Anon and Trap Dazzlings - by Anonymous

>It's a cool October evening, just before Halloween >You are Anon, and you're walking away from school after being bullied again >You weren't the most masculine figure in school. Scrawny frame, little body or face hair, higher pitched voice... >At least your penis was pretty average, at about 4 inches, give or take. That's the average.....right? >You hated it so much and cursed every day you had to wake up and walk in this accursed flesh suit >Doctor said something about hormonal imbalances when you were young >You didn't really know what that meant, but whatever it was, it fucked you up. And any chance of ever getting with a girl >It was a few hours before sunset, so you took your time, strolling down the street, lamenting your existence >Pretty soon you're some ways away from school. >In your thoughts, you seem to have wandered off to some more derelict part of town >This town wasn't dangerous for the most part, it was actually quite safe, but there were always some sketchy figures lurking around >You pause and take a look around to gauge your setting >A lot of old houses around >There's a big mansion in the near distance >A large thicket of weeds cover much of the lawn and house walls >You walk towards it >You don't know why, but something compels you >Something in your gut says maybe you'll find something >The main gate is cracked partially open >You hesitate at first, but then grab it and pull it open >There's a loud screech as the rusty hinges grind against each other >You cringe at the fracas you just made, but the gate is opened now >You peek past it, and seeing the coast is clear, enter >Tentatively, your feet shuffle towards the mansion >You look behind you and see the sun is beginning to set now, less than an hour of daylight left >Turning back, you see that the front door is halfway open now >You get a chill down your spine >Wasn't it closed just moments before >Maybe this is a bad idea >Just then, a gust of wind blows behind you and pushes you forward >You're standing at the edge of the door now, the inside beckoning you in >You're hands start to feel cold and your stomach is churning, but against all wisdom, you slowly step inside anyways >It's dark, but there's still just enough ambient light outside that you can see your way, though not many details >The house is actually remarkably clean and tidy inside, despite its outward appearance >Is somebody living here? >You walk deeper inside >The door shuts behind you >Chills go down your spine again >A little giggle is heard above you >Frantically startled, you look up, but see only ceiling >You look around and see nothing out of the ordinary >Ok this was definitely a bad idea, you don't know what you were thinking >You turn right back around and walk nonchalantly towards the door >You grab the door handle,'s locked? >Oh no >It's one of those doors where you can only lock/unlock it with a key from either side >You're starting to panic now as your heart beats faster >The giggle sounds again, even closer this time >Oh jeez oh man >You're too young to die to some freak little girl monster >You release the door handle >You can't get out this way, guess you'll have to find another >You'll have to defend yourself too, but you pray you won't have to, given your...stature >At this point the sun has all but set and any remaining light has disappeared with it >Except >You notice a glow to the right of the main hall >It's flickering, must be a candle >Better to go in the light than the darkness >You start towards it and come into a long hallway >On the floor is a nicely ornate rug that seemingly stretches on >You admire it before noticing something interesting about the patterns >Are those...dicks? >No way haha, it's just a trick of the light >Who would make such a perverted thing? >Unnerved, you hear that giggle again, this time right next to you >You quickly turn around but not before a bag is placed over your head and you black out moments later, falling down >... >... >... >You wake up, feeling groggy and cold >Why are you cold? >In a few moments you realize why >You're naked >Totally and utterly naked and tied up >Panic quickly sets back in >Why are you naked and tied up? >Are you about to become the victim of some perverted serial killer >Oh jeez oh man, you're too young for this shit >Your eyes quickly dart around trying to assess your situation >Darkness all around >But wait, you see something >A faint shadow of some figures in front of you >You focus on them >Yep, there are definitely three figures in front of you just sitting and staring >Oh God, this is some kind of sacrificial ritual isn't it >FUCK >You start to cry Why are you so stupid? What in the hell compelled you to think this was even remotely a good idea? >Stupid, stupid, stupid! >When your sobs began to quieten, one of the figures spoke, a sultry and mature voice "What do you think, girls? Do you like him? Is he good for it?" >Good for it? Good for what? >"G-Good for what?" You whimper out >They ignore you "I guess. Let's just do it." the second voice replies "Yeah! Let's do it! He looks sooo good!" the third voice agrees >Wait, that third voice... "Very well. Looks like he'll do just fine." >Two chalices of flames ignite on either side of them >At first the sudden light blinds you, but as you squint they become clear to see >On the left is a blue skinned girl with an uncomfortably excited look on her face >On the right is a purple skinned girl with a lukewarm expression of disdain towards you >And in the middle is a yellow skinned girl with a rather large mass of hair about her head and a ravenously smug smile on her face >She has to be the leader of the three >You're stricken back as you realize that they can't be any much older than yourself >They're wearing what appear to be silken gowns of some sort or something >What in the hell is going on? >"W-w-what do you want from me?" You stammer out >The yellow one looks at you like meat "Love." She says >"L-love? What do you mean?" "Hmm." >"Who are you? Answer me!" "We are the Dazzlings. I am Adagio, and these are my sisters, Aria and Sonata. You see, we're not from here. We're from another world, a world with magic. It was that magic that we fed upon, but we were banished here some time ago. There's not nearly as much magic in this world, but it exists, and we must seek it out. Our nourishment comes from emotional energy, and seeing as we've been trapped here for a while, we've found some...creative ways of obtaining it." >You gulp, but say nothing, allowing her to continue "Normally we have to seek out our meals, which can be a lot of work, but lucky for us, you just walked right in. Therefore, we found it only right to reward you for your generosity with the privilege of pleasuring us." "Yeah! We're going to have so much fun with your body!" Sonata exclaims "Ugh, Sonata, shut up. He doesn't need to know that." Aria retorts. >Adagio chuckles to herself "Yes, Aria is correct. You'll see what we have in store for you, very, very soon." >She smiles ominously > least you can take ritual sacrifice off the table...hopefully >The leader one said pleasure, so looks like you're just going to be raped? >Of all the fates in the world, it could honestly have been worse >Your panic has subsided now and in a sick, perverted way you're actually low-key hoping for what's presumably about to come next >If this is how you lose your virginity, well, heh, you can get on board with that >As the three of them stand up, you're brought back to reality as you observe their next actions >They walk gracefully towards you, absolutely beautiful figures, paragons of femininity >As they walk, they're humming something harmoniously with each other >It's so beautiful >Something begins to stir in your heart as well as your loins >The cold has shrunk your testicles and penis, but you can feel it starting to stiffen just slightly >They're standing right in front of you now, all three of them looking at you lustfully >You position yourself so you are now upright on your knees, ready to pleasure them as they demanded >There's a moment of silence as you simply stare back in awe and adoration >Whatever troubles and fears you had before seem to dissipate and all you can think about is the beauty towering in front of you >As if reading each other's minds, they loosen their gowns and allow them to drop all the down to their feet >They are all as naked as you now and... >As your gaze wanders down, you become petrified in confusion >Those are penises. >Where you would expect female anatomy to be, there instead exist...not...female...anatomy >You squeeze your eyes shut and open them again, praying it was a trick of the light again >But no, there, mere a foot away from your face are three flaccid...penises. And balls. >All three of them gaze back at you with great lustful anticipation >Adagio speaks up "You seem confused." >"I-I-I thought, you were girls." "Oh we are. Normally. But I did say that we've found some creative ways to feed ourselves over the years, did I not?" >She chuckles smugly to herself, Sonata and Aria laughing along with "You see, we're vagabonds of sorts. We don't stay in one place forever. We have many places that we stay, this is just one of them. Fortunately for us, this mansion was home to some residual dark magic left behind by the prior tenant. This is the result." >As she says that, she takes her penis between her fingers and pulls her foreskin back, stroking it slowly >Aria and Sonata follow suit and do the same "Now, let's begin." She says >As you watch in morbid curiosity, you observe the details of the sight before you >Gradually their penises become erect, growing to a frightening size (comparatively speaking) >Sonata, with her 8 inch length and blueberry colored head constantly giggles and wags her cock around like a sword >Aria, with her slightly shorter length and deep purple head stares at you intently, rubbing and squeezing her tip >Adagio, as top bitch unsurprisingly has the longest length at what seems to be a little over 9 inches >Her glans is a deep golden brown and throbbing as she strokes her full length slowly >"I-I can't do this! This is wrong!" You exclaim "But you will!" Sonata shouts back "You don't have a choice." Aria continues "You will thank us for this opportunity. Adagio adds, "Or suffer consequences." "Now, come closer and give us a kiss." >You knew they were serious, and they were otherworldly, quite literally, and you weren't about to take any chances >Oh! How weak and pathetic you were. Surely this has to be all just one vivid, lucid nightmare. This isn't really happening >Nevertheless, you obey them and scoot forward >Your hands are bound in front of you, as are your ankles >You're so close to each of their penises now that you can literally smell their musk >The thought of it is disgusting, but it's actually intoxicating >As their fully erect cocks point right at your face, you inhale >They smell as you would expect, erotic, but with some unique scents to each of them too >You don't know what they are and probably never would, but it loosens your apprehension >They asked you to give them a kiss, so you do just that >Starting with Adagio in the middle, you bring your lips close, right onto her glans, and give it a smooch >Adagio laughs in satisfaction >Then you turn left and give Sonata's penis a kiss >She giggles in satisfaction >Then you turn right and give Aria's penis a kiss >She smirks in satisfaction >Your penis gets hard as a result of this debauching display "Good boy." Adagio coos after your obedience "HAHA! Look at his little thingy! It's all hard too! I think he really does like it!" Sonata bursts out >Your face flushes deep red, but you don't deny the roiling feeling in your stomach of anticipatory pleasure >Surely this must be the result of their spellsong they cast on you earlier >You didn't realize it at first, but with the change within you and in the air, that's what it must have been >Moments ago you were frightened, but now you are just horny as hell and desire nothing less than to be utterly dominated by and submitted to these Dazzlings >Adagio, sensing this change in energy within you inhales deeply in contentedness "Oh yes, you taste very good." >You ignore her statement and focus on their cocks >You've begun salivating dumbly "You want to taste us too, don't you?" Adagio asks >You nod "Hmm. Good. I'll let you choose. Who would you like to taste first?" >You look at the three of them in succession >Aria is leaking precum, her plump purple penis looking very succulent >You orient yourself towards Aria and look up to her face >Aria is very pleased about this, darting a smug look at Adagio and Sonata "No fair! I wanted to go first!" Sonata yells "Quiet, Sonata. He is allowed to choose, that's the rule." >Adagio turns back towards you and nods >Immediately you lean forward to Aria's penis and overlay your lips atop her glans >She's pulled her foreskin all the way back to make her head as hard and exposed as possible >You slip the remainder of her head into your mouth and start to suck on it like a pacifier >It tastes so good and you can feel your own measly 4 inch "dick" quivering in pleasure >You loosen your sucking grip on her head and begin to lick around her head with your tongue, exploring every single little part of it, from the tip to the ridge to even the urethra. You want to savor it all >You then take about half her length and suck back and forth slowly, pleasuring her tenderly >She responds to your work with tender moans of her own >She holds your chin in her hand and her penis in her other "Ah, Ah, Ah" She exhales after every stroke of your mouth >She's getting quite close now and you can feel as her cock begins to twitch >You give her the finishing suck as she orgasms out loud "AHHHHH! OH! Oh! Oh. Haa" >Your mouth is filled with her semen, filing both your cheeks >You expected it to taste unpleasant, but it wasn't >It was bitter of course, but sweet too. It was bittersweet >As Aria's penis shrinks back to flaccid, you release it from your mouth and savor the taste of her ejaculate for a few seconds more before swallowing it all "That was...really good." Aria says >Adagio and Sonata look on with their own expressions of excitement and anticipation "Now. Who next?" Adagio asks? >You look at Sonata who is just dying to release "YAY!" She shouts. "Come on! Let's do it! >For a fraction of a moment, Adagio looks disappointed, but then she goes back to her calm, cool demeanor "Very well." >You orient yourself towards Sonata now >You don't even have to do anything yourself, she just grabs your head and forces her cock right into your mouth with no reservations >Immediately she starts pumping and you barely have a chance to do anything else >You can taste her cock, but not as much as you could Aria's due to her fast pump >Sonata's gasps of pleasure are much more rapid >She doesn't go all the way, but at least a good 6 inches make their way through your mouth and top of your throat >It's just several minutes of Sonata grabbing the sides of your head and slamming her pelvis into your face >It's a little difficult to breath, but not impossible, just have to time it right >You feel the familiar twitch of her cock and brace yourself for your next treat >Sonata cums excitedly into your mouth, filling it with even more semen than Aria >You took this brief window of time to actually try and really taste her penis, but it's quickly covered up with the taste of her cum instead which tastes just as good as the last one >Sonata pulls her dick out of your mouth and tells you to go "aaah" for her >You do so and some of the cum starts to spill out of your mouth >You close it and so it doesn't go to waste and swallow it >Sonata laughs at you then kicks you in the dick >That brings you out of it temporarily >"Ow! What was that for?" You exclaim "Because you're a loooser~" She giggles out loud >Aria and Adagio laugh with her >You guess it's true... >I mean, who else could get their jollies from willingly sucking huge futa cocks while tied up and naked >You, that's who >In any case, you now turn towards Adagio >She gives you a menacing grin "Well, dog? Come here and pleasure me as you did my sisters." >You obediently crawl towards her, dick still hard and leaking >Adagio's cock looked equally as menacing as the expression she was now giving you >You move to put it in her mouth, but she stops you "Ah-ah-ah. Nope. You are a dog, and dogs obediently do as they're told. You will do what I ask and tell you to do, and only that. Understand, dog? >You nod tentatively "Good. Now kiss the rod again." >You lean forward and kiss the tip of her exposed glans >Adagio shudders slightly in delight "Now stroke it with your hands." >You look down at your bound wrists >Adagio grabs you by the hair and forces your face back up >Did I say you could look down? >"No." "Stroke it with your hands." >You bring your tied hands up and grasp her long, yellow shaft >It feels so powerful between your palms >Slowly you begin to stroke it back and forth >Her foreskin covers her glans, then exposes itself again, over and over as you stroke her cock >As you do this, her cock scent wafts gently into your face, which is mere inches away >You desperately want to suck it already, but you're afraid to find out what punishment awaits if you disobey, so you bite your tongue >Adagio is breathing deeper now, eyes staring at you calmly >Your back starts to ache for the position you're in >On either side of you, Aria and Sonata watch you humorously and in awe of their sister's superior dick "Stop." Adagio orders >You stop stroking "Hmm." Adagio contemplates >She takes your hands off her cock, then crouches down so she's face to face with you >She studies your face, then looks down at your quivering little dicklet >She takes her own erect penis and touches your tip with her tip >Some precum is leaking out and she rubs it all over your own glans, making sure you see and understand the absolute difference between hers and yours >After she's satisfied, she stands back up "Suck it." She commands. "Do not stop for any reason. I will decide the pace." >Eagerly, you envelop her golden-brown head with your mouth, immediately moving to suck and stroke with your mouth, unlike with Aria >Your head bobs back and forth as her length penetrates your face over and over again >Adagio sways her hips to the rhythm, gently humping her dick into your face "Grab my balls." Adagio tells you >You bring your hands back up and fondle her hanging sack >They're incredibly smooth to the touch, and surprisingly fun to play with >You gently tug and massage them while her penis continues to go in and out >So far, Her penis hasn't gone past your throat yet, only hitting the back wall before backing out again >You get lost in the feeling of bliss as her cock stuffs your mouth >Adagio let's out an extended sigh "Get ready and open your throat. You're taking the whole thing." >Your eyes widen in surprise and brief panic >Oh no >Adagio pulls back once more, then pushes her cock back in, but this time she doesn't stop at the wall >She keeps going and inch by inch, the entirety of her cock disappearing into your face >All 10 inches of penis, now lodged in your throat >You can't breath >Adagio just let's her cock sit there for a full minute, letting her cock warm in your throat while your face warms her muff >She pulls it out, giving you a chance to breath >You cough and hack and gasp for air, feeling lightheaded now >Adagio laughs out loud "What's the matter, dog?! Can't handle a little bone?" >Aria and Sonata laugh at the joke too >"I...I can't" you gasp out "Hmmm, too bad. Open up." >You don't want to, but you do it anyways >Adagio shoves her long cock back into your mouth, plunging deep into your throat, but this time she doesn't leave it, now she's going in and out again, but this time all the way >You deepthroat her cock every other second, feeling the shape of her head violating your throat with every thrust >It hurts, but hurts so good >Your penis agrees, quaking at this point, harder than fucking diamonds >Adagio's pace doesn't lessen at any point >You've lost track of time >All you can focus on is tasting her delicious, hard dick, waiting for the pearly white treasure at the end >Her pace quickens and you can feel the familiar twitching yet again >Adagio slams her cock into your face faster now until... "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAAH! Aaaaaaaah... Haaaaaa..." >Adagio ejaculates right into your throat >You feel every single pump as her rod dumps her semen right into your semen >You barely even have a chance to taste anything, but this powerful torrent flooding your insides sets you over the edge yourself >You feel a sharp tingle in your back and loins as your own penis weakly spurts out cum of its own >You didn't notice it, but Sonata and Aria were right beneath you, making sure to capture every drop of your ejaculate >When Adagio is finished unloading into you, she pulls her cock out with a slimy squelch "Hmm~, VERY good dog. Ah, and I see my sisters have gotten what we need also." >She takes a vial from Aria's hands filled with a white substance >Is that...? >Adagio inspects it, then smiles greatly >Oh yes, this is very good. This should be quite potent indeed. I think that this dog has more where this came from. What do you think girls, shall we keep him around a little while longer? >They nod in agreement "Good. Let's go put him a "room", shall we, girls?" >They pick up their gowns and put them back on "We have much more in store for you." Adagio laughs ominously >Your brain fog seems to clear up and you realize the true gravity of the situation now >Oh no >What more awaits for you in this perverted house of horrors? >You lament your fate as they pick you up and lead you to who knows where