Sonata Rubs One Off, Because She's A Horny Little Shit - by LilMissMatches

>Sonata opened up her laptop, pulling her blanket up over her legs and sitting up against the headboard of her bed >Aria was off taking boxing lessons and Adagio was out shopping >As far as she knew >Adagio was actually out taking advantage of a shy little blue girl she'd met in chemistry back at CHS, but Sonata didn't need to know that >She only needed to know that she was finally trusted home alone >She'd heard some kids talking about a site awhile ago, so she figured she might as well check it out >16chin >It was kinda like MyTwiddleBook, from what she heard >You post pictures and talk to people from all around the world >The internet really was amazing >She looked at the screen and wiggled her finger on the mousepad >She couldn't find the cursor, oddly enough >More finger wiggling ensued as she searched for it >After a minute or so, she found it lurking in the corner of the screen >The laptop must have been going through start-up lag >Now that the cursor was moving, she dragged it up toward the top of her browser >She clicked once and began to type >"Sixteen... Chin... Dooooot... Org!" >She happily (and forcefully) hit the enter key, watching as the site loaded up >She was quickly brought to what she assumed was the home page >The first thing she noticed was that there were a lot of links >Secondly, there was nowhere to sign up! >How was she supposed to talk to people if she couldn't even sign up? >She sighed a little, searching for an account creation button >Nothing >She decided she may as well click a link or two >There were so many to choose from, though. >She eventually settled on the boards Random, Anime/Cute, and something called Ecchi >She figured she'd just go in the order she clicked them, so Sonata started with Random >There were lots of pictures >A lot of them were weird, though. >Frogs, bananas, weird little balls that looked like flags >There was also a picture of someone's penis >She didn't like that one >She decided to click on the thread with the cute little flag-ball thingies. >It loaded up and she could see that people were talking >After a small bit of searching, she found a 'Post' button >The girl smiled and clicked the box >She looked back down at the keyboard and began to peck at the keys; index finger only, of course >"Hi... Guys... My... Name... Iiiis... Sonata! Nice... To... Meet... You." >She clicked the 'send' button and waited >Not long after, more boxes came up >One had some numbers on it, with a (You) after it >She wanted to click it! >She put her cursor over it, but it popped up another box. >It was her box! >Needless to say, this baffled Sonata >She managed to piece things together and figured out that it was a reply >The siren smiled, now looking at the text to see what they'd said. >">Being this new" >"Kill yourself, please." >Sonata just blinked. >"Uh..." >She figured it was just one of those 'goblins' people had talked about, so she ignored it >The next person would probably be nicer >It suddenly loaded up new boxes >She noticed that a little ticker next to 'Auto' had reset, too >She shrugged, looking at the next reply >"Get the fuck off /b/, faggot. Stick your dick in a grinder while you're at it." >She huffed a bit >Oh, this one was gonna get it! >She clicked the box again and started typing her message >"I... Don't... Have... A... Penis. Iiii... Am... A... Girl." >She copy and pasted his number into her message, so he knew it was for him >Suddenly, boxes showed up everywhere >They all said a variety of things >Things like "TITS OR GTFO" >">Implying womyn use 16chin" >"Show us your cunt, cunt" >"How many dicks do you suck a day?" >There was even one that posted his penis and asked if she liked it >The rest of the boxes just told her to post tits >She wasn't about to do that >She clicked the x up at the top of her screen, glad to leave that weird place >Next up was Anime/Cute >It didn't take her long to decide that the entire place was just a bunch of pictures of little girls and people saying "Cute loli" >She clicked out of that one >Last up was Ecchi >She hoped this one was better than the others >It was >The very first picture she saw was of a girl finger blasting herself >The only other girl she'd seen naked was her older sister, Adagio >Well, she'd seen Aria naked once or twice, but that was only because Sonata found it funny to steal her undergarments when she was in the shower >But that wasn't even being really naked >Not like this >This was being naked to turn someone on >This was... >Well, hot. >And that wasn't the only picture >Some of the girls weren't naked, but they were wearing incredibly skimpy outfits >Sonata felt a little sick to her stomach as a feeling of heat washed over her >After all, when she felt like this, it was usually because... >She didn't want to think about that >She quickly shook her head, going back to looking at the girls on her screen >It didn't take her long to get rid of the image of Adagio, now that she had something to focus on >One girl in particular caught her eye >Blonde hair, red eyes and pale skin >Her legs were spread and she was apparently rubbing herself >Sonata could feel herself starting to heat up between her own legs >Well, she was home alone... >She could do whatever she wanted >She pushed the laptop down a bit, onto her thighs >She was already stripped down, aside from a tank top and panties >Bras were uncomfortable anyway >She slowly moved her hand up her hip and brushed across her stomach, twitching a bit when she hit a sensitive spot >She always liked to start off by just feeling herself up >It helped get her started for when she actually went at it >Her hand ran over the area just above her pelvis >"Nnnnh..." she moaned softly >She wasn't even feeling anything yet; it just felt good to let it out every now and then >Her gaze locked on to the girl in the picture as she slipped a hand under her shirt >Her fingers lightly traced over her ribs as she slowly reached for her breast, biting her lip in anticipation >Her fingers made contact and she shuddered, lightly gripping the soft flesh >She could already feel herself soaking her panties >Her finger traced over the nipple in small circles, sending small jolts of pleasure through her body >She pushed the laptop down farther now, spreading her own legs >Her free hand slipped under the band of the lacy cyan fabric >Everything was clean-shaven, which made things easier >She began to rub her nipple faster as she rubbed at her slit, coating her fingers with her juices >She gasped as a spark of pleasure shot its way up her spine, causing her back to arch momentarily >She doubled her efforts, now groping herself as her fingers slipped into her folds >The hand pumped itself in and out, thumb now rubbing circles around her clit >Sonata let out a whimper, which quickly transitioned into a moan >She didn't even need the porn now >Sonata threw her head back, picking up speed >Her legs twitched a bit as pleasure began to rack her body >Every touch, every time her fingers pumped into her snatch, every time her walls clenched up around them, every pass of her thumb over her clit sent another electric jolt of bliss up her spine >Needless to say, Sonata thoroughly enjoyed shoving her fingers up her cunt >She hit a sweet spot, causing a spasm to run through her body >Sonata bit the nearby pillow, which somehow made the experience all the more fun >She was close, and she could feel it. >The siren let out a moan as she began grinding against her hand even as it pumped in and out of herself, rubbing her juices all across it >Her climax hit like a freight train >Her back arched, her toes curled, and her legs clamped together as she let out a borderline scream of ecstasy >She rode out the orgasm for a few seconds, now feeling a bit light headed >Sonata decided she kinda liked 16chin