Allegro Presto - by Lefty-T-Writefriend

>You are in the middle of a very important decision. >This could make or break you. >You had to decide between one of two things. >This would have a great impact on the rest of your day. >In actuality, you were just choosing between ice cream flavors. >Mint with chocolate chips, or Rocky Road. >It was a difficult choice, but you had to have that minty fresh flavor in your mouth. >Alright, now that that's done you should go ask Adagio out on a date. >You were probably going to regret this but you had no fucks to give. >You'd had your eye on her for a while. >She might be a bit of a jerk but you kinda liked her. >Well, maybe liked her a lot. >You might've been building up the courage to ask her out all this time. >There she was, with her two friends. >Wow, even you had more friends. >That was a little sad, actually. "Hey Dagi, mind if I ask you something?" >She turned and looked at you funny for a second. >"Do I know you?" "I'm uh... that guy that helps you out in class sometimes." >"Ah! Yes, the dashing young rogue. Please, spare me the pleasantries of getting to know you, ask and you shall receive." >You stared for a minute. "I'm... not even going to respond to that. I was just gonna ask you out on a date." >"Look, there's asking, then there's wishing. You're gonna need to do more than that." >She hops off the table and starts walking circles around you. >She's small and in charge. >"But congratulations! You passed the first test! You actually had the balls to ask me." >She gives you a devilish grin. >"Now let's see how you perform under pressure." >"Do you find my voice sexy? Does it bother you?" "A little, maybe." >She gives a little huff, "Well you could've at least humored me." >She runs her fingers across your arms, and hops up onto your back to whisper in your ear. >"Do you feel uncomfortable with me riding you?" "A little, but mostly because you're a bit heavy for such a small girl." >"Well, seems we've got ourselves a smartass girls. I like it." >She hops off of you and frowns. >"Tell me I'm the prettiest." "Why?" >"Just because." "I mean, I can do better than that." >You shrug. "Sonata is the cutest, Aria is the hottest, and you're the prettiest." >"Aw, thanks!" >"Damn right." >Dagi chuckled, "I'm glad you like my friends here. And I'm glad you got everything correct." >"Still, my voice usually breaks the boys. You're different... I need to test something, how good are you with people?" "I mean, I've always had a compelling voice, but I only have a few close friends." >"Try and get that table's attention. Do it." >You look over at the table with the school's various musicians. "Yo Vinyl, Tavi, the rest of you guys over there. What's up?" >They all stop what they're doing and wave at you, "Yo Anon, how's it hangin'?" >You give them a thumbs up. >Dagi looks interested now. >"Don't think this means I'm going to date you yet, but I will let you hang out with us... as a friend." "Eh, I'm okay with baby steps." >Sonata goes over to hug you and Aria gives you a high-five. >"Yay! A new friend!" >"Welcome to the club dude, you're here forever." >You hear Dagi mumble something. >"Could it be? No, don't talk like that." "What's on your mind?" >She shakes her head, "It was something stupid, just ignore me for now." "You just gonna keep me out of the loop?" >"Only until I confirm my suspicions." "I know my voice is nice but I don't get the big deal." >"You really are a clueless idiot, come on let's go." "What are we doing now?" >"I need you to ask the principals to let us leave early so we can go hang out in the park. I need to get away from all of this." "Okay then, how do you propose we do that?" >"Just, use your voice or something, I dunno. This is part of the test." >You walked into Celestia's office. >She was just sifting through some paperwork. >"Ah, Anonymous, how are you today?" "I'm good, mind if the Dazzlings and I go visit the park?" >"Hmm, I'm not sure." "We're all caught up on our schoolwork, we were planning on doing our homework later anyway. We have a study group." >"Wha-" >You shush Aria. >Celestia eyeballs you for a moment. >"Alright, you four have fun then! Don't get into too much trouble!" >As the four of you go out to your car and pile in, Adagio pulls you over for some words. >"I don't know how you're doing this, or even what you are. But there's more to you than meets the eye." >She leans up towards you and whispers. >"And I intend to find out everything. Every. Little. Detail." "Are you going to know what I was doing exactly one month, three days, and five minutes ago?' >"... Shut the fuck up and let's go. You're cuter when you're quiet." "Did you just-" >"No, now come on." >"You aren't seriously going to make us do a study group, are you?" "For the last time Aria, I was bullshitting my way through that whole thing." >"Good, cause last thing I need is more boring shit in my life." "Studying is good for you, in moderation." >"I know what I'd like to be studying right now." "Dude, trying to date Dagi, remember?" >"And I couldn't care less about that." "Well I do." >"Fine, be that way asshole... I can respect sticking to your gut though." >"Ariaaaa, what have I told you about trying to steal Dagi's dates?" >"That it's a dick move and I shouldn't do it?" >"Yes!" >"... Eh, you've had worse advice." >"Thanks!... Wait a minute." >"He's not my date." >"Not yet." >"Shut up Aria." >"She has a point, none of the other boys have managed to resist your sexy voice." >"... I'm just going to take the compliment and ignore the rest of that statement." "I figured you'd want someone to be into your voice." >"Not when it turns them into a blithering moron, people like you I can stand." "Fair enough." >Aria looks out the window and sighs. >"Looks like you're using the strap-on again tonight, Sonata." >"Yaaay! I get to do butt stuff with you again!" >Don't think about it. >"Hey Dagi, you should totally do butt stuff with Anon tonight!" >DON'T THINK ABOUT IT. >"No, and we're at the park." "... Hey wait, why was I letting you drive my car?" >She tosses the keys back to you and swings her hips a bit. >"Cause I'm in charge." >Okay then. >"So, how long have you been able to do this stuff?" "I dunno, as long as I can remember. Guess it's just a talent of mine." >She grumbles, "Well, if you aren't I could certainly make you one." "Am I gonna be part of a secret club?" >"Oh, you could say that." >"Dagi stop being weird, you're being weird. You're not usually weird, that's Sonata's job." >"Quiet you, I'm plotting." "What is she on about?" >"You might be getting a lot happier soon." >"Shut up Sonata." >"Just saying, it'd be nice for us too." >"You really need to stop. Like, right now." >"Alright, wouldn't wanna spoil the surprise." "Good thing I like surprises." >"If your body isn't ready it will be by the time I'm done with it." "Wow that's kinda hot." >You weren't sure what the fuck they were talking about, but you'd put up with it for Dagi. >Aria and Sonata ended up "accidentally" running off to leave you and Dagi alone. >"Ugh, I love those two but they can get a bit annoying." >Well, say something champ. "They aren't so bad." >"I guess you do get used to them." >You wiggle over to her. >"Don't touch me." "That's fine we could just stand here." >She lights up a cigarette. >"It is a nice view, isn't it?" >You chuckle. "Y'know that stuff'll kill you right?" >"Shut up, our magi- I mean, I'm just really lucky I guess." "Whatever, none of my business." >She blows a cloud of smoke out. >"Point is I'll be fine, just trust me. There are reasons I can start and stop whenever I want." "Oh please, share your secrets with the Quitter's Club." >"Is that an actual club?" "Not officially. I'm supposed to be in charge of it but I'll make an exception for you." >"Thanks. Glad you aren't a total buzzkill." "What can I say? I'm a nice guy." >"So modest too." "Bite me." >"Maybe later." "I'll look forward to it." >"Don't get your hopes up." >You stand there for a while, just shooting the shit. "And then he decides that instead of just waiting for us to get back with the condoms, he'd fuck her while wearing a sock." >"Oh wow, what a fucking moron." "Gotta give him credit for thinking of that though." >"True." >She stomps out her smoke and sprays herself down with a bottle of perfume. "I... can't even smell it anymore, the hell do you use?" >"If I told you it was a bottle of my sweat would you believe me?" "Fine, keep it to yourself." >She grins, "Thought so." "You're an odd one, y'know that?" >"Hello, my name is Adagio Dazzle! Perhaps you've met my friends Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk?" "Alright, you got a point. Still, I figured you'd be the reasonable one." >"I AM reasonable! You try hanging out with someone for a thou- a really long time and see how you like it!" >You give her a pat on the head. "I could hang out with you for a really long time and enjoy it." >Her eye twitches and she blushes a little. >More from anger than attraction. >"Just take the compliment Dagi, ignore his stupidity." "Just saying, wouldn't mind it." >"We should find those other two and get home... You got a place to stay?" "I have no attachments, aside from the stuff in my house." >"Do I wanna know?" "I might've inherited my house." >"Whatever, you're staying at our place tonight. I need to try something out." >The two of you found Aria and Sonata making out in a bush. >The bluebird looked up at you and grinned. >"Hey guys, wanna join us?" >"We have to get home now Sonata, can you stop pouncing Aria for five minutes?" >"I'll have you know it took six this time." >"... Alright, getting better." >The four of you headed off to their home. >You wondered what was in store for you tonight. "You guys have a beach house?" >"We might've acquired it, yes." "Do I wanna know?" >"Not really, unless you wanna go find some treasure out in the ocean." "... Damn, that's cold." >"It's really more lukewarm if anything." "Well, none of my business anyway. Who'd you get it from?" >"Some communist lady, doesn't really matter now." "So much for equality." >"I guess some people are more equal than others." >"Besides, it was on the beach. That's OUR turf." >"Yeah, it's kinda like our home." >Aria and Sonata go inside, leaving you and Dagi alone. Again. >"I need to take you out back to try something." "Jeez, out here? In public?" >"Shut up you pervert, nobody even comes up here. Nobody cared about the previous owner either." "You sure about that?" >"Eh, didn't seem too friendly to me." "Neither do you, right now." >"You'll thank me later, now come on." "You still haven't told me what we're doing." >"I'm testing you to see if you have any powers." "Powers? What, like magic? Come on I... Well, okay I'll give you three and Sunset that, but me? I'm a normal guy." >She started dragging you by the arm. >"How do you explain the thing with the lunch table? Celestia? You ever wondered why people listen to your voice?" "I'm a nice guy?" >"No! You're a siren! And if you're not... well, I could always make you one." "Is this going to hurt?" >"Only if you don't follow my instructions." >You never asked for this. >"Go on, shout at that thing over there." "I feel silly." >"Just do it!" >You scream at the scarecrow. "What exactly did that accomplish?" >"Okay, maybe you just haven't learned to focus your power yet. Come on, how about that flock of birds over there?" >You shouted. >They all flew off. >"... Not the reaction I was hoping for, but maybe you'll have better luck talking to fish." >She called up a fish and turned its attention towards you. "Uh... hey? How's it going little guy?" >The fish stares at you for a moment. >You can feel the knowledge of the universe pouring into you. >The fact that this is actually fucking stupid dawns on you and you stop thinking about philosophical bullshit. >The fish flops back underwater and swims off. "You were saying?" >"Okay we're doing the ritual." >After calling up a bunch of fish and making a seaweed crown, Dagi started singing to you. >"Ugh, we're still getting used to not having our gems, but I should still be able to do this." >She leans in and runs her hand along your chest. >"Just sit back and relax." >Don't you dare get hard. "I'll try to be a good boy." >"Oh don't worry, we have to get a little... naughty, for the next part." >You started feeling funny after an hour of singing. "I, uh..." >"Shh, just follow me." "Any reason you're rushing me through this?" >"I just need some release. This doesn't mean I wanna date you." "Friends with benefits?" >"I'd say it's something like that, but that's giving Sonata and Aria too much credit." >She has you up in her bedroom in a couple of minutes. >"Told you he'd be in bed by tonight." >"Fuck off Aria! I won't stoop to your level! You might be desperate enough to settle for Sonata but not me!" "Should we talk about this?" >She throws you onto the bed. >How does such a small girl do that? >"No talking, only dry humping." "Shouldn't it-" >"No. You're not cumming inside of me." >She leans into your ear and whispers. >"Not yet anyway, make yourself dependable and I might consider it." >Her tongue thrusts your mouth almost as hard as you want to thrust inside of her. >But you keep it contained to satisfy her. >It was really hard to do though. >She reaches under her panties and slicks up her finger with her juices. >Before you could say a word she sticks her finger in your mouth. >"Just swallow it, trust me." >Dunno where this is going but it's fine by you. >She slides off of you and waits for whatever is going to happen. >Suddenly, your chest felt really tight. "Gah, FUCK! I HAVE SO MANY REGRETS RIGHT NOW!" >"It'll only hurt for... a few moments." >After fifteen minutes of the most painful moment in your life, you manage to sit up. "Holy shit what was that? And why do I feel like I could make a room full of girls drop their panties?" >You turn to Dagi, who is currently trying to hide her ladyboner. >"Ugh, we need to teach you how to focus your powers and how to not use them all the time." "Why? What's wrong? Anything I could he-" >"Don't, just stop. You're turning me on and that's fucking cheating, alright?" "I'd never abuse my powers like that... wait, what powers?" >"I turned you into a siren. It doesn't help that I improved your already compelling voice." "Can I try something?" >You run out to the beach and take a deep breath. >Gonna be the Dovahkiin. "FUCK YOU DAD!" >The force of your voice causes ripples to form in the water. "YOU ALWAYS SAID I WOULD NEVER AMOUNT TO ANYTHING, BUT YOU WERE WRONG!" >Dagi runs up to you and pats you on the shoulder. >"You alright? I mean, you're one of us now so I have to care a little, right?" "Sorry, had to get that out of my system. Pent up rage is fun." >"I know the feeling, all too well in fact." >Sonata and Aria come running up to you. >"Shit Dagi, did you actually do it?" >"Yay! New siren buddy!" >"Alright, he needs to learn how to control his shit." >She has Sonata and Aria stand off to the sides. >"Just, say something halfway sexy, alright?" "How would you like to get to know my fingers better?" >You saw the other two struggle to contain it as well. >"R-right, see how that affected the other two? That's useful for when you need to command a room, but for a single person? Not so much." >She rests her hands on her hips. >"Now, we're gonna get a little technical here." >"First, I'm gonna need you to focus on me. This is simple enough, just give the person you want to focus on your attention." >You decided to be cheeky. "Hey Sonata, what d'ya say we go pour chocolate syrup all over you so I can lick it all off? Nice and slowly." >She buckled under the pressure. >"Nonny, don't tease me like thaaat~ it's not nice!" >Adagio grinned, "Smartass, still, nice work." >She drops the grin. >"Still, sometimes directly commanding a person's actions is too obvious. Sometimes you'll want to simply influence them." "Hey Aria, I'd appreciate it if you could get me a glass of milk, but I understand if you don't want to." >She grunted, "F-fuck off, not gonna be your personal maid." >Dagi shrugged, "Close enough, you managed to give her pause." >"Now then, how to not make everyone drop their pants for you." >She sighed and smiled, "This one isn't very intuitive until you think about it." >"Simply tell yourself to 'turn on' an inhibitor." >You just thought about wanting a normal conversation. "You mean like this? You got really pretty eyes." >"Ugh, I'm glad you shut it off. That stupid line might've actually worked otherwise." "Anything else I should know about?" >"You can't get sick, for one. You also heal much faster than humans." >"STDs also don't affect us, and drugs are filtered out of our systems pretty much instantly." >"You also get a lot of stamina to have fun with!" "So I won the superpower jackpot?" >"I wouldn't go that far, but you do have a lot of useful utilities." >"You can heal faster, that doesn't mean you're a super man." >"Also the stamina thing is basically peak human ability." >"The STD, drug and immunity things are all pretty nice. Kinda niche though, really." >"Except for the immunity to sickness." >"True, true." "So... I'm more of a super human?" >"Don't give your species that much credit, but yes, I suppose you could say that." >Cool. You were okay with this. >You looked up at some more birds that had landed. "You guys mind if I test something out on my own?" >They looked at each other and shrugged. >"Sure, just come in when you're ready." "Thanks." >You concentrated on the birds. "Come on little guys, I wanna see if I can get anything out of you." >One of them landed on your hand. >"Hey, what's up boss?" "Huh, so this is how Fluttershy feels." >"Shit, you know her? She's a legend in our community man. Think you could tell her she has our thanks?" "Of course, so, what's your name?" >"Toriyama." "Have you taught a dinosaur to ride a ball?" >"... I can't confirm or deny that." "This is surreal." >"Hey, you chose to talk to a bird. Just a second ago you couldn't even understand us." "It's been a weird day." >"Tell me about it, well, I gotta go. My flock needs me." "Alright, see you later." >Toriyama flew back to his flock. >So majestic. >You walked back into the house. "You guys never told me you could-" >Phone ringing, damn it. >It's your mom. "Hey mom, how's it going?" >"Hi sweetie, I was just wondering how you were doing. Everything alright?" "Yeah, I'm uh, kinda hanging out with some girls." >"Oh! Have you finally got yourself a girlfriend?" "W-well not yet but uh, I'm working on it?" >"Aw, well, I'm sure whoever she is she's a great lady. I believe in you, now go knock 'em dead! Um, not literally though." "I figured, thanks mom." >"Love you honey!" "Love you too mom." >As you hung up the phone, Aria couldn't help but snicker at you. "Sh-shut up, I know I'm a mama's boy. Dad's alright but he pokes fun at me a bit much." >"I think it's super sweet!" >"I have to admit, it was a little touching to see you talking to your mom." >"Whatever, you guys are dorks." >"Come on Aria, don't be such a downer." >"... Okay, maybe just a little bit. But that's all." >"I thought you were pissed at your dad." "Eh, not really. I've always wanted to have an excuse to scream 'fuck you dad' though, so there's that." >You walk over to Adagio fiddling with a box. >"Out of these, eh, waste of money anyway. I've mostly been experimenting with shit." >She walks over and wraps her arm around your waist. >"I could experiment with you... hah, nah. I'm not that easy." "Stop teasing me like that." >"Just getting back at you for earlier." "I couldn't even control my powers then." >You were starting to get a headache. "I'm really not used to this stuff. Think I'm gonna go lie down." >They all gathered around you. >"You okay Nonny?" >"Yeah dude, you don't look so good." >"Just shut up and get him on our bed! I'm not losing another one." >They dragged you into their room and laid you down. >"You really shouldn't exert yourself so much in the beginning. We lose too many sirens because they think they can suddenly take on the world." >They formed a cuddle pile on you. "Heh, I should exert myself more if I get this kind of treatment." >"Just, please shut up and go to sleep, alright? I knew we did this on a weekend for a reason." >"Why couldn't you be smarter, Anon?" "How was I supposed to know I was going to become Aquaman?" >Sonata chimes in, "Technically you're cooler than him, but I do like his energy. He's got that attitude going for him at least!" "... Yeah, okay. Sure whatever. That's fine, no that's cool." >"Sorry, I can't be the dumb one all the time." >You went to sleep in a blanket of cuddles. >You wake up with a pile of girls on you. >Aw yeah. "So..." >You nudge Dagi awake. "You said you'd done this before. How many times?" >"... Twelve?" "You hesitated." >"... Twenty-seven." "Fuck, that's harsh." >"I remember each and every face. It's my responsibility, damn it!" "Never said it wasn't." >She stares, "You're supposed to tell me it's not my fault and it's okay." "You wanted to take responsibility." >"I can't fault you for being honest, but I can smack you." >She slaps you across the face. "Alright, I was kinda asking for that one." >You pause. "... Could you do it again?" >She punches you. "Thanks." >"No problem." >"Would you two shut up?" >"Yeah, trying to sleep here." >You rest your head on Dagi's lap. >"What do you think you're doing?" "Takin' a nap." >"You can't just-" "Watch me." >You snuggled into her legs and let the warmth overtake you. >"Oh whatever, have fun you weirdo." >You were finally in dreamland. >The usual boring stuff. >Kaijus, some ponies for whatever reason, and a bunch of video game stuff. >"Yo, sup?" >You turned to see a big green fishman. "The fuck are you?" >"I'm you! Well, technically I'm more like... uh, lemme look around for a good example." >He concentrates for a moment. >"A... Stand? Fuck are those?" "Man, this has been a bizarre adventure." >"You haven't really seen anything yet, but check it." >He wraps his arm around you. >"You get pissed off enough, you can summon me, and we can kick some ass together." "I'm not a fighter." >He rolls his eyes, "Fine, you can use me to scare others off. That make you feel better?" "A little, so... why are you here?" >"Every siren has a power inside of them. It's unique to them, it's what makes them special." "I figured we all had the same powers." >"Pfft, why do you think Sonata is so cute? Or how Aria... uh, I'll get back to you on that." "And Dagi got domination?" >"Calm down there son, you'd think you're into that." "... Fuck off man." >"You started it." "And you're finishing it... Ah, this is weird." >"Tell us about it." "Stop that, you're only making it more confusing. You little shit." >"Oh yeah! Aria is the tomboy, course she got toughness and hotness." "The fuck did I get?" >"Well, it's a good thing you aren't much of a fighter anyway, you got speed son." >He zooms around you. >"Gotta go fast, as they say." >He shouts to the sky. >"You also have a particularly potent voice." "I guess I'm a quick man, with a voice that could make a dragon quake." >"Hey don't get cheeky with me, I know what you're trying to pull here." "Fuck, that's right you're in my head." >"Damn straight, I know everything in this kinky brain of yours." "..." >"OH COME ON DON'T MAKE RULE THIRTY FOUR OF ME! DAMN IT!" "Don't make fun of my video game jokes then, how about that?" >"ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT! JUST STOP IT!" >"So, any other questions?" "Just one." >"Shoot." "Why are you only part fish?" >"You weren't born as a siren. Humans are a special lot though, I'm sure with enough practice you'll be just as powerful as a full-blooded siren." >He gives you a pat on the back, "After all, you already had a compelling voice. Adagio basically supercharged you." "I guess..." >"Don't be so glum, chum! It's not so bad, after all you've got me now! Just don't try and take on the world." >He snaps his fingers and dons a genie outfit, "I'm not a miracle worker." "Never said I wanted the world." >"Good, try and keep it that way. It can be hard to resist the temptations of power as a siren." "I'll keep that in mind, from the sound of it these three have lost a lot of good people." >"Please don't be another statistic, if not for your sake then please do it for hers." >You chuckled. "Sure thing... uh, what should I call you?" >"Hmm... Sirenonymous?" "Bit cheesy, but alright Sirenon." >You finally woke up. >Shaking the drowsiness out of your head, you turned to Dagi. >She looked so peaceful laying there, a smile on her face as she slept. >Unfortunately, your movement woke her up. >She stopped cradling you in her lap when she realized what she was doing. "Somebody likes being the big spoon." >"Not one word... so, how well did you sleep?" "Pretty well, met Sirenon. Pretty cool guy." >"What?" "Y'know... the uh, inner siren? I don't really know how to explain it to you." >"Don't you dare try and take on the world. Don't fucking listen to him!" >She was shaking you, a hint of fear hidden behind her anger. "He actually told me not to do that. Not entirely sure why, but I think part of it was his own fear." >She looked confused, "You are a special one. That wasn't just your inner siren, that's a reflection of your desires." "Guess I'm just content, maybe itching for a good fight, but other than that I'm good." >She gave a sigh of relief, "Hopefully." "Why are you so worried?" >"Because you have potential, and because for all the shit I give my... my sisters, I do care about you guys." "This is surprisingly sweet, what's the catch?" >"No catch, just don't get used to it. A leader has to care about her followers." "Can't argue there, wanna go grab breakfast?" >"I just hope those two didn't eat everything already." "Heh, I'm sure they couldn't pack that much away that quickly." >"You've never seen Sonata during Taco Tuesday, have you?" "... Yeah, okay let's go." >You managed to make it before all the pancakes were gone. >Though, there was only one left. >"You can have it, I'll just get something else." "No, get over here and sit down." >"Tch, asshole." >She couldn't help but sit next to you. >Sure, you were cheating a little, but you had to give yourself a bit of an edge with this girl. >You fed her half of your pancake. >"I can feed myself you know?" "If I let you do that you'd just run off on me." >She grins, "You're not wrong, you might be a smartass, but at least you're a clever one." "What can I say? I had a feeling that's what would happen." >You can see the faintest of blushes on her cheeks, "Still, this does feel nice. Being treated like a princess." >You stole a kiss on her forehead as she closed her eyes for the next bite. >"... F-fucker." >She was cute when you teased her like that. >Payback's a bitch. "You aren't the only tease here." >She smiled, "Guess I deserved that one." >Aria and Sonata just giggled the entire time. >"Right, we're gonna go do some stuff on the beach with Anon." >"Why? We're at the beach all the time." >"Because he's here now, and it's easy enough to do." >"You just wanna show off your bikini, don't you Dagi?" >She raised a finger to argue, but shrugged. >"You got me Sonata, still, you two got your own ready, right?" >They nodded. >"Good, we're gonna put on a bit of a show for Anon here." "Thought you didn't like me like that?" >"I don't, but I can't help but be a tease. It's in our nature." >"It's in your nature, I just like being the cute one." >At least you could confirm that she was self-aware. >"I'd much rather do something more physical, like a race, but I guess this is fine too." >They made you wait outside while they fixed themselves up. >You didn't really understand why, the only person they would be impressing is you. >A crab shimmied by. "Howdy, friend." >"Hey there pal, how ya doin' today?" "Pretty good, had a pancake breakfast. What about you?" >"I got to snip some douchebag hermit crab in the face." "There are crab gang wars?" >"You act like humans are the only ones that can do awful things." "I just didn't expect crab politics is all." >"They're just as shitty as human politics." "Fair enough." >"I'm out, gotta get home to the missus." "Seeya later dude." >He wiggled off. >Crabs are cool. >"Hey Nonny! We're here!" "Hey girls, what took so lo- oh wow." >Sonata was wearing a cute pink one-piece. >Aria was wearing a purple surfer suit. "Wait, why?" >"Felt like it. If you don't like my ass you don't really need to see the rest of me, I figure." >Adagio was wearing an orange bikini. >The thing really accentuated her hips while drawing attention away from her rather flat chest. "I... uh, wow." >She chuckles and walks over to you, dragging her fingers along your shoulders before giving you a massage. >"I know, I'm pretty great." >A thought occurred to you. "Say, can you summon your things?" >They looked at each other. >"They're still resting, they were blown up at the battle of the bands." "Mine said he'd come out if I was pissed off enough, but maybe if I concentrate..." >Sirenon appeared behind you. >Humming a tune and taking a shower. "Why would you even do that? You don't have a physical body?" >He let out a fake gasp, "Rude! You could've at least warned me you'd be showing me off!" "Thought I had to get pissed off?" >"I was just hoping you'd let me fight someone. Truth be told you can summon me whenever." >"Man that's bullshit, we had to charge our inner sirens up." "Guess it's because I'm part human." >Sirenon walks over to Dagi. >"Wow she IS pretty, I can see why you like her!" "Dude shut up." >"No, please do go on, I'd love to hear everything he has to say about me!" >You recalled him. "Back you go." >"You're no fun." "Wasn't gonna let him spill everything just like that." >"Whatever, wanna hop in the water with us?" "Wait, wha-" >Sonata dragged you out into the lake. "Could've warned me a bit better." >"Sorry." >Dagi was laying on a towel, holding a bottle of sunscreen. >"Anon, your princess needs you." >"Nonny, come play with us!" >"Save it Sonata, this is something he needs to do." >"But-" >"We can play with him later, right now he has to make Dagi happy." >"Why does she have to ruin our fun?" >"Hey, he's the one that decided to try and impress her." >"Oh yeah, I feel kinda sorry for him but it is a little funny." >You get to work on Dagi's back. >"Mhmm, you are good with those hands of yours. How are you so good at what you do? What's your secret?" >You'd hoped she wouldn't ask this. "Just, look if I'm not good at something I just practice alright?" >The one thing you were never good at is lying. >Mommymous raised you better than that. >"Now I'm really curious, I need to know all the juicy details." >Your massage quickened. "I don't want to talk about it." >She sat up and grabbed your arms. >"Tell me, now." >People were always wondering why you were good at so many things. >Too bad they didn't know you were a wreck on the inside. >"Seriously, this is a change from your usual carefree attitude." "Yeah? Well maybe I'm just a little sick of having to meet expectations!" >You started pacing the beach, keeping yourself calm. "I mean, what else am I supposed to do when my big bro just up and leaves one day?!" >He was your hero, the rock that was always there for you to lean on. >Then he just ran off. >And all the burden fell to you. "Everybody expected me to pick up the slack, they started comparing me to my brother instead of looking at who I am!" >This rant had been a long time coming. >Now was as good a time as any. "I have to constantly make sure I'm as good at everything as my brother was! The guy was an ace!" >You started tearing up despite your anger. "We always said that we'd never leave each other. As pissed as I am at him running off, I do worry about him every day." >You clenched your fists. "Day in, day out. Constantly on edge I'll fuck up, but I gotta keep up appearances despite that!" >Some people wished they were good at a lot of things. >What they don't realize is that it also means people look to you when they need help. "I can help people out all I want, the minute I make a mistake that's what they'll remember!" >Dagi came up behind you and gave you a hug. >"Calm down, you can't let your emotions get the best of you." "Calm down? I HAVEN'T HAD A CHANCE TO RELAX IN YEARS!" >Her grip tightened. >"Please, stop this." "I've wanted to stop this fucking charade for ages! I just, I can't! I have to be the champion my brother was supposed to be!" >"I think you're over-exaggerating." "I wish I was Dagi, I really do. But the fact is a lot of people looked up to my brother, and now I have to fill his shoes!" >You were sick of being put on a pedestal. >"Anon, you're scaring them." >You looked to Aria and Sonata. >You'd expected Sonata to get frightened. >But the look on Aria's face brought you back to reality. "Oh shit." >"Don't forget that your voice can project emotions. That rant came from your heart, and it shows." "... I'm sorry, I just... I guess that was the last straw. I had to let it all out." >You collapsed on the ground. "I just want my brother back." >She rubbed your back. >"There there, I'm sure if your brother is as great as you say he is he'll be just fine." "Can I hold you for a bit?" >She smiled, "Normally I'd say no, but you need a hug right now." >You wrapped your arms around her and just sat there. >Aria and Sonata finally snapped out of their shock and ran over for a group hug. >You started crying. "I hadn't told anybody how I felt, you guys are the first." >"Why trust us?" "Because you wouldn't know any of that, I needed somebody that wouldn't just blow me off as being a drama queen." >They all rested their heads on you. >"It's okay Nonny, we're here for you." "Thanks guys." >Dagi looked into your eyes, "You okay now?" >You wiped your tears away. "Yeah, I feel a little better. That took a lot of weight off of my shoulders." >Keeping it bottled up was killing you. >She grinned, "Good, now go take a rest." "Why're you being so nice?" >"Do I need a reason to be nice? I know I can be a bitch but I'm not heartless." >You chuckled. "Always know just what to say huh?" >"No, but I am good at making it up as I go." "That makes two of us." >You stood up and dusted yourself off. "I'll see you guys later I guess, I'll just be on the couch." >You went back inside and changed into your normal clothes. >You'd really only brought what was on you but the Dazzlings had swimming trunks for the occasion. >There were some new messages on your phone. >Could've sworn you texted mom and told her where you were staying for the weekend. >It was Sunset Shimmer. >For some reason she felt the need to give you her number. >Something about calling her if you needed to talk. >Apparently she heard you were hanging out with the Dazzlings. >"Hey Anon, you there?" >"You okay?" >"We're getting a little worried." >Better not make the most popular girls in school worried over you. "I'm fine, we were just hanging out on the beach." >You didn't have to wait long. >"Oh thank goodness, you're alright! What have they done to you?" "Well, aside from turning me into a siren, they've been pretty normal all things considered." >"Haha, good one Anon. Seriously, what did they do?" "If you don't believe me I can show you. Where are you guys at?" >"We're on our way over there now." "How do you know where we are?" >"Fluttershy has connections." >Clever girl. "Please don't start a fight or anything." >"I can't make any promises Anon." >Son of a bitch, were you seriously gonna have to defuse this situation? >They came rolling up in an SUV. >Sunset was the first one out. >She ran up to you and gave you a hug. >"I'm so glad you're okay!" >You stood there awkwardly before giving her a pat on the back. "Thanks? I didn't realize I'd need saving." >"Those girls are trouble Anon, especially Adagio." "Okaaay... let me put it to you in a way you'll understand." >You sighed. "I am teaching them the magic of friendship. Or something, I dunno. Point is, they aren't that bad." >"You're joking, right? You have enough on your plate without having to worry about those three." "How would you know what I have on my plate? I know what I'm getting myself into." >She flinched, "Sorry, I know it isn't right to assume, but I'm just worried about you." "Worried about me like Flash?" >Dash whistled, "Ouch, low blow. This is why I like you Anon." >"N-no, I just don't want to see you get hurt." "Sorry, that was a dick move on my part." >"Anon? Do we have guests?" >Shit. >"Sorry about that, we were at the bea-" >Fuck. >"What are they doing here?" "Sunny got worried about me. Told her I was fine." >"How did they even find us?" "Fluttershy commands nature." >"Right." "Oh, speaking of which, there was a bird called Toriyama that told me to tell you thanks." >Fluttershy smiled, "I always like his tales of whimsy. They're so action-packed, it makes my heart race!" >She thought for a moment, "You can understand them too?!" "I can now that I'm a siren." >"Seriously Anon, that joke wasn't good enough to repeat." >You summoned Sirenon. >"Hey boss what's happening? Oh hey, we have guests!" >"Oh my, he's so... handsome." >Rarity fainted. "You were saying?" >AJ and Dash were supporting Rarity and trying to wake her up. >Sirenon stuck his hand out to Sunset. >"Howdy! My name's Sirenon, I presume you're Miss Shimmer?" >She timidly shook his hand, "Sunset is fine, thanks." >You recalled him. "Still getting used to this siren thing. Can't exert myself too much." >"He seems like a nice guy." >"I bet he's great at parties!" >Sunset looked at the two of them in disbelief. >"Well he is part fish, you know I love nature." >"I like his spunk! He's got moxie!" >She pinched the bridge of her nose. >"Whatever, we can still fix thi-" "Fix? You act like this is a bad thing." >"I don't want you to be the next villain, alright?" >Dagi cleared her throat, "Actually, from what we've seen there are only a couple of things he wants." >"Stay out of this, cheese puff." >"Oh don't even go there bacon hair!" >Aria and Sonata were chatting with the other girls. >"Oh! We could have a taco party!" >"I have been in the mood for Mexican..." >"Sounds like it'd be fun!" >Aria was comparing muscles with AJ and Dash. >"Not bad, we should hang sometime." >"Y'know, when you ain't trying to take over the world you aren't so bad." >"Yeah, you seem pretty cool." >Meanwhile these two were going at it. >"Maybe if you didn't try and take Anon I wouldn't be here right now!" >"Maybe if you realized he wants to be with us you'd shut up!" >"Why would he ever want to hang out with you guys?!" >They were face to face. >Huh, was Sunset really that short? Must be the lack of boots. >Rarity was coming to. >You motioned for her to give you a hand. >The two of you pulled them away from each other. >"Darling, calm down! This isn't like you!" >"How are you guys okay with this?!" >"Aria, Sonata! Show this girl how we do it under the sea!" >"Nah, this is your fight. We're happy to just chat with these guys." >Sunny looked at you in desperation. >"Just, gimme a reason! I need to know why!" >You turned Dagi around and picked her up. >She can be pissed at you later. >You gave her a kiss. >It was brief and passionate. >Dagi grinned and whispered, "I can't even get mad, that was a good move on your part." >Rarity had dropped Sunset and started fanning herself, "Goodness, that was... intense. Oh dear." >Sunny just looked dejected. "I think we broke her." >Dagi looked at her and frowned. >"I know that feeling all too well. Give me a moment." >She gave her a hug, "Look, I sort of hate your guts right now, but I do feel a little bad about this whole thing." >She laughed, "At least you have good taste in men. Well, okay there was Flash but we all make mistakes." >"Aw come on, he wasn't that bad." >"Dear, he had the personality of a cardboard cutout. He hit all the checkmarks for stereotypical nice guy." >"I guess you got a point." >"And that hair, there's no way that's natural." >"What about YOUR hair?" >"I'll have you know our hair is fine with just a good brushing. Not to mention quality shampoo." >"What brand do you use?" >"I'd have to check, but it's a fifty dollar bottle." >"Damn, that's a lot for shampoo." >"It has to be big enough for our hair." >"Now that I think about it, Flash did have a lot of gel." >"See that's what I'm talking about, if he likes that hair so much he should marry it." >"Yeah, I could never get back together with him after seeing how much he obsesses over it." >"I mean really, hair is nice and all, but there's no need to treat it like a pet or a person." >"Right?! I remember one day he told me, 'Naw babe, don't worry I'll be down in a minute!' and guess how late he was for our date?" >"Thirty minutes?" >"Double that." >"Some people." >"Tell me about it." >"I can see why you'd try and take over the world if you had to put up with idiots like that." >"Guess I just needed a friend." >"... I guess we did too." >They looked at each other for a bit. >Their smiles grew and they started laughing. >"Ah, we were fighting over something stupid." "Hey." >"You decided to hang with us, that was pretty dumb on your part." "I didn't realize I needed a permit to be friends with people." >Sunset chuckled, "I guess I can't change your mind then?" "Sorry, I'm loyal." >"Well, if things don't work out you can always give me a call." >"Don't push your luck, little miss bacon." >"Wouldn't dream of it, cheese puff." >Rarity intervened, "Well, we should be going. Maybe you could teach me how you keep your hair so well-maintained sometime!" >"Seeya later Anon, hope things work out. Sorry I ruined your day." >You waved her off. "Ah don't worry about it, we're cool." >She giggled, "Alright then, have fun!" >They drove off and left the four of you alone. >"Sonata, Aria, go inside. I need to have a chat with Anon." >"Yes sir." >"Aria she's a girl." >"... Let's just go." >They strutted and skipped past you. >Dagi turned to you and frowned. >"You were awfully forward." "I didn't know what else to do." >"And I was saving that for when you proved yourself to be dependable!" "I thought that was the sex?" >She grabbed your shirt and pulled you down to her level. >"Be serious for a minute, I know that's hard for you to do, but I'm trying to talk to you." >You booped her nose. >"S-stop that! Ugh, how can someone so competent be so foolish?" "Cause I like you." >She scrunched her face, "I'd be lying if I said I didn't like you a little bit too." "Why are you so hard to get close to?" >"Because I need to know I can trust you." >Her breathing was getting a little labored. >"I just don't know how to deal with this alright?!" "Deal with what?" >"Romance! I don't know the first thing about it, I've never had the chance to experience it!" >You give her a hug. >"We're a couple of wrecks, aren't we?" "Sure, but maybe we can fix each other." >She smiled, "... Maybe." "Is that a yes?" >She giggled, "Sure, why not?" >"... What's this feeling in my chest?" "It's that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you realize someone likes you back." >"... It's the same as the day I met those two." >She teared up, "It's been so long since I felt this way." >You gave her a pat on the back. "Don't worry, just let it all out." >She shook her head and wiped away the tears. >"Sorry, this probably seems weird to you." "Just a little." >"You have to understand I have no idea what to do in a relationship like this." "It's pretty simple actually, it's like how you love Aria and Sonata but different." >"And that means?" "We can make out without people being freaked out by you guys being sort of like sisters?" >"Good enough, I guess." "Yeah, it's basically like having a best friend you want to hang out with constantly." >She sniffled, "Can you... pick me up again? It felt nice." >You cradled her in your arms. >"Thanks, you have such a nice view up here." "I suppose, but you shouldn't feel bad about being short. It's pretty cute after all." >She blushed, "Shut up, I'm not that short." "Whatever helps you sleep at night." >"Asshole." "Love you too." >Tomorrow was gonna be a fun day. >"So Dagi, what did you two talk about?" >"Shut up Aria." >She jabs Sonata in the side with her elbow. >"Told you, I was right as usual." >Sonata forks over a fiver. >"You guys bet on me?!" >Sonata has a blank look on her face. >"Yes." "I'm surprised you only bet five bucks." >"Eh, had a feeling you'd pull through." "Thanks?" >"No problem." >Sonata was fidgeting in her seat. >"Aw I'm just happy things turned out like this." >You sat down in the middle of the couch, between the two of them. >Still holding Dagi in your arms, of course. >Sonata pushed her face against Dagi's. >"I saw you smiling, I know you're happier than you're letting on!" >"As silly as you are, nothing gets past you, does it?" "Think I'll just take a power nap." >"Don't you go scaring me like this." >She gives you a kiss. >"We still get energy from love, it's just a lot easier to cause trouble." "I'm pretty sure this time I'm just tired, actually." >She blushed, "Well, yeah, but if you weren't then you'd be thanking me." >You smiled and gave her a hug, brushing your hand across her face and looking into her eyes. >You wanted to say something sweet. "Thanks, gonna sleep now. Too tired to come up with a better response." >Close enough. >That was a good nap. >Huh, somebody has a huge blanket. >Dagi had fallen asleep on your shoulder. >Were you really out that long? >Sonata was to your left, curled up into a ball and letting out little snores. >Aria didn't even bother getting comfy, she just leaned her head back and fell asleep. >"Mhm, oh yeah Anon... oh yeah." >What's this? >"Rub my back, thanks, I love you." "Someone is having fun." >Dagi almost smacked you in the chin with how fast she woke up. >"What? Why'd the back rub sto- damn it." "Sorry babe." >"Whatever, I'm gonna go fix some coffee." >She slid out of the blanket without disturbing the other two. >You sat there for a while, just waiting for her to get the coffee ready. >This was pretty comfy. >"Yay, now we can all be friends..." >You smiled, sweet girl, if a bit ditzy. >"Ugh, I guess fuckin' so..." >Well, at least you can say Aria is consistent. >You wondered if you talked in your sleep. >Dagi came back with some coffee. >"Here, drink up." >This was some damn good coffee. >She sat her cup down and snuggled back up to you before picking it back up. "So, this is a thing now." >"Yep." "It feels nice, just relaxing like this." >"Honestly? It kind of does. We haven't been able to stop since we got here." "Heh, sounds like you had the same problem as me." >She smiled, "Not quite, but I can understand your frustration." >She took a sip of her coffee, and leaned against your shoulder. >"So, I gotta ask, why me? I'm a curious girl by nature." "I dunno, just something about you. The way you walk, the way you talk, your can-do attitude. I like that you take charge and don't take shit from people." >She let out a chuckle, "My, I'm glad you think so. Sometimes it's a little hard to get these two to listen." >You laid your hand on hers. >She wrapped her fingers around your hand. >"This is nice." "It really is." >You gave her a peck on the cheek. >"... Thanks." >Your phone was ringing. >Not a number you recognized. "Hello?" >"Yo, what's up Anon? I'm comin' to see you on your birthday!" "... Who is this?" >"Hah, like you don't recognize your big bro's voice!" "I do, just needed to make sure I hadn't fallen off the deep end." >"I'll bring a cake, and let you meet this girl I've been taking care of." "What? You ran off for a girl?!" >"It ain't like that, I got a job offer from her parents and figured I could use a change of scenery." "What the fuck?! Not even a goodbye?!" >"I told dad about it, he said he'd make sure mom didn't know. She'd only hold me back." "But what about me?! I thought you said we'd never leave each other!" >"Well, I'll see you soon bro!" "Don't you fucking hang up on me!" >The call ended. "MOTHERFUCKER!" >You didn't know whether to feel angry, sad, or overjoyed. >"You okay Nonny?" >You went to your happy place. >A place of colorful equines trotting around having a good time. "I'm just fine, I'm only a little bit absolutely livid." >"Oh, okay then!" >"Sonata." >"Yes Aria?" >"He was being sarcastic." >"Oh... okay then!" >"I for one am interested in how this plays out." "Knowing him he'll probably bring the Rainbooms too." >"Why did you two get all buddy-buddy with them anyway?" >"Much as I hate the Rainbooms, I like fucking with you more." >"Pinkie seemed nice! We're gonna have a Taco Party sometime! Of all the foods I've eaten here, those are probably the tastiest." "Right, well, there's no point worrying about it right now. We should get to bed. Gotta wake up early tomorrow." >"The weekends never seem to last, do they?" >You shut your locker. "Gotta go through this shit again." >"Hey Anon, how's it going?" >It was Sunset. "Oh, hey Sunny. You heard anything from my brother about coming back?" >"W-what? No, why would I be in touch with him?" "Don't give me that bullshit, he called me yesterday." >"Oh... sorry, I would've told you sooner but-" "Just, don't. I spent years worrying about him." >"I wasn't a very good person back then, and-" "You're right. You weren't, but you should've told me when you had the chance." >"... I'm sorry." "Sorry doesn't always cut it." >She tried to give you a kiss, but you pushed her away. "I also don't know why you have this crush on me, but it's never going to happen. Ever." >You'd have to ask your brother about that. >Knowing him, he'd probably have an answer. >He always did. >You ran into AJ on the way to class. >"Howdy sugar, how's it going?" "Bit weird, Sunset tried to kiss me." >"She has been a bit obsessed with you lately. I don't rightly know why, but I'm sure your bro- ah shoot, your brother would know." "Thanks, he kinda called me the other day." >"Sorry sugar, I would've told you, you know that much. I promised him I wouldn't though." "I know you would've, I'm not holding it against you. You pride yourself on your word." >She places a hand on your shoulder. >"What you're doing is a good thing, the Dazzlings need someone like you in their lives." "Thanks, but I wouldn't take all the credit. They had the potential to become better people, they just needed someone to push them in the right direction." >"I suppose you're right, just don't go breaking her heart Anon." "I'll try not to, I think I wanna keep her around." >She smiled, "Well good, now get on to class." >You chuckled. "What about you?" >"Ah, the teacher knows I'm good for it." "Course you are." >You threw your hand up as you walked away. "Later AJ." >You were sitting through Ms. Cadenza's class. >Everybody just called her Cadence. >Apparently she had a good singing voice. >All you knew is that for one, she had great tits and an amazing ass. >And for two, she was dating the security guard, Shining Armor. >Cool guy, apparently he has a little sister in the city. >Dash was poking you in the side. >"Psst, dude come on I need details." "I told you, we cuddled and went to sleep." >"That's it? No sex?" "Bro, we haven't even had a date yet." >"No, but you DID cuddle." "Bitches love hugs, get that bitch a hug." >"Don't fucking try and meme on me." "Is that even a phrase?" >"You know what is a phrase? Fuck you, that's what." "Maybe I don't want you up in my business, ever think of that?" >"I'm your bro, dude come on now don't be like this." >Cadence was looking at the two of you. >"You done having your moment? I'd hate to interrupt, please do go on." "I blame Dash." >"DUDE!" "She would not stop getting all up in my business, I think you should send her to the office for being a cu- bad person." >"... I'm going to ignore that slip and get back to what I was teaching." >It was a good thing she was such a cool fucking teacher. >"Not cool bro, not cool." "What's not cool is you harassing me." >"I'm not hustling you." "Don't fucking go there alright? Not in the mood for your jokes. You aren't that stupid." >"... No, I'm not... wait, did you just-" "Yes, I did. Now shut up." >She didn't have anything to say to that. >"... Jerk." >Maybe a little bit. >The rest of the day was like a blur. >This stuff had to pile onto you right now, didn't it? >You almost forgot to add your brother's number to your phone. >As you were walking out the front doors of the school, you decided to give him a call. "Pick up the damn phone." >"Yo, what's up?" "Bro, it's me." >"Hey Anon, how's it going?" "I want to know why the fuck Sunset tried to kiss me, for one." >"Oh damn, she actually fell in love with you? I told her just to keep an eye on you." "Yeah, well I already have a... a girlfriend. That's gonna take some getting used to." >"Hah! Nice one man, who's the lucky lady?" "Adagio Dazzle." >"Never heard of her, must be good if you picked her though. I'm still looking for the right one." "I'm sure you won't have trouble getting her if you find her." >"Well, y'know, I am your big brother after all." "Yeah... I worried about you all those years, y'know?" >"Ah come on, it was only like... two or three years?" "That's not the point, it felt twice as long because you didn't even give me a goodbye." >"Eh, it'll be fine, I'm already showing up to your birthday party, right?" "You do know how old I'll be, right?" >"Of course! You're gonna be nineteen. I should know, I'm twenty one." "Yep, always just a step or two ahead of me, huh big bro?" >"What can I say? I'm pretty great." "I can't even be mad because you're not wrong. Or maybe I'm more mad because you're right." >"Heh, well, you know I'm always here for you." "Yeah, thanks bro. Love you man, talk to you later." >"Seeya Anon!" >He might like to brag, but you couldn't deny he had the skills to back it up. >"Hey Anon, how was your day?" "It was pretty good Dagi, you?" >"Well, I had to put up with Rarity blabbering on about hair, but other than that it was fine I suppose." "Wanna go grab a milkshake?" >"Sure, sounds nice." >Donut Joe made the best milkshakes. >"Here's yer favorite Anon, the mint with chocolate syrup, and a strawberry milkshake for the lady." "Thanks Joe, you're the best." >"Ah, I'm just doin' my job. I 'preciate it though kid, thanks." >Dagi started sipping her milkshake. "Might as well call my dad while I'm at it, you don't mind do you?" >She let out a hearty chuckle, "Oh I need to be here for this." >Ring. >Ring. >Ring. >"Hello?" "Hey there dad." >"Oh, hi Junior." >"Junior?" >You'd explain later. "Just wanted to call and find out why you lied to us for three years." >"... Son, you have five seconds to explain yourself." "My brother called me dad, you KNEW where he went." >"Your mother would've only held him back, you know that." "And what about me?" >"What about you?" "Don't I get a say in this?! DO I NOT DESERVE A GOODBYE?!" >"At least now you don't have to worry about pleasing anybody, your brother is coming back, at least for a while." "THE FUCK, DAD?!" >"Don't use that language with me boy!" "I'LL USE WHATEVER FUCKING LANGUAGE I WANT TO! YOU'RE A FUCKING ASSHOLE!" >"THAT MIGHT BE TRUE BUT AT LEAST I'M NOT A PUSSY!" "FUCK YOU DAD, I TRUSTED YOU!" >"AT LEAST YOUR BROTHER CAN GET A GIRLFRIEND!" "JOKES ON YOU DICKHEAD, I HAVE ONE NOW!" >"Son?" "What. What could you possibly have to say after that?" >"... I'm proud of you." >You took a moment to calm down. "Yeah, sure thanks dad. Whatever." >"Love you son." "Love you too dad." >Dagi stared at you. "What? That's how we normally argue. It's fine." >"Whatever you say Anon..." >"Why Junior?" "Since my brother's name is so close to mine they took to calling me Junior." >"And you took to calling him 'bro' I presume?" "We sometimes joked about Brononymous, but that sounded dumb." >"I assure you, that nickname sounded better in your head." "Yeah... So, what's the deal with Aria and Sonata?" >"What isn't their deal? Aria can be a bit of a bitch but she cares deep down, I think." "And Sonata?" >"She's like a puppy. Goofy, a bit ditzy, energetic, happy... and loyal. How do you think she puts up with Aria's insults?" "I kinda figured it was something like that." >"Don't let her fool you though, she can get rather... naughty." "I'll make sure to take advantage of that." >"ANON!" "Made you react, didn't I?" >She realized you were pulling her leg and started blushing. >"Should've known, but I can never quite tell with you." "I'm great at being a smartass." >"I know. So am I." >You thought about it for a moment. "Does this count as a date?" >"I... guess it does? They don't have to be fancy, do they?" "I suppose not. Wanna go meet up with Aria and Sonata?" >"I'd rather it was just the two of us. So we can get to know each other a bit better." "I'm fine with that." >The two of you walked to the park. "So, what-" >You were interrupted by a certain trio of freshmen. >"Howdy 'Non! Can we hang out with you?" >The "Cutie Crusaders" had taken a liking to you after you stood up for them when Diamond Tiara was complaining about some nonsense. >You looked over to Dagi. >"... Aw sure, bringing the freshmen along couldn't hurt our date, could it?" >If only she knew. >"So what're you doin' with Dagi, Anon?" "We WERE on a private date, but then you showed up." >"Why're you dating her?" "Why not?" >"She tried to take over the school?" "So did Sunset." >"Good point. I don't know why not I guess." >Scootaloo was riding her scooter. >Who the fuck names their kid Scootaloo? >Nice girl though, if a bit brash. >"So Anon, when are you two gonna, y'know?" "I'm not having this conversation with you. It feels illegal." >"Come on Anon, we know what sex is." "Sweetie Belle don't do this to me man." >Flash Sentry was playing ball in the park. >He kicked it over to you and you caught it. "Flash..." >"Anon..." >The two of you walked up to each other, glaring daggers through the other's skull. >Then you gave him a high-five and shared a laugh. >"How's it hangin' man?" "Kinda hanging out with Dagi and the Crusaders." >"Mind if I join?" >You look back at Dagi. >She sighed, "Might as well." >Why did you get the feeling this was going to be a long day? >"OH, NONNY!" >Damn it Pinkie. >You ended up having an entourage follow you and Dagi around. >You talked to Flash about your brother, and the Crusaders gave you no end of fun. >Fun in this case means trouble. >Pinkie... well, she was Pinkie. "This is real nice and all, but could you guys maybe leave us alone?" >They all looked at each other and shrugged. >"Sure, whatever you say man, later." "I'm really sorry about that, it got out of hand pretty quick." >"It's fine, well, the freshmen were. And Pinkie, I guess." "Flash isn't THAT bad." >"He was delightful when he was going on about sports or his hair. Or, ugh, Twilight." "Yeah, okay, maybe you have a point." >"Still, it was... interesting, to say the least." "I'll try and have a more private date next time." >"Don't beat yourself up, it wasn't your fault." >You couldn't help but feel bad though. >You walked her home. >You didn't exactly want to go back to your home. "I uh... guess I should get going." >She grabbed your wrist. >"You don't HAVE to go, y'know?" "Yeah, you're right. I'm technically an adult." >"And besides, you're safe with us." "I should learn more about my powers before I go out on my own." >"Plus I like having you here. Something about you just completes the group, I don't know what it is yet, but there's something to you." >You smiled. "I guess we'll find out eventually, huh?" >You gave her a pat on the back and went inside the house. >Aria and Sonata were in the middle of a game of cards. >"Four queens! Beat that, blueberry!" >Sonata laid out four aces. >"HOW THE FUCK?!" >"I dunno, I have dumb luck. Literally." >"You aren't that stupi- damn it you got me to say it." >"Aww, thanks Aria!" >"You know I don't like you putting yourself down. Only I get to do that." >"And me." >She turned and rolled her eyes. >"Of course, master." >You kicked your shoes off. "Right, so when do we get to jump in?" >"Considering Sonata just busted my ass, you can join in now." >How hard could it be? >"You ready Nonny?" >Yeah, you got this. "Sure thing, bluebird." >Aria passed out the cards. >"Oh, oh! I raise!" >"Yeah, no, I'm folding." >"Same here." "Come on you guys, she has to be bluffing." >You went all in. >"Aw, thanks Nonny!" >She can't be serious. >She laid down a royal flush. "F-fuck." >Note to self, don't bet against Sonata. >She pretty much mopped the floor with you guys. "I swear, luck has to be one of your powers. There's no way that's natural." >She looked like she was deep in thought, "Maybe it is... or maybe I got lucky and got good luck!" "How would that even work? Don't answer that, I don't want to hear you ramble on." >"I do." >Fucking Aria. >"Well you see, it'd be like.." >An hour later you wished you had a taco to give her. >"Sorry to interrupt, but I think Anon should probably get a shower or something." >Adagio you are the best person. "Uh, y-yeah, I should get going and do that thing." >"Okay then, have fun with Dagi watching you Nonny!" >Wait, what? >"Ignore her, just go." >You curled up into the shower and took a hot hybrid bath. >You'd let the water fill up before letting it out. >You weren't sure when you started doing it, but now it was just a habit. >Once you got done rinsing yourself off with a shower, you'd sit down in the bathtub and just let yourself relax. >You heard Dagi's disappointment at your sitting down. "Come on, all I've really got going for me is my height. I'm pretty average otherwise." >"It's just been a while, okay?" >You thought about it for a moment. "I guess we could... y'know..." >"Have sex in the shower? Kinky, I like it." "I was thinking more like me giving you an intimate massage." >"Ugh, why?" "... Save the sex for my birthday?" >You heard her mumble something about having to find her lingerie. >What have you done? >She took off her clothes and hopped into the shower with you. >"Don't you dare make fun of them. They might not be big, but I like them just the way they are." "Holy shit..." >"I said don't make fun of them!" "Your hips are fucking amazing." >She blushed, "O-oh... every time I've done this before they've always made fun of how small my tits are." "Fuck that, I'd die happy between those thighs." >You dove into that pussy and starting eating it like a five-star dinner. >She braced herself on the tub, "Nnf, not so f-fast Anon!" >She had to try and keep quiet so the two of you wouldn't get caught. >You gripped her ass. The tight, firm ass. >"Gah, oooh yeah~ that feels great." >It was now your mission to pleasure Dagi. >You suddenly realized that you didn't have a condom, which made it a good thing you chose to do it this way. >Your fingers were already wet, so you shoved them up her ass. >"Hnng, oh fuck!" >You'd have to thank Pinkie for all the lessons later. >You ran your hands along the smooth contours of her legs. >You felt a building pressure. "F-fuck, how good are you at swallowing?" >"I can take it, if that's what you're asking." >You eased her down onto your dick. >Shit this felt nice. >She looked up into your eyes as she was bobbing her head on your dick. >The two of you knew in that moment that no words needed to be said. >Well, maybe one. "FUCK!" >You shot thick strands into Dagi's mouth. >You could hear her swallowing them all. >She wiped her mouth off and crawled onto you. "You're... pretty good." >"You ain't half bad yourself, where'd you learn to do that shit?" "Pinkie and I... might've been friends with benefits." >"Maybe we should recruit her, haha..." "No, there's no way we could ever contain her." >She sat up and gave you a kiss. >"You're probably right, not that I'd want one of the Rainbooms on our team anyway." "They aren't that bad." >"Sunset is, but I guess the others are okay." "She isn't that much different from us." >"Maybe so... heh, at least we're getting clean after getting dirty." "Wha- oh, hah, right." >She let out an adorable, sexy yawn. >Adorasexy? >You'd figure out a word for it later. >The two of you got dried off and put some pajamas on. >"That was great, can't wait for tomorrow." >Was your birthday tomorrow? >Huh, guess it was. >Time flies when you're having fun. >You saw Aria and Sonata getting ready for bed. >"Bout time you two got done fucking each other." >You kept Dagi quiet. "How would you even know if we did?" >"I was hoping you'd tell me." >You kept silent. >"Clever." >You laid there, spooning Dagi. >You nearly engulfed her, but that hair was too strong for you. >"Sorry, for rushing things." "Ah come on, it's not too big of a deal. Just means we gotta play catch-up, right?" >She smiled, "I'm glad you're so optimistic about this. I'm just afraid of moving too fast." "I'm used to moving fast, I guess." >"Just promise me you won't leave us, alright? If not for me, then for these two. Especially Sonata, I'm not sure how many more failures she can take." >You snuggle her hair. "You know I'm not going anywhere." >"I know, but I can't help but worry about losing you. We've lost too much during our time here." >She yawns, trying to stay awake. >"Power, friends... our music." >She started crying. "Hey now, I bet if you guys practiced you could sing just as well as before!" >She giggled, "Maybe, it's just been ages since we weren't able to sing, y'know?" >There was a smile on her face as she fondly remembered something. >"I can remember when we were still teaching Sonata how to hit all the right notes." >She sighs, "Funny how you never appreciate what you have until it's gone..." >You thought about your brother. "Yeah... you really don't." >She wiped away the tears, "Look at me, we were having a nice moment and I ruined it." "Sometimes you just have to let it all out." >"Heh, like you did earlier?" >You grinned. "Yeah, kinda like that." >You tightened your grip on her. "I'll do my best to keep you guys safe, at least until you get your powers back." >"The gems are gone, there's no getting those back, but thanks. We can at least have some of our powers." >It wasn't long before the two of you fell asleep. "G'night Dagi." >"Night... Nonny." >You got home the next day and kicked your feet up on the table. "Time to wait." >"For what?" "My brother." >"... Is it really such a big deal?" >Your phone rang. >"Yo Anon, I'll be over in five minutes!" "Alright, see you soon man." >The other girls showed up. >"Bronon said he'd be here soon. Where is he?" "Give it time..." >"Seriously, does he always make a big entrance?" >You looked up at the ceiling. "You guys might need to get that skylight repaired soon." >"Why? There's nothing wrong with it." >Three, two, one... >"INCOMING CARE PACKAGE!" >Your brother busted through the ceiling and rappelled down holding a birthday cake in one arm and a girl in the other. >"Did somebody order a big bro?" >"Did he just fucking come down through the ceiling in full military gear?" "Yes, he did Aria. Meet my big brother. Combat medic at heart." >"These the girls you're staying with? Nice, when did you get good with ladies?" "About the same time you left, actually." >"Yeah, real sorry about that." >He unhooked himself and dropped to the floor. >"Man, you've really gotten tall!" >He was still a couple inches taller. "Yeah well, I take after you I guess." >"Well, I got you your favorite flavor!" >You took the birthday cake. "Thanks man, it's good to have you back." >"Good to be back, I'd like to introduce you to Twilight Sparkle!" "Oh yeah, that's Shining Armor's little sister, right?" >"Yeah, she was pretty ill a few years ago. Her parents called me up on a recommendation from her brother." >"He kinda saved my life." >"Ah, you flatter me." >She gives him a hug. >"Well, thanks anyway." "No relation to the Twilight Sparkle that showed up here, right?" >"What?" "... I guess multiverse theory was right?" >"Interesting... but look at me, it's your birthday! I know I wouldn't want to worry about that crap on my birthday! Well, I would because I like that crap, but you know what I mean." >Odd girl, seemed sweet though, in a dorky way. >Sonata was bouncing around your brother. >"Whoa! This stuff is cool!" >"Don't touch that stuff, you might shoot an eye out." >"Oh... still think it's pretty cool." >"Well shoot, if I'd known y'all were comin' in yer gear I woulda brought my shotgun, and we could've done a twenty- one gun salute for Anon here." "He is just really proud he got into the military finally, aren't you bro?" >"Well, I might be showing off a little." >You shook your head. "Whatever, let's go relax." >"So, which of 'em are you dating?" >You pulled Dagi close to your side. "Not getting her dude." >"Ah come on, bros before... women, right?" "Glad to see you haven't changed at all, Bro." >Twilight grabbed his sleeve. >"Um, d'you mind if we talk for a moment?" >"Sure thing Twi, what's up?" >"Away from them?" >He looked at you. "No don't let me stop you, go on. I'm sure it's much more interesting." >He looked at her and shrugged. "Least I got cake out of this." >You lifted the lid off the case and saw a note. >"This cake was a lie, the actual one is in my car outside." >Cheeky fuck. >"Wow, the memes are for realsies in here, Jack." "That's not my na... you motherfucker." >She giggled and covered her mouth with her finger as she bit her lower lip. >You squinted. >Damn that's cute. "Mind if I go eavesdrop on my brother?" >The nine of them looked at you. "What?" >"Sure, whatever. Go ahead." >Gonna be sneaky as fuck. >"Look, I know this is his birthday and all but... I kinda have to tell you this." >"What's so important that it can't wait? My little bro has been hoping to see me for a while now." >Understatement of the decade. >"I... I like you." >"I like you too, tell me something I don't know." >"I mean... love you." >"Look I might have feelings for you too but this might not be the best time." >"I really screwed up, didn't I?" >"Nah nah, it's fine. Just think my brother should come first, it's his day after all." >She giggled, "Yeah... guess you're right..." >He gave her a kiss on the forehead. >Someone must've taken all the blue out of her face, because she was red as fuck. >"Look, we can talk about this later, I think we should get back before they start rumors." >"Not really a rumor if it's true, is it?" >You sneaked back to the group. >Sneaked was a funny word. >No time for those thoughts though. >Your brother is totally getting laid tonight. "Yeah they gonna fuck like dogs." >"We didn't need to know that, Anon." "Doesn't matter, they're having sex." >Dagi went upstairs and gave you a wink. >Right, the lingerie. >You just hoped you didn't have other feelings arise that would kill your boner. >"Now that that's out of the way, I can go get you your actual cake." "Thanks, bro." >Did he still have that sports car? >Yes, yes he did. >Some things never change. >He never left it, even when he went to go, as he put it, "innawoods" to "remove kebab." >Whatever that means. >You still saw some of the camo on it. >How the fuck do you stealth in a sports car? >You didn't get him to elaborate, as you were running late for class this morning, and decided to call him. "Hey bro, mind telling us how the fuck a sports car is stealthy?" >He looked over his shoulder and grinned. >"Oh this is gonna be good." >"So they told me that aside from what I had on me, and my sports car, all gear would be procure on site." "Uh huh..." >"I managed to find some shit to strap to my front bumper, and I had a muffler installed before I shipped to make it nearly silent." >This was actually interesting. >"So I had to roll up on the enemy's base. I ended up breaking down the walls and rolling out of my car while shooting dudes." "I take it the mission went south?" >"Well, there was this dude talking about a left hand rule or something, but I was more worried about the red phosphorus grenades he was tossing out." >"Ah, Lorentz Force, nature's force!" >The fuck, what's up with Sonata today? "You okay?" >She grinned, "Think about it for a moment." >Alright... >Goddamn it Sonata. >"Dude had magnetic powers. He'd built a machine to toss big balls of junk at me." "Why did they trust you with this as your first mission?" >"I'm cool." >You couldn't really argue with that. >"So then I got to rescue some pantywaist senator, but he was alright I guess. Then I had to stop a giant mech. Who'd build walking tanks? That's stupid." "... I think that sounds cool." >He thinks for a moment, "Yeah, it kinda is, in a dumb way." >"You're pretty good!" >"Thanks Sonata, I'm glad you think so." "So, how about that cake?" >"Hell yeah, I fucking love cake!" >He's probably the most dangerous nerd you know. >A big, buff prettyboy came down from the ceiling. >"ANON'S BROTHER!" >"AQUA!" >He punched out this Aqua dude. >"Don't fuck with this brother!" >Why did you feel like your life was a series of references right now? >"Heh, we will meet again!" >The dude did some finger guns before running off and cackling to himself. "Yeah no that's normal." >"ANON, I COULD USE SOME HELP!" >Some fucker in a trenchcoat was running off with Dagi. >Oh hell no. >You summoned Sirenon. "NO TIME TO EXPLAIN, GET RUNNING!" >"Uh, what?" >"We'll explain. He's a little busy." >Guy tried tossing knives at you, but it would take more than that to stop you. >Your enhanced speed let you dodge them effortlessly. >"I am the knife in a gunfight!" "TOO BAD I'M NOT USING A GUN, FUCKER!" >You tackled him and started beating him down. "Stupid, motherfucking, piece of shit!" >Guy was ripped, had to give him that. >After this though, you'd tear him a new one. >"Look I had cancer, I just wanted to have some fun before I died. It was... terminal seven." >What. >He closed his eyes. "... We can just dump this guy in the lake, right?" >Dagi dusted herself off. >"... Y-yeah. That was kinda weird." "I just wanted a normal birthday. Let's just go, okay?" >"So that was a thing that happened, probably the most action I've had since I got here." "You haven't been here that long, Sirenon." >"Still, it was fun!" "I guess." >"Thanks for saving me, I appreciate it." "No problem, what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn't help you out in your times of need?" >You wrapped an arm around her and laughed. >"So can I have some of the cake?" "Sirenon you don't have a physical body." >"Oh yeah. Well, guess I'll just get back in my little home." "Yeah, you do that... wait a minute, it's not that little!" >"So it is little?" >Motherfucker. >"... and that's why Anon summoned that big green fish dude." >"Interesting tale, Miss Sonata." >"Yeah it was pretty cool." >Your brother turned to you and smiled. >"So you're dating one of the hot mermaids, right?" >You chuckled. "Is that what we're calling sirens now?" >"Sure, why not?" >He gave you a smirk. "Never change man." >"Yeah I might've pissed off some mercenaries." "No shit? I figured they were a bunch of weird cosplayers." >"Might as well be, am I right?" >He looked at his phone. >"That late already? Well, I was gonna stay at your place anyway. Weird that our uncle left it to you and not our parents, but whatever." "Uncle Non really liked me, don't question his weirdness." >"Eh, doesn't matter to me. Come on sweetie, let's go." >He picked up Twilight and gave her a pat on the butt before carrying her out to his car. >"Seeya later bro!" "Later man, you have fun!" >You should've given him a condom or something. "Yep, that's my brother." >"Well, we must get going as well darling, you have fun with the rest of the cake!" >Fuckers ran off with your cake. >Could've waited until you beat that guy up to take your cake. "... and then there were four." >Aria shrugged, "Sonata and I will go get that guy cleaned up." >"Yeah! We're professionals!" >She gave you a salute. >Professional and Sonata should never be used in the same sentence. >Still, here you are. "Yeah, you do that." >You turned to Dagi. "So, how was my big bro?" >"Well aside from the glass we have to clean up, it was fine. I had a spare sunroof or two stored away just in case something like this happened." "Why would you prepare for that?" >"We've had long and weird lives, Anon." "I'm just really tired. I don't even know why anymore." >"Your brother didn't take that much out of you, did he?" >She laughed. >You wish you could do the same. "I'll just go lay down. Maybe this whole birthday party thing was a waste of time." >"Anon?" "Just wanna be left alone right now." >"That's exactly why I'm worried." "Maybe you should just worry about yourself." >"What is up with you? You aren't usually this grumpy." "Guess things just finally caught up with me." >You trudged your way up the stairs. "I realize my best isn't good enough, and it doesn't matter if I like myself when I drive others away with my shitty attitude." >"You have plenty of friends!" "How many of those are because of my big brother? I live in the shadow of someone I could never hope to match." >"Sunset likes you..." "Oh yeah, the person that the majority of the school still hates. That's comforting." >She walked up to you and slapped you, "Snap out of it, this isn't you!" >You rubbed the spot she hit. "Guess I had that coming too, if I'm such a good person, why can I never make anyone I love stay?" >"I'm not leaving you, damn it!" "Why do you like me, anyway?" >"Well... y-you're... um, can I get back to you on that?" "See? All this confidence and skill? I use it to hide the fact that there's nothing to me, I'm empty and hollow." >You started crying. "I'm lonely, and I need somebody to pick up where I'm lacking." >"We can still make this work! I know there's more to you than that!" "Is there? I can't even remember anymore. I got too good at playing the role of something I'm not, and now I've lost my identity." >You let out a dry chuckle. "What kind of problem is that, anyway? I shouldn't be complaining about love, even if it's false love." >You went up to the bedroom and laid down on the bed. >"Come on, it'll be fine. You just need to cheer up!" "I'm at the end of my rope, Dagi. Give me a reason to stay, or I'll stop being a burden to you guys." >"Because we need you!" "No, I need you. You guys could go on just fine without me. Try again." >"We like having you around!" "That's a nice sentiment, but all I've brought you guys is trouble." >"Well maybe we like a little trouble, ever think of that?" >She laid down next to you. >"You aren't nearly as obnoxious as your brother was." >She finally said something that caught your attention. "Wait, you didn't like him?" >"He seemed nice enough but he was trying way too hard for my tastes." "He does have that problem. I might've picked it up from him." >"Yeah, but you aren't full of yourself. Well, you might be a little whiny, but I've met worse." "I am not whining, I am complaining. If you want whining I will give you whining." >"Was that a joke I heard? Are you being a smartass with me right now?" "Maybe... old habits die hard." >She giggled, "See? You have a reason to stay, you have me. Plus Sonata." "Don't forget Aria." >"Even now, you're more worried about me leaving her out. Why is that?" "Because you guys are fun to hang out with, and you don't care how weird I am." >"Mhm, and as much of a hassle as you can be, you do tend to brighten up our days. Your optimism might not be inspirational, but it's certainly cheesy." "You're just saying that." >"No, it's true! Well, maybe not to Aria, but she doesn't like cheesy things." "Is that why she argues with you so much, cheese puff?" >She blushed, "Heh, yeah. I guess so." "I'm just really unsure of where I stand right now. I'm still trying to find my place, where I fit into the group dynamic." >"You're the rock we can rely on. Even when the rest of us are feeling down, you can be the one to help us up." "You got all of that from the couple of weeks you've known me?" >"Well, a lot of it was inferred, but you seem to have your life mostly under control." "I guess, I still feel like I could improve myself." >"There's always room for improvement." >She smiled and wrapped her arms around you. >"If having you around means putting up with your episodes, I guess that's a compromise we'll just have to make." "You're too nice, y'know that?" >"I'm really not, but you're a special case." "Why should I be a special case?" >"You're one of us now, we aren't leaving you behind." >You perked up. "Yeah, I guess I shouldn't beat myself up so much." >"You feeling better?" "A little." >"Good." >She held your hand and gave you a kiss. >"You worry too much, take a rest for once." "I guess I'm just a worrier." >She hummed a gentle melody into your ear. >"You'll never be lonely, not while I'm here." >You rolled over and buried your face into her chest. "T-thanks, you too." >She rubbed your back. >"Shh, it'll be okay baby. Dagi's here for you." "Why am I so pathetic?" >"You really aren't, you're probably one of the most popular losers I know." "That doesn't mean I'm not pathetic." >She gave you a pat on the back and booped your nose. >"Alright then, if you're a loser then you're MY loser. How's that sound?" >You gave her a tiny smile. "Sounds good to me, Dagi." >You were ready to fall asleep in her arms. "Hey, I think... I think I really love you." >"... So do I Anon, so do I." >Aria and Sonata had managed to sneak up on the two of you. >"Surprise hugs! Don't be so sad Nonny, we all love you!" >Aria was hugging Adagio, "I would feel a little bad if you left. You're alright." "You guys really are the best, y'know that right?" >"Thanks! I knew I wasn't the worst!" >"I kind of already knew I was great, but thanks for the compliment." >You saw the faintest of smiles on her face. >"Take that as a sign of respect, Anon. She doesn't do that often." >You nodded and sighed. "Life is alright, if a bit strange." The End.