TV and you stretch out on the couch, she lies next to you. > You toss your awkward arm over her hip and rest it there, puling her in for comfort. > Sight is blocked by her hair but in reality, there's no better view. > hadtogrindforthisview.jpg > That was a fucking gay reference. > Slowly but surely, you pass into an exhausted coma. It's been a long day. > Congratulations Anon, you won your own game. > There's a lot to do tomorrow. Clear things up with your friends, keep the girls happy, take care of things with the Rainbooms, all that jazz. > All of that can wait until tomorrow, just rest and take in your surroundings as you slip away. Ok guys should I keep this going or finish here? This one is up to you all. Thanks for reading! > Your alarm rings to wake you up at seven AM, as usual on weekdays. > Too bad you're already awake. > Adagio and the others were at the table back home waiting on you to deliver them the early morning breakfast as you have done everyday. > You've got a new pep in your step and it's got you feeling grand. > Everything is going great! Traffic isn't shit for once, drive-thru soccer moms are getting their orders quickly, the Sun is out for once in a month. > Along the ride back, a new plan is devised. Non-devious yet so many things will turn out good for you in the end. > You arrive home and bring the Sirens their food, sitting with them as they dine. > "What's got you all giddy?" Aria says with her mouth half-full of burger. "Slept good I guess." > "Yeah 'Non, you do look a little better than usual. Are you on drugs?" "I'm not much of a drug man but I'll say something got me high." > Adagio begins to catch on to what you're implying, she shyly puts her head down. Smiling greatly. "Anyways ladies, we got to get to school. It's time to fuck shit up." > Shit gets dramatic when they all stand up after that, hyped and inspired like French Militia against the Nazis. > Ok, ok, ok. How do you hype them up? > 2003 Eminem with DMX > You all get into the car like in "Goodfellas" > Getting the shit ready, you plug in the AUX cord and play the jams. > [Embed] ohhellyeah > Sonata curiously asks after hearing the first organ key sound ominously, "Anon, what is thi-" > You crank it up to max volume, requiring you to shout when you speak. "OK SO THE PLAN IS: WE GET IN, FUCK UP THE REMAINING POPULATION THAT IS UNEFFECTED WHILE HITTING THE OTHERS WITH A SECOND BLAST! THIS WILL GIVE US THE UPPER-HAND AND FUCK THEM UP!" > Aria screamingly responds with, "I HEARD NOTHING BUT BLAST AND FUCK THEM UP!" good enough. > You pull in, park, turn the car off, and get out. > Nearly in unison. > Everyone is watching you all as you march in > The banner above reads "BATTLE OF THE BANDS TYROUTS TODAY FROM 10:00 - 2:30 IN THE GYM" > "Let's crush these fuckers." Aria says, clenching her fist > You did good hyping them up, they're ready to tear the heart from the competition. > Some a little more than others. > The Rainbooms are standing in the middle of the hall, creating a blockade. > Rainbow Dash walks forward, meeting all of you first. > "Well, well, well. What do we have he-" > Adagio shoves her hand into Rainbow's face, pushing her away and stricken with shock. > "Out of the way Rainbow Dyke, we have business to attend to." > You all walk through Rainbow's hole in the barricade, all of them confused and intimidated. > The Dazzling make their way to Celestia and Luna while you make your way to the Gym. > Joe is standing in his usual spot, arms crossed and giving you a dirty look. > You approach him with open arms and a "Come on dude" expression. "Joe, you can't be like this." > "Why shouldn't I? You killed our one chance to actually conquer this bitch, something we've dreamed of for years!" "You want to rule the school right, well this is your chance. I get make our dreams come true." > "Oh piss off, Shia Labeouf. You can't do shit." > "Maybe he has a plan Joe, he looks serious." Justin interjects "In fact, I do. Everyone is going to the Battle of the Bands and will be there all day. This is where we come in." > "I'm listening." "The Sirens will be activating a high powered song-spell. All we have to do is make sure everyone is there and then get as far away as possible." > "Ok, ok... How do you expect to get everyone in there?" "We're a whole crew of evil geniuses, we'll figure something out." > Your trio skips out on a waste that they call "Gym" and decide to spread fake messages about the BotB, getting as any people hyped for it as possible. > In bathrooms, fake posters (made of simple paper and tape), and even a little online hacking. > You check to see if your handiwork had paid off. > What do you know? Chads, spergs, White Knights, puritans, feminists, stoners, kids, faggots, weird ass music kids who are serious about this, and Trixie. > You did damn good, Anon. This is the part where you and your friends have to escape so you might want to be doing that soon. > Joe takes off first, you and Justin look at each other, shrug your shoulders, and run along with him. > He stops at the corner and goes full Metal Gear. > "Wait a second... the MILF's are coming. Get in the bathroom quick!" > And with that, you rush into the women's room accidentally. > HaraldandKumar.gif > The MILF's he was talking about were Principle Celestia and Vice Principle Luna. > You all group in the farthest stall, giving them plenty of space away if anything goes down. > "Oh sister, the Battle of the Bands will be quite spectacular. I'm really looking forward to it." > "I agree, Luna. It looks like it will be full of talent and competition." > Jesus their voices are hot, not Adagio hot but still pretty hot. > They walk past the bathroom and into the Gym. > Just a quick peek at them before getting the fuck out. > "Alright guys we get it, they're super hot. We gotta go!" Justin says with true impatience. > Once again you got to go, the show must come to a close. You man up and run as fast as you can, your friends next to you. > Joe kicks open the back exit door and you three rush from it as the show commences. > Once you all make it to the hill next to the football field, you take a breather. > Your phone vibrates along with a little 'ding'. > You view it only to see a text from Rarity saying "Looks like your friends are up first. Always save the best for last as they say." > "What's that?" Justin asks "A text.. From Rarity about the Sirens about to perform." > Joe falls back onto the grass, "Thank God, we made it out fast enough. Whew!" > You can hear the vibrations and muffled high notes from the far-away tryout. > It must be like a fucking Usher concert in there. > It's a beckoning feeling to just barely hear them, it's cerebrally seducing. > "Damn, if it's like this from here... I can only imagine what it's like inside." "Soon enough, we won't." > You stare at the school, looking at it and wondering about the upcoming campaign. > Joe wonder about how this will help so he decides to ask you. "Anon... How will this spell help us?" "From what I know, it will make them hateful to each other. This will make them vulnerable since it is like a dog with urine, if the spell is met with another who is cursed with it: it attacks. Those without are welcomed with open arms and love." > "That sounds great for us... This will be easier than I expected." > Joe looks into his lap and at his hands in disgust. There's something troubling him. "What's the problem, Joe?" > "Anonymous... I'm so sorry." >There he goes with the full name. > Something is wrong. "What do you mean? What's going on?" > Justin stands up and walks over to Joe with you. > "Anon, I-... The other night, when you sent us out. They made me wear a wire. Once I saw Sonata, I knew I couldn't do it. As soon as you said 'leave' I was never happier to leave." "So then why are you sorry?" > "We had that conversation the other day... We were texting about the plan. Flash took my phone and found out." "What?! Your brother knows about this?" > "I don't know if he told Twilight and her friends but he is definitely in that audition right now." > That's why they were so confident this morning! > They knew the plan and planned around it! > Damn it, everything is ruined! > You're withholding your anger towards Flash and Joe alike, you don't know what to do. > Did it work, is everyone under their spell? > There's only one thing to do... This is going to be shit but it's worth it. > You run back into the school, your friends yelling for you to return but you don't care. The spell can't be broken! > The song spills into your ears the second you enter the school, it's already aching against your brain. > You run into the gym and hold down the call button with tape, then run as much as you can still bear back to the office. > The phone is blaring with the Siren song, you put it on speaker and then place it on "Call All", signaling the song throughout the entire school. > The sound amplifies and crashes into your mind, fucking with all of your senses. > You have almost become disoriented, you can feel sanity slipping away and giving way from agony to anger. > Suddenly you feel Joe and Justin carry you out of the front door and back to the hill. > You can barely speak, just groans. > Once the Sirens finish, Joe runs back in and rips the phone from the cord. Stopping the call immediately. > Justin tries to bring you back to full consciousness, doing anything it takes within his moral code. > You lean up and feel an immense headache, you press your hand against it to calm the pain. "How'd they do?" > "From what you did. If someone is in there, they're under the spell." "Sweet." > Joe returns after his mission is complete with some news. > "Everyone has went apeshit." > "How deep are they?" > "Dude, they're going full retard." > He wasn't wrong, they're like an asylum with a coffee maker. > Friends become foes, everyone is pushing each other away. > Many students storm out, enraged with someone else. > "Damn man... What did they do, bring up politics or something?" Joe jokingly states "It's insane, they're all so hateful." > How could a simple spell make them so spiteful? Which, it did nearly make you give into it with it's corruption so imagine sitting at Ground Zero for the whole song. > The Sirens' talent poisoned the minds of the entire student body and teachers alike. Now they're like putty in your hands, so easy to mold. > Give it an hour before confronting them, they're too unstable now to try to get along their good sides. > Adagio and the others meet with you all once everyone is distracted. > "So... The spell seems to be working well. I think it will last until the Battle of the Bands." "Excuse us, I have to speak with Joe real quick." > You pull Joe to the side for a little conference. "Joe, buddy, I need you to do me a favor." > "I kinda owe you right now so what's up?" "I need you and Justin to take Adagio somewhere, I have to talk with Sonata and Aria." > "Where to?" "Anywhere man, here, take my car." > You reach into your pocket and retrieve your keys, handing them to Joe. > "Adagio, come with me and Justin. We have more business to take care of." > "What's the business?" She asks with an eyebrow raised. > "Rainboom stuff, we got to get some intel that way manipulation will be easier." > While they go to handle their business, part two of your master plan is placed into action. > You walk over to Aria and address your proposition to her. "Aria listen, we need to get Sunset Shimmer if we're going to win this so we will need to-" > "I'm not fucking her and I'm pretty sure Adagio would break your neck if you fucked her so that's out the window." "No Aria, we tell her that the Rainbooms are afraid of her and don't want her around." > "So you want to use her emotional turmoil to get her on our side. I like it but she's a stuck-up skank, I doubt her joining us." Aria says with her eyes lowered in her usual resting-bitch-face. "But if we just tell her that we heard them talking about not trusting her and saying bad shit about her then getting Sunset on our crew will be easy." > "What do I tell Sonata?" "Just say we're recruiting Sunset Shimmer." > "Ok whatever. You stay here and wait on them, me and Sonata will go to screw with Sunshit." > Aria walks off and pulls Sonata from the window, returning to her task. Leaving you to sit alone and wait. ---With Aria and Sonata--- > "What are we doing again, Aria?" Sonata asks while messing with her ponytail. > "We're going to make Sunset Shimmer join us." > "But sis, isn't she with those other girls?" > Aria smirks from spotting Sunset from a distance, answering with "Not for long Sonata, not for long." > She approaches the former demon from behind. As an elaborate ruse to speak with her, she waits for Sunset to walk to the door, bumping into her "accidentally". > "Oh, sorry. You're Aria, right?" > "The very same." > Sunset is a bit unsettled by the answer but concludes with trying to be friendly to the unfriendly. > "S-so, I saw you earlier at the tryouts. You're really good!" > "Yeah, anyways Sunset I heard something I couldn't believe about you." > "Oh no, what is it?" > Aria purposefully tries to get her nerves wrecked about it and denies to tell. > "Is it that bad?" > "As friendly as I am, I wouldn't want to say this about someone." > "Can you at least tell me who it was?" > "You push one hard bargain, Sunset Shimmer. It was Rainbow Dash and her friends. Even that Twilight girl was talking about you." > Sunset looks shaken at the words of Aria, she continues to try to find out what was said. > "I thought they were my friends... What did they say Aria?" > Her tone changes during the sentence. > "Well... If you must know. They were talking about how you aren't to be trusted and that they should've kicked you to the curb. Personally, I always thought you were pretty nice Sunset. You say they're your friends?" > "They were." > Sunset looks at the floor in rage, her eyes begin to fill up as she sniffles. > "Oh c'mon Sunset, don't do that." > She continues > "Seriously Sunset, we're in the middle of the hall." > Sonata looks at her purple sister with a saddened expression. > Aria cannot help but to sit her down on the nearby bench, sitting with her along with Sonata on the other side. > "I just don't understand. I-I tried to... to make things better but *sniffles* why won't they forgive me?" > Sonata pats her on the back, responding to her rambling. > "It's ok Sunset, if they can't forgive you then why are they your friends?" > She was always the weaker one of the Sirens, unable to take some of what the others could handle. > "I guess they aren't... Will you guys be my friends?" > "Of course Sunset, anything." Sonata's voice chirps with her innocent tone, Sunset looks at her with a smile. > Aria watches their union with her arms crossed, knowing that current Sunset won't do but if they can reconnect her with her evil roots then they've got a team player. > Get her into some disturbia and we've struck gold. > "Hey Sunset, if they want the old you... Give it to them! Join us and we'll help them learn their lesson." > Aria begins to think to herself "I see why Adagio does this stuff, it's really fun." > "I don't know Aria, it's really hard to do that." > "And it was easy for them to betray you and shit talk you behind your back." > Silence fills the halls, Sunset doesn't know what to say. > "So what if they call it evil, you were strong. This is how they bad-mouth superiority once they see how strong you really are. It's in your DNA to be strong, let's show them true strength." > Sunset looks to Sonata for confirmation, Sonata gives a smile and nod. > The new trio walks back to your location, meeting up with you to tell you the news. > You notice that their mission was a success, seeing Sunset walking angrily with them. "Sunset Shimmer, how's it going?" > Sunset looks at you, trying to put a name along with your face. > "You're Anonymous right? You're the one who voted for me last year instead of Twilight." "Yeah, looks like we've joined forces huh?" > "Joined forces? You're with the Dazzlings?" "Considering they're living with me, yeah." > "I always heard you were an asshole, they must've lied." "No I am an asshole it's just that I felt that they deserved a home and stuff." > Aria interjects, "That's a lie, we fucked with your head and we just kinda moved in." > You see your car return with the passengers, they walk in and notice the newbie. > "Why is she here, isn't she with the Rainbitches?" Adagio asks disgustedly. "Not anymore, she's with us now. More the merrier, right?" > "Right... More the merrier. Anonymous, can I have a word?" > You walk with Adagio around the corner, she looks at you angered and disappointed. > "Anon, what the fuck man? This is the kind of shit we ignore." "Adagio you don't understand, she's got some serious magical power and can give us everything on those bitches." > "Is this a part of the plan?" "Mostly." > "You're a fucking penis-hole." "Your penis-hole." > She laughs a bit then suddenly the mood is a lot less on your shoulders. > "Ok, ok. Just keep an eye on Sunset, ok?" "I will." > She kisses you on the cheek and walks back around the corner, you have to wait until your blushing decreases before returning. > Everyone walks into the Gym with Sunset and Adagio walking in front. > Aria looks at you and back at Adagio, jokingly she makes a whip notion and an onomatopoeia of a whip cracking. > You two snicker and follow the others, Sonata left in confusion at the reference. > Sunset and Adagio discuss things about the Rainbooms and their inner workings. > "Applejack is the blonde one right?" > "Yup, the hillbilly with the useless sister and retard brother." Sunset's insult barrage only continues with each old friend. > "Fluttershy is the dumb forest bitch, known to fuck dogs." > Adagio laughs at each taunt, taking each into her stock of ammo against them. > Justin sits next to you and Adagio, asking her about what she plans. "Hey, uh, Adagio? How would getting different things to shit talk them on help us?" > "It's simple. We understand their faults and use them against those of which we please. We have them in the palms of our hands at that point." > Aria corrects her with a more generalized and simplified statement, > "In English, that means we're learning about them so we can fuck them up." > Everything is going as planned as you all discuss the plan and other things in between. > The school day closes as usual. You and the Sirens get into your car and are met by Sunset in the parking lot. > "Where should we meet up so that we can continue?" "Meet up at my place, you know where that is right?" > "No... What can we do?" "Joe knows where you live, he can pick you up and take you to my house." > "How do I contact him?" "Just text him or something, you have his number right?" > "Yeah from back when I was with Flash. So I just call him and we'll meet there." > And with that, you depart. The drive is the normal talks about today. > "Are we serious about her?" Aria asks from the back. "She seems pretty serious about us, what did you tell her Aria?" > "Eh, just some bullshit about how they didn't actually like her and that we can help her get revenge." "Is that all it took?" > "Pretty much yeah, she's pretty fragile for a chick who took over the school." > You arrive home and Sonata crashes on the couch, pretending to be tired. > "Anon, can we check to see if Cops is on?" > What the fuck is she talking abou-... fuck "I think that was a live episode, Sonata. We might never see it again." > Sonata groans in disappointment, muffled by the couch cushion. > Adagio walks by, trying to cheer Sonata up. > "Perhaps if Anon plays his cards right he could find it again. That is... If he's up for it." > You feel your body become like fire as her gaze meets you with a seductive grin. > Sonata's head pops up from the cushion, she looks excitedly at you. > "I hope you can play cards Anon, I really want to see it." "So do I. It was the best episode I've ever seen." > "For a human, your viewership of Cops is very good Anon. I have to agree with you that it was the best episode." > So much innuendo your head might explode. > Aria goes full edgelord and slides down the railing of the stairs. > You can't deny that you do it too. ---With Joe--- "Hm. A text from Sunset Shimmer, didn't she have seven hours to say what she wanted?" > Joe asks himself as he checks the new message > The message reads "Joe. We need to get to Anon's as soon as possible so we can get ready. Pick me up when you go." > Christ, they're already doing this? Whatever. > He gets his shit and gets on the move, picking up Sunset then Justin. > "This van is... nice, Joe." > Sunset reluctantly says while sticking her head out of the window, trying to get fresh air. "If you could survive in Flash's room, you can survive here. It's not that bad, really." > "Dude I could smell it before you even told me you were coming." > Justin adds, though he is a tad used to the scent. "Hey Sunset, doesn't Rarity live near Anon?" > "I think but I don't exactly know where he lives but when we get there I'll check." > By the time he arrives, Anon has already gone out to get food for himself and the girls. > Joe and his band of misfits knock on the door, Adagio answers. > "Joe? What are you doing here?" "Sunset wanted to get here early." > "Let me call Anon and tell him to bring more food, sit down while we wait for him to get back." ---Back with Anon--- > Daily rounds to fast food joints must be getting tiring, you don't want them going hungry either. > Suddenly you get a call from Adagio "Yeah hello?" > "Anon we've got company, get something big." "Who's there?" > "Your gay friends and Sunset." "Already?" > "That's what I said, get us something big... Like really big." "Ok I'll be there in just a sec." > "Ok see you then, love you." > Did she just say it? > I think she did Anon. "Love you too." > And once she hangs up you're full of exhilaration, endowed with the need to bring home whatever suits her needs. > It's intoxicating to hear that stated to you. > You find yourself yelling at other drivers with their windows down. "SHE SAID I LOVE YOU, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!" > Most people just roll their windows back up, ignore you, or answer just as dynamically. > One guy just fearfully gives you a thumbs-up. > You make your way to the den of the man himself, Papa John. > Though it costs near fifty dollars, it's worth it. > This time you take the back roads as a shortcut. > Soon enough, you arrive home and bring your offerings. > "Anon, you think this is a little too much food?" Adagio asks, observing the two pizzas with four packs of breadsticks. > "What's with the bread dildos?" Aria picks one up and flails it around. "Just enjoy, there's more than enough for everyone." > Everyone gets their fix and sits at the table, getting the part three ready. > "I don't think that's legal Anon." Joe is quite hesitant to the plan but you really don't care. > After all, it's only illegal if you get caught. > The very thought of this is absurd and insane at most, then again it is the most sane thing you would have done today. "My idea is to do something pretty fucked up but it would benefit us in the long-run." > Joe's eyes squint as his curiosity heightens. > "And that is..." "Bust into Rarity's house and-" > "KILL HER!" An explosive outburst breaks from Aria with her hopes and chunks of pizza spewing out. "Kidnap her... It was kidnap her." > "No offense, Anon but that's fucking stupid." Adagio places one hand on the table, another akimbo on her hip. > "What we do is: we go into her home, tie her to a chair, and-" > "FUCK HER!" Joe's explosiveness mimics Aria's with different ideas in mind. > "Hold her hostage... It was to hold her hostage." Her tone fades into disappointment with a hint of disgust, similar to Joe's parents. > They finish their food while contemplating the new plan. > Day turns into night as the outdoor setting reflects the emotions within them all. > Rarity lives just down the road, it's just a quick jog away. > Everyone follows your lead as you direct them to the house not so far away. > A good way to do this shit is stealth, full special ops style. > You played Metal Gear, you can do this. > You direct them to the backyard, explaining what everyone needs to know. "Here's the plan: Sunset, Sonata, Joe, and myself will get her to the front door, Adagio and Justin get into the tree behind me. Wait for her to leave the room and then climb into it through the window while she's distracted." > They nod. "Those at the front door will be wearing ski-masks. She's not recognizing us tonight. You two going up there, wear them as well. We'll scare her upstairs and you two get her to comply in whatever means necessary." > Once everything is sot up, the plan goes into action. Justin gives you the thumbs-up when he's ready. > Sure enough it comes quick. > You lead your band of fresh criminals to the door and bang on it like a pissed SJW. > You hear her announce from her bedroom "COMINGG~" > The pitter-patter of her footsteps rushing down the stairs to her impending doom sends a rush within you, causing you to pound the door once again. > The door swings open to the sight of the white-skinned beauty, angrily half way through her exclamation. > "WHAT DO YOU WAaaaaa?" > Sunset leans around your shoulder quickly, jabbing Rarity's nose. > She is sent hurling into the staircase, letting out an over-the-top reaction. > Blood streams down her nose onto her lips, she quivers in fear and pain. Tears fill her eyes as they widen in total shock. > Instinct takes hold as she stumbles up the stairs, into her room. > Rarity franticly slams the door, locking it immediately. > A view of the masked Adagio and Justin hang behind her like shadows. > When she turns around to see the window, she is met with the sight that fills her with absolute horror. > They close in on her as you kick open the door with a heavy stomp, the handle slams into Rarity's kidney. > You grab her shuttering shoulders from behind. holding her in place as she fights for her life. > Adagio approaches and swings her fist into Rarity's abdomen. > She cringes in pain as her head hangs low. > "W-what do you want?!" > You can barely make it out due to her shuttering voice. > "Get her to the kitchen." > With that, she is grappled and brought back downstairs as the sound of wood being slid back against hardwood screeches. > A lonely wooden chair sits apart from the rest, Sunset and Joe stand behind it on each side. > Joe's got the rope. > You place her on the chair as Joe bounds her to it. > Interrogation begins. > She's crying > "Wh-why would you d-do this to me? What did I e-ever do to you?!" > Adagio slowly closes in on her, fear rises within. > "You'd like to keep that pretty face wouldn't you?" > Rarity's head rises, revealing the pitiful expression. > It sends chills down your spine to see the cute girl from down the street in this condition. > Then it hits you, you orchestrated this to be done. > "I-I... Please just don't hurt me again!" > The apricot Siren gets face-to-face with Rarity, taking off her mask. > She removes the blood from her lip with a thumb and places it into her mouth, licking it clean. > "You're monsters... MONSTERS, all of you!" > The whimpering girl looks around at her intruders, her face scrunches as she begins to recognize those involved in her pain. > "Oh, it's you... I should've known Anon would be involved with you. Who's the other among you?" > The vengeful Sunset approaches, taking her mask off, revealing her identity. > "S-SUNSET!? B-but why?" > "What, you think I wouldn't find out about your backstabbing? I've done nothing but kindness to redeem myself and THIS is how you repay me?" > "Wh-what are you talking about, Sunset?" > "Don't you lie to me, I know all about your secrets!" > Aria interjects as usual, "Can we get back to business?" > "Right Aria, let's get back to business... Rarity, we're going to ask you a favor. Is that ok?" > She nods quickly > "Good girl... We're gonna need you to take a ride with us, don't worry, you're not gonna get hurt anymore." > "Will you leave me alone after?" > "Of course, all we need is a moment of your time." > She agrees and is put in the trunk. > You drive around the neighborhood a few times and return to your home. > You pull into the garage and close it. No way the neighbors can see this shit. They've hated you since you shit on their tomatoes. > She is carried inside and placed in the basement. > "This is illegal, you know!" "Who gives a shit?" > You shut the door and allow her to sit. > Five minutes passes and your humanity begins to show, after all you did have a crush on this girl for years. > You convince Sonata to follow you to help Rarity cope with being prisoner. > You two greet her, followed by a brief introduction. "Hi Rarity." > "Hmph." She says, swiftly turning her head away. > "Hi Rarity, I'm Sonata! My sisters and I have-" > "I don't want to hear it!" > Sonata whispers loudly to you, "Is she always like this?" "As long as I can remember." > "Oh that is just untrue!" "Prove it." > "Uh... Uh... Remember that time in Second grade when you had that crush on me and I let you kiss me on the cheek? That was nice!" > areyoufuckingserious.png "Yeah I remember that, remember in Freshman year when you told Applejack that I wanted to fuck you both?" > "Well I wasn't lying, darling I was simply telling the truth." her old sultry tone returns, even as a hostage. "Fuck you, Britney Spears I didn't need you to say that shit." > Sonata begins a chuckle that morphs into a side-devastating avalanche of laughter. > "What do you want me to do with such information?" "Not fucking bring it up!" > "Well there's no point in arguing about it now. Might as well suck it up, look at yourself. You won." > You're not falling for her whore-lies "What are you talking about?" > "Do I have to spell it out? YOU. WON. Look at you and look at me. You get to live with three beautiful girls and do what you like when you want. You get to be absurd, obnoxious, an asshole, all of it! What can I do, Anon? Look pretty?" > Your stomach twists and cold rushes race through your body. "You can see your friends fail all thanks to you not being there, enjoy that thought." > Sonata and yourself walk out of the basement, leaving her to her newly seeded thoughts, planted by your words. > "You ok, 'Non? You got a little heated back there." "Huh? Nah, that's how our usual conversations go." > You sit on the couch next to your claimed waifu, she looks at you with a smile. > "What now, greeny?" "The usual, annoying orange. How about you?" > She giggles girlishly and answers > "How did the interrogation go?" > You prop your feet up onto the coffee table in relaxation. "Arguments." > She teases you a bit, "Ah, old flairs never really die, do they? What did you talk about." "How her friends are gonna lose because of her." > "That must've wor-" > "THAT'S NOT ALL!" Sonata's high voice erupts through the hall as she runs to the couch. > "They talked about how he wanted to 'f' her." "Tha-that's out of context, Sonata!" > "YOU WHAT?! Sonata, explain for this dead man." > Son of a bitch > "Welllll... Rarity brought up how he kissed her as a kid, then he brought up how she told Appleblack that he wanted to 'f' them both." "I-it was three years ago, sweetie. I didn't me-" > "Don't 'sweetie' me until she is done. Continue, Sonata." > "He said it was something called 'Fresh-man' year." "See, Dagi. I told you." > "What did you call me?" "What, do you not like it?" > "It's pretty cute, 'Non." > Thank God that shit is resolved, that could've royally bent you over in the long run. > Time elapses once again and someone has to keep watch over Rarity tomorrow just in case if she tries to escape. > Not Sonata, she's too easy. > Not Joe, he's too... Joe. > Definitely not Sunset. > Justin is too eager to satisfy. > You're sure as hell not doing it. > That leaves two... but who? > Aria would be your best bet since she doesn't give a hot shit about anyone, less alone Rarity. > Somehow you've got to convince her to watch over the new prisoner... but how? > "No." immediate denial with a side of failure sauce, please. "Oh c'mon, Aria please?" > "I said no." > She's not gonna fall for any standard tricks, perhaps a bribe would bring her to the job? "You must really like hanging out in the school, huh?" > "No way! It's just us sitting in the baseball field all day, there's nothing to do. Stupid Adagio won't even let you talk." "Then wouldn't hanging here be the better deal for you, you get to chill here. All you have to do is make sure Rarity doesn't escape." > Aria looks at the floor in consideration of both of the ideas, wondering which is provides more entertainment. > "Ugh, fine. I'll keep an eye on your stupid prisoner but don't think this means I'm the guard all the time." > You accept and decide it's about time to hit the hey. > Today was a really rough day compared to the other days you've spent with the Sirens. > Placed the entire school under a spell, broke multiple laws multiple times, got a pet name, and gained a new friend. > You wonder what tomorrow will bring since today was like a dream. > Everyone decided to stay at your house since we all had some shit going. > It was the sleeping arrangements that botched things up. > You had decided to allow Sunset to take the couch, Justin took the loveseat, Joe got to crash on the opposite side of it. > But where does that leave you? > You could always just sleep with Adagio but she probably passed out already so maybe the bathtub? > Amazing, your home went from just one dude to a whole household thanks to them. If these last few days have offered an adventure greater than your whole life, what could a year bring you? A decade? A lifetime? > Stop being so dramatic, you got a bathtub to sleep in. > You walk up the stairs and into the bathroom, closing the door behind you. > The sound of Sonata and Aria's chatter is slightly heard yet suppressed by the wall. > Where do you put your clothes? > Fuck it, just put them on the toilet when you put the lid down. > You undress down to your boxers and black socks. > Surely you've got some kind of jogging pants or something to cover your legs around here? > Your clothes are in your room, too bad there's two people in there. > You decide to man up and try. > You awkwardly creep from the bathroom and knock quietly on the bedroom door. > Aria's voice loudly disrupts the silence you were trying to keep. > "Come in." > You slightly crack open the door, enough for your head to slip in. > "Why are you doing that?" "Doing what?" > "That." She points at your head then notions up and down at the door. "I don't know what you're talking about. Anyways, uh, there's a pair of pants in that dresser over there. They're soft." > "So what? If you want them, come get them." "Quit being Avril Lavigne and help me out." > Sonata laughs while getting the pants for you. > "Here you go Anon, you've earned these." > You feel a pinching sensation on your bicep. > Trying to grab it, you feel a hand slip away. Not gonna lie, you were a little frightened there. > The reactive sight is given a view of your favorite Siren, she's smirking with a hand on your boxer shorts. > "You do realize I could embarrass the fuck out of you, right now?" "Would it or would it just inflate my ego?" > She releases hold and walks into the room and converses with her sisters. > She returns from the room, pants in hand. "Can I get my pants?" > "Can you or would that just inflate my ego?" > That bitch. > You laugh and reach for the pants from her grasp, her hand goes farther from your length. "Adagio please, I'm basically naked right now." > "Basically since everything is visible." fuck > Her words were true, just below you cast a mighty dick shadow. > It was like something out of myth. "Jesus Christ, can you give those to me before someone sees?" > "Too late, Sonic's edgy counterpart." Aria says from the doorframe. > You turn around to reply but your sight is met with Aria's shocked expression. > "Adagio, you didn't." "What are you talking about?" > The apricot Siren simply smiles and nods to her sister. > "Don't you think that was a bit much?" > "Well I didn't really do it on purpose, it was more-so his body reacting to getting impacted by half of the spell." > Aria's tone rises "So it does THAT?" > "You don't see him complaining, do you?" > What the fuck is she talking about? "What the fuck are you talking about?" > "Anonymous, go ahead and feel your torso." > You respond by fulfilling the order. "I don't see how this'll... What the...?" > You feel along your skin to see what she was talking about, things are harder. More sculpted. "What did you do?" > "Like I said, it's just a reaction. It'll be over soon." > During all this you hear the front door slam, awakening everyone who wasn't already up. > You snatch the pants, put them on quickly, and rush down the stairs. > A car swerves out of your lawn and into the road, speeding off quickly. > Aria checks the basement to see if the hostage is gone, she finds no one. > "Guys. Rarity is gone!" "Fuck. Joe, Justin, come with me." > Joe grabs the keys from the table and tosses them to you. > You catch them and are out the door. > A lot could go down if she escapes, you have to catch up fast. > Everyone packs in and as quick as possible, you're speeding down the street with everything the gas guzzler will handle. > It seems pretty easy to spot your target since it's a straight road, you're gaining on them before they cut out towards the South side of the city. > "If we can make the fucker turn to the factories, we can get on another straight road." "Yeah that's the plan here." > The cityscape morphs from neon lights and happy stores to poorly-lit liquor shops and abandoned buildings. > The grey-tinted streetlights make the streets look even dingier than they already are. > Luck finally joins your side when a dog runs into the road. > The vehicle ahead swerves to avoid it, slowing down in the process. > Now is your chance, you stomp on the gas pedal as your chase sees it's incoming finale. > No way to get them to pull over, you gotta hit this mother fucker. > You clip the rear, sending the vehicle spiraling and sliding. > It slides out of control into a gate, smoke and dirt everywhere. "Alright, let's get this son of a bitch before the cops show up." > You all quickly hop out and run to the crash site, opening the doors to pull the person out. > In the driver's seat wasn't Rarity but our favorite blue-haired douchebag, groaning in pain. "Flash, what the hell? Justin help me carry Rarity to the car, Joe I need you to drive Flash home in his beaten up piece of shit. Get some empty beer cans and put them in so he'll think he was drunk." > Everyone does their job and things conclude as they should with Flash home and Rarity back in the basement. > Thankfully no police where involved and shit went well. > During that whole chase only one thing rang through your head... > What would Mark Wahlberg do? > You did well but after all that, you're really exhausted. > "Shit, am I glad that's over. If it weren't for that dog, the chase would still be going." > You can hear the tiredness in Joe's voice, he sounds like he's been in a coma. > There, at the top of the staircase, your favorite part of the day stands leaning against the wall with her arms crosses, smiling at you. > "Hey Paul Walker, ready to get Fast & Furious?" > You smile at the reference and walk to her from the bottom of the stairs. > "You know, doing things like that in the street is illegal... Some punishment is in order." "You think?" > "I know" > You make it to the peak and kiss her at the top. > You're in a position to where everyone can see, letting them all take notice of your communion. > Justin gives you a thumbs up as he opens the door to allow Joe to enter. > He is surprised to see his old friend getting some love, he smiles and nods. > You decide to room with Adagio tonight since things are going so well. ---3 AM--- > Adagio lies next to you, sound asleep. > You really got blue-balled on that one. > To be honest, you're happy that you're here. > A knock is heard at the door, but who could it be? > It's three o'clock in the fucking morning, who's wanting you at this time. > You hear Justin answer the door as you emerge from the room, you continue to walk down the stairs to see who it is. > "Your mother's a whore!" the unknown voice cries > "I'll kick your fucking ass, bitch!" > You see him throw sand into Justin's eyes, he recoils in pain. > Who is this guy? He's all covered up. > The guy runs as Justin chases after him, you laugh and watch from the window. > The mystery man turns around with a pistol in hand and points it at Justin's heart. > He freezes, paralyzed with fear as the unknown man stands armed with deadly aim. > You begin to walk out as a shot rings through the sleeping neighborhood, Justin falls on the pavement, howling in agony. > He turns his aim to you, firing another shot at the window. You run back as it shatters. > Joe springs to life as everyone else are brought in by Sonata's fearful shriek at the sounds. "SUNSET, GET UPSTAIRS!" > She does as told while a black van speeds to your driveway, two covered men get out, each with submachine guns. > Joe runs to the shed in the backyard where your father kept his weapons. > The sound of Justin's agonizing pleas from the streets is tormenting you, rushing Joe to return. > They begin to open fire on your home as you take cover behind the couch. > Joe runs back in, sliding your father's old Remington across the floor and into your hands. Arming himself with an old M9. > You both return fire as they fire more shots into your home, making the walls look like a semi-caved in anthill. > One kicks open the door, Joe shoots him in the chest. > Joe's weapon falls to the floor from the recoil, he was never good with real life confrontation. > He picks it back up and runs upstairs, into the bathroom. Firing out the window. > You continue your onslaught on those that have invaded your home. They take cover behind the van they came in as you run out to them. > They don't see you coming as you give the closest, the equivalent to a pistol-whip. > The second gets a blast to the abdomen. > One of Joe's shots hit the driver in the chest, not fatal but nearly incapacitating him. > You run to the bleeding Justin to see if he's still alive, luckily he barely is. > "A... Anon?" "Yeah, it's me buddy." > "I *cough* I ain't gonna make it... I'm fucked man." "Don't say that, you're gonna make it!" > "Sh-shut the fuck up... You know like I kn-know." "Stop it, Justin you're just delusional." > You can feel tears fill up your eyes and a shutter in your speech. > "Hey, I love you Anon... I-I mean it... You've always been a true... A true f-friend." > And like that, his head loses strength to keep itself up. His eyes shut and his life is over. "No... No, no, no, no! C'mon Justin, get up buddy just get up!" > No response. Time to kill whatever's left. > You approach the driver as Joe sees to Justin's body. > You place the barrel to his head and the driver looks up at you. "Who did this? Who sent you?" > "We... We weren't supposed to kill anyone." "That's not what I fucking asked. Answer the question or this van is getting a new paint job." > "F-Flash Sentry sent us to... Kick your asses, they chose to k-kill." > You lower the weapon at the news. > Flash tried to kill his own brother and killed one of yours. "I see." > "Thank God you're letting me go..." "You tried to kill me, my family, and killed my brother, mother fucker. Don't thank God, thank Flash Sentry!" > You say as you fire on the injured driver, ending him instantly. > The neighbors are all outside, seeing the commotion in their night-gowns and pajamas. > You have to get the girls and Rarity out before the police arrive. > You run inside and tell them all to come out. "Sunset; get them and Rarity, get the fuck out. Get a hotel room and call me later once you've got the room. Go quick!" > She nods and gets the scared Sirens from their rooms and into your car. > They speed off as you and Joe sit next to Justin's murdered corpse. > Vengeance will come soon enough. > You sit in silence and think about all the memories you shared with him, his optimism, his charm. "I should've answered that door." > Joe awakens from his day dreaming. > "Huh, you? No, I should've answered that bastard, not J. We should've ran to help quicker or called the police." "Fuck the police, we did what we could when we could. Most people would've taken cover and died, we fought for what is in here." > "What are we gonna do?" "I'm gonna do what's right, you do what you want." > "What do you mean?" "I'm gonna show your brother not to fuck with me." > Blue and red lights shine on the sides of houses as the police finally arrive, they get out to see the battlefield that the once peaceful streets had become. > "Jesus Christ, what the fuck happened?" "We did your job for you." > The blood-soaked streets, once echoing with screams and gunfire, have finally calmed down. > Since they attacked first, it's labelled as self-defense. > After a small interview, they depart. Leaving you and Joe to discuss what the future holds. > "You don't plan on killing my brother, do you?" > Your anger reaches a peak, causing you to have a slight outburst. "How can you still call him that, after all he's put us through in one night, one day!? He hired some guys to kick our asses but he ended up hiring murderers... I'm thinking that he intended to end us tonight." > "What, are you going crazy or something?" "Maybe I am or maybe I'm right. I don't know what his problem is but I know we got to solve it, Joe." > Joe's mind races back and forth, through what has been done and what is to come. It's like his whole life is being torn into two different sides. > Choosing a side means abandoning another. > A civil war of the mind wages and this is the time for choosing sides. "Well I know one thing about this: he endangered my family and killed my brother. He's still your brother so I'll have to take him on hand-to-hand." > "You think you can fight him?" "I don't have much of a choice." > Thankfully the girls made it to a hotel for the night. > Your phone lights up with a buzz from the table, covered in plaster and drywall. > It's a text from Adagio. > The message reads "Is everyone ok?" > Your thumbs quickly tap the letters on the screen as you form your message. "Justin is gone. Stay in the room for tonight, tomorrow meet us at the school." > "Where did Justin go?" > You feel chills run along your arms as heat focuses in your chest as your dreaded response is typed. "No Adagio, he died." > Temporary stopping of the back and forth conversing is followed by her final message. > "Tell me more tomorrow." > You walk up the stairs and into the master room, formerly being shared by you and Adagio. > You get in bed and pass into sleep as soon as your head rests. > Your dreams descend into nightmares of seeing your bloody best friend lying on the pavement, begging for your help. > You feel his agony as you reach your arm out to him, trying to get a hold from your location. > The blood-curdling alarm's sound hits your ears in perfect timing to match the vivid imagery in your sleep. > You walk through the hallway and collect your clothes from the bathroom then roaming to the kitchen, picking up a set of poptarts. "Justin, get up." > No response comes from your command. > You walk to the living room to see what his issue is only to find that he is gone. "Son of a BITCH!" > You hurl the pop tarts to the ground in a fit of fury. > One thing you've got to do, have someone pick you up and bring you to the hotel. > You call Sunset Shimmer in which she answers, sounding strangely awake despite being up at seven o'clock. "Sunset," > "Uh, hello?" "It's me, Anon, I need you to come pick me up." > "Where are you?" "Home." > "Ok just give me a sec." > Lucky for you she's a morning person and arrives sooner than expected, ten minutes after. > You hop into the rider's seat and she takes you back to the hotel she came from. > Once you arrive, you quickly get out and follow Sunset back to the room. > She knocks and is allowed in, you follow after. > "Well if it isn't Mister GI-Jockstrap, how'd your night go?" Aria says while reclined on the farthest bed, trying to brighten your spirits with humor. "Well my night went fine after everything was over, I woke up to see that Joe was gone." > Everyone seems a little shaken and unsettled at the news of the brother of your new enemy, disappearing overnight. > The thought of him spilling the beans is all too real. "Listen, I want everyone in the school today. Split up, message me every time you spot Flash." > Sunset looks at you, disgruntled and confused. > "F-Flash... Why him?" "He's the one that caused pretty much everything bad yesterday. The car chase, all of it." > You summon the girls to follow you to the car outside. > Everyone packs in like sardines, and the ride begins. > Its a long trip but it gives you enough time to strategize. > Most of your strategies are ones you already had in mind. > You sent them to watch Flash while your mission was to find Joe. > The ride comes to a close as you pull into the same usual spot as every morning. > You all walk in, with the plan fully understood, and search for your targets. > First you snoop around the cafeteria and around the Gym in first period. > You flee the gym and scavenge the halls for the sight of your missing companion. > It seems like everyone else is having the same issue as you with their searches since your phone hadn't vibrated yet. > You begin to wonder if he even showed up or if he had just skipped out. > The hallways became your hunting-grounds and your prey was nowhere to be found. > Just then, a vibration came from your pocket. > It's a message from Joe! > "anon I found Flash. he's at the batting cages behind the school. come quick!" > Joe never had the best grammar but he could get his point across. > The message was perfectly clear, every piece was in place. The games must commence. ---With Joe--- > The batting cages are weirdly-scented. > Your apparently evil brother, Flash is about to pay off some more jocks to invade Anon's house. > Luckily, you planned for this. You're the one who took out the money in the first place. > "This is it, $20,000 just for you. All you've got to do is make sure you don't fail like the last guys." > They agree to his terms then look at you. > Everything is coming together and he knows it. "You can't pay them, Flash." > "And why can't I?" "You're under investigation for attempted murder and homicide." > You open your jacket, pretending to be wearing a wire. > He falls for the bait even though it's just a juice box under your shirt taped to your chest. > "Sure, you got your wire, there, but you can't take me in if you're knocked out." > He slides his body into a off-put boxing stance. > "C'mon then, who's gonna do it?" > He continues to mock you and his 'employees'. > "Which one of you is gonna do it, huh? Which one of you is gonna take on The Flash?" > You take notice to the goons looking towards the school instead of the threat ahead, you decide to see what the big deal is. > Your eyes are met with a familiar sight, your old friend... Anon, walking towards the batting cages as if he had heard Flash and came to take him on. ---With Anon--- > It's about time you fucked this guy up. > You can smell the axe body-spray from the parking lot. > The closer you get, the less nervous you become. > Before you know it, you're standing at the cages' opening. > Flash smirks at you and scoffs, think of you as a joke. > You step into the makeshift arena, it's time. > You cannot leave this undecided, you've got to avenge your fallen. > You two circle each other, getting ready for the clash. > Flash makes hast with his attack and swings a right hook first. > You jump to the left and push forward with the momentum, a left jab, connecting with his jaw. > The hit sends him spiraling into the rope-like barriers, he grabs the upper poles and kicks. > You grab his leg and pull him down, his spine nails the ground below. > He gets up with a smile, "Alright then, I'll not be so easy now that I know you're not such a fag." > And with that, a blizzard of punches come hurling towards you. > You steadily back up and keep dodging until he connects with a hard right hook. > You can barely hear out of your left ear thanks to that blow. > He grabs the back of your neck and pulls you into his tripping leg, causing you to crash onto the hard dirt. > Flash sees the weak point and attempts to stomp on your ringing head. > You see his foot swiftly coming down causing you to react by rolling away > You gain enough space to spin 90 degrees > The heel of your shoe clashes with his face. > He recoils from the force along with the sand tossed into his eyes from the shoe. > You take your chance and get up. > Realizing the moment, you charge straight at him, grabbing his shining blue hair and pulling his head into your incoming knee. > Flash lay on the ground, his nose streaming with blood. > You hear him begin to regain awareness. > "We're not done yet, Anonanus." > The blue bastard stands up, showing that he has not surrendered. > He lunges towards you, stomping onto your foot and slamming his forehead into your nose. > Your body tries to recoil but he's got your foot planted. > Flash begins to throw one-two combos until he tries for the haymaker. > Your plan worked. > You slipped under the strong swipe and sweep-kick his left leg. Punching him multiple times. > He catches the final strike, in retaliation he knees you in the abdomen. > Your body leans down and he capitalizes. > Once again, your quick thinking pays off when you grapple him from the knee and lift him up. > Flash wiggles and squirms but to no avail. > You signal Joe to turn on the pitching machine to max speed. > The baseballs fly out like missiles as you hold Flash in their direction. > They hit him rapidly as he cries out for it to stop. > "We can keep FIghting if you JUST turn that OFF! Show A LITTLE mercy!" "No one gave Justin mercy and aren't half the man he was!" > You turn left and run him straight into the iron poles that keep the cages standing, it collapses and the cage flips from the impact. > You get yourself up and hold Flash by the collar, he looks back at you with a beaten, muddy, bruised, and bloody scowl. > One final blow knocks him out. > You hit him with everything you had, he fell like a stack of papers in the wind. > There you foe lies, beaten and defeated in the dirt. > Joe makes his way through the wreckage and gives you a hug. > "You did it, Anon..." > Now you two walk back to the school, you're battered. > A certain pride takes hold as you realize your victory. > This time you know for a fact... > That's what Mark Wahlberg would've done. > You just realized your phone was in your pocket the entire time. fuck > It's a little muddy but otherwise it works fine. > A few missed messages from Sonata. "Sonata tell the others that it's over. I found Flash and he won't be bothering us anytime soon." > She gets the message and does as told while you get to the locker room to clean up. > There's specks of dirt stuck in your cuts, making them really painful to clean. > Think on the bright side though, at least you're not knocked out on your back under a bunch of poles and rope. > Hopefully Sonata told them the message, you wouldn't want things getting mixed up. > The adrenaline stops flowing and you begin to really feel the impact of the conflict. > Your ear hurts a lot, along with a lot of your other body parts. > As the pain decreases, your thoughts remain on what occurred just a few minutes ago. > Kinda strange that Joe didn't say anything about you beating up his brother, he must've realized the justice in your actions. > Your phone buzzes with a new message from Sunset, it's a picture. > It's of her with the Sirens smiling above Flash's sprawled figure. > You laugh and reply "Like my handiwork?" > She responds "Yes. Where are you?" "In the locker room, I'll be back out in a moment." > Joe pats you on the back after absolute silence. > "Once again, good job Anon. What's next?" "I... Uh, I don't really know to be honest with you. I didn't plan this far ahead." > "That's a shocker, for once you didn't plan something out." he laughs. "Yeah... I think we should get with the girls, see what they've been up to." > He agrees and you two walk back to the destroyed batting cages, where you find them standing around talking. > Aria sees you first then begins to mimic the Rocky theme. > You cannot help but to smile at her antics. > "So champ, how'd it feel not to be a pussy?" > Aria never seems to want to give you a compliment without an insult, no matter what you do. "It felt good at first but then it gave me a headache." > You scratch the back of your head as congratulations fly. "All that can come later. When he wakes up, he'll want a rematch-" > "So what? You'll just kick his ass like before, right?" "It wasn't as easy as you think, plus with all of you around who knows what could happen." > You glance at the sleeping figure in the rubble, wondering how someone could go from a simple douche to a villain that fast. > Then it hits you, it was the spell. > He was hit by the spell at point blank range, he knew the Sirens were with you. > It all makes so much sense, this is why everyone has changed. > How much hate was put into him, better yet, how much was in the ones he sent? > Those guys were sent just to kick some ass but instead committed murder and attempted to kill everyone else. > As your thoughts wander, your fallen foe begins to get back up. > His dirt-covered hands lift the bars that confined him to the ground. > Flash eventually picks himself up, holding up one of the curved iron poles. > Pure hate is visible through his eyes, Sonata and Sunset back up a few feet. > Looks like round two is coming. > He emerges and sets the stage. > You seem ready enough. > "Last time you caught me off guard, this time I'm ready." > Almost like clockwork, he swings a heavy right. > You duck underneath and raise your knee into his wide-open core. > The motion stops as the force collides, you slam your elbow into the back of his head, crashing onto his nervous system. > Hitting the area is like a human's "power-button" once something gets it hard enough, you're out. > Flash falls face-first onto the grass below, once again out for the count. > "Harder than you think, huh?" Aria says, mocking your earlier statement. "That's unusual..." > Last time he proved to be much more of a challenge. "But do you see his wake-up time? It won't be long before he gets back up, we have to leave." > You begin to wonder if you're being too dramatic. > "He's right, if he ends up like this again, he won't be fighting fair. We have to leave." Joe adds, his suggestion is well accepted. > You all walk back into the parking lot and into the black car, starting it up and heading to the hotel. > The vehicle pulls out and continues down the road. "We can't go home for a little while, it's too messed up. The hotel will be home for now." > "Anon, I don't think the hotel is the best place for... All these guests." said Adagio, worrying about the space available in the small room. "It's gonna have to do." > "Uhem, Captain Edge, there's no food." Aria says from her usual backseat position. > Now that the subject is up, you could use something to eat as well. > Too bad you have no money. "Uh... I don't think I have any money left on me." > "You fucking idiot, how could you have blown everything?" "I'll swing by home and grab my wallet. While we're there, you can grab some clothes or something. > "Anon, we don't have any clothes at your house." Sonata states but she forgot their hoodies and jeans they left behind. "I believe something will be there, Sonata, just give it a look." > She leans back in her seat, waiting to arrive like everyone else. > Cityscape tropes are the usual at mid-morning, boring. > Most stores are either half empty or filled with with unemployed old ladies with nothing better to do. > It reminds you of 2007-2012 YouTube. > trance009dreamscape.webm "Where is this place again?" > Sunset points from the backseat forward and to the right with her reply "Keep going straight until the next turn then go right, it should be right there." > With that, you follow her directions and she is correct. > Right as you pull in, you realize after you get your shit, you've got nothing to do. > You park and the whole backseat gets out, Adagio seems to not be going anywhere. "Aren't you getting out?" > "No, I don't want to bore myself with that hotel. I'd rather ride with you." > No arguing with that, you pull out and drive home. > "So... You've been really busy lately." "I'd say so, the last 18 hours or so have been pretty intense." > "I'm sorry for what happened, it shouldn't have come to him." > You let out a long sigh but answer after it. "It's fine... We did everything we could to help and when we couldn't help, we beat the ones who caused it." > "You know... Your whole revenge... It's been really hot." > You chuckle a bit "Uh... Thank you? It's over now, our war with Flash seems to be finished." > "How can you be so sure? He may come back with a bone to pick with you." "Then by all means, let him." > The trip ends as you see your home's torn exterior, covered in bullet holes. > Fuck that's gonna cost a lot to fix. > Adagio and yourself step out from the black vehicle and stroll into the devastated estate. > Glass is all over the floor below the window's former location. > "Damn, they really had terrible aim." "Nah, Joe just kept running all over the place." > The two of you walk up the stairs, Adagio in front. > Naturally, you check out the view ahead. > She notices your perversion and pretends to kick you down the stairs, "Dirty-minded child." "You know I'm no child, you REALLY aren't one." > "What's that supposed to mean?" "You fuck good." > She takes the as a compliment and walks into the twin bedroom. > You take your trip into the bathroom. > Everything is how you left it, you pull your wallet from the back pocket. > Adagio walks out of the room, holding her and her sisters' old worn out duds. > The two of you walk down the stairs and into the dark vehicle in the driveway. > "I don't think there's any food in the room, we're going to have to go get some." "Then that means we have to go to the worst place ever known... Literal Hell on Earth... A supermarket." > "They're not that bad, Anon." "Oh yes they are, they're like bitchslapping a crusader." > "Crusader... Aren't those the weird guys that fought in sand with a bunch of sand people?" "Pretty much, yeah." > "Didn't they lose?" "Prolly, either way they were some fucked up guys." > "Eh, they weren't too bad. The English were pretty bad right before they left here." > So the ride is gone through a talk about historical badasses. > She seems to know a lot about history, well she was there for most of it so you guess she would be pretty good on the subject. "You really know your shit, huh?" > "Well being around for the last thousand years does help." > You turn into the Wal Mart parking lot, trying to find a spot in the labyrinth of taken parking spaces. > Christ, these places are a pain. > The Walmart has it's own select V.I.P list of people who are usuals in it or at least for the description of those who are usuals. > These people, this select breed of human, usually lack education, good life choices, high self-esteem, and positive role models. > As you walk into the redneck Michael Kors, you see the dumbfounded men staring at Adagio regally walking through the store, while their wives find ingredients for tonight's meal. > Really you wouldn't blame them, her walk is pretty different compared to everyone else's. it has more of an elegant, graceful and regal look to it that radiates with both beauty and confidence. > Your walk on the other hand, it's more-so a normal guy's strut, nothing special. > "I'll say the men around here look as if they've never experienced the sight of someone remotely attractive in their lives." she comments, unknowing of your slight staring as well. "Well... to be fair, it is pretty had finding someone attractive at the family reunion when you're picking your wife." > Cold but true. > Adagio continues her stroll through the frozen food isle, picking up some pizza rolls and microwave mini-burritos. > A banshee screech is heard from a few isles over, sounds like someone couldn't have minions merchandise. > The sound reminds you of the primal shouts of the 18 year old that was in 8th grade with you who wore Angry Birds t-shirts, his Neanderthal dominance over the other students was something to remember. > You run to the other isle to see the issue, the sight is one that anyone would be disgusted of. > A single mother with over four screaming children, trying to satisfy the little evil cherubs. > You return to your previous isle in search for more food. > Adagio picks up a box of Digiorno Pizza, shaking it up-and-down with a smile and her chin pointed to her neck. You give into her adorable glare, "Ugh, put it in the cart." > She smiles in thanks and places the box gently into the cart. > After the last of the frozen items is acquired, you push the cart along into the next isle. > You figure that Joe or Aria would want some chips or something to snack on tonight. > In turning the cart, your own collides with someone else's coming out of the same isle. "What the he-" > "What the he-" > Wait a second... that voice is familiar. > You look around the corner to the sight of your aunt, looking at you with similar surprise. > "Anonymous? Ah, just the boy I was about to see. What are you doing here?" "The same thing everyone else is here for." > "I heard you were in some trouble, someone told me you've been involved with some violent young men... Is this true, Anonymous?" > For some reason, your aunt spoke with a slight English accent despite living her entire life in the same town as you. "Less involved, more attacked. They popped up, attacked me, I retaliated. They're not going to bother me anymore." > "Really... I heard they had guns. Did someone get hurt?" "You could say that." > "Well enough with the dark things, how are your friends Joseph and Justin doing?" > Just hearing his name sends sadness and regret through your body. "Uh... Aunt Anne, Justin passed away last night." > She doesn't even seem shaken by the death of someone so close to you. > Just as you're about to spill the beans on your last 24 hours, Adagio appears with a box of cookies. > "Look, 'Non, I found some cookies... Who's this?" "Uh, Adagio, this is my Aunt Anne." > "Oh, this is that lady who took your money-" Fuck "T-Those look like some nice cookies there, Adagio. I think we should-" > "And who are YOU, Ms. Adagio?" > "Didn't you just answer that for me?" > Adagio's silver tongue was too strong for your aunt's lady-like façade. > The pair verbally clash about what is the best way to handle the insurance money you were left a few years ago. > Since you don't want to end up on World Star as the guy involved in "Two Bitches Fighting In Walmart", you try to clear this. > The two anger-filled Lynxes bicker hateful banter back-and-forth, getting angrier with each turn. "Well Aunt Anne, it's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. We've got to get going now, it was nice seeing you." > "I wish I could say the same... Your brother's girlfriend was cuter." > Adagio grinds her teeth with malice at the remark. > "My aunt was better than you and she was a dragon." > You drag Adagio into the isle along with the cart. "Here's the deal, Dagi, you have got to make peace with her. I know she's a bitch but she's pure budget." > "I suppose I could but she's a massive bitch." > She's kinda cute when she's mad isn't she? "We'll figure that out later, for now let's get this food and go." > You stock up on snacks and other delectable foods for the night, hopefully there's enough for everyone but people are unpredictable and Sirens are even more unpredictable plus whatever Sunset is. > You push the cart to the overwhelming line at Cash Register #9 with an awkward acne-covered schoolmate of yours, daydreaming instead of working. > He's in his own world right now, acknowledging no one's existence but his own. > The stupid fuck is like the average Tool fan back in like '97. "Jesus Christ, what shit is this moron taking?" > Then, a strange troll-like mountain woman had slugged around, making a reference to your statement in a tongue that only those that bad been raised within could identify as speech. > You just kinda stood there while it spoke with a grin(?) on it's calloused face. WhatinthenameofGod.png > This is really not the most pleasurable sights to be witnessing, it's like something out of Spirited Away. > "Go ahead, Anon. Answer the nice lady." > You turn your head to a snickering Adagio, you stare blankly. "Sure, just gimme a sec." > You said, mouthing the words "Fuck you" > With her response being a mouthed "Bring it faggot." > You turn back to the frog-person, it breathes. > Fuck the air smells like putrid fuckfire. > Its like the scent of 40,000 week-old buckets of piss being poured into a Chinese restaurant's septic tank. "Riiiiight." > You've begun to hold your breathe until the heat goes away, a minute goes by and it remains. > By this time, it doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. > Your poofy gal-pal is having a great time watching you suffer, silently laughing her ass off. > The smell seems to be gone but you ignore it's lies. > Your lungs beg for mercy but this is a time of crisis. It's at DEFCON 4 right now and there's no way in hell that you're breathing that shit in again. > The strange cross-species turns back around, minding its own business once again. > The damage has been done. > You back up, turn around and begin to breathe in good oxygen once again, your lungs thank you greatly for your deeds. > It takes a minute for your body to recuperate and restore itself. > The line begins to move again and before you know it, it's time to pay. > The strange guy zones-out again, only moving his hand back and fourth checking out items like clockwork. > The price reads on the register, he doesn't notice. "Uh, what's the price?" > "Uh.. What, oh yeah, the price... What was that again?" "I don't know man, it's on the register." > "Rightrightright... Like sixty bucks." > You hand him a $50 and a $10, telling him to keep the change. > Apparently he doesn't understand that concept and tries to hand you the change, which you deny. > You place the bags in the cart and take the cart to the vehicle outside. "Do you see why I hate that place now?" > "Not really, it was a nice place but the people are strange." "That's because you're attractive, when you're attractive in Walmart, people don't give you as hard of a time." > "Riiiight, because you know all about being attractive." > Her sarcastic tone left a slight hint of truth within your soul, it stung on the inside like that cramp you get after chewing gum. "I know as much about being attractive as you do in having positive role models." > "Speaking of role models, Anonymous..." > Oh God, what the fuck is she on about? > "Did you ever have a role model, anyone you wanted to be like?" > That's a weird question, you're gonna have to answer this one. "Well... If I could really generalize it, I'd have to say Mark Wahlberg, Vegeta, and Robert Downy Junior. Those guys are kinda like what I based myself around while growing up and steadily I became them." > "Veggie-tah? Who's that?" "He's some guy from an anime." > "Anime... That's the gay thing you told me about the other night, right?" "Yeah, yeah, that's it." > "Ok but who was Mark Wahlberg again?" > Son of a fucking bitch, she don't know Marky Mark. "We'll be spending tonight on Netflix." > Her brow knits while her head cocks sideways, clear confusion is brought from your statement. "You're gonna find out who Mark Wahlberg is." > "That's cool but didn't you leave your phone and shit back at the house?" > She's right. "FUCK!" > You yell, hitting your hands against the leather of the steering-wheel. > You feel like Keanu Reeves after the Matrix trilogy ended. > "Hey Anon..." > You let out an audible sigh, "Yeah?" > "I was wondering... Why aren't any of your parents your role models?" > From that, your mind went full Walt Disney. > You don't really know what to say but you can't leave her hanging... "Uh... Well, when they were alive..." > It's about time you came to terms with the answer that's been hanging on your shoulders for years. "I didn't like my parents very much, not meaning I didn't love them, it's just... We weren't very close." > Adagio looks into her lap from your answer, possibly stricken by it's context. > The rest of the ride is silence until you arrive back. > You begin to walk back to the room, when Adagio stops you. > "Listen, your parents... They loved you. They love you like those girls and that one awkward guy in there love you." > She points at the room, referencing their care for you. > "And they loved each other... Like how I love you. Even now, they are together and I want us to be like that." > You feel her hands touch one of yours, she grasps and raises it up to her chest. "I love you too, Adagio. I love every one of those ones back in that room, after all I've been through with you and them... I can say that it was worth losing my last family because now I've gained my own." > Joy fills her face as a large grin along with tear-filled eyes stare up at you. > She quickly wraps herself around your frame, holding tightly with her head buried deeply in your chest. > "Christ, get a fucking room!" > The mocking sound of Aria's voice bursts from the railings connected to the outer-halls followed by a shameless imitation of a bird squawking the words, > "COCK-BLOCK, COCK-BLOCK!" from Sunset with her hands cuffed around her mouth. > Your crying Siren wipes off her eyes in your shirt and looks up smiling at her friends' embarrassing shouting. > She looks back at you, still smiling with her heart's content. > "Well Anon, that's your family." "I wouldn't have it any other way." > She was right, this is your family. They will be until the moment you die, giving you the real perfect life. > You open the car door and grab as many bags as you can to ensure a shorter trip next time. stronkboi.avi > The two-liter drinks seem to get heavier as you progress higher up the stone stairs. > You shout to Aria to get Joe to 'get off his lazy ass and help' to which, she screams at the room that is literally ten feet away. > Soon enough, he comes from the room and rushes down the stairs to retrieve the next load. > You walk in and sit the bags down next to the bed near the wall. > The bed is hosting a lying Sonata at the foot of the bed, on her stomach with her head raised while Joe sits awkwardly at the top of the bed after returning with the rest of the food. "You good, bud?" > "I don't know, man." > "Yeah, just hungry!" Sonata chirps, adding her piece to the question. > You look down at Sonata while a smile and give aid to her situation. "Your sister and I got you some stuff in those bags." > "Like what?" She says while her head innocently cocks sideways. "You'll have to find out, it's a surprise." > Her body gets all giddy as she grins with delight. > Aria greets you with an insult as usual when she sees you. > "Sup, boner-breath?" > Though insulting, she's kinda funny. "Eh, nothing new, darling-dyke. What's been up?" > Aria rolls her eyes and reclines against the wall with her arms folded. > "Nothing too exciting, though me and Sunset did dump a bucket of ice on an old guy. It was funny until one lady got a concussion... Then it was hilarious!" > You began to nod your head in false-approval. "Just make sure the cameras or Sonata doesn't see these things, that could put us on a bumpy ride." > She nudges your arm with her elbow > "Don't be such a faggot, they can't say anything if we hypnotize them." > You had almost forgotten that in the midst of all this that they do possess magical abilities. > A certain prowess in the dark arts of getting what you want. "Ugh, did you at least fix them?" > "We're supposed to?" > What the actual fuck? "What the actual fuck, Aria? There's a hypnotized person just walking around?" > "No, you overdramatic cunt. The spell wears off after ten minutes." > Thankfully you know that there isn't some dumbfounded-drooler walking around getting into God-knows-what. > "Anyways, how was the trip?" > It isn't the most exciting story but hey, ya gotta answer the chick with something. "We went to Walmart, it was a Walmart-kind of trip. It's like walking into a meth lab, once you walk in you know there's no way out until something gets put in critical condition." > She lowers her eyelids in disappointment. > "What got put in critical condition?" "A couple marriages, someone's self-esteem including mine, and your sister's sanity." > The lavender punk Siren nods in agreement and walks back inside. > Everything goes back to it's normal setting with everyone inside the room watching TV, except you of course. > You are the edgy one after all. > You stand alone outside the room, leaning against the railing. Looking out to the cityscape ahead. > They're watching television but your thoughts are your entertainment for now. > As the sky darkens, you can make out the faint glimmer of a spider-web being illuminated by the bright lights of the city. > There's a fly buzzing around the web, you should wave it away to keep it's demise. > It seems to be attracted to the web, something entices the pesky insect to direct itself into the trap that awaits. > Fuck it, the thing signed itself up for that. 'You reap what you sow' and all that jazz. > A familiar hand softly grips around the top of your shoulder, inching upwards until sliding back. > You place your own onto it, showing some comfort. > "What are you doing out here all alone, 'Non?" > Her calm voice runs through your ears like a stream, comforting and smooth. "Me? Nothing, just looking around." > She leans against the railing inverted to your position, facing the hotel. > "See anything interesting?" "Only if I look to my left." > She smiles and squeezes your cheeks with her thumb and middle finger while making some weird sounds. > After she's had her fun, Adagio sees the look of absolution in your out-looking to the world around. > "Are you... Ok?" "I'm fine, I just realized something that I can't sit in there and pretend like I don't know." > Adagio slides in closer, wondering about your thoughts' effect. > "And what's that, Anon?" "You're immortal." > "Yeah, so what?" "I'm not, Adagio. Sunset, Joe, they're not either. What are you going to do once we've become nothing but dust?" > "Anonymous, I..." > A sigh escapes her with the following conclusion. > "It's not me that's immortal, the stone makes us immortal. Thanks to the long duration of having it, we will retain a lot of your youth for a long time due to our bodies being in peak physical condition for over ten centuries." "Why don't you smash the damn thing and be mortal with us?" > Her hands wrap around the red gem as she looks down it it's glow. > "I've thought about it a lot recently and it made me come up with a little plan." > You look over to her with your interest climaxing. "And that is?" > "Just keep an eye out at the Battle of the Bands." > Adagio's encouraging smile and wink is given to you as she departs back into the room. > Alone again. > You're used to it. > She has a plan involving mortality and the gem at the Battle. Could she try to become mortal? > You can't let her do that, she has to achieve her goals with her sisters. With or without you. > You've put far too much work into this just to lose. > Man, this is gonna rip your heart to shreds. > How much longer until that fuckfest anyways? > Like 14 hours or something, fuck it. It's not like you're looking forward to it. > You spend a couple hours outside until you've had enough of yourself. > You turn towards the door when suddenly it swings open, the sight ahead is everyone in swimming clothes? "What's going on?" > "We're going to a funeral, we're getting in the pool man, whaddaya think?" > The string bikini-clad Aria sarcastically taunts you while pushing past you from the doorframe. > Sunset, Joe, Adagio, even Sonata is suited in swimwear, marching one-by-one out the door following Aria's lead. > Adagio motions her head forward, calling for you to come with them wordlessly. > Though you don't have the proper attire, your underwear will have to do. > It's either that or skinny-dipping. > You don't want another camp incident, do you? > Going against everything you promised in D.A.R.E. classes back in fifth grade, you follow the crowd. > Aria hops the gate and opens it from the inside, allowing everyone access to the pool which was lit along it's walls and floor. > You arrive last and place your phone and car keys on one of the tanning chairs beside you. > You sit down on one and take off your shoes and socks. > No one has seemed to get into the man-made oasis just yet, getting themselves prepared just as you do. > Your favorite of them all sits parallel to your current position, letting her hair down free to flow. > Sonata is sitting at the edge of the pool with her feet in the water, moving them all around in the cool. > Sunset is standing over by Aria and Joe, making conversation as best as she can while wearing nothing but her underwear as well. Just bra and panties will have to suffice. > Joe's acting all weird around this many girls, he's most likely never been around so many females in his life besides forced bible school. > You decide to stop being such a fag and go ahead to taking your clothes off. > You get to the required attire. > Starting with the shirt. > You grab along the collar and pull it up and off. > You toss it to the chair where all your shit is. > The pants are next to come off, fuck at least Joe had something to go with. > You unbutton them first, then slide down the zipper. > You push them as far down as possible then pull the bundles from your ankles as they slide off. > They are placed behind you while you stand up to get into the pool. > "STOP! Stop, stop, stop." Aria shouts as her volume decreases with each repetition. "What?" > "You're getting in all wrong." whatchutalkinboutAria > "Let me show you how it's done..." > The skimpy-dressed Aria walks towards the pool slowly then stops. > "By using Sonata as an example!" > She sneakily slips in before shoving Sonata in with her foot. > "Wait, wha-?!" > Her body is tossed into the chill waters ahead, she springs back up to the surface after a few seconds submerged. > "You bitch!" the soaked Siren shouts as she splashes water up at her sister. > "Oh, you wanna splash? I'll give you a splash, puny faggot." > Aria hurls herself into the air, forming a cannonball shape before quickly descending back down into the waters. > The impact on the water flies everywhere, hitting everyone in a six foot radius. > You decide to give it a try and jump on in. > After your leap of truth, you forgot to make the ball shape causing you to crash into the water, sinking to the bottom as the bubbles travel past your face. > You open your eyes to see that everything is blurred and all sound is muffled. > It's like being in space only less dangerous. > After about twenty seconds, you resurface. > Catching your breath and drying your eyes, you feel the waters move. > Maybe it's a wave or something from the double-impact. > Nope, it's Aria RKOing you back into the water. > You hear the suppressed sounds of Aria hitting the surface first, yelling about how big of a bitch you are. > The waters shift as the bodies crash in the surrounding your sunken body. > Your lungs cry out for refreshment so you come back to the surface. > Everyone seems to be having a good time and oblivious to whatever is bothering you. > What is bothering you anyways? > No sense in ignoring it, your plan has taken a new direction and it's killing you to face the truth. > That's what has bothered you, the new thoughts of losing another family. > Since you've only got a night left, don't waste it moping. > Go get fucked up. "The pool is fun and all but we're in the city tonight. Who thinks we should take it tonight?" > Joe smiles in agreement while Sonata nods quickly in hopes for some top-tier fun. > "What can we do that's not a total shitfest?" Aria asks from the corner of the pool, kicking her feet to keep afloat. "I think I have an idea." > You walk up the steps and exit the pool, notioning your head to the side, calling them to follow. > One-by-one, they start to follow your lead back to the room. > You toss them a couple of towels, saving one for yourself. > "Are you sure there's some fun in the city for us?" Sonata's wondering makes her unsure of the possibilities you can achieve despite only having like forty bucks to your name. "That's up to the night, Sonata." > While the Siren sisters put on their street clothes, Sunset is fixing her hair and looking herself over for any kind of imperfection. > She won't stop fucking with this one wrinkle in her shirt that refuses to go away. > Her irritation grows as it repels her reactions to it to stay down. > You feel a sudden jerk on the back of your shirt, you turn around in annoyance to discover the cause is a strangely nervous looking Joe. > "Anon, I need you to listen to me for a second." "Joe you ok, you don't look so hot." > "I'm fine for now but I need you to listen." "What do you want?" > "Listen man, if I go into that city, I'm gonna do all the heroin in the fucking world." > He's sounding more delusional than his usual tard speech. "Dude, I don't even think they sell heroin in the city. You've never had a history with drugs anyways , why should you be worried?" > "I could always get into it." > This is just outrageous "Joe, I seriously doubt you getting into a massive heroin dependency. Let's just go out and have some fun." > The dinged dressed Sirens all come out together, ready for whatever the night has to offer. > Adagio mocks her current duds, mentally comparing them to her previous set of clothes. > "Like this new hoodie? Made straight from leopard skin straight out of the African wild, some hamster parts were used to cover what the leopard couldn't." > "Ok then let's get this show on the road." Sunset says after backing away angrily defeated by the impure wrinkle. > You agree and walk out of the room, signaling them to come with you. > You walk through the outdoor halls and down the flight of stairs, into the parking lot. > "So what's the plan?" your purple ball of sarcasm freeloader says. "I'm thinking we just go out and fuck shit up." > "Love it." Adagio winks and points you a finger-gun to display her agreement. "Ok so let's go ahead before all of the alcoholics crowd the streets." > Perhaps they haven't but a new breed is soon to be born. > You get everyone in the car and take your seat as usual in the driver's seat and everyone else in their usual spaces and locations. > You speed out of the hardly-filled parking lot, showing that tonight is a good night. > You turn on the radio to the sound of some super-edgy Green Day, you cannot take the sound of the menstrual blood of 14 year old girls while looking in the rearview mirror, seeing Aria in the back rocking out for a few seconds. > You flick the channel to a different station, get fucked. > And the dickhead-of-the-world rises from within you when you hear her rocking-out to some of that 90's angst. > The vehicle beams down the highway while you search for something to do. > A casino? A club? A lake? > Anything is good enough, you're trying to enjoy how much you can really do. > Just go out to some of those popular bars to get a buzz going. > You make it to the bar and walk inside, the girls go to the bathroom .Joe walks into the filthy man's room alone. Leaving you with yourself and the bar. > You sit in one of the stools, looking to your left, you see a familiar face looking back at you. No fucking way. > It's him! > It's... "Mark Wahlberg?" > "Yeah, that's me." > His prominent Boston accent swings throughout his short sentence. "What are you doing here, shouldn't you be in Hollywood or something?" > "Hollywood? Naaah, I'm just here filming. After the tapings, I decided to come here." > A new Marky Mark movie, holy fuck. "W-what movie is it?" > You're acting like a schoolgirl but fuck this is amazing! > "I can't say... Say, what brings a kid like you in here all dead-looking?" > If you can tell anyone anything, it's Mark Wahlberg. "Well Mark... I'm in a slump. You've probably been in this situation before but I'm dating a really talented girl and her goal is to get famous and loved by millions. I don't want that kind of stuff for myself but I don't want to drag her down so I gotta do something I really don't want to." > Mark looks down from the confession, thinking of a way to help a young fan in need. > "You know what I'd do?" > You've got no idea, Mark. > "I'm not gonna tell you some bullshit like 'follow your heart' or 'do whats right', I'm gonna be real with you. You love this girl right?" "Well, I don't-" > "Do you love her or not?" > His voice jumping ahead of yours, demanding a true answer. "Yes, Mark." > "Ok so you love this chick, right? Here's what you do: take her out to enjoy herself, enjoy yourself while you're at it. I want her to have the time of her life. After all of that, that night I want you to think about your entire life, everything big. Good, bad, shit, everything and I want you to find out for yourself." > Words of wisdom from Mister Good Vibrations. > "What's your name, kid?" "Anonymous, Anon for short." > "Well Anon, here's a tip. If things don't go good I don't want to turn on the news and see a green head with a hole in it, ok?" > You just smile and nod as an answer while your lifelong idol departs. > Joe comes from the bathroom and joins you at the bar. > "Yo Anon, you good man?" "Yeah I'm cool, just waiting on them to finish up." > Joe pats you on the back and continues to speak. > "You know, this has been one rough week. Rough is an understatement really, we've been through a shit-ton. I'm happy for you and your girl, a bit jealous really." > You nudge him with your elbow in a friendly manner. "You talking like you're hopeless yourself, give it time." > "Hey Anon, what do you say after this we start Summer early and take a vacation?" "Yeah, I sure could use a vacation from this bullshit." > Joe laughs a bit, his body jumping up and down in the seat. > The girls finally leave the bathroom, coming out as a giggling group. > You stand up and face their approach. "C'mon, let's ditch the bar and go somewhere more... Sunset what's the word?" > "Enticing." "Yeah, that. Let's get our entice on somewhere else." > "Like where?" Sonata asks curiously. "Just come with me and we'll find out." > You take the lead out of the double doors and the crew follows with you into the car outside. > So much driving all the time makes you feel like you're a member of the Beastie Boys. > You didn't really have a plan, you just wanted to get out of that dingy ass bar and into a better location. > Where could you take them? > How about that waterfall by that run out camp? > Sounds innocent enough. > Sonata begins to yawn from the back and says "It's kinda late Anon, shouldn't we get some rest?" > Say some kind of obscure reference or something cool real quick. "I would, Sonata... Ain't no rest for the wicked so we got to enjoy the night." > That wasn't as cool as it sounded in your head. > Adagio just looks at you with a scrunched, laughing yet confused face. > You finally make it to the edge of the city and meet the forest ahead. > Once close enough, you park and lead them into the woods for that fun you promised. > Trekking through the tree branches and bushes, you arrive at the somewhat quiet waterfall. "You should've brought your bathing suits." > Aria walks past you, already down to her undergarments. > "Stop being such a fag, Anon." > She says as she dives into the fresh waters below. > One by one they follow her actions. > Adagio stops and notions her head sideways towards the waters, meaning for you to follow. > Eh, why not? > If this were an Adam Sandler movie, they'd play something like "More Than A Feeling" right about now. > You take off the shirt, pants and everything down to the underwear. "Fuck it, let's test the limits." > You back up to the point of invisibility from the populated waters below, thanks to the cliff. > "Come on, Anon!" > Aria shouts from the water. > Like a green blur of light you run and leap off of the cliff and enter the cannonball state. > They don't realize the surprise in store. > "What the fuck he's... OH MY GOD HE'S-!!" > You're naked. > Thanks to the darkness of night, you can submerge and easily fuck with all of them. > You slowly swim towards the five pairs of legs that dangle underwater. > First one to be struck by the vicious Anon-Shark will be your old friend. > You swim underneath him and grab his feet, pushing your foot in between his legs. > Your heel colliding with his taint. > The muffled screams of agony echo as you pull on his feet, pushing your heel deeper. > He descends underwater as you rise up to get some air. > Everyone goes from laughter to "oh shit" as you go back underwater. > Next prey is Sonata, she's the easiest. > You swim underneath her and pinch the leg of her nearby sister, Aria. > "OH shit!" she yells before recoiling. > You rise up from the waters behind the laughing sky blue Siren sister. > She turns around after everyone gives you the "Fuck" look. > "Oh hey Anon, that was pretty funny!" "Thanks, wanna hug about it?" > "I don't know why you'd want a hug but ok sure." > She wraps her arms tightly around you as a sign of friendship but your nefarious motives resume and you do the same, throwing yourself backwards and pulling her into the water. > A few seconds after you break your grip, she returns to the surface laughing her ass off. > Adagio knows she's the next target and tries to swim up to the shore. > You rush to the underwater area of the cliff and place your feet against the rocks and push as hard as you can, propelling you forwards. > You direct yourself a little lower and as soon as you catch her legs, pulling her with you. > "ANOOON, I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" > You just smile and pull her under. > You let go and watch her perfectly shaped body brush past. > She slowly sinks to the bottom while you retrieve her down there. > The recently sunken Siren grabs your ear and pulls your head towards her. > A little underwater kiss never hurt, right? > As your lips meet hers, you wrap your arms around her and kick the two of you up to the surface for some air. > You break apart, breathing somewhat heavily. > Her hair is so stringy when it's wet, very erotic. "Kill me will you, is this what you call killing?" > She just smiles and kisses you again, some of her hair falling onto your chest but you don't mind. > Once again, she breaks off. > "I may not kill you now, but we've got all night to find out when." "Ouuu~ scary." > Surprisingly, Sunset jumps on your back putting you in a head-lock. > "I guess it's now." > Adagio begins to playfully punch you in the stomach, slowly they get harder and more impactful. > These fuckers at starting to hurt. You don't wanna be known as the dude who got beat up by his girlfriend. > You latch onto Sunset's arms and flip yourself over while Adagio continues her onslaught. > Sunset takes a couple hits before releasing you, after words you take off. > In perfect edgelord fashion, you feel an elbow from the twin-tailed Siren come down onto your spine. > Hurts like a mother fucker until she holds you in place with a full-nelson. > "Hard to breathe down here, isn't it human?" > Is what she meant to say but it just sounded like a bunch of gurgles. > Joe jumps in from the cliff above with both of his feet colliding against your abdomen. > He slides himself down and swings an immediately caught right and left. > You shift your grip from his hands to his wrists and press your legs against his chest. > His arms are unable to take the constant pull against the muscle. > You guide your feet upwards, bringing his torso and head to the surface. > "Alright then!" Joe grunts while swinging his knee into the back of yours, loosening the constant pressure and dropping him back into the water, pulling his right arm free from your grip. > He swings his free arm at you, which you dodge and allow to slip past. > Since everything is all wrapped up at the moment, you have no other choice. > You drive your teeth into his shoulder, not deep enough to break the skin but deep enough to make him scream. > Joe springs to the surface, yelping and squirming while you use the water to clean your mouth from the Joe aftertaste. > Aria pops from the water, laughing hysterically at Joe's pain and disgust. > "Anon, you're such a cheater. Always going for the dirtiest move possible! C'mon man, do you really gotta bite me?!" > You stick your head from the water for some air and to respond to the crying bitch rubbing his shoulder. "Stop being so lame, Joe." > And with that, he snaps. > "You want to say I'm being lame? Seriously, how could not wanting a man's mouth latching down on your arm be lame? I know you're mentally unstable and shit but Jesus man." > There's some awkward silence before Aria places her opinion on the subject. > "It must be your first time having a man put his mouth on you, I know I was scared too. Just put on your big girl pants and get ready, you're a woman now." youhadabadday.webm > Joe has went from bad to worse, his waifu insulted him in public. > Time at the waterfall passed and you have come to terms with your grand finale. > By now you've put on some bottoms and currently you're sitting at the edge of the cliff, you know the night isn't over. > Pretty soon your girls are going to have to move on, they'll be too much for one man to handle. > What you can't understand is that they want to be adored so much when you already adore them enough to keep them satisfied forever. > Sonata? She's practically like your daughter. You love that sweet Siren to a killing point. It's like she's everything a guy would need in understanding people with a sweeter side. > Aria? In reality she's the biggest softie of them all, the hard loveable exterior is something to be taught about staying strong and always looking out for the ones you love. > Last but not least, Adagio, in just a day she stole your heart and gave you hers in return. You may have given her a place to stay but she gave you a home. > Hear that Mom and Dad, you got replaced by three girls bent on taking the hearts of billions. > You hear everyone wrap up their waterfall fun. > Though you understand what you must do, being in the act is going to be something earth shattering. > You hear the sound of grass being stepped on behind you. > Naturally, it's Adagio coming to ensure that you're fine. > She sits down beside you, placing her head against your shoulder. > "You know, that was some cannonball." "You think?" > "Yeah, it was... Artistic." > That's a new one. > "What's got you so down, Anon?" > Fuck, she noticed. "I don't know what you're talking about." > She leans forwards, examining your face. > "Something's wrong, tell me." > Alright Anon, the jig is up. "Adagio... It's... My dad's birthday and I was just hurting." > Nice headcanon Anon. > Adagio's face goes from annoyed to devastated in an instant. > She pulls you close to her and hugs you tightly. > "Aww no... I'm sorry, my 'Non. I'll make it up to you, don't you worry." > Sweet, too bad you can't breathe. > She takes notice after your face goes from green to red and turns you loose. > "S-Sorry Anon, I just don't want you to be sad." "I'll be fine, Adagio. I've dealt with it alone for years, I'm sure I can make it with my family." > Adagio quickly looks to you, a tad shocked and wondering if he ears tell the truth. > "What did you say?" "What?" > "Y-you... Said you're with your family, I thought your family perished years ago." "They did." > "But you... Anon?" > Her eyes begin to well with tears as she just smiles. > She tackles you and clenches herself to you like a tick, rubbing her sobbing face into your shirt. > "Y-you mean it, r-right?" "Absolutely, you and your sisters along with Joe and maybe Sunset have become all the family I need that is, if you're willing?" > She buries herself back into your chest, crying heavily. "Of course Anon, what kind of question is that?" > While she's there, you place your hand in her hair > Though soggy and damp, there's still that smooth texture. > "What's got her all emotional?" > Aria's voice appears from nowhere as she walks up the hill. > You turn your torso as much as you can with the sobbing Adagio locked into your chest. "I'll explain later, can you get everyone in the car?" > "Whatever." > You hear Aria from the bottom of the hill rounding the others in like cattle. > The sobs stop coming and she snuggles her head softly on your chest. > Looking down at her, you cannot help but to shift your hand down to her open shoulder and hold her tighter. > This must be what that it is to be a man, to have your woman tightly against you while your family has fun. > The grass is so comfortable, you just might fall asleep. > As you begin to doze off, you hear the loud horn blow from the base of the hill. > Adagio's head pops up like a cat, looking straight forward. "Sounds like we're requested down there." > She pats you on the abdomen a couple times before getting up and walking towards the laughing crowd. > Since you're the driver, they kinda need you down there. > You wonder what is so funny after hearing the non-stop laughter coming from everyone in the car. > You get in and decide to try to solve the mystery. "Ok, what's so funny?" > "S-S- Oh my God... Sunset tell him what you told us." Joe can barely get the sentence out of him before returning to his laughing fit. > "Ok, ok, Anon." "Yeah?" > "There's these two gay guys fucking, right. One of them says 'Hey there's something in my ass and it hurts.' the other guy says 'ok lemme try to get it for you'." > This is gonna be bad. > "And... And he keeps pumping in there to like, get it you know? So he's fucking and he feels something hard, metallic almost. He reaches in there and pulls the thing out." "Ook?" > "So he pulls the thing out, right and it's a Rolex wrist watch. He says 'what is this?' and his partner turns around and says 'Happy birthday'." > You don't get the kick they do. > Whatever the appeal is to this joke is one you will never understand. > There's a dense smell of burnt rubber is present, triggering only one thought. "Joe, you son of a bitch." > Joe's voice comes from the back seat, sounding like someone has been pushing against his ribs. > He coughs a couple of times before starting an incoherent sentence, blowing smoke into the front seat. > "Heheh... Anon, did you ever listen to that song Donna Summer made a long time ago?" "Joe, all of her songs were made a long time ago." > He's out of his mind. > "Oh yeah... Which one was the one where she talked about wanting to fuck some guy, she kept saying something about hot sauce?" > That's a really dumb question. "You're thinking about 'Hot Stuff'. Yeah, I remember it." > His voice raises at learning the new information he was seeking. > "Dude, play it!" "I don't have anything with Donna Summer on it and my phone is dead." > The dead phone thing was a lie, you just didn't want to play Donna Summer. > Your drugged friend groans from the backseat. > Now you see why you didn't get the joke. > It's about time to find a new spot to hang out in. > You wonder about where in the city would be a cool spot to screw around. > There is the shot of checking up on your old crush, Twilight and seeing if she would want to go. > Then again, she was never really social. > Aria pulls her upper-half to the front seat, equally as stoned as Joe, slightly giggling. > "Pssht, may I have your attention please, will the real best Siren please stand up." > She places her head into her sister, Adagio's shoulder, still laughing. > "Ada... Guess what? I'm the only on standing, you know what that means?" > "I'm pretty sure it means the most insecure placed herself up top." > "Yeah but we both know that I am the real Slim." > Who told her these things? > Sunset leans over Aria's resting figure, turning towards you with the scent of the backseat on her breath. > "'Ey, Anon, let's go to the old folks home." "Why would we do that?" > Sunset struggles to get the sentence from her mind. > "They... Do you got hairy palms from being single for so long?" > You check your hands for small hairs like in the first Spider-Man movie giving him wall-climbing abilities. "Uh...No. I think that's just a myth, Sunset." > You decide to tuck the two into the back with Joe and Sonata, who are giggling like schoolgirls. > Adagio just looks at you and smiles. > "Your family have become avid drug-users." "Not Sonata, she's fine." > You start up your ride and pull out of the trail and into the highway. > Driving through the city once again, you realize they have a big day tomorrow and don't need anything effecting them. > "Where to now Anon?" "Back to the room." > The upset backseaters sigh but they don't have a choice. "I'm sorry but the Battle is tomorrow and I can't have anything getting in the way of your victory." > After twenty minutes of driving, you finally arrive at the hotel. "Everyone go ahead, I'll be there in a moment." > Some hesitation is given but eventually they get the message. > But not Adagio. > "I understand that you're a little sad about your father but Anon, this isn't like you." > You could always tell her the truth? > No, you can't tell her. "Look, I'm just worried about you and your sisters in competing against those bitches tomorrow." > She lightly punches your shoulder. > "No need, we're going to wipe the floor with them." "It's not like I don't have faith in you, I do absolutely. I'm just worried about the aftermath." > "The only aftermath will be that our family will be adored." "I already adore our family." > For the first time since you met her, she's at a lost for words. > "I know you do but... We're out for fame, 'Non. We aren't your run-of-the-mill sisters, as you know." > That's an understatement. "Adagio, all I want for you is for you to achieve your goals and aspirations. Let's just discuss this later, ok?" > She agrees and you walk back into the room. > Half of the girls are already asleep. > You look onto the bed to the surprising sight of the sister of aggression, Aria fast asleep coddled against her sister Sonata. > She looks a little peaceful when she's asleep, almost like the hardness of her is only present when she's awake. > You'll have to sleep in the elongated windowsill, everything else is full. > Well you could always sleep with Adagio and Sunset... then again, that could get you into some trouble. > You grab a couch pillow and place it in the windowsill. > Getting in and lying down, you feel the muscles in your back relax for the first time in what feels like ages. > The lights are cut out and everyone catches some shut-eye. > You're sleeping fine until a rustle on your shoulder wakes you up. > "Come on, handsome." > The room is pitch black aside from the small blue light from the cable box and a thin blade of light coming from the space between the adjustable curtains. > You make your way stealthily into the nearby bed, trying not to wake Sunset. > A whisper comes into your ear. > "This room is too crowded... Let's find a spot more private~." > The seducing voice returns to your ear, laying an inducing message. > "There's no turning back, no point in trying. You're all mine tonight, Anonymous." > You grab her wrist and open the door as quiet as you can, and direct your seductress outside. > She plants a kiss onto your lips as soon as the light hits the two of you. > She flips the script by latching onto your hand and running through the outdoor hallway with you trying to keep from falling. > You make it through the blacktop and manage to grab your keys. > You unlock the backseat and open the door, she crawls in, her gorgeous backside under supreme display. > You get in behind her and shut the door. > She looks back at you with a sultry gaze, bedroom eyes in the backseat. > "Just like this, Anon. I've been really bad for the last thousand years, give me what I deserve." > You lean over her and run your hands along her chest, pulling her upward. > You kiss the side of her neck up and down, using your right hand to help her with taking off the grey hoodie, the left creeps into her panties. > She bites her bottom lip and brings her hand to the side of your face while you treat her gently, unbuttoning her jeans and inching down the zipper. > "This is how you treat a 'bad' girl? I knew you were soft." > Strange dirty talk but you're a little into it. > You roughly pull off her hoodie and toss it into the front seat and shove down her pants to her knees that are pressed against the seat. > "Mmmm, that's more like it." > You slide your hands along her soft hips and curves. > Getting a firm grip onto her hip, you sling your hand onto her awaiting posterior. > She releases a slight moan and leans her upper-body lower, raising her rear. > "That's right, give me it all!" > You grip her hips and pull her to your impatient erection. > Another moan escapes her oh so sexual voice. > Instead of quick rapid pumps. You give the "bad girl" slow, heavy thrusts, moving only the bottom of your spine giving her more > Your sexy Siren can barely contain herself with the continuous thrusts of your member into her body. > Longer thrusts come into her as she regains composure. > She retaliates to the push with slowly guiding her hips side-to-side down to the base of your throbbing penis. > You move your hands under her arms and pull her back up with you, holding her in place as you push deeper and deeper into her maternal walls. > "Ah yes, Anon! Fuck me to reformation, D-DO IT!" > Everything is so smooth, yet she's incredibly tight. > Where ever "the spot" is, you've hit it a few times already. > A flurry of emotions like love, anger, passion, pleasure, and resentment of the future all pile into the one moment when you are right about to climax. > Quickly, you pull out your about-to-burst member and Adagio uses her smooth derrière, making your cock erupt with semen and sticking along her back. > "Aww, is it in my hair?" "No, you're fine." > You reach to the cupholder in the front, grabbing the napkins and using them to clean the human-honey from her back. > Adagio puts her clothes back on as best as she can in the compact space of the vehicle. > You do the same and recline against the door, she lays down against you, the back of her head under your chin. > "Anon." "Yeah?" > "My ass hurts." "Well, that's what you get for being 'bad'." > "Oh, fuck you." "You just did." > "Wanna go back to the room?" "Yeah, this shit is uncomfortable." > The two of you shirt placement and exit the car, walking back to the room. > You have to sneak back into the room, hoping no one wakes up. > You're about to lay in your windowsill when you feel the tug on your shirt to enter the bed with her. > There's no way you can see her but you know. > You bring yourself into the bed with Adagio, she backs her body into yours. > She can feel your chubby remaining, hardly deteriorating. > "What the fuck is wrong with you?" "So many things." > "We're gonna have a lot of fun, night." "Night." > You lift your head from the pillow and into the soft poof of hair. lifehasneverbeenbetter.webm > Your dreams are the usual pitch black darkness with some dark blue shit like the PS2 power-on loading screen. > Soon enough, seven AM rolls around like it always does, with more resentment than usual. > "IT'S THE BATTLE DAY!" > The voice sounds like Sonata's. > You open your eyes to see her standing on her bed with Aria at her feet trying to ignore her. > "Get up everyone, it's the time we've been waiting on!" > It's the time we've been waiting on. > In a matter of five minutes, she's got the entire room bright-eyed and bushy-headed. > The girls are all in the bathroom getting ready together when a thought hits you like a truck. "We never got Rarity." > Joe's eyes widen with realizing she has been gone since you were hunting Flash. > This is gonna bite you in the ass. > They rush from the bathroom and you all run through the hall and through the blacktop parking lot, into your car and speeding down the highway. > After getting through the bullshit morning traffic, you arrive at Canterlot High. > One-by-one, they jump out, telling you their own departure sentence before running into the school to make sure they sign the "BOTB Attendance Sheet". > "Bye 'Non, love you." > "Later Anon, I'll catch you at Gym." > "It was nice staying with you, Anon. You're not a bad guy." "It was nice having you, Sunset." > Sonata jumps forward from her seat. > "See ya later, Annie. Can I call you that?" "Sure, Sonata. Anything you like." > "Yes! Bye Annie!" > Last to depart is Aria, she is sitting silently, looking angrily at you. > "I'm not gay, don't think this makes me gay..." > You're a bit confused at her statement, it's a little off topic. "What are you talking abou-" > She quickly leans around the seat and hugs you, drawing back and saying, > "Thanks Anon, try not to be too gay until the Battle." "I'll try." > She chuckles while hopping out and shutting the door, > They don't know it yet but you left a note inside Joe's bookbag for them all that reads: "To those it in fact it does concern, I love you all so much, don't worry about me at all. I'm fine. This is the one way you could be successful and adored, to be open and free. Joe, we've been through a lot and I'm proud to call you my brother. All these years have been a blessing. Sunset Shimmer, we only just met but I hope you get what you're searching for, the world may not have forgiven you for one day but I know I have. Aria, you're so strong and amazing at the same time. Young and old people alike will look up to your strength and willpower, never forget that. Sonata, my favorite girl in the world, above everything be smart and be true to yourself. Keep everyone in mind as you see the world come to it's knees for you. Adagio, I love you. I want you to know that this wasn't me, I had to do this so you could achieve what you've wanted for so long. All I've ever wanted was a family to call my own, you gave me this and shown me how happy I can be. Goodbye, Anonymous." > You spend the day on the verge of explosion and tears. > In the end, it's only the right thing to do. > The Sirens battle with the Rainbooms but to no avail when Sunset decides to follow her heart. > Little does she know, they did as well. > You return to the room to get your stuff, walking up the steps. > All you can think about is your family. > Sometimes a man must do was he has to, you just hope they can understand. > You open the door and the room is pitch-black as usual. > You look down at the floor in shame and flick on the light. > You raise you head to see what you're doing. > "Just gonna leave, huh?" Aria's voice sounds from the bathroom. > To your surprise, everyone is there! > Joe, Sonata, Aria, and Adagio. No Sunset for some reason. "W-What's going on?" > "Sunset screwed them over." > Joe says, sitting on the chair in his relaxed manner. > "When she left, we knew we couldn't just leave. She became loyal to someone, so did we. I gave Sonata and Aria the nod to hold back enough to lose." "What about the stones?" > "They regenerate through the energy they absorb. Things looked hopeless to them, they see us 'transform' when in reality it was controlled magic. We left and came here to catch you." > "Yeah Annie, we love you." > The two Sirens hug you, you embrace them while wondering just how lucky you really are. > Aria stands next to Joe on the chair, holding herself with a hand down on the back of it. > "God, they're gay." > "Nah, Anon's the gay one. He's the one wanting to be called 'Annie'." Joe says, mocking your Sonata-given nickname. > Aria laughs, looking down at Joe then looking back at the group. > "Ugh, I guess I'll join in. It couldn't be that good." > She ends up hugging the hardest. > Once they break off, Joseph stands. > You two do a half-assed handshake and clash shoulders. > The night passes kindly, everyone resting well. > The next morning is Justin's funeral. > It's a little large with students and family. > When all others leave, you remain with you final words to him. "I wish you could be here, buddy. Everything's going great. One final thing... Goku could beat Superman." > You smile and depart, your family waiting in the car. > You get in and start it up. > "Where to next, Anon?" "I don't know, we'll let fate decide." End.