Adagio Diddles 'Nata Again - by LilMissMatches

>Tap >Tap tap tap >In the top right hand corner of her phone, a digital clock read 1:24 AM >Adagio hit the power button at the back of the device, shutting the screen off with a bloop >Everything seemed to be in proper order >Adagio was wide awake >She’d had a glass of wine >She wore her favorite pair of panties and bra, so she was nice and comfy >Best of all, Sonata was asleep >The new sleeping meds she was on had to have worked by now >Unless Sonata had just not taken them or something, she’d be out like a light for a good eight hours >She could already feel her little friend straining against the fabric of her undergarments >Her hand travelled downward, gripping the bulge with just enough pressure to send a pleasurable tingle up the shaft >Adagio easily could have gone on, but, again, these were her favorite pair >Ruining them with her fluids would be something she’d seriously regret later, even if it seemed hot now >The siren let go and tossed her fluffy red blanket off of herself >An immediate chill made its way across her skin, as if to greet her >She’d almost forgotten how cold they kept it in that house >Heavy blankets truly were a blessing >Swinging her legs over the side of the bed and stretching, the woman stood >She didn’t even have to go very far to hear Aria snoring on the couch >That stupid drunk >If she weren’t her sister, she’d be right out on the street, though even that bond was wearing thin >Still, she did serve a purpose >Even if that purpose was only to help cement her control over Sonata >It was funny, in an odd way >Sonata was nearly constantly afraid Aria would strike her and Aria near constantly felt guilty for doing it >Each helped keep the other under Adagio’s thumb >The orange floof made her way toward Sonata’s room with long, slow steps >The floor creaked in a few spots, so she had to take special care to avoid it >She gripped the door handle, turned it and… >It didn’t budge >Adagio grit her teeth >She’d told Sonata about locking her door >”What if there was an emergency, Sonata?” she’d asked >Well, this was an emergency, alright >She decided she’d turn a blind eye next time Aria was drinking for this one >Removing her lock sounded like a good idea, too >Both? Both. Both is good. >For now, she just had to figure out how to get in >It was just a simple bedroom lock, so she figured a butterknife would do the trick >Making her way to the kitchen was a bit faster than getting to the girl’s room, mostly because the floor didn’t creak there, thankfully >She pulled a butterknife from a drawer and headed back to Sonata’s room >The things Adagio had to do just to get off >She pressed the tip against the keyhole and turned >As she’d expected, it was a low quality lock >She didn’t even have to turn that hard to get it to move >She probably could have even used her nails to unlock it >She gripped the handle once more and slowly turned it >This time it opened with a soft click >A grin spread across the woman’s face as she stepped into the room, shutting the door behind her >She took in the familiar surroundings >Baby blue paint on the walls, beige carpet >Sonata seemed to have passed out while on her laptop, too >It laid discarded next to the girl >A few posters dotted the room >Mostly cutesie things, like kittens, puppies, etc >There was even a little cartoon worm in a wizard’s hat, with the caption “Cestoda Arcana” >Actually, that last one was weird >Adagio didn’t even remember buying that one for her >She figured Sonata probably ordered it somewhere or something >The woman approached and admired her sister’s body >Sonata was curvy enough >Not quite so curvy as herself, sure, but there was a nice figure there >She had amazing breasts, as well >Big, most likely DD >Still perky, too >Adagio reached forward and pulled the blankets away, revealing Sonata’s bust >A black, lacy bra held back those mounds of flesh >She reached forward and gently groped them, just to test the waters >They were warm, and pillowy >Adagio could tell her hands were probably ice cold compared to the cozy heat of Sonata’s tits >They were just released from under a heavy, heavy blanket, after all >She wasn’t worried about waking Sonata up by any means >The meds would take care of that >Besides, even if she did wake up, who was she going to tell? >Adagio had done this kind of thing when her sister was awake >She simply wanted to experience this while Sonata was asleep >Sonata was truly at her mercy now >She could do whatever she pleased and Sonata wouldn’t even know >Well, she could probably figure it out when she found she was leaking cum from just about every hole she’s got >Adagio got a bit rougher with her groping, kneading and pulling the girl’s breasts >Not a single reaction from the girl >Excellent >She removed the blankets completely and tossed them to the side of Sonata’s bed >Pink kitten panties >Well, it wasn’t like Sonata had expected to be molested in her sleep >Adagio couldn’t really blame her for not matching >She flipped her hand, palm up, and stroked her middle and ring finger along Sonata’s snatch through the fabric >Still dry, obviously >Kind of hard to get horny when you’re sleeping >Adagio clambered up onto the mattress, positioning herself between her younger sister’s legs >Her bulge was really starting to strain against her panties now, but she couldn’t tend to it just yet >She wanted to take her time >She simply rubbed, slowly, through the fabric >Up, down, up, down >She applied a slight bit of pressure and moved side to side instead, now clearly feeling the girl’s folds >Sonata stirred softly, face contorting, but she didn’t wake up >Adagio moved her hand away and took a moment to simply appreciate the sight in front of her >Her sister really was cute when she was asleep >She had this soft little breathing pattern in which she’d breath in and out, then pause >In, out, pause >They almost sounded like gasps, but they were just a bit too long >Two orange fingers hooked themselves onto the band of Sonata’s underwear, on either side >They tugged slowly and began the process of further stripping the girl >It took a bit of effort to pull them off completely, as part of them was pinned under Sonata’s (incredibly cute) butt, but Adagio got them off >As expected, the girl was clean shaven >She knew better than to let things grow out >Adagio would love nothing more than to just fuck the stupid little slut raw, right then and there, but she had just a tad more self control than that >Obviously not enough to stop her from molesting her little sister, but there was some there >The elder sister pulled at the band of her own underwear, letting her orange shaft free >All nine and a half inches of the monster throbbed as she gently pressed the head against the girl’s slit >A little less dry than before, so at least her efforts weren’t in vain >She just didn’t know how well going in without some sort of lube would go >She got off the bed and onto her feet, once again standing at Sonata’s side >The woman took a few steps closer to the headboard and gently turned the girl’s head to face her, leaving her cock just mere inches away from her mouth >Sonata had a bad habit of sleeping with her mouth open >The orange tip was pressed forward, where it poked the girl’s cheek before hitting it’s mark >Sonata’s lips were soft and warm, especially so where they came into contact with the sensitive underside of the head >As Adagio moved her hips forward, she could already feel the wetness of the girl’s mouth >Her teeth scraped the sides of her cock, but it didn’t hurt, really >It was just an unexpected surprise >The cock throbbed and the siren could feel a bead of precum leaking into the sleeping girl’s mouth >She bit her lip and pressed onward >She could feel Sonata’s tongue now >It licked at her shaft weakly, even though the girl still slept >Just once, though >It was more of a twitch, though, really >Perhaps the young siren was having a dream >”Or maybe,” Adagio mused, “It’s muscle memory.” >The thought was funny, even as she pressed her cock deeper into the girl’s mouth >She stopped upon feeling the back of her throat >Adagio didn’t quite have her full length in, but it felt great nonetheless >She pulled out until only her head was in her mouth, then pushed back in >With each thrust she could feel the girl’s lips drag across her shaft, her tongue brushing the head >The siren occasionally angled herself so her tip would push against the inside of Sonata’s cheek >She continued to use her sleeping little sister’s mouth in this fashion until she decided there wasn’t much more benefit to it >It wasn’t quite the electric tingle of pleasure she usually got when she was tended to, but it was definitely pleasure >Something more dulled, more constant, and less erratic than the jolts she felt shooting up her shaft just before she reached climax >Adagio found that she kind of liked it >It was a nice change of pace >She pulled out, with a trail of saliva still connecting her cock and Sonata’s lips >Getting back onto the bed, she positioned herself once again >Still not sufficiently lubed, though >She stroked her cock to spread the moisture a bit more, adding some of her own saliva as she saw fit >Once she decided she was lubed up enough she lined up her tip with Sonata’s slit again >She pressed her head against it and the tight lips gave a small bit of resistance before she sank in >Right down to the base >Adagio couldn’t help but let out a soft moan as the younger siren’s walls wrapped around her length >She pulled out, taking a quick breath as she felt those little tingles of pleasure >With another thrust in she felt even more as her nerves fired off >Adagio groped her own breast with her free hand, using her other to steady herself as she began to properly fuck the girl >She could hear the soft slaps of flesh, the squishing noise as all of the fluids were moved, her own moans >She could even hear Sonata whimpering a bit >Whether or not the girl was awake, Adagio didn’t care >Her finger twirled small circles around her nipple before she tweaked it, which only added to her already monumental arousal >She brought her hand back down, grabbing hold of Sonata’s body just above her hips as she really started to rail her >Adagio let out a grunt when she thrust, followed by a thud at her little sister’s end >She’d totally just knocked the girl’s head against the headboard >The springs in the mattress creaked and the elder sister could feel her orgasm building >Only a few thrusts later, she buried herself as deeply as she could inside Sonata and let her pent-up need flow into the girl with a low moan >She could feel her cock throb with each spurt, and she could feel it travel up her shaft and out her head >The woman lingered for a few moments before pulling out her now softening cock >She stood, put on her panties, and approached Sonata again >Either the girl was still asleep or faking it >Not that it mattered >She simply leaned down, kissed the girl’s forehead and spoke >”Goodnight, Sonata,” she said softly >The last Sonata saw of Adagio that night was a sliver of orange as the door closed