Socks [clop] (Adagio~Anon) - by Uh-hmmm

> Be Anon, lover of dicks and tits > You may have found the perfect...woman? Man? Organism? > Aria's bulge calls to you like a siren song > You crash upon the rocks of her anger > "For the last time, I don't have a dick! I just keep a roll of quarters in my pocket for when I want to punch someone. Like right now!" > It's cool, you know when to back off > You leave the laundromat > "Hey." > You turn around > It's the cheese poof, you'd recognize that hair anywhere > Specifically, the library, some of the security cameras at your job, and near your trash bin "What's up, poof?" > She adjusts her small laundry basket under her arm > "You want to go out sometime? Have some coffee?" > Eh, you're not feeling it "Sorry, babe. If you don't got a dick, I ain't interested." > You turn to leave > "Wait, I can have a dick!" > What > You turn around to find her stuffing some socks into her underwear > You just stare > She adjusts her "package" into the rough shape of a ballsack > Poof gives you a desperate grin > "See? Now I have a dick!" > Okay, that's a little cute > You walk up to her "Let me check." > You can see the worry in her eyes, but she keeps grinning > You reach low and grab the crotch of her pants, squishing the socks between your fingers > She presses her pelvis into your hand, her breathing coming a little faster "This is pretty soft, for a dick getting a handjob." > She makes a wordless whine, still humping your hand > Damn "Come on, let's go to my place." > "Really? I mean, of course. My dick knows the way." > She takes a few steps, then pauses "Your dick is a pile of socks." > Orangy turns to you, pouting > "It's your pile of socks. I-if you want it." > You roll your eyes and take the lead > She happily follows behind "So what is your name?" > "You don't kn- um. It's Adagio. Adagio Dazzling." "That sounds like a stripper name." > She draws up close behind you and whispers > "It can be if you want it to be." > Damn, this girl is thirsty > You make it to your door without much incident > You kick off your shoes and turn to Adagio > She's looking around the room like she's never seen a neat bachelor pad > "You -live- here." She breathes "Like you don't know that, little miss stalker." > She blushes > "It's just... different, actually being inside." "Speaking of which, get over here." > She drops her basket and skips over > Poof can't meet your eyes > That's fine, you aren't in it for the eyes > You grab her crotch full of socks again, and she moans a little "That's right, open your mouth for me." > She obediently opens her mouth, her eyes closed in anticipation > You lean in and seal her mouth with yours > Your tongues wrestle and writhe, and she moans again > With your free hand, you grab her breast through her shirt > Adagio leans into your touch, humming with pleasure > You break off the kiss, and she stares up at you with wondering eyes > " real." > You start to unbutton her shorts "That's right. Now take off your clothes." > The poof happily complies, her jacket falling away, soon followed by her top and bra > Meanwhile, you get her down to her purple panties stuffed full of socks > A few fall out, no longer constrained by her shorts > She makes a move to take off her panties, but you stop her "We wouldn't want your dick to come off, now would we?" > "R-right." "Now bend over the table there, I have to prepare something." > You shed clothes quickly on your way to the pantry > You pull out a bottle of olive oil and return to your stalker > She gives you a questioning look over her shoulder, shifting her weight from one leg to the other "Trust me. Just look straight ahead." > "Okay." > You scoop up her tights and scrunch them up below your uncovered manhood > Opening the bottle, you pour oil onto your dick, using the stockings to catch the drips > Prepared thusly, you pull aside Adagio's panties, revealing her wet slit and puckered rear entrance > You press the tip of your oiled up cock to her anus and she gasps "Why so surprised? If you have a dick, I can only fuck you in the ass." > "R-right. Please, ah, please f-fuck me in the a-" > You press a little further in, her backdoor spasming around the tip of your manhood "Relax, just let it happen, you dickgirl." > You rub her thighs, gently thrusting against her anus > Adagio's breathing evens out, becoming deep, long breathes > You reach over her hip and grasp the socks still stuck in her panties > It's... not nearly as erotic as you thought it would be > You pause in your efforts to plunder Adagio's booty "I have to say, this sock thing isn't really doing it for me anymore." > "No!" > She thrusts herself onto your shaft, her tight passage bringing waves of pleasure "Fuck!" > Poof wiggles her ass, and starts digging the socks out "What do you think you're doing?" > She stuffs her hand into her vagina, twitching at the stimulation > "P-pretend my wrist is a c-cock." > Worth a shot > You grab her slender wrist and slide your hand up her forearm > A few more pumps, and yeah, you like it "Good idea, Poof." > "Adagio!" "Adagio." > You start pumping your dick in and out of her ass, giving her arm a reach around to the same pace > One hand is not enough for her to keep herself up > With each thrust, her breasts drag against the kitchen table, and her cheek bunches up where her face rests > You think you could get to like her glazed expression and the little whimpering noises she makes > You give her ass a firm slap > She gasps, ass tightening around your member > You hear liquid splash onto the floor "You like that?" > "Mmhmm!" "Good." > Smack > She shivers in delight > You keep thrusting into her asshole, spanking her as you hilt "You're pretty gay, for someone with a dick." > Poof moans > Thrust in "Getting fucked in the ass." > Pull back "Getting a hand job from the guy fucking you in the ass." > Hilt > You take your free hand and collect some of the juices from her pussy "I bet you'd eat your own cum." > You bring your soaked fingers to her lips and she sucks them off greedily > Hot damn > You pull your fingers away and give her ass a firm strike > Adagio shudders > You're getting pretty close yourself > You slide your dick back and forth slowly "You know what I'm going to have you do when we're done here?" > She looks at you blankly, and swallows > "What?" > You lean in close "I'm going to make you put your hair in your own puddle of cum." > Her eyes go wide, her anus tightening in dread > That's enough to send you over the edge, pouring your seed deep inside her > Your hips keep twitching, pulses of cum painting her insides > Meanwhile, she's still frozen in shock > As the last waves of orgasm leave your system, you pull out of her ass and give it a fond pat > Adagio hesitantly removes her now pruney hand from her snatch > "Do I really have to..." > She looks upset > Fuck "No, I was just messing with you. Come on, let's take a shower." > As you walk together, she taps you on the shoulder > "So, was I a good dickgirl?" > To be honest? > You give her butt a swat "You were great."