Auntie Aria's Basement (teenanon + Aria Blaze) - by Anonymous

Sequel to >Be anon >And be absolutely terrified >No matter how hard I try to cling to the car door my hands eventually begin slipping >Mom's as strong as a fucking horse for some reason >"Come on Nonny! Stop being so scared of your auntie!" >Meanwhile auntie Aria is doing her best to hide her shit eating grin watching her blue skinned sister trying to get me out of the car "No, don't make me do this! She's a sociopath!" >Nothing on this earth could get me near that woman >No force in heaven or hell could get me into the same house as her >I was an immovable object! I was- >"Anon, come here." >Nope, scratch that, I was an easily moved little lapdog >Without a moment of hesitation I ran over to auntie Aria and stood beside her, waiting for mom to walk over >"Wow, how'd you do that?" >"You just gotta train them right." >auntie Aria put her hand on my shoulder, forcing my whole body to tremble >"Oh... Well have fun you two, be good to your auntie Nonny." >It was heartbreaking watching her walk towards her car and drive off >Not because I was a clingy mama's boy or anything >But because she was the only thing standing between me and auntie Aria >"Anon, go put your stuff away" "Y-yes auntie, right away auntie" >You learned very quickly that the only things you said were 'yes' and 'right away' to auntie unless she asked you a question >The guest room didn't look like she'd bothered preparing it at all, there weren't even any sheets on the bed >But she said put away my stuff so... >"Anon, what are you doing?" "Putting away my stuff auntie..." >"Did I say you get to use the guest room?" >Auntie Aria gestured me to follow and led me to her room, pointing at a doggy bed in the corner >Fuck me >Well, nowhere really to put away my stuff, so I guess I'm just putting my backpack by the dog bed >"Anon, come" >I quickly followed auntie Aria downstairs, just standing next to her as she sat down in her chair >"Get me the remote and headphones." >They were within arms reach of her but I didn't question it, she said do it >She put on the headphones and turned on the TV, mindlessly flipping through the channels >"Anon, give me a massage" >Massages are good, they're comforting and soft >Nothing better to keep someone calm >I walked over behind the chair and brought my hands to her thin shoulders >She was a relatively small girl, definitely not as... Filled out as mom was. >That didn't stop her from being scary >"Oh, and close your eyes, TV rots your brain." >So that's why she wanted the headphones, she didn't want me entertained in any way >She's the only thing I should be paying attention to in this house after all >I got to work on her shoulders, digging my fingers into the tender muscles and working out any kinks I could find >She had surprisingly little considering she never really seemed happy >"Anon, closer to the neck" >Yup right away, closer to her thin neck and- >Jesus fucking Christ >It's like fucking concrete >I sure had my work cut out for me here >Working my fingertips into the tense flesh itself proved a bit of a challenge >It was like trying to mold frozen silly putty >But eventually it started to give way, and soon some softness was being regained >I wasn't really a certified masseuse, but auntie Aria's approving hums meant it was good enough >Though I have to admit just standing behind her rubbing her neck was getting a bit boring >Smart thing would have been to just deal with it >Stupid thing would have been to assume she wasn't looking at me since I couldn't feel any real bend in her neck and try to crack a peek at the TV >I chose stupid >Cracking open my eyes revealed a TV screen that wasn't even turned on >What could be seen in it though was a pretty good reflection of me with my eyes open and auntie Aria watch carefully >"Anon, come here" >Auntie Aria pointed at the ground in front of her >I quickly walked around the chair and got in front of her, dropping down to my knees and looking up at her with begging eyes >"Anon, didn't I tell you to keep your eyes closed?" "Y-yes auntie" >"So you disobeyed me?" >Never lie to her, that's one thing years of experience have taught me, never fucking lie to her "Yes auntie" >She just stared down at me before lift her foot into my crotch >Not quite hard enough to cause serious pain but enough to make me winch and take notice >"And you feel terrible about disobeying your auntie, right?" "Y-yes auntie" >"Show me how much you want to make it up to me" >I could feel her bare toes wiggling against my balls >"Kiss it" >I quickly backed up and got on my hands >Bringing my head down to her top of her foot and giving it a quick peak >"Obviously you don't feel all that bad about it after all, I guess we'll have to go into the basement..." >Oh god, no! >I grabbed her foot by the heel and ball, bringing myself down to it >It was slightly sweaty and had some stink coming off it, auntie only showered every second day >But between covering her foot in little peaks and occasionally longer kisses, and the basement, I would take the foot any day >I worked from pretty much her ankle down >Kissing down the length of the foot >Occasionally giving a little lick here and there >Getting down to the toes and giving the big toe a little kiss on her toenail before taking the whole thing into my mouth >Thankfully she kept her floors relatively clean since she never wore socks around the house, but the intense salty taste still filled my taste buds as she wiggled her toe around in my mouth, making sure my tongue got a good taste and the roof of my mouth felt plenty of pokes from her sharp nail >"Oh anon, you really are sorry aren't you? Maybe we don't need to go down to the basement today." >I let go of the toe, now wet with my spit >She used my shirt to wipe it dry >"I'm sure you're thirsty after such a salt snack, come here." >Oh god not this >I crawled closer to her, putting my hands on her tights and my chin against her stomach >I opened my mouth as wide as I could, stick my tongue out and closing my eyes >I could already hear her building up her spit >I braced myself for what was to come >The sound of her building up her spit and swishing it around in her mouth ended, and was immediately replaced with an all to familiar noise >Even though I braced myself, I couldn't stop myself from convulsing the second I felt the massive glob splatter against my tongue, accompanied by a thinner stream that quickly filled my mouth >I'll never understand why I get an erection from this >I wanted to spit it out, hell, I wanted to vomit, or at the very least swallow it quickly so I didn't have to deal with it >But auntie Aria wasn't having any of that >She wanted me to "indulge" in the taste >I had to close my mouth and swish around the slimy liquid around my tongue and cheeks >I could even taste some of the eggs she must have had for breakfast >I couldn't take it anymore, I swallowed it all down and dry heaved a little >"Anon, did I tell you that you could swallow?" >Oh fuck >"What's wrong with you today? Are you going through that rebellious phase?" "N-no, I just..." >"Sonata is just the worst, she's raising a complete brat! Come Anon, we're going to the basement" "Auntie please! It's not like that, I-" >I was cut short by a hard slap >"How dare you talk back to me! Basement, now!" "Y-yes auntie" >The descend to the basement was horrible >Seeing her "disciplinary area" was even worse >A mattress on the ground with a few chains and cuffs here and there, and of course the table with a wide assortment of whips, ropes, candles, dildo's, anything you could think of really >Auntie Aria walked over to the mattress and pointed down, I rushed over, stripped, and got on my knees, as usual >She secured a couple of chains to my ankles, and the used another pair to bound my wrists behind my back, making sure I was facing away from the table so she could surprise me >Not that it was much of a surprise though, it was the same every time >She undressed herself and got into her dominatrix outfit before coming back in front of me holding a newly lit candle >"Anon, do you remember what I told you last time?" "I'm not a person, I'm just your property." >She took my chin into her hands and force me to look up at her >"And?..." "And if I don't work right then I'm nothing but garbage" >"So tell me Anon, if you can remember that, why can't you do it? Maybe you're broken." >She walked behind me >"Don't worry though Anon, I'm sure I can fix you, I might just need to open you up a little." >An intense burning heat hit my back as the first drop of wax fell from her candle >Thankful the wax cooled fast, but the pain remained >These small breaks of cooling wax were a lie though, once the heat started going away another drop fell down on me >I hated every agonizing moment of it >So why did I get an erection? >"Anon, what it that?" "What?..." >Adagio brought her foot into my crotch, this time a lot harder then her previous hit >"This, Anon." "It's..." >"You're not supposed to be enjoying this Anon." >She disappeared behind me again walking over to her table >When she returned she had a few small ropes in her hands and got on her knees >She loosely looped the first rope around my scrotum a few times before pulling it painfully tight >I wanted to keel over but I had to keep as straight as I could, there's no telling what she'd do to me if I didn't >The next rope found its way around the base of my cock, though not as painful as the balls it was certainly far from comfortable, and there was no telling how bad the thing would start throbbing once it'd been on there long enough >Before getting back up and walking away she gave my cock a quick, hard slap >The things veins were already beginning to bulge horribly >When auntie Aria walked back she didn't come in front of my, she just rested her hand on my shoulder >"Anon, what are you?" "P-property" >Crack! >The sting of the whip was enough to take my mind off the ropes, it felt more like the way you lashed a prisoner than anything a dominatrix would do >"Good boy anon" "Wait, why did you whip me if-" >Crack! >"I didn't tell you that you could speak! Now again, what are you?" "Property" >Crack! >"Again" >I didn't want to say anything else, but I knew keeping quite wouldn't save me, being loud wouldn't save me, nothing would >It felt like it went on for hours, me saying I was her property and her lashing me >Over and over until it finally stopped and my whole back was sore >Finally she dropped the whip and began tracing her nails across the tender flesh >"Deep down you're a good boy anon, why do you have to be so difficult?" >She took notice of my crotch, balls red and cock twitching under the pressure >She reached down and dragged her finger across the tip, getting a nice bit of precum on her fingers and letting me know just how sensitive the thing had gotten >"Open your mouth anon" >Wait, what?! >This was new and I didn't like it, I didn't like it one bit... >Then again the whips weren't the worst things on the table >I open my mouth >And in an instant she jammed her finger in it and forced me to lick her finger clean >The taste was... Sweet, oddly it was more pleasant than her spit >Good thing too, because she wasn't letting up, she was practically scooping it right into my mouth >Until of course it ran bone dry >"You still need work, but you're learning, maybe I should give you a little bit of a reward." >She quickly forced me down onto my back, the raw flesh burning against the rough texture of the cheap mattress >Auntie Aria straddled me instantly, pressing down her butt hard against my hyper sensitive balls >I noticed something, her anus looked wet, she'd obviously already lubed up prior to this... >Wait, her anus lubed? As in that ungodly tight hole that was hovering above my penis that could detect radio waves at this point. >Oh shit... >Yup, no doubt about it, taking my cock in a vice tight grip she lined it up with her tight little ring, not even bothering to take the rope off >And when she was ready she slammed right down on it, taking the whole thing in one quick go and slamming herself down on my balls >There was no softness or tenderness in her actions >She wanted to get herself off and I was just her toy, her property >Again and again she slammed down on the tender swollen meat as her hand found her own womanhood and jammed three fingers right in it >It was impossible to try to block it out, every move she made brought pain to my crotch or back >Every little shake reminding me of the work she'd done on me to teach me a lesson >And yet, even through the pain a pleasure began to surface >The hot insides of her well lubricated ass and the tightness of her ring's muscles clamping down on me as she viciously bounced up and down >Soon I began to feel an all too familiar pressure building up >No >Not familiar >This was far more intense then anything I'd felt before >The pressure built up and up >And finally it came bursting out >At least it felt like it did, as I thrust into her during the intense orgasm it felt like all the cum was getting stuck behind the rope and weakly pushing itself out moments later >It took auntie Aria a little longer to let up, riding out as much as she could before finally lifting herself off >She sat down on the mattress, patting her lap and calling me over >I quickly crawled over as best I could with the chains and curled up on her lap, her hands exploring the wounds on my back as the last bits of my cum slowly leaked out of my still bound dick >This was as close as she ever came to showing me any tenderness >And as much as I hate to admit it, I loved it >God dammit, I fuck my mother while drinking milk from her tits >I take enjoyment from having my auntie show me a bit of kindness after dominating me >I don't even want to get into "auntie" Adagio right now >Fuck, Freud would have a field day with me >"Hey, anon?" "Y-yes auntie..." >"When are you going to admit you actually love this?" >Never, I don't love it! I hate it, it's horrible and cruel... >"That's alright, I like it this way" >...Fuck >So do I