Sonata's Treehouse - by MacTheTexan

It was 3 am when I wrote some of the later bits and drunk when I wrote the beginning ones, so sorry if it's all just a fucking cluster of shit. >You are Aria. >And you are pretty fucking proud of yourself. >It took quite some time to do, but you finally finished making this stupid treehouse. >Mainly Because you had no idea what you were doing. >Still, it isn't shoddy. >At least from what you know. >In all honest it was fun to make. >You might not have even tried this if it wasn't for Sonata. >You were chilling on the couch like any other day. >Channel surfing with nothing good on and eating some chips. >Sonata was sighing in her chair. The sighs got progressively louder which meant whatever was on her mind was really bugging her. >You usually just tuned it out with music, but not even the tv could drown out her loud sighing. She even threw in a groan. "Ugh, what's wrong this time?!", You yelled, hoping to just get to the bottom of it fast and get her bitching over with. >"I want a treehouse Aria.", She replied. She gave you her signature puppy eyes to punctuate that as being more of a demand than a request. >You raise an eyebrow at her before turning your attention back at the tv. >Sonata always found some weird interest in something, only to lose interest just as fast. "This isn't going to be a problem like your goldfish is it?" >"Mr.Poppadopolis wasn't my fault! You flushed him!" >She got you there. You just couldn't stand the stupid way she was talking to that fucking thing. >It's not your fault it just happened to find its way into the toilet as you happened to be flushing it. >Nope. >"Besides, I just thought it'd be nice to have my own spot to myself. You never let me in your room and Adagio always has her door locked. I'm the only one who gets no privacy!" >You walk in on someone flicking the bean once and now you never hear the end of it. "Alright, whatever. If I find a way to fucking get you this stupid treehouse will you shut up?" >"Yep!" >With a groan you get up and throw the remote at the sofa you sat on, making your way to Adagio's room with an inaudible grumble. >A few knocks on her door got her to open it, the Puffy haired bitch giving you a confused look as she slides out of her room a bit. >"What's up?" "Sonata wanted to have a treehouse. I need some money to hire someone stupid enough to make that or something." >Her uninterested already let you know it was going to be a pain in the ass of a conversation. >"And what makes you think I have the money for tha-" "Oh please, we both know you make enough money for this shit. Or do you want me to tell Sonata about your night job, Ms.Gyration?" >You smirk as your snarky comment rewards you with an angry look from Adagio. You don't bring up her night job much as it's one of the few things keeping the roof over your head and plenty of food on the table. Nevertheless, it's always fun to tease her about it. >The anger soon left her face however and after a small sigh, she gave you a smirk of her own. >"Alright. I'll give you the money." "Thank y-" >"HOWEVER! You will not be hiring someone for this. Oh no, you will have to build it. Your. Self." She finished, punctuating her statement by smacking you lightly on the cheeks with the wad of cash. "What?! I don't know anything about making a treehouse!" >"Well, you better get to it on learning how then. Tata dear Aria." >Adagio gave a small chuckle as she closed the door on your face. >The string of verbal insults you throw out are drowned out by Adagio's music and the TV blaring in the living room >With that all let out you sighed and made your way to your room. >You got some clothes on that weren't just "lazy house" wear before making your way back into the living room. >Sonata looked at you with hopeful eyes. >She hounded you with questions on how you'll get the treehouse done as you put your shoes on while also contemplating drowning her. >Finally you just told her you'd be back, to which she responded by asking you to pick her up something to eat. >If you weren't siblings they definitely wouldn't have found the body. >The drive over to the building supply store wasn't too long. It definitely didn't take long because you had absolutely no idea where it initially was. >On an unrelated note, you need to remember to leave an I.O.U for Adagio on the gas later. >Entering the store you first look to your shopping list that had items you quickly got down that was necessary for a treehouse. >With a shrug and having absolutely no idea where to start your search meant you needed to talk to a worker. >Ugh. >Looking around you finally spot someone with a work jacket that seemed to be free. >She looked oddly familiar though. >Walking up to her you couldn't even get out a "Hello" before the identity of the person finally struck you. "Shimmer?! Is that you?!" >The woman in question turns towards you before her eyes turn pinprick and she lets out a long sigh. >"Oh dear god." >"You both stood looking at each other, an awkward silence hanging around you. >Sunset gave you an unamused stare, probably wondering why she had to run into you here. >You on the other hand had your cheeks a bit puffed from holding in a laugh. "S-so, pfft, w-what's someone like you working in a place like this?", you ask as she rolls her eyes. >"Not that it's any of your business, but it's just a side job I've got going right now." "That outfit really fits you." >"Fuck off." >You finally let out the laugh as she stood there waiting for you to finish. >"Are you done?" "Haha, yeah I'm good." >"What do you want Aria?" "Sorry, heh, I just came by and needed some shit to make a treehouse." >Sunset's facial expression gave you the feeling she was going to ask about it, which you really hope she didn't. >Which you really hope she doesn't. >"So what's it for?" >God dammit. "None of your business Shimmer, you gonna help me find it or what?" >"Alright, no need for the attitude. Follow me." >The walk was almost silent, the aisles passing you both by as she led the way when you told her what items you needed. >A couple of items in she asked the one thing you hoped she wouldn't. >"It's for Sonata, isn't it?" >You tripped over yourself slightly, but of course the bacon haired bitch saw it from the side glance she gave you. A shit-eating grin plastered on her face. >"Knew it." >You couldn't really think of a way to rebuke what she said. >Sure she was right, but it felt like she was insulting Sonata, and the only ones who were allowed to do that were you and Adagio. "Wipe that look off your face before I tell the girls back home about your "side job", I'm sure they'd get a kick out of that." >You saw her shiver at the thought. >Good. >You may have almost busted a gut laughing at this, but you both knew Adagio wouldn't let her hear the end of it for a long while. >And with that she shut her trap, only giving flat statements on the items for detail and how they'll help with the treehouse. >Quality customer service right there. >You got the last of what you needed, which turned out to be quite a bit more than you thought. >Guess you're gonna have to cut back on snack runs for a while. >You got to the cash register only to see Sunset at the cash register. >What. >You give her a confused look as she shrugs, "The girl who was here had something to do and I was free." >Whatever. >After paying for the items you give Sunset one more look, she stares back at you in silence as you sigh. "Sorry for the jabs, I'm nervous because I just... really want to make something at least semi-decent for Sonata." >Her facial expression softens a bit, a small smile soon replacing her frown. >Ya know, there's a friendship lesson here. Somewhere. >Even if, you've had rough times with people. Sometimes all it takes is a little opening up and relatable causes to bring people closer. "Just kidding, eat my ass." >And with a final flip off you make your way out of the store. >Give one quick look back as you leave to see Sunset. >If looks could kill. >She might at some point today throttle a customer. >Today was a good day. >The rest of it went by uneventful. You returned and put everything in the backyard to the side. Go back in for dinner and sleep. >The next day after breakfast you got started on it. >It took many days. There were cuts. And bruises. A lot of fucks said. And more wood than Adagio takes in a night. >Ha cha cha. >Adagio came outside every so often to offer some Lemonade and a sandwich. >Guess seeing you try to do something nice got her into the sisterly act. >You happily accept them of course. >Motherfucking Lemonade is good shit. >Sonata tries to peek out every so often, but thankfully Adagio was following your request to make sure she didn't peak. >This was like blue beaning Sonata in some way. >Which always makes you laugh when thinking about it. >After a week and some days, it was finally done. >Putting the tools away, you look at the finished product. >Honestly, it could be worst. >You sit down on a chair you put outside so you could relax and let out a sigh of relief. >Not a second later you hear a loud gasp from the doorway and look to see Sonata there, looking at the treehouse astonishingly. >"OH. MY. GAWSH!" > She had an ear to ear smile that could give Pinkie a run for her money as she circled around the tree, looking up and around the entire thing. >"This is amazing! I didn't think you'd do this for me!" "Y-yeah, well maybe now you can give me some space and stop pestering me for things.", you replied meekly while scratching your chin, the praise catching you off guard. >Not exactly getting what "space" means, Sonata comes in and gives you a tight hug. >"Thank you." She says softly before letting go and giving you another smile before making her way up to the treehouse. >She really is such an airhead, but she's your sister, and you wouldn't have it any other way. >Not that you'd tell her that. >You chuckle as you see Sonata stick her head out a window of the treehouse and look around the area before looking down at you. >"Everyone looks like ants! Hey Aria, can you ask Adagio to bring me lunch up here." "No." >"Awww." >"Lucky for you, I just happened to finish making lunch." Adagio's voice chimed in as she made her way to you. >You rolled your eyes before hearing your stomach grumble. >She chuckled before lightly shoving your shoulder with hers. >"Don't worry I have some inside for us. good work out her sis." >Dagi then reached out with her free hand and gave you a pat on the head. >Not like you asked for it b-baka. >"So, how am I going to get this food up to her?" >You gave her a knowing look. "You think I didn't plan for EVERYTHING Sonata was going to ask for?" >She gave you a questioning look as you point towards a piece of wood held in the air by some sturdy rope. >"Will that hold the food?" "It should hold a plate fine, but she should bring a drink up there herself." >With a nod she puts the plate of food on the wood before shaking it slightly to show Sonata the food was ready to go up. >Seeing the rope go up slowly gave you a good chuckle. >Almost got you to crack up entirely thinking of Sonata asking for "nuggies" to be brought up to her. >All in all things worked out well. >Now to go inside and rest. >Although you feel like your forgetting something. >Adagio the ever most perceptive one of the three of you taps your shoulder and points up. >"Say Aria, is it just me or does that one small spot Look a little off?" >You look up and squint to see where she's pointing. >Huh >It looks like something is up with one of the floor planks. >Ah well you can probably fix that at a later time. >Just so long as Sonata doesn't do anything to break it like she just did goddammit. >You and Adagio the look of "Should have seen that one coming." >Sonata's legs poked out from the floor a bit, but luckily it didn't look like she was gonna fall through. >You hear a soft "Owwie" come from the treehouse as she struggles. >"I'll go get the first aid." >Guess that left you to go get her out safely. >Sonata may have been an idiot. >And Adagio kind of a bitch at times. >But they're you're family. >And you really couldn't see yourself without them.