Drifter's Dusk - by TS_PUNK

>Sonata and her Dazzling sisters tried their best trying to live after they lost their powers from Battle of the Bands >they had no control over their finances and eventually lost their homes >many months have passed >things haven't been going so well >it wouldn't be long until Aria and Adagio abandon Sonata despite her tear-filled pleas >and then she was alone >cold and hungry in a strange world >the only thing she could do was walk aimlessly and cry >she wandered for days and slept wherever she could at night >every night was filled with cold sadness >one night in the local garbage dump, she was looking around for any signs of food >she barely found anything that was considered tasty or even edible >she felt like she was at her wits end >suddenly she finds something in front of her >one of the dump's street lights was shining over it >a wooden guitar >she took off some of the pieces of garbage that was on it >she didn't know why but she was suddenly interested in it and moved closer to get it out of the pile it was on >she remembered some of the humans from that school and the ponies back in Equestria used to play this instrument >she admits she liked the way it sounded >she got it out of the pile and from what she remembered held it the way the players held it >she gave it a strum >it sounded nice for something found in the garbage dump >she found a book on how to play guitar >she felt like it was hopeless considering she didn't like reading that much >surprisingly the book had pictures on what is needed to make certain notes >Sonata spent the night in the dump learning how to play the guitar >she was learning quite well >almost as if she actually knew how to play the whole time >as the morning sun started to rise, an idea struck her >if she can't sing then maybe she can play the guitar >she had the thought of telling her Dazzling sisters but who knows where they could be >they are probably in another town or city now >she wonders how they are doing >she looked around the dump for any fitting clothes before the garbage men arrived >there was a bunch of clothes near the security booth >a pile of sweaters, pants and a scarf >they weren't that clean but they weren't terrible either >Sonata grabbed them and put them in a plastic garbage bag and quickly headed out of the dump >from there she began to move around aimlessly again >she didn't know what would happen but she didn't care >she felt like all she needed to do was play the guitar >Sonata left the town she was in and moved out to another >she went to a local park and settled there >it wasn't cold anymore yet there a slight breeze coming through >Sonata was near a fountain and thought this would be a nice place >she put down her bag of clothes and sat on it >from there she set up her new guitar and started playing it >she was still a beginner but it sounded wonderful >people were passing by as she wad playing >but she didn't mind >she just kept looking at her guitar and continued playing for hours >she was feeling the joy of making music again >by the time she decided to stop playing she noticed it was evening already >she also noticed some money in a small cup in front of her >it had a lot of coins and a few dollar bills >it then struck her >people seem have given her money because of her guitar playing >she was chuckling at the thought >she was thinking more on how fun it was making a song again >she looks at the rising moon >she wished Aria and Adagio were there >Sonata continued to move from town to town, city to city >played her guitar in parks, town centers and subways >each song she played was better than the last >it didn't matter to her if she could sing or not, she only cared about playing that instrument >she attracted attention from the people who were passing by her >her music caught their open ears >they looked at her expressions as she played her melodies >she looked like she didn't have a care in the world and was happy >sometimes people give her money >either by adoration or pity >from little coins to dollar bills >she was able to afford food because of her small earnings >she met a lot of people along the way >as she traveled day by day >one time she played guitar >for some homeless people who were traveling in a boxcar >she continued playing as she traveled far and wide >while gazing at the wonders of the world outside >it made her smile with no more tears >it made her forget about the battle of the bands and all the struggles she dealt with ever since coming here >eventually she used the trains as her means of transport >whether it was paying to get on the train or hopping in a boxcar, it didn't matter >but every night she would think about her Dazzling sisters and wonder how they are doing >are they alive? did they find a way to live better? Are they eating? Did they find a way to fix their gems? >she thought about these things as she looked up to the moon >sitting alone in a boxcar moving to its next destination >many months have passed since Sonata started her travels >she has traveled to many places and played her guitar for many to hear >there was a time where she played with a band during a town's music festival >they loved the way she played even if she couldn't sing well >Sonata didn't mind >she just kept playing with that smile on her face while listening to the melodies coming out of her guitar >she enjoyed the traveling and playing guitar very much >however one night in a local diner, she started to feel sad >she soon found out she is probably homesick >that old place wasn't the best considering everything that happened there but it was still a home to her >she finished eating her food and set off to go back to her hometown >maybe Aria and Adagio are still there >will they even be happy to see her? >are they even there? >what will she say if she sees them? >more questions kept filling her head as she hopped onto a train ready to leave >she just sat down and looked at the bright moon as the train started to move >Sonata made it back a week later >it was around 10 in the morning >she was wearing the old clothes she had when she's was with her Dazzling sisters >they are a bit ragged now >not mention addition with the jacket she's wearing and the scarf around her neck >she's been wearing it ever since she left the town >after she got off the train, she looked around >not much seemed to have changed >she forgot how long it's been since she began her journey >months? a year? >hard to say >a spring breeze blew through giving her a small chill >perhaps a skirt was not the best idea >she continued walking around the town >seeing how little has changed since then >it wouldn't be long until she stopped at the place where it all began >Canterlot High School >the place where it all went downhill >memories of the battle of the bands and all the events before and after came back to her >she felt sad coming here but at the same time.. she felt fine >she feels like she has overcome the sadness ever since going on her journey >however, she felt a bit tired >the long train rides somehow took a lot out of her >she decided to sit next to the marble stand >at the same time, she was wondering what happened to the statue that used to be there >she sat on the edge and looked around >it was peaceful >she felt a gentle spring breeze >this time it felt a bit warm >she got out her guitar and set herself up >she closed her eyes and started playing >the sound of her acoustic melody echoed around the school's front garden >... >someone walked up to her and squeaked when she got closer >the squeak caused Sonata's eyes to open and look at who was there >from there she recognized the person standing in near her >it was that pink haired tambourine girl >they just looked at each other until the pink haired girl ran to the school >Sonata wondered if she did anything wrong >she ended up closing her eyes again and continued playing https://youtu.be/-OYyIJUTKEI I was listening to this song and it gave me this scene >the shy pink haired girl named Fluttershy was watching Sonata from her classroom >the music was reaching the open ears of her classmates >they were talking how good it sounded and some even started dancing >Fluttershy got worried about this >she assumed this is another plot by the Dazzlings and texted her friends about Sonata >it was lunch time >a handful of the students decided to eat outside while listening to Sonata https://youtu.be/vReZjXOuzDc >Fluttershy came out as well >so did her friends >they looked very cautious yet ready to fight >however one of them, a red and yellow haired girl named Sunset noticed that something was off >why after a whole year, they would take revenge? >where are the other two Dazzlings? >why is she not singing? >Sunset then noticed something about Sonata >she doesn't have her gem around her neck >maybe they are still broken >it is possible she's hiding it in her pocket >Sunset tells her friends to stay back and she moves forward https://youtu.be/3bijQXgNM0g >Sunset stops in front of Sonata who opens her eyes and stopped playing >much the complaints of the students who wanted hear more but eventually left >Sonata and Sunset look at each other for a minute until the sound of a stomach growling broke the silence >Sonata stands up and asks Sunset if there is anything to eat nearby >Sunset asks what she is doing in the high school and where are the other two Dazzlings >Sonata replies that the answers will not be given unless she gets something to eat >Sunset was taken back with the answer and had a moment of confusion >A fluffy pink haired girl named Pinkie popped in and gave her a submarine sandwich >Sonata thanks Pinkie and began to eat >Sunset's confusion continued as she looks at Sonata gleefully eating the sandwich >she asks Pinkie why give her a food when Sonata could be plotting something >Pinkie responded that Sonata will not answer unless she gets something to eat >she gave a sandwich and thus it will be quicker and easier to get the answer rather than wasting time looking for food >Sunset again stating Sonata could just be plotting something against us >Pinkie responds that she isn't evil >Sunset and the others responded with a collective WHAT >Pinkie states that she was helping at a music festival a while back and saw Sonata there >they had a great time playing music on stage >Pinkie states that Sonata looked like she really loved playing the guitar so she never really brought up the subject of the Battle of the Bands or anything related to it >they just enjoyed the festival until Sonata left the day after >Sonata confirms Pinkie's story to everyone that the music festival was an actual thing >when they first met, they weren't sure how to respond until Pinkie noticed her guitar >she was wondering if she can play it >she played a short song and Pinkie started joining by drumming her hands on a wooden box >they kept playing along and eventually played on one of the stages >Sonata forgot the name of it but Pinkie answers that it's called a Cajon >Sunset asks why Pinkie never mentioned it >Pinkie responded that Sonata didn't look like she was trying to hypnotize people just looked like she just wanted to play >The group was still unsure what to say >Sonata reached for her jacket pocket and took a small gem fragment out >she shows it to them stating she doesn't have any powers not for a whole year >it was only her guitar making any music >Sunset decided to ask where the other two are >Sonata says they left her and she never saw them since >she adds how alone she was after being abandoned until she found the guitar and began a year long music filled journey >the only thing she can remember them by was an old photo of them together >she takes out a folded piece of paper >she unfolds it twice revealing an image of the Dazzlings >a purple haired glasses girl comes closer to Sonata and looks at the picture >Twilight said she has seen those two before >Sonata loudly asks where >she said they work in a local diner near Crystal Prep in the city https://youtu.be/U3CsDqVyrWw >Later that day Sonata, Sunset and her friends headed to the city >Sunset was driving her car with Pinkie, Sonata and Twilight >Twilight noticed Sonata didn't say anything >just looked out the window >she had a look of uncertainty >Twilight asked if doing this is the right thing >Sonata says she doesn't know >but perhaps it's better off this way >she wants to really know how they are >Twilight added the fact they abandoned her to starve and probably die >Sonata acknowledged it but she doesn't hold a grudge against them >she just cried endlessly when it first happened but after she went on her journey she realized >if they never left her, she would've never this amazing journey nor play songs with her guitar >she stated that perhaps things like this happen for a reason >Sunset states she's impressed with her >Sonata jokes by agreeing with her and stating she was always the dumb one out of the Dazzlings >Pinkie responds she looked more like the fun one >Sunset just nervously chuckled >Twilight suddenly points ahead >in the distance within the city, they see a diner and Crystal Prep beyond it >Sonata started to clench her hands >she was scared to see what is going to happen >even if she forgives her sisters, will they even be happy to see her? >will they just yell at her again? >those two were like family >she kept fumbling her fingers as they got closer to the diner >Sunset parked the car and so did the one behind it >they were just a block away from the diner > as they walked towards it Sonata's eyes widened >She can see a very familiar hair style in the windows >she could never forget that ridiculously puffy and soft hair >she quickly moved forward and so did Sunset and her friends >she was about to open the door but Sunset grabbed her arm >Sonata turned her head to her >Sunset asked with a worried face if she was sure this is what she wanted >Sonata nods >Twilight looks at the window says it's okay for her since it looks like no one is there >Sonata says she has to do this >all she wants is to see her sisters even if they hate her >they can hate her as much as they want but she could never hate them >Sunset releases her hold on Sonata's arm and tells her to go >Sonata hugs Sunset and tells her she's sorry for being mean to her >Sunset also apologizes much to the confusion of Twilight and her friends >Sonata releases her hug, opens the door and went inside the diner >Sunset and the rest just stayed outside >A blue girl named Rainbow thinks this might be a bad idea >the blond girl next to her named Applejack agreed >A purple hair fashion girl named Rarity asked why did Sunset apologize >however they started hearing voices from inside the diner >a waitress with very puff hair was clearing the tables >she heard the door open >quickly placed the dirty dishes back on the table to talk to the customer >she greets the customer "Hello there, welc-" >the waitress' eyes widened with surprise "...Sonata?" "Hey, Dagi." >she quickly ran to her and put rubbed her hands on Sonata's cheeks "Y-you're alive?!" "I could say the same thing, silly." >Sonata's Dazzling sister Adagio couldn't believe it >the person she left behind, who she thought was dead, is actually alive >all she could do was hug her "I'm so sorry Sonata. We shouldn't have left you." >Sonata hugs back "It's okay Dagi." >Adagio pulls back "No it's not okay!" >Sonata is surprised on how Adagio is acting and asks her what happened >Adagio explains after Aria and herself left Sonata, they tried to survive but it was difficult with just the two of them >they needed help but Sonata was gone >they looked for her all over the town >they spent a week looking >it was there Adagio realized she couldn't be the arrogant self as much as she wanted >she lost someone who was family to her because of that >Aria was the only person left >she started looking after her >after a month in the town they decided to move to the city >they managed to find a local diner that was willing to hire them >the lady owner let them live in her apartment until they are willing to find a place of their own >the rest of the year, Adagio and Aria learned to be a bit nicer to people thanks to the owner >however at the same time they assumed Sonata was gone for good >but now Sonata is here and Adagio asks what happened to her >Sonata tells her how she went on a journey playing guitar, drifting from one town to another and riding trains with homeless people "I owe everything to this guitar. I probably wouldn't be here if I didn't find this thing." "You.. play guitar? Can you sing?" "Oh no, my singing is still terrible but people really like how I play guitar. I even played on stage once." >Adagio chuckles while hugging Sonata again >suddenly an upset voice was heard "Hey! Are you done cleaning or are you just mingling with a customer?!" >another waitress, Sonata's other Dazzling sister Aria, came out of the kitchen doors and she looked upset "Who are you even talking to?!" >Adagio releases Sonata from her embrace and shows the once lost sister to Aria >Aria's eyes widened and started to rub them with her arm to make sure she wasn't seeing things >she opened her eyes wide once more "...Sonata?" >Sonata waves at her "Hey Aria." >Aria quickly ran to Sonata and hugged her tightly >all Aria could give out were squeals and attempts of trying not to cry >Sonata hugged back "It's good to see you too Aria." she said >Aria tried to say sorry many times but she kept trying to hold her tears in >Sonata was really surprised "Did you girls really miss me that much? I thought I was nothing more than a stupid nuisance." "You were never a stupid nuisance" said Adagio, "You were our sister." "Our stupid, stupid sister." said Aria "we never really thought how much you were a part of us until you were actually gone." >Sonata just smiled "I always thought of you girls, no matter where I was. After everything, I could never hate you girls. You're my sisters and I love you." >Aria and Adagio agreed and hugged Sonata tightly >tears fell down from all three as they bask in the warm embrace "Welcome back Sonata." Sunset and her friends looked on from outside Sunset turned around "You want to know why I said sorry to Sonata?" >her friends nodded "It's because I think it was our fault this happened." >the group looked at her and spoke words of confusion "All the people that we defeated, we helped afterwards. Twilight, Camp Everfree, Juniper, myself included." >she crosses her arms "But them, we just let them leave as we smiled in victory." "But they were evil sirens. They made everyone fight each other and tried to take over the world." said Fluttershy "Yeah, we had to stop them!" said Rainbow "I know, but looking at them now makes me wonder what would've happened if we reached our hand out to them. What if we helped them after we defeated them? Would they have suffered the same fate they are dealing with now?" >she looks at the happily reunited Dazzlings and then looks at her friends "Because in Equestria, they were evil sirens but now in this world, they are just like us. Human." >Sunset and her friends watch from afar as they see the once broken sisters reunited >and that is all what Sonata ever wanted >to be with her Dazzling sisters again >and even if they can't sing anymore, it doesn't matter to them >all they need is each other >Sunset and her friends offered their help to the Dazzlings sometime later >But that is another story. Bonus songs: https://youtu.be/vdtvUA7oKKc https://youtu.be/LTecPWhQKNA