Teen Sirens GO - by MacTheTexican

> Be Anonymous, completely bored out of your mind. > It’s Halloween, you should be out at a party with some friends. > Instead you have to be here at home for the time being, waiting for your sisters to finish putting on their Halloween costumes. > Saying shit about how they wanted to one-up some classmates of theirs. > As you finish up a beer you stole from your dad’s stash in the fridge, you hear three sets of feet coming down the stairs. > You look up to see Sonata, Aria, and Adagio all dressed up. > Their outfits were certainly not what you expected; Sonata dressed as Jinx, Aria wearing Raven’s clothes, and Adagio in Starfire attire. Not bad picks to be honest. > Although there are bits of the outfits that seem a bit out of place from what you thought mom would make for the three. > Guess she was short on time. “Ready to head out?” > All three gave varying affirmations, and so you got up and lead the girls out into the streets for trick or treating. > There were a lot of houses around your neighborhood, so the mini teen titans got quite a lot of candy. > Honestly, seeing their smiling faces as they skipped around with their bags of candy was kind of cute. > Though you wouldn’t admit that you did miss seeing moments like this. > Not too long later in the night, you decide to take the girls to the richer neighborhoods. > They look at you skeptically, but you just smile and continue to walk down the street. > The confusion turns into joy when not even an hour later and their candy bags were almost filled to burst. > Man you loved Halloween.> They all ramble on about their spoils of war as you made your way home, before the group was stopped on a sidewalk. > Said derailment happens to be another group of girls who you only remember as the younger siblings of some friends of yours. > Who also happens to be chaperoning. > The sailor scout outfits definitely gave your sisters costumes a run for their money. > Both sets of girls were in a stare-down. Neither side breaking their glares towards one another. > You look up to the guys with a nervous look as the girls all exchange words. > Which is a nice way of saying they had started yelling at each other. >That in itself turned into a small brawl. > You and the guys pulled everyone apart. > These girls were heavier than you thought. Or maybe you just haven’t been hitting the gym as much lately. > Probably also shouldn’t tell them that first part. > After the heated scuffle, you found yourself back at home. > Pretty sure the pink hair girl bit you. > You sit down on the sofa, the last bit of drama for the night leaving you exhausted. > Maybe a beer from dad’s stash would help you relax. > Suddenly, a cluster of candies found itself on to your lap. > You look to see your three sisters giving you apologetic smiles. >”We’re sorry about how the night ended.” Adagio stated with a look of remorse. > “We know you didn’t really want to be out with us tonight.” Aria sulked, trying her hardest to hand you one of her favorite candies. > “But we’re glad we could spend some time with you.” Sonata finished, the same pure smile on her face that you see every other day. > Muh heart. > With a sigh, you give them a smile in return and pat the couch. > The three take the que and all move to get on the couch. > Aria and Sonata sit to your right and Adagio to your left. > All of them snuggled on the couch remind you of how things use to be between the four of you. > But that’s in the past, and you’ll try to be better. > With everything squared, only one last thing. > Turn on the tv, put on a scary movie, eat some candy, and wait for Halloween to blow over.